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9. Registration for initial visits is at counter No.3.初诊挂号在3号窗口。还能这样说:Registration for first visits is at counter No.3.Go to the third window, marked ;Registry;. Its for first visit.应用:run counter to 与……相抵触,违反;over the counter 无处方;under the counter 暗中交易,走后门10. When will the specialist be available?请问专家什么时候有空?还能这样说:When can I have an appointment with the specialist?What time is convenient for the specialist?应用:be available for use 可加以利用;employ all available means 千方百计,用尽所有办法11. Do you have a registration card?你有挂号吗?还能这样说:Have you got a registration card?Do you own a registration card?应用:a big card 风云人物,要人;大亨;a loose card 没出息的人,放荡的人;a strong card 有势力的人;a sure card 万全之策;可以依赖的人12. I want to register for my grandmother.我想给我外婆挂个号。还能这样说:Id like to make appointment with a doctor for my grandmother.I want to check in for my grandmother. /201305/240520

  Bess ate all of six fruit cakes.(误译)贝丝吃光了所有的六块水果蛋糕。(正译)贝丝足足吃了六块蛋糕。1. all of adv. 足足It was all of two miles to the beach.离沙滩足足有两英里。It must be all of 100 metres to the car!走到车那里一定足足有 100 米呀!Visit all shop, spent a day of time to also was not bought fully.走遍所有铺子,足足花了一天时间也没买到。In China nabbed fully 67% of all internationally traded iron ore.年中国购买了全球交易铁矿石总量的足足67%。They went up, and George flew around for half an hour and did allof tricks in the air.于是他们起飞了,乔治足足在空中开了一个半小时,并且展示各种技巧。Cinderella does all of the work.所有的事都得要灰姑娘做。2. all of 所有的Not all of those borrowers can be saved.并非所有这些借款人都能受到救助。And what is the best present to all of them?对以上的人及所有人的最好礼物是什么?Critics say that all of these measures are punitive.批评者说所有这些措施都是惩罚性的。All of Vienna is listening to music like this today.今天维也纳所有地方都在听像这样的音乐。 all of 两种意思都包含,至于到底翻译成什么,得看具体的语境了。 /201205/181074

  经典句型:May I ask about the salary? 我可以问一下薪水吗?A:Any other qusetions?甲:还有其他的问题吗?B:May I ask about the salary?乙:我可以问一下薪水吗?A:2000 yuan per month during the trial period.甲:试用期内每月2000元。B:How about the salary after the trial period?乙:试用期以后的薪水呢?A:We offer a premium according to your performance.甲:根据你的表现会发奖金。经典句型:May I ask about the insurance? 我可以问一下保险吗?A:May I ask about the insurance?甲:我可以问一下保险吗?B:We offer healthe insurance and unemployment insurance.乙:我们提供健康险及失业险。句型讲解:Health insurance 健康险,unemployment insurance 失业险。Salary 薪水,工资;fringe benefit 额外福利;pay rise 涨工资;bonus premium 奖金,额外津贴。 /201402/276511。


  内向——Introverted 外向——Extroverted大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。生活中,有的人内向,有的人外向。今天我们来看内向和外向用英语怎么说。Introverted 内向的。比如说:I told her that due to the dominance of Confucianism for almost 2000 years, Chinese people tend to be very introverted.我告诉她,由于近两千年来深受孔子思想的影响,中国人较为内向。Extroverted外向的。比如说:I consider myself to be pretty extroverted, without a need to constantly have a friend to talk to.我认为自己是非常外向的人,不需要总有朋友可以倾诉。最后,如果大家想表达“内向的人”、“外向的人”这个意思的话,当然你可以说an introverted person,an extroverted person,但是我们可以用introvert和extrovert这两个词来直接表示,他们是可数名词。比如说:He is an introvert. She is an extrovert.他是个内向的人。她是个外向的人。这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201406/306811

