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  • Sweden is so good at recycling that, for several years, it has imported rubbish from other countries to keep its recycling plants going. 这些年瑞典的环保工作做得太出色了,如今甚至要从其他国家进口垃圾,才能让本国的回收工厂继续运营下去。Less than 1 percent of Swedish household waste was sent to landfill last year or any year since 2011.去年,瑞典送入垃圾场的生活垃圾不足总量的1%,这种情况一直从2011年持续到现在。We can only dream of such an effective system in the UK,如此高效的系统在英国是不可想象的。 which is why we end up paying expensive transport costs to send rubbish to be recycled overseas rather than paying fines to send it to landfill under The Landfill Tax of 1996.这就是为什么英国人要花费高昂的运输费,把垃圾送到海外的回收站,因为如果运到本国的垃圾填埋地的话,依照1996年垃圾填埋税就要付罚款。Why are we sending waste to Sweden? Their system is so far ahead because of a culture of looking after the environment. 为什么要把垃圾送到瑞典?因为瑞典人有保护环境的文化传统,所以他们的系统很先进。Sweden was one of the first countries to implement a heavy tax on fossil fuels in 1991瑞典是1991年第一批开始对化石燃料征收重税的国家之一。 and now sources almost half its electricity from renewables.如今该国近一半的电力供应来自可再生能源。Swedish people are quite keen on being out in nature and they are aware of what we need do on nature and environmental issues. 瑞典垃圾管理回收协会Avfall Sverige的交流主任安娜.凯琳.格里普沃表示,瑞典人很喜欢拥抱大自然,也知道采取哪些措施来应对环境问题。We worked on communications for a long time to make people aware not to throw things outdoors so that we can recycle and reuse, says Anna-Carin Gripwall, director of communications for Avfall Sverige, the Swedish Waste Management’s recycling association.长期以来,我们都努力和人们进行沟通,好让他们不在户外乱扔垃圾,这样有利于我们对垃圾的回收和再利用。Over time, Sweden has implemented a cohesive national recycling policy so that even though private companies undertake most of the business of importing and burning waste, the energy goes into a national heating network to heat homes through the freezing Swedish winter.在过去的时间里,瑞典推行了一项连贯的全国性回收政策,这样一来,尽管私企承担了大部分垃圾进口和焚烧业务,产生的能源还是能用于国家供暖系统,在瑞典寒冷的冬天里温暖千家万户。That’s a key reason that we have this district network, so we can make use of the heating from the waste plants. 格里普沃女士表示:这是我们建立这一区域系统的主要原因,这样我们才能利用垃圾焚烧产生的热量。In the southern part of Europe they don’t make use of the heating from the waste, it just goes out the chimney. 欧洲南部的国家不会利用垃圾焚烧来提供热量,而是任凭热量从烟囱冒出去,Here we use it as a substitute for fossil fuel, Ms Gripwall says.我们则用它来替代化石燃料。Sweden’s heating network is not without its detractors. 也有人对瑞典供暖系统提出质疑。They argue that the country is dodging real recycling by sending waste to be incinerated. 他们认为瑞典焚烧垃圾并不是真正的垃圾回收利用。Paper plant managers say that wood fibre can be used up to six times before it becomes dust. 造纸商表示,在烧毁前,木材纤维还可以循环利用六次。If Sweden burns paper before that point it is exhausting the potential for true recycling and replacing used paper with fresh raw material.真正的回收是把用过的纸转变为新的原料,如果瑞典在还未充分循环利用前就烧毁纸张,它正在耗尽真正的回收的潜力。Ms Gripwall says the aim in Sweden is still to stop people sending waste to recycling in the first place. 格里普沃表示,瑞典的目标仍然是阻止人们第一时间就把垃圾送去回收站。A national campaign called the Miljo#776;na#776;r-va#776;nlig movement has for several years promoted the notion that there is much to be gained through repairing, sharing and reusing.瑞典有一项持续了好几年的全国性宣传运动Miljo#776;na#776;r-va#776;nlig,该运动宣扬修补、分享和重复利用可以让人们获益多多。She describes Sweden’s policy of importing waste to recycle from other countries as a temporary situation. 她表示瑞典从其他国家进口垃圾来回收只是暂时的。