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Swanton and his colleagues crunched the numbers to see how many base mutations in the cancer ;trunk; they would have to target simultaneously to ensure that they could successfully destroy every one of the cancer cells. Three was the magic number. Their calculations suggest that targeting three base mutations at the same time will ;chop the trunk down; and destroy every single cell in the tumour.为此,斯旺顿和他的同事们精确的计算具体要同时进行多少种针对于主干突变的药物交叉攻击才能够彻底的消灭癌细胞。他们发现“三”是一个神奇的数字,他们的数据表明在同时攻击三个主干突变后,会成功摧毁“大树的主干”,并最终摧毁肿瘤内的每一个癌细胞。However, this approach is not going to be cheap. To work, it requires the researchers to study a person#39;s specific cancer to establish which base mutations their tumour has, so that the right cocktail of therapies can be applied.当然这种治疗方法并不便宜,因为它需要研究者们研究病人的具体癌症情况,找到变异的主干,只有这样调制和使用合适有效的鸡尾酒合成疗法。What we#39;ve come up with is an approach where we sequence tumours and produce the truncal antigens on a patient-by-patient basis, Swanton explains.“我们采用了为肿瘤测序的方法,并针对每个病人生产不同主干抗原的办法,”斯旺顿说。Colorectal cancer researcher Alberto Bardelli of the University of Turin in Italy, has also been using evolutionary theory as inspiration for a potential solution to overcoming drug resistance. 来自意大利都灵大学的阿尔贝托.巴尔代利(Alberto Bardelli)教授是大肠癌方面的权威,他从进化理论中得到灵感,寻找应对癌细胞耐药性的办法。I was very disappointed by the fact that all tumours became resistant, he says of his previous work. Now Bardelli has used the reality of drug resistance to develop a new anti-cancer therapy.“所有肿瘤都会产生耐药性,我为此感到失望和痛苦”,他说。巴尔代利教授目前基于这种耐药性开发新的治疗癌症的疗法。He begins by teasing out the resistant cancerous cells, which he calls ;clones;. Patients are given a particular drug therapy and then monitored to see when a particular cancerous ;clone; rises to dominance in the tumour because it has developed drug resistance.他开始检测具有耐药性的癌细胞,他称这些细胞为“克隆”。在病人采用某种药物疗法的过程中,巴尔代利对这个过程进行监测,并观察具有耐药性的“克隆”细胞是否会成为肿瘤中的主宰细胞。Then Bardelli stops treating the cancer with the drug. This removes the evolutionary pressure that allowed the clone to become so successful. Without that pressure, other types of cancer cell in the tumour also have a chance to flourish. They ;fight back; against the dominant clone. In effect, the cancer effectively begins to war with itself. 这个时候,巴尔代利停止了对癌症的药物治疗,这样做的目的是为了使克隆细胞脱离所处的进化环境,该环境正是使得克隆细胞成为如此有耐药性的前提。这样肿瘤内的其他细胞也因此得到反扑的机会,普通的癌细胞开始与之前占主导的“克隆”癌细胞对抗,相互吞噬。这一结果导致的就是癌细胞自己开始内战了。When some of those other clones have gained ground, it is time to administer the drugs again, as these new clones should not yet have developed resistance. Bardelli calls it ;the war of clones;. 当其他的克隆细胞占据优势之后,就是需要再次使用药物的时候,因为这些新的克隆细胞还没来得及产生耐药性。巴尔代利称之为“克隆之战”。;We use clones against clones, we wait for the winners, then take out the pressure; the drug. The winners at this point are unfit and start to disappear, and then others take over. So we use the tumour against itself. ;“我们用新克隆细胞对付之前的旧克隆细胞,有了胜负之后,我们改变他们的生存环境,停止药物。胜出的癌细胞不适应新的环境,开始消失被其他细胞取代。你可以理解为我们引发不同性质的肿瘤细胞之间的相互对抗。I want to use the portion of the cells that are not affected by the therapy to fight back the others.; “我们的目的就是激发那些对治疗方法无效的癌细胞去攻击其他的癌细胞。”For now we do not know if this tactic will work or not. His team is starting a clinical trial in the summer of 2016.目前来说这种方式是否有效还是一个未知数,巴尔代利和他的团队在2016年夏季开始临床试验。These evolutionary approaches may show great promise, but at the same time it is important to better understand the many triggers that can cause cancer in the first place. 