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A professor and his students教授和他的学生A Grad student, a post-doc, and a professor are walking through a city park and they find an antique oil lamp. They rub it and a Genie comes out in a puff of smoke.一个研究生,一个士后和一位教授正步行穿过一个城市公园他们发现了一盏古油灯他们把灯擦了擦,冒出一阵烟,跳出一个妖怪来The Genie says, ;I usually only grant three wishes, so Ill give each of you just one.;妖怪说:“我通常只满足三个愿望所以,我可以帮你们每个人实现一个愿望”;Me first! Me first!; says the grad student. ;I want to be in the Bahamas, driving a speedboat with a gorgeous woman who sunbathes in bikini.; Poof! He gone.“我先说!我先说!”研究生说“我想去巴哈马群岛,驾驶着一艘游艇,上面有一位美女,穿着比基尼晒太阳”噗!他不见了;Me next! Me next!; says the post-doc. ;I want to be in Hawaii, relaxing on the beach with a hula dancer on one side and a Mai Tai on the other.; Poof! He gone.“下面该我说了!下面该我说了!”士后说“我想去夏威夷,躺在沙滩上放松,一边有个人跳草裙舞,另一边放着迈泰鸡尾酒”噗!他也不见了;Youre next,; the Genie says to the professor.“下面该你了”妖怪对教授说The professor says, ;I want those guys back in the lab after lunch.;教授说:“我想让这两个家伙中饭后回到实验室” 38991

Dialogue 1Jingjing: The food almost y, Mark. Are you hungry?京晶:饭快做好了,马克你饿了吗?Mark: Am I? Im starving to death. I feel like I could eat a horse.马克:饿了吗?我快饿死了我觉得我现在可以吞下一匹马Jingjing: Well, good, Ive whipped up a batch of double fudge chocolate chip cookies you.京晶:很好,我烤了一批特浓巧克力曲奇饼给你吃Mark: Ohhhhh, my mouth is watering. Ive been thinking about food ever since I got home from work today.马克:哇塞,我要流口水啦自从今天下班回到家我就一直想吃东西来着Jingjing: Face it, you cant get food off your mind, Mark. Everyday you get home from work it the same old story: you want me to get in the kitchen and fix you something to eat.京晶:承认吧,马克,你脑子里天天就想着吃东西的事你每天下班回家都一样:想要我去厨房给你弄点儿什么吃的Mark: Come on, do you really expect me to cook some food? My cooking is dangerous, you know that. Youve tried it bee! Besides, I think women should do the cooking, not men!马克:拜托,难道你真的希望我去煮饭吃吗?我的厨艺太糟糕了,你知道的你不是已经尝试过了吗?而且,我认为做饭是女人应该做的事,不是男人该做的!Jingjing: That bull! Just because youre a guy and Im a girl doesnt mean that I have to do the cooking! Ive had it up to here with you! From now on, I think you should cook me. If you think it so easy, then you try it!京晶:胡说!就因为你是男的我是女的,我就得去做饭吗?我受够了!从现在开始,你要给我做饭如果你觉得做饭那么容易的话,那你试试吧!Mark: Okay, okay. Im sorry. Tomorrow Ill make dinner you.马克:好吧,好吧对不起,明天我会给你做饭的Jingjing: Great, I look ward to it.京晶:太好了,我很期待习语短语Im starving to death.我快饿死了(注意,这并不意味着你真的要死了)I could eat a horse.我现在可以吞下一匹马,用来表达极度的饥饿whip up (some food)做出食物(通常很快,不会太麻烦)My mouth is watering.我流口水了cant get something off one mind不能停止想某事It the same old story.总是……,指一个事件或情况频繁出现;通常在抱怨时用My cooking is dangerous.我是一个糟糕的厨师;我做饭不好吃That bull!胡说!Ive had it up to here.我已经受够了,不能忍受下去了from now on从现在开始Dialogue Mark: Hi, Jingjing, perfect timing. I was just finishing dinner. Why dont you go pop a squat over there in the dining room. Ill go put the dinner on the table.马克:嗨,京晶,你来的正是时候我刚刚做完晚餐你不如先去饭厅坐一下吧我马上就上菜Jingjing: (Sniff Sniff) What that burning smell? Is something on fire?京晶:(嗅嗅闻闻)怎么有烧焦的气味?是什么着火了么?Mark: Oh, that probably fish. I was running low on time so I put it in the microwave instead. It looks like I over did it. Ooops.马克:哦,可能是鱼时间来不及了,所以我把它放在微波炉里加热了哎呀,貌似有点儿热过头了Jingjing: Mark! Youre not supposed to nuke fish in the microwave! What wrong with you?京晶:马克!怎么能在微波炉里热鱼呢!我真是了你了!Mark: Dont worry. Ive made more than one dish. Here, try these: I call it “potato chip delight”.马克:别担心我做了不止一个菜来尝尝这个:我把它叫做“开心薯片”Jingjing: Potato chip delight? Mark, all you did was open up a bag of chips and put them on a plate. You call this cooking?京晶:开心薯片?马克,你所做的就是打开一包薯片,然后把它们倒在一个盘子里你这叫做饭吗?Mark: Hey, give me a break, Im new to cooking, okay? If you dont like the potato chips, then you can just start eating the ice cream I made. Here, try this.马克:嘿,饶了我吧,我是新手好吗?如果你不喜欢薯片,那你可以吃我做的冰淇淋在这里,尝尝Jingjing: Ice cream? This isnt ice cream! All you did was chop up some ice and threw it in a glass of milk.京晶:冰淇淋?这哪是冰淇淋啊!你就是剁了一些冰块然后把它们扔到一杯牛奶里Mark: Hey, I put sugar in there too. I skipped some of the directions because they were a little over my head. Look, if worse comes to worst Ill just order us a pizza.马克:嘿,我还加糖了呢我跳过了一些步骤,因为实在是太复杂了,我根本看不懂这样吧,实在不行我们就订披萨吃吧Jingjing: Here, you can use my cell phone. Please, I beg you, order one now!京晶:这里,你可以用我的手机拜托,我求求你,还是赶紧订披萨吧!习语短语perfect timing来的正是时候pop a squat[俚语] 坐下over do something做……过头了nuke用微波炉加热potato chip薯片,土豆片You call this (something)?你也能管这个叫……?(我完全不满意……)give me a break饶了我吧chop up剁成小块over one head过于困难或复杂,不明白If worse comes to worst...实在不行, 到了万不得已的时候…… 8598

