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Atlanta, Georgia, a terrorist bomb explodes in Centennial Olympic Park, killing one woman and injuring hundreds. North Caldwell, New Jersey, an advertising executive is killed when he opens a mysterious package which explodes in his hands. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a powerful blast destroys the federal building, claiming 168 lives. In all three cases, it's a race against time. As an elite division of the FBI known as the Explosives attempts to catch the mad bombers before they strike again. FBI Explosives is the part of the FBI laboratory. It does the forensic examination of bomb components, unexploded bombs. They also do residue analysis of the explosives that are used in bombs. Explosives examiner, Donald Sachtleben, agreed to take us inside one of the nation's most secretive crime-fighting laboratories. Here, this team of highly trained technicians and forensic scientists carefully combs through evidence, searching for any clues that will help the FBI capture a bomber. In Atlanta, the search for answers begins at ground zero, the scene of the Olympic bombing where every step is fraught with danger. At any crime scene, you have to assume that there could be other devices there what we would call secondary devices or booby traps. We've seen that recently in some of the bombings around the Atlanta and Birmingham areas. In Atlanta, agents are sifting through the rubble of an abortion clinic bombing when suddenly, a secondary device explodes. Miraculously, no one is killed. But seven people are injured, including several federal agents. But in the aftermath of the Olympic bombing, investigators rely on surprisingly common technology to search for deadly booby traps. The most effective tool that we have is the X-Ray, the portable X-Ray. We can actually go up to a package and with a remote technique; we can put the X-Ray down, X-Ray the package and see whether or not it's a hazard.12/92865。

Bush Defends Presidency in Farewell Remarks布什在告别记者会上为其政绩辩护  U.S. President George Bush defended his record in office and wished his successor well as he went before reporters for a farewell news conference. 美国总统布什在白宫举行告别记者会时为他执政期间的政绩进行辩护,并祝福他的继任者。At times nostalgic, at times defensive, Mr. Bush talked about the issues he faced as president and the challenges that lie before Barack Obama saying, "I genuinely mean what I say - I wish him all the very best." 布什总统谈到他作为总统曾面临的一些问题,以及奥巴马面前要应对的各种挑战,话语之间有时流露出怀旧之感,有时又为自己辩护。布什说:“我祝愿他一切顺利,这是发自我内心的祝愿”。He said preventing another terrorist attack will be the biggest challenge facing the new chief executive. 布什说,新总统面临的最大挑战就是防止再次发生恐怖袭击。"The most urgent threat that he will have to deal with, and other presidents after him will have to deal with, is an attack on our homeland," Mr. Bush said. “他和继任他的各届总统要应付的最紧迫的威胁就是对我们国土发动的攻击。”The president was asked about his 2002 State of the Union address, when he first referred to an Axis of Evil - Iran, North Korea and Iraq.He said Iran remains dangerous and North Korea is still a problem. But he pointed to progress in Iraq, noting that his decision to send in extra U.S. forces helped turn the tide of the war. He acknowledged the young Iraqi democracy is still fragile. 他说,伊朗仍然很危险,北韩仍然是个问题。但是他强调伊拉克已经取得进展。他指出,他向伊拉克增兵的决定帮助伊拉克扭转了战争的局势。不过,他承认伊拉克新建立的民主仍然很脆弱。"The question is, in the long run, will this democracy survive and that is going to be the challenge for future presidents," Mr. Bush said. “问题是,从长远来看,这个民主是否能够生存,这将是未来总统要面对的挑战。”Mr. Bush also defended his policy in the Middle East. He was asked if he thought the Israeli assault on Gaza might end by Inauguration Day. He did not answer directly, but he said Hamas militants must stop rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel. 布什还为他的中东政策进行辩护。有记者问,他是否认为以色列对加沙地带的攻击能在1月20日就职典礼日之前结束。布什并没有直接回答,不过他说,哈马斯激进分子必须停止从加沙向以色列发射火箭。"