此类进化式的方法给癌症治疗带来了希望,但同时重要的是,我们需要增加对于引发癌症诱因的了解。In 2013 one of the biggest genetic studies took an important step forward in doing so. Researchers scoured cancer patients#39; genomes to look at ;signatures; of the 30 most common cancer mutations.2013年一项大规模的基因研究在这个领域做出了重大的进展。研究者通过对癌症病人基因组的研究,探究30种最常见的癌症基因突变的生物标识。 /201606/450206Warning: This article contains very stronglanguage that may offend some ers.警告:本文的一些激烈用语可能会让一些读者感到不适。After a frustrating day at the office, manyof us need to blow off a little steam. Some of us head to the gym to sweat outour anger. Others, out to a bar to vent to a friend over a drink. But what ifthe best way to release tension is by combining the two?在办公室度过了让人崩溃的一天,很多人需要发泄一下。一些人会选择去健身房,通过排汗来释放愤怒。另一些人则去酒吧,和朋友边喝酒边发泄。但是,释放压力最好的方法会不会是这两种方式的结合体?In a pub in Calgary, Canada, yogaenthusiasts are encouraged to do just that with a new twist on an ancient art:Rage Yoga. This new concept takes the quiet, zen-like environment of a yogaclass and flips it on its head — those who attend the classes are encouraged toswear and shout between poses, and stick around afterwards for a beer.在加拿大卡尔加里(Calgary)的一家酒吧里,受到鼓励之后,瑜伽爱好者们给这种古代艺术增添了新的变化:愤怒瑜伽(Rage Yoga)。这种新的概念颠覆了安静、禅意的瑜伽课氛围——参加者会被鼓励在动作的间隙咒骂、喊叫,之后留下来喝啤酒。Creator Lindsay Istace, 24, who teachesflexibility and wellness, stumbled upon the idea of releasing her anger withher asanas (yoga poses, postures and positions) after a bad breakup. “I was ina really rough spot,” Istace explained. “I was very hurt and angry andconfused.” She found she was inadvertently incorporating expletives into herdaily yoga practice.Yes, it’s real and expletives are very welcome. “Foullanguage, laughter and shenanigans,” are what you can expect during a class,according to the company’s website, which combines stretching, positional exercises and badhumour, with the goal of attaining good health. The one hour class costs CAD(.20) and includes two tickets for discounted beer.这种瑜伽的创建者是24岁的林赛·伊斯塔斯(Lindsay Istace),她是柔韧性和健身教练。在一次很糟糕的分手后,她碰巧想到了把瑜伽体位法(瑜伽的姿势和动作)和泄愤结合起来。“我当时的心情跌落谷底,”伊斯塔斯解释道,“我受到了很大的伤害,感到愤怒,不知所措。”一不留神,她发现自己一边在做日常的瑜伽练习,一边开始咒骂。是的,这是真的,我们也欢迎脏话。根据该公司的网站,你在课上会听到“脏话、大笑和胡诌”,它把拉伸、姿势练习和坏脾气结合起来,目的是让身体更加健康。一小时的课要花12加拿大元(9.2美元),还包括2张啤酒打折券。The benefits of yoga and meditation arewell documented — the activities help many people manage stress and improvefocus and overall health. Indeed, many workplaces now encourage such practices.But swearing? There are surprising upsides. Studies have shown that saltylanguage can increase pain tolerance, make us appear more persuasive at workand in certain group settings, create a sense of solidarity. So, could meldinghumour, serenity and swearing offer a new pathway to personal peace andmindfulness and help us cope with the stress of work and day-to-day life?瑜伽和冥想的益处在大量文献中都有记载——它能帮助人控制压力,提高注意力和整体的健康水平。确实,很多公司现在都鼓励瑜伽和冥想。但是咒骂呢?让人惊讶的是,它正在流行起来。研究表明,粗话可以增加我们对疼痛的承受力,让我们在工作中更有说力,在一些群体中,它还能带来凝聚力。那么,把幽默感、内心的安宁和咒骂结合起来能否开辟一条通往个体平静和专注力的新路径?它能否帮助我们应对工作压力和日常生活?Safe place安全的地方Istace said swearing helped release hernegative emotions in a safe environment. “I went from screaming and swearingand crying to laughing at myself. When you actually create yourself that spaceto really let loose, suddenly it’s hard to take yourself and your problems soseriously.”伊斯塔斯说咒骂帮助她在安全的环境下释放负面情绪。“我先是喊叫,骂人,然后哭,最后笑自己。当你创造了真正可以释放自我的空间,你就不太会严肃对待自己和自己的问题。”