上期听力文本中英对照:Dialogue:Jingjing. I don’tknow what’s been going on with me lately. I’ve been having a lot of dreams, andtheyve been about school. I have no idea what these dreams mean.谢影:京晶,最近也不知道怎么了,我总是做梦,而且梦境都跟学校有关,不知道这些梦是什么意思?Oh? I’ve done alot of research about dreams. Tell me about your dreams.京晶:哦?我对梦还挺有研究的,说说看你做了些什么梦吧One night Idreamed that I was sitting in my junior highclassroom. Then, the homeroomteacher walked in. He looked fatter than bee, but still just asyoung.谢影:有一天晚上,我梦到我坐在初中教室里,这时,班主任老师走了进来,看上去他比以前胖了点,不过依然年轻The school and theteacher in the dream are both a sign. I wanna ask, what did youdo in the classroom?京晶:学校和老师在梦境里都是一种象征,我想问,你在教室里做了什么?The weird thing isthat this teacher taught Chinese in real life, but in the dream he taught English. So then I started having English class.谢影:奇怪的是,这老师本来是教语文的,梦里却变成了教英语,然后我就开始上英语课了Maybe this dreamhas something to do with you studying English in real life!京晶:也许这个梦跟你现在在学英语有关哦!In my dream I panicked and thought to myself: Now I’m only in my first year of middle school,I still have more years bee I graduate college. Don’t tell me it’sbecause my English sucks and this is God’s way of punishing me? I was sohurt and felt helpless. I started crying.谢影:我在梦里惊慌地想:我现在才上初一,还要年才能大学毕业,难道是我英语差,上帝要惩罚我?我伤心极了,感觉很无助,就哭了起来And then?京晶:然后呢?The teacher had me a passage in English and then translate it to Chinese. I was shocked.There were two or three words that I didn’t know. In an act of desperation, I told the teacher to hold on while I used my cell phone tolook up a couple of words. Then I was able to answer correctly and the teacher allowed me to sit down. After that, I woke up.谢影:老师让我用英语读一段话并把它翻译成中文,我惊呆了,发现有两三个单词我竟然不认识,情急之中,我对老师说,等一下,我用手机查两个单词,后来我答对了,老师才让我坐下,然后我醒了Hahaha, have you become obsessed with learning English? I can’t believe you actually had this kind of dream!京晶:哈哈哈,你学英语学走火入魔了吗?居然做了一个这样的梦!Yeah! This issimply some kind of mind torture! That night I was listening to a recording of“Friends” when I fell asleep. What’s even more strange is that my momsaid she didn’t see me in my room when she came in bee she went to sleep.谢影:是啊!这简直是对心灵的一种折磨!我那天晚上是听着lt;Friendsgt;的录音睡着的更奇怪的是,妈妈说,她睡前来我房间的时候竟然没看见我Wow! I got goose bumps… But returning to this kind of dream usually means you have alot of pressure in life right now. It’s not necessarily related to studying English. Maybe there’s something else that needs you to just relax and take iteasy.京晶:哇!我起鸡皮疙瘩了…不过你这样的回到梦一般说明了你目前生活压力大,不一定和学英语有关,有什么别的事情需要你放松relax.Saying it likethat makes sense. Lately I really have had a lot of things on my mind. Ofcourse I really want to learn English well, haha!谢影:这么说的话,还是有道理的,我最近确实有不少烦心事,当然,更想赶紧学好英语,哈哈!New words dialogue:Junior high 初中Homeroom teacher 班主任老师Sign 象征In an act ofdesperation 情急之中Obsessed 走火入魔Goose bumps 鸡皮疙瘩 359875