There will not be a sustainable cease-fire if they continue firing rockets," Mr. Bush said. "I happen to believe the choice is Hamas's to make." “如果哈马斯继续发射火箭,就不可能有持久的停火。我认为哈马斯必须在这个问题上做出选择。”Mr. Bush said he is not bothered by criticism of his policies, and he strongly denied the notion that America's credibility around the world has been damaged under his watch. 布什说,他并不因为人们批评他的政策而感到困扰,他还坚决否认美国在世界上的信誉在他的执政期间受到损害。He also disputed accusations that he has been a poor steward of the nation's economy. 他还反驳有关他管理国家经济不当的指责。"Look, I inherited a recession and I am ending on a recession," said Mr. Bush. "In the meantime, there were 52 months of uninterrupted job growth." “我上任时继承的是经济衰退,卸任时也处于经济衰退。但是在此期间,美国曾经有52个月就业持续不断增加。”President Bush said he has been discussing the economic situation with the president-elect. He said he is looking forward to Inauguration Day, noting he will have a front row seat for history as the nation's first African-American president takes the oath of office. 布什总统说,他同当选总统奥巴马讨论过目前的经济局势。他说,他期待着就职典礼那一天。他指出,在美国第一位非洲裔总统宣誓就职之际,他将坐在第一排目睹这历史时刻。"He will get sworn in, and they will have the lunch and all the deal up there on Capitol Hill, and then he will come back and go through the inauguration (the inaugural parade), and then he will walk into the Oval Office, and there will be a moment when the responsibilities of the president land squarely on his shoulders," said Mr. Bush. “他将宣誓就职,他们将在国会山共进午宴,经历所有的程序。然后他将回来参加就职典礼,然后他将走进椭圆形办公室,在那个时刻,总统的重任将完全落在他的肩上。”In keeping with tradition, President Bush will leave the Capitol immediately after the swearing-in ceremony. He will board a helicopter to the side of the inaugural platform and begin his journey back home to the state of Texas. 根据传统,布什总统将在宣誓仪式结束后立即离开国会山。他将登上停在就职典礼台一侧的直升机,返回他的家乡德克萨斯州。01/60975。

Pakistani Officials Still Waiting for Evidence in India Attack马伦上将抵巴助缓解印巴紧张关系 The top U.S. military official is in Pakistan in an effort to reduce tensions with India following last week's terrorist attack in Mumbai. Admiral Mike Mullen arrived after President Asif Zardari indicated that Pakistan will not hand over 20 named suspects, even if India offers proof of links to the attack. 美国军方最高领导人抵达巴基斯坦,争取缓解上星期印度孟买发生恐怖分子袭击之后印巴两国之间的紧张关系。美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦上将在抵达巴基斯坦之前,扎尔达里总统表示,巴基斯坦不会交出印方点名的20名嫌疑人,即使印度拿出了这些人跟袭击有关联的据。Indian officials say they have one Pakistani man in custody and other evidence that the attackers had links to Pakistani militants. But Pakistani President Asif Zardari says he doubts the detained man is Pakistani and he is still waiting for India to present evidence tying the attacks to groups in his country.  印度官员表示,他们手里现在有一名被拘押的巴基斯坦男子,以及他们掌握的其它一些据表明,孟买的袭击者跟巴基斯坦激进分子有关联。不过,巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里表示,他不相信这名被扣押的男子是巴基斯坦人,因此他仍然在等待印度方面拿出据来,显示孟买袭击跟巴基斯坦激进组织有牵连。In an interview broadcast on CNN, Mr. Zardari said India's list of 20 fugitives wanted in connection with the attack is not enough evidence for Pakistani authorities to detain them. 在美国有线电视新闻网播出的对扎尔达里的一次采访中,扎尔达里说,印度列出涉嫌与孟买袭击有关联而受到通缉的20名逃犯的名单不足以成为巴基斯坦当局抓捕他们的据。"At the moment these are just names of individuals - no proof, no investigation, nothing has been brought forward," he said. 扎尔达里说:“此刻这些只是个人的姓名而已,不是据,也没有经过调查,等于什么也没有给我们。”U.S. officials have said that it is still too soon to definitively determine who was responsible, but there are indications of links with a militant group partly based in Pakistan.  美国官员说,现在要准确地确定谁制造了孟买袭击还为时尚早,但是,有迹象表明袭击跟部分以巴基斯坦为基地的一个激进组织有关联。While India has demanded that Pakistani authorities hand over the 20 suspects, Mr. Zardari indicated that even if India provides evidence of their involvement, the suspects will remain in Pakistan.  尽管印度要求巴基斯坦当局交出这20名嫌疑人,但巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里表示,即使印方拿出这些人跟孟买袭击有关联的据,那也不会把他们交给印度。"If we had the proof we would try them in our courts, we would try them in our land, and we would sentence them," added Mr. Zardari. 扎尔达里说:“即使我们拿到了据,我们也会在我们自己的法庭审判他们,在我们的国土上审判他们,我们会宣判他们。”Senior U.S. officials are in both countries trying to defuse tensions. After Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in New Delhi, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen landed in Islamabad to meet with senior Pakistani officials. Secretary Rice is expected in the Pakistani capital later in the week. 一些资深美国官员目前在印巴两国访问,争取缓解紧张局势。国务卿赖斯抵达新德里之后,美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦乘坐的飞机也在伊斯兰堡降落,他将会晤巴基斯坦高级官员。预计赖斯这个星期晚些时候前往巴基斯坦首都。200812/57897。

