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A:Show me judge who has the power of his convictions...A:你能给我展示一下法官的权利吗?B:And I’ll show you judge who owns an electric chair.B:我可以让你感受一下电刑椅。 /201505/375855

Selfies have emerged as a ubiquitous way to capture memorable moments. They can mark reunions with family, intimate moments with your beloved, and good times shared with friends.随处可见的自拍记录着许多难忘的瞬间:既有与家人的团聚时刻、也有与爱人的亲密瞬间、还有与朋友们共度的美好时光。When it comes to taking selfies, knowing the right way to utilize the light, finding the best angle, capturing an outstanding background, and proper editing can directly affect the quality of your final product. This guide will lead you to taking some of the best selfies you’ve ever seen.说起自拍,诸多因素都会直接影响到照片的最终效果,比如正确运用光线、找准拍摄角度、捕捉绝佳的拍摄背景,以及之后对照片相应的处理。下面就为你奉上自拍达人的必备指南:Find the light找好光线The use of light is crucial to improving image quality in professional photography. This also applies to the world of selfies.在专业摄影中,用好光线是提高照片质量的关键。这一点也同样适用于自拍。Face the light: Lights can dispel shadows and create soft features on your face, so always try to turn your face toward the main light source.面朝光线:光线能驱散阴影,让五官显得柔和。所以,自拍时要尽量面朝主要光源。Move your body: If you want to be creative, play with light angles by turning your body, but make sure the photo is properly exposed and your face is lit from the front or the side. Additionally, avoid taking selfies against the main light source or with overhead lighting.转动身体:想要更有创意,你可以试着转动身体改变灯光角度,但一定要保适度曝光,让光线从正面或侧面照在你的脸上。尽量不要背光,或是头顶打光。Find natural light: Try to use natural light; sunlight at sunset and sunrise possesses a warmth that makes you look like you’re glowing.利用自然光:试着用用自然光,比如日出或日落时的阳光,定能为你的照片增添一抹暖意,让照片里的你容光焕发。Strike a pose摆好姿势When taking selfies, angles do matter. But showing people your confidence and genuine smile can be more significant.自拍角度固然重要,但更关键的是要展示你的自信、记录真诚的微笑。Hold the camera away: Hold the camera away from your face, and try to take photos both horizontally and vertically; If not, your face might look bigger than usual due to lens distortion.保持距离:镜头与人脸应该保持距离,横着拍或者竖着拍都可一试;否则如果镜头过近,人脸会因为失真而显得比平常要大。Universal selfie angle: Ideally, the universal selfie angle is 45 degrees above your head. But you should study your face at different angles because finding your best angle requires you having seen all of them.选好角度:虽然45°角俯拍是大家公认的最佳自拍角度,但建议你还是试试不同角度的自拍,这样才能找到适合自己的最佳角度。Be creative: Sometimes silly selfies that show how you honestly are can be entertaining.要有创意: 有时候,一些让你看上去傻兮兮的照片也别有一番趣味。Manage the background布置背景One problem with selfies is that most have distracting backgrounds. Without a doubt, you are the most important element in the selfie, but it would be imprudent to ignore what’s behind you.很多人自拍的问题在于背景喧宾夺主。毫无疑问,你是整张自拍照的主角,但这并不代表你可以任性地忽略身后的背景。Clean up the background: Try to declutter the background by taking selfies outdoors or in spacious areas.清理背景:在户外自拍时最好简化身后的背景,或是在空旷之处拍摄。Show fun things: Document yourself engaging in interesting activities — hiking with family members, visiting landmarks, or working out with friends.拍些趣事:自拍可以记录一些你乐在其中的活动,比如和家人一起徒步,与地标建筑合影,或是和朋友一起锻炼。Hold tight: You can even hold the camera tightly with two hands to snap selfies. Make sure your face and the background are not blurry.端稳相机:自拍时你甚至可以用双手紧握相机,确保不要让面部和背景模糊不清。Perfect your selfie完美自拍终极建议You can always do more to show others your best side, and there are ways to perfect your selfies to attract more eyeballs.