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2017年12月16日 07:48:25

湖州祛除咖啡牛奶斑价格多少Todd: OK, Kerri, Im going to ask you about the news. Do you follow the news everyday?好,克里,我来问你些关于新闻的事。你每天都听新闻吗?Kerri: Sometimes.有时听。Todd: How do you follow the news?你都用什么听新闻?Kerri: Well, in Japan mostly the radio or the internet.恩,在日本大部分都是用收音机或者是上网。Todd: Oh, really. OK. What radio station?哦是嘛。好的,那听什么电台呢?Kerri: NPR, but on the military station.NPR,但收听军事台。Todd: OK. And what internet websites do you listen to?好的。那你收听什么网站呢?Kerri: Well, usually it is just AP news or whatever.恩,通常是美联社消息或者是随意的一些。Todd: OK. How much of the news do you think is true?好的。你认为有多少消息是准确的呢?Kerri: I dont know. Thats a tough question. I think that because therere so many journalists that often what makes into the papers is fairly accurate, but unfortunately some people leak information that is untrue to sway public opinion, so you have to kind of weed through things and consider why that news story is made public.我不知道。那是个很棘手的问题。我认为那是因为有很多记者经常把文章写得很准确,但不幸的是有些人会泄露细些不正确的信息来动摇公众舆论,所以你必须要过滤那些事情然后想想这些新闻故事为什么会是公开的。Todd: Yeah. How do most people in your country get the news?对。你们城市中的大部分人是通过什么途径听说这些新闻的?Kerri: I think most people in the states get the news from TV and from the main broadcasting stations. The evening news sort of thing.我想大部分人都是从电视或者从一些主要的广播站收听的新闻。晚间新闻一类的东西。Todd: OK. Thanks Keri.好的。谢谢你,克里。follow the news.收听新闻,追踪新闻。注:译文属原创,,。 /201306/245315湖州脸颊黄褐斑是什么原因9. I finished it a moment ago.我刚刚才完成它。还能这样说:I just completed it.I finished it just now.应用:at any moment 随时;任何时候;马上;at moments 时刻,常常10. Here is the project you requested.这是您要求的企划。还能这样说:This is the project you needed.The project you required is right here.应用:project oneself 突出自己,表现自己;project sth. on to sb. 以己之心度人之腹11. Ive finished my work and will e-mail you the documents.我完成了任务,会把文件用邮件发给您。还能这样说:The work has been finished and will be e-mailed to you.I have the work finished and I will send it to you through e-mail.谚语:Cry with one eye and laugh with the other.口不应心。12. I hope it meets your approval.我希望这能达到您的要求。还能这样说:I wish it satisfies your needs.I hope it is up to your request.应用:meet with sb.s approval 得到某人的同意;与某人看法一致;on approavl (商品)可试用的;不满意可以退换的;be subject to sb.s approval 需要得到某人的批准 /201412/34500414. Mind your own business!你别多管闲事!还能这样说:Its none of your business.Butt out!应用:business通常指生意,行业,表示为图利(常指为个人谋利)而做的工作;commerce多指商品交易,特指国与国之间的商业往来。15. Shes not herself.她有点不太对劲儿。还能这样说:Shes not acting like herself.Shes not acting normally.谚语:It is a long lane has no turning.否极泰来。16. Can I bend your ear for a while?我可以跟你谈一下吗?还能这样说:Can I talk with you?Can I have a conversation with you?应用:bend on sth. 专心做某事;bend before 屈,顺从;bend the rules 放宽规定,变通,通融;bend ones mind to do sth. 专心于某事物;on bended knees 跪下祈祷或卑躬屈膝地哀求17. Im really sorry to cause you so much trouble.很抱歉,给你添麻烦了。还能这样说:I am so sorry to put so much trouble to you.I feel regret to be a nuisance.应用:ask for trouble 找麻烦;fish in troubled waters 浑水摸鱼,趁机取利;get into trouble 惹上麻烦;in trouble 处于困境中;make trouble for sb. 制造麻烦,捣乱;take the trouble to do sth. 不怕费事或困难尽力做某事18. How was your holiday?你的假期还好吧?还能这样说:How about your holiday?What do you feel about your holiday?应用:on holiday 在度假,在休假中;a busmans holiday 照常工作的假日;high days and holidays 节日和假日 /201411/344152湖州医院瘦腿针多少钱