When 'I do' means 'I don't anymore'With divorce on the rise in Japan, some couples are choosing to celebrate the end of an unhappy marriage by saying "I do" for a final time at a divorce ceremony before friends and family.Divorce ceremonies were pioneered about a year ago by a former salesman, Hiroki Terai, who set up a "divorce mansion" in a small undercover space in Tokyo.Since then about 25 couples have each paid 55,000 yen (0) to hold a ceremony with all the pomp and grandeur of a wedding that publicly ends their relationship before they officially file for divorce. Terai said he had received more than 900 inquiries.The latest couple, who called themselves Mr and Mrs Fujii, met near Sensoji Temple in Tokyo's traditional Asakusa area on Sunday and rode in separate rickshaws to the divorce mansion."By putting an end to our marriage, we wanted to give ourselves fresh starts and give our lives a sense of renewal," said Mr Fujii, a 33-year-old businessman.He said he felt responsible for the failure of his marriage as he spent too much time away from home and too much money on his various interests including cars - despite numerous warnings from his wife.Friends and family of the Fujii couple followed closely behind the rickshaws on foot, arriving at the divorce mansion for a ceremony where the Fujiis smashed their wedding ring with a gavel, a gesture signifying the end of their partnership.The gavel has a frog's head as frogs symbolize change in Japanese culture."When we smashed the ring together, I felt like 'Oh, this is the end of it, really' and my heart and soul felt renewed. Now I feel I can have a new life and start all over again," said Mr Fujii.His wife of eight years also expressed relief."The moment I saw the smashed ring, I said to myself, 'Yes! That feels so good'," Mrs Fujii said.Terai, who is believed to be Japan's first "divorce ceremony planner," came up with the idea to help couples celebrate their decision to separate after one of his friends went through a bitter divorce.Divorce is on the rise in Japan, where it was once taboo, with about 251,000 divorces taking place in 2008, partly blamed on the poor economy taking its toll on romance.Vocabulary:undercover: working or done secretly in order to find out information for the police, a government, etc. 秘密工作的;暗中做的;私下进行的pomp: the impressive clothes, decorations, music, etc. and traditional customs that are part of an official occasion or ceremony 排场;气派;盛况grandeur: the quality of being great and impressive in appearance 宏伟;壮丽;堂皇rickshaw: a small light vehicle with two wheels used in some Asian countries to carry passengers. The rickshaw is pulled by somebody walking or riding a bicycle. 人力车;黄包车gavel: a small hammer used by a person in charge of a meeting or an auction, or by a judge in a court of law, in order to get people's attention (会议主席、拍卖商或法官用的)小槌take its toll (on sb./sth.): to have a bad effect on somebody/something; to cause a lot of damage, etc. 产生恶果;造成重大损失背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/106836。

