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富阳看乳腺检查哪家医院最好的富阳人流手术New vices for the new millenniumIn the bible there were seven, but the Pope has decided that isn't enough. More4 takes a look at the new deadly sins.Now have you sinned since our last broadcast? The Catholic church is worried people aren't taking sins seriously enough. So the Vatican has decided to update its list of the seven deadly sins. But whereas the focus of the traditional sins--LUST, GREED, SLOTH, WROTH, ENVY, PRIDE, and GLUTTONY is individual, those which we concite today is seen as the hellfire or more social in nature. In the days when the artist Hieronymus Bosch gave us his view of the sins they said the earth was flat. Now the Vatican says its new sins will take into account the aftereffects of globalization. New sins on the block could be Abusing drugs or selling them to others, Genetic manipulation such as embryo research which the Vatican opposes, Morally dubious experiments think Dolly the sheep, Polluting the environment, Creating social inequalities and social injustice, Causing poverty and which some would say goes with it, Accumulating excessive wealth. Wealth, something the church itself has been known to do. A part of the impetus for the change is a recent survey that said that 60% of Italian Catholics did not go to confession, but the Vatican stresses that it's not doing away with the old sins just reinterpreting them in a modern context. You're too obsessed with the sin of sex; it seems that you can only sin sexually. But instead there're many other sins or perhaps much more grave that don't have anything to do with sex, they have to do with life, they have to do with the environment, they have to do with justice. So that's what the Vatican thinks, but what do you think our modern sins should be? Binge drinking, using your mobile while driving, putting the recycling in the wrong box. To send us your suggestions, go to our website channel4.com/news.200810/54337富阳早泄阳痿的治疗医院 Bill Gates:How a Geek Changed the World 盖茨宣布退休 Fiona Bruce presents the definitive profile of Bill Gates as he prepares to step down next week from full-time involvement with microsoft. Next week, Bill Gates is stepping down from Microsoft to focus on his charity. Its goal -- to rid the world of diseases like malaria. By giving away around 30 billion dollars, he is always welcome in the corridors of power.Is he supportive of the work you do in the foundation?Yes, I'd say that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have been two of the best world leaders on these issues both in terms of giving them feasibility and increasing their generosity.As well as dropping in on Downing Street, Bill's got a packed schedule of business meetings. His new agenda means he is even busier than ever.We have got a meeting with a number of chief information officers from big UK companies. From there he actually then meets with the Sunday Times business editor. Board meeting is three minutes, which is... (laugh)What can you say in three minutes? Maybe hail Bill Gates, he said "Oh."I'd like to introduce Bill Gates.Chairman Bill may soon be spending less time in the office, but the billionaire sales rep can't resist pitching the latest Microsoft product -- touch recognition technology.I, I picked a particular application here just to show you how touch might work. Underneath here this is just a Windows personal computer that has a camera and some magic software, so it's watching my fingers.For the boss of Microsoft, it's a time of transition. The geek who transformed the computer industry is being rebooted, and the 2008 version of Bill Gates could have an even bigger impact.Bill Gates is standing down from the company he built into one of the most profitable in the world. Having made his fortune, he is about to embark on the next stage of his career -- giving it away. The Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation is growing in size and ambition, almost as fast as Microsoft did. But it's a family affair, to which the couple have promised to give almost all their fortune. By donating 30 billion dollars to charity, Gates is now sharing a global platform with presidents, prime ministers, and even rock stars.This wealth, we've