  A: 美语训练班,无须报名,不收学费,全年无休, 保提高......B: 行啦杨琳, 广告作起来没完啦?A: Donny, 你别小看广告的作用哦。前几天我在微薄上给咱们节目发了一个小广告,结果节目网页的点击量就呼呼地涨上去了!B: Thats fantastic! 对了,你刚才说“呼呼地涨上去”,待会儿我们要教一个词,就是这个意思。A: 太好了!B: 不过,lets first have a preview of todays show, shall we?A:好! 今天,我们要去赌马场试试手气, 和朋友聊聊大学生活,讨论公司上市的时机, 还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“躲过一劫”和“火爆脾气”。Donny, 现在咱们是不是要学你刚说的那个词啦?B: 没错。Lets listen to ;learn a word;.Learn A Word Soaring今天我们要学的词是soaring, soaring is spelled s-o-a-r-i-n-g, soaring. Soaring 意思是剧增的,飞速上涨的。The austerity measure is designed to reduce the soaring Greek deficit in the next few years. 希腊实行银根紧缩措施,目的是在未来几年里削减飞涨的政府赤字。Many American families are facing the challenge of soaring college tuition fees. 飙涨的大学学费给很多美国家庭带来了挑战。The expanding of Asia-Pacific markets contributed to Apples soaring profits in the past five years. 过去五年亚太地区的市场开发使苹果公司利润猛增。好的,今天我们学习的词是soaring, soaring, soaring.A: 这么说,由于我的广告攻势,咱们节目人气暴增,也可以用soaring 喽?B: Yes. You could say ;this show enjoys soaring popularity; or ;this shows popularity is soaring;.A: 明白了。对了,和soaring 相对的应该是declining 吧? 以前我曾在一个电视台的栏目里实习,but the shows popularity had been declining, 看节目的人越来越少, 我实习结束后不久节目就停啦!B:So... was the show terminated because of your bad performance as an intern?A: 因为我差劲搞到人家节目停播?! 才不是呢! 不过,我觉得自己挺幸运的,如果实习还没结束节目就停了,我还得另找地方实习,说不定就会耽误毕业。B: Sounds like you dodged a bullet.A: 什么?bullet? 子弹?B: 对。听下面的节目你就明白了! Lets listen to Popular American.Popular American: dodge a bullet; cheapskate各位听众,现在播送「流行美语」。Larry和李华开车去多伦多渡假,结果在路上遇到了一些问题。他们会用到两个常用语:Dodge a bullet 和 cheapskate。LH: Larry, 还要开多长时间才到多伦多啊?Larry: If we dont make any more stops, we should get there by nightfall.LH: 啊,天黑的时候才能到?可我已经快饿死了! 咱们停下来找点东西吃吧?Larry: Actually, we have a free dinner waiting for us at the hotel in Toronto.LH: 我知道酒店有免费晚餐,可是还要几个小时才能吃到,我坚持不住啦!Larry: You know me, Lihua, Im a cheapskate. Sorry.LH: Cheesecake? 你带了芝士蛋糕? 快给我吃!Larry: No, not cheesecake... cheapskate. A cheapskate is someone who is very cheap, or doesnt like to spend money.LH: cheapskate 就是小气鬼。没错,你就是个cheapskate! 要不是你舍不得花钱,我们才不会选多伦多渡假呢,早买张飞机票飞去泰国了!Larry: Thailand? Dont be ridiculous! Even if I wasnt a cheapskate, you know we cant afford to go that far away for vacation!LH: 那,就算去不起泰国,咱们停下车吃顿饭总可以吧?Larry: If we stop for food, well waste time, gas, and money. I think we should just wait until we get to Toronto.LH: Why are you being such a cheapskate 咱们刚开始约会的时候,你可是特别喜欢给我买吃的呢!Larry: Oh, yeah, I remember that... Actually, now that I think about it, I think I might have some of that candy you like in my backpack...something like a white rabbit, right?LH: 大白兔奶糖?哪里?!还真有诶! 可这包已经过期了。不过我太饿,将就吃了!Larry: Phew! Looks like I dodged a bullet there.LH: Dodge a bullet? 躲避子弹?