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行窃被熬夜看科比的大学生群殴的小偷和科比在同一天结束职业生涯 -- ::57 来源: 见过如此不自量力的小偷吗?盗窃竟跑到武术学院,最终被警察营救才得以收场体院公众号里写了一句:他和科比在同一天结束了自己的职业生涯After news sp that there was a thief in a university ground, kung-fu trained students decided to take matters into their own hands.当大学校园里有小偷的消息传播开来时,受过武术训练的体院学生们决定自己动手解决The group at The Institute of Physical Education at Xirsquo;an, south-west Chinarsquo;s Shaanxi province mobbed the thief yesterday, Huanqiu, affiliated with the Peoplersquo;s Daily Online reports.据人民网附属环球网报道,中国西南陕西省西安市体育学院的学生们昨晚围攻了一名小偷Video footage shows the thief being surrounded and eventually has to be rescued by the police.录像表明这名小偷被众人包围,最终不得不靠警察解围At around pm yesterday evening, a thief tried to break into the school.昨晚约点左右,一名小偷试图入校盗窃According to witnesses who later posted online, the thief was spotted on the first floor by students who were staying up late to watch a documentary about Kobe Bryant.据目击者晚些时候在网上发帖称,该小偷到一楼时,被熬夜等待看科比布莱恩特退役赛的学生们发现Around 1,000 people flocked to chase the thief.约00名学生围追堵截该名小偷Unbeknownst to the thief, the students were all majoring in marital arts.这名小偷一定不知道,他的偷窃对象竟是武术专业出身They chased and beat him all the way to the gate of the campus, surrounding him.他们一路追打小偷直到学校大门口,并将小偷包围Police arrived at the scene and found it difficult to rescue him from the massive crowd.警察赶到现场后发现,很难将小偷从众人中营救出来In the footage, the mob can be seen following the thief and shouting aggressively.在录像中能够看出,群众一路跟随小偷并愤怒高呼More people can be seen joining the group and gathering around the unlucky thief.越来越多人加入到人群中,将这名不幸的小偷围在中间They start to kick and hit him, each having their turn at beating the man.接着学生们开始踢打小偷,轮流殴打他On Chinarsquo;s social media site Weibo, thousands of people have shared and commented on the news.在中国社交媒体微上,成百上千人转发和了该条微One user wrote: rsquo;Sports Institute? Seriously? Why on earth would someone steal at a place where everyone runs faster than himrsquo;.一位网友说:;体育学院?你在逗我吗?怎么会有人去一个所有人都跑得比他快的地方盗窃;While another said: rsquo;Irsquo;m sure at that moment the thief was begging the police to comersquo;.还有网友说:;我觉得这一刻,小偷一定在祈祷警察快点出现;。

  • 爱犬跳入临终女主人的怀里告别,感动了在场所有的医护人员 -- :: 来源: 在它远远看看女主人的那一刹那,它便不愿再多等一分钟在所有人都还没反应过来的时候,它已经径直奔向Rejane,跳到她的病床上,舔她的脸多么感人的久别重逢! Rejane Chili is 9 years old and lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil. A few months ago, she found out that she had cancer and the disease quickly progressed into a terminal state. Very debilitated, Rejane can no longer leave the hospital, having being kept there several weeks aly. Throughout this difficult period, the woman receives the regular visit from her friends and family, but she often complains about the absence of someone very special.今年9年的Rejane Chili住在巴西的阿雷格里港几个月前她查出了自己患了癌症,并且病情迅速恶化几周之后,她的身体越来越虚弱,已经离不开医院了在这段艰难的时期,她的家人和朋友经常过来探望陪伴她,但她经常抱怨见不到她那位特殊的朋友Rejane is crazy about her dog Ritchie. She’s taken care of him ever since he was a puppy and spoils her pet as much as she does her own son. Rejane, being apart from him has been torture. Scared about the possibility of dying without seeing Ritchie again, she asks several times the dog to be brought in a last visit. However, the hospital’s police are against the presence of animals. Mostly because the risk of contamination is very high someone with such poor health. But Rejane is dying, and coming into contact with a few extra germs cannot greatly deteriorate her current state. Touched by this final wish, the Palliative Care Group of the Ernesto Dornelles