chosen not to pass it to our children or, you know, buy all sorts of ventures or whatever. We are getting it back to society in the way that can have the most positive impact.Until now it's been Melinda Gates who's been spending more time on the foundation.This is, this is a challenge that we have, because people look at Bill and me and say, my gosh, you have a ton of money, right? Ok, so we've started this foundation. And when we started it, we have, we put into it 30 billion dollars. That's all money Bill's earned essentially from this incredible company -- Microsoft. And a friend of ours...Bill Gates will soon be working alongside his wife, and friends say they complement each other. geek: [N-COUNT]You can refer to someone who is skilled with computers, and who seems more interested in them than in people, as a geek(INFORMAL)200811/56043In May, President Obama told visiting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov the ed States and Russia have an excellent opportunity to reset the bilateral relationship on many issues. 今年5月,奥巴马总统对来访的俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫表示,美国和俄罗斯现在有绝佳的机会可以在许多议题上重新设定双边关系。"…from nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation; the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan; how we approach Iran; how we approach the Middle East; commercial ties between the two countries; and, how we address the financial crisis that has put such a strain on the economies of all countries around the world," Mr. Obama said.奥巴马总统说:“从核武器和核扩散,阿富汗和巴基斯坦局势,如何对待伊朗,如何对待中东问题,两国间的商业关系,以及我们如何解决这使得全世界所有国家都压力沉重的金融危机,等等。”Foreign Minister Lavrov responded favorably. 俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫对此热切回应说:"I think we work in a very pragmatic, businesslike way, on the basis of common interests whenever our positions coincide; and, on the basis of respect to each other whenever we have disagreements, trying to narrow those disagreements for the benefit of our countries and international stability," Lavrov said.“我想,我们以一种非常实际的方式,像谈生意的方式进行合作;以我们共同利益为基础的合作。而且,当我们的意见相左时,我们彼此尊重,尝试为两国的利益和国际的稳定来缩小我们的鸿沟。”One major common interest is reducing nuclear arsenals. The U.S. and Russian presidents are to receive a progress report on a new agreement to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. Progress on START could lead to closer cooperation on other issues -- says Viktor Kremenyuk, of Moscow's USA-Canada Institute. 一个主要的共同利益是减少核武器。美国和俄罗斯总统将收到一份有关取代战略武器裁减条约的新协议进展报告。莫斯科的“美国加拿大研究所”研究员克雷门约克说,战略武器裁减条约的进展将可以导致在其他议题上进一步合作。Kremenyuk says he thinks Mr. Obama is doing the right thing in making offensive strategic weapons and a new START treaty his priority. The analyst says, if this issue can be resolved, it can open the possibility of addressing other problems -- problems such as preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons -- a top U.S. foreign policy priority. Also up for grabs is the proposed missile-defense system, which Moscow strongly opposed when the Bush Administration proposed deployment in Central Europe. 他说,他认为,将攻击性战略武器和制定新的战略武器裁减条约列为优先,奥巴马总统做对了。这位分析家表示,如果这项问题能够得到解决,就有可能解决其他问题,像是防止伊朗获得核武器这类问题。伊朗获得核武器的问题是美国外交上的头号优先。其他的问题还包括拟议中的导弹防御系统。布什政府建议在中欧部署的时候,莫斯科强烈反对。Police in Russia often use force to break up opposition demonstrations, raising the question of how the Kremlin deals with dissent and human rights. Russian civic activists say the issue should be at the top of Mr. Obama's agenda, but fear it will not. 俄罗斯警察经常用武力驱散反对派示威,使得人们关切克里姆林宫究竟是怎样处理反对派和人权。俄罗斯公民活动人士表示,这项议题应该是奥巴马总统议程的优先,但是他们担心可能不是。In March, President Medvedev met in the Kremlin with former U.S. Senators Chuck Hagel and Gary Hart -- members of the bipartisan Commission on U.S. Policy Toward Russia. Although the commission urges Mr. Obama to raise human rights, it also recommends he respect Russia's sovereignty, history and traditions. 今年3月,俄罗斯总统在克里姆林宫会见前美国参议员哈格尔和哈特,他们俩都是美国对俄罗斯政策的两党委员会成员。虽然这个委员会敦促奥巴马总统对俄罗斯提出人权问题,但是也强调,俄罗斯的主权、历史和传统应该受到尊重。Igor Klyamkin, of the Liberal Mission Foundation in Moscow, told VOA the commission may be parroting the rhetoric of Kremlin officials, without regard for the hidden meaning of their words.莫斯科“自由任务基金会”的克雷金说,这个委员会也许在言辞上讨好克里姆林宫官员,没有提及他们言辞背后所隐藏的意思。