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Well, the bystander approach is trying to give people tools好的,旁观者的方法是尝试给于人们一个工具to interrupt that process and to speak up来打岔这个过程和发言,and to create a peer culture climate是创造出一个where the abusive behavior will be seen as unacceptable,不接受暴力行为的文化。not just because its illegal, but because its wrong不是只是因为暴力是违法的,而是因为这是错的,and unacceptable in the peer culture.是不能被我们的文化所接受的。And if we can get to the place where men然后如果我们能够到达一个who act out in sexist ways will lose status,男人做出性别歧视会失去地位的境界,young men and boys who act out in sexist年轻男人和小男孩做出性别歧视的时候,and harassing ways towards girls and women,当他们对女人和女生,as well as towards other boys and men,和对其他小男生和男人骚扰的时候,will lose status as a result of it, guess what?他们就会会失去地位会造成,猜猜看结果会如何?Well see a radical diminution of the abuse.我们会看到有效的缩减性别暴力行为。Because the typical perpetrator is not sick and twisted.因为普通的作犯者不是生病或性格扭曲,Hes a normal guy in every other way. Isnt he?在任何角度他都是个普通的男人。不是吗?Now, among the many great things that Martin Luther King在马丁路德今短短的一生中所说过所有伟大的话语,said in his short life was,其中有一句是:;In the end, what will hurt the most“最后,最令人痛心的不是is not the words of our enemies敌人的话语but the silence of our friends.;但是我们朋友的沉默。”In the end, what will hurt the most is not the words最后,最痛心的不是敌人的话语of our enemies but the silence of our friends.而是我们朋友的沉默。Theres been an awful lot of silence in male culture现在在男人文化中已经有足够多的沉默about this ongoing tragedy of mens violence面对这个不断的男人对女人和孩子施暴的悲剧against women and children, hasnt there?不是吗?Theres been an awful lot of silence.已经有足够的沉默了。And all Im saying is that we need to break that silence,我只想说出的是我们需要打破这个沉默,and we need more men to do that.同时我们需要更多的男人这样做。Now, its easier said than done,说是比做的容易。because Im saying it now, but Im telling you its not easy因为我现在这样说,但我可以跟你说这不容易。in male culture for guys to challenge each other,要在男人的文化中去挑战其他的男人。which is one of the reasons why这也解释了,part of the paradigm shift that has to happen所谓转移的发生is not just understanding these issues as mens issues,不是只是要明白男人的问题,but theyre also leadership issues for men.同时也要理解这是男人的领袖问题。Because ultimately, the responsibility for taking a stand因为最终的,在这些话题拥有立场on these issues should not fall on the shoulders的责任不应该落在of little boys or teenage boys in high school小孩子身上,或是在高中和大学里的年轻男孩身上。or college men. It should be on adult men with power.这应该落在有权力的男人。Adult men with power are the ones we need to be holding accountable有权力的男人是我们必须考虑的责任人,for being leaders on these issues,在这个领导层面的问题上。because when somebody speaks up in a peer culture因为当有人要对我们的文化发言,and challenges and interrupts, he or she挑战和打岔,他或她is being a leader, really, right?是在作为一个领袖,对吗?But on a big scale, we need more adult men with power但是在于更大的事件,我们需要更多有权力的男人to start prioritizing these issues,开始提起这些话题,and we havent seen that yet, have we?但是我们还没有看到,对吗?Now, I was at a dinner a number of years ago,当我在很多年前用晚餐时,and I work extensively with the U.S. military, all the services.我和美国士兵有近距离工作接触。And I was at this dinner and this woman said to me --然后我在这个晚餐然后一个女人对我说,I think she thought she was a little clever -- she said,-我觉得她自认为自己有点小聪明- 她说,;So how long have you been doing sensitivity training“那么你已经和士兵们做了感性with the Marines?;练习有多久了?”And I said, ;With all due respect,然后我说,“对全部人尊敬的,I dont do sensitivity training with the Marines.我对士兵不做感性练习I run a leadership program in the Marine Corps.;我对士兵们实行着领袖方案。”Now, I know its a bit pompous, my response,现在,我知道有点浮夸,我的回应,but its an important distinction, because I dont believe但是这是个很大的分别,因为我不相信that what we need is sensitivity training.我们做的是感性训练。