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广元市妇幼保健院看冷光洁白洁牙多少钱成都市妇女儿童中心医院美容冠要多少钱I, [Groom's name], take you [Bride's name], to be my wife, my partner in life and my one true love.   I will cherish our friendship and love you today, tomorrow, and forever.   I will trust you and honor you   I will laugh with you and cry with you.   I will love you faithfully   Through the best and the worst,   Through the difficult and the easy.   What may come I will always be there.   As I have given you my hand to hold   So I give you my life to keep   So help me God 我(新郎的名字)请你(新娘的名字),做我的妻子,我生命中的伴侣和我唯一的爱人。  我将珍惜我们的友谊,爱你,不论是现在,将来,还是永远。  我会信任你,尊敬你,  我将和你一起欢笑,一起哭泣。  我会忠诚的爱着你,  无论未来是好的还是坏的,是艰难的还是安乐的,我都会陪你一起度过。  无论准备迎接什么样的生活,我都会一直守护在这里。  就像我伸出手让你紧握住一样,  我会将我的生命交付于你。  所以请帮助我 我的主。  I, [Bride's name], take you [Groom's name], to be my husband, my partner in life and my one true love.   I will cherish our friendship and love you today,   tomorrow, and forever   I will trust you and honor you   I will laugh with you and cry with you.   I will love you faithfully   Through the best and the worst,   Through the difficult and the easy.   What may come I will always be there.   As I have given you my hand to hold   So I give you my life to keep   So help me God   我(新娘的名字),请你(新郎的名字)做我的丈夫,我生命中的伴侣和我唯一的爱人。  我将珍惜我们的友谊,爱你,不论是现在,将来,还是永远。  我会信任你,尊敬你,  我将和你一起欢笑,一起哭泣。  我会忠诚的爱着你,  无论未来是好的还是坏的,是艰难的还是安乐的,我都会陪你一起度过。  无论准备迎接什么样的生活,我都会一直守护在这里。  就像我伸出手让你紧握住一样,  我会将我的生命交付于你。  所以请帮助我 我的主。   Entreat me not to leave you, or to return from following after you,  For where you go I will go,  and where you stay I will stay  Your people will be my people,  and your God will be my God.  And where you die, I will die and there I will be buried.  May the Lord do with me and more if anything but death parts you from me.  真诚的恳求上帝让我不要离开你,或是让我跟随在你身后  因为你到哪里我就会去到哪里,  因为你的停留所以我停留。  你爱的人将成为我爱的人,  你的主也会成为我的主。  你在哪里死去,我也将和你一起在那里被埋葬,  也许主要求我做的更多,但是不论发生任何事情,都会有你在身边生死相随。 /200803/28487四川成都镶烤瓷牙大概用多少钱 Going to Mars could be bad for astronauts’ brains, a new study using rodents has found.一项关于啮齿动物的实验发现,前往火星可能会对宇航员的大脑造成损害。While the Earth’s magnetosphere mostly protects people on this planet from cosmic radiation, any trailblazers on a long-distance trek to Mars would have to contend with the harmful radiation of space. To study this, researchers exposed rodents to charged particles and then analyzed the results. They found that, among other issues, the rodents had brain damage, neural inflammation, and impaired memory.尽管地球的大气层可以最大限度地遮挡住宇宙射线,但是宇航员在前往火星的漫长旅途中将不得不暴露在有害的辐射之下。研究者将老鼠放置在充电粒子周围,结果发现实验鼠出现了大脑受损、神经系统发炎和记忆受损等症状。;This is not positive news for astronauts deployed on a two-to-three-year round trip to Mars,; Charles Limoli, a professor of radiation oncology at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine, said in a statement. ;The space environment poses unique hazards to astronauts. Exposure to these particles can lead to a range of potential central nervous system complications that can occur during and persist long after actual space travel - such as various performance decrements, memory deficits, anxiety, depression and impaired decision-making.”“对于两三年内经常在地球和火星之间往返的宇航员来说,这可不是什么好消息,”加州大学欧文分校医学院的放射肿瘤学教授查理斯·利莫里表示“宇航员在太空中会受到特殊的伤害,如果长期暴露在粒子辐射下,神经系统可能会出现包括身体多项机能下降、记忆缺陷、焦虑、抑郁和决策能力受损在内的并发症,还会留下持续时间极长的后遗症。”