Klyamkin says what they mean is that democracy and rule of law are alien to Russia; that its values and traditions are autocratic and authoritarian rule. The activist says, by using the same words [as the Kremlin], Americans indicate agreement with that kind of Russia.克雷金表示,他们真正的意思是,民主和法治对俄罗斯来讲是外来物,俄罗斯的价值和传统是集权和集权统治。这位活动人士说,借着使用和克里姆林宫一样的言辞,美国暗示和那样的俄罗斯意见一致。Viktor Kremenyuk agrees his country must democratize, if it is to modernize its economy. But he says outside pressure could be counterproductive. 克雷门约克同意,俄罗斯如果要将经济现代化,必须民主化。但是他也表示,外来的压力只会产生反效果。Kremenyuk says the idea of democratization has not had much of a response in Russia; it has not gotten through to ordinary people or to those in power. He adds that to demand observance of certain rules under such conditions will look like fundamental interference in the internal affairs of Russia. 克雷门约克说:“民主化这个想法在俄罗斯并没有太多的回应。这个想法并没有在一般人或权力阶层生根。”他并且补充说,在这样的情况下要求对特定的统治进行监督,将会使人看起来像是对俄罗斯内部事务的根本干涉。A report by the U.S. Russia Commission says Moscow's war with Georgia and its pressure on Ukraine have been troubling, but cautions against making the region a political battlefield that could have dangerous unintended consequences. Igor Klyamkin says an authoritarian Russia has an interest in an unstable Ukraine, to demonstrate that democracy does not work. Klyamkin says that approach encourages preservation of an authoritarian regime in Russia, which does not correspond with the country's national interests.During the American presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama said the ed States should not shy away from pushing for more democracy and transparency in Russia. How hard he pushes as president should become clear when he visits the country, next month.07/76197富阳区中山收费标准

杭州富阳区妇幼保健院妇科检查怎么样Dozens of world leaders met at an Egyptian Red Sea resort for the 15th summit of the 118-nation Non-Aligned Movement. But the 53-year-old group has lost much of its significance since the end of the Cold War. 来自世界各国的几十位领导人在埃及红海旅游胜地聚集一堂,参加不结盟运动的第15届首脑会议,该组织共有118个成员国。但是,这个已经有53年历史的组织自从冷战结束后就失去了它的重要性。It was an exceptionally large turnout of international leaders, with more than 50 heads of state from every continent attending the summit in the Egyptian Red Sea port city of Sharm el-Sheikh.   参加这次会议的国家领导人特别多,来自各大洲的50多位国家首脑出席了在埃及海滨城市沙姆沙伊赫举办的第15届不结盟首脑会议。The outgoing head of the organization, Cuban President Raul Castro told the opening session of the summit that a new international financial system is needed to protect developing nations from the global economic crisis.   该组织即将离任的领导人古巴主席劳尔.卡斯特罗在首脑会议的开幕式上说,为了在全球经济危机中保护发展中国家需要一个新的国际金融体系。He went on to say that a global solution must be found to solve the crisis.   他接着说,必须找到一个全球性方案来解决这一危机。He said the movement has reaffirmed its insistence that all nations of the world must be part of the search for effective and just solutions to the present economic crisis. He said in Havana it is believed that developing countries are the most affected by the global economic crisis. He added that 100 million people around the world, especially the third world, suffer from illiteracy, unemployment, hunger, poverty and curable diseases.   他说,不结盟运动重申,它坚持认为所有国家都应该为解决当前经济危机参与寻找有效和公正的解决办法。他说,在哈瓦那,人们认为发展中国家受到全球性经济危机的影响最大。他补充说,全世界有1亿个人,特别是第三世界的人,承受文盲、失业、饥饿、贫困和可治愈疾病所带来的痛苦。Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who is chairing the summit and who will become the next head of the Non-Aligned Movement, sounded pragmatic about addressing problems facing developing nations.   埃及总统穆巴拉克主持了这次首脑会议,他将成为不结盟运动的下一届领导人。他在发展中国家面临的问题上听起来很务实。He said the movement must accommodate itself with the existing international reality and be nimble and efficacious in tacking its goals.   他说,不结盟运动必须适应当前国际的现实状况,并在达到目标的过程中要很灵活和有效。U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon also addressed the summit, urging greater effort to shelter the economies of developing nations and to make the "international system more fair and balanced."   联合国秘书长潘基文也在首脑会议上发表了讲话,他敦促为保护发展中国家的经济作出更多努力,同时使“国际制度更加公平和平衡。”In his address to the summit, Libyan leader Colonel Moammar Gadhafi recalled the developing stages of the Non-Aligned Movement until the end of the Cold War.   利比亚领导人卡扎菲上校在首脑会议上讲话时回顾了不结盟运动在冷战结束前的各个发展阶段。Colonel Gadhafi complained the U.N. Security Council does not fairly represent the nations of the world and insisted this is a threat to world peace.   