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The Sound of Music Turns 50音乐之声50岁啦It has been 50 years since the release of the world-famous film, The Sound of Music. The musical and film were based on the true story of the von Trapp family in Nazi-occupied Austria. In the story, Maria, a singing nun played by Julie Andrews, leaves her convent to become the governess of the von Trapps. In additionto winning over the children and helping them become better singers, Maria eventually wins over the children’s father, a widowed naval officer played by Christopher Plummer. The story was first told in a book byMaria herself. The real mother wrote The Story of Trapp Family Singers to earn some money her family after her husband died. The book became a best-seller and inspired the Broadway musical and Hollywood film.Both the play and the film have held up over the years, and continue to delight audiences of all ages.世界著名电影作品“音乐之声”已经50岁了其音乐剧和电影都是根据冯·崔普的真实家庭故事改编而成,当时冯·崔普生活在被德国纳粹所侵占的奥地利在故事中,玛利亚是一名会唱歌的修女(由朱丽·安德鲁斯饰演),她离开了修道院,成为了冯·崔普家的一名家庭教师她获得了孩子们的赞同,并将他们变成了歌者,除此之外,她还赢得了孩子父亲的芳心,他们的父亲是一名寡居的海军军官(由克里斯托弗·普卢默饰演)起初,玛利亚将这个故事写成了书丈夫过世之后,她希望能够通过这本书让崔普一家挣些钱此书成为了畅销书籍,并激起了将它改变成百老汇音乐剧以及电影的想法音乐之声的音乐剧和电影一直不断上演,并仍将让男女老少所动容译文属原创,,不得转载 37753

qVSl-0^8eHi~MQ,eOL7bX*@Vs3rUa@0WlVpZ3Nu#mbEmma went to the market. She needed to buy food. She needed brown eggs. She opened a carton of brown eggs. She looked at the eggs. None of them were cracked. None of them were broken. All the eggs were okay. She closed the carton. She put the carton of eggs in her shopping cart. She needed red apples. She looked at a bag of red apples. She looked dark spots on the apples. She looked worm holes in the apples. She didn’t see any dark spots or worm holes. She put the bag of apples in her shopping cart.%X8!yMRQ;.Y6d5#V8oXgT3T#-7t@[AXXM~f,^kG+1H_GhS[Y 3857

Today New Year Resolutions, Earbuds the iPod, U.S. Bestsellers from the New York Times, ;Oh, my goodness!; and ;against all odds.; 795

Marcus:All right, let get started.马卡斯:好吧,让我们开始吧These documents wont sort themselves.这些文件可不会自行归档Rebecca:I really dont think sorting through documents is the best use of my time.瑞贝卡:我真的觉得整理文件对我来说有些大材小用Cant the company find an intern to do this?公司没找到做这种活的实习生吗?Marcus:We have confidential inmation in these files and unless we want a security breach, only people who are authorized to see it are allowed to do this job.马卡斯:我们这些文件都有机密信息,而且除非我们想要安全漏洞,否则只有经过授权的人才允许干这份差事Rebecca:Lucky us.瑞贝卡:我们可真够幸运的Marcus:Okay, we need to purge these files of outdated material.马卡斯:好吧,我们需要清理这些过时的文件Let start by sorting them into two piles either retention or destruction.我们先整理成两堆,一份留档另一份就销毁Rebecca:And then what?瑞贝卡:然后呢?Marcus:Then we have to further sort the destruction pile, either disposal in the recycling bin or to be shredded.马卡斯:接下来我们还得进一步整理销毁的文档,要么扔进垃圾桶要么就粉碎掉Rebecca:And who are the lucky people who get to do the shredding?瑞贝卡:那个粉碎文件的幸运儿是谁?Marcus:We get that honor, too.马卡斯:这项殊荣当然归我们Rebecca:Youre kidding!瑞贝卡:你在开玩笑吧!Im all safeguarding confidential inmation, but couldnt we just burn it all in a giant bonfire?我是要保护所有机密信息,但我们不能简简单单一把火烧掉所有完事?Marcus:And who do you think would be responsible doing that, and extinguishing the wildfire we start?马卡斯:那你觉得谁来负责干这个,谁要负责灭掉我们燃的火? 68American cities:Honolulu fantasy sports camps, to freeze a bra, coupon versus voucher, illicit versus illegalWords:monarchyto annexto overthrowterritorypalaceharborfantasyto coachall-starautographbraslumber partycouponvoucherillicitillegal 318760

