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伊宁曼托丰胸的价格乌鲁木齐哪家医院能祛抬头纹 China亚洲中国Football足球Keepy uppy逆袭Chinese football fans at last have something to cheer about中国球迷终于可以庆祝一次了ALTHOUGH they excel at gymnastics and table tennis, the sport many Chinese really want to win at is football.尽管在体操与乒乓领域都堪称王者,但好多中国人真心想拿下的还是足球。And yet, mired in match-fixing scandals and with little infrastructure to encourage schoolchildren, football has struggled.不过如今的足球发展得很挣扎,首先联赛深陷假球丑闻,其次学生们也没什么场地踢球。In November, though, Guangzhou Evergrande beat FC Seoul to become the first Chinese team to win the Asian Champions League.但在11月,广州恒大击败了首尔FC,成为了首赢得亚冠联赛的中国球队。Could its success have a broader impact?恒大的成功能带来更广的影响吗?The team, previously known as Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, had been relegated to the second division because of match-fixing before it was acquired in 2010 by the Evergrande Real Estate Group.在2010年恒大地产接手这家俱乐部前,恒大的前身广州广药已经因假球而降入二级联赛。Since then, it has won the Super League, Chinas equivalent of Englands Premier League, three times.自那以后,恒大已先后三次问鼎中超联赛。On December 7th it narrowly failed to clinch the treble, beaten in the final of the Chinese FA Cup.12月7日足协杯决赛恒大败北,与三冠王失之交臂。A revolutionary slogan has been reworked on the internet to celebrate the teams success: only real estate can save China.网民们改编了革命口号来热捧恒大的成功:只有恒大才能救中国。The teams route to the top would be familiar to English fans.英国球迷对于恒大登顶的方式很熟悉。Evergrande, headed by Xu Jiayin, a billionaire member of the Communist Party, paid m for the club.作为一名共产党员,亿万富翁许家印领导着俱乐部,收购俱乐部花了他1500万美元。In 2012, it hired Marcello Lippi, a World Cup-winning Italian coach, for 16m a year.2012年,恒大签下了世界杯冠军教头马塞洛·里皮,他的年薪是1600万美元。The club also procured three South American stars and many Chinese national-team members.同时恒大还签下了三位南美球星以及一干中国国脚。Rowan Simons, chairman of China ClubFootball, which promotes the game, says this is just the start of such big spending.致力于推广足球运动的北京万国群星足球俱乐部主席罗文·西蒙斯称,这只是大笔烧钱的开始。Evergrandes model may not boost the sport at lower levels, however. Relatively few young people play organised football because of lack of facilities and encouragement.但恒大模式或许不会让这项运动从基层得到发展,由于缺少基础设施与资助,所以相对来说少有年轻人组队踢球。Parents prefer academic success to wasting time on sport.家长们更希望孩子学业有成,而非在体育上浪费时间。The recent visit of Britains prime minister, David Cameron, brought some assistance.英国首相戴维·卡梅隆最近访问了中国,带来了一些帮助。The English Premier League agreed to support a coaching programme that aims to reach more than 1.2m Chinese students by 2016.英超联赛愿意持一项培训计划,目标在2016年前接受120万名中国学生参加培训。The initiatives are a good start, says Mr Simons, but a stricter line on match-fixing and more grassroots support will be needed before Chinese football can become world class.西蒙斯表示,有积极性是一个好的开始,但是中国的足球要到达世界级水准,那还需要严控假球,以及更多的草根持。 /201312/270271双河激光脱腋毛多少钱

克拉玛依哪家隆鼻医院比较好Business商业报道Veolias boardroom battle威立雅集团的董事会斗争Plumbing the depths政界涉商之深What a row over a water company says about French capitalism.从一家水务公司总经理的连续更替来看法国的资本主义。EVEN by the standards of French business, from which politics is rarely absent, it was an outrageous plan.即便是按照法国商业的惯例,即鲜有政不涉商的标准来看,威立雅集团的打算也是极其过分的。This week news emerged of a plot to oust Antoine Frerot, chief executive of Veolia, a private water and waste group, and replace him with Jean-Louis Borloo, a politician and former energy minister.本周,风言威立雅水务集团密谋用前能源部长,政客让路易·洛取代现任总经理安东尼 弗雷罗的消息四起。Civil servants regularly take the top job at blue-chip French firms.在法国,公务人员担任蓝筹股公司高管也算常事。But Mr Borloo, who has no experience running a business, seemed singularly unqualified to run an unprofitable company which needs deep restructuring.但是由丝毫没有商业经验的洛似乎绝不可以胜任掌管一家需要深度重组的亏损公司。Mr Borloo is a friend of Henri Proglio, who was Veolias chief executive from 2003 until .洛是亨利 布格洛的好友,后者2003至09年曾任威立雅集团的总经理一职。Mr Proglio then handed the job to Mr Frerot, his chosen successor, and became chief executive of Electricite de France, a utility.之后接替布格洛的是其亲自挑选的继任人弗雷罗,而布格洛到公用事业公司法国电力担任总经理。For a year after becoming boss of EDF, Mr Proglio stayed on as Veolias chairman, collecting two big pay packages.