The scientists also found that radiation could lead to more anxiety, as the rodents had their sense of “fear extinction” affected. Since fear extinction tamps down fear associated with past events, if that process isn’t working properly, then the astronauts could feel more fear.科学家们还发现,实验鼠因射线的作用变得越来越焦虑,受到了“恐惧消退”机能的影响。恐惧消退将人们过去的恐惧深埋心底,如果这一过程出现问题,宇航员会感受到更多的恐惧。;Deficits in fear extinction could make you prone to anxiety,; Limoli said in the statement, ;which could become problematic over the course of a three-year trip to and from Mars.;“恐惧消退出现缺陷,人们会更容易变得焦虑,”利莫里在声明中说到“这在地球与火星往返的三年时间里会成为一个大问题。”The red planet, about 140 million miles from Earth, is a prominent and tantalizing target for the future of space travel. NASA is looking at 2018 for the launch of its uncrewed Mars InSight mission, has plans for a next-gen Martian rover launching in 2020, and is eying a manned mission in the 2030s decade. Meanwhile, Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, has announced a bold vision to send people to Mars and colonize it.火星距地球约1.4亿英里,将成为未来太空旅行中地位显著的目的地。美国航空航天局计划于2018年执行无人探索任务,而2020年则将由探测车完成探测,而21世纪30年代将会有宇航员登上火星。同时美国太空探索技术公司创始人埃隆·马斯克曾宣布了大胆的火星殖民计划。The study, which notes that cosmic radiation could possibly impair astronauts’ decision-making abilities, was published in the journal Science Reports.这项研究发表在《Science Reports》期刊上,指出了宇宙射线对宇航员决策力造成的影响。A caveat: the study used rodents, not people (for obvious reasons), and in general in science, just because something happens to mice during a study doesn’t mean it will be the same for humans. Indeed, the study uses the word “possibly”to couch their results.这项研究的实验对象是鼠类而非人类(原因显而易见),而科学界普遍认为,在鼠类身上出现的现象不一定会同样在人类身上出现,研究报告也用了“可能地”这样的字眼。“The Mars mission will result in an inevitable exposure to cosmic radiation that has been shown to cause cognitive impairments in rodent models, and possibly in astronauts engaged in deep space travel,”the study states.研究报告指出:“老鼠在宇宙射线的作用下出现了认知障碍,而宇航员在火星的往返途中不免要接触到这些射线,因此在宇航员身上也很可能出现上述现象。” /201610/471788Nonverbal Communication 美国人的肢体语言 The boy and girl glance around the crowded room. Their eyes meet. Embarrassed, they look away. Nervously, they steal glances at each other, averting their eyes when they see the other one looking back. The boy acts cool, crossing his legs and affecting a casual air-even though his heart is beating wildly. The girl, obviously smitten herself, is afraid the boy will see her looking at him. A few seconds pass. He looks at her again. She starts to blush. He nervously looks at the ceiling and whistles softly to himself. They continue their cat-and-mouse game for a seemingly inter-minable period of time. Will they ever talk to each other? 那个男孩和女孩瞥视那拥挤的屋内。他们的视线相遇了。不好意思,又把视线挪开。惴惴不安地,他们互相偷看着,当发现对方也在回望自己时,又转移视线。男孩表现得很酷,交叉着双腿,装着一副漫不经心的样子--虽然他的心正狂野地跳动着;女孩,显然地已坠入情网,很怕男孩看到自己在看他。几秒钟过去了,他再度看她;她的脸红了起来。他紧张地看着天花板,自己轻吹着口哨。他们似乎没完没了地玩着这个猫捉老鼠的游戏。他们到底会不会交谈呢? The fact is, they have aly communicated a lot, without ever saying anything. Nonverbal elements form a major part of any communication interchange. Some people would say it's the most important part. According to one study, words convey only 7 percent of a person's message. Intonation and voice quality communicate 38 percent, and nonverbal cues transmit a whopping 55 percent. That means people pick up more from nonverbal communication than from the words a person says. When studying about a foreign culture then, it just makes sense to pay attention to how people use nonverbal cues. 