Beckham's hilarious InterviewAli-G Interviews Posh Spice and David Beckham for a fund raise in England. Hilarious!But that ain't an insult and that is the biggest compliment you can pay for a woman. Respect.No, but seriously, does you take it up the butt?No, of course I don't.Beckham, you telling me you ain't never been caught offside?No.But me heard you was well good at getting round the back and swinging your balls in, yeah?They do say it's the way he bends it, I have to say.Yes.Respect, respect, little bit of a different via from Parkinson, well, eh? Now Beckham...Do you reckon the better the footballer you is, the fitter the girl you go out with?Obviously.So you is the best at football, you know, so you gets Posh. So does Sporty Spice go out with someone from Scunthorpe ed?That's my friend and she's lovely.02/62240。

The View ladies talking about Rihanna Rihanna was hit by her boyfriend Chris Brown, The View ladies are talking about it. Welcome back to a Day of Hot Topics on The View. Now E! Online reports that Rihanna and Chris Brown reunited in Miami this weekend and her father Ronald Fenty apparently supported her decision saying "whatever road she chooses I'm behind her". Good for him. What d'you think?You think so?Yea, I do.Well, I mean you can't just say we're gonna, you know, if you get back together with Chris, we're not gonna talk to you any more. She's a grown woman.I would, if he touches my daughter one more time, I will get his ******.He probably did. I'm sure he probably did say something like that, I mean. That's kinda like a father's kinda impetuses, his natural reaction. We don't know that he didn't say that to Chris.(But to say with, I think he probably would say...)I think he came out. He publicly, we public, you know, he publicly supported her. But I, you know, what concerns me is I would hope that, you know, he says he's going to anger management classes, that if she's gonna take him back, they both go to some classes. I would really love to see them do something for the young people. I would really love to see them do some PSAs (公益广告) about hitting people. And Rihanna, if it happens again, you'd better run for the hills, cuz...They are gonna get their stuff together first.Why can't you have a time-out from the guy though, you know, have a time-out, go anger management for a year and then we'll discuss it.I still want to hear what actually happened cuz we still don't know.But we saw the picture.That doesn't matter, seeing the picture, (You don't know what happened Sherri.)we don't... We still don't know what happens. And I find it extraordinarily interesting that it has not come out. So, there is a lot going on in this particular situation that we're not aware of, I believe.Just think, you know, the young, Sherri talked about her niece, so you think about young girls who are watching this and using this as a model. You know, you just have to, I don't know. It upsets me because I feel as though these young girls to get back with someone after he has done that to you. They are not married. They don't have a commitment. I hope they're not. I really hope they're not.(One hopes...) Go and find someone who treats you right. Don't...One hopes...Where was it? One hopes that after a period of time, she will say this is my relationship. (Yes.)This is a man I loved, I wanted, and I 've taken back with these conditions. So, this is, again, we don't know.Point is what happened actually.run for the hills: When someone really wants to get away from a situation or relationship as fast as they can, they "run for the hills."04/68169。

Independent news media are beginning to emerge in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, two weeks after the fall of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. They are pledging to help build democratic institutions that were never allowed to develop under his 42-year rule.利比亚领导人卡扎菲倒台两个星期后,利比亚首都的黎波里正开始出现独立的新闻媒体。这些媒体誓言要帮助建立卡扎菲42年统治中从未被允许的民主机构。It is evening in Tripoli and newly re-opened Radio Shababiya is broadcasting a show about the rebels who recently ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi from power.这是的黎波里的一个晚上,全新重开的沙巴比亚电台正在播出一个关于最近罢黜了利比亚领导人卡扎菲的反对派的节目。