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石家庄妇保医院光子脱毛手术多少钱石家庄美联臣整形医院注射玻尿酸好不好石家庄市打玻尿酸多少钱 South Korean Lawmakers Delay US Trade Deal in Beef Scare美牛肉在韩惹争议 殃及自贸协议   South Korean lawmakers from mainly liberal parties say they will block ratification of a major free-trade deal with the ed States amid a panic about American beef imports. The political stalemate ends hopes for a speedy implementation of the pact. 就在美国进口牛肉在韩国引发争议之际,韩国自由派政党的议员们说,他们将阻止国会批准美韩自由贸易协议。韩国国会在这个问题上的僵持局面使美韩自贸协议没有希望快速过关。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak met Tuesday with Sohn Hak-kyu, the leader of the country's main opposition party. They failed to break a log jam about voting a major American trade deal into law. 韩国总统李明星期二会见了主要反对党领袖孙鹤圭。两人没有就韩国国会投票批准美韩贸易协议取得共识。Sohn told Mr. Lee his ed New Democratic Party will not back the deal unless the terms for resuming U.S. beef imports were renegotiated separately. He also urged the president to apologize for an ongoing public controversy about American beef. 孙鹤圭对李明总统表示,如果不能就韩国恢复进口美国牛肉的有关条款单独谈判的话,他领导的新民主联合党就不会持两国的贸易协议。孙鹤圭同时呼吁李明总统针对美国牛肉引发的争议作出公开道歉。The Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement reached last year could add tens of billions of dollars to the two countries' commerce, in everything from drugs to automobiles. However, UNDP floor leader Kim Hyo-seuk said Tuesday the free trade deal is essentially "on hold" for the parliament session ending later this week. 去年达成的美韩自由贸易协议可以把两国贸易额提升上百亿美元,其涵盖的范围从药品到汽车无所不包。但是新民主联合党发言人金孝硕星期二说,这项自由贸易协议在即将于本星期晚些时候结束的本届国会里实际上处于“搁置”状态。 Kim says, given public sentiment, it is very difficult to even discuss the free trade deal. He says there must be re-negotiating or the topic cannot be discussed. 他说,考虑到公众情绪,目前就连讨论这项协议都很困难。他说,如果不能重新谈判的话,这个问题就无从谈起。Seoul banned the import of American beef in 2003, after a single U.S. animal was found to have the brain disease commonly known as "mad cow disease." Medical experts say it is hypothetically possible, though extremely unlikely, for people to contract a human variant of the disease by consuming tainted meat. 2003年,在美国发现了一头牛患有疯牛病之后,韩国宣布禁止进口美国牛肉。医学专家说,尽管理论上讲人类可以通过食用染病牛肉传染上变异的疯牛病,但实际上这种可能性微乎其微。American officials say no human cases of mad cow disease have ever resulted from consuming U.S. beef and that no infected cow has ever been known to enter the food supply.  美国官员说,尚未有人因为食用美国牛肉而患上疯牛病;而且目前也没有发现染病牛肉进入市场。In April, President Lee fulfilled a promise by his predecessor to agree on resuming U.S. beef imports, once a ed Nations body agreed it was safe. The move was seen as crucial to winning the American Congress's support for the broader trade agreement.  今年四月,在联合国人员宣布美国牛肉安全之后,李明总统履行了其前任的诺言,宣布恢复进口美国牛肉。舆论认为,此举对于换取美国国会持更为广泛的贸易协议至关重要。Thousands of South Koreans, mainly students, have been gathering frequently in downtown Seoul for candlelight vigils against importing U.S. beef. They accuse President Lee of compromising of South Korean sovereignty and public safety. The emotional protests have been fueled, in part, by Internet rumors, questionable South Korean news reports and grassroots sympathy with economically threatened South Korean cattle farmers. 以学生为主的成千上万名韩国人在首尔市中心频繁聚集,举行反对进口美国牛肉的烛光集会。他们指责李明总统在国家主权和公众安全问题上作出妥协。网络传闻、缺乏实的韩国新闻报导、以及民间对本国畜牧业者的同情更加煽动了抗议者的情绪。