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Myanmar rebel groups and their long-time government foes are on the verge of sealing a ceasefire deal that supporters hail as historic but critics attack for falling short of hopes kindled by protracted talks.缅甸反政府武装与其宿敌缅甸政府即将签署一项停火协议,持者称赞该协议是历史性的,批评者则抨击该协议与旷日持久的谈判让人们萌生的希望有差距。Political leaders, fighters and diplomats will gather on Thursday in Naypyidaw, the former military junta’s purpose-built capital, to ink an agreement billed as a “nationwide ceasefireto which only eight out of 15 regional movements have signed up.政治领导人、武装组织和外交官周四将齐聚内比都,签署一项被标榜为“全国性停火”的协议。在缅甸15个地区性运动组织中,只个已同意签署这项协议。The deal’s backers say it is a crucial foundation that can be built on after landmark elections next month into a full-fledged peace process to end more than 60 years of civil conflict. But sceptics say the organisations that are signing are aly in formal or de facto ceasefire agreements, while groups in active conflicts in more northern regions near the Chinese border have held back.该协议的持者称,这项协议是缅甸在下月举行里程碑式选举后走向全面和平进程和结束60多年内战的重要基础。但怀疑论者称,将签署这项协议的组织其实已签订正式或事实上的停火协议,而在缅甸更靠北部的缅中边境附近地区与政府有激烈冲突的组织已拒绝签署这项协议。The deal is the product of talks launched after Myanmar’s military handed power to a quasi-civilian government in 2011 after almost half a century of repressive rule. The negotiations ebbed and flowed amid decades of mistrust and fighting in some places, notably in the eastern Kokang region on the frontier with China.2011年,在经历了近半个世纪的专制统治后,缅甸军方把权力移交给一个准文职政府,该停火协议就是此后展开的谈判的产物。在数十年缺乏信任以及部分地区(特别是该国东部与中国接壤的果敢地区)爆发战事的背景下,这场谈判经历了起起伏伏。Many of the groups that are due to sign are from or linked to the Karen region near the Thai border, which was for years a haven for jungle resistance fighters battling military rule. Organisations that aren’t expected in Naypyidaw include the Kokang fighters and the Kachin Independence Army, which holds areas on the northern frontier with China where vast quantities of drugs, timber and gems are smuggled.即将签署这项协议的组织,很多都来自缅泰边境的克伦地区或与其有关联。多年来,该地区一直是与军事统治展开斗争的丛林抵抗武装的避难所。预计不会在内比都出现的组织包括果敢武装以及克钦独立Kachin Independence Army)。克钦独立军占据着与中国接壤的北部边境地区,那里的药品、木材和珠宝走私活动猖獗。Thein Sein, the former Myanmar army general who became president in 2011, has said the other groups will be able to sign later although some fear the government may try to use the emerging split between the militias as a tool to divide and rule them.2011年成为缅甸总统的前缅军将领登盛(Thein Sein)已表示,其他组织可以日后再签署这项协议——但一些人担心,缅甸政府可能企图利用各武装组织之间形成的分歧对它们分而治之。Min Zaw Oo, a top official at the Myanmar Peace Centre, co-ordinator of the ceasefire talks, has claimed that China pressed some holdout groups not to sign the agreement, according to Reuters. He said Beijing was also unhappy with proposals to have official witnesses to the agreement include Japan and western states, which are all vying with China for economic and political sway as this country at the crossroads of south and southeast Asia opens up.据路透社(Reuters)报道,缅甸和平中Myanmar Peace Centre)高级官员、此次停火谈判的联合协调员敏佐乌(Min Zaw Oo)称,中国要求一些抵抗组织不要签署这项协议。他表示,中国政府还对停火协议把日本和西方国家列为官方见人感到不满。随着缅甸这个处于南亚和东南亚交汇处的国家走向开放,日本和西方国家都在与中国争夺对缅甸的经济和政治影响力。Beijing has denied the allegations, saying it has “consistently supported all sidesin the peace talks. Mr Min Zaw Oo later said his comments had been misinterpreted, adding that he was not accusing China of interference.中国政府否认上述指控,表示“一贯持缅甸各方”通过和平对话解决分歧。敏佐乌后来表示他的言论被误读,并称他不是在指责中国干预缅甸和平对话。China, Japan, the EU and India Myanmar’s other giant neighbour are now all scheduled to be witnesses, after intensive diplomatic choreography. These and other public backers of the deal are hoping that this symbolic pre-election step is just a start, and not as good as it gets.在经过密集的外交安排后,中国、日本、欧EU)和印度(缅甸的另一个大型邻国)现在都将成为停火协议的见人。