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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which of these places is largest?以下哪个地方面积最大?If you think you know it, shout it out.如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Siberia, Sahara Desert, Amazon Rainforest or Australia?是西伯利亚、撒哈拉沙漠、亚马逊雨林还是澳大利亚?Youve got three seconds. Go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The total area of Siberia is 5.2 million square miles, making it, by far, the largest region on this list.西伯利亚全境有520万平方英里,目前为止是以上选项中最大的区域。Thats your answer and thats your Shoutout.那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: All right, put another way, if you can find Northern Asia on a map, youve found Siberia. 换句话说,如果你在地图上找到了北亚,你就找到了西伯利亚。It makes up almost 10 percent of the worlds land surface. 它的面积几乎是世界上陆地面积的10%。But fewer than 40 million people live there. 但居住在那里的人不到4千万。Thats smaller than the population of Argentina. 这比阿根廷的人口还少。And Siberias ferocious winters help explain that.其原因可能是西伯利亚的冬天实在是太冷了。One thing that cant be explained yet is a natural phenomenon appearing in parts of Siberia.在西伯利亚部分地区出现的一个自然现象至今无法解释。 /201503/366109Wouldnt it be nice if we could be sure of a sunny day若我们在邀请朋友前before inviting our friends?能确定是晴天 不是很好吗?Predicting a nice day should be relatively simple.预测好天气应该相当简单才对After all,we understand pretty well how the atmosphere reacts to heat and pressure...毕竟我们非常清楚 大气在高温和压力下to form clouds and thunderstorm.会如何形成云层和暴风雨But no matter how hard we tried to compete all the details但不论我们多么努力计算所有细节it is impossible to say exactly what the weather would be in any particular place and time.仍然无法确定在某个地点 某个时间的天气究竟会怎样Instead,we make weather forecasts但我们还是做天气预测using simplified models that dont take into account利用无法考虑到every single tiny variable.每个小小变数的简化模型But tiny variables can have big consequences.但小小的变数就能造成严重的后果So,if a butterfly flaps its wings too hard in the Amazon所以若一只蝴蝶在亚马逊河过于用力拍翅膀The barbecue might be a wash out.烤肉聚会就可能成了落汤鸡Its a complex system.这是一个复杂的系统I think our brains are just another complex system.我认为人的大脑也只是 另一个复杂的系统like the earths atmosphere.就如同地球的大气层We abide by the physical laws.我们遵守自然法则yet are impossible to fully predict.然而却无法完全预测The mind is like weather inside our heads.心灵就好比大脑里的天气形态201602/426185

Professor Travis Pickering is travelling to northern Namibia特拉维斯·皮克林教授 远赴纳米比亚北部to meet some of the worlds most expert hunters.去拜访世界上最为专精的猎人By watching them in action, he hopes to get an insight通过观察他们的活动 特拉维斯·皮克林希望into how it is possible to carry out能够因此了解是否可能the complex business of hunting仅凭简单基本的器具using only basic weapons.就能完成复杂的狩猎活动I cant wait to watch these people hunt tomorrow -我迫不及待的想见识他们明天怎么狩猎了its going to be a lot of fun.一定会十分有趣These are the Jutwant, which means ;Real people;.他们便是Jutwant ;真人;的意思Their remote position他们地处偏远means they have been relatively untouched by the 21st century.说明他们受现代社会影响较小In this society, there is no farming.这个社会里 没有农业Everything they eat comes from hunting and gathering.他们的食物都来自捕猎和采集Travis is meeting Nlao and his friends特拉维斯在劳和他的战友as they set out to catch an evening meal for their families.为准备全家的晚餐出发前相见201504/370804




