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新疆医科大学第二附属医院打美白针多少钱双河市激光脱毛多少钱Valentine Day情人节February th is a complicated but interesting holiday. First of all, Valentine Day is not a holiday from work. No one gets a day off. On Valentine Day people ususlly send romantic cards to someone they love or want to be loved by. The cards are called ;valentines;. They are very colourful, often decorated with hearts, flowers or birds, and have humorous or sentimental verses printed inside. The basic message of the verse is always ;Be My Valentine;, ;Be My Sweet Heart; or ;Lover;.月日是一个复杂而又有趣的节日首先,情人节不是一个休假日没人放假在情人节这一天,人们爱谁或想得到谁的爱,就可给那个人寄去充满浪漫情趣的卡片这种卡片叫“情人卡”情人卡色鲜艳,常装饰有心、花或鸟,里面还印有幽默或感伤性的诗句这些诗句传递的基本信息总是“做我的情人吧”、“做我甜蜜的心上人或情人吧”One of the symbols of St.Valentine Day is the Roman god of Love, called Cupid. Cupid is often printed on the card, who is winged infant without wearing anything, poised to shoot his arrow into a heart. He would shoot an arrow of love into a person heart to make the person fall in love immediately, maybe with the first person to come along. Sometimes one arrow would go through two hearts, holding them together. So on February th not only do we have picture of the Christian St.Valentine but we also have pitures of the non-Christian Cupid, the Roman god of love.情人节的标志之一是罗马爱神——丘比特丘比特经常被印在卡片上,他是一个赤身裸体、长有翅膀的婴儿,手里拿着箭,摆出一副要射心的姿势他把爱之箭射中一个人的心,这个人会很快坠入爱河,可能是和他(她)第一个见到的人有时候,一箭会射中两颗心,把它们穿在一起所以在月日,我们不仅有基督的“圣·瓦伦登”的画像,还有非基督的罗马爱神丘比特的画像But it is from the Christians that we get the stories about Valentine Day that most people have come to believe. One story is about a Christian man whose name sounded something like ;Valentine.; He lived around 50 A.D. At that time the Roman Emperor Claudius refused to allow any Roman soldiers to get married any reason whatsoever. Christian couples came to Valentine to be married. So Valentine would marry them in a Christian way. He was discovered and put in prison by the Emperor. One tradition says that he wrote notes to his friends by making on leaves and then throwing them out the window of his prison. And the leaves were shaped like a heart.大多数人相信的情人节的故事来源于基督教其中有个故事提到,有一个基督徒的名字听起来像“瓦伦登”他大约生活在公元前50年那时罗马皇帝克劳狄乌斯禁止罗马士兵以任何借口结婚信奉基督教的夫妇就去找“瓦伦登”主持结婚“瓦伦登”以基督教方式为他们秘密举行婚礼,后来被罗马皇帝发现送进监狱传说他在叶子上做标记给他朋友传递信息,然后把叶子扔出监狱的窗外这些叶子的形状是心形的 186北屯做双眼皮手术多少钱 Mass Murderer Wins Human Rights Case杀人魔人权诉讼案胜诉A Norwegian mass murderer gave a Nazi salute to the court bee winning a human rights case this week. Anders Breivik, who killed 69 young political activists at a summer camp in , convinced the court that his experience in solitary confinement qualifies as “inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment”. The judge who ruled in favour of Breivik stated that killers and terrorists have the right not to receive inhuman treatment. much of his prison life, Breivik has spent to 3 hours in solitary confinement with no contact with other inmates and limited contact with staff. According to the ruling, prison authorities must now find ways to involve Breivik in the prison commy and improve his living conditions.