想要在自拍中展示最棒的自己,你还有很多可以做,下面这些方法将能让你的自拍更加完美、赚足眼球。Crop artistically: Photojournalism professors often advise students crop photos ruthlessly because distracting backgrounds don’t help in telling stories. In selfies, you do not necessarily need to tell people stories, but you can definitely make the photo appealing by getting rid of your outstretched arm or a background that’s too busy.艺术剪裁:新闻摄影的教授总是建议学生们剪裁照片时要狠得下心,因为无关的背景对内容本身毫无帮助。自拍时,你虽然不用像新闻摄影那样讲故事,但是裁掉伸出去拍照的胳膊或是太过杂乱的背景,定会让你的自拍更加吸引人。Apps will help: Download some photo apps that allow you to adjust the lighting and contrast. Some apps also offer useful filters, which will be able to change your skin tone and eliminate pimples on your face.求助应用软件:你可以下载一些能够调节亮度和对比度的照相应用软件;还有一些应用软件自带滤镜,能让你改变肤色或是修去脸上的痘痘。 /201502/359380




  Where you gain weight isn#39;t a game of chance. Turns out it#39;s all in your genes. (Photo: iStock)你容易肥胖并不是偶然,而是基因造成的。If you#39;ve ever a women#39;s magazine, you#39;re familiar with the concept of ;apple; versus ;pear; body s hapes. They#39;re the two most common presentations of the human body amp;; in the first case, fat gatl around the midsection, in the latter, fat accumulates around the hips, thighs, and rear.如果你曾经读过一本女性杂志,你就会非常熟悉苹果型或梨型身材的概念。它们是有关身材的两种最常见描述。前者,脂肪集中在上腹部,后者,脂肪集中在臀部,大腿部和屁股上。Now, researchers from Duke University have pinpointed a gene, called Plexin Dl, which determines the bod y type you#39;ll have with a great deal more certainty than any magazine quiz ever could.现在,杜克大学的研究人员们发现了一种基因,称为丛状蛋白D1 ,它能决定体型,这比杂志更可靠。Now, for those who think that your body shape is only a barometer of the style of jeans you choose, or if you should opt for the A-line vs. the empire waist wedding dress, take heed: Your body shape has everything to do with your health.那么,你以为你的身材只是在挑选牛仔裤时用来比对号码的吗?还是用来选择vs裙或高腰婚纱的呢?请注意:你的身材代表了你的健康程度。An apple shaped body, which has greater fat accumulation in the belly, carries with it the risk of heart disease. Fat concentration in the midsection is also thought to induce inflammation and trigger metabolic diseases including high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.苹果型身材,腹部聚集了大量脂肪,会增加心脏病的风险。上腹部脂肪过多也容易诱发炎症并导致代谢病,比如高血压,中风和糖尿病。A pear body shape, on the other hand, is considered to be pretty healthy. This shape accumulates fat in the hips and thighs, which is associated with increased fertility and a decreased risk of metabolic diseases like diabetes.相反,梨型身材意味着身体健康。这种身材的脂肪集中在大腿和臀部,有助于生育,也减少代谢病——比如糖尿病的几率Now let#39;s get back to that study.现在,让我们重新回到主题。All humans have the Plexin D1 gene. But to simplify their research, the Duke researchers chose to study the gene#39;s effects in zebrafish. Since the fish are transparent, you can actually see where the fat cells are accumulating to easily determine their body shape. John F. Rawls, PhD, and an associate professor of molecular genetics and microbiology at Duke, and James E. Minchin, PhD, a post-doctoral fellow in Rawls#39; lab, engineered zebrafish without the Plexin D1 gene, and compared them with normal zebrafish who carried the gene.所有人都拥有丛状蛋白D1基因。但为了简化他们的研究,杜克大学研究人员研究这种基因在斑马鱼身上的影响。因为这种鱼是透明的,他们能清晰的看到脂肪细胞的聚集地,以更容易的确定体型。杜克大学的分子遗传学和微生物学副教授约翰·F·罗尔斯士,和罗尔斯实验室的士后伙伴詹姆斯·E·明钦,把斑马鱼的丛状蛋白D1基因剥离,并把它与正常的斑马鱼进行比较。