We need leadership training, because, for example,我们需要的是领袖训练,因为,比方说,when a professional coach or a manager of a baseball team当一个有经验的揽球队或足球队的教练或经理or a football team -- and I work extensively in that realm as well ----我在满长工作在这范围--makes a sexist comment, makes a homophobic statement,提出性别歧视的评语,或者歧视同性恋的话题,makes a racist comment, there will be discussions说些种族歧视的,那就会有这些讨论on the sports blogs and in sports talk radio.登播在部落格和运动频道And some people will say, ;Well, he needs sensitivity training.;然后有人就会说,“他需要感性训练。”And other people will say, ;Well get off it.然后有人就会说,“不要说这些。You know, thats political correctness run amok,你知道吗,有个政治人物疯狂了,and he made a stupid statement. Move on.;然后他说了些傻话,继续。“My argument is, he doesnt need sensitivity training.我的论点是,他不需要感性训练。He needs leadership training,他需要领袖训练。because hes being a bad leader, because in a society因为他是个坏领袖,因为在社会中with gender diversity and sexual diversity --有性别多元化,性取向多元化,and racial and ethnic diversity, you make还有种族的多元化,你做出those kind of comments, youre failing at your leadership.那些,你的领导能力已经失败了。201509/396674Hi,everybody.Its our job as citizens to make sure we keep pushing this country we love toward our most cherished ideals-that all of us are created equal,and all of us deserve an equal shot.大家好。推动这个国家向着我们最为珍惜的理想前进,所有人生而平等,所有人都有公平的机会,这是我们每个公民的责任。This week,my Administration took new steps to bring us closer to that goal.本周,本届政府采取了一些新措施,使得我们离这一目标又更进了一步。Almost 50 years ago,Republicans and Democrats in Congress came together to pass the Fair Housing Act.Its a law that says landlords cant turn away tenants solely because of their race,religion,sex,national origin,or disability.And it made a difference in this country.大约50年前,国会的共和党人和民主党人共同合作,通过了《公平住房法》。有了这部法律,房主就不能仅仅因为种族、信仰、性别、原国籍或身体残疾为由拒绝租客,为这个国家带来了巨大的变化。Still,the work of the Fair Housing Act remains unfinished.Just a few weeks ago,the Supreme Court ruled that policies segregating minorities in poor neighborhoods,even unintentionally,are against the law.The Court recognized what many people know to be true from their own lives: that too often,where people live determines what opportunities they have in life.当然,《公平住房法》的任务并没有全部完成。几周前,最高法院裁定,将少数族裔隔离在贫困社区的政策,即便不是有意的,也是违反该法的。法院认可很多人都知道的生活的真实面目:你在哪里生活决定了你人生的机会,大部分时候都是这样。In some cities,kids living just blocks apart lead incredibly different lives.They go to different schools,play in different parks,shop in different stores,and walk down different streets.And often,the quality of those schools and the safety of those parks and streets are far from equal-which means those kids arent getting an equal shot in life.在一些城市,在不同社区生活的孩子最后的命运完全不同。他们在不同的学校上学,在不同的公园玩耍,在不同的商店购物,在不同的街道上走过。通常的情况是,这些学校的质量,以及这些公园、街道的安全性都是完全不同等级的。这就意味着这些孩子的人生机会是各不相同的。That runs against the values we hold dear as Americans.In this country,of all countries,a persons zip code shouldnt decide their destiny.We dont guarantee equal outcomes,but we do strive to guarantee an equal shot at opportunity-in every neighborhood,for every American.这与我们作为美国人所信奉的理想是背道而驰的。在这个国家,以及所有其他国家,一个人的住所地不应该成为这个人的命运的决定因素。我们不能保大家有公平的结果,但我们一定要努力保大家有公平的机会,对每个社区,每个人都一样。Now,the Fair Housing Act also says that this isnt the responsibility of a landlord alone-local governments have a role to play,too.Thats why,this week,my Administration announced that well make it easier for communities to implement this law.Were using data on housing and neighborhood conditions to help cities identify the areas that need the most help.Were doing more to help communities meet their own goals.Plus,by opening this data to everybody,everyone in a community-not just elected officials-can weigh in.If you want a bus stop added near your home,or more affordable housing nearby,now youll have the data you need to make your case.