Venezuela Releases Data on Health Crisis委内瑞拉发布健康危机数据After nearly two years of not revealing any data about its nation health, Venezuela has released a disturbing report. Since July , malaria cases have increased by 76%. There has also been a sharp increase in maternal and infant deaths. Venezuelan citizens say that they are often turned away from hospitals unless they have their own supplies and medicine. With such a shortage of medical supplies, hospitals have also become a place thieves. Many patients buy medicine on the black market because it the only way to get it. There is also a shortage of medical staff. In the past few years, approximately % of medical professionals in Venezuela have left the country due to the health crisis.委内瑞拉近两年没有发布任何关于国民健康的数据,最近它发表了一份令人不安的报告自年7约起,疟疾病例上升了76%产妇死亡和婴儿死亡率也大幅度上升委内瑞拉市民称他们经常被医院拒接,除非他们自己带有物资或药品医疗物资奇缺,医院也常被小偷光顾很多病人都在黑市上购买药品,因为这是唯一的办法医疗人员也紧缺过去几年中,委内瑞拉大约有%的医疗人员因为健康危机而离开了这个国家译文属原创,,不得转载 5653You are my life你就是我的生命There was a boy in India who was sent by his parents to a boarding school.有一个印度男孩,被他的父母送到了寄宿学校Bee being sent away this boy was the brightest student in his class.在送到寄宿学校之前,这个男孩是班里最聪明的学生He was at the top in every competition. He was a champion.各项能力都是最好的他总是第一名But the boy changed after leaving home and attending the boarding school.但离家到寄宿学校之后,一切都改变了His grades started dropping. He hated being in a group. He was lonely all the time.他的成绩开始下滑,他讨厌集体,他开始自闭And there were especially dark times when he felt like committing suicide.天黑的时候,他甚至想自杀All of these changes were because he felt worthless and that no one loved him.这一切都是因为他觉得没有人爱他,他觉得生不如死His parents started worrying about the boy.他的父母非常担心他But even they did not know what was wrong with him.但就连他们也不知道他怎么了So his dad decided to travel to the boarding school and talk with him.他的父亲决定去寄宿学校,和他好好谈谈They sat on the bank of the lake near the school.他们坐在学校附近的湖边The father started asking him casual questions about his classes, teachers and sports.父亲开始随意地问起他的班级,老师和运动等方面的事After some time his dad said, Do you know, son, why I am here today?过了一会,他的父亲说:你知道吗,儿子,我今天为什么要来这里?The boy answered back, to check my grades?男孩回答:来检查我的学习?No, no, his dad replied, I am here to tell you that you are the most important person me.不是的,不是的,他的父亲回答,我在这里来,是想告诉你,你是我最重要的人I want to see you happy. I dont care about grades. I care about you.我想看到你快乐我不在乎你的成绩我在乎你I care about your happiness. YOU ARE MY LIFE.我在乎的是你的幸福你是我的生命These words caused the boy eyes to fill with tears.听完这些话,男孩热泪盈眶He hugged his dad. They didnt say anything to each other a long time.他抱着他的老爸默默的,很长时间都没再说话Now the boy had everything he wanted. He knew there was someone on this earth who cared him deeply.现在,这个男孩,已经拥有他想要的一切He meant the world to someone.他知道在这个世界上有人非常关心他And today this young man is in college at the top of his class and no one has ever seen him sad!他是他人的世界现在,这个年青人在学院里名列前茅,从来没有人见过他再难过!Thanks a lot dad. YOU ARE MY LIFE!谢谢你老爸你是我的生命 731. What is the woman name?A. JulieB. JennyC. Jane. Where is the woman from originally?A. ArgentinaB. the ed StatesC. Chile3. About how old was the man when he returned to the ed States?A. 7 years oldB. years oldC. years old. What is the man studying?A. physicsB. biologyC. psychology5. What is the woman job?A. a sales representativeB. a computer programmerC. a receptionist 37575

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