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When a woman reported her husband missing, the officer in charge looked at the photograph she handed him, then asked if she wished to give her husband any message if they found him. ;Yes,; she replied ily. ;Tell him my mother isn#39;t visiting after all.;一个女人向警察报案,说丈夫失踪了。警察看过丈夫的照片,问女人如果他们能找到她丈夫,她有没有什么要和丈夫说的。女人很乐意地说:“是的,告诉他我妈妈不来了。” /201302/227256

Mother: I left two pieces of cake in the cupboard this morning, Johnny, and now there is only one piece left. Can you explain that?母亲:约翰尼,今天早上我在食品橱里放了两块蛋糕,现在只剩下一块了,你说是怎么回事?Johnny: Well, I suppose it was so dark that I didn#39;t notice the other.约翰尼:哦,我想是因为里面太黑,我没有看见另一块。



  Five decades after the U.S. surgeon general first warned of the hazards of smoking, researchers reported fresh evidence Wednesday of tobacco#39;s devastating toll on the health of the U.S. population─and of the benefits of quitting. 在美国卫生总监第一次对吸烟的危害提出警告50年之后,研究人员周三发表报告,称找到了烟草对美国人健康造成巨大不利影响──以及戒烟有益──的新据 Two studies that looked at the effects of smoking over a lifetime found that both men and women who smoke were about three times as likely to die before reaching age 80 in one study, and 75 in the other study, compared with those who never smoked. Associated Press有两项研究考察了终生吸烟给健康带来的影响,其中一项研究发现,与从不吸烟的人相比,吸烟的男性和女性在80岁之前死亡的可能性提高了两倍,另一项研究则把80岁提前到了75岁。 One of the studies found that women who smoke through their lives lose 11 years of longevity, compared with never-smokers, while men lose about 12 years.其中一项研究发现,与从不吸烟的女性相比,终生吸烟的女性的生命短了11年,而对于男性而言,则短了12年。 #39;Men and women are now equal─they both lose a decade of life from smoking,#39; said Prabhat Jha, director of the center for global health research at University of Toronto. He is lead author of one of the reports, both of which are being published in the New England Journal of Medicine.多伦多大学(University of Toronto)全球健康研究中心的负责人杰哈(Prabhat Jha)说,男性和女性这次平等了,他们都会因为吸烟而损失10年左右的生命。他是其中一份报告的第一作者,这两份报告都在《新英格兰医学杂志》(New England Journal of Medicine) 发表。 Current estimates are that about 44 million Americans, or 19% of the adult population, are smokers. That#39;s down from about 42% of adults in 1965, the year after the landmark surgeon general#39;s report that found smoking caused lung cancer in men. Since then, a steady stream of research has linked tobacco use to heightened risk of a variety of cancers, heart disease and other ailments, as well as death from any cause, among both men and women.现在流行的一个估计数据是,美国约有4,400万吸烟人口,约占美国成年人总数的19%。相比之下,1965年吸烟人口占成年人的比重为42%。此前一年,美国卫生总监发表了具有里程碑意义的报告,称发现吸烟可导致男性罹患肺癌。从那之后,不断有研究发现,不管是男性还是女性,罹患多种癌症、心脏病和其他疾病以及死亡的风险升高都和吸烟有关。 Because women generally didn#39;t become serious smokers until the 1960s, about two decades after men, previous studies had indicated women were at lower risk of death than men. But with 50 years of smoking experience to evaluate, researchers now say the risk for women has pulled even with men.因为在上世纪60年代之前,女性吸烟的程度通常比不上男性(比男性晚了20年),之前的研究曾表明,女性因吸烟死亡的风险小于男性。但有了50年的吸烟经历可供评估之后,现在研究人员说,女性因吸烟死亡的风险与男性相同。 