湖州南浔区去痘医院哪家好湖州曙光整形美容医院qq13. I feel my background is a good fit for this position and I am very interested.我认为我的背景非常适合这个工作,而且我对这个工作也非常感兴趣。还能这样说:I think my background conforms to the position and I take interest in it.In my eyes, my background is relevant to this position and I have an interest in it.应用:beneficial interest 受益权;bond interest 债息,债券利息;both principal and interest 连本带利,本利合计;interest on deposit 存款利息14. Im leaving the present job just because of expiry of my employment contract.我现在离职只是因为我的工作合同期满。还能这样说:I will quit my present job because my employment contract has expired.The reason why I resign my present job is that my employment contract is due to withdraw expire.应用:present to mind 放在心上,记忆犹新;present at 是……的见人;出席……;for the present 目前,现在15. I left my office to care for my elderly mother in a distant city.我当时为照顾住在遥远城市的年迈的母亲而辞职。还能这样说:I quitted my job in order to look after my elderly mother in the remote district.I wanted to take care of my elderly mother in a distant city so I resigned my job.应用:do the office of host 尽主人之责;in high office 身居高位;come into office 上任,就职16. I come here for an interview by appointment. Nice to meet you.我是应约来面试的。非常高兴见到你。还能这样说:I am coming for an interview as required. Im glad to meet you.I have come at your invitation for an interview. Its my pleasure to meet you.应用:the appointment of sb. to an office 任命某人担任某事;call on sb. by appointment 根据约会拜访某人17. Sarah is being interviewed for a job.莎拉正在面试。还能这样说:Sarah is having an interview.Sarah is now accepting an interview.应用:jobs for the boys 为亲信安排工作;do a hatchet job 进行恶意诽谤 /201409/3320161. He wants to make an appointment for his interview.他想预约面试。还能这样说:He wants to arrange this interview in advance.He wants to reserve the interview.应用:keep ones appointment 守约;throw up ones appointments 辞去职务2. When is it most convenient for me to visit you to talk about the position?何时方便我去拜访一下谈谈工作的事呢?还能这样说:When is it available for you to talk about the position with me?What time is it convenient for me to know about the position?谚语:Talk the talk, walk the walk.说到做到。3. Please arrive here on time tomorrow afternoon to have an interview at 3 oclock.请在明天下午三点准时来这里面试。还能这样说:Please attend this interview on time at 3 oclock tomorrow afternoon.Please come here to attend this interview on time tomorrow afternoon at 3.谚语:Its better to travel hopefully than to arrive.满怀希望在旅途,胜过到达目的地。4. I am calling to ask the exact interview time.现在我打电话来想问下确切的面试时间。还能这样说:I want to know the exact interview time.I am calling to confirm the exact interview time.应用:be more exact 更精密地,确切地说 /201409/329889湖州怎样才能可以瘦脸Larry准备参加马拉松比赛,李华在帮他进行赛前训练。他们会用到两个常用语:on the dot和get a taste of ones own medicine.LH: Larry, 加油,就剩500米了!冲刺冲刺! 好..!Larry: (Out of breath) How...did... I do?LH: 成绩不错,但还是没进15分钟。Larry: (Still a bit out of breath) Let me see that watch...Hey, this isnt above 15 minutes... this is 15 minutes on the dot!LH: Dot? 点点?这个秒表是新的,上面什么都没有啊!Larry: No, no. The watch is fine. Im talking about the time. Look...it says 15:00. Exactly fifteen minutes...Fifteen minutes on the dot.LH: 哦, on the dot就是;正好;的意思。你是说,你刚才的成绩是正好15分钟。可是Larry,我的意思是,你还是没有冲破15分这个关口。这样你下个月参加比赛时,名次是不会理想的!Larry: I know, I know... wait a minute. Next month? I thought I had way more time to prepare than that!LH: 啊?你忘啦?距离比赛还有整整一个月,30 days on the dot!Larry: Well, at least Im making progress...fifteen minutes is my best time so far. I think Im done running for today. Its 5pm on the dot.LH: 好吧,那今天就练到这儿吧。天儿也够热的,今天是35 degrees on the dot,35度呢!Larry: Well, when youre running, it feels more like 40 degrees on the dot!LH: 不过回家前,你还得做30个仰卧起坐。Larry: You sure are a strict coach...how do you know so much about training?LH: (得意地)我高中是田径队的,教练特严格,我都是跟他学的!严师出高徒嘛!Larry: Oh really (pauses for a moment as if hatching a plan) You know, Li Hua, theres a couples race as well on race day. I think you and I should be a team!LH: 双人跑? 我也参加?那可不行,我整整10年没跑步了!10 years on the dot!Larry: Hey, youve been making me run all over this track for the past week; I think its only fair that you got to taste of your own medicine.LH: 什么,taste of my own medicine? 我的药的味道?Larry: Actually, youve been working me so hard, but now its time for you to go through the same ordeal that you had put me through. In other words, youre getting a taste of your own medicine.LH: 我明白了,get a taste of my own medicine就是自食苦果。你是说,这几天我逼你练得那么辛苦,现在你也要让我尝尝同样的滋味。Larry: Right! Lets start early tomorrow...be here at 7 am on the dot. I cant wait to give you a taste of your own medicine!第二天,Larry和李华开始了训练。Larry: Come on, Lihua, just 500 more meters! Pick up your speed! And...youre done!LH: (Out of breath) 时间怎么样?Larry: Eighteen minutes.LH: 啊?这么慢? 18 minutes on the dot? 正好18分么?Larry: No, not on the dot. More like 18 minutes and 16 seconds...LH: 我要累死了,不练了不练了!Larry: Now you know how it feels to taste some of your own medicine!LH: 是啊,现在我体会到你的辛苦了。我真不该对你那么严格。Larry: Good! Well, I guess I can tell you now...theres no couples race.LH: 根本就没有什么双人跑?!Larry: Yeah, you were pushing me so hard...I just wanted you to get a taste of your own medicine.LH: 为了让我自食苦果,你就用这招骗我?!哎呀,糟糕,刚才跑得太快,你妈妈送我的那条项链不知道什么时候掉了。Larry: My mothers necklace Thats been in my family for 100 years on the dot! Why did you wear that on a run?LH: 哈! 你着急了吧! 项链就在我包里!怎么样, you just got a taste of your own medicine,你也知道被骗的滋味不好受了吧!Larry: Indeed...今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是on the dot,表示;正好,精确地;。另一是get a taste of ones own medicine, 意思是;自食苦果;。 /201203/175828湖州永久性脱体毛要哪家医院好

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