After laughing about the idea of Rage Yogawith friends, she decided to create a workshop for festivals. It was a hit. Soshe designed a class catering to the after-work crowd. Istace said the idea hastaken off. “It just seemed like this really cool concept that people wereactually connecting with. So it started off as a joke, but you know after doingit a couple of times, we realised there was something there.”她和朋友说到愤怒瑜伽的想法时,大家一起笑了。之后,她就决定开一次研讨会。研讨会取得了巨大的成功。于是,她设计了一项针对下班后人群的课程。伊斯塔斯说这个想法已经步入正轨。“这个很酷的概念似乎与人们息息相关。所以,一开始我们当它是个笑话,但是做了几次之后,我们意识到它确实有特别之处。”Classes start with a calm, peaceful momentwhere Istace asks attendees “let go of the shit-storm of their day”. Theswearing is also incorporated throughout the class. ;And at the end of the class, too,instead of saying ‘namaste’ we actually say ‘fuck yeah’,”Istacesaid.课程在平静、平和的气氛中开始,然后伊斯塔斯让学员“释放一天中全部的抑郁”。整节课都充斥着咒骂。“在课程结束时,我们也不再说印度问候语‘namaste’,而是说‘太他妈好了。’”伊斯塔斯说。She isn’t the only one to cotton on to theidea that serenity, silliness and swearing might make for a heady combinationwhen it comes to mindfulness. Jason Headley, a writer and director who lives inSan Francisco, created F*ck That: An Honest Meditation, a YouTube whichhas attracted more than 6.5 million views, after joking with his wife about thesoothing voice on a guided meditation recording.懂得把平静、愚蠢和咒骂结合起来,培养专注力的不止伊斯塔斯一人。在旧金山生活的作家、导演简森·黑德利(Jason Headley)创作了一部名为“操他的:一次真诚的冥想”(F*ck That: An Honest Meditation)、观看次数达到650万次的YouTube视频。创作的起因是他和妻子调侃一段冥想指导录影中舒缓的语调。“I keyed in on the voice of the guy,” said Headley in an emailinterview. “And I started doing that voice around the house just to make uslaugh. One day my wife was upset about something and I said, in the calm,soothing voice, ‘Just acknowledge that all that shit is fucking bullshit.’And welaughed a lot. And then we said, ‘Maybe that’s something.’”“我专心模仿那个人的声音,”黑德利在电子邮件中写道,“然后我开始在家里到处学那个声音,只是为了逗乐我们自己。一天我的妻子为一件事情烦闷,我就用平静、舒缓的声音和她说,‘承认吧,所有那些破事就是他妈的扯淡。’然后我们都大笑,我们说,‘也许这里面有点蹊跷。’”So Headley wrote, refined and recorded ascript. “I wanted it to be just the right amount of soothing and swearing.Once I had it right, I put it up on YouTube in July 2015 and it just took off.”于是,黑德利写了一个脚本,修改以后进行了录制。“我希望舒缓和咒骂的成分恰到好处。弄好以后,我在2015年7月把视频传到YouTube上,它立刻火了。” /201604/438573

Wait wait! I#39;m cutting in somebody... and I never even finished medical school! I faked my diploma to get the job! And I#39;m wasted on shots!等等!我正在切一个人......我甚至从来没有从医学院毕业!我伪造文凭得到这份工作!我浪费在射门上!After a few minutes the new surgeon was calmed down, and the operation went on as planned几分钟后新外科医生平静下来,继续按照计划操作 /201607/453550

Wonton Soup, an adorable Pekingese dog from Boston, has taken the Internet by storm for his long, furry coat.上汤云吞是一只来自波士顿的可爱京巴犬。 它以一身长而蓬松的毛发走红网络。The pup, dubbed the #39;Fabio of the dog world#39; has earned over 35,000 followers on Instagram for his fluffy coat and his cheerful little face.这只被称为“界法比奥”的京巴犬在Instagram上有3.5万多的粉丝。它毛茸茸的样子和逗乐的小脸很吸粉。The one-year-old dog, who is also often photographed alongside his new brother Miso Soup, is snapped on daily adventures to the beach, frolicking in the garden or relaxing around the house.这只一岁的还经常和它的新哥们“味增汤”合照。照片中的云吞每天去沙滩上冒险,在花园里撒欢跑或是在屋子里恣意走动。His owner, Max Gonzalez, created the Instagram account when Wonton was apuppy, anticipating how popular his new pet was going to be.马克思·冈萨雷斯是这只京巴犬的主人,他在云吞还是幼崽的时候创立了这个Instagram账号,估量着他的新宠物会变得如何受欢迎。