The fish without the Plexin D1 gene had less visceral fat tissue than their ;apple-shaped; counterparts with the gene. Visceral fat is the type of fat that causes an apple-shaped body. It lies deep within the midsection, wedged between organs including the heart, liver, intestine, and lungs. From there, the tissue emits hormones and other chemicals that cause inflammation, triggering high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.没有丛状蛋白D1基因的斑马鱼比他们;苹果型身材;的同类拥有更少的内脏脂肪。内脏脂肪是造成苹果型身材的一种脂肪。它存在与上腹部,充斥在脏器们,包括心脏,肝脏,小肠和肺部之间。这些脂肪组织释放出荷尔蒙和其他化学物质,导致炎症,诱发高血压,心肌梗塞,中风,和糖尿病。Instead, these ;pear shaped; fish displayed more subcutaneous fat, which is the type of fat that sits be neath the skin of the hips, thighs, and rear of pear-shaped individuals. This type of fat tissue decrease s insulin resistance in humans 8i; which protects us from getting diabetes.相反,那些“梨型身材”的斑马鱼拥有更多的皮下脂肪,它们存在于臀部和大腿的皮下组织,与梨型身材个体的后身。这种脂肪组织能降低机体的胰岛素耐受性;从而避免我们患上糖尿病。So should we all try to get rid of our Plexin D1 gene? Not so fast. Michin tells Yahoo Health, that whil e ;to have such an extreme effect is surprising,; it#39;s important to remember that their research also inv olved an extreme amount of genetic manipulation, wholly eliminating the Plexin D1 gene in the mutant zet a fish in a way that is unlikely to ever occur in real life.那么,我们都应该抛弃我们的丛状蛋白D1基因吗?不用这么急。Michin告诉雅虎健康板块,当我们知道“极端影响是这 么可怕时”,我们也一定要想起,他们的研究也进行了极端的基因操作,完全丧失丛状蛋白D1基因的变种斑马鱼在现实中是不可能能出现的。All humans carry the Plexin D1 gene, but we express the gene in different ways. ;Body fat distribution is a complex trait that is governed by interactions between multiple genes, says Michin. ;We expect that more subtle regulation of Plexin D1 in human populations is likely to occur.;所有人都携带着丛状蛋白D1基因,但是,让我们以另一种方式描述这种基因,;身体脂肪的分配是十分复杂的,是多种基因互相影响的结果,;Michin说,;我们猜想,丛状蛋白D1基因在人体内可能存在其他效应。;Despite the clear health implications of body fat distribution, little is known about the genetics of body shape. A large international study that appeared in Nature in February began to fill in this gap by looking for genes associated with waist-to-hip ratio. The researchers found some association with Plexin D1 in their study.即使清晰知晓了身体脂肪分配对健康的意义,我们仍然对体型遗传知之甚少。一个主要研究基因与腰臀比关系的大型国际研究已经在二月份在法蒂尔开始。研究者们已经发现了一些与丛状蛋白D1基因有关的信息。In the future, this information could lead to understanding how to genetically manipulate our body types — and, more importantly, improve our health in the process.在未来,这些信息可能会让我们理解基因如何控制我们的体型——同时,更重要的是,改善我们的健康。 /201503/366838

  A Chinese rabbit called Tuzki is winning the hearts of young adults across Asia and reaping riches in merchandise deals for his owners.一只名为兔斯基(Tuzki)的中国兔子,正在赢得全亚洲青少年的心。对这一品牌的商业化运作,更让他的所有者收获大量财富。Cartoon character Tuzki (pronoun#172;ced Tuts-ki), is exceptional, and not just because of his groovy dance moves. It is rare for a Chinese brand to prosper in the international market. Even more unusually, this success has been achieved without any active promotion.作为一个卡通人物,兔斯基的不寻常之处不仅在于他绝妙的舞步。一个源于中国本土的漫画形象能在国际市场拥有如此高的人气,十分罕见。更不同寻常的是,他的成功并不依赖任何主动的市场炒作。Tuzki was designed by Momo Wang, a Beijing artist, in 2006, with China’s millennials — now in their 20s and 30s — in mind. The rabbit has become the default emoticon on WeChat, the messaging platform operated by Tencent, China’s social network and gaming powerhouse. The brand has piggybacked on WeChat’s success, migrating to other countries as WeChat users in China communicate with contacts overseas.