这些国家以及该停火协议的其他公开持者希望,这一具有象征意义的选举前举措只是一个开始、未来会进一步完善。来 /201510/403797China is the “leading suspectin recent cyber breaches at the US government’s human resources arm that affected millions of current and former federal employees, James Clapper, director of national intelligence, said on Thursday.美国国家情报总监(DNI)詹姆#8226;克拉珀(James Clapper)周四称,中国是近期针对美国政府人力资源部门的网络入侵的“头号嫌疑人”。这起黑客攻击影响到数百万现任和前任联邦雇员。The comments made Mr Clapper the first US government official to blame China publicly for breaches at the Office of Personnel Management, which has files on employees working at nearly every federal agency.克拉珀由此成为首位公开指责中国侵入美国人事(OPM)的美国政府官员。该局保管着在几乎所有联邦机构工作的雇员的档案。OPM disclosed the first breach, which exposed personal identification information for at least 4m people, about two weeks ago. A larger breach, only discovered through a probe of the first hack, compromised background investigation data for federal employees and contractors who need security clearances.大约两周前,人事透露了第一起网络入侵,那起入侵导致至少400万人的个人身份信息泄露。在对第一次黑客事件进行调查的过程中,又发现了另一起更大规模的入侵,后者泄露了需要通过安全审查的联邦雇员和合同工的背景调查数据。Experts say that information could be used to blackmail government officials or launch additional hacks. Lawmakers have asked whether the breaches could affect as many as 32m people, but OPM has said it cannot yet confirm an exact figure.专家们表示,这些信息可能被用于勒索政府官员或者发动更多黑客攻击。国会议员对这些网络入侵是否会影响多200万人提出疑问,但人事称,目前无法实任何准确数字。China has been linked to other incursions at US government agencies and companies, and people familiar with the OPM incidents have pointed to hackers in China. But US officials had not previously named any suspects for the OPM breaches in public.中国曾被指与其他几次针对美国政府机构或公司的网络入侵事件有关,而熟悉人事遭到侵入事件的人士早已把矛头对准中国黑客。但美国官员此前从未公开指认人事网络入侵事件的嫌疑对象。Chinese officials have denied the country is behind the hacks.中国官员否认中国是此次黑客入侵的幕后黑手。“You have to kind of salute the Chinese for what they did,Mr Clapper told an intelligence conference, referring to the sophisticated scope of the OPM breaches.“对于中国人的所作所为,你不得不在一定程度上表示敬佩,”克拉珀在一次情报会议上称,他指的是这两起网络攻击人事事件的技术含量。来 /201506/383349Russian President Vladimir Putin says Irans willingness to try to reach a settlement over its nuclear program was behind his decision to clear the way for the possible sale of an S-300 air defense system to Tehran.俄罗斯总统普京星期四说,伊朗愿意努力就其核计划达成协议,为他决定向伊朗出售S-300 防空系统铺平了道路。Mr. Putin spoke Thursday in an annual live question-and-answer session on Russian television, taking questions from members of the Russian public.普京星期四在俄罗斯电视台进行每年一次的问答,回答俄罗斯民众的问题。Moscow signed a contract worth 0 million back in 2007 to supply Tehran with five S-300 batteries. But Russia froze the contract three years later after the ed Nations Security Council imposed sanctions on Iran.莫斯007年与伊朗签署亿美元的合同,向伊朗提供S-300防空系统,但是俄罗斯三年后在安理会决定制裁伊朗后冻结了合同。On Monday, hours after Moscow announced the decision to lift the ban, the U.S. Obama administration expressed concern over the development.星期一,美国政府在俄罗斯宣布解除对伊朗禁运几个小时之后对俄罗斯的做法表示关注。The U.S. State Department said transfer of S-300 missiles to Iran would not violate existing U.N. Security Council sanctions, but the U.S. believes ;this is not the time; for the sale, given the unrest in the region.美国务院说,向伊朗交付导弹不违反现有的安理会制裁,但是美国认为,那个地区局势动荡,现在向伊朗出售武器不合时宜。来 /201504/370873