Just months ago, such a program would have been un-thinkable. This government-owned station was broadcasting pro-Gadhafi propaganda aimed at the same youth who helped bring Gadhafi down.仅仅在几个月前,播出这样的节目还是不可能的。这个政府所有的电台曾经播出的是亲卡扎菲的宣传节目,目标人群是年轻人,而正是这些年轻人帮忙把卡扎菲赶下了台。Show host Mustafa Abdul Samad says during the Gadhafi era he worked for entertainment programs in order to avoid politics. But now it is different. “We can criticize anything. We can show our opinion and we can let the people express their feelings and their opinions about anything that they want to say without feeling afraid of being punished or being put in jail or our families will be hurt.”节目主持人穆斯塔法·阿布杜尔·萨马德说,在卡扎菲时代,他主持节目,以回避政治。但是现在不同了。萨马德说:“我们可以对任何事提出批评。我们可以表达我们的观点,我们可以让人们表达任何他们想说的感受和意见,而不用害怕被惩罚或被关进监狱,或担心我们的家人会受到伤害。”Station director Walid Ellafi is a 25-year-old former rebel. He says this station has a new role: To give listeners a place to talk freely about their country's problems and press the government for change.25岁的电台主任瓦利德·艾之前是一名反对派成员。他说,这个电台现在有了新的角色:即为听众提供一个就国家的问题自由发表意见并催促国家进行变革的论坛。He says the small jihad, or struggle, was to change the regime. The big jihad is to develop the society.他说,这次小的圣战或者说斗争,是要改变政权。而大的圣战是要发展社会。He plans to launch television broadcasts in a few months.他计划在未来几个月推出电视节目。201109/153080。

Playboy launches new "safe-for-work" websitePlayboy on Tuesday launched a new, non-nude website that it described as being safe-for-work and a "satirical antidote to the drudgery of the work day."Produced specifically for the Internet, www.TheSmokingJacket.com contains posts and viral content in categories such as Girls, Entertainment, Sex, Videos and Lifestyle.It also provides links to other s around the web as well photos from the Playboy archives."The smoking jacket isn't just something I like to wear around the mansion," Playboy's iconic founder Hugh Hefner, 84, says in a posted on the site. "It's Playboy's safe for work website. Next to the mansion, it's the best hangout on the planet."Playboy's traditional magazine business has been hard hit by declining circulation and advertising revenue as people turn to free pornography on the Internet.On Tuesday, the new site had posts such as "How to Get Laid at Work," and "How to Hang Out with Porn Chicks".Photos include a sp of Playmate Kimberly Phillips in lingerie and a smoking jacket. From the archives, there's the 1983 Playmate Playoffs featuring bikini-clad women with classic Farrah Fawcett-styled hair competing in water-soaked events.The Playboy.com web site, which contains nudity and longer lifestyle articles, has 6 million unique monthly visitors to its site, Playboy said.Vocabulary:drudgery: menial, distasteful, dull, or hard work(单调乏味的苦差事,繁重无聊的工作)viral content: a piece of online content (e.g., an article, a , a picture, a quiz, a game or anything else) that raises certain emotions on people, creating an urge on them to share that content in one way or another.(传染内容,指网上的文章、视频、图片、问答、游戏或其它内容,能引发人们的某种情绪,促使人们通过某种途径与人分享这些内容。)smoking jacket: a loose-fitting jacket for men, often of a heavy fabric and trimmed with braid, worn indoors, esp. as a lounging jacket.(男士宽松便)get laid: to have sexual intercourse with someone(做爱)playoffs: a series of games or matches, as between the leading teams of two leagues, in order to decide a championship(选手得分相等时的最后决赛)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109530。

【文本】South African police have seized a huge amount of fake merchandise ahead of this summer's World Cup.南非世界杯将于今年夏季开赛。而就在开赛前夕,南非警方缴获了大量的冒牌商品。Over 2.5 million-pond worth of South Africa shirts were seized in Johannesburg. One from Swaziland was arrested.价值逾250万英镑的冒牌南非世界杯衬衫在约翰内斯堡被扣押。一名来自斯威士兰的犯罪嫌疑人被捕。The 2010 World Cup host nation has seen an increase in the amount of fake goods coming into the country in the past months.南非是2010年的世界杯主办国。在近来的几个月里,打入国内的假冒伪劣商品数量有上升势头。South African police spokesman, Colonel Vish Naidoo said most of the goods originate from China.南非警方发言人说,这些商品大多来自中国。"We have seized other consignments of counterfiet goods including Bafana Bafana shirts but not of this magnitude.“我们也曾缴获过其他的假冒商品,其中包括Bafana Bafana衬衫,但是数量没有这么大。”"It certainly does affect the economy, it does affect the industry."“这肯定会影响到国家的经济,影响到这个行业。”201006/105664。