There’s a ban on landfill in EU countries, so instead of paying the fine they send it to us as a service. 格里普沃说:欧盟禁止成员国填埋垃圾,所以这些国家为了不付罚款就把垃圾作为一项务送到我们国家来。They should and will build their own plants, to reduce their own waste, as we are working hard to do in Sweden, Ms Gripwall says.他们应该也将会建造自己的回收工厂,减少本国垃圾,就像我们在瑞典努力推行的一样。Hopefully there will be less waste and the waste that has to go to incineration should be incinerated in each country. 她补充道:希望以后的垃圾会减少,需要焚烧的垃圾能在各国国内焚毁。But to use recycling for heating you have to have district heating or cooling systems, so you have to build the infrastructure for that, and that takes time, she adds.不过如果想回收垃圾用来供热的话,需要区域供热和冷却系统,所以必须修建相应的基础设施,而修建时间会比较长。Swedish municipalities are individually investing in futuristic waste collection techniques, like automated vacuum systems in residential blocks, removing the need for collection transport, and underground container systems that free up road space and get rid of any smells.瑞典自治区都在各自发展未来主义的垃圾收集技术,比如居民区的自动真空系统免去了垃圾收运,还有地下装载系统,可以避免占用街道和各种气味。 /201612/484324。
  • The study ranked the cities based on 29 assessment indicators in six areas, including city safety, public service facilities, natural environment, cultural environment, transportation, and pollution level.这份调查对城市的排名基于六大领域的29项指数评估,其中包括:城市安全、公共务设施、自然环境、文化环境、交通,以及污染水平。Qingdao tops the livability index list for its outstanding performance in all the six areas. Kunming#39;s ranking benefits from its pleasant natural environment and characteristic cultural environment. Sanya wins for its air quality and Dalian performs well in city safety and natural environment. Weihai, meanwhile, cracks the top five due to its natural and cultural environment.青岛之所以在宜居指数名单中名列第一,是因为它在六大领域中都很出色。昆明之所以名列前茅归功于它怡人的自然环境以及富于特色的文化环境。三亚以其空气质量致胜,大连的城市安全与自然环境指数较高,而威海以其自然与文化环境跻身前五。The reason Beijing is placed at the bottom of the list lies in its environment pollution, inconvenient transportation and little appreciation of its natural environment by its residents.北京在名单中垫底是由于环境污染,交通不便以及居民对其自然环境的极少珍视。The study also shows that livable index of the 40 surveyed cities are generally low, the average point of which is 59.92, lower than basic residents#39; acceptance point of 60.调查也显示,40个被调查城市的宜居指数总体上较低,平均指数为59.92,低于基本居民可接受的60分。 排名前十的城市分别为:青岛、昆明、三亚、大连、威海、苏州、珠海、厦门、深圳、重庆。 而北京和广州则分别位居倒数第一名和倒数第二名。 /201606/449950。
  • A e typical of Chancellor Angela Merkel, a physicist by education and politician by profession, goes like this: Don’t forget about the huge difference between expecting something and experiencing it.曾受训成为物理学家、后来投身政坛的德国总理安格拉.默克尔(Angela Merkel)常说的一句话是:不要忘记预期将要发生什么事情与真正经历这件事情之间的巨大差异。For years Germany’s security services have warned about the imminent threat of a terrorist attack. 多年来,德国的安保部门一直警告,德国面临迫在眉睫的恐怖主义袭击威胁。They warned specifically about the danger of attacks on soft targets such as Christmas markets. 他们特别警告,圣诞集市等软目标有遭受袭击的危险。So Germans were vaguely expecting a blow. 因此,德国人一直隐约预期会遭受一次打击。On Monday evening, right in the centre of Berlin, they experienced it.周一晚上,在柏林市中心,他们真正经历到了。How will this affect them? What will this do to Ms Merkel, to the nation’s political landscape and to the cohesion of our society?这会如何影响德国人?这会如何影响默克尔、影响德国的政治格局和我们社会的凝聚力?Politically, the killing of 12 people in an attack that left dozens severely injured is a disaster for the government but it is even more so for Ms Merkel personally. 