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52. Bus 公共汽车(上)1.Excuse me,can I get to the new bookstore on this bus?2.Is this the right bus for the new bookstore?3.Is the bus going to the new bookstore?4.Dose this bus stop at the new bookstore?5.How much is it to that stop?6.What#39;s the fare?7.Can you tell me how much it#39;ll cost?8.Could you please tell me when I should get off?9.Will you please tell me when we arrive there?10.I#39;m sorry I don#39;t know when to get off.Will you please tell me when it is my stop?Dialogue OneA:Excuse me, does this bus go to the new bookstore?B:No,you#39;ll have to get off at the bank,and take a No.50.A:Thank you.How much is the fare to that stop?B:One dollar.A:How many stops are there?B:Two stops after this one.A:Could you please tell me when we get there?B:Sure.A:By the way,do I need a transfer again after No.50?B:No, a No.50 will take you right there.A:Thank you.Dialogue TwoA:Excuse me.When#39;s the next bus?B:The next bus will be here in four minutes.A:Oh,good.That#39;ll be the number forty four?B:No,it#39;s the number fifty-eight.A:So when#39;s the next forty-four?Will it be here soon?B:No,it won#39;t.A:So when will it be here then?B:Never.A:Never?B:That#39;s right.The number forty-four doesn#39;t stop here any more.It#39;s stop is round the corner.Dialogue ThreeA:Excuse me,do the buses stop here?B:Yes, they all stop at this corner.A:I want to go to Broadway and 82nd Street.Can I take any bus that comes along?B:You can take any bus except the Number 9.A:How often do the buses run?B:They run about every five minutes.A:Fine.How long does it take to get to 82nd Street?B:About fifteen minutes.It#39;s not far.Are you a stranger in New York?A:Yes,I am.I arrived only three days ago from Japan.B:How do you like New York city?A:I like it very much,but it#39;s a little confusing to me.B:You#39;ll soon get accustomed to it.It#39;s not difficult.Well ,here#39;s the bus.Fortunately,it#39;s not full.A:Thank you for the information.B:Don#39;t mention it.美德  A iot of people were standing at the bus station, waiting for the bus. It was so cold that everyone wanted to habe a seat on the bus.It had been a long time, but the bus still didn#39;t come.Among the waiting people,there was an old woman with a big parcel.At last,No.3 bus was coming to them.A young man helped the woman get on the bus.And a little girl let the old woman take her seat.There were sweet smiles on every face.Though it was a cold day, everyone could feel the warmness.Bus 公共汽车9(下)1.The bus goes past the new bookstore.2.This bus will set you down at your destination.3.This is the right bus.4.This is your stop.5.One more stop,and you#39;ll get off.6.Get off at the next stop and them change to the No.3.7.No,you should have caught a No.15.8.You#39;re going the wrong way.You should take a No.9.9.You#39;re on the wrong bus.10.The bus runs about every 5 minutes.Dialogue OneA:where are you going,Jane?B:I#39;m going to the hospital to see Susan.A:I saw her yesterday.She was a little better.B:Must I catch a number 7 bus to get there?A:No,you needn#39;t.A number 13 bus will also take you to the hospital.B:Number 13 buses run much more frequently,don#39;t they?A:Yes.I caught a number 7 bus yesterday ,and they said I had taken a wrong bus.B:Thank you,Henry.I#39;ll get a number 13.A:But number 13 buses leave from the center of town.You#39;ll have to walk two miles to catch one.Dialogue TwoA:Is this the right bus for the Grand Hotel?B:Oh,no.You should take the No.14 tram.A:Where can I take it?B:Two blocks down the street.Dialogue ThreeA:Excuse me.Is this where I catch the bus for the zoo?B:Well,you can take the No.36 bus from here,but then you have to walk about 30 minutes.A:That doesn#39;t sound too bad.B:Actually,if you go to the bus stop in the next block, you can take bus 301 which will let you right off in front of the zoo.A:Maybe that#39;s what I#39;ll do.Thanks a lot.B:You#39;re welcome.通勤人员的苦恼A commuter always looks miserable.He gets up at 6:00 a.m. and eats a quick breakfast. Then he rushes off to the bus stop.He arrives there only to see no bus.When it finally comes,someone always tries to push past him to get in first.He squeezes on at last and finds no more seats.He has to stand with his briefcase between his knees-there is simply no room to put it down.A passenger next to him shoves his elbow in his ribs,step on his toes,or even drops cigarette ashes on him.The conductor makes his way through the crowd and for tickets.The commuter looks for his ticket and drops everything clumsily.Finally the commuter reaches his stop.He is aly exhausted. /201404/285931。