卡扎菲上校抱怨联合国安全理事会没有公平的代表世界各国,他坚持认为这是对世界和平的一种威胁。He also urged world leaders to allow Iran to pursue a peaceful nuclear program, calling it "unfair" to prevent it from enriching uranium. But he added Iran must not be permitted to develop nuclear weapons.Libya he insisted, had been on the point of developing its own nuclear weapon.   他说,利比亚曾经到了要发展自己核武器的地步。He said that Libya "crossed the Red Line" and came to the point where it was able to build an atomic bomb. But, he added.   卡扎菲上校说,利比亚“越过了红线”,到了它能制造原子弹的水平。"The world had changed, and we asked ourselves against whom we were going to use the bomb? So, what was the point of building it? It was costing us more than it was worth, so we stopped."   “但是,他说,世界已经变了,所以我们问自己,我们要对谁用原子弹? 制造原子弹有什么意义呢?他说,花费的钱是不值得的, 所以我们就停止了。”Other topics, such as terrorism, global warming and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were also addressed by the Non-Aligned leaders. The two-day summit is to end Thursday.   不结盟运动的领导人还讨论了恐怖主义,全球气温变暖和以色列和巴勒斯坦冲突等问题。为期两天的首脑会议将在星期四结束。07/77964富阳最好的妇科医院人流 Is marriage a good financial move?TODAY Financial editor Jean Chatzky takes a look at whether a walk down the aisle will cost you.And this morning, on today’s Money marriage and your finances, you've spent your life building your nest egg, and protecting your assets and then it happens. You fall in love. But is marriage a good financial move for you? Here with some advice is Money in Today’s Financial editor Jean Chatzky. Jean, hey! Hey!So marriage is a beautiful thing.[It can be.] But look at it from sort of like a cold hard financial perspective, is it a smart thing just kind of a broad question to get married? It rolls a lot of people’s assets into a risky position. Because think about it this way, we are getting married later, which means we are coming at marriage by the time that we have houses, we have, think, retirement accounts, we may have kids from a previous marriage, we wanna take care of all of those things, and just tying the knot can actually put those assets in a precarious position.And having that money talk when you are in love is so hard, isn't it?It's hard when you are not in love. I mean, I only say I do what I do for a very specific reason, talking about money used to and still does at some point make me completely nuts and if you don’t have these conversations, then you are going to really do yourself serious financial damage.So painful it is, you gotta have the talk.You gotta get to the line and have a talk?Okay! First, let’s talk about income.Now here is a question for you. Can getting married lower your income? It absolutely can. Because if let’s say you are toward retirement age, and you are earning money in retirement, your social security benefits will get taxed you can earn up to 25,000 dollars a year as a single person, but you get married you can only earn up to 32,000 before you get taxed. And it can actually lower the amount of money that you have to draw on from alimony.(Oh, yes) and, you know, if you get alimony, if you are getting social security benefits, or pension benefits from a previous spouse. Those could completely go away. You have to sort of compare what you could be eligible from, from your new spouse.Now, I always thought according to taxes, like everyone say, oh getting married is so good for your taxes, you always end up saving money on taxes, is it true or not true?Not necessarily. If you file jointly, that’s probably the best way to go, but there is the thing called marriage penalty and it doesn’t go away when you get older. You can actually lose money to taxes. If you get married and again you have to look at your (personal) individual situation. If you get married, your spouse is going to inherit all of your assets without paying any taxes on them once you get married. But that may mean that your kids do not.That's scream's prenup right, I mean, you should just get a prenup.Well, a lot of people really do need to look at the prenup question. The older you are, the more you come to the party with, particularly if you come to the party with either kids from a previous marriage or a business, you gotta protect that, and that means getting a lawyer in your court and a lawyer in his and