  大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi上期留给大家的问题为:What is the beginning of everything,also the end of life?什么东西是所有事情的开端也是生命的结束?下面给大家揭晓:The letter ;E;.是字母E词汇:beginning n.开始;开端;The trees are just beginning to leaf.树刚刚开始长叶子He was biased against the plan from the beginning.他从一开始就对这个计划有偏见end n.结束;末端;The battle finally brought the war to an end.这一仗使这场战争终告结束At the end of the film, the hero wept bitterly.在影片的结尾,主人公伤心地哭了词组:favourable beginning 良好的开端in the beginning 在…开始时achieve one end 达到目的take an end 告终下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:Why is the comet like Mickey Mouse? 为什么说彗星像米老鼠?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 89。

  Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 One Engine Left只剩一个引擎A 77 was halfway across the Atlantic when the captain got on the loud speaker,一架77客机正在跨越大西洋时,喇叭里传来了机长的声音: ;Attention, passengers. We have lost one of our engines,“旅客们请注意,我们的四个引擎中有一个丢失了but we can certainly reach London with the three we have left.但剩下的三个引擎会把我们带到伦敦的Untunately, we will arrive an hour late as a result.;只是我们要晚到一小时 ”Shortly thereafter, the passengers heard the captain voice again,过了一会儿,旅客们又听到机长的声音:;Guess what, folks. We just lost our third engine,“各位,你们猜怎么啦?我们刚又掉了第三个引擎but please be assured we can fly with only one.但请你们相信好了只有一个引擎我们也能飞,We will now arrive in London three hours late.;但要晚三个小时了”At this point, one passenger became furious.正在这时,一位乘客非常气愤地说:; Pete sake,; he shouted,“看在上帝的份上;If we lose another engine, well be up here all night!;如果我们再掉一个引擎,我们就要整夜都要呆在天上了”Notes:1.halfwayadj. 半途(的);中间(的);不彻底(的)adv. 半途;不彻底地;几乎;快要常见搭配:go halfway妥协; 向...让步meet halfway妥协; 向...让步.as a result结果, as a consequence3.thereafter adv. 此后,在那之后;〈罕〉据此 theree adv. ;所以;故;乃.folkn. 民族;人们;〈口〉家属,亲戚;民间音乐adj. 民间的;普通平民的;流传民间的;普通百姓的常见搭配:Idle folks lack no excuses.[谚]懒汉不愁没有推辞的借口; 懒驴上磨屎尿多fine folks名流just folks[口]忠厚老实[质朴]的人Lazy folks take the most pains.[谚]越懒越不省力one folks家属, 亲属;父母, 双亲the old folks at home家乡的老人家(指父母、祖父母等亲属)5.furiousadj. 狂怒的,暴怒的;激烈的;热烈兴奋的;喧闹的常见搭配:be furious with sb. [at sth].对某人[某事]大发雷霆fast and furious飞快地, 高速度地run at a furious pace飞跑 本节目可可原创节目, 397