The US military has carried out its threat to fly over contested islands in the South China Sea, in a dramatic escalation of tensions over the Chinese government’s land reclamation in the area.美国践行了此前的威胁,飞越了南中国海(South China Sea)有争议岛屿的上空,令该地区围绕中国政府领土诉求的紧张局势急剧升温。A US Navy surveillance jet was warned to turn away by the Chinese navy as it approached Fiery Cross Reef, according to a CNN team that was invited aboard the flight. “This is the Chinese navy,the English-language transmission said, according to an account by CNN on Thursday morning. “Please go away#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;to avoid misunderstanding.”美国有线新闻网(CNN)一个团队受邀登上了一架美国海军的监控巡逻飞机。根据该团队的说法,这架飞机曾在接近永暑Fiery Cross Reef)时,收到中国海军要求该飞机转向的警告。周四早上,按照CNN一个账号的说法,当时飞机收到的英语广播表示:“这里是中国海军。请立刻返航……以避免误判。”The P8-A Poseidon aircraft passed over the reef, where Chinese construction teams are building an airfield and other installations, at about 15,000 feet on Wednesday afternoon.根据CNN的报道,周三下午,这架P-8A海神反潜P-8A Poseidon)在大.5万英尺的高度飞过永暑礁上空。在永暑礁,中国的建筑团队正在修建一座机场以及其他设斀?US officials had previously warned they were considering air and navy patrols within the 12 nautical mile territorial limit of islets and reefs on which China has been building new infrastructure.在此之前,美国官员曾警告说,对于中国一直在修建新的基础设施的小岛和礁石,他们正考虑对其12海里领海范围内开展空军及海军巡逻。A US naval officer aboard the P8-A told CNN that “we see this every dayas the aircraft flew above Chinese dredgers, suggesting Wednesday’s overflight was not the first.在飞机从中国的挖泥船上空飞过时,该P-8A反潜机上的一名美国海军军官告诉CNN“我们每天都会看到这些”。这句话意味着周三这次越境飞行的行为不是首次发生。But John Kerry, US secretary of state, dodged the issue during a press conference with his Chinese counterpart on May 16. At the same briefing, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi warned that “China’s determination to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity is as firm as a rock不过,在56日和中国外长共同召开的记者招待会上,美国国务卿约#8226;克里(John Kerry)回避了这个问题。当时,中国外长王毅曾警告说“中方维护自身主权、领土完整的意志坚如磐石,不容质疑”。Mr Wang also emphasised that Beijing was committed to a peaceful resolution of its territorial disputes, principally with the Philippines and Vietnam, in the area and shared Washington’s commitment to freedom of navigation.王毅还强调说,中国政府致力于和平解决该地区的领土争端——主要是与菲律宾和越南之间的领土争端。他还表示,中美都致力于维护南海和平与稳定,保障国际法赋予的航行自由。The Chinese government maintains that its “island-buildingactivities are within the scope of its sovereignty, and says it is merely catching up with rivals that have also built airfields and other infrastructure on islets and reefs under their control.中国政府坚称“填海造岛”活动是在其主权范围内开展的,并表示中国的对手也在它们控制的岛屿和礁石上修建机场及其他基础设施,中国只不过是在追随他们的做法。“This is China’s reaction to provocative actions by other parties,said Jin Canrong, an international relations expert at Beijing’s Renmin University. “We have simply repeated what everybody else was aly doing.”北京的中国人民大学(Renmin University)的国际关系专家金灿荣表示:“这是中国对其他方面挑衅行为的回应。我们只是重复了所有人已经在做的事。”US spy planes also routinely patrol China’s coast, where they are often tailed by jet fighters from the People’s Liberation Army Air Force. The Pentagon released a of what it called a dangerous PLA intercept in August, which evoked memories of an April 2001 collision between a US spy plane and Chinese jet fighter near Hainan island.美国侦察飞机也在定期沿中国海岸线巡逻。在中国海岸线附近,解放军空军往往会出动战斗机尾随这些飞机。美国五角大Pentagon)曾公布一个视频,并表示视频中显示了今月解放军一次危险的拦截动作。该视频令人想起001月份一架美国侦察飞机和中国战斗机在海南岛附近发生的撞机事件。The Chinese pilot died in that incident and the US air crew were held for two weeks after their damaged aircraft made an emergency landing on Hainan.中方的飞行员在那次事故中丧生,而美方机组人员则在受损飞机紧急迫降在海南之后,被中方扣押了两周。来 /201505/376844Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday signed a decree imposing economic sanctions against Turkey after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian-Turkish border Tuesday.继土耳其24日在该国与叙利亚边境击落一架俄罗斯战机后,俄总统普京28日签署对土耳其实行经济制裁的总统令。The presidential decree, which was posted at the website of the Kremlin, said a ban of charter flights from Russia to Turkey will be introduced, and Russian tourism operators should stop selling tour packages to Turkey.根据这项在俄政府网站上发布的总统令,俄政府将采取措施,禁止包机往来俄土航线,旅游公司不得办理前往土耳其的旅游手续。In accordance with the decree, Turkish companies of transportation shall be restricted in their operations in Russian territories, with Turkish ships and boats being banned from staying at or navigating across Russian ports.