sitting down at the table.Well, Let’s talk about kids. How, let’s say you have kids in college, pretend, or you have a grown kid, how does getting married later in life affect them?If you have kids who are about to go to the college, your new spouse’s income can be taken into consideration to form those financial aid formulae. So you might marry somebody who's earning a boatload of money, all of a sudden this child who you thought would be eligible for financial aid may not be. And that may make it difficult to [you know] pay for school, depending on how you've set up the finances. You also have to look at the question of inheritances. If your new spouse is ganna all of a sudden inherit everything that you have, your kids are all of a sudden not going to unless you take care of that in your wills and with the prenup. OK. Let’s talk about the pros of getting married, financially what are, what's the good side of that?Besides the love,(no no no) the love is very, you know, I like the love. But there are some good things in terms of real estate. If you own a house and you spouse owns a house, when you get married you are allowed to take a 500,000-dollar capital gain rather than a 20...250,000-dollar capital gain as you could as a single person. The rules get a little wishy-washy here. You may have to live in that house for a couple of years before you sell it and rent the other one, but that can be a huge amount of money to sock in the bank. Also you are gonna save money on auto insurance premiums, homeowner insurance premiums. So there are some good things and two are, two can definitely live more cheaply than.... (Right) You know, two together can live more cheaply than two apart.And again, you know it's just important to have the money discussion no matter how painful it is, right?Absolutely. And if you can't do it yourself sit down with an advisor and do it together, but do it.OK, Jean, thank you so much for the great advice. (Sure!) We appreciate it. And you can find more of Jean’s advice on our website at todayshow. com.03/64004春江街道中心医院可以用医保卡

富阳中山医院价目表Fighters for Libya's provisional authorities say they have surrounded key areas still held by forces loyal to ousted leader Moammar Gadhafi. At a checkpoint north of Bani Walid, there appears to be a lull before any storm.利比亚过渡当局的部队表示,他们包围了仍然效忠被罢黜的领导人卡扎菲的部队所控制的关键地区。Forces loyal to the National Transitional Council are poised at this Gadhafi-held town south of the capital. There is confusion about what lies ahead: local commanders speak of deadlines both short and long, some passing without notice.忠于全国过渡委员会的部队正在班尼瓦里边缘地区集结,班尼瓦里是首都的黎波里以南由卡扎菲控制的城镇。但是人们对即将发生什么仍然感到困惑。当地指挥官说的最后期限长短不一,一些人则根本不在意。NTC fighter Renai Moqtar Renai, manning a checkpoint north of the town, says he's following the orders of his political leaders. He said the council has given the town more time - until next Saturday.被部署在班尼瓦里以北一个检查站的全国过渡委员会士兵利奈·莫克塔尔·利奈表示,他听从他的政治领导人的命令。他说,过渡委员会已经给了这个城镇更多的时间,一直到下个星期六。In the meantime, there have been on and off negotiations with tribal leaders in Bani Walid. Hopes are high there will be a peaceful resolution.与此同时,在班尼瓦里和部落领导人之间的谈判时断时续。班尼瓦里能够获得和平解决的希望很高。Mohamed Abdel Khadr lives outside Tarhouna, north of the flashpoint. He said there's been enough bloodshed, with a huge number of Libya's youth killed, both civilian and military.穆哈迈德·卡德尔生活在检查站以北的塔霍那城外。他说,流血已经太多了,大批利比亚年轻人丧生,其中既有平民也有士兵。The fighters at the checkpoints north of the town appear happy for this lull. After months of fighting, they're finally finding time to rest and pray. Some gather wood for a fire; they've bought a sheep, which will become a hearty meal. 在班尼瓦里以北检查站的士兵看来对这种平静感到高兴。在几个月的战斗之后,他们终于有时间可以休息和祈祷了。一些人收集木头生火,他们买了一只羊,准备享用一顿丰盛的大餐。But their appetite for battle is waning.但是他们的战斗欲望正在减退。An adviser to the forces, who didn't want to give his name, explained the fighters have a personal stake in a peaceful outcome. He said most of the fighters are from Bani Walid, returning here to make sure they enter peacefully. He added they will only point guns at those who want to kill, and prays that as many lives as possible will be saved.这部队一名不愿透露姓名的顾问解释说,一个和平的结果,攸关这些战士们的个人利害关系。他说,绝大多数的战士都来自班尼瓦里,回到这里希望确保他们能够和平进入这座城镇。他补充说,他们只会对那些想杀人的家伙动,同时祈祷有尽可能多的人将会平安无事。