事实上,他们没说一句就已经沟通过了。非语言之要素在任何形式的双向沟通中占了很重要的一部份。有些人会认为那是最重要的一部份。根据一项研究,言语只传达了百分之七的讯息。语调及音色传达了百分之三十八,而非语言的暗示传递了极大的百分之五十五。这就表示了人们从非语言沟通中领悟到的比从说出来的话语中的还多。所以,在研习一个外国文化时,注意人们如何使用非语言暗示是很有道理的。 Gestures comprise a major form of nonverbal communication. In contrast to sign language, used by deaf people to communicate elaborate messages, gestures function as visual icons which represent a single idea. But often these gestures are embarrassingly culture-bound. For example, when the Maoris of New Zealand stick out their tongue at someone, it is a sign of respect. When American schoolchildren make the same gesture, it means just the opposite. Also, Americans often indicate "OK" with their thumb and forefinger touching to form a circle. The same gesture means "money" to the Japanese, "zero" to the French and a vulgarity to Brazilians. For that reason, people in a foreign culture must use gestures with caution. 手势是非语言传达中很重要的一环。与聋人用来沟通复杂讯息所使用的手语不同的是,手势的功能就像是视觉上的图像,它代表的是单一的意念。而往往这些手势极受文化限制,甚至造成尴尬的误解。例如,当纽西兰的毛利人对某人伸舌头,这是尊敬的表象。当美国学童作同样的动作时,它表达的意思正好相反。还有,美国人通常用大拇指及食指环绕起一个圆圈表示「没问题」。同样的手势对日本人是「钱」的意思,对法国人是「零」的意思,对巴西人是极低俗的手势。因此,处在外国文化中的人必须小心地使用手势。 /200803/32557成都龅牙的矫正

成都人工种植牙价格多少Chinese companies are behind nine of the ten most lucrative mobile games in the Apple app store globally in terms of gaming revenue in May, an unprecedented dominance of the global gaming industry, according to a new report from data tracker App Annie.根据5月苹果应用商店全球游戏收益统计,在十大最吸金手机游戏排名中,中国企业出品的游戏占去九个,中国企业在全球游戏行业这种独占鳌头的盛况前所未有。King of Glory, Fantasy Westward Journey and Clash Royale are the top three mobile games, ranked by revenue.按照手机游戏收益排名,《王者荣耀》、《梦幻西游》和《部落冲突:皇室战争》位列前三。Monster Strike, Grand Order, Ghost, Clash of Clans, Eternal Myth, Candy Crush Saga and Tianlongbabu make up the rest of the top-ten ranking.《怪物弹珠》、《命运—冠位指定》、《幽灵》、《部落战争》、《神话永恒》、《糖果粉碎传奇》和《天龙八部》紧随其后。Except for Monster Strike, which is produced by Japanese firm Mixi, the other nine games all count Chinese companies as their backers.除《怪物弹珠》出自日本Mixi公司外,其他九个游戏都由中国公司参与持。China#39;s predominance in mobile games comes even though Chinese players account for only one quarter of mobile gaming revenue worldwide.即便中国手游玩家贡献的利润只占了全球利润的四分之一,中国手游依旧成功争夺了霸主地位。The global gaming market was valued at US1.1 billion in 2016, up 10% year-on-year.2016年全球游戏市场价值1011亿美元,同比增长10%。Chinese players contributed US.6 billion in revenues, the largest share, while U.S. players came a close second with US.1 billion, according to investment firm Atomico.根据调查公司Atomico的数据,中国市场的利润最大,高达246亿美元,美国市场略居其次,收益241亿美元。Tencent Holdings Ltd. is currently the biggest winner in the sector, backing five games among the top ten: King of Glory, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga and Tianlongbabu.目前腾讯集团是游戏领域的最,其中有五款排名前十的游戏都有腾讯参与持:《王者荣耀》、《部落冲突:皇室战争》、《部落战争》、《糖果粉碎传奇》和《天龙八部》。Its ascent in the gaming sector is testament to its international merger and acquisition strategy.腾讯在游戏领域的崛起为其全球并购战略的成功提供了有力明。 /201706/515628南充市妇幼保健院根管治疗氟斑牙怎么样好吗 To judge by the premiere, every movie is a triumph. Wider audiences often take a different view. Yesterday, shares in Wanda Cinema Lines jumped one-tenth as it reopened from a trading suspension. Ignore the air-kissing on the red carpet: Wanda could have done better things with the .7bn it is spending to acquire Wanda Pictures Media from its parent group.按照首映式判断,每部电影都是成功佳作。广大的观众则往往有不同的看法。昨日万达院线(Wanda Cinema Line)股票复牌后,股价大涨十分之一。别理会红地毯上的飞吻:万达院线用来从母公司收购万达影视(Wanda Pictures Media)的57亿美元,本来可以派上更好的用处。Wanda Pictures Media owns Legendary Entertainment, a US media group bought by Wanda in January for .5bn, as well as other content-related businesses. Wanda Cinema will issue new shares to its unlisted parent and other shareholders at a discount, raising .8bn.万达影视拥有传奇(Legendary Entertainment)——万达在今年1月斥资35亿美元收购的美国制片集团——以及其他一些与内容相关的业务。万达院线将向其未上市的母公司和其他股东折价发行新股,以募集68亿美元。Marrying content and distribution can make sense in mature or highly competitive distribution channels. Apple locks in users by providing ever more software and apps. Television networks, too, ensure viewers do not defect to rivals by offering exclusive content. But China’s cinema industry is far from mature. Box-office revenues have been growing at double digits annually; the market may overtake the US next year. The ratio of screens to population is less than one-fifth that of the US, according to HS.将内容和发行融为一体,对于成熟或高度竞争的发行渠道可能是合理的。苹果(Apple)通过提供越来越多的软件和app来锁定用户。电视网络也通过提供独家内容来确保观众不投奔竞争对手。但是中国的影院行业远未成熟。票房收入近年以两位数的年度增速增长;整个市场有望在明年超越美国。但据汇丰(HS)估计,中国的银幕块数与人口之比尚不及美国水平的五分之一。The industry is also very fragmented. The top three players take one-third of ticket sales in China; in the US they control nearly twice as much of the market. Up to three-fifths of China’s cinemas lose money. Wanda, whose movie houses make more than twice the average cinema’s revenue, could gain much from buying and turning around the underperformers. Owning blockbuster studios whose movies can be distributed through affiliated cinemas may be more glitzy, but the hitherto steady growth of Wanda Cinema Lines looks less attractive with lumpy revenues from film hits (and misses) attached.该行业还高度碎片化。前三大影院运营商占中国票房总收入的三分之一;在美国前三大影院运营商的市场份额高出近一倍。多达五分之三的中国电影院处于亏损状态。旗下影院收入超过行业平均水平一倍多的万达院线,本来可以收购业绩不佳的影院,然后将其扭亏为盈,从中大赚一把。拥有大片迭出的制片厂、由自家旗下影院发行该制片厂出品的电影,这种模式也许比较光鲜,但万达院线之前的稳定增长在与来自叫座或不叫座影片的不稳定收入绑定之后,看上去吸引力下降了。Wanda has sweetened the deal by pledging to underwrite a minimum net profit contribution of 5m for three years. That does not make it worthy of the red-carpet treatment.万达为了使这笔交易更诱人,承诺在三年里保最低7.75亿美元的净利润。这并不使它配得上红地毯待遇。 /201606/448273成都龅牙正畸医院

成都钛金假牙多少钱Chinese search and online services conglomerate Baidu will shutter its medical consultation service after a string of medicine advertisement scandals bit into the company’s reputation and revenues last year.中国搜索与网络务集团百度(Baidu)将关闭其医疗咨询务。此前,百度曾在去年遭遇一系列医疗广告丑闻,伤及百度的声誉及营收。The online consultation platform, Baidu Yisheng, will begin taking some of its services offline on March 10, with all services halting completely by April 1 as part of corporate restructuring, according to an announcement made on its official WeChat account.根据百度官方微信账号发布的声明,作为百度重组的一部分,名为百度医生(Baidu Yisheng)的在线咨询平台将于3月10日开始将部分务下线,并将所有务在4月1日前关停。