总统令要求严格监督土耳其运输公司在俄境内活动,禁止土耳其船只在俄海港水域逗留航行。Turkish citizens, except Turkish diplomats and their dependents and those with temporary permits of residence, are not allowed to enter Russia starting Jan 1, 2016, according to the decree.根据总统令,016日起,除外交人员和家属以及具有临时居住的人以外,土耳其公民暂时不得入境俄罗斯。来 /201511/412853Zhao Zhongxiang, chairman of the China Association for the outgoing Chinese as the chairman of the professional committee赵忠祥卸任中国视协主持人专业委员会会;I am the director of the professional committee, in the general election, the director of the work has been handed over to Jing Yidan. But they also gave me an honorary director, and Bai Qiancheng. Responsible for the training of young host!;“我这个主持人专业委员会主任,在这次换届中正式下岗了,主任这个工作已交给了敬一丹。但他们又给我和白谦成授予了一个荣誉主任。负责对年轻主持人的培养!”On the evening of July 11, West China Metropolis Daily reporter in an interview in Beijing was informed that: have in China as co host professional committee of the position work for many years the famous CCTV host Zhao Zhongxiang, by reason of age, officially unemployed, director of the office of president gave another CCTV famous presenter Jing Yidan, Zhao Zhongxiang was officially hired as honorary director.71日晚,华西都市报记者在北京采访获悉:已经在中国视协主持人专业委员会主位上工作了多年的央视著名主持人赵忠祥,因年龄原因,正式下岗,将会长主任职务交给了另一位央视著名主持人敬一丹,赵忠祥则被正式聘为荣誉主任。Zhao Zhongxiang also truthfully told the West China Metropolis Daily reporter said: ;I am in China as the association of the main special professional committee of this post has worked for many years, this year to return. To the younger Jing Yidan, Ju Ping, Meng Fei, et al. They went to work!;赵忠祥还如实告诉华西都市报记者说:“我在中国视协主特人专业委员会会长这个岗位工作了多年,今年退下来了。让给比我年轻的主持人敬一丹,鞠萍,孟非等人,他们去工”According to Zhao Zhongxiangs assistant pony introduction, in July 8, 2015, China as the association of professional committee of the association of professional committee and training seminar, held in Beijing, china.据赵忠祥的助理小马介绍,2015日,中国视协主持人专业委员会换届工作会议暨培训研讨会,在北京中国文艺家之家顺利召开。This is an important meeting of a national television ;Mingzui; who. Through open, fair, fair and democratic elections, a new session of the host, director of professional committee appointed by the Jing Yidan; Li Ruiying, Li Xiuping served as deputy director, Yang Lan, Meng Fei, Zhu Jun, Bai Yansong, Ma Dong, Wang Xiaoya, Cao Kefan, for Ju Ping, deputy director of the Secretary General. And the director of the position of the president of the CCTV host for many years, Zhao Zhongxiang, due to age, the official laid off, Jing Yidan took over.这是一届全国电视业“名嘴”们的重要大会。经过公开公平公正民主选举新一届主持人专业委员会主任由敬一丹出李瑞英、李修平任常务副主任,杨澜、孟非、朱军、白岩松、马东、王小丫、曹可凡等为副主任鞠萍任秘书长。而在会长主任位置上多年的央视主持人赵忠祥,因年龄原因,此次正式下岗了,由敬一丹接任。He also introduced, Zhao Zhongxiang was elected honorary director, has been the scene of many ;Mingzui; are welcome. According to the understanding of the West China Metropolis Daily reporter, Zhao Zhongxiang in CCTV for more than 50 years, after 11 director, but co host professional, director of the office, his 50 years of occupation only an official position.小马还介绍,赵忠祥现场当选荣誉主任,受到了现场众多“名嘴”们的欢迎。据华西都市报记者了解,赵忠祥在央视工作50多年,历1位台长,但视协专业主持人主任这一职务,是他的50多年的职业唯一一个官员职务。China Television Artists Association, the professional committee was established in December 22, 2003.中国电视艺术家协会主持人专业委员会成立于200322日。But Chinas TV program hosts name, was born in 1980, it is the product of Chinas reform and opening up, is the product of the TV adaptation times to meet the needs of the audience. It once appeared, immediately get the majority of the audiences welcome and affirmation, showing a strong vitality and unique charm. After 30 years of development, from CCTV to the provincial, city and county TV station, to todays new media, media companies, program production companies are equipped with host, now has formed a a nearly 30000 people host employees. This will be the host for the team to provide a number of services to the industry association.