UNDP floor leader Kim says the protesters should not be seen as anti-American. He says they just want to prevent mad cow disease, also known by its initials BSE. 新民主联合党发言人金孝硕说,这些抗议者并非反美。他说,抗议者只是希望防止疯牛病。"What the Korean people oppose is not the U.S. but BSE-risk beef. The Korean people are not anti-U.S., but anti-BSE," Kim said. 他说,韩国人民反对的不是美国,而是疯牛病。South Korean conservatives won a parliament majority in elections, early this year, and are expected to support both the U.S. trade deal and the resumption of American beef imports in the next legislative session. However, lawmakers say getting the topic to a vote could take months, because of upcoming summer vacations. 韩国保守派今年早些时候在国会选举中胜出。预计,保守派将在下届国会中持美韩自贸协议和恢复进口美国牛肉。但是,议员们说,由于夏季休会即将来临,因此相关议题付诸投票可能要在几个月以后。 200805/39591[hostess] Well, it's about a year ago almost exactly, can you stop talking? (I was, let me)Let me introduce, that's right (right there.), Oprah Winfrey-- a symboled royalty on the lawn of a great house in California, the queens of courage, resilience, fears, love and hope. African American legends celebrated by the young black woman who came to say to them 'thank you for showing us how to fly by flying'. Coretta Scott King, Patti La Belle, Diana Ross, Maya Angelou, (we don't have enough time) Tina Turner, (we don't have all the names for the other people) we don't have enough time for that, and you can see it all on Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball Special, it is for everybody (wow). 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[Oprah Winfrey] You know what it is, I say watch with your girl friends, I'm telling everybody (that's true) to have a party, (you should) because what this, I was able to do this in a really big way, 'cause I live a very big life, but I think what happens when other people see it you will want to honor the people who have meant something to you, and everybody can do that in their own way, and to do it while they yet live (Amen), don't waste the roses on the casket, give them to people while they live. 200809/48758石家庄去抬头纹多少钱

石家庄妇幼保健院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱OPEC to Boost Production Targets, Blames High Price on Speculation欧佩克计划今后四年提高石油产量  OPEC Secretary General Abdalla Salem el-Badri says the cartel plans to boost its oil production targets by five million barrels a day by 2012. He was speaking on the final day of the International Energy Forum held in Rome. 石油输出国组织欧佩克的秘书长巴德里表示,欧佩克计划在2012年之前把石油产量每天提高5百万桶。他是在罗马举行的国际能源论坛会议的最后一天说这番话的。Speaking on the sidelines of the international energy forum in Rome, Abdalla Salem el-Badri said that members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries are planning to spend 0 billion during the next four years to boost production capacity. 巴德里在罗马举行的国际能源论坛会议的会场外表示,欧佩克成员国计划在以后四年里拿出1600亿美元,提高产油能力。The OPEC Secretary General was speaking after crude oil futures rose to an all-time high, more than 8 a barrel, boosted by supply instability. He insisted that oil prices are decided by the market and implied that OPEC could do nothing to solve the current problem. 在这之前,由于供应不稳定,原油期货价格攀升到每桶118美元以上,这是有史以来的最高峰。巴德里坚持说,石油价格是由市场决定的,暗示欧佩克无法解决目前的问题。"This conference has nothing to do with oil prices; this conference is only a platform for producers and consumers to talk about many issues," el-Badri said. "But to decide on a price, I think nobody can decide the price, the market will decide the price." 