The doting owner brushes Wonton daily and often takes his beloved pet and Miso for walks in acustomisedstroller.这位疼爱云吞的主人每日都给它顺毛,还经常用一辆定做的推车带他的爱宠与“味增汤”散步。#39;Wonton looks like the old wise man in the old school Kung-fu/Shaw Bros movies,#39; one man wrote.有位男性网友写道:“云吞看起来就像旧功夫学派或邵氏兄弟系列电影中的年长智者。”#39;That is the best name ever HAHAH!! I love Pekingese, smooshed face and big eyes are so cute!!#39; Another said.还有人说:“哈哈哈,(上汤云吞)这是我看到的最棒的名字了!我喜欢京巴犬,它们的嘟嘟脸和大眼睛太萌了!”#39;That awkward moment when this dog has better hair than me.#39;“尴尬的是这只的毛发都比我好。” /201606/450749The study found the ;moderately; overweight now had lower rates of early death than those who were normal weight, underweight or obese.一项研究发现,相比于体重正常、体重过轻、以及体重过重的人来说,那些体重“适度”超重的人早死的几率要小一些。The work, published in JAMA, looked at many thousands of people#39;s height, weight and death rates at three different time periods since the 1970s.这项被刊载在JAMA上的研究,以成千上万人的身高、体重和死亡率为研究对象。自从上世纪70年代以来,该项研究在三个不同的时期记录下了这些数据。In the mid-1970s, those with the lowest death rates were a normal weight and the obese faced a 30% higher risk of early death, the doctors, from Copenhagen University, found.来自哥本哈根大学的教授们发现,在上个世纪70年代中期,那些体重正常的人的死亡率最低,而超重的人早死的风险要高出30%。But now the threat to people#39;s survival from being obese was now almost negligible但是现在肥胖对人类生存的威胁几乎可以忽略不计了。The authors say the most likely explanation is that health systems are now much better at treating obesity-linked conditions, such as high cholesterol and blood pressure.这项研究的作者们表示,对这一现象最有可能的解释是,随着现代医疗系统的显著改善,由肥胖引起的高胆固醇和高血压等病症更易于治疗。Lead investigator Prof Borge Nordestgaard said: ;Our results should not be interpreted as suggesting that now people can eat as much as they like, or that so-called normal-weight individuals should eat more to become overweight. That said, maybe overweight people need not be quite as worried about their weight as before.;项目组首席研究员奇·诺德斯特教授说道:“我们的研究结果不应该被误读,它并不意味着现在人们可以随心所欲地满足自己的口腹之欲,也不意味着那些体重正常的人应该吃多一点来增重。这项研究结果的意义在于,现在肥胖的人也许不必再像以前那样担心自己的体重了。”The Danish researchers say their work shows a need to update the global categories that define excess weight, which are now two decades old.这些来自丹麦的研究人员声称,他们的研究结果表明,目前全世界需要对肥胖定一个新的标准,因为目前现行的体重分级标准已经是二十年前制定的了。But that idea was rejected by a British expert in metabolic medicine.但是这一想法被一位英国专攻新陈代谢的医学专家否决了。Prof Naveed Sattar, from the University of Glasgow, said: ;These data are of interest, but they do not change advice we have been giving on obesity and its treatment and prevention. The current findings do not mean that being overweight is protecting you from death, far from it.;来自格拉斯哥大学的纳瓦德·萨德尔教授说:“这些数据很有意思,但是它们不会改变我们对肥胖及其治疗和预防的建议。目前的结果并不意味着超重可以让你远离死亡。” /201605/444384

Stealing food from a supermarket may not be a crime in Italy if you are homeless and hungry, the nation#39;s highest appeals court has ruled.在意大利,如果你无家可归,饥肠辘辘,从超市偷食物可能不构成犯罪,意大利最高上诉法院作出了这样的判决。In a case that has drawn comparisons to ;Les Miserables,; the Supreme Court of Cassation threw out the conviction of a homeless man from Ukraine, Roman Ostriakov, who was caught trying to take 4.07 euros worth of cheese and sausage from a store in Genoa without paying for it. A trial court sentenced him in February 2015 to six months in jail and a fine of 100 euros.在这个堪与《悲惨世界》相对比的案件中,来自乌克兰的无家可归男子罗曼·奥斯特里亚科夫在热那亚一家商店被试图偷窃价值4.07欧元的奶酪和香肠被抓到,最高上诉法院判决他不用为此付款。2015年2月,初审法庭宣判他需为此入狱六个月,付罚款100欧元。