Both studies found that quitting smoking at any time─but the earlier the better─helped offset at least some of the risk of early death. Quitting by age 30 resulted in gaining 10 years of life, compared with those who continued to smoke, Dr. Jha said, while even quitting by age 50 recovered six years of life on average that otherwise would be lost from a lifelong habit.两项研究均发现,任何时候戒烟都有助于降低──至少是在一定程度上降低──早亡的风险,但戒烟还是越早越好。杰哈士说,与一直吸烟的人相比,在30岁之前戒烟可以多活10年,更有甚者,与终生吸烟相比,在50岁之前戒烟平均能多活六年。 Dr. Jha#39;s study was based on smoking histories of more than 200,000 men and women 25 years and older who participated in the U.S. National Health Interview survey between 1997 and 2004. The data were linked to causes of death that occurred by the end of 2006.杰哈士的研究基础是200,000多名男女的吸烟史,这些人年龄在25岁(含)以上,曾于1997年至2004年之间参与过美国全国健康采访调查。上述数据与2006年年底前死亡者的死因之间存在关联。 The other report, headed by Michael J. Thun of the American Cancer Society, used data from that organization#39;s large cancer-prevention studies and other studies of smoking information, with a focus on people who had reached age 55 or older during the follow-up period.另外一份报告的第一作者是美国癌症协会(American Cancer Society)的图恩(Michael J. Thun)。他利用了该协会的大规模癌症预防研究和其他有关吸烟方面的研究,重点关注年龄在跟进期达到55岁及以上的人。 One message from the findings is that #39;in terms of health benefits, it is never too late to quit,#39; said Steven Schroeder, director of the smoking-cessation leadership center at University of California, San Francisco, in an editorial accompanying the papers.在与这两项研究同时刊发的文章中,加利福尼亚大学旧金山分校(University of California, San Francisco)的烟瘾戒断领导力中心负责人施罗德(Steven Schroeder)说,两项研究得到的发现传达出的信息之一是,从健康的角度而言,戒烟永远不晚。 /201301/222684

  ;I can always tell a graduate class from an undergraduate class,; observed the instructor in one of my graduate engineering courses at California State University in Los Angeles.;When I say, #39;Good afternoon,#39; the undergraduates respond, #39;Good afternoon.; But the graduate students just write it down.;“研究生班和本科生很容易就能区别开来,”在洛杉矶加利福利亚州立大学给我们研究生上工程学课的老师如此说。“我说‘下午好’,本科生们回答说‘下午好’。研究生们则把我说的话记在笔记本上。”内容来自: /201304/235572

  There is a reason why eyes are often called ;windows of the soul;. While we can choose our words and control certain facial expressions, our eyes never lie. They portray our thoughts, reflect the lightest shades of emotions, express interest, boredom, surprise, approval, or disbelief. Without words ever being spoken, our eyes have the power to attract, to judge, to frighten and to caress. You have probably witnessed yourself how often a parent can hush playful children just by giving them ‘the look’. Or how a young couple can flirt with each other across the table without ever saying a single word.人们通常将眼睛称为;心灵的窗户;,这不是没有道理的。尽管我们可以选择话语、控制某些面部表情,但是我们的眼睛绝不会说谎。它们透露了我们的想 法,反映了我们情绪中最细微的差别,表达了我们的兴趣、厌倦、惊奇、同意或是不信任。即便不说一句话,我们的眼睛也具有吸引、判断、恐吓和爱抚的能力。你 大概亲眼目睹过家长经常只是通过一个;眼神;就让顽皮的孩子安静下来,或者一对年轻的恋人隔桌相望,不说只字片语却互送秋波。The language of our eyes is one of the most powerful and effective tools of non-verbal communication. And many times our success at a job interview, during business negotiations or on a first date depends on our ability to convey the right messages with our eyes. This is why it is so important to learn how to the body language of the eyes and interpret it correctly. Here are the 10 Most Important Eye Expressions that we witness every day:眼睛所透露的语言是最强有力、有效的非语言交流工具之一。