Baidu narrowly missed revenue expectations in the final quarter of last year, as the Chinese search engine tried to reassure investors that the worst of its latest advertising scandal was behind it.百度在去年第四季度的营收比预期略低。与此同时,这家中国搜索引擎公司试图让投资者相信,该公司最后一起广告丑闻影响最坏的时期已经过去。In May last year public outcry and regulatory pressure forced Baidu to apologise for seeking to financially exploit medical information bulletin boards and said it would stop the practice on its Tieba, or Post Bar, site.去年5月,在公众的抗议和监管机构的压力下,百度不得不出面为试图从医疗信息论坛攫取财务利益道歉,并表示会停止在百度贴吧(Baidu Tieba)网站的行为。In January the company came under fire for selling the right to moderate its online medical advice forums to for-profit hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. That was followed by another scandal sparked in April by the death of a young man who had purchased an experimental cancer treatment advertised on Baidu.com.去年1月,由于将在线医疗咨询论坛的管理权出售给营利性医院和制药公司,百度受到了各方的抨击。而在之后的4月份,一名年轻男子的丧生又引发了另一宗丑闻——该男子曾出资接受百度网站建议的一种试验性癌症疗法。Public outcry prompted regulators to force the company to reduce advertising displayed alongside its search results, in addition to calling for the company vet its advertisers more closely. As a result the company lost 18.6 per cent of its advertising clients in the fourth quarter compared to a year before, with full-year operating profit dropping 13.9 per cent.公众的抗议,令监管机构除了呼吁该公司加强对广告客户的审查以外,还迫使百度减少了与搜索结果一道显示的广告。这导致第四季度百度广告客户同比减少18.6%,全年运营利润下滑13.9%。Baidu’s New York listed shares are down 5.5 per cent since the company announced its earnings in late February.自2月底百度公布其财报以来,百度在纽约上市的股票已下滑5.5%。 /201703/496563 Linklaters and Pinsent Masons have become the latest law firms to invest in artificial intelligence, as the legal profession tries to automate the mundane tasks that have traditionally been the preserve of junior lawyers.法律业正尝试让传统上由初级律师承担的枯燥工作实现自动化,年利达(Linklaters)与品诚梅森(Pinsent Masons)就是最新一批投资人工智能的律师事务所。Linklaters has developed Verifi, a computer programme that can sift through 14 UK and European regulatory registers to check client names for banks. The company said it could process thousands of names overnight.年利达律师事务所开发了电脑程序Verifi,可以筛查14家英国及欧洲监管登记机构的材料,为核查客户姓名。该公司表示,这一程序一夜时间可以处理几千个名字。Edward Chan, banking partner at Linklaters, said: “Previously it would have taken a trained junior lawyer an average of 12 minutes to search a single customer name.年利达业合伙人Edward Chan说:“以前,受过训练的初级律师检索一位客户的姓名平均需要12分钟。”“AI is an indispensible tool for coping with the ever-growing amounts of data which lawyers have to handle in running complex matters. Our lawyers are not engineers or data scientists. Good solid legal skills remain what we look for in our lawyers.”“律师在处理复杂事务时不得不面对日益庞大的数据量,人工智能已成为处理这些数据的必要工具。我们的律师不是工程师,也不是数据科学家。优秀、扎实的法律技能仍是我们的律师应具备的。”Pinsent Masons has developed a programme that s and analyses clauses in loan agreements. Its TermFrame system also helps guide lawyers through transactions and point them towards the correct precedents at each stage of a process.品诚梅森律师事务所开发了一个可以读取并分析贷款协议条款的程序。其TermFrame系统还可以在律师处理事务的过程中提供帮助,在进程的每一阶段指引他们参考恰当的先例。Another law firm, Dentons, has set up NextLaw Labs, a virtual company which looks at the application of technology with the law. It has invested in ROSS, an IBM Watson-powered legal adviser app that streamlines legal research, saving lawyers’ time and clients’ money. ROSS is currently being pilot-tested at Dentons and approximately 20 other law firms.