你又在说什么我听不懂的话了?Larry: To dodge a bullet means to narrowly escape a very bad situation. For example, a second ago you were about to get really angry because I wouldnt stop for food, but luckily, I had that bag of Chinese candy to keep you happy!LH: 哦, to dodge a bullet 意思就是 “逃过一劫”,躲过了非常糟糕的事情。你说,要不是因为你包里正好有糖,我肯定会因为饿肚子而大发脾气,所以你算是躲过了我的一顿数落。Larry: Thats right.LH: 可是吃糖吃不饱啊!Larry: We have a perfectly wonderful─and free─ dinner waiting for us in Toronto. Sorry, Lihua, were not stopping.Larry: Uh-oh.LH: Larry, 什么声音?是不是没油啦?你看看!几个小时前我不是让你把油箱加满么!Larry: I heard the gas is a lot cheaper in Toronto, so I didnt want to buy more gas than I needed to... I thought this would be enough for us to reach Toronto!LH: 啊?你因为觉得加拿大的汽油便宜,就不舍得在美国加油,打算坚持到多伦多再说?你怎么这么小气! Cheapskate!Larry: I hope we can find a gas station in time... I havent seen any signs for a gas station for awhile...LH: 我的老天! 附近没有加油站?那我们岂不是要身陷荒野!Larry: Dont worry, we always have my cell phone if we need to call for help.LH: 打电话求救?呃,我刚才一直拿你的手机玩游戏,已经没电了。Larry: Oh good grief. Luckily, I think I have an extra battery in my backpack. Check the outside pocket.LH: 啊! 真的,这里有块备用电池! We dodged a bullet! 我们逃过了一劫!Larry: Speaking of dodging a bullet, it looks like theres a gas station a few miles ahead. We should be able to get there without a problem.LH: 太好了! 前面有加油站,咱们快去把油箱加满!Larry: OK, I wont be such a cheapskate this time.LH: 对!这次别再小气了! 还有,在加油站给我买点吃的来!Larry: OK, fine. You got it.各位听众,今天李华学了两个常用语,一个是dodge a bullet,意思是“逃过一劫”;另一个是cheapskate,意思是“小气鬼”。好的,这次《流行美语》播送完了,谢谢各位收听,下次节目再见。B: Speaking of dodging a bullet, I used to work at a small company where the boss had a terrible temper and yelled at people all day long. 所有人都小心翼翼,生怕挨骂. It felt like I was dodging bullets everyday!A: 理解理解! 给坏脾气的老板干活随时要作好挨骂的准备,他们就像地雷,一碰就炸!B: No kidding! 好了,Lets move on to our next program: 美语怎么说,讲的就是这个“火爆脾气”。How to say it in American English: short fuseDonny 在北京学汉语,他的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天是Jimmy要问的:火爆脾气。Donny: Jimmy, 瞧瞧你的熊猫眼!JIMMY: 哼!这都要怪对门宿舍的一个疯子。夜里不睡觉,在楼道里唱歌! 害得我一宿没法睡!Donny: Dude, that sucks!Jimmy: Donny, 你今天可别惹我,我这一肚子火恐怕得点火就着! Im easy to burn!Donny: Easy to burn? Jimmy, I have to say, youve got a talent for making up English phrases.JIMMY: 好,那你说,“火爆脾气”在美语里怎么说?Donny: You say I have a short fuse. fuse is spelled f-u-s-e. To say someone has a short fuse is to say he or she has a bad temper.JIMMY: fuse是导火线的意思,a short fuse,很短的导火线,那还真是“一点就着”, 所以have a short fuse就是形容脾气差。Donny: Thats correct. If I were you, Id go give that guy who sings in the middle of the night a piece of my mind!JIMMY: give him a piece of your mind?Donny: Yes! You can also tell him off, 都是“骂他一顿”的意思。JIMMY: Actually, I was about to rush out of the door and tell him off, but my dorm mates stopped me.Donny: Why?JIMMY: 我室友们说,这人平时挺好的,最近失恋了,要靠夜里唱歌来疗伤,让我别往心里去。Donny: Your dorm mates are so nice not to take it personally.JIMMY: take it personally? 