  英国女王伊丽莎白二世登基60周年钻石禧庆典5日在高潮迭起的各项活动后落幕,数十万来自全英乃至世界各地的民众涌上伦敦街头,一睹女王乘坐金敞篷马车巡游的风采琼.里弗斯是出生于1933年的著名喜剧女演员她再次受访大卫莱特曼秀,称自己观看了英女王的钻石庆,颇具幽默感的她将与大家谈谈她心中的英女王?I know that you have affinity to the royal family.我知道你对于皇室成员很有亲和力So did you watch the diamond jubilee?所以你肯定是看了钻石庆典?I was in tears, you know, cause I was very close to the queen.我泪流满面,你知道,因为我非常接近女王It was my first time to meet her.这是我第一次见到她Youve met her, you havent?但你曾经见过她,不是这样吗?You know. I only saw her around the stamp.你懂的我只是在邮票上见过她老人家而已And the first time I met her, I was so nervous.而在我第一次见到她的时候,我非常紧张I just went over and licked the back of her head.我只是想去舔她的脑后You were so nervous. Just a lick of that.你确实很紧张只是想那样而已Well, I can understand. Sure.嗯,我能理解当然I love them and they look happy and Kate, it working out.我爱他们,他们看起来很快乐而凯特也是如此Thank God. Bcause marriage is always worries. She so beautiful.感谢上帝因为婚姻总是让人担忧但她那天确实非常漂亮She looks like a lovely woman.她看起来像一位楚楚动人的贵妇人She is lovely and he is lovely and they started out long.她非常可爱,他也很可爱的,他们开始And I told them, he gave her Princess Diana ring.我告诉他们,他给她戴安娜王妃的戒指You dont give…oh, poor, Dave, please.不是你给…噢,太可怜了,戴夫,请继续Here is a girl he is in love with.这是一个他爱上的女孩“Sweetheart, I want you to have my mother ring.“亲爱的,我希望你戴上我妈妈的这枚戒指My mother and father hated each other, they think my brother was somebody else.我的母亲和父亲互相讨厌对方,他们认为我的哥哥是别人的My mother was crazy, on drugs, tried to kill herself, then she screwed in Europe and guess what, they had her killed and good luck”. Ive got…我的母亲对于毒品非常疯狂,试图自杀,然后她在欧洲有次酩酊大醉,你猜随后情况如何,他们杀了她而且祝她好运”我对此非常…Well, I see, I never seen as a jew, I wouldnt take that ring.嗯,我明白了,我从来没有看到过,即使作为一名犹太人,我也不会要那枚戒指Even as a jew, wouldnt take it.即使作为一名犹太人,我也不能接受 1875

  Holding On And Letting Go by Ross Copperman Is anybody out there? Is anybody listening? Does anybody really know, is the end of the beginning The cry a rush a one breath Is all we waiting Sometimes I want my taking Changes everyone bee [Chorus] It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't It's one door swinging open and one door swinging closed Some prayers find an answer some prayers never know We're holding on and letting go Sometimes we holding angels And we never even know Don't know if we'll make it, or we know We just can't let it show. [Chorus] It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't It's one door swinging open and one door swinging closed. Some prayers find an answer some prayers never know We're holding on and letting go Yeah, letting go, oho It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't It's one door swinging open it and one door swinging closed Some prayers find an answer some prayers never know We're holding on and letting go [Chorus] It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't It's one door swinging open it and one door swinging closed Some prayers find an answer some prayers never know We're holding on and letting go. 70