;The condition of the defendant and the circumstances in which the merchandise theft took place prove that he took possession of that small amount of food in the face of the immediate and essential need for nourishment, acting therefore in a state of need,; and therefore the theft ;does not constitute a crime,; the appellate court wrote in its decision, which was reported on Monday by the Italian news agency ANSA.;被告的情况与商品偷盗发生的环境明,他取得那些少量食物时,有对食物迫切且必要的需求,因此他的行为是在危急状态下进行的,;因此,这次盗窃;并不构成犯罪;,上诉法院在判决书写道。意大利新闻机构ANSA在周一报道了这则新闻。The court#39;s decision went far beyond what the appeal in the case had sought. Valeria Fazio, the prosecutor at the Genoa court where the trial was held, said in a telephone interview that her office understood that Mr. Ostriakov had stolen only out of need, and had appealed in hopes that the court might set a more lenient sentence.法庭的决定甚至超出了上诉时的诉求。出席热那亚法庭的律师瓦莱里娅·法齐奥在电话采访中说,她的律所明白,奥斯特里亚科夫偷窃只是出于需要,他们在上诉时的希望是法庭能够更加宽容地量刑。But the court decided that he ;doesn#39;t have to be punished at all,; Ms. Fazio said.但是法庭判决他;根本不需接受惩罚,;法齐奥说。The court has yet to release its full reasoning in the case, but Gherardo Colombo, a former member of the Supreme Court of Cassation, said it seemed to rely on an Italian legal doctrine: ;Ad impossibilia nemo tenetur.; The term is Latin for ;No one is expected to do the impossible.;法庭尚未公布此次判决的完整解释,但是最高法院的前成员盖拉尔多·科隆说,这个判决似乎是依据一项意大利的法律原则:;Ad impossibilia nemo tenetur;。这句拉丁文翻译过来就是,;没有人会希望做不可能的事;。Maurizio Bellacosa, a professor of criminal law at Luiss University in Italy who has often argued cases before the Court of Cassation, said that the application of that doctrine in a shoplifting case ;has a certain novelty.;意大利国际社会科学自由大学刑法教授毛里奇奥·贝拉科萨经常讨论上诉法庭中的案件,他说,在商店盗窃案件中应用这一原则;确实很新奇;。;They rarely apply the #39;state of necessity,#39;; Mr. Bellacosa said, and when they do, it is generally in cases ;like a castaway who fights with another shipwreck victim for the last raft he has to save his life.;;他们很少应用#39;危急状态#39;原则,;贝拉科萨说,他们应用这项原则通常是在;船难者在沉船上为最后的救生艇打架;之类案件中。When examining thefts by poor people, he said, ;usually the court classifies these cases as smaller crimes, but crimes, as poverty is considered avoidable through the social support system.;至于穷人盗窃,他说,;通常,法庭会把这类案件归为较轻的罪行,但依然是罪行,因为赤贫被认为是可以通过社会援助系统避免的。;In contrast with the American legal system, the decisions of the Court of Cassation do not necessarily create binding precedents for lower courts to follow. But Mr. Bellacosa said the decision in the Ostriakov case ;is a new principle, and it might lead to a more frequent application of the state of necessity linked to poverty situations.;与美国司法系统对照,意大利上诉法庭的判决并不一定构成下级法院必须遵守的判例。但是贝拉科萨说,奥斯特里亚科夫案的判决;是一个新原则,可能会导致危急状态原则更经常地被应用在同贫穷有关的案件中。;The ruling quickly generated a heated response in Italy.这项判决很快在意大利引发了激烈的反响。;For the supreme judges, the right to survival has prevailed over the right to property,; Massimo Gramellini, an editor at La Stampa, a newspaper based in Turin, wrote in an opinion column. ;In America that would be blasphemy. And here as well, some conformists will talk about a legitimation of proletarian expropriation.;;对于最高法院法官来说,生存权高于物权,;都灵报纸《新闻报》编辑马西莫·格拉梅利尼在报纸的观点栏目中写道。;如果在美国,这简直就是一种亵渎神圣的行为。在这里也是一样,有些墨守成规的人会说,这是把无产阶级征收他人财物的行为合法化。;In the 1970s, when Italy was rocked by violent leftist groups like the Red Brigades, radicalized youths ;plundered supermarkets with impunity in the name of the working class,; but they stole ;caviar and Champagne,; Mr. Gramellini added. ;Now, people don#39;t steal to pursue an ideal, but to fill up their stomach.;20世纪70年代,;红旅;等暴力左派团体令意大利陷入动荡,激进的年轻人;在工人阶级的名义下洗劫超市,认为此举无罪;,但他们却偷窃;鱼子酱和香槟;,格拉梅利尼说。