他说:“这个会议跟石油价格无关,这个会议只是产油国和消费国讨论许多问题的平台。但是,要决定价格,我认为没有人能决定价格,价格将由市场来决定。”U.S. acting Deputy Secretary of Energy Jeffrey Kupfer said oil prices are clearly too high. But he added it is important to keep the market well supplied and that OPEC should ensure sufficient supply in the market.  美国能源部代理副部长库普福说,石油价格显然过高。但是他补充说,重要的是保持市场有充裕的供应,欧佩克应当确保市场有足够的供应。El-Badri has blamed a weak dollar and speculators for soaring oil prices, which are taking a heavy toll on economies worldwide. He has said OPEC members are investing to increase both production and refining capacity. 巴德里把油价飙升归咎于美元疲软和投机活动。油价飙升对世界各国的经济都造成严重影响。他曾表示,欧佩克成员国正在投资,以提高产油和炼油能力。In a separate development at the forum, Iraqi Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani said again that contracts between the autonomous northern Iraqi Kurds and foreign companies are invalid. 在这次论坛过程中的另一项发展是,伊拉克石油部长沙赫雷斯塔尼再次表明,北部自治的伊拉克库尔德地区和外国公司签订的合同是无效的。"We do not recognize them and we have informed all the oil companies that these contracts have no standing," al-Shahristani said. 他说:“我们不承认这些合同,我们已经通知了所有石油公司,这些合同不具有法律效力。”The Kurdish regional government has signed more than a dozen exploration and export contracts with 20 international companies since it passed its own oil law last August, angering the central government in Baghdad. 库尔德地区政府自从去年8月通过了自己的石油法以后,已经和二十几个国际公司签署了十几个勘探和出口合同,激怒了巴格达的中央政府。Shahristani also announced that Iraq would shortly increase production of oil. He said 35 companies from 16 countries that will be competing in the first licensing round, which will be announced in the summer. He added that with the development of the fields through this bid, another 1.5 million barrels will be added to the 2.5 million barrels being produced.  沙赫雷斯塔尼还宣布,伊拉克很快将增加石油产量。他说,准备竞争第一批执照的16个国家的35家公司谁能如愿,今年夏天将会公布竞标结果。他补充说,通过招标带动这个领域的发展,原油生产将在目前250万桶的基础上,再增加150万桶。 200804/36181河北省四院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱 Ill order us a beer shall I?我来点瓶啤酒,好吗?Id prefer an orange juice please.我更想喝橙汁。Oh really? OK then.真的吗?好吧。Err, Garcon. Je mappelle un beer et citron juice thing. Au revoir!(错误的法语)No Tom!不是的,汤姆!Pardon, Je voudrais une grande biere et du juice dorange sil vous plait.劳驾,请给我们一大杯啤酒和一杯橙汁。Oui Madame.好的,女士。Well, she likes you!她喜欢你。Well, actually everyone likes you Anna.事实上,大家都喜欢你,安娜。I like you because…我喜欢你,因为……I like you too Tom but dont you think I should call Paul and update him on whats going on… keep him in the picture?我也喜欢你,汤姆,但你不认为我该给保罗打电话告知他最新的进度吗?I dunno. Lets just enjoy this moment shall we?我不知道,让我们好好享受这一刻吧?And besides, hell be at his biscuit appreciation class by now.另外,他现在正在上他的饼干欣赏课呢。No. I would be happier just to call him.不,我想给他打电话更好一些。Could I borrow your mobile phone please?我能借你的手机用用吗?My battery has run out.我的没电了。Yeah sure. Youll find his number under Attila the Hun.当然,他电话号码的名字是匈奴王阿提拉。Attila the Hun?匈奴王阿提拉?Just my little joke!只是我的一个小笑话!Cheeky! But hold on… what am I going to say to him?厚脸皮!但稍等,我要跟他说什么? /201705/507584石家庄美联臣整形美容医院去痣多少钱

河北石家庄新乐市第二医院激光除皱手术多少钱cupidity ------ 贪财(名词) 英文释义(noun) Excessive greed. 例句The shameless cupidity of the companys wealthy owners angered its poorly paid employees.这家公司的有钱老板贪财不要脸,惹怒了拿钱很少的员工。 /201610/466499 河北省石家庄妇产医院去疤多少钱白求恩国际和平医院玻尿酸多少钱




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