在布格洛掌管法国电力一年之后,他仍保有威立雅集团的董事长头衔,同时拿着两大公司的薪酬。After a corporate-governance storm, he stepped down as chairman of Veolia in 2010 but kept a seat on its board.在企业治理风暴之后布格洛才辞掉威立雅集团董事长一职但仍拥有董事席位。The origin of this weeks row is Mr Frerots plan to restructure Veolia, one of Frances largest private-sector employers.本周传言的起因是,威立雅集团,这家法国头号私营公司的主管弗雷罗计划对公司进行重组而引发的。The firms shares have fallen by 60% in the past 12 months, as it has struggled with tumbling profits and high debt.威立雅集团由于利益下滑和重债缠身,去年一年股价下跌了60%。Instead of following the path set out by his former boss, Mr Frerot announced last December that he would take an axe to Mr Proglios empire,弗雷罗去年十二月宣称将放弃前任的既定方案,which spanned 77 countries and 250 varieties of business, and turn Veolia into something resembling a modern, focused company.对这家涉及77个国家,250种商业活动的公司进行大刀阔斧的改革,使之成为一家现代化的、有主要项目的公司。He announced a sale of assets worth 5 billion and a retreat to 40 markets, as well as an overhaul of the companys culture.弗雷罗还宣布将出售价值50亿欧元的资产,退出40个市场,并重建企业文化。It was entirely clear that something radical needed to be done to focus the business, says Per Lekander, an analyst with UBS, an investment bank, in Paris.非常明显,发展重点项目肯定需要做一些出格的事情,位于巴黎的投行瑞银集团的分析师佩尔·莱坎德如是所说。But Mr Frerots rebellion has infuriated Mr Proglio, who has reportedly been briefing fellow board members of Veolia that they need to replace him.不过弗雷罗的离经叛道激怒了布格洛,据报道布格洛已与董事会的其他成员碰头商讨要替换弗雷罗。Mr Borloo has denied that he wants to become Veolias chief executive, but has admitted meeting board members.布格洛否认他想担任总经理一职,但承认了与董事们会面。Nicolas Sarkozy, Frances president, was obliged to deny any involvement in the plan to replace Mr Frerot.法国总统萨科奇被迫否认参与了密谋替换弗雷罗一事。Francois Hollande, the Socialist candidate in the presidential election this spring, denounced the plot.参加今年春季总统大选的社会党候选人弗朗索瓦·奥朗德谴责了这个阴谋。Mr Frerot should keep his job, at least for now; Mr Sarkozy cannot risk more controversy so soon before the election.他认为至少当前应该让弗雷罗继续工作。大选临近,萨科奇也不敢再惹争议。Nonetheless, the affair should worry shareholders in big French companies.事尽如此,此事还是让持有法国大公司股票的股东们人心惶惶。The practice of parachuting political figures to the top of important firms is thriving, despite hopes that it was on the way out.尽管只是希望有条出路,但往大公司的高管职位上空降政治人物的活动还是很流行的。Most recently, Alexandre de Juniac, a chief of staff to Christine Lagarde when she was finance minister, took charge at Air France in spite of having no operating experience of the airline business.最近,曾在拉杰德任财长时担任其幕僚长的亚历山大·德 朱尼亚克,在毫无航空业管理经验的情况下掌管起了法航。France Inc continues to be influenced by a small network of politically connected power brokers. Mr Proglios continuing sway over Veolia is merely an extreme example.法国公司继续被一小撮有着政治纽带的权力经纪人所影响着。而布格洛对威立雅集团持续不断的影响仅仅只是个特例。 /201305/241923 Science and technology科学技术Forensic science司法科学Ignorance is bliss无知即是福Forensic scientists know too much about the cases they investigate法医科学家对他们调查的案子知道得太多AS ALL fans of crime fiction know, DNA is the gold standard of forensic science. Or is it?所有的罪案小说迷都知道,DNA是司法科学的黄金标准。它到底是么?Itiel Dror, a cognitive psychologist at University College, London, thinks this doctrine of infallibility needs to be questioned.一位伦敦的大学认知心理学专家Itiel Dror认为这个说法的正确性有待考验。His problem is not with the technology itself, but with the way it is deployed.他的问题不是针对技术本身而是它进行的方式。For he has gathered evidence that DNA examiners interpretations of their results are, at least in complex cases, open to subjectivity and bias.因为他已经搜集了据明DNA鉴定者对他们结果的解释至少在复杂的案子里易受主观性和偏差的影响。When Americas National Academy of Sciences produced a report on the state of forensic science in ,当美国国家科学院在年发表了一片关于司法科学现状的报告时,it criticised many of the methods then in use.它批判了很多当时正在应用的鉴定方式。Citing earlier research by Dr Dror, the reports authors stated,引用这篇报道的作者Dror士早前做的研究,for example, that fingerprint examiners claims of zero error rates were scientifically implausible.例如,指纹鉴定者宣称的零误差在科学上是不合理的。DNA, however, was spared their criticism. Now Dr Dror and Greg Hampikian,然而DNA省去了他们的批判。a forensic biologist at Boise State University in Idaho, have published a study in Science amp; Justice that suggests all is not shipshape in the domain of the double helix either.