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昆玉市做眼袋手术多少钱新疆哪家医院去痣好Do you know how many people watched you online?知道自己有多少在线观众吗?Um, I dont know how many.我不知道有多少。You want me to tell you? What?想让我告诉你吗?多少?你有8000万在线观众。我不知道。网上有8000万人关注你。我32年的职业生涯还没你多。哈哈。Thats good. What do you do? What do you do?这非常好。你干了什么那么受欢迎?Um, clean up my toys.我清洗我的玩具。You clean up your toys? Uh-huh.清洗你的玩具?是的。Sometimes I love to play with my lamby.我喜欢玩我的娃娃。And it has a heart button, and you can push the heart button, and then her voice comes.它有一个心形的按钮,按这个按钮就会出声。Anybody? Hey, let me show you something. Look up there. Look.在场的观众,这是什么鬼?我给你看样东西,看上面这个。Youre really pretty. Yeah. I know, yeah.你长得很好看。是的。我知道了,不用再说了。So, on this that your dad made, you sang a song? Uh-huh.你爸爸为你制作了这个视频,你还唱了首歌对吗?是的。The first was A Little Mermaid one.第一个视频我唱的是“小美人鱼”。Oh, A Little Mermaid. Uh-huh.哦,“小美人鱼”。是的。That was your first one? Mm-hmm.这是你唱得第一首歌吗?对的。What is it that you love about the song?你为什么喜欢这首歌?Um, I love all the songs because I know all the songs that I know, and I love to sing the songs I love.我喜欢唱所有,因为是我知道的歌曲,我喜欢唱我喜欢的歌曲。How many...how many songs do you know?你会唱多少歌曲?I know, um...I just learned Beauty and the Beast.我知道,恩...我刚刚学会了“美女与野兽”。You learned Beauty and the Beast? Uh-huh.你会唱“美女与野兽”?是的。Beauty and the Beast美女与野兽And the Beast met the Beauty野兽遇见美女And the Beauty saw the Beast美女看见野兽And then the Beast saw the Beauty野兽看见美女Look, why you got the pained look on your face?哦,你的脸怎么了,怎么那么难看?201706/514445新疆省祛疤手术多少钱 In the aftermath of an urban disaster,在城市灾难过后you should be on the lookout for the sort of things that can make the difference between life and death 你应该首当其中寻找那些必需品 在关键时刻能起到重要作用medical supplies, instant or canned foods,fresh water, light, and power sources.药品 速食以及罐头食品 干净的水 光源 电源An old medicine cabinet.Old buildings like this can be treasure troves for the scavenging survivor.一个旧药盒 这样的老建筑对求生者来说是难得的宝库Its toughened glass, this.Wheres that newspaper?这是钢化玻璃做的 刚才看到的报纸在哪里Lets see if we can use this to get into it.看看报纸能不能打碎它Ordinary newspaper folded correctly can make a seriously solid clap.如果折叠正确的话 普通报纸好比狼牙棒And then just bend it.And then that becomes really hard.Okay, lets get into this.然后这样对折 就会非常坚硬 让我们打碎它You got, like, wound dressing like that.Its always useful. Use that as cordage.Take that.这是创伤敷料 它总是很有用 还可以用来当绳索 这个要拿着Theres also something here with multiple potential survivor uses.这里还有一个求生者的万金油I think thats,thats potassium manganate.Use that, mix it with water, clean a wound.我觉得 这是锰酸钾 把它溶解于水可以清理伤口And also if you wet it, real purple use that, sprinkle in the snow,and that will act just like a marker an air marker.它吸水呈紫色 这个洒在雪上 就可以当标记 飞机指示标记Theres lots else I can do, lets take that.还有很多别的用处 拿上All useful stuff,but now its time to get off this top floor and out of this building.拿走有用的物品 现在我们要下楼并且离开这座建筑But with the exits locked,you got to look for another way down.但出口上了锁 我们需要另辟蹊径201609/469112阿拉尔双眼皮多少钱