For fighters like Renai, as much as he'd like to see a surrender, he's y if there's not one. He said they are waiting until Saturday. If nothing happens, they are y to go in and fight.像利奈这样的战士,他很希望看到投降的人,但是如果没有投降者,他也做好了准备。他说,他们正在等待星期六的到来。到时候如果什么都没有发生,他们就准备投入战斗。201109/152727 Kim's Funeral Opens Door to High Level Thaw Between North, South Korea金大中葬礼之日 李明晤北韩高级代表 On the day South Korea formally bid farewell to its former president, the country's current president held a groundbreaking meeting with a team of high-level North Korean envoys visiting to pay respects.韩国为前总统金大中正式送葬之日,现任总统李明与前来吊唁的北韩高级特使团举行了一次突破性的会见。Senior North Korean envoys departed the South before the start of Sunday's funeral ceremony for the country's deceased former president, Kim Dae-jung-- but first, they paid a visit to current President Lee Myung-bak. 北韩高级特使团在星期天为韩国已故前总统金大中举行的葬礼开始之前离开首尔,不过他们此前先拜访了现任总统李明。Mr. Lee's spokesman, Lee Dong-kwan, says the delegates met for thirty minutes with the South Korean president, and passed on a verbal message from North Korean leader Kim Jong ll about "cooperation" between the North and South.李明的发言人李东冠说,特使团与韩国总统会见了30分钟,传达了北韩领导人金正日关于北南合作的口信。President Lee's office has not publicized specific details of the North Korean leader's message. 李明总统府没有公布北韩领导人口信的具体细节。Spokesman Lee says President Lee explained the South Korean government's consistent and resolute principles on North issues, and asked the delegation to explain them to Kim Jong ll. He also thanked the delegation for coming, and vowed that there is "no problem that cannot be solved" through sincere dialogue between the two sides. The North side echoed that sentiment, says Lee, by expressing the hope that North and South would indeed solve all of their problems together.发言人李东冠说,李总统阐述了韩国政府在北方问题上一贯而坚定的原则,并且请特使团向金正日转达这些原则。他还感谢特使团的到来,并且表示双方通过诚挚对话“没有解决不了的问题”。李东冠说,北韩方面表示希望北方和南方确实会共同解决他们的全部问题,以此对李明的心情表示认同。Sunday's meeting is widely seen as a breakthrough, considering that North Korea's official media regular refers to Lee Myung-bak and his administration as "traitors." Mr. Lee, a conservative, ended the policy of two previous South Korean administrations which sought to engage and befriend the North by providing hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer aid and investment.鉴于北韩官方媒体一向将李明及其政府称为“叛徒”,星期天的会见被普遍视为一项突破。保守派人士李明终止了前两届韩国政府奉行的政策,该政策寻求以提供数亿美元的纳税人援助和投资与北韩保持接触和友好。The North Koreans were in Seoul to honor the pioneer of that policy, President Kim Dae-jung, who died last week at 85. 北韩特使团在首尔向制订那项政策的先驱金大中总统致敬。金大中上星期去世,终年85岁。Thousands attended the funeral for Mr. Kim, a devout Catholic, at South Korea's parliament on Sunday. 数以千计的人星期天在韩国国会参加了金大中的葬礼。In a eulogy, South Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo says "You opened the path for inter-Korean reconciliation, exchange, and cooperation throught the first ever South-North Summit since the division of the peninsula. In the year 2000, you received the Nobel Peace Prize, once again putting Korea on the world map."韩国总理韩升洙在悼词中说,“通过朝鲜半岛分裂以来的首次南北高峰会晤,你开启了两韩之间的和解、交流和合作。在2000年,你获得了诺贝尔和平奖,再次让大韩在世界版图显现。”Mr. Kim's 2000 meeting with Kim Jong ll was credited with profoundly changing the character of North-South relations, paving the way for increased North-South contacts and a set of reunions for families separated by the 1950s Korean War. However, it was later tainted by allegations the South paid the North nearly half a billion dollars to agree to the event.金大中2000年会晤金正日,被誉为深刻改变了北南关系的性质,为北南接触的增加、并且为因1950年代朝鲜半岛战争而分离的一批家庭重聚铺平了道路。不过,后来有传闻说,为了让北方同意这次会晤,南方付给北方将近5亿美元,致使有关活动蒙上污点。Prime Minister Han went on to praise Kim Dae-jung's struggle to transition his country from dictatorship to democracy. 韩升洙总理还赞扬金大中为韩国从专制向民主过渡而进行的奋斗。He says "often comparing yourself to the honeysuckle that survives the freezing winter, you emerged strong prevailing over the lifetime of hardship from imprisonment, house arrest, death sentence and exile." 韩升洙说:“你经常自比熬过寒冬的忍冬草,在经历坐牢、软禁、被判死刑和流放的艰难一生后,你坚强地光复了。”President Barack Obama sent a U.S. delegation to attend Sunday's funeral, including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and senior State Depeartment Envoy to North Korea Stephen Bosworth.美国总统奥巴马派出一个美国代表团参加星期天的葬礼,代表团成员包括前国务卿奥尔布赖特和资深的国务院北韩问题特使斯沃思。08/82355富阳市无痛人流哪家好常安镇儿童医院做药物流产多少钱




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