就是往心里去,计较,对么?Donny: Exactly. For example, your boss has a short fuse and often yells at people when they make minor mistakes......JIMMY: 哎,我来猜猜! 你说,老板脾气火爆,人家犯个小错他就大嚷大叫。那...If he gives me a piece of his mind for something minor, 同事们就会说;dont take it personally. ; 对不对?Donny: Bingo! Lets see what youve learned today!JIMMY: 第一,火爆脾气是have a short fuse;第二,口头教训别人是 give someone a piece of my mind, 或者tell someone off第三,别往心里去是Dont take it personally.A:Donny, 我刚才就想跟你说,碰上不讲理的上司,你挨骂就挨骂,不用往心里去,Dont take it personally!B: Youre right. 就让他去骂,就让子弹飞吧。A: 不过说起刚才教的那个short fuse, 火爆脾气,我十分不争气地想到了另外一个东西......B: 什么?A: 呵呵,你恐怕要笑话我。从火爆脾气,我想到了......火爆腰花!B: 啊?A: 我大学时最爱和同学们一起去校门口的小饭馆吃火爆腰花了! Oh, those were the days!B: 我看你是饿了吧? Anyway, lets listen to“美语三级跳”,让你再回忆回忆大学生活!GoEnglish: College─Beginner各位听众,大家好!今天我们为您播出“美语三级跳”节目“大学生活”单元的初级课程。Winnie: Eric 和 Patty 是好朋友,也是大学同学。他们中午一起吃饭,聊起了校园生活。Professor: In this first part, we will learn how to ask what classes someone is taking.Patty: Hi Eric! Are you having fun at college?Eric: Yes, its great. How many classes are you taking?Patty: Im taking four classes. Are you taking a lot of classes?Eric: Im taking three classes.Winnie: Professor Bowman, Eric怎么只选三门课?美国大学生的日子也太轻松了吧!Professor: Well Winnie, maybe they are taking hard classes and have to study a lot.Winnie: 这么说也有道理。可能正是因为课程难度大,所以他们才只选几门课。Professor: Lets listen and find out what their classes are.Patty: What classes are you taking?Eric: Well, Im taking English classes.Patty: I see. Well Im taking a lot of science classes, like chemistry.Eric: Chemistry? Wow, that sounds hard. You must have a lot of work.Winnie: Patty选修化学课,这门课可不好学。可是 Professor Bowman,Eric为什么要选英文课呢?英语不是他的母语么?这算不算投机取巧?Professor: Well Winnie, some English classes are hard, even for Americans. Students have to very hard books.Winnie: 原来如此。那么,在美国大学里,学生们是不是每天都要上课呢?Professor: Well, lets listen to Eric and Patty talking about when they have classes.Patty: Whats your schedule like?Eric: Its great! I only have classes from Monday to Thursday!Patty: You dont have any classes on Friday?Eric: No, so I can have fun with my friends on Thursday night.Winnie: Eric 不光选修英文课,而且一个礼拜只上四天课,这怎么可能?Professor: Yes, some students have easy schedules. Now lets listen to them talking about their professors.Eric: Who is your chemistry professor?Patty: I got Professor Franklin for chemistry. Hes really great!Eric: Who did you get for math?Patty: I got Professor Martinez for math. Hes good, but the TA is so boring.Winnie: TA? TA是什么?Professor: A TA is a ;teaching assistant.; They are older students who help professors teach the younger students.Winnie: 哦,TA就是Teaching Assistant的缩写,也就是助教的意思。Patty说她很喜欢自己的数学教授,不过教授的那位助教却非常沉闷无聊。