乌鲁木齐假体隆鼻手术多少钱Im in an abandoned urban area pitting my wilderness survival skills against man-made dangers.我在废弃之城实践荒野求生术 于人为障碍之间穿梭This is for this.Im trying to access a building in search of survival essentials.这是黑暗模式 我在尝试进入这栋建筑 寻找生存必需品But my torch is out,and the series of ventilation shafts Im following have just got a load narrower.但我的火炬灭了 我所处的这节通风管 也变得越来越窄I hate cramped places like this.you know, there is so much of surviving confined places.我讨厌这种狭窄的地方 在狭小空间里求生要注意很多 Its just about trying to keep calm and not panic.要保持冷静 不能慌张As soon as you panic,your chest cavity expands,and a tight place becomes even tighter.Okay, just reach the end of this.一旦惊慌 胸腔便会扩张 狭小的地方便会感觉更窄 我们要到尽头了Its a tight spot,but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel,and one final squeeze should get me there.这块特别窄 但我能看见通道尽头的亮光 只要再挤一下 我就能出去了I have to control my breathing as best as I can,but the ventilation shaft is full of dust and grime,and Im reaching choking point.我要尽可能控制好呼吸 但是通风管满是灰尘与污垢 我快要窒息了its a difficult drop from ceiling to floor,requiring some acrobatics.从房顶跳到地上并不容易 这需要一些技巧but Im out and into the top floor of the building.Little bit, I got it, I got it.Man, its nice to be -- nice to be out of that place.但我还是出来了 进入了顶楼 慢慢的 可以了 天哪 爬出那个地方感觉真好At least Im off the roof and into the building.Lets check this place out.至少我不在屋顶上 而是在建筑物内部了 让我们先看看这个地方201609/468894乌鲁木齐哪家医院祛痣效果好 Watch out where youre ting.And these are gonna be edible.小心脚下 这些都能吃 You dont want to eat them raw.Really, you want to cook shellfish and try and keep them alive for something to eat later.你不会想生吃的 真的 你肯定会想吃熟的 那就要先养着 待会儿再吃Im gonna keep them safe in my backpack.Its a little tiddler.我就准备先养在我背包里 这是个小鱼儿Always collect as much as you can.一定要尽量多抓点Survivals about making the most of what you come across.要生存下来就要尽量 利用遇到的东西Guatemala has some of the longest and largest caves in central America.危地马拉有中美洲 最大最长的洞穴Most of them are totally unexplored.其中大部分都未经勘探Im gonna light the torch with my flint.我要用打火石点燃火把Very slippy on these rocks, just watch this out.这些石头非常滑 小心点Over millions of years, waters worn the rock away,making these tunnels and caverns.经过水流几百万年的冲刷侵蚀 这里才形成了这些溶洞It just shows how powerful it can be.这正彰显了其巨大的威力Hey, listen.At least something lives down here.快听 竟然还有小东西生活在这下面The mayans used to think that caves like this were the gateways to the underworld.玛雅人一直认为这样的洞穴 是通往地下世界的门户They called it ;Shivova;,it means ;place of fear;他们称之为;Shivova; 意思是敬畏之地One of the big dangers is going into caves like this is not being able to find your way out again.很危险的一件事就是 进这样的洞之后 可能会再也找不到出路If Ive learned anything about survival,youve always got to have an escape plan.所以逃生的秘诀就是 一定要制定一个逃脱计划And you know, a shape like this,it looks very unnatural.So if you have got to retreat,youve got some markers to follow.这样的形状 看起来很不寻常 所以万一要往回撤 得有一些标记引路201609/465438阿拉尔治疗白瓷娃娃多少钱

库尔勒激光治疗痤疮价格TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463915 原味人文风情:Dont Go There. Live There走吧!离家出走去旅行Dont go to Paris. Dont tour Paris. And please dont do Paris. Live in Paris. When you Airbnb in Paris, you have your own home. Make your bed, cook—you know, the stuff you normally do.别去巴黎。别游览巴黎。还有拜托别只是到过巴黎。住在巴黎吧。当你在巴黎用 Airbnb,你就有自己的家。自己铺床、做菜——你知道,你平常会做的事。Dont go to L.A. Dont go to New York. Dont go to Tokyo. Live there!别只是去洛杉矶。别只是去纽约。别只是去东京。住在那吧!Live in Malibu. Live in the East Village. Live in Shinagawa. Feel at home...anywhere. Do your regular routine.住在马里布。住在纽约东村。住在东京品川。感觉像在家……任何地方都一样。照你平常的生活步调走。Wherever you go, dont go there. Live there—even if its just for a night.不管你去到哪,别只是去那。住在当地——即使只有一晚。201606/450843图木舒克市背部脱毛乌鲁木齐那个医院激光祛斑便宜些



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