按照《公平住房法》的规定,这不仅仅是房主的责任,也是地方政府的责任。因此,本周,本届政府宣布了一项新政策,让社会各界更好利用该法。通过对住房和社区环境数据的分析,我们帮助各个城市找到最需要扶持的区域。进一步帮助社区实现发展目标。此外,通过对大众开放这一数据,除了社区官员以外,社区的每个人,都可以参与进来。如果你希望在你家附近增设公交站点,或者在附近增加价格合理的房源,现在你就可以使用这些数据,来达成你的愿望。These actions wont make every community perfect.Thats something we all have to strive for in our own lives.But they will help make our communities stronger and more vibrant.And theyll help keep this a country where kids from every background can grow up knowing that no matter who you are,what you look like,or where you live,you can write your own story.当然,这些措施并不能确保每个社区都发展的很完美。但这是我们人生当中应该为之奋斗的事情。这将使得我们的社区更美好,更有活力。将让这个国家更美好,让有着不同成长背景的孩子长大后都理解这一点:无论你是谁,长的是什么样子,在哪里住,你都有机会书写自己的历史。Thats the America I love.And its the America Ill keep fighting for.Thanks,and have a great weekend.这就是我们深爱的美国,也是我们要为之奋斗的美国。谢谢大家,祝大家周末愉快!201507/386212

I want to wish Britain’s Jewish Community and Jewish people around the world a very happy Hanukkah. As the winter nights grow colder and darker, so begins this eight-day festival celebrating the miracle of lights. Each of you will have your own cherished family traditions for how you mark this holiday. But Hanukkah is always a time for family and friends to get together; lighting the Hanukkiah, playing games, sharing gifts, and just as these rituals are passed from generation to generation, so too is the abiding lesson of this festival; that no matter how hard the struggles we face, alone and together, our love, hope and dedication to each other will always bring us through. So to all those observing Hanukkah over the next eight days, I hope you enjoy a fun and peaceful holiday with those people you love most. Chanukah Sameach.201506/380276

For myself, with all the willpower I can muster就我自己而言 我集中全部的意志力I try to bring the sense of urgency in Dr. Kings words to my work today试图将金士所说的紧迫感带入我今天的工作I do this with an understanding that I still have no idea of what the future may bring我这样做是因为我了解我仍不知道未来可能会带来什么After all, I had no idea that I would not only get my medical degree毕竟 我没有想到我不仅获得了医学学位but also a PhD in anthropology而且还获得了人类学士学位at an institution that is known as a ;small technical school; just我获得士学位的地方就在东北大学历史传奇校园外just up Huntington Ave from the historic legendary campus of Northeastern University亨廷顿大街往上的那所;小技术学校;(哈佛)I had no idea that I would help found an organization, Partners in Health我没有想到 我会和我的同事保罗?法默一起帮助创建了with my colleague Paul Farmer一个机构;健康伙伴;and eventually work in 10 countries并最终在全世界10个国家开展了工作I had no idea that my experience at Partners In Health我没有想到我在;健康伙伴;的工作经历would lead me to take charge of the World Health Organizations HIV/AIDS initiative会为我带来主管世界卫生组织艾滋病计划的工作where we try to get 3 million people treatment by the year 2005并开展了一场到2005年治疗3百万名艾滋病患者的运动And with only minimal academic administrative experience我只有很少的学术管理经验I was given the enormous honor of becoming President of Dartmouth College却得到巨大荣誉 被委以达特茅斯学院院长一职Finally, completely out of the blue最后 就如晴天霹雳一般President Obama last year asked me to stand as a candidate to lead the World Bank Group去年奥巴马总统邀请我作为领导世界集团的候选人之一Always with some trepidation虽然总是有些诚惶诚恐I embraced these unexpected opportunities但我接受了这些意外的机会and now I find myself in one of the most interesting jobs in the world现在我发现自己做的是世界上最有意思的工作之一201502/361166

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