在政治上,一次导致12人丧生、数十人严重受伤的袭击对德国政府而言是一场灾难,但对默克尔个人而言更是如此。She is held responsible for whatever goes wrong in the handling of the refugee crisis. 在难民危机的处理上无论出了什么问题,人们都会认为应由默克尔负责。Her actions are polarising the country and society in a way we have not seen in decades.她的行动以一种我们数十年未曾见过的方式让这个国家和社会两极分化。Knowing this all too well, Marcus Pretzell, an MEP and one of the leading figures of the far-right xenophobic Alternative for Germany (AfD), did not bother to wait longer than an hour after the attack before announcing on Twitter: These are Merkel’s dead!深知这一切的欧洲议会议员(MEP)、极右翼仇外政党德国新选择党(AfD)的领军人物之一马库斯.普雷策尔(Marcus Pretzell)在袭击发生刚刚一个小时的时候,就在Twitter上宣布:这些人都是默克尔害死的!He caused immediate outrage across social media — not least because until late Tuesday it was not even clear whether the killer was a refugee at all — yet true AfD believers will praise Mr Pretzell for speaking out.他的话立刻在社交媒体平台上引起了愤慨之情——尤其是因为,直到周二晚些时候,人们甚至还不清楚杀手是否是难民——然而,新选择党的真正信徒们会赞扬普雷策尔的直言不讳。If the AfD party as a whole sticks to the same line then, yes, it might deter quite a number of decent middle-class voters.如果新选择党作为一个整体都坚持这一立场,可能让相当多的体面的中产阶级选民望而却步。On the other hand, it will strengthen the xenophobic, anti-Merkel core of that party, which will probably be big enough to carry the party over the 5 per cent threshold required for entry into the Bundestag in the federal election next autumn. 另一方面,这会壮大该党内仇外、反默克尔的核心,很可能足以让该党超过5%的得票率门槛,在明年秋天联邦选举时得以进入德国联邦议院(Bundestag)。As well as introducing a far-right voice to the national parliament for the first time, that would complicate the business of crafting a work-able governing coalition.除了首次让极右翼的声音进入国会以外,这还会让组建一个可运转的执政联盟变得更加困难。Public confidence in the chancellor was first shattered when authorities largely lost control of the influx of refugees in the summer of 2015. 2015年夏天,当局基本对难民流入失去控制,这令德国民众对默克尔的信心首次破灭。Ever since, there has been a clear correlation between her personal ratings and voters’ fear of terrorist attacks.此后,默克尔个人的民意持率一直与选民对恐怖主义袭击的担忧明显相关。Moreover, Ms Merkel’s campaign for the 2017 election is set to focus on two words aimed at providing comfort in times of turmoil: security and no experiments.此外,默克尔为2017年德国大选准备的竞选纲领,将着重于两个旨在于动荡时期提供一些慰藉的词:安全和不做实验。This slogan was deployed successfully by her Christian Democrat (CDU) party during the cold war. 在冷战期间,默克尔所在的基督教民主联盟(CDU)曾成功地运用了这一口号。As of today, both will be severely undermined by the Berlin attack — with no alternative at hand, either in terms of a viable candidate or in terms of strategy. 今天,这条口号和基民盟都将因此次的柏林袭击遭受重创,而基民盟手中没有备用选择——无论是有胜选实力的备用候选人,还是备用策略。The CDU knows this very well. 基民盟深知这一点。But even her fiercest critics within the party will not dare to revolt. 但即使是默克尔在基民盟党内最严厉的批评者,也不敢反叛。With no viable way out, they have no choice but to suffer in silence.没有可行的出路,他们别无选择,只能沉默忍受。So all the chancellor can hope for is that mainstream Germans will do as they normally would: rally behind which ever government they have and remain as calm as they did, for instance, when they were struck in 2009 by the harshest economic downturn since the second world war.因此,默克尔只能希望,主流德国人的表现能够像往常一样:持正在台上的任何政府,像过去历次遭遇危机时(比如在2009年遭受自二战以来最严重的经济衰退时)一样保持平静。There is one simple thing that determines what happens next for Germany and the chancellor: rationality. 