兔斯基诞生于2006年,设计者是北京艺术家王卯卯,面向的群体就是中国的“千禧一代”(如今这些人正处在二三十岁的年纪)。这只兔子目前已成为微信(WeChat)免费提供的表情之一。微信是腾讯(Tencent)运营的消息平台,而腾讯则是中国的社交网络及游戏巨头。借助微信的巨大成功,借着中国微信用户与境外人群联系的顺风,这一形象也传播到了其他国家。“He has sp via the Chinese diaspora and is starting to filter through to the wider community,” says Yat Siu, founder and chief executive of Outblaze, a digital media company in Hong Kong. In 2008, Outblaze established a joint venture with Turner Entertainment, which had bought the rights to Tuzki; TurnOut Ventures now owns and manages Tuzki.香港数字化媒体公司网炫(Outblaze)创始人兼首席执行官萧逸(Yat Siu)表示:“兔斯基在海外华人中不断扩散,并开始向更大范围的人群渗透。”2008年,网炫与已经买下兔斯基专营权的透纳(Turner Entertainment)成立了一家合资公司。这家名为TurnOut Ventures的合资公司目前持有并管理着兔斯基品牌。When users send texts on WeChat, they can opt to add Tuzki — in the form of a mini-animation — to the message. Tuzki swings his hips, makes a “talk to the hand” motion, weeps as he waves goodbye, turns his ears into flickering birthday candles, blows kisses and hops into bed. His only facial features are the eyes but with his spindly limbs and decisive movements, he is remarkably expressive. The lively rabbit represents a significant upgrade to the more familiar, less dynamic, smiley faces offered by other messaging services.在微信上发送文本时,用户可以选择在消息中添加微动画形式的兔斯基。在这些表情中,兔斯基要么在晃动着他的臀部,要么摆出一副“懒得理你”的姿势,要么边哭边挥手告别,要么将他的两只耳朵变作摇曳的生日蜡烛,要么打个飞吻,要么一跃上床。兔斯基面部唯一的线条就是两只眼睛,然而纤细的四肢和明快的动作让他具有令人印象深刻的表现力。大部分消息务中提供的仍是更为人熟知的、动态感不那么强的微笑面孔。比起它们,兔斯基算是一大进步。TurnOut has made a number of lucrative licensing deals for Tuzki in China, where the rabbit features on everything from bedcovers to mobile phone cases, and is expanding its business across Asia and beyond. Within China, the number of Tuzki licensees tripled between 2012 and 2014, Mr Siu says, although he declines to give any financial details.TurnOut在中国已达成了一系列盈利丰厚的许可协议。在这里,兔斯基的形象已出现在从床罩到手机外壳在内的各种商品上。TurnOut正在将其业务扩展至全亚洲甚至亚洲以外。萧逸表示,在中国,获准使用兔斯基形象的商家在2012年到2014年间增加了两倍。不过,萧逸拒绝透露任何财务方面的细节。Companies as diverse as Motorola and KFC have co-opted Tuzki for promotional campaigns. “We’ve been surprised by the bth of his appeal. I think Tuzki has this mysterious power of being something for everyone, in a highly individualised way,” says Mr Siu.从托罗拉(Motorola)到肯德基(KFC),各种各样的公司都在将兔斯基用于促销活动。萧逸说:“他的号召力之大令我们惊讶。我觉得兔斯基有种神秘的力量,能以一种高度个性化的方式,在每个人心中都留下一席之地。”The first country Tuzki colonised outside China was South Korea. In 2012 Kakao Talk, the messaging app used by more than 90 per cent of smartphone owners in South Korea, adopted Tuzki as a paid-for emoticon, turning him into a household name. TurnOut Ventures struck licensing deals there, swiftly followed by deals in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan.韩国是兔斯基走出中国进军海外的第一站。2012年,Kakao Talk将兔斯基选入付费表情,令他成为家喻户晓的名字。Kakao Talk是一款消息应用,为韩国90%以上的智能手机用户所使用。继韩国就兔斯基与TurnOut达成授权使用协议之后,日本、泰国、香港和台湾也紧随其后。As Tuzki’s virtual territory grows, TurnOut is receiving licensing requests from further afield. Last year it negotiated a deal with a bag company in Spain, but for the most part TurnOut does not yet have the capacity to handle contracts outside Asia.随着兔斯基在虚拟空间攻城略地,TurnOut收到了来自更遥远地区的授权申请。去年,TurnOut曾与西班牙一家箱包公司经磋商达成协议。不过在大多数情况下,TurnOut仍无力承接亚洲以外的合同。