本周,挪威杀人魔安德斯·布雷维克人权案胜诉,布雷维克庭审行纳粹极右礼称因单独监禁,布雷维克遭受了不人道,以及有侮辱人格的对待和惩罚,年,政治活动人士布雷维克在夏令营杀69人法官赞同他的诉讼,称杀人犯同恐怖分子一样,有免遭不人道对待的权力监禁期间,每天有-3个小时独自生活,且无法与其他狱友交谈,限制与工作人员接触次数据法院规定,监狱当局必须要让布雷维克与监狱融为一体,并提高他的生活质量译文属原创,,不得转载 3950FD: It may comt you to know that many people attended his viewing.Holly:How did they hear? No one called.FD: In times of loss, it is often hard to pick up the phone. But his whole family was here.Holly:His mom and dad must be destroyed. He was their only son.FD: And he was so young, with so much life to look ward to.Holly:Yes...thank you understanding. We have to go now.FD: This sheet tells the visiting hours and funeral time and location.参考译文:葬仪员: 今天有很多人出席他的遗容瞻仰,这点或许能让你感到宽慰些荷 莉: 他们是如何得知的?没人打电话来葬仪员: 在痛失亲人之际,打电话常常是很痛苦的不过他全家人都来了荷 莉: 他父母一定伤心欲绝他是他们的独子葬仪员: 而且他这么年轻,还有大好人生等着他荷 莉: 是的……谢谢你的善解人意我们现在得走了葬仪员: 这张单子有告知致哀时间、葬礼时间和地点重点词汇:comt (v.)安慰Some candy and tea should help comt him.给他一些糖和茶,应该有助于安抚他的情绪attend (v.)出席,参加A: Ill be attending your wedding next weekend.我下星期会去参加你的婚礼B: Great! Be sure to bring your sister along.太好了!记得带你姊姊一起来in times of loss在失去…之际In times of loss, we all have to take care of each other.在痛失亲友之际,我们应该照顾彼此destroy (v.)破坏,毁坏This computer screen is destroying my eyes.这个计算机屏幕正在摧残我的视力look ward to盼望,期待来临I look ward to leaving Taiwan.我希望能离开台湾sheet (n.)单子,印刷物Hand me a sheet of paper.拿一张纸给我location (n.)位置,场所A business needs a good location to be successful.生意想要成功,必须要有好的地点 375885新疆祛痘哪家好

阿克苏市去黄褐斑多少钱foyer门厅、休息室,step on踩到To be on the Safe SideIn a cinema, during a permance, one of the audiences gets up, making his way along the row of seats and going out into the foyer.A few minutes later he returns and asks the man sitting at the head of the row."Excuse me, was it your foot I stepped on when I was going out a moment ago?""Yes, but it doesn't really matter. It didn't hurt at all.""Oh, no, it isn't that. I only want to make sure that this is my row."保没走错在一家电影院里,一名观众在演出期间站了起来,沿着他那排位子走到休息室去了几分钟后,他回到那排位子并问坐在首位的那位男士道:“对不起,请问我刚才出去的时候是踩着你的脚吗?”“是的,不过没什么关系,一点也不疼”“噢,不,我不是这个意思我只是想确认一下这是不是我的那排位子”1. to be on the safe side 为了安全起见例:Just to be on the safe side, we have to leave ASAP. 为了慎重起见,我们必须尽快地离开这里. make one's way 向……进发,朝……走去:I made my way towards the harbor. 我朝港口的方向走3. at the head of... 在……的最前面;相反,“在……的结尾,末端”就是 at the end of.... step on one's foot 踩到某人的脚 Sorry, I didn't mean to step on your foot. 对不起,我不是故意踩你的5.hurt疼痛/使受伤现在流行的“伤不起”怎么翻译呢?就是can’t afd any hurt 5766乌市沙依巴克区祛除胎记要多少钱 1. What does fire away mean?:a) you can ask me anything you wantb) it's safe to fire the gunc) I think I can smell something burning. Which other expression has the same meaning as fire away?3. Is fire away a friendly or unfriendly thing to say? 79300阿拉尔市保妥适多少钱