;现在,人们不是为理想而偷窃,而是为了填饱肚子。;Another commentator, Goffredo Buccini, writing approvingly of the decision in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, likened the current situation to the period right after World War II, when the Italian economy was in ruins.另一位者戈弗雷多·布奇尼在意大利每日发行的《晚邮报》上发表文章,赞许这个判决,他把目前的形势同;二战;后的时期联系起来,当时意大利的经济已经彻底崩溃。;As the law is nothing else but the box where our living together takes shape, it was unthinkable that jurisprudence did not take reality into account,; Mr. Buccini wrote. He cited statistics from Confcommercio, a trade association, showing that thefts resulting from hunger have been on the rise in recent years.;法律无非是一个箱子,是由我们的生活共同塑造而成,无法想象法理学不考虑现实状况,;布奇尼写道。他引述贸易团体Confcommercio的数据,表明近年来,因饥饿引发的盗窃案件正在逐步上升。Italy has managed only a fitful recovery from the financial crisis that began in 2008. According to the World Bank, gross domestic product per capita is about where it was in 2010, and the International Monetary Fund projects that the economy will grow by a sluggish 1.3 percent this year. In some Italian cities, homelessness has become more prevalent.意大利正在从2008年开始的金融危机中恢复过来,不过并不稳定。根据世界组织,目前意大利的国内人均总产值相当于2010年的水平;国际货币基金组织预测,意大利的经济今年会缓慢地增长1.3%。在若干意大利城市里,无家可归的人愈来愈多。 /201605/443480When it comes to height, Dutch men and Latvian women tower over all other nationalities, a new study confirms. The average Dutchman is now 183cm (6ft) tall, while the average Latvian woman reaches 170cm (5ft 7in).日前一项最新研究实,当谈到身高问题时,荷兰男性和拉脱维亚女性要远远高于其他国家。荷兰男性目前平均身高为183厘米(6英尺),拉脱维亚女性的平均身高则为170厘米(5英尺7英寸)。The research, published in the journal eLife, has tracked growth trends in 187 countries since 1914.这份研究被刊载在《eLife》杂志上,自从1914年以来,这份研究一直在跟踪187个国家的成长趋势。It finds Iranian men and South Korean women have had the biggest spurts, increasing their height by an average of more than 16cm (6in) and 20cm (8in).该研究发现,伊朗男性和韩国女性的身高增长幅度最大,平均身高增长分别超过了16厘米(6英寸)和20厘米(8英寸)。In the UK, the sexes have gone up virtually in parallel by about 11cm (4in). ;Mr Average; in Britain is now 178cm (5ft 10in) tall; Ms Average stands at 164cm (5ft 5in).在英国,男性和女性的身高增长量几乎持平,大约都为11厘米(4英寸)。英国男性平均身高为178厘米(5英尺10英寸),而英国女性的平均身高则为164厘米(5英尺5英寸)。This contrasts for example with men and women in the US, where the height of the nation#39;s people started to plateau in the 1960s and 1970s. Over the century, they have seen increases of just 6cm and 5cm (a couple of inches), respectively.与此相比,美国人的身高增长幅度却不太大,美国人的身高在20世纪60年代和70年代的时候停滞不前。在过去的一个世纪里,美国男性和女性的身高分别只增长了6厘米和5厘米(两英寸)。Indeed, Americans have tumbled down the rankings. Back in 1914, they had the third tallest men and fourth tallest women on the planet. Today they are in 37th and 42nd place.事实上,美国人的排名已经有所下降了。在1914年的时候,美国男性的身高在全球排名第三,美国女性则排名第四。而现在,美国男性仅仅排名第37位,女性排名第42位。The smallest men on the planet are to be found in East Timor (160cm; 5ft 3in). The world#39;s smallest women are in Guatemala, a status they also held back in 1914. According to the survey data, a century ago the average Guatemalan 18-year-old female was 140cm (4ft 7in). Today she has still not quite reached 150cm (4ft 11in).而东帝汶的男性为全球最矮,仅为160厘米(5英尺3英寸)。危地马拉的女性为全球最矮,与她们1914年的全球身高排名相比没有变化。据调查数据显示,一个世纪以前,危地马拉18岁女性的平均身高是140厘米(4英尺7英寸)。直至今日,她们也还没有完全达到150厘米(4英尺11英寸)高。