决定德国和德国总理将会遭遇何种命运的是一件简单的事:理性。Will Germans muster enough of that to see that terrorist attacks will occur no matter how many refugees a country has taken in?德国人还能有足够的理性,想明白无论一个国家接收的难民是多是少,恐怖主义袭击都是会发生的吗?Will they turn their backs on xenophobic anti-Muslim rhetoric, even though almost every recent attack in Europe has been launched by Muslim terrorists? And, ultimately, will a majority of Germans bravely accept the notion that nothing in the world, including compassion towards strangers, comes for free.他们是否将拒绝仇外主义的反穆斯林论调——即便欧洲近来发生的几乎每一起袭击都是穆斯林恐怖主义者所为?还有最后一条:大多数德国人是否能够勇敢地接受这一观念,即在这个世界上,没有任何东西是免费的,包括对陌生人的同情。No doubt Ms Merkel will give way to calls for tougher law and order policies. 毫无疑问,默克尔将向那些要求实施更严格的法律和秩序政策的呼声让步。She will push for faster processing of asylum seekers and for more extraditions of those who are not acknowledged as refugees. 她将推动加快对寻求庇护者的处理过程,并遣送更多未被承认为难民的人。She will also allow her party to campaign on symbolic gestures such as banning burkas from the streets and other public places. 她还将允许她所在的党在一些象征性姿态方面造势,比如禁止在街道和其他公共场所穿着burka罩袍。This might help to calm parts of her own party. 这可能有助于让她所在的党内的一部分人冷静下来。But she knows very well that it will not turn the tide if there are further attacks like the one in Berlin.但她深知,如果柏林袭击这样的事件再度发生,这些举动将无力扭转局势。At any rate, Ms Merkel will not quit her post. 无论如何,默克尔不会辞职。She will stay in her job because she perceives stepping down as desertion. 她将继续留在任上,因为她认为,下台就是逃跑。But any sort of guarantee against terrorist attacks is far beyond her reach.但对恐怖主义袭击做出任何形式的担保,都远远超过她的能力。It may yet turn out that the terrorist assault on Christmastime Berlin is the price of the German display of generosity so widely praised 18 months ago. 事实最终仍可能明,对德国圣诞集市的恐怖袭击,是德国人展现慷慨的代价,这种慷慨在18个月前曾受到世人如此普遍的称赞。To live with that frustrating idea will prove a test of Germany’s stiff upper lip — and the key to Ms Merkel’s political future.接受这种令人沮丧的想法将被明是对德国人沉着性格的考验——以及默克尔政治前途的关键。 /201612/485400。
  • More than 20 #39;child beggars#39; have been found asking for money in different metro stations in Beijing by law-enforcement teams during the last two months.在过去两个月里,有关执法大队在北京几个不同的地铁站里发现了20多个向人要钱的“儿童乞丐”。Most of them are from Min County of Gansu Province, according to Beijing Youth Daily.据《北京青年报》报道,他们中的大多数人都来自甘肃岷县。They come to Beijing with their parents and relatives during the winter holiday, and make considerable earnings.在寒假期间,他们与父母和亲戚一起来到北京,可以取得可观的收入。The #39;child beggars#39; can earn more than 200 yuan (about 29 USD) a day in the summer, and it is estimated that some children may make more than 10,000 yuan (about 1,453 USD) during their summer holidays (generally in July and August), a law enforcement officer told Beijing Youth Daily.执法部门一位工作人员向《北京青年报》透露,这些“儿童乞丐”夏天每天可以挣200多元(大约29美元),据估计一些孩子一个暑假下来可以挣10000多元(约合1453美元)。Their behaviors cause trouble for subway riders.他们的行为给许多地铁乘客带来了麻烦。They ask the children to kneel on the ground and cry for mercy, or even clasp their arms around the passengers#39; legs or rummage in their bags to ask for money.大人们会要求这些孩子跪在地上、哭泣,以此来搏人同情,甚至会抱着地铁乘客的大腿、或者翻乘客的包要钱。In order to avoid punishment, the adults sometimes ask the children to form their own #39;working groups#39; and discretely give them working instructions.为逃避惩罚,大人有时会叫孩子们组成自己的“工作组”,并分别给予工作指导。 /201702/493545。
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