“Our infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with the growth of the brand,” says Mr Siu, “but we’re tracking Tuzki’s pro#172;gress though his Facebook page with a view to monetising his popularity. He has a lot of fans in the US and Latin America, especially in Mexico, Peru and Brazil where the Asian diaspora are relatively wealthy and perceived as trend setters”. In Europe, he adds, there is growing interest in Spain and Italy. “Italy’s not a typical Chinese diaspora market, but there’s a lot of interest in Asian design there.”萧逸表示:“我们的基础设施跟不上这一品牌成长的步伐。不过,我们正通过他的Facebook主页追踪他的步伐,希望能将他的人气货币化。他在美国和拉美地区拥有大量粉丝,尤其是在墨西哥、秘鲁和巴西等国,那儿的亚洲侨民相对较为富裕,而且被视为潮流引领者。”萧逸补充说,在欧洲的西班牙和意大利,人们对兔斯基的兴趣也越来越浓厚。“虽然意大利传统上并不是中国侨民市场,但那儿的人对亚洲设计有很大兴趣。”A recent deal with Facebook, which offers Tuzki stickers on its messaging service, is expected to expand the rabbit’s pawprint further.最近,Facebook也与TurnOut达成了协议,在其消息务里提供兔斯基贴图。在该协议的推动下,这只兔子的步伐预计会进一步向外扩张。Mr Siu believes that the enthusiasm for Tuzki reflects wider cultural shifts. “Tuzki shows us that millennials in China have more in common with their overseas counterparts than we might assume,” he says. “Young people of different nationalities share certain values, and cultural boundaries are becoming messy.”萧逸认为,兔斯基狂热反映了某种更深层次的文化变迁。他说:“兔斯基告诉我们,中国千禧一代与其海外同龄人的共通之处比我们想象得要多。不同国家的年轻人分享着特定的价值观,文化上的疆界正变得越来越模糊。” /201504/370908


  You polished your resume and got a job interview. You researched the company. You practiced answering questions about your experiences in front of a mirror. You really want this job, and you do possess the qualifications necessary to do it. But you still can#39;t shake that feeling of nervousness or get rid of the butterflies in your stomach. You are not alone; many of us feel anxiety before interviews, especially in today#39;s competitive job market. Here are ways you can alleviate your anxiety and have a good interview.通过不断的修改润色你的简历,你得到了一个面试的机会。你为此专门调查这个公司的各种信息。你站在镜子前面练习着回答关于你个人经历的问题。你非常想得到这个工作,而且你的确有任职的能力。但是,你仍然无法够摆脱内心的紧张和激动。并不是只有你,很多人在面试之前都会感到紧张,特别是现在工作的竞争压力是如此之大。这里有一些方式可以帮助你减轻一些内心的紧张来成功面试。Be Prepared准备充足You need to be prepared, but get prepared the night before your interview. Have your clothing picked out and y. Have any materials (such as a portfolio) y the night before. This way, you avoid the last-minute rushing around that will exacerbate your anxiety and potentially affect your behavior during the interview. And remember to get enough sleep the night before.你需要做好充足的准备,但是要在面试的前一个晚上准备好。挑选好要穿的衣。把资料(像一些档案)在前一晚上准备好。这样的话,可以避免因为在最后一分钟匆忙准备而增加内心的焦虑,在潜移默化中影响你在面试中的表现。另外还要记住一点,面试的前一天晚上要有充足的睡眠。What You Eat Matters注意饮食You have to eat something or you will get light-headed. You may also become embarrassed when your stomach starts growling while you are waxing eloquent about your accomplishments. Eat something. Hunger may increase anxiety because it is physically uncomfortable and adds to your worries.你必须要吃一些东西,否则会感到头晕。在介绍自己的专长的时候,肚子咕咕响,你也一样会感到尴尬。一定要吃点东西。饥饿会增加内心的焦虑,因为身体上的不适会使人的烦恼随之而来。At the same time, avoid heavy meals just before an interview. A heavy meal is likely to make you sluggish and sleepy. Your best bet is to have something light shortly before the interview so you have energy and are alert. If you take care of yourself this way, you are more likely to be relaxed and in the right mindset for a good interview.与此同时,要避免在面试之前吃油腻的食物。它容易使你感觉困倦的,并且行动迟缓。面试之前,最好是吃一些清淡的食物,这样就可以保既精力充沛又思维敏捷了。如果你在这一方面注意,你更有可能轻松地、思维清晰地面试成功。