Professor: Right. You know, if my students dont study hard enough, sometimes Ill get a mean TA to help me teach.Winnie: 我们不认真,你就要找个厉害的 TA, 那我们如果特别认真,你就会找个特别帅的 TA 喽?Professor: No. If I get a cute TA, everyone will have a crush on him and study less. Now Eric and Patty are going to talk about what clubs they are in.Eric: What do you do outside of class?Patty: Im in some fun clubs.Eric: What kind of clubs are you in?Patty: I do all kinds of things. I do some academic clubs, but other clubs are just for fun.Winnie: 哇, Patty 可真行,加入了这么多课外社团。Professor, 美国大学中都有那些社团呢?Professor: Some clubs are academic. Students study together for tests or discuss current events. Some clubs are just for fun. They do things like yoga and hip hop dancing.Winnie: 瑜珈社和街舞社,听起来真不错! 不知道Eric加入了什么社团没有!Eric: Im only in a hip hop dancing club. Its really fun.Patty: A dancing club? I love hip hop music, and I love dancing.Eric: You should join. Its not full, and there are plenty of spaces left.Patty: I think I will. It would be fun to do a club together.Winnie: Eric只参加了街舞社?他这个人,课只选了三门,每周只上四天课,连跟学习有关的课外社团也不参加。唉,他过得也太轻松了吧!Professor: Well, Eric may be busy for other reasons. Tune in next time and well learn more about student life.A: 美国的大一新生真幸福! They have easy schedules, 他们功课轻松,They can join some fun clubs, 还能加入一些有趣的社团。真让人羡慕!B: Didnt you enjoy your freshman year?A: 别提了,我们英语系的学生从一进校门就是一大堆基础课,哪有时间去参加课外活动!B: Well, Im sure not all of your classmates spent their time studying as hard as you did, right? For some people, college is a place for learning; for others, college is just a big party.A: 也对,有些同学根本不在乎成绩,打球、跳舞、组乐队,每天过得可高兴了!B: You can play your way through college, or work your way through it. But after four years, everyone is pushed into the real world, and the party is over. 人总要长大嘛。A: Donny, 你说得真让人伤感! 好啦,大学生活结束,咱们进入社会,来听“礼节美语”!Business Etiquette: IPO III公司老板Jerry召集手下 Lisa 和 Ken 开会,商量公司上市的问题。Lisa问Jerry,是不是真的下定决心了。L: But Jerry, have you really thought this through? You would essentially be giving up the company that your great-grandfather built.J: I intend to keep key family members on the Board of Directors and I intend to remain as CEO. This company is important to me. But if we really want to become the largest frozen food company in the country, its time to move beyond mom-and-pop operations and play hardball.针对Lisa提出的疑问,Jerry回答说,他并没打算将祖辈开办并经营至今的家族企业就这么拱手送给别人,他打算让重要家庭成员进董事会,然后亲自担任 CEO, Chief Executive officer, 首席执行官。Jerry 说,公司对他十分重要,但要想扩大规模,成为全国最大的冷冻食品公司,就要 move beyond mom-and-pop operations and play hardball. 这里所说的 mom-and-pop operations 是指家庭规模的小买卖,play hardball 意思是采取果断大胆的行动。L: Well, its an exciting idea...and also a bit terrifying. But....you know that old saying: ;Nothing ventured, nothing gained.;K: At least the markets have been getting better recently; the Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 10,000 points the other day. This could be the beginning of an economic recovery.Lisa 说,公司上市的想法既令人兴奋,又让人害怕。但是英语里老话说,nothing ventured, nothing gained. 意思是不承担风险,就不会取得成就。Ken 说,好在现在市场正在走高,道琼斯工业指数前几天突破了万点大关,topped 10,000 points. 