但中国的电视节目主持人的称呼,诞生于1980年,它是中国改革开放的产物,是电视适应时代适应观众需要的产物。它一经出现,立即得到广大观众的欢迎和肯定,显示出强大的生命力和独特的魅力。经0多年的发展,从中央电视台到省、市、县级电视台,再到今天的新媒体、传媒公司、节目制作公司均设有主持人,现在已形成了一近三万多人的主持人从业队伍。本会就是为这主持人队伍提供多方面务的行业协会组织。China as the first set up the host professional committee, Zhao Zhongxiang was elected president, and later will be changed to director. Zhao Zhongxiang Ren, executive vice president Bai Qiancheng, vice president Zhu Jun, Yu Hong, etc..中国视协主持人专业委员会第一任成立时,赵忠祥当选为会长,后来又将会长改为主任。赵忠祥任会长,常务副会长是白谦诚、副会长有朱军、俞虹等。In Zhao Zhongxiang, director of administration, as co host professional committee, 10 years, many in the influential Oprah cultural activities. Promoted a large number of outstanding Chinese TV host grow Zhao Zhongxiang, since July 10th, no longer served as director, the new director of the work has been replaced by Jing Yidan. Jing Yidan also said, to continue to do better the host professional committee. And Zhao Zhongxiang will be in addition to continue to host the animal world, will focus on the training of young host.在赵忠祥主任主政下,视协主持人专业委员会,十多年来,做了许多在全国有影响的名嘴文化活动。推动了中国一大批优秀电视主持人茁壮成 赵忠祥从70日起,不再担任主任后,新主任工作已由敬一丹接任。敬一丹也表示,要继续把主持人专业委员会办得更奀?而赵忠祥将除了继续主持《动物世界》外,将把主要精力放在年轻主持人的培养上。来 /201507/386793

To mark the 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender, China is preparing a grand spectacle, complete with a military parade. Thirty foreign dignitaries, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, are expected to attend.为了庆祝反法西斯战争胜利70周年,中国正在准备一场规模宏大的纪念活动,包括阅兵仪式。俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)在内的30位外国政要将出席活动。But across the Pacific, in the ed States, the celebrations are a little more muted.不过,太平洋彼岸的美国似乎没有什么要大规模庆祝的迹象。The Japanese surrender ended one of the bloodiest wars in American history, second only to the American Civil War. Over 16 million American service members entered World War II, and 291,557 died on the battlefield. They became known as the US“greatest generation日本的投降结束了美国历史上仅次于内战的第二血腥的战争。超60万的美国役人员投入了二战,其中291,557人在战场上牺牲。而他们也被誉为美国“最伟大的一代”。But the ed States has struggled to memorialize the conflict in the 70 years since. Later wars, like the ones in Vietnam and the Korean Peninsula, received memorials years before World War II did. Only in 2004 did the US erect a World War II monument, alongside the other two war memorials.不过自那以后0年里,关于是否庆祝这场战争的胜利,美国一直很矛盾。对二战后的战争,如越南战争和朝鲜战争,美国都早就树立了纪念碑。而直004年,二战纪念碑才在那两块碑旁边竖起。And don’t expect any days off to commemorate World War II, either. There are federal holidays tied to the Civil War and World War I, but none for the USvictory in 1945. Only Rhode Island celebrates the Japanese defeat with a statewide holiday.在美国,更别指望能放一天假来纪念二战了。有些联邦假日纪念内战和一战,不过没有一个和1945年美国二战胜利相关。全国仅有罗德岛州有庆祝日本投降的假日。A modest airshow did grace the skies over Washington DC this May, for the 70th anniversary of the Nazi defeat. And American newspapers are certainly noting the seven decades since Japan’s fall. But why is US“greatest generationso poorly commemorated?今年五月,华盛顿特区举办过一场小规模的飞机特技表演来纪念战胜纳0周年。美国报刊也报道过日本战0周年。不过纪念美国“最伟大的一代”的活动为何少得可怜?There is no simple answer, only a tangle of history and politics, honor and sorrow. G. Kurt Piehler, director of the Institute on World War II, believes part of the reason lies with the veterans themselves.个中原因理不清道不完,交杂着复杂的历史、政治的因素,有荣誉也有悲恸。二战研究会主任G錠尔特皮勒(G. Kurt Piehler)认为部分原因在老兵自己。World War II veterans “wanted to get on with their lives Piehler wrote in an article for The Daily Beast. “They tended to avoid monuments and statues, choosing instead to commemorate the war with utilitarian structures such as parks, highways, community buildings, stadiums, and hospitals.”