East Asia has seen some of the biggest increases. People in Japan, China and South Korea are much taller than they were 100 years ago.东亚一些国家增长幅度最大。日本、中国和韩国的居民要比他们100年前高多了。;The parts of the world where people haven#39;t got particularly taller over this 100 years of analysis are in South Asia (such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) and in sub-Saharan Africa. Here the increase in height is between 1-6cm in those regions,; explained co-author James Bentham from Imperial College London.来自帝国理工大学的联合作者詹姆斯·本瑟姆解释道:“通过对过去100年数据的分析,我们发现世界上有些地方的人并没有特别地长高多少,这些地方包括南亚(如印度、巴基斯坦和孟加拉国)和撒哈拉以南非洲地区。这些地区的身高增长量只有1-6厘米。” /201608/458028

A Beer Hotel Is Coming to Southern California南加州新建啤酒主题旅馆If your ideal vacation involves guzzling a lot of beer (that isn#39;t Bud Light), take note: One of the nation#39;s biggest craft breweries is opening a hotel. Brought to you by SoCal brewer Stone Brewing, Stone Hotel will be located in Escondido, California, just across the street from its massive brewery-restaurant complex that opened in 2013. 如果你的度假清单中中少不了畅饮啤酒这个项目,就不要错过这个好机会:全国最大的精酿啤酒公司要开旅馆了。石头酒业旗下的石头旅馆将在加州埃斯孔迪多开业——就在他们公司2013年就开放的大型啤酒饮食街区。Per a press release, ;Guests to Stone Hotel will delight in a craft beer experience complete from the moment of arrival; — literally: The hotel#39;s driveway will be inlaid with a design that depicts beer flowing from a tap all the way down to the street. Upon check-in, guests will immediately be presented with a free beer, and from there they can scope out three hotel bars that will feature ;an incredibly wide array; of Stone beers on tap (along with frequent tappings of rare and limited brews).旅客从进旅馆大门开始,就能体验精酿啤酒的全过程——旅馆的车道上会有大型的啤酒龙头,源源不断啤酒会从中流向整个街道。入住时,旅客就能立马享受一杯免费啤酒。入住后,旅馆内有三个酒吧供旅客随时享用现成的啤酒(其中也会有限量版哦)。For those who wish to take the beer-drinking party back to their rooms, the hotel will offer in-room growler delivery. A ;unique culinary experience; is also promised, though no details are being offered just yet .对于那些只喜欢在自己房间小范围搞酒会的旅客,旅馆会提供上门务。啤酒旅馆还有“特殊用餐体验”保留项目,虽然目前没有对外透露太多。The million, 99-room hotel will feature a rooftop pool and garden, walking trails, and an acre of outdoor event space; the gargoyle motif that adorns Stone Brewing#39;s labels will also be present throughout. The project is being developed by Untitled Hospitality and is slated to open in early 2018.建造该旅馆总预算2600万美元,设有99个房间,还包括屋顶泳池、花园、步行区和一英亩户外活动区。此外,旅馆内部随处可见石头精酿酒业标志上的石像。Untitled Hospitality公司正负责开发这个项目,据说会在2018年初开放。As Eater San Diego points out, Stone Brewing has been on a major expansion: It#39;s opening a brewery restaurant in Berlin and bringing a tasting room to the Napa Valley, which could come in handy for vacationers who just can#39;t face another glass of cabernet.据Eater San Diego报道,石头精酿酒业正在大范围扩张盈利领域:在柏林开一家啤酒饭店;在加州纳帕谷酒庄开品酒厅,目的是为了让喝腻红酒的客人来换换口味。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201608/461170Many homeowners get muddled down in the debate between granite and marble countertops, forgetting that there#39;s another great option: butcher block. These wooden countertops, made by laminating wood blocks together, not only look beautiful, but also provide other advantages as well. Keep ing to discover the benefits of butcher block countertops.很多房主在讨论是买花岗岩台面还是买大理石台面的时候都很困惑,别想那些了有另一个好的选择:木质台面。这些木质台面是由多层木块拼接在一起的,不仅美观而且也有其它的优势。继续往下读了解木质台面的好处。Affordable价格实惠Compared to pricey marble or granite, wooden countertops are surprisingly affordable. The price is dependent on upon the type of wood, thickness, construction, and finish, but on average costs from - a square foot.