It probably goes without saying that you should not drink alcohol to ;relax; yourself before an interview. Alcohol releases inhibitions and may cause you to behave in an inappropriate manner. There is also research indicating that drinking caffeine increases anxiety and panic attacks. Instead of coffee or caffeinated soda, have some herbal tea before your interview.不得不说的是,在面试之前,你不可以为了放松自己而饮用酒精饮料。因为酒精会使人的控制力减弱,并且可能会使你做出不恰当的行为。同样有调查显示,喝咖啡类的饮品会增加焦虑和内心的恐慌。在面试之前最好是喝一些花草茶,而非咖啡或者含有咖啡因的苏打汽水。Slow Down放慢节奏Slow down. Get to the interview a little early, and have time to freshen up, sit and breathe before meeting the interviewer. 让节奏慢下来。提前早一点去面试,这样的话在面试之前,你就有时间来打扮一下自己,有时间坐下来放松呼吸。You can#39;t force yourself to relax, and trying to will likely make you more anxious and tense. Don#39;t judge yourself in a harsh manner; rather, be compassionate with yourself about the fact that you anxious. Then, take a deep breath and give yourself a little pep talk as you breathe and see if you can let some of that go.你不能强迫自己放松,如果非要这样做,很可能会让你更加紧张。不要用苛刻的方式评价自己,要接受自己焦虑的这个事实。然后,深呼吸,对自己说些鼓励的话,看是否摆脱它们。本文由原创译文,未经授权! /201505/367737。


  Japan is looking into installing toilets and emergency drinking water in buildings#39; lifts in case people are trapped after earthquakes。日本考虑在大楼电梯内配装马桶,并提供紧急饮用水,以备有人在地震后被困电梯时使用。Officials from the country#39;s infrastructure ministry met industry representatives to discuss the proposals in the aftermath of Saturday#39;s 7.8-magnitude undersea quake, which was felt across the country, the Kyodo news agency reports. One idea is that lifts could be fitted with portable toilets featuring a waterproof bag or other absorbent material inside a collapsible cardboard structure。据日本共同社报道,在5月30日日本海域发生7.8级地震后,日本国土交通省官员紧急会见了工业界代表,商讨上述提议。此次地震在日本全国都有震感。商讨中提出的一个安装想法是,电梯内可安装配有防水袋或其它类型高吸水性材料的便携马桶,整个马桶用可折叠纸板结构制成。In the capital, Tokyo, almost 20,000 lifts stopped after Saturday#39;s quake, with 14 of them trapped between floors. In one case, people were stuck inside for more than an hour before being rescued. After the country#39;s devastating 2011 earthquake, some people were trapped in lifts for more than nine hours. About 60% of Japanese lifts are designed to detect tremors and stop at the closest floor before automatically opening their doors。上周地震发生后,日本首都东京约有两万部电梯停止工作,其中有14部停在了楼层中间。有乘客被困于电梯中一个多小时才获救。在2011年日本灾难性大地震后,甚至有乘客被困电梯长达九个小时。日本约60%的电梯都具备地震探测功能,可在地震时快速停在最近的楼层并自动开门。Japanese regularly shaken by earthquakes, but seismologists say it#39;s likely the capital will be hit by a major quake - referred to as the ;big one; - within the coming decades. The government estimates that as many as 17,000 people could be trapped inside lifts in the capital#39;s high-rises if that happens。日本常年遭受地震困扰,有地震学家称,未来十年内,东京可能会遭受一次十分剧烈的地震。日本当局估计,若大地震真的发生,可能将有多达1.7万名乘客会被困在首都高楼的电梯内。 /201506/379929

  A 7ft 8in tall man so embarrassed by his height he hid at home for #39;half his life#39; has found love with a woman three feet smaller than him。身高7英尺8英寸(约2.33米)的他曾因为身高问题拒出家门,最近却在身高与他相差81厘米的她身上找到了人生幸福。Joelison Fernandes da Silva, 28, developed gigantism as a child and his rapidly soaring height forced him to drop out of school due to bullying and then refuse to leave the family house for years。今年28岁的乔尔森·费尔南德斯·德·席尔瓦自幼患有巨人症,疯长的身高让他在学校备受欺凌,他因此辍学并多年呆在家中不愿出门。But true happiness eventually found the shy Brazilian - who has come to be known as #39;the gentle giant#39; - in the form of Evem Medeiros, a 5ft 21-year-old woman he met online。然而这位28岁的“温柔巨人”,最终在通过网络结识的身高5英尺(1.52米)的21岁的伊梅·梅代罗斯身上找寻到了真正的幸福。