现在,Dror士和伊西的爱达荷州立大学的法医学生物学家Greg Hampikian在科学与正义上发表了一篇研究,表明所有的东西都不是井然有序的,在双螺旋线的领域里也不是。Dr Drors and Dr Hampikians experiment presented data from a real case to 17 DNA examiners working in an accredited government laboratory in North America.士Dror和Dr Hampikian士的实验提供一个真实案例的数据给17个在一家受认可的北美政府实验室里工作的DNA鉴定员。The case involved a gang rape in the state of Georgia, in which one of the rapists testified against three other suspects in exchange for a lighter sentence,这起案件涉及到一宗乔治亚州的轮奸案,其中一名强奸犯为了让自己获得轻判做了不利于其它三名嫌疑者的言,as part of a plea bargain.作为认罪辩诉协议的一部分。All three denied involvement, but the two DNA examiners in the original case both found that they could not exclude one of the three from having been involved, based on an analysis of swabs taken from the victim.其他三名嫌疑人全部否认参与强奸,但是根据从受害者处提取的药签分析,原案中有两位DNA鉴定师都发现他们无法排除三名中的其中一名参与了强奸。As is almost always true in forensic-science laboratories, these examiners knew what the case was about.由于在司法科学实验室里总是什么都是对的,这些鉴定师们知道这个案子到底是怎么回事了。And their findings were crucial to the outcome because in Georgia, as in many other states, a plea bargain cannot be accepted without corroborating evidence.而且他们的手指对于出来的结果是至关重要的,因为在乔治亚,同时也在很多其它州,认罪辩诉如果没有确实的据是无法被接受的。However, of the 17 examiners Dr Dror and Dr Hampikian approached—who, unlike the original two,然而,在Dror士和Hampikian接触的17个鉴定师中—他们不像开始两位鉴定师那样,knew nothing about the context of the crime,对犯罪内容一无所知,only one thought that the same suspect could not be excluded.有一位认为一样的嫌疑不能被排除。Twelve others excluded him, and four abstained.另外十二位把他排除了,而四位弃权。Though they cannot prove it, Dr Dror and Dr Hampikian suspect the difference in contextual information given to the examiners was the cause of the different results.尽管他们无法明,Dror士和Hampikian士怀疑鉴定师得到的上下文信息的区别是引起这些不同结果的原因。The original pair may have subliminally interpreted ambiguous information in a way helpful to the prosecution, even though they did not consciously realise what they were doing.开始的两个人也许已经在下意识里以某种有益于控方的方式破译了模棱两可的信息,即使他们没有清楚地意识到当时他们在做什么。And DNA data are ambiguous more often than is generally realised.而且DNA数据往往比普遍了解的要模棱两可。Dr Dror thinks that in about 25% of cases, tiny samples or the mixing of material from more than one person can lead to such ambiguity.Dror士认为在大约25%的案子里,小样本或者从不止一人身上取来的混合物质可能导致这样的二义性。Moreover, such is DNAs reputation that, when faced with claims that the molecule puts a defendant in a place where a crime has been committed,此外,DNA的好名声就是这样,当面临宣称用DNA分子明被告所犯的罪的时候,that defendant will often agree to a plea-bargain he might otherwise not have accepted.被告通常会同意认罪辩诉,否则他也许不会接受。This one example does not prove the existence of a systematic problem.这个例子没有明系统性问题的存在。But it does point to a sloppy approach to science.但是它确实指出了一个科学上草率的方法。According to Norah Rudin, a forensic-DNA consultant in Mountain View, California, forensic scientists are beginning to accept that cognitive bias exists,根据一位加利福尼亚州芒廷维尤的法庭DNA顾问Norah Rudin,法庭科学家正在开始接受那种认知性偏差的存在,but there is still a lot of resistance to the idea, because examiners take the criticism personally and feel they are being accused of doing bad science.但仍然有很多阻力,因为鉴定师个人会接受批评,觉得自己被谴责说自然科学学得差。According to Dr Rudin, the attitude that cognitive bias can somehow be willed away, by education, training or good intentions, is still pervasive.根据Rudin士,认知偏差可以通过某种方式意识性去除的态度是普遍的,比如通过教育、训练或好意的方式。Medical researchers, by contrast, take great care to make drug trials blind,相比之下,医学研究者非常注意使药物试验不透明,so that neither the patient nor the administering doctor knows who is receiving the drug being tested, and who is getting a control drug or placebo.所以病人和用药的医生都不知道接受药物测试的是谁,和控制药物和安慰剂的是谁。When someones freedom—and, in an American context, possibly his life, as well—is at stake,在美国环境中,当某人的自由和他的生命也危在旦夕的时候,it surely behoves forensic-science laboratories to take precautions that are equally strong.法医科学实验室应当采取相当的强预防措施。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201306/244629新疆维吾尔自治区维吾尔医医院做祛疤手术多少钱昆玉市做永久脱毛多少钱



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