新疆空军乌鲁木齐医院整形科Robert: OK...well, then how much is one jin?Uranda: Ginseng comes in 6 different grades. It runs from 5,000 to 30,000NT a jin.Robert: 30,000NT ginseng?! Do I have to buy a whole jin?Uranda: You can get a liang if you want. A liang is one-sixteenth of a jin. That would be 330NT.Robert: Whew! That sounds more like my price range. Ill take two liangs.Uranda: Ill have my brother cut some you.参考译文:罗 伯:好……那么一斤是多少钱呢?优兰达:人参有六种等级一斤的价格从五千到三万都有罗 伯:花三万块买人参?!我非得一斤一斤买吗?优兰达:要的话你也可以论两买一两是十六分之一斤,也就是三百三罗 伯:呼!那听来比较符合我的预算我买二两优兰达:我叫我大哥切给你重点词汇:grade (n.)  等级liang (n.)  此指一台两,十六台两为一台斤price range  价格的上下限,此指「花钱的预算」 9 Ninette de Valois妮内特·德瓦卢瓦Dame Ninette established ballet in a Britain that had no ballet tradition. Her Royal Ballet School became the cradle of an English ballet style, and her dance company evolved into the renowned Royal Ballet of Covent Garden.妮内特·德瓦卢瓦夫人在英国创建了芭蕾舞团,而当时的英国人从未接触过芭蕾舞她的皇家芭蕾舞学校是英式芭蕾舞的摇篮,她的舞蹈团最终发展成科文特加登的著名皇家芭蕾舞团Ninette de Valois was the stage name of Edris Stannus, born into an Anglo-Irish military family in County Wicklow, Ireland, June 6,1898. The family moved to England when she was 7,and at age she was perming in Lila Field’s Wonder Children in commercial theater. She went on to ballet, permed at seaside resorts when she was a teenager,and “danced the Dying Swan on every pier in England, she said. At that time, ballet in Britain was just a novelty turn in the variety theaters.妮内特·德瓦卢瓦是她的艺名,她的真名是爱德莉·斯坦奴,1898年6月6日出生于爱尔兰维克罗郡的一户英裔爱尔兰军人家庭她7岁的时候,全家搬到了英格兰,岁时,她就在一家商业剧院出演芭蕾舞剧《莱拉原野的神奇孩子青少年时期,她继续跳芭蕾舞,经常在海滨的度假胜地演出“我几乎在英国每一个码头上表演《垂死的天鹅”,她说当时,芭蕾舞在英国的杂耍剧院里只不过是一个新颖的节目De Valois took lessons from Italian dance master Enrico Cecchiti, and joined Diaghilev’s Ballets Russian company two years. She gave up dancing at 6 when she learned she had been struggling with the effects of undiagnosed childhood polio. “It was no tragedy, ” she said. “I wasn’t that great.” In 196, de Valois opened her London Academy of Choreographic Art, and med a small group of dancers. She began a collaboration with Lilian Baylis at the Old Vic theater, teaching movement to the actors and giving ballet permances. In 1931 she moved to Baylis,second theater, Sadler’s Wells, persuaded Frederic Ashton from the Marie Rambert ballet company to join her company as choreographer. It grew steadily and became the Sadler’s Wells Ballet.德瓦卢瓦师从于意大利舞蹈大师恩里科·切凯蒂,并在现代芭蕾创始人佳吉列夫领导的俄罗斯芭蕾舞团效力两年直到6岁,当得知她一直与之抗争的病是童年时未经确诊的小儿麻痹症后遗症时,她才不得不告别舞蹈生涯“这算不上悲剧,我也没那么伟大,”她说 196年德瓦卢瓦开办了伦敦舞蹈艺术学院,组建了一个小舞蹈团同时她也开始在老维多利亚剧院与莉莲·贝蕾斯合作,教授舞蹈演员舞蹈动作并上演芭蕾舞剧1931年她迁到贝蕾斯的第二剧院——赛德勒·维尔斯剧院,并劝请玛丽·兰伯特(注:英国著名舞蹈家,创办英国第一所舞蹈学校)芭蕾舞团的佛瑞德里克·阿什顿加入她的舞蹈团担任舞蹈指导该团不断稳步发展,后壮大成为赛德勒·维尔斯芭蕾舞团She was strict, imperious, and did not accept laziness or incompetence in her dancers. “If she walked into classroom, our backs would stiffen and our knees would start to shake. A word from her could make or break you, ” a mer student said.她严格、甚至苛刻,从不姑息迁就舞蹈学员的懒情和不合格“每当她走进教室,我们就觉得背开始发僵, 两腿开始颤抖因为她的一句话可以成就你,也可以毁掉你”她以前的一个学生说She was made a dame, the equivalent of a knight, in 1951, and France made her a chevalier of the Legion dHonneur in 1950. In 1980,Queen Elizabeth II made her a member of the exclusive Order of the Companions of Honor, men and women who have done “conspicuous national service.”1951年,她被授予女爵士头衔,这是与骑士同级的爵位,1950年法国授予她法国勋级会荣誉军团骑士勋位1980年女皇伊丽莎白二世册封她为勋爵士荣誉评审团成员,该团在英国具有无上的荣誉,并且该团的荣誉勋章一般只授给那些对国家有杰出功勋或业绩的人们 3893新疆伊犁哈萨克自治州友谊医院做隆胸手术多少钱双河市去除黑眼圈多少钱



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