Hospital, where she is being treated, decides to make an exception and allow the entry of this furry visitor.Rejane说的是她的爱犬Ritchie,她非常想念它在Ritchie还很小的时候,Rejane就开始照料它,像亲生孩子一样宠爱它对Rejane来说,与Ritchie分开这么久让她非常煎熬因为害怕不能爱犬最后一面,Rejane多次请求把她的爱犬带过来让她见见但是院方不允许将动物带进来主要考虑到这么做的话,很容易感染身体状况这么差的病人但Rejane已经到了生命中的最后一刻,即使感染一些细菌也不会对她当前的状态产生多大的影响了也是被她最后的愿望感动了,她所在的医院,埃内斯托的姑息治疗中心Dornelles医院最后决定破例允许把Ritchie带进来On the agreed day, Tiago, Rejane’s son, travels with the dog in a taxi to meet his mum. security reasons, the meeting is scheduled to take place in a special room. However, once Ritchie sees from far away his owner, he can’t wait a minute more. The animal runs toward Rejane and bee anyone could react, he jumps onto her hospital bed, licking her face. What a moving encounter! those around them, it is impossible to hold back the tears.在指定的那天,Rejane的儿子Tiago带着Ritchie坐计程车来到医院看望妈妈出于安全考虑,这次会面被安排在一个特殊的房间然而,在Ritchie远远看看女主人的那一刹那,它便不愿再多等一分钟在所有人都还没反应过来的时候,它已经径直奔向Rejane,跳到她的病床上,舔她的脸多么感人的懈逅!此时,周围的人已经抑制不住自己的眼泪Those images are really touching! Rejane’s last wish was surely an uncommon one, but it shows how attached we can become to our beloved pets. Even in her final moments, this woman wanted to make sure she could say good bye to her best friend. Whenever possible, we should always try to fulfill the last wishes of those who are about to leave this world.这些照片真的太感人了!Rejane最后的心愿的确不是很常见,但展示了我们可以与我们的宠物相互之间变得多么依恋即使到了她生命中最后的一刻,这位女主人还是想和她最好的朋友道个别不管什么时候,如果可能,我们都应满足那些即将离开这个世界的人们的愿望。
  • 男子拔火罐背上烧出7个大洞 -- :: 来源: 近日来自成都的一名男子因连续一个月拔火罐,背上竟然烧出了7个大洞 Horrifying images have emerged of a man left with seven holes in his back after undergoing cupping therapy which went wrong.这些可怕的照片显示,一名男子在拔了火罐之后,出了什么问题,背上留下了7个大洞63-year-old Li Lin from Chengdu, China, was promised that the treatment would make his ’frozen shoulder’ feel better, reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,63岁的李林(音)来自成都,治疗前他曾被许诺说拔火罐将使他“僵麻的肩膀”舒一些The man says he had been having cupping treatment every day in the same place around a month when large blisters started to appear.老李说他在近一个月的时间里,每天都在同一个地方拔火罐,后来他的背上开始出现了一些大水泡From May to June , Li underwent cupping in a small massage parlour to try and cure his frozen shoulder.在5月日到6月日期间,老李都在一个小房里拔火罐,希望能够治好他的肩周炎Frozen shoulder is a condition that leads to pain and stiffness in the shoulder and in some extreme cases people are unable to move their shoulder at all.肩周炎这种病会导致肩膀疼痛和僵硬,在极端情况下,病人甚至完全不能活动肩膀He said: ’The clerk advised me to stick to cupping a month to cure my frozen shoulder’.老李说道:“店员建议我坚持拔火罐一个月来治疗我的肩周炎”Cupping is a therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin creating suction and are thought to stimulate the flow of energy inside the body.拔火罐这种疗法是使用玻璃罐子的,点火排出空气后依靠吸力附着在人体皮肤上这种疗法被认为能够刺激人体内的能量流动During treatment, the man had the cups placed in exactly the same place every time.在治疗过程中,老李每次都在背上同一个地方拔罐Li said that during the last ten days, blisters began to m on his back from the locations the cups had been placed.据老李说,在疗程的最后天里,他背上拔火罐的地方开始出现了水泡Instead of stopping the treatment, he asked his wife to pop the blisters bee rubbing his back with oil.但是老李非但没有停止拔火罐的治疗,反而叫他的老伴儿把水泡扎破,然后涂上跌打油On June , the man went cupping treatment and during his walk home, he began to feel uncomtable and had a high fever.6月日那天,老李和往常一样去拔了罐,但是在回家途中,他开始感觉不舒,还发了高烧His family rushed him to the hospital.老李的家人将他紧急送到了医院Surgeon Xie Liang said that when Li was sent to the emergency room with a fever of 37.7 degrees and his back was completely swollen.