与昂贵的大理石和花岗岩相比,木质台面价格非常实惠。价格取决于木材的种类、厚度、构造以及光洁度,但是平均价格为每平方英尺40到60美元之间。Simple to Install便于安装While solid stone slabs can be finicky and fragile during install, requiring special training, wooden blocks are easy to put in place. DIYers can even save money by doing the install themselves.安装一块坚硬的石质台面工序繁琐、易碎并且需要经过专门的培训,而木质台面非常便于安装。自己动手来安装甚至可以省钱。Surprisingly Sanitary清洁度很高Studies have shown that wooden cutting boards are actually cleaner than plastic ones. Applying the same logic to wooden countertops - and considering that butcher blocks have been used safely for years - the concern about bacteria surviving seems untrue. It#39;s still necessary, however, to clean all surfaces after preparing food on them to avoid contaminants.研究显示木质砧板确实比塑料的更干净。同样的道理运用到木质台面上--想到木质台面已经放心使用了很多年--不用担心滋生细菌。但是准备完食材之后仍然有必要清洗整个表面避免被污染。Gentle比较柔软Knock over a wine glass on a stone surface and you#39;ll have shards of glass flying everywhere. Do the same thing on a softer wood surface, and you might only have to clean up the spilled wine. Wooden countertops are easier on dishes and glassware, which means less breakage and chipping.在石质台面上打翻一个红酒杯玻璃碎片到处都是。如果是在一个柔软的木质表面上,你可能只需要清理溢出的红酒就可以了。木质台面对餐具和玻璃器皿起到了保护作用,这意味着将减少破损。Durable耐用When properly maintained, a butcher block countertop can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Unlike fragile marble, which stains and scuffs easily, wood is a hearty surface. If scratch marks don#39;t bother you, you can even do your food chopping right on them.经过适当的保养,一个木质台面耐磨碎性很强。不像脆弱的大理石,很容易沾染污渍或磨损,木材有一个很暖心的表面。如果有了划痕你不用担心,你仍然可以在上面切菜。译文属 /201607/453732;Peach Blossom Spring;, an ink-and-color work made by master painter Zhang Daqian in his later years, fetched HK0m (.8m) at Sotheby#39;s spring auction in Hong Kong on last Tuesday, setting an auction record for the artist.国画大师张大千晚年泼墨泼作品《桃源图》上周二在香港苏富比春季拍卖会上以2.7亿港元(约合3480万美元)成交,刷新了张大千个人作品拍卖纪录。;Peach Blossom Spring;, a hanging-scroll landscape that Zhang made a year before his death, aroused a heated bidding war in the salesroom of Sotheby#39;s major spring auction.《桃源图》是张大千在去世的前一年完成的山水立轴,该画在苏富比春季拍卖会上引起了一场激烈的竞购战。It finally went to Liu Yiqian, a billionaire collector from Shanghai who made headlines last year for spending 0 million on Amedeo Modigliani#39;s Nu Couche (;Reclining Nude;) in a New York auction.这幅画最终被来自上海的富豪收藏家刘益谦收入囊中。刘益谦因去年在纽约一个拍卖会上以1.7亿美元拍得莫迪里亚尼名画《躺卧的裸妇》而声名大噪。;Peach Blossom Spring;, which is 2 meters long, exemplifies Zhang#39;s mastery and creativity in the po cai (splashed ink and color) technique — an artistic approach he invented in his later years.《桃源图》尺幅颇大,长约两米。充分体现了张大千在泼技艺上的造诣和创新。泼是他晚年发明的一种艺术手法。Zhang created the painting at his well-known residence and studio, the Abode of Maya, located in the Wai-shuang-hsi area on the outskirts of Taipei. He settled in Taiwan in 1976 after decades of living in Brazil and the ed States.创作这幅图卷时,张大千居在他的名宅兼工作室“耶精舍”,该住所位于台北郊区的外双溪。在巴西和美国生活几十年之后,张大千于1976年在台湾定居。C.K. Cheung, head of Sotheby#39;s Chinese paintings department, said in a presale release that the painting is considered to be ;a pivotal work from Zhang#39;s late years, alongside Mount Lu,; another landscape by Zhang that is currently at the Taipei Palace Museum.苏富比中国书画部主管张超群在预售发布会上表示,这幅画和《庐山图》被认为是张大千晚年压卷之作。《庐山图》现藏于台北故宫中。 /201604/436576

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