  At Bohunt school in Hampshire, the Chinese school is entering its second week.在汉普郡的航特中学,中式学校项目已经进行到第二个星期50 Year 9 pupils, aged 13 and 14, are being taught the Chinese way.50位年龄介于13-14岁的九年级学生正接受中式教育But so far, the regime of discipline, hard work and competition isnt quite working.然而到目前为止,强调纪律,刻苦与竞争的制度并未奏效Guys, can you be quiet, please? Everyone, keep it down.同学们,你们可以安静下来吗,小声点Guys, keep it down.同学们,小声点Alex, be serious.亚历克斯,严肃In China, students are taught from an early age to respect their parents, their teachers and their country.在中国,学生们很早就被教育要尊重父母,老师,以及祖国Chinese education is not only delivery of the subject knowledge.中式教育不仅在于灌输课程知识Chinese education is, too, cultivating a human being.中式教育也注重培养一个有教养的人We teach them how to be sensible, responsible citizens of the country,我们教他们成为深明大义,心怀天下的国民because we serve our country.因为我们要为祖国尽忠Thats what we say.这就是我们所倡导的In China, the week starts with the important flag raising ceremony.在中国,一周始于庄严的升旗仪式For flag raising, first is a way to show the respect to the country.因为升旗这种方式,展现了对祖国的尊敬A sense of belongings.一种归属感We are raising flag because it reminds you, you are a citizen of China.我们升旗,因为它让你意识到自己是中国人And you have the responsibility to serve this country你有责任为生养你的祖国务where youve grown up and to make this country better, richer.为祖国的繁荣与富强贡献力量So, every day, raising flags, singing the national anthem, that gives you that sense of responsibility.所以每天升旗,唱国歌,民族责任感油然而生Stand still, please - and face that way.请肃立,面向这里Face...national flag.面向国旗But respect for the flag and the National Anthem但是对国旗和国歌的尊重doesnt seem to cut it with the average British teenager on a cold Monday morning.并不能在寒冷的周一早晨激励每一个英国学生I dont see the point in raising our flag, but thats what we do.我不理解升旗有任何意义,不过是个形式而已You know thats your flag, you dont need to see it every day and like, sing the national an...anth...anthem.你知道那是国旗就够了,你不用每天都见到它,还有唱国歌It was pretty boring, to be honest.说实话,这挺无聊的I didnt really see the point in it either,我也不觉得那有什么意义because its just raising a flag into the air and yeah,只是把旗子升到空中nobody is really going to see it, because were not allowed on the field, so...没人会注意它,因为我们不能去操场201603/429642

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201512/415270A few years ago, the scale of this network这个网络非常复杂was graphically illustrated by a chance accident.一次神奇的事故形象地说明了这一点In 1992, a freighter hit a storm in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.1992年1月10日,一艘货轮在太平洋中间遭遇了一场暴风雨的袭击Containers of plastic bath toys were swept overboard.装着塑料玩具的集装箱掉进了海里29,000 plastic toys were now adrift in the ocean.现在有29000多个塑料鸭子正在太平洋里游荡The moment they hit the water,它们掉进水里的那一刻the toys joined a series of powerful ocean currents塑料鸭子就被卷入了一系列强大的海洋洋流which scattered them in different directions.将它们分散到不同的方向Since then, theyve travelled over 17,000 miles,从那时开始它们游荡了超过17000英里and washed up in places as far afield as Hawaii and Alaska.在遥远的夏威夷登陆了 甚至阿拉斯加They even crossed the frozen Arctic, to the Atlantic,他们甚至越过冰冻的北极进入了大西洋where they came ashore on the coast of Scotland.在苏格兰海岸登陆The ducks epicjourney vividly reveals the complex system of currents你知道,这些坚强的小塑料鸭子 生动地揭示了复杂的洋流系统that connect all the oceans together.连接了所有的海洋These currents are vital to life.洋流对于地球上的生命来说至关重要They carry nutrients and oxygen around the worlds oceans.它们可以带来滋养生命的养分和氧气201511/411198The thing about antibiotics抗生素的特别之处在于is that theyre not like any other drug,它不像其他的药物that every other drug you take is for you and your body.其他的药物都是作用于人体The antibiotics are not for you at all.而抗生素却完全不是Theyre aimed at the bugs,它们作用于病原and in fact, the better the antibiotic,实际上 越好的抗生素the less effect it has on you.对人体的作用就越少But for Dr Gants patient, Kathleen,但对于甘特医生的病人凯瑟琳来说these risks are far outweighed by their life-saving potential.相比其风险 它能救命是最重要的Hi there!你好Hi, Ive come to see how you are today.我来看看你怎么样Well, I feel a lot better today.我今天觉得好多了Fantastic, fantastic. In what way?很好 很好 哪些方面有好转呢 I just feel more, erm, alert.我觉得清醒很多Getting back to normal, sort of thing.身体渐渐恢复 差不多这样吧The last one Dr Gant had left worked.甘特医生的最后一根救命稻草起效了In this ladys condition,照这位女士的情况来看she would have probably had less than 10% chance of surviving如果我们没有对她使用抗生素 had we not had an antibiotic to treat her infection,她存活的几率可能还不到百分之十which is extraordinary,现在来说是个不同寻常的 and that is close to a miracle.近乎奇迹的效果201503/364704