这可能意味着经济复苏的开始,the beginning of an economic recovery. Lisa 接着说,L: I think the smart thing is to use this down time to retool and reconfigure our operations. That way, if things do turn upwards well be in a stronger place than our competitors.J: Exactly! So, I want you all to consider this idea... do the research and figure out if this is truly in our best interests. Lets meet again on Thursday to make a final decision.Lisa 说,她认为明智之举是用现在市场不是特别活跃的时期调整公司的经营运作。这样的话,一旦市场开始上扬,Well be in a stronger place than our competitors. 跟竞争对手相比,我们就会居于更加有利的地位。Jerry 表示赞成,让大家回去都好好想想,星期四再开会最后决定。A: 大家认为,现在可能是the beginning of an economic recovery, 整体经济开始复苏的时候, 公司应该利用这个时机,Play hardball, 大胆采取行动,毕竟,nothing ventured, nothing gained, 不担风险,就不会有收获。B: Exactly. All decisions come with risks. I can hardly think of a real ;safe bet; in life.A: 可不,人生哪儿有能百分之百打保票的事儿呢? Thats way they say life is an adventure! 我就有冒险精神,在人生的赌桌上,我不会轻易被吓倒!B: 杨琳, I didnt know you had a gamblers appetite. 我想下面这个节目你准喜欢,讲的是赌马!A: 太好了! 赶快来听“体育美语”!American sports English: Betting on horse racingP: Hey, Yang Chen, Can I borrow a few bucks?Y: Borrow money? 当然没问题。But why?P: I put all my money down on the horse race, but the horse I bet on didnt win.Y: Betting on horse racing, 赌马? Hey, young man, you really shouldnt gamble.P: You sound like my mother. Well, I usually dont bet on horse racing; but this time I figured if I made a bet on this horse, Id have a very good shot at making some money, Yang Chen.Y: 你为什么觉得自己have a very good shot赢钱的机率很大?P: The horse I bet on has won two races, so I thought it would be a safe bet. I dont want to lose my money.Y: A safe bet,保险的赌注? Haha, 真好笑。If you gamble, you have to take chances. 敢于冒险。P: I guess so.Y: 你看我, I placed my money on the dark horse. 那匹本来不被人看好的黑马,结果我赢了一大笔。P: Oh - wait a minute, you bet on horse racing too? I thought you were against any form of betting or gambling.Y: 小声点。小心别人听见。P: OK. I will tell people you didnt bet on horse racing.And may I ask how much did you win?Y: Two thousand dollars.P: Thats exactly how much I lost.Y: 真的?看来得分给你一半儿才公平。Here is half.P: Thats very kind of you. Are you sure you want to share the money with me?Y: You bet.P: Dont even mention the word ;bet;. Im done with betting!!!Im going to the library now to study for my exam.....Y: Hey, Patrick, 下星期还有赛马。 Lets bet on it.P: You scare me, Yang Chen, I think you are turning into a gambler.B: 看吧,赌马有风险,掏钱需谨慎!A: 没错! Actually, I dont like gambling, 我并不喜欢,But Im willing to take chances in life! 我作人是敢于冒险的!B: Good luck, 冒险家!A: Thanks! 好了,今天的节目时间差不多了。这次的撰稿人是晓北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!B: Bye! /201206/184985