外科医生谢亮(音)表示说,当老李被送到急诊室时,他高烧达到了37.7度,背上完全肿了On examination, it was found that he had a bacterial infection.在检查时,医生们发现老李有细菌感染的症状Doctors said that it was lucky that Li came to the hospital when he did as if he had continued then he would have developed sepsis.据医生们表示,还好老李到医院来了,否则任由病情继续拖延下去的话,有可能会恶化成为脓毒症Medical staff said that the cupping should not have been done in the same position as it causes skin burns and infections.据医务人员表示,拔火罐不应该每次都在同一个地方,不然的话会造成皮肤烧伤和感染Li’s situation is improving and is not considered life threatening.老李的病情正在改善,没有生命危险。
  • 印尼:性侵儿童者将被“化学阉割” --31 ::1 来源:chinadaily 印尼总统佐科5日签署允许对性侵儿童犯实行更严苛惩罚措施的法令(网页截图)Child sex abuse is now punishable by death and chemical castration in Indonesia after its president on Wednesday issued a new law following the brutal gang rape and murder of a -year-old girl. 印尼总统于上周三发布新法令,性侵儿童者将被处以死刑或化学阉割此前,一名岁的女孩遭到轮奸并被残忍杀害The battered body of the victim was discovered, naked and tied up, in a est on the island of Sumatra after she was attacked by a group of teenagers in April. Seven offenders have been jailed years. 这个女孩在四月被一群青少年杀害,人们在苏门答腊岛的森林中发现了她的尸体,她手脚被绑,伤痕累累,赤身裸体七名罪犯被判处年监禁"Sexual violence against children, as I have said, is an extraordinary crime," President Joko Widodo told journalists, according to a statement. 据一篇声明称,印尼总统佐科对记者说:“我说过,针对孩子的性暴力,是非常严重的犯罪行为”"We hope that this law will be a deterrent offenders and can suppress sexual crimes against children," Widodo said, also tweeting the news on his official . 他说:“我们希望这条法律可以震慑犯罪分子,抑制针对孩子的性犯罪”他还把这条新闻发布在自己的官方推特账户上New rules 新法令Chemical castration is the use of drugs to reduce libido or sexual activity. It is a legal m of punishment in South Korea, Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as in some US and Australian states. 化学阉割是采用药物抑制性欲或性行为的方法,在韩国、波兰、捷克,以及美国和澳大利亚的一些州都是法定的惩罚措施Convicted pedophiles who have served jail sentences could also be ced to wear ankle monitors so that authorities can trace their movements. 曾被判刑的恋童癖罪犯也会被强制戴上脚踝监控器,这样有关部门就能查探他们的行踪The law is effective immediately, although Indonesia's parliament has the power to overturn it or demand revisions. 此项法令立即生效,尽管印尼议会有权推翻或要求重新修订"These acts threaten and endanger children, and they destroy the lives and development of children the future," the president's statement said. 总统在声明中说:“这些行为威胁并危及到了儿童,摧毁了未来孩子们的生活和成长”The law was drafted to address a significant increase in cases of sexual violence against children, Widodo said, although he gave no statistics to illustrate an increase. 他说,起草这条法令是为了解决针对儿童性暴力案件显著增加的问题,尽管他没有给出数据说明增加的情况The country has long struggled with a high incidence of sexual violence, and several cases have been reported recently. 印尼很久以来都在和高发的性暴力事件做抗争,最近又报道发生了几起案件Vocabulary: castration: 阉割 deterrent: 威慑 libido: 性欲 pedophile: 恋童癖者翻译:实习生孙美真编审:yaning。
  • 《越狱发布“回归预告片” -- :59:9 来源:chinadaily 年大热的美剧《越狱(Prison Break)曾经是很多美剧迷的启蒙剧,紧张的剧情,高颜值的演员,精良的制作,引得无数剧迷“竞折腰”,陷入与美剧的“初恋”所以,年FOX公司宣布要重启该剧(revive the series)的时候,剧迷们简直要疯了而就在昨天(5月日),FOX公司首次发布了回归版全集预告片(full-length trailer the revival series),引来剧迷们的一片欢呼声我们来看看外媒的报道:Fox released the first full-length trailer the revival series yesterday and seeing the original gang back together again brought all the feels.Fox昨日(5月日)发布了该剧回归版的全集预告片,看到原班人马悉数回归,当年追剧的感觉又回来了The jam-packed two-minute trailer sets up the main plot the ten-parter which is due to air next year. Michael is alive and he’s got himself locked up the third time. First it was Fox River, then there was Sona - the ghastly, lawless prison in Panama - and now Michael’s incarcerated in Morocco. But what did the tattooed jailbird do to find himself on the other side of the law yet again? 