皮勒在给美国新闻网“每日野兽”的文章中写道:二战老兵“想继续正常的生活”。“他们不想要什么纪念碑、纪念雕塑,更愿意用有实用价值的建筑如公园、公路、社区建筑、体育馆、医院等来纪念战争。”Holidays and memorials also act as sources of unity and healing which might explain why a national monument was built relatively quickly for the controversial Vietnam War, and not for World War II.假日和纪念碑象征着团结和治愈,这也解释了为什么有争议的越南战争比二战更早有国家纪念碑。While World War II ended in triumph and pride for the US, the Vietnam War ended in stalemate and protest. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial created a place for Americans to reunite after the strife.美国载着胜利和荣誉结束二战,而越南战争的结束带给美国的则是困境和抗议。越南战争退伍军人纪念碑带给了美国冲突之后再团结的契机。By contrast, American involvement in World War II was stamped by a strong sense of righteousness. The US felt dragged into the war by Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. And Americansmoral outrage slowly grew when they realized the extent of Nazi persecution.相比之下,美国卷入二战则被贴上了强烈的正义标签。日本突袭珍珠港将美国拖入了战争。在意识到纳粹侵入不断加剧后,美国人的道德正义感也逐渐觉醒。The US still clings to that self-image, of fighting for freedom against persecution, for democracy against fascism. But showcasing that victory ran contrary to another American value: aesthetic simplicity.美国始终将自己定义为捍卫自由,抵制侵略,为了民主反抗法西斯主义的形象。而展示胜利违背了美国另一种价值观——极简的美。Hitler had built gigantic monuments to trumpet his power. Americans would celebrate theirs with ticker tape parades, and one very iconic kiss in Times Square.希特勒建了巨大的纪念碑展示他至高的权力。美国人则用纸带纷飞的游行和时代广场上传奇一吻来庆祝他们的胜利。There was also the matter of delicacy to consider. For instance, Rhode Island chose to call its holiday “Victory Day rather than “Victory over Japan Day to avoid souring relations with Japan and inciting anti-Japanese racism.当然政治敏感性也是必须考虑的。比如,罗德岛州的纪念节日取名为“胜利日”而非“战胜日本纪念日”,这是为了不让美日关系变得微妙以及避免“煽动反日情绪”。After all, remembering the past also means defining the future.毕竟,纪念过去也是为了更好地面向未来。来 /201509/397104Cynthia Breazeal has never considered herself a woman entrepreneur. An entrepreneur? Yes. A leader? Certainly. But gender really has never come into play as she expanded her company Jibo, the maker of the world’s first family robot.辛西娅o布雷西亚从来不认为自己是女创业家。创业家?是的。领导者?当然。但她在带领公司Jibo蓬勃发展的时候,从来没有受到性别问题的影响。Jibo是世界第一款家用机器人的制造商。Still, today is Women’s Entrepreneur Day, a global movement to celebrate and support female founders and shed light on some of their challenges. So Fortune interviewed Breazeal, as well as Susan Coelius Keplinger, the co-founder of online ad platform Triggit, about their experiences building their respective companies from scratch. Both women are part of Fortune’s 2014 class of Most Promising Entrepreneurs.今天是女性创业日,作为一项全球性活动,“女性创业日”的目的是鼓励和持女性创业者,了解她们遇到的挑战。因此,《财富》杂志(Fortune)采访了布雷西亚和在线广告平台Triggit的联合创始人克利乌斯o凯普林格,了解她们白手起家进行创业的经历。两人均被评为《财富014年“最有前途的创业家”(Most Promising Entrepreneurs)。“The world would certainly be a better place if we had more women entrepreneurs,said Breazeal. “Women are going to bring a different angle to startups. The stereotype is that it is all young geeky guys and that is not true. It is critical for women to become entrepreneurs because of their unique perspective.”布雷西亚说道:“如果有更多女性投身创业,我们的世界将变得更好。女性将从不同的角度来诠释创业。人们总是认为,进行创业的都是年轻的书呆子们,这是错误的。女性参与创业的关键就在于她们的独特视角。”Edited excerpts:以下是经过编辑的采访内容摘录:Fortune: Give me a little background on your company.《财富》:简单介绍一下你的公司吧。Susan Coelius Keplinger: We started the company in 2005, and we started doing similar things with ads that we are doing now. It didn’t make sense to us why an advertisement on Yahoo’s homepage would sell for hundreds of dollars, but an ad on a blog shown to the same person would be some for 40 cents. If it is really about the person and the audience, it shouldn’t matter what page that person it on. We are trying to build products and get access to an audience regardless of the site itself.