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Do your shoulders feel tense after sitting at the computer for long periods? Take a cue from dogs and cats, who stretch their shoulders all the time—have you ever heard one complain about a long day at the office?长时间坐在电脑前,肩膀是否感到紧绷?从猫咪和那里得到启示,他们一直都是伸展肩膀的,你有没有听过他们抱怨一整天忙碌的疲累?You Will Need你需要Comfortable clothing舒适的装A floor地板Steps步骤STEP 1 Lie on floor1.躺在地板上Lie flat on the floor with your legs straight and together and your arms straight out from your sides against the floor.平躺在地板上,双腿伸直并拢,双手向体侧伸出,放在地板上。STEP 2 Bend elbows2.屈肘Bend your elbows at 90-degree angles so your fingertips point straight up toward the ceiling and your palms face forward.肘部90度弯曲,这样指尖指向天花板,手掌向前。STEP 3 Drop back hands3.放下手背Drop the backs of your hands toward the floor, keeping the elbows bent at 90-degree angles and your shoulders and upper arms on the floor. Stop when you feel a comfortable tension. Hold for about 10-30 seconds.手背向下转动,肘部保持90度,肩膀和前臂放在地板上。当你感到舒适的压力的时候停止。坚持10至30秒。STEP 4 Roll arms forward4.向前转动手臂Roll your arms forward so that your palms face down and your fingers point toward your feet. Again, stop the rotation once you feel that comfortable tension. Hold for about 10-30 seconds.向前转动手臂,这样手掌就向下放在地板上,手指指向双脚。感到舒适的压力的时候停止转动。坚持10至30秒钟。STEP 5 Repeat stretch5.重复Repeat the stretch, rotating your arms up and down again, three to five times. Try to go slightly further into the stretch each time, being careful not to cause any pain.重复这个伸展运动,再次上下旋转手臂,三至五次。每次伸展的力度都稍微大一点,小心一点,不要造成任何伤痛。Dogs and cats tend to stretch when they wake up—gentle stretching upon awakening increases the blood flow to your muscles and can prevent everyday injuries.和猫醒来的时候都会伸展一下,醒来时轻柔的伸展运动可以促进血液向肌肉的流动,预防日常受伤。视频听力译文由。 /201405/298709发现希格斯玻色子最大的惊喜是什么?那便是没有惊喜。吉安·吉乌迪西告诉了我们一个理论物理界的问题:假使超密度状态下的希格斯粒子让所有的原子物质坍塌,那宇宙会变得怎样?吉乌迪西勾勒出一幅暗淡的前景——以及我们无需现在开始担心的理由。(摄于欧洲核子研究中心) Article/201406/304583

North Korea Makes News With Dennis Rodman, Fax MachineThe country#39;s military threatens South Korea via fax, while a former NBA star pays a visit.This is a special report from A news Digital.I’m Mary Bruce in New York and this is an A news digital special report. Another busy day on the Korean peninsula, the north has again threatened to strike the south, this time in response to a series of protest against the regime. Meanwhile Dennis Rodman in Ping Yong again, holding tryouts for a basketball team that he says will play an exhibition game against NBA veterans next month on Kim Jong-Un’s birthday. Here’s Rodman talking about his North Korean friends.This country is pretty cool now, it’s pretty cool, I understand what’s going on with the political stuff, that’s it, I don’t wanna go on that adventure. I was doing one thing for these kids here, and for this country, and for my country, and for the world pretty much.The whole world does seem to be watching, among those keeping an eye on Rodman, joining us now from Washington, A news political director and basketball enthusiast Rick Clan, so Rick, Rodman looking pretty comfortable there today, holding court, putting the North Korean through their paces, is there any evidence anywhere that he’s representing anyone there other than Dennis Rodman?Warm diplomacy I think is a function entirely of Dennis Rodman’s imagination. He has obviously struck something of a friendship with the North Korean leader, he’s been used before, this is of course not the first trip he’s made to the country. And I think the view in the world community, and certainly from American officials that he is being used as a pawn to paper over the atrocities, the mishandling, some of the recent headlines involving an assassination of the uncle of the current leader, so I think this is Dennis Rodman freelancing, there’s no evidence to suggest that there’s anything other than that. He’s making a number of trips there, and I think in each of these instances, you can see that there’s a sense of propaganda, that’s arouse a lot of it, these photos were a lot different than what you normally see in the news coming out of North Korea.And Rick, Rodman was asked today how the North Korean players stack up against America’s best, here’s his answer.You know they have a, I call it European skills, they don’t pass, they don’t do a trickery stuff or wrestle stuff, they loved I when they got stuff like that, they can actually shoot. And that#39;s really, really cool, they can actually shoot. But you know what? You know, no one asks you to be a super star. And now, you know, you gotta go down and work for it.So Rick, it sounds like the Americans are gonna have to be defending the perimeters. Do we have any idea who if anyone will actually be travelling to Ping Yong and accepting his invitation for that game?We do not, I’d imagine that we’re only talking about former NBA players, kind of blushed up stars, if anyone Dennis Rodman knows, you see, he even admitted he’s having trouble finding enough man to join him on the trip. I think there’s an understandable fear about travelling to the country, so finding a former NBA star who’s willing to make that trip and be part of sir Rodman’s entourage, sir Rodman was a quirky guy when he was a player to say the least, and now as a post player, and I think any assessor in North Korean’s sports has to remember again the propaganda in these things, the current leader’s father Kim Jong-il, he actually was said to have completed a round of golf once in 18 strokes, all holes in one. So I don’t know that we can have an objective analysis of exactly how good North Korean basketball is.Now Rick, of course the white house has said it had nothing to do with Rodman’s trip, but isn’t that exactly what they would say even if they did?Ah, the conspiracy theories began over and over again, yeah, I know, I think that there’s a little bit of deniability here that seems plausible to me, only in that I can’t imagine Dennis Rodman passing any kind of CIA background check, I think if he was being used as some kind of secretive operative, I have no doubt the Americans are very interested in what he’s learned over there, and they may even wanna talk to him and to other people that had travelled with him, but the idea of Dennis Rodman as a secret undercover agent for the ed States government seems to me a little bit out of the realm of the likely.Now this spectacle of side, of course, the North Koreans have issued a very serious threat to the south, sending a message via fax of course to Soul earlier today, in response to a series of very angry protest there against the regime in the north, but how seriously does the white house take this kind of thing?Well, that’s just it, and that’s where the Rodman diplomacy is potentially harmful from the America perspective, is that this isn’t a time to try, to engage in photo ops and humanizing elements of what the regime is doing in North Korea. This is serious bluster, and every time a country with nuclear weapon makes these kind of noises about a neighbor, American officials have always thought that current regime is unstable, there isn’t a current strong foothold on power, you have a leader trying to establish himself, so the fact that he’s trying to establish himself and establish himself in the international community and back at home with visits like Mr. Rodman’s, and those of potentially other NBA players, none of those things that are welcome to people that are worried about how close their finger is to the nuclear button.A news political director Rick Clan, thank you very much.Thanks Mary.For a full report on all things, Rodman and the latest on the North Korean threat, stay right here on Anews.com this is A news digital report, I’m Mary Bruce in New York. /201312/270136

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