  After the devastation of the plague, a rebirth.瘟疫的毁灭性打击之后 是重获的新生We have works of art, works of architecture,palaces, schools, academies.艺术作品 建筑作品 宫殿 学校 学会All of the human arts flourish where banking flourishes.人类所有的艺术繁盛之地都是兴盛之地They were buying collections for themselves,but they were meant for eternity.他们购买收藏品珍藏 但其意味着永恒5000 miles away,China is on the brink of its own rebirth.五千英里外 中国正欲复兴A key, a deadly new invention.一项致命的新发明诞生For a century and a half, the Mongols have ruled China.蒙古人统治中原已一个半世纪之久But the plague has killed millions,Loosening their grip on power.但是因瘟疫而致死的有数以百万人 让他们放松了对权力的控制1356, outside Nanjing.A gang of three plots a revolution.1356年 南京城外 三人结伙密谋了一场叛变Their leader: Zhu Yuanzhang.他们的领导者是朱元璋Born dirt poor, orphaned by the plague.他出生贫寒 瘟疫夺走了他的家人Zhu Yuanzhang was a peasant.朱元璋原来是一名农民He was an ordinary man,but he had extraordinary drive.是一个普通的老百姓 但是他受尽生活的艰辛His men call themselves the Red Turbans.他的手下称自己为红巾军Peasants turned rebels.The people have nothing to eat.农民发动了起义 人们没有食物可吃And when a rebel leader comes along and says,当起义军召集大家并宣布;Drive out the Mongols,;theres universal enthusiasm.;赶走蒙古人;时 群情激昂201601/419222TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201511/411031


  Since humans evolved, its ice, through glaciers, ice sheets and floods,随着人类的进化,正是冰层,通过冰河,冰原和洪水方式that has been the dominant force shaping our planet.强行修整我们的星球But the greatest influence of ice relies on far more than brute force.然而冰层最大的影响力莫过于其残忍的威力Thats because ice has some unusual properties that have a profound effect on the Earths climate.因为冰层有些非凡的道具 它们深深的影响着地球的气候I am on the west coast of Greenland in whats known as Iceberg Alley.我正处在格陵兰岛西海岸著名的冰山巷中This is the biggest iceberg factory in the world.这里是世界上最大的冰山制造工厂Ive never been up this close to icebergs before.我从未如此的接近冰山I know theyre chunks of glacier这些是巨大的冰块that fall off the front of the ice sheet and they float here,它们从前面的冰原掉落然后飘到这里but when you get this close,然后当你靠近它们theyre like majestic beautiful ships flowing silently by.它们就像是庄严美丽的船只静静的从你身边使过This is known as an iceberg nursery.而这里就是冰山托儿所Most substances are denser when solid than when liquid多数物质在固体状态下比液体状态下密度大which means they sink. Ice is an exception.这就意味着会下沉,可是冰块恰恰反向Because it expands when it freezes, it becomes less dense and so it floats.因为当冰块冻结的时候体积变大,密度变小,因此能够漂浮Its also dazzlingiy bright, which makes it highly reflective,这也令冰块能够高度反光,看起来明亮耀眼and this combination has a dramatic effect on the Earths climate.这种化合物会对地球气候产生重要影响201510/405218。