苏珊o克利乌斯o凯普林格:我们在2005年成立了这家公司,最初的业务与现在类似,都与广告有关。当时我们不明白为什么雅虎(Yahoo)主页上的一则广告可以卖到数百美元,而出现在客上的广告却只0美分,即便可能是同样的人在看这些广告。如果说广告的关键是受众,那与受众浏览的页面又有什么关系?我们正努力开发一些产品,向受众展示广告,而不必考虑网站本身的差异。Cynthia Breazeal: Jibo is building the world’s first family robot. It’s like R2D2 and an iPad had a baby. It’s the world’s first social robot. I founded the company in 2012 and now is the time to bring it to the world.辛西娅o布雷西亚:Jibo正在生产全球第一款家用机器人。这款机器人是R2D2和iPad的结合体。这是全世界第一款社交机器人。我012年成立了这家公司,现在正在努力将它推向全世界。How would you describe the stage that your company is at right now?你如何描述公司目前所处的阶段?SK: It’s the rise of native advertising [advertorials, essentially], but less so from a deceptive standpoint. We have fallen into this really cool space. It used to be that people thought online advertising would never work because it wasn’t good for the user experience. Now we are evolving toward an experience where advertising doesn’t stand in opposition with the content. If the ads are good, you’ll engage with them.SK:目前公司处在原生广告[实质上是社论式广告]增长的阶段,但并非从欺骗性的角度。我们现在已经进入了这一很酷的阶段。以前人们认为在线广告不会成功,因为在线广告的用户体验较差。而现在我们正在开发一种全新的体验,使广告不会与内容冲突。只要是好广告,就一定能吸引受众。CB: Now we are going from the prototype to the actual manufacturer. Making that switch is the main focus right now, as well as finishing the software and getting the hardware manufactured. We are also looking to develop our developer community. We are busy. It is a lot of engineering, but we are cranking through it all.CB:现在我们正在从原型设计转向实际生产。这是我们目前的重中之重,其他工作还包括完成软件开发,进行硬件生产等。此外,我们计划培养自己的开发者社区。我们非常忙碌。有大量的工程设计工作要做,我们将全力以赴。What were some of your initial challenges raising your first round of funding?进行第一轮融资时遇到了哪些挑战?SK: As much as it wasn’t fun raising money in the middle of the recession, it is what enabled us to succeed. At the time there were not as many companies getting started. We raised million in angel funds that helped us create and find a business. We used that as largely innovation money, so when we went to VCs for our first funding round we were y to create a product and enter the market. It’s important to find people that want to invest in you and are willing to change our strategy a bunch and help you find a product that works. I think a lot of people write off that support. If you can find seed investors, angel investors who really believe you, there is not a better situation.SK:虽然在经济衰退的形势下进行融资并不轻松,但这却是我们成功的关键。当时创业公司没有现在那么多。我们从天使基金那里获得00万美元,这笔资金帮助我们创建了一家公司。我们将那笔投资大部分用作创新资金,所以,在首轮风投融资时,我们已经开发出一款产品,并准备将其推向市场。重要的是找到想要给你投资,并且愿意改变我们的策略并协助找到一款有效产品的人。找到愿意相信你的种子投资者,没有比这更美好的事情了。CB: The first round was a seed round. I was actually approached by a partner within a VC firm, and the partner felt that there was an opportunity around a new product category of robots in the home. We started talking because of my expertise in robotics, and I was at a point in my carer where I was interested in commercializing the work that I had done academically [Breazeal is an associate professor of media arts and sciences at MIT]. Things move really fast pace in the entrepreneur world and time is money. You are having to make the best decisions you can with incomplete information.CB:第一轮是种子投资。当时有一家风险投资公司的合伙人找到我,他认为一款新型家用机器人产品中蕴含着商机。因为我拥有机器人科学的专业知识,并且我当时也很有兴趣将学术上的成果商业化[布雷西亚是麻省理工学院(MIT)媒体艺术与科学副教授],因此我们开始交谈。在创业领域,形势瞬息万变,时间就是金钱。你必须在信息不全面的情况下,做出最好的决定。