这段分钟的预告片信息量很大,展现了回归版十集的主要剧情,该剧将在明年播出新剧中,迈克还活着,而且第三次身陷狱中他第一次入狱是在Fox River,之后,是在巴拿马那间令人恐惧、毫无法则可言的Sona监狱,而这一次,迈克被关在洛哥但是,他究竟做了什么事被关进去的呢?这里说的重启或回归(revival)指在之前剧集的基础上发展出新的剧情,而前几年,国内特别流行的翻拍(remake)则是重新组织一批人马,把相同的故事情节稍加改动之后,重新拍一遍预告还是剧透?Trailer,有时也叫preview,预告片,指为了宣传即将上映的影片而制作的推广视频,一般会透露一点剧情,留下许多悬念最早的时候,这一类预告片一般都在正片播放结束以后播出,就像一个影片后面还挂了个拖车(trailer)一样但是,因为观众看完影片就离场了,这样的播放没有取得预期的效果,所以后来都改在影片播放之前放映,但是trailer这个名字却保留了下来Spoiler,剧透,看到这个词,你就应该能想到被剧透以后整个看剧的心情都被毁了(spoiled)剧透包括很多种,有刚开始就告诉你结局的,还有透露关键剧情的,人物命运的,等等看看FOX发布的预告片,你觉得他们这算剧透了吗?(视频来源:优酷,编辑:Helen)。
  • 灯光会影响人们对食物的选择 --01 ::5 来源: 如今,新的研究表明室内的灯光也许会令你不知不觉吃更多的东西在明亮的房间里,人们警惕度会更高,会做出更有前瞻性的决定 It’s no secret that sticking to your healthy diet is tougher when you eat out. There are the massive restaurant portion sizes, and sneaky calorie bombs (buffalo chicken salad, we’re looking at you!) — and now new research suggests ambient lighting can trick you into eating more too.众所周知,在外面吃饭的时候还想保持健康饮食是比较困难的饭店的食物分量很大,卡路里也极高(布法罗鸡肉沙拉,我们说的就是你!)如今,新的研究表明室内的灯光也许会令你不知不觉吃更多的东西 the study, published in The Journal of Marketing Research, the researchers began by looking at the orders of 0 diners at four chain restaurants. Half the diners were seated in dimly-lit rooms, and half were seated in well-lit areas. The diners who were sitting in low light ordered 39% more calories. Meanwhile the people in brighter surroundings were % to % more likely to choose healthy items (think grilled fish or white meat and veggies). In follow-up experiments, the researchers replicated these results with hundreds of colleged-aged students.发布于《行销研究期刊的一项研究指出,调查人员研究了来自家连锁饭店的0名用餐者的点菜单有一半的用餐者坐在灯光昏暗的房间,另一半坐在灯光明亮的房间前者点餐的卡路里总量要比后者高出39%而且,在明亮环境里的人有%-%的几率会倾向于选择健康食品(例如烤鱼、烤白肉和素菜)在后续实验中,调查员又研究了数百名大学生,得到了同样的结果What is it about brightness that leads us to eat smarter? “We feel more alert in brighter rooms and theree tend to make more healthful, ward-thinking decisions,” lead author Dipayan Biswas, PhD, explained in a press release.灯光的昏暗程度究竟是不是我们更明智选择食物的原因呢?第一作者Dipayan Biswas在一场媒体发布会上提出:“在明亮的房间里,人们警惕度会更高,会做出更有前瞻性的决定”In fact, the researchers found that when diners in dimly-lit rooms were given a coffee placebo (or simply asked to be more alert) they were just as likely as their peers in the well-lit rooms to make healthy food choices.事实上,调查员发现,当为坐在灯光昏暗房间里的用餐者提供咖啡安慰剂(或者仅仅告诫他们学会谨慎)时,他们也会像那些坐在灯光明亮的房间里的人一样,选择健康食品It seems making healthy choices has more to do with the brightness of your mental state than the brightness of the room. So don’t swear off candle-lit dinners yet.这样看来,是否能做出健康的选择更大程度上取决于自己的心理状态而不是室内灯光的昏暗程度所以,不要再抵触烛光晚餐啦The best way to avoid overindulging is to make yourself feel more alert, said co-author Brian Wansink, PhD, the director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab.康奈尔食物与品牌实验室的负责人,共同作者Brian Wansink士说,预防大吃大喝最好的方式是让自己时时刻刻处于警觉状态That could mean going a brisk walk bee dinner, or splashing some water on your face an instant energy boost. Pick-me-ups like these might actually be preferable, because as Wansink pointed out, mood lighting isn’t all bad. In prior research, his lab has found that people who eat in darkened rooms enjoy their food more, eat slower, and consume less overall.也就是说,在晚餐前快步走一会儿,或者在脸上洒点水,瞬间清醒一下这些提神儿方式很有用正如Wansink表示的那样,气氛灯光也不是一无是处他在之前的实验研究中,发现在昏暗房间里就餐的人会更加享受自己的食物,吃饭的速度也更慢,总体消费也比较低。
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