8月2日,世界第6品生产商新西兰恒天然集团称该2012年5月生产的浓缩乳清蛋白粉检出肉毒杆菌。恒天然今日中午举行新闻发布会,首席执行官Theo Spierings代表公司致歉。恒天然首席执行官Theo Spierings代表恒天然集团表示,向对中国以及世界各地受到影响的消费者道歉。食品安全和各地人民的生命安全是我们最关心的问题。我对目前这件事所造成的各种悲痛以及焦虑,深感遗憾。我们知道,婴幼儿奶粉乃至相关产品,必须保100%安全。【新闻】Fonterra, the world#39;s largest dairy exporter, apologized on Monday for its tainted milk powder scare and said the contaminated whey protein responsible for the botulism concerns will be under control within 48 hours.周一,世界最大的乳品出口商新西兰恒天然集团为其受污染的乳粉事件道歉,并称乳清蛋白粉检出肉毒杆菌的问题将在48小时内得到控制。【讲解】tainted milk powder是受污染的奶粉;whey protein是乳清蛋白粉。上个周末,这家新西兰公司称2012年5月生产的浓缩乳清蛋白粉检出一种细菌(a strain of bacteria)——肉毒杆菌(Clostridium botulinum),这会引起肉毒中毒(botulism)。该公司称受污染的(tainted)乳清蛋白粉是用于生产婴幼儿配方奶粉(baby formula)和运动饮料(sports drink)的原料(raw material),已出口至中国、马来西亚、越南、泰国以及沙特阿拉伯。肉毒杆菌是世界上毒素最强(strongest toxin)的一种,摄入(ingest)会毁坏人类神经系统(human nervous system )。如果1岁以下的婴儿摄入,会引起神经麻痹(neural paralysis)。恒天然首席执行官Theo Spierings于周一在北京召开新闻发布会(media briefing)时表示,约90%的受污染产品已找到去向(be located),剩下10%的产品将在未来24-48个小时内召回(recall)。Spierings表示,共有38公吨(metric ton)的乳清蛋白粉受到了污染(contaminate)。约20吨流向三家饮料公司(beverage company),其中包括可口可乐和中国娃哈哈,另外受影响的还包括三家动物饲料公司(animal feed company)。他表示,娃哈哈相关产品在生产过程(production process)中经过高温消毒(heated treatment)消灭了细菌,而且肉毒杆菌在酸性环境下无法存活,其产品及公司不存在风险。同时他说,此次受污染的38吨产品中有18吨用于生产婴儿营养品(infant nutritional product)。目前并不清楚有多少产品存在风险(at risk),但会与相关公司密切合作,采取必要的措施。 /201308/251120。

Emily: Hey, Susan. Have you got a sec? I have some questions about my paycheck. 嘿,苏珊。能耽误你一点时间吗?我想问你关于我薪水的问题。Susan: You bet, Emily. Pull up a chair. 你肯定吗,艾米丽,拿个椅子过来坐下说吧。Emily: Well, this is my first paycheck here in the States and there are a few things I don't understand. First of all, what is this FICA, and SUI Y tax, and why are there deductions both for Medicare and for my health insurance plan? 嗯,这是我在美国第一次领薪水,有些地方我不是很懂。首先,这个FICA和SUI Y税是什么。还有,为什么我的医疗和健康保险计划中都有扣除的部分呢?Susan: OK, let's start from the top of your pay stub. This number here represents your gross pay. 好的,让我们从你的工资条最开始看起,这里的数字代表你的工资总额。Emily: Yes, that's easy enough to understand. 是的,这个很容易理解。Susan: Then here we have a series of deductions. First off are the federal ones. FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contribution Act, or something like that. It's your federal income tax. And then there's Social Security and Medicare, which are both federal programs to help you out after you retire or if you were unable to work. 这个部分我们有一系列的扣除部分。首先在所有的联邦的项目中,FICA代表美国社会保险捐款法以及相关的。这是你联邦收入税。然后是社会保险和医疗保险,它们都是在你退休或者你无法工作的时候帮助你的联邦项目。Emily: All right, I see. So the Medicare isn't actually a health insurance I can use now. 好的,我明白了。所以说,医疗保险事实是我现在不能用的健康保险。Susan: That's right. Below the federal deductions are the state deductions. There's the state income tax, and then this SUI/SDI tax you were asking about is paying into an unemployment and disability fund that our state has set up, but you can see it's a pretty small quantity that they take. 对了。在联邦扣除项下面是政府的扣除。包括政府收入税,还有你在问的SUI/SDI税,这些都是被征收到政府建立的失业和残疾基金里面的。你可以看到这部分只占很小的比例。Emily: Yeah, I don't mind giving them a dollar fifty for that. So there are two separate income taxes—one at a state level and one at a federal level? 是的,我不介意拿出1.5美元给政府。所以说,有两类收入税——一个是政府层面的,还有一个是联邦层面的,对吗?Susan: That's right. Not all states have an income tax. Some use higher property taxes or sales taxes instead. 说对了。不是所有的政府都有收入税。有的是用高收入税或者营业税代替的。Emily: I see. All right, well I think everything else I can figure out on my own. The deductions for health insurance and my 401(K) are pretty self-explanatory. Thanks for your help, Susan. 我知道了。好吧,我想其它的我都可以自己弄明白了。对于我的保险和401(K)也差不多清楚了。谢谢你的帮助,苏珊。Susan: No problem! All those deductions do add up, and nobody's net pay is as high as they'd like. I can understand why you'd want some explanation. 没有问题。所有的扣除加在一起,每个人的净薪金都没有他们想象中的要么高。我能理解为什么你想弄明白。Emily: Yeah, I guess it's the same in the UK, I just never paid much attention. See you later! 是的,我想在英国也一样,我只是没有注意,再见!FICA abbr. (美国)联邦社会保险捐款法(Federal Insurance Contributions Act) /201111/160388。

Close Friends → Crush → Relationship → Heartbroken → Barely Friends → Strangers.好朋友→有感觉→恋爱→心碎→算不上朋友→陌生人。知识点:1. close adj. 亲近的 be close to sb. 与…关系密切2. crushlt;口gt;迷恋 have a crush on 对…有爱慕之心3. heartbroken adj. 悲伤的,伤心的 近义词:brokenhearted adj.没有精神的;灰心的;失恋的可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园 Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201211/208481。