#39;The first time I saw her it was love at first sight,#39; Joelison said. #39;I was charmed by her. I wanted to be with her all the time. It didn#39;t matter about her size.#39;乔尔森说:“当我第一次见到她的时候,我就被她的魅力所吸引,我想和她永远在一起,她的身高并不重要。”Joelison grew up in a small rural village in Paraiba, northern Brazil and was bullied from a young age due to his height。乔尔森在巴西北部帕拉伊巴的一个小山村中长大,从很小的时候就因为身高而被人欺负。He got in trouble for fighting his tormentors and later decided to quit school altogether, much to the disappointment of his mother Ivanilde Fernandes da Silva, 45.因为这个他决定辍学,这让他的母亲很失望。She said: #39;From a young age I knew there was something not quite right with Joelison。乔尔森的母亲说:“他小的时候我就觉得他跟别人不太一样。”#39;When he was a baby and only a few months old the baby shoes stopped fitting his feet properly and I#39;d always have to go and buy more and more。“他还是几个月的小婴儿时,脚就长得很快,我得经常去给他买新鞋子。”Joelison#39;s mother added: #39;When he got to eight years old I knew he was growing at an abnormal rate and by the time he was 14 he was aly 6ft 4in。她还说:“乔尔森8岁的时候我感觉到他正在以不正常的速度长高,14岁的时候他已经6英尺4英寸(约1.92米)了。”#39;We lived in the rural zone and nobody knew him. For half of his life he had been hidden away. If anyone came to our house he was so shy he would hide so they wouldn’t see him。“我们住在远郊,没人认识他。他生活的大部分时间都在家里,如果有人来,他会因为害羞而躲起来不见人。”#39;I was really worried.#39;“我非常担心。”Doctors later discovered he had a benign tumour on his pituitary gland that was causing his body to produce uncontrolled amounts of growth hormone。后来医生发现乔尔森的下垂体上的一个良性肿瘤导致身体分泌了过多的生长激素。The successful operation helped slow his growth but he still sprouted another four inches to his current height of 7ft 8in。手术成功摘除肿瘤后,乔尔森的身高基本得到了控制,维持在了现在的7英尺8英寸(2.33米)。With the gigantism under control, Joelison#39;s confidence grew。巨人症治愈后,乔尔森的自信也回来了。The computer games fan finally took a step into the public conscience and was eventually crowned Brazil#39;s tallest man。乔尔森是个电脑游戏迷,他渐渐走入了公众的视野,随后被认定为巴西最高的人。As a celebrity in his homeland he began to attract admirers, including new wife Evem。在家乡成名之后,他开始受到很多人的倾慕,这其中就包括他的妻子伊梅。She contacted him on Facebook to wish him happy birthday and they swapped numbers before starting a committed relationship two months later。她在脸书上联系他并祝他生日快乐,他们互换了电话号码,两个月之后开始了正式交往。#39;She was basically my first woman. The first woman of my life. I was 28,#39; said Joelison。乔尔森说:“可以说她是我的初恋,是我28岁生命中的第一个女人。”Just a year later they were married。一年之后他们结婚了。Joelison still has monthly injections and four types of daily medication to control his condition and is likely to need even more care as he gets older。现在乔尔森每个月还需要进行注射治疗、每天也需要吃四种药来维持身体状况,随着年龄的增长他也需要更多的照顾。However, he has still plans to fulfil many of his dreams, including having a family and travelling abroad. He also finally finished his high-school education last year after studying at home。但乔尔森也在计划着实现自己的诸多梦想,比如拥有一个家庭和环游世界。去年他在自学之后也最终完成了高中教育。On top of this, he is soon due to fly to a Paris convention where he will meet others with gigantism, including the tallest man in the world, Sultan K#246;sen from Turkey。除此之外,他不久将飞往巴黎参加一个众多巨人参与的会议,那里他还会遇到世界第一高的来自土耳其的苏尔坦·科森。#39;The most interesting thing is going to be standing face to face with someone,#39; he said. #39;The last time I did that I was a child.#39;乔尔森说:“最有趣的就是能和人面对面的站在一起,而这是我小时候最怕的事情。” /201504/371794

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