德同国际律师事务所(Dentons)创建了虚拟公司NextLaw Labs,致力于将技术应用在法律事务上。NextLaw投资了一款基于IBM的沃森(Watson)超级计算机系统、名为ROSS的法律顾问应用,该应用可以简化法律检索、节省律师的时间及客户的资金。ROSS目前正在德同等大约20家律所进行测试。Hodge, Jones amp; Allen, a law firm, has worked with academics from University College London to create software that assesses the merits of personal injury cases.Hodge Jones amp; Allen律师事务所与伦敦大学学院(University College London)的科研人员合作,开发了评估人身伤害案件是非曲直的软件。Professor Richard Susskind, a technology adviser to the Lord Chief Justice, has predicted radical change in the legal sector, pointing out that intelligent search systems could now outperform junior lawyers and paralegals in reviewing large sets of documents and selecting the most relevant.最高法院首席法官(Lord Chief Justice)的技术顾问理查德#8226;萨斯坎德教授(Richard Susskind)曾预测,法律业将发生根本性变化,并指出,在查阅大量文档并选取最具相关性的材料方面,智能检索系统如今可以比初级律师和律师助理做得更好。He told a legal conference last month that the legal profession had five years to reinvent itself from being legal advisers to legal technologists and criticised law schools for “churning out 20th-century lawyers”.上月,他在一场法律会议上表示,律师这一行有5年时间进行自我重塑——从法律顾问转变为法律技术专家。他还批评法学院“培养20世纪律师”。A recent study by Deloitte suggested that technology has aly contributed to a reduction of about 31,000 jobs in the legal sector, including roles such as legal secretaries and a further 39 per cent of jobs were at “high risk” of being made redundant by machines in the next two decades.德勤(Deloitte)最近的一项研究表明,技术进步已导致法律业减少了约3.1万个工作岗位(包括法务秘书),而且还有39%的工作岗位在未来20年将面临被机器淘汰的“高风险”。There has been speculation that law is ripe for “Uberisation”, becoming the next target of technological disruption.有人推断,法律行业将迎来“优步化”(Uberisation),成为被技术颠覆的下一个目标。One smaller firm, Riverview Law, has partnered with the computer science department at Liverpool University to work on artifical intelligence products.规模较小的律所Riverview Law已与利物浦大学(Liverpool University)的计算机科学系合作研发人工智能产品。Riverview is setting-up a separate technology business to exploit its software and the intellectual property that it has and is creating. It has launched a virtual assistant Kim designed to help legal teams make quicker and better decisions.Riverview Law正在创建一家独立的技术公司,以更好地利用其已拥有以及正在开发的软件和知识产权。该公司推出了一款名为Kim的虚拟助手系统,旨在帮助律师团队更快、更好地作出决策。Karl Chapman, chief executive of Riverview, said Kim has three varying levels of complexity including one level where a lawyer can ask it to suggest the best order to renegotiate a series of corporate contracts.Riverview Law首席执行官卡尔#8226;查普曼(Karl Chapman)表示,Kim有三个复杂程度等级,在其中一个等级,Kim可以给出律师重新谈判一系列公司合同的最佳顺序。Many believe that AI will simply automate more routine parts of legal work so that lawyers focus on more complex, high value areas of client work.许多人认为,人工智能不过将使法律工作中的常规环节实现自动化,以使律师专注于客户务中比较复杂、高价值的领域。“I would liken it to mathematicians calculating sums on slide rulers before computers. Computers didn’t do away with mathematicians who are probably more highly valued now than they were before,” said Orlando Conetta, a computer scientist and head of research and development at Pinsents.计算机科学家、品诚梅森律师事务所研发主管奥兰多#8226;科纳塔(Orlando Conetta)表示:“我把这比作电脑出现前数学家使用滑动标尺计算总数。电脑并没有淘汰数学家,他们如今可能比以前更受重视。” /201606/448015成都友谊医院黄黑牙烟渍牙价格宜宾县人民医院烤瓷牙全瓷牙瓷嵌体多少钱



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