  And the ship is 27 metres long, so its longer than the biggest of the ocean-going yachts. Its a really massive ship, its the biggest, most complete Anglo-Saxon ship ever found.;船体长达27米,是已知最大最完整的盎格鲁-撒克逊时期的船只。Were inland. Why would anybody here want to be buried in a ship?我们身处的是内陆,那为何有人会希望被葬在船上?;Ships were very important to these people. The rivers and the sea were their means of communication. It was much easier to go by water than it was by land at this time, so that people, say, in modern Swindon, would have been on the edge of the world to these people. Whereas people in Denmark and Holland would be close neighbours.;对当时的盎格魯撒克逊人来说,船只极为重要。河流与海洋是他们主要的交通路径。在那时,水路交通比陆路方便得多。因此,当时居住在现代斯温顿的人对他们来说无异于居住在世界尽头,而丹麦和荷兰则是他们的近邻。And the big question of course - for anybody looking at the grave and what was found in the grave - is that theres no body.当然最大的谜团—对任何人看着坟墓,坟墓中斯所发现的是没有尸体。Where do you think the body is?你觉得身体在哪里?;Well, the absence of the body was a bit of a mystery when the excavation happened, and people wondered whether this could be a cenotaph - i.e. a burial where the body had been lost - so its a sort of symbolic burial if you like. But nowadays we think a body was buried in the grave, but because of these special acidic conditions of this soil it just dissolved away. What you have to remember is that a ship is a water-tight vessel, and when you put it in the ground the water percolating through the soil builds up in it and it basically forms an acid bath in which all these organic things like the body and the leatherwork and the wood dissolve away, leaving nothing.;人们曾认为这可能是个衣冠冢,是无法得到逝者尸体时的一种象征性墓葬。但我们现在认为,它的确曾埋葬过逝者,只是当地特殊的酸性土壤分解了所有尸骸。你知道,船是不透水的,因而埋入地下之后,泥土中析出的水分逐渐汇聚其中,基本上形成了一个注 满酸性液体的浴缸。一切有机物如尸体、皮革、木头等都被溶解, 因而消失了。We still dont know who that owner was, but the Sutton Hoo helmet put a face on an elusive past, a face that has ever since gazed sternly out from books, magazines and newspapers. Its become one of the iconic objects of Britains history.我们至今仍未了解这艘船的主人是谁。但萨顿胡头盔给了这段难以捉摸的历史一张面孔,一张自发现以后便不断出现在书籍、报纸和杂志上, 庄重地凝视着人们的面孔。它已成为英国史的代表性物品之一。201509/400136