The Olympics are only the beginning for Nike's aggressive plan to grow in ChinaWhen you think a team of US basketball, you think Nike. We're here launching in Rockefeller center, with me now is the brand president of Nike, Charlie Denson.A big redeal going into the 2008 Summer Games, what does it mean for Nike to be in China and supporting a team of US basketball?Well, for us, the Beijing Olympics is something we've been working on for, er, for years. And I think this story, this US basketball team's story is gonna be one of the biggest stories in China. These guys are gonna play as a team and they are committed to going up that gold metal. And of course they’ll take on China in the first round. So it should be interesting, but, tell me about the structure of Nike and the Olympics, I mean, on parallel, what you've done before creating footwear apparel across so many different sports this year, but what is the structure of your deal? How it’s a difference this year than the previous games?Well, this year is a little bit different, because we're sponsoring 22 out of the 28 Chinese federations. And we've actually created a new product for all 28 sports, including BMX in Beijing. So it's a little bit difference than it has been in the past and we have some of our traditional relationships with, like, US basketball, US track and field, the Russian track and field federation and things like that. So, we, we've worked over 3000 athletes and preparations of the games. So it's a great opportunity for us. You know when we spoke of a few months ago, you talked about how important China is in terms of the amount revenue brings in for Nike. What are your plans in terms of Nike’s staying in China host the Olympic Games?Yeah, it's something that we've committed to, ever since the Beijing was awarded the games. China, we've been in China for over 30 years as a manufacturing partner and a commercial partner. And one of the things, China represents a second largest country in the world. Today is a fast growing market, and we’re expecting that'll continue after the Beijing and we're staying committed and to our relationship with Chinese consumer.A lot of people out there are calling this an extreme team after the disappointment in 2004. What does it mean in terms of Nike revenue sponsorship, er, the tie-up if they don't win versus if they win? Does selling all of the apparel depending on a gold medal this summer?Well, I, I, winning always helps, and certainly this team is committed to that, to that, er, from Jerry , coach K, you know all the way done on all the players, I've never seen a group of, of, talent, this type of talent. This committed to something is just been amazing so far, so, but, but I think it's a, you know, win or lose is gonna be a great story, but I wouldn't better against them. Over the biggest challenges for Nike, going into this massive, er, sponsorship of the summer games in China, the biggest hurdles is that you guys had overcome?Why, I think, uh, we didn't really look at the hurdles but the biggest opportunity was to introduce new product in 28 different sports. I think, this represents our biggest series of innovations or innovation launches in the history of the company at any single event. And we had our very large design team worked for several years in anticipation of them. So, you know, you'll see the lightest basketball shoes ever made, the lightest track bike ever made. The uniforms that all the athletes will be worn will be considerably lighter than what it has ever been uniform before. So for us, it's what we do and what we enjoy and we are really looking forward to.200812/58327。