What are some of the biggest myths about being a ‘woman entrepreneur作为“女性创业家”,你遇到的最大的误解是什么?SK: There are plenty of stories, and I have been in plenty of situations when I was younger, where male investors wanted to sleep with me and they didn’t want to do business with me. Yes, there are some bad eggs out there that are men, but there are some women who are equally as snotty. Sexism exists, especially if you are young and good looking, but those are not the type of people you want to be around anyway. I don’t know how to make an asexual society. We are in a time right now when a huge set of swell is coming. There are a bunch of waves that are terrible that you don’t want to ride, but there are also a bunch of awesome waves that seem crazy but you be great if you got on top of them. If you go to raise money and you find a guy that is an ass, move on. You have to remember that even if you have a good idea, people could still say no 100 times.SK:我遭遇过的误解有很多。在我年轻的时候,经常遇到有些男性投资者只想跟我上床,而不是跟我做生意。没错,有些男人非常无耻,但也有一些女性令人厌恶。对女性的性别歧视确实存在,尤其是对年轻貌美的女性,但你肯定不想围着这类人转悠。我不知道如何实现一个无性别歧视的社会。如今,我们就像站在一波汹涌袭来的巨浪前面一样。有些海浪令人望而生畏,你不想卷入其中,而有一些海浪看起来很可怕,但如果你能乘风破浪站在浪尖,那将是很棒的感觉。如果你在融资的时候遇到一个卑鄙小人,这时你应该放下这件事,继续前进。你必须要记住,即便你有很好的想法,还是会不断遭到拒绝。CB: I think I am lucky because I am trying to do something that has never been done before, so the focus is on that and not me and my gender. My credibility is not in question here. So the focus is on where it needs to be which is what we are trying to do. I have always been on the forefront of innovation, so the attention has always been on the robots I built rather than on me. I think being an entrepreneur is hard no matter what gender you are.CB:我很幸运,因为我在做的事情之前从未有人做过,因此人们更加关注这一点,而不是我本人或我的性别。我的信誉毋庸置疑。于是人们将注意力放到了应该关注的地方——我们在做的事情。我一直都在创新的最前沿,所以我开发的机器人比我本身更引人关注。我认为,创业是一个艰难的过程,这与性别无关。What advice do you have for female entrepreneurs just starting out?你对刚刚起步的女性创业者有什么建议?SK: Learning how to be comfortable with risk and failure is really important. If you are not comfortable with failure, it can really be so scary. If you know that those small failures are Okay, then suddenly it does not become so scary. You want to be calculated about the risks that you take.SK:学会坦然面对风险和失败非常重要。如果你不能坦然面对失败,你只会对它心怀恐惧。如果你知道这些小失败没什么大不了,突然之间你会发现失败变得不再可怕。你需要提前认真考虑自己要承担的风险。CB: The thing that fascinated me about women, is that women just make it work. We juggle a crazy amount of things and we make it work. So much of launching your own startup is dealing with all the things that come at your from all these angles and you have to make it work. Women aly do that every day. I don’t think women should be intimated by it, I think they should think they are at an advantage.CB:身为女性,让我自豪的是,我们总是能让事情正常运行起来。我们要尽力应付各种各样的事情,而且最终总能将其解决。而创业很大程度上就是处理从不同方面交到你手里的事务,并且你必须将这些事情妥善解决。其实,女性每天都在这样做。我认为女性不应对此感到害怕,而是应该将其作为自己的优势 /201411/344399

U.S. President Barack Obama spoke out against religious prejudice Monday at a White House dinner celebrating the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.美国总统奥巴马星期一在白宫举办的伊斯兰斋月餐会上发表讲话,谴责宗教偏见。Several members of the diplomatic community, lawmakers and Muslim Americans were on hand for a traditional Iftar dinner, which follows daily fasting from dawn to sunset.一些外交官、议员和美国穆斯林出席了传统的斋月餐会。在斋月中,穆斯林从日出到日落禁食。Mr. Obama said the Iftar dinner is a reminder of ;the freedoms that bind us together as Americans,; including the ;inviolable right to practice our faiths freely.;奥巴马说,斋月餐会提醒“我们,是自由将我们美国人连结在一起”,包括自由遵行每个人信仰的不可侵犯的权利。He condemned a number of recent deadly incidents involving religion, including last weeks mass shooting at an African American church in Charleston, South Carolina. ;When our values are threatened, we come together as one nation,; the president said. ;As Americans, we insist that nobody should be targeted because of who they are, or what they look like, who they love, how they worship. We stand united against these hateful acts.;奥巴马谴责了近来一些与宗教有关的致命事件,包括上星期南卡罗来纳州查尔斯顿市一座黑人教堂发生的击案。奥巴马说:“当我们的价值观受到威胁时,我们整个国家团结一致。作为美国人,我们坚信没有人应当由于族裔、相貌、爱好和信仰而受到攻击。我们团结一致,反对这种仇恨行为。”来 /201506/382301

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