  大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi上期留给大家的问题为:What letter is a kind of drink?什么字母是种饮料?下面给大家揭晓:T(tea).茶 词汇:kind n.种类;本质We often do this kind of exercise.我们经常做这类练习 (种类)They differ in degree rather than in kind.他们的程度不同, 并非性质不同(本质)词组:of a kind 某一类的 of all kinds 各种 in kind 以同样方式 in a kind 在某种程度上 下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:When is a window like a star?什么时候窗户会像星星呢?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 51

  里吉斯.菲尔宾是目前北美地区最具传奇性的脱口秀主持人和电视名人之一,之外还拥有者歌手、作家等多重身份他曾作为特邀明星参加贝蒂怀特的节目看大卫如何调侃他俩的关系吧!You didnt see the On Hot,did you?你没有见到过他,是吗?No, but I, we get the photos of it right here.没有,但是我,我们有这里的照片Do you, really? What you got? Oh,yeah,there I am.你真的是那样吗?你了解到了什么?哦,是的,我是You play a, you play the Hot C in the year, and you play,PM,yeah.你扮演一个,你在这一年中扮演一位角色,而你扮演PMA play,PM right. Look at, look at the ways she look at me.一出戏剧,PM,是这样的看看,看看她是如何看着我的No,no.Im telling you Betty White...Look I kind of got a hunchback there, arent I a little bit? 不,不我在告诉你,贝蒂·怀特……看起来我有点驼背了,我有没有一点?Did you ever have any...you know,yeah.你以前有过……你知道,是的Did you ever have any...you know, I am saying any,kinda like, you know,you and Betty ever get it on? Because I know a lot of people did.你以前有过……你知道,我是说任何,比如,你知道,你和贝蒂曾经…?因为我知道很多人确实都是这样What a terrible thing to say, obviously.很明显什么可怕的事情要被公布Pure Betty White, honest to God.All these years, a part of this. You know what I think?单纯的贝蒂·怀特,向上帝坦白这些年来,是其中的一部分你知道我怎么想吗?NO,no,no.I think youre very very jealous.不,不,不我觉得你非常非常嫉妒It could the day of the hair style less.这可能是一天没有发型的日子Yeah,alright.是啊,好吧They supposed to be gay. No one knows,gay or not gay, I mean, not used to...you know what it is.他们应该是同性恋没有人知道,同性恋或不是,我的意思是,有点不习惯…你知道那是什么All people say the same but you.除了你所有人都这么说Well.I mean there is nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with that, no.好我的意思是这并没有任何问题,这没有什么问题,没有Nothing wrong with it at all.没有任何问题 187771。

  Oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-ooOo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-ooWhen she was just a girlShe expected the worldBut it flew away from her reachSo she ran away in her sleepAnd dreamed of para-para-paradisePara-para-paradisePara-para-paradiseEvery time she closed her eyesOo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-ooOo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-ooWhen she was just a girlShe expected the worldBut it flew away from her reachAnd the bullets catch in her teethLife goes on, it gets so heavyThe wheel breaks the butterflyEvery tear a waterfallIn the night, the stormy nightShe closed her eyesIn the night, the stormy nightAway she fliesDream of para-para-paradisePara-para-paradisePara-para-paradiseOh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohShe dreamt of para-para-paradisePara-para-paradisePara-para-paradiseOh oh oh oh oh oh ohLalalalala lalalalala lalalalala lalaSo lying underneath the stormy skiesShed say oh oh oh oh ohI know the sun set to riseThis could be para-para-paradisePara-para-paradiseCould be para-para-paradiseOh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohThis could be para-para-paradisePara-para-paradiseCould be para-para-paradiseOh oh oh oh oh oh ohOo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooThis could be para-para-paradisePara-para-paradiseCould be para-para-paradiseOh oh oh oh oh oh ohOo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo... 3756