  Over 99% of the animal species that have even lived are now extinct.And sometimes,an event occurs causing changes so drastic that most species are completely wiped out within a short period of time.So here are the 5 most incredible mass extinctions even to occur,and a look at whether the 6th might be happening right now.99%曾经存在过的动物,如今都已经灭绝了,有时,一件事情的发生造成了剧烈的变化,会导致大部分生物在短期内彻底消失,今天我们来讲讲已经发生的5次大灭绝,以及很可能就快来临的第六次。4.4 million years ago was the The Ordovician extinction.At that time,most creatures swam or crawled in shallow seas.As newly created volcanic rock was worn down by water and wind,it reacted with CO2 and absorbed it.4.4亿提前,发生了奥陶纪大灭绝,当时,大多数的生物都生活在浅水区,新形成的火山岩在水与风的侵蚀下,与二氧化碳发生反应,将其吸收。As a result,carbon dioxide levels dropped,temperatures fell and water got locked away as ice.This caused ocean levels to drop and shallow seas to drain and after several cycles of growing and shrinking glaciers,about 86 percent of species were lost forever.Then over millions of years the oceans slowly repopulated with fish and the land was colonized by early plants.导致二氧化碳含量降低,从而造成了气温降低,水面结冰,海平面因此而下降,浅海地区海水排空,在冰川数次涨跌循环之后,约86%的物种灭绝了,在数百年之后,海洋中重新出现了鱼儿,陆地上也开始出现早期植物。These plants were then eaten by the first crawling and flying insects.Then 374 million years ago these new plants contributed to the next mass extinction.The plants absorbed enough Co2 to create another round of global cooling.They changed soil causing nutrients to wash into the ocean creating enormous amounts of algae which sucked up oxygen.它们成了早期爬行和昆虫的食物,直到3.74亿年前,这些新出现的植物造成了第二冷饮大灭绝,它们吸收了太多的二氧化碳,造成了第二次全球降温,植物还改变了土壤,营养盐被冲刷进海里,造成藻类大量生长,它们吸收了许多氧气。More than half of ocean species essentially choked to death.Although somewhere in the world,a small family of fish with foot like fins and lungs managed to scrape by.Over the next 100 million years,these creatures would evolve into amphibians,reptiles and nearly all modern land animals.250 million years ago is the Permian extinction.超过半数的海洋生物血缺氧窒息而死, 但是在世界上某个地方,一种长着脚状鳍和肺的鱼类勉力熬过了这个劫难,在之后的1亿多年里,这些生物进化成了两栖动物,爬行动物和接近现代的陆地生物,2.5亿年前,发生了二叠纪大灭绝。The single worst mass extinction in history.70 percent of life on land and over 95 percent of life in the oceans was wiped out.Billions of tonnes of volcanic gases destroyed the ozone layer and the average ocean temperature hit 40 degrees celsius,which is hotter than most hot tubs.这是历史上最大规模的一次大灭绝,70%的陆地生物和超过95%的海洋生物都灭绝了,数亿吨的火山气体破坏了臭氧层,海洋温度来均达到了40℃,比最热水浴缸还要热。Acid rain fell all over the planet,devastating life on land.Life had only 50 million years to recover until the fourth mass extinction came.At this time early small dinosaurs roamed the land.A huge volcanic rift opened in the middle of the planet;eventually splitting the Americas from Europe and Africa,and forming the Atlantic Ocean.全球范围的酸雨,毁掉了陆地生物,在第四次大灭绝来临之前,生物们只有5千万年的恢复期,那时,早期的小恐龙在陆地上撒欢,地球中间裂开了一道巨大的火山裂谷,最终它将美洲与欧洲和非洲分开了。The volcanoes spewed out CO2,increasing temperatures and killing about 80 percent of the species around at the time.Yet in this newly emptied world dinosaurs did extremely well and during the next 135 million years,they grew to become some of the largest land animals the world had ever seen.火山爆发喷射出的二氧化碳导致气温升上,弄死了当时约80%的物种,这次大灭绝彻底整顿了恐龙喜欢的那个世界,在之后的1.35亿年里,恐龙长成了前所未见的最大型的陆地生物。But all good things must come to the end.Many scientists believe that the extinction of dinosaurs was caused by an asteroid the size of a small town crashing into what is now Mexicos Yucatan peninsula.The impact shot millions of tons of dust into the atmosphere,blocking out sunlight and spelling an end to all large dinosaurs the small ones that survived evolved into birds.但是一切美好都有尽头,许多科学家认为,恐龙的消失,是因为一颗城镇大小的行星,砸在了如今的墨西哥尤卡坦半岛上,撞击导致无数尘埃进入大气,阻挡了阳光,并使所有的大型恐龙都灭绝了,小型恐龙们则进化成小鸟。The world was now primed for a small,scuffling,rat-like creature,the ancestor of all modern mammals.Whthin 50 million years,its descendants-from wildebeest and whales to horses and us humans-have diversified and grown to dominate nearly every available environment on earth.So where does that leave us now,64 million years later?世界准备好迎接小型,长脚,像老鼠一们的生物了,即所有现代哺乳类的先祖,在五千万年里,它的后代,从牛羚和鲸鱼到马匹和人类,变得多种多样,并在地球几乎所有生态位中占据了主导地位,所弄死我们的下一次大灭绝何时来临?6500万年后?Well,human dominance of earth has led to big changes too,except the changes of today are happening over decades,not millennia.Carbon dioxide levels,implicated in so many of the past extinctions,have climbed at least 25 percent in just the last 50 years,almost no time in geological terms.嘛,人类对地球的控制导致了巨大的变化,当下的形势最多只能再继续上数十年,与多次大灭绝有关的二氧化碳含量,在过去50年里提高了至少25%,就地质条件而言是史无前例的。In addition to climate change,weve exterminated hundreds of species by hunting,fishing,habitat destruction and pollution.Its been estimated that current species extinction rates are between 100 and 1000 times highter than the natural background rate,and that if all the species that are currently threatened by declining populations actually do go extinct,we may reach the level of a true mass extinction in just a few hundred years.除了气候变化,我们打猎,,破坏环境和污染环境的行为,导致了无数物种灭绝,据估计现在的物种灭绝率,约为自然本底率的100到1000倍,如果现在面临种群衰退的物种,真的全都灭绝了,那么几百年后我们就会再一次迎来大灭绝。And while all the mass extinctions of the past have had some survivors,its worth remembering that the creatures at the top of the food chain are usually hit the hardest.We may be setting the stage for history to repeat itself,and for some small,unexpected organism to replace us as the planets dominant form of life.虽然过去每一轮的大灭绝中都有一些物种幸存下来,我们应当谨记于心:位于食物链顶端的物种所受冲击往往最大,我们应当做好迎接历史重演的准备,让一些渺小,意想不到的生物,取代我们成为新一代和地球霸主。201505/376896

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201505/375500

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