  1. I am late.我迟到了。还能这样说:I dont catch the time.I am behind time.谚语:Better early than late.宁早勿晚。2. I am afraid I wont catch the bus.恐怕赶不上车了。还能这样说:I am afraid I will miss the bus.I am afraid I will be late for the bus.应用:catch sb. on the hop 乘人不备,乘人不注意;catch sb. out 发现某人的错误;3. Hurry up, or you will be late.快点,否则你就要迟到了。还能这样说:Be quick, or you will be late.Come on, youre almost late.谚语:It is never too late to learn.活到老,学到老。4. I seize every minute and second to take the bus.我争分夺秒赶车。还能这样说:I split second to catch the bus.I try to catch the bus as soon as quickly.应用:be seized with 被……侵扰,患、得病;seize on 猛扑、袭击、抓住,利用 /201408/321668

  当局者迷,旁观者清--Lookers-on see most of the game.大家好,这里是小强英语。本期,我们来看“当局者迷,旁观者清”用英语怎么说。Lookers-on see most of the game. Lookers-on旁观者,这里用的是复数形式。它的意思就是说,那些没有置身其中的人往往能够从整体出发看待问题。我们来看一下例句:Lookers-on see most of the game because they keep cool.旁观者清,因为他们保持了冷静。好的,我们来小小总结一下,“当局者迷,旁观者清”的英语是Lookers-on see most of the game.这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。 /201404/292281。

  今天我们要给大家介绍三个习惯用语,它们的意思都是激烈争辩, 吵架,甚至于打架。我们要讲的第一个习惯用语是:rhubarb. Rhubarb是一种植物的名字,也就是可以吃的大黄。Rhubarb吃起来有点酸味,但是加点糖煮一煮味道还是不错的。在美国,rhubarb有时也用做一个俚语,意思是激烈的争论,有时甚至激烈到会打起来的程度。为什么rhubarb这么一个植物的名称会解释成激烈争辩呢?有一种说法是,因为rhubarb这个词的最后四个字母-b-a-r-b-和;barbarian;这个词的前面四个字母相同,而;barbarian;是指一个野蛮的,没有教养的人。这听起来好象也有点道理,但是还有其他解释也同样有道理,所以rhubarb作为争辩,吵架的含义究竟出自哪里,这还是一个迷。我们还是来举个例子看看美国人是怎么用rhubarb这个词的。这是一个人在告诉我们他和街对面邻居之间发生的矛盾。那个邻居家里养了两条大,不管什么车开过,它们都要大声叫。这两条还过马路来挖他种的花,弄坏他的草地。这个人说:例句-1:When I talked to the neighbor about his dogs, we got into a nasty rhubarb and ended up yelling at each other. But I guess it did some good - since we had the rhubarb hes done a better job of keeping his dogs away from our yard.他说:当我和那个邻居提起他的的时候,我们争吵的非常凶,最后两个人都大声嚷嚷。不过,我想这还是有好处的, 自从我们大吵一场后,他倒是不太让他的到我们院子里来了。******我们今天要讲得第二个习惯用语是:hassle. Hassle和rhubarb的意思差不多,都有争论,吵架的意思。但是hassle还可以表示很麻烦,很困难的意思。Hassle这个词的出处也不太清楚,字典里说:“出处不明”。那么,hassle在日常会话当中是怎么用的呢?下面例句里说话的人告诉我们他在圣诞节前一天去采购礼物时遇到的情景。例句-2:It was a real hassle. The stores were jammed, the sales clerks were overworked and short-tempered and most of the best items were aly sold. Next year I wont wait until the day before Christmas to shop for presents.他说:这简直是太麻烦了。那些商店都是拥挤不堪,售货员由于工作过度而火气很大,而且大多数好的商品也都已经卖完。明年,我绝不等到圣诞节的前一天才去买礼物。这里要指出的是,hassle这个词美国人用得很多。在碰到很麻烦的事,很烦人的事,都可以用hassle这个词来表示。比如说,在交通高峰时间开车,路上车很多,往往会开开停停,走得很慢,花好多时间。有的人就会说: ;Driving to work during rush hour is a real hassle.; 这是说:在交通高峰时候开车去上班真是件麻烦事。******下面我们来讲最后一个习惯用语。donnybrook. Donnybrook是一个地方名字。Donnybrook是爱尔兰首都都柏林的一个郊区。Donnybrook这个地方以喜欢吵架而著名。在酒吧里,有的人一发脾气就开始吵架,然后很快就会发展到大街上去,路过的人也会一起参加,最后成为打群架。19世纪五十年代的时候,有几百万个爱尔兰移民抵达美国。 Donnybrook这个习惯用语就开始在美国出现,用来描写一群人在一起拳打脚踢打群架。我们来举一个例子看看donnybrook是怎么用的。说话的人是在告诉他的朋友,他念书的大学和另一所大学进行足球比赛后发生的事。例句-3:Our two schools dont like each other. It was a very close game but we finally won at the last minute, and students from both sides poured out of their seats and got into a real donnybrook until the police got there and started arresting people.这个人说: 我们这两个学校互相都没有什么好感。那次比赛比分很近,可是在最后一分钟,我们学校赢了。这个时候,双方的学生都离开了座位,真的打起群架来了,直到后来警察来了,并开始抓人。像这样的打群架最好还是躲得远远的为好。 /201412/345111



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