  He Knows You他认得你An elderly couple was driving on the interstate. While the woman was behind the wheel, the couple was pulled over by the highway patrol.一对老夫妇开车走在州际公路上老太太开车时,被巡警拦了下来;Maam, did you know you were speeding?; the office said.“夫人,你超速了,知道吗?”The woman, hard of hearing, turned to her husband and asked, ;What did he say?;老太太耳背,转向老头问:“他说什么?”;He said you were speeding!; the old man yelled.老头大叫:“他说你超速啦!”The patrolman then asked, ;May I see your license?;巡警接着说:“请出示你的驾照,好吗?”The woman turned to her husband again, ;What did he say?;老太太又转向老头问:“他说什么?”The old man yelled back, ;He wants to see your license!;老头大叫:“他要看你的驾照!”The woman gave the officer her license.老太太把驾照递给巡警;I see you are from Arkansas,; the patrolman said. ;I spent some time there once and went on a blind date with the ugliest woman Ive ever seen.;“你是阿肯色州人,”巡警说,“我在那儿待过一段时间,还和一个女人约会过,她可真是我见过的女人里最丑的一个”The woman turned to her husband again and asked, ;What did he say?;老太太再次转向老头问:“他说什么?”The old man replied, ;He said he knows you!;老头大叫:“他说他认得你!” 6

  原声美文:Hello, ladies and gentlemen. A special hello to all the fans of Read English You Program. I am Yongqing. It my great honor to be your tour guide. Close your eyes, free your heart and travel with me.Beneath the colorful clouds in Yunnan Province lies a place of mystery and legend. Now, I will take you to this place to experience the stunning beauty of Hani Terrace and unique culture of Yi nationality. What is the place? Well, it is Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture. Honghe is home to ten ethnic groups, among which Hani and Yi people take predominance over in number. It provides travelers a cultural feast of ethnic costumes, architecture, songs and dances. A red river runs through the prefecture. In Chinese, Hong means red. He indicates river. That why Honghe Prefecture is called.Now we are reaching Yuanyang, a county in Honge. The Hani Terraces sp along the southern bank of the Red River and cover a total area of over 0,000 hectares. The core areas in Yuanyang County fully demonstrate the charm of Hani Terrace. Yunnan mountains are remote, rugged and inaccessible. However, the Hani people have lived here more than a thousand years. The steep topography and severe weather condition didnt threaten Hani people to move away. Instead, they dug numerous trenches in the mountains so that the water could flow down. To keep the water, they built banks along these mountains.Over centuries, by developing irrigation networks, they could grow rice in these water fields. more than 1,300 years, it has transmed the landscape. These mountains plunge nearly two kilometers to the floor of red river valley. Each contains thousands of terraces. They were curved out by the use of hand-made tools. That no wonder why Hani Terrace is praised as ;a real sculpture of the earth;.Equally important, by making the terraces, Hani people created wetland in places where there was no wetland at all. Thus, the climate can be regulated and biodiversity is maintained. Villages scatter in the terraces. These villagers seem to live near to heaven. They still plough the terraces by water buffaloes. This man-made landscape is one of the most amazing engineering in pre-industrial China. It seems that every inch of the land has been pressed into cultivation. It is breathtaking you to stand on the top of the mountain to overview the terraces. UNESCO is also amazed at the spectacular work. It listed as a world heritage site.After appreciating the stunning beauty of Hani Terrace, we reach Shiping County. Huayao people, a branch of Yi nationality, inhabit in this area. You may be attracted by the versatile people and natural beauty. Why are they called Huayao people?If you are observant, you will notice their beautiful clothing especially their belts. They are called Huayao people because the females wear such beautiful belts around their waists. Huayao Bride, a film featuring on the life of Huayao people, was shot there. Huayao people are very good at singing and dancing. They have worshipped dragon since ancient time. Both males and females can perm dragon dance. On the stage of Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony, they permed dragon dance to audiences from all over the world.Listen, who is singing? Every time there is a festival, members of the commy, males and females, the young and the old, will gather around a bonfire on the village square. They sing and dance happily. It is also a place the young to find their love. Let join in the party. If you are still single, you may find your sweetheart. What? Huayao friends are inviting us to their party. Let go! 5679

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