许多时候,我们在求职面试、商业洽谈或者初次约会中的成功,取决于我们用眼睛传达正确信息的能力。这就是为什么学会如何解读眼神、正确理解它是如此重要了。以下是我们每天都亲眼所见的10种最重要的眼神:1.Smiling eyes.1.微笑的眼神。Psychologists have long noticed that a sincere smile starts with our eyes. When we are genuinely happy the skin around the corners of our eyes crinkles, while a ‘socially polite’ inauthentic smile touches only our lips. Have you ever been in a situation when a shop assistant smiled at you, offering help and you immediately got the feeling that they were just trying to sell you something? Well, now you know why. The smile you had been given was not in the eyes.心理学家经过长期的观察发现,一个真诚的微笑是从眼睛开始的。当我们由衷地高兴时,我们眼角的皮肤会皱起来,但是;在社交场合上礼貌的;微笑则是假笑,只涉及唇部的活动。你是否曾遇到过这样的情景:当一位店员微笑着向你提供务时,你立刻感觉到他/她只不过是试图向你卖东西?好了,现在你知道原因了。你所感受的微笑并不是从眼睛里发出的。2.Shy eyes.2.羞涩的眼神。People who avoid eye contact during a conversation are often perceived as insincere, deceptive and untrustworthy. Practice shows that this is not always the case.在交谈中躲避目光接触的人常被视为不真诚、虚伪、不值得信赖。实践表明情况并非总是如此。As strange as it may seem, a clear sign that someone is being being dishonest is greater eye contact, not a lack thereof (as a liar knows we are looking for signs of deception and purposely prolongs eye contact). What does little or no eye contact mean then? Anything from shyness, to nervousness, to boredom.有一点似乎挺奇怪,有明显的迹象表明不诚实的人目光接触更多,而不是缺乏目光接触(就像一个说谎的人知道我们正找寻他欺骗的迹象,从而故意延长目光接触的时间)。那么没多少目光接触或者根本就没有意味着什么呢?害羞、紧张、无聊,这些都有可能。3.Friendly eyes.友好的眼神。Looking a person straight in the eyes while carrying on a conversation sends a few clear messages to your interlocutor: you are comfortable in their company; you are relaxed and confident; you are paying attention to the conversation. This is why so many public speaking experts and motivational coaches advice maintaining eye contact with your interlocutors to make a positive first impression.在交谈时直视对方会对你的谈话者传递几个明显的信息:你和他/她在一起很舒;你很放松且有自信;你在交谈时集中精力。这就是为什么那么多的演说家和激励学生的教练会建议你对交谈者保持目光接触从而留下积极的第一印象。4.‘Shut’ eyes.4.;闭;眼。Covering the eyes, shielding the eyes, lowering the eyelids for a long period of time is a hard-wired unconscious attempt to block out something that we do not want to hear. For example, a man who is asked to work on the weekend may cover his eyes with his fingers rubbing them as he answers, ;No problem;. What his gestures are portraying, though, is how he really feels about the prospective of spending his weekend at the office – he is not happy about it at all.长时间闭眼、遮眼和耷拉眼皮是在潜意识地试图阻挡我们不想听到的事情。例如,一个被要求在周末上班的人可能会闭上眼睛,边揉眼睛边回答;没问题;。但是他的姿态所表现的就是,他一想到要在办公室度过周末的真实感受——他对此一点儿也不开心。5.Blinking eyes.5.眨眼。Psychologists and body language experts have noticed that when we are nervous or troubled about something our blink rate goes up. Often such behavior is seen with liars. Although, it takes more than increased blinking rate to accuse someone of lying as the same reaction is often seen with people under stress.心理学家和肢体语言专家已经注意到,当我们紧张或是被某事所困扰的时候,我们眨眼的频率会上升。通常这种行为常见于说谎的人。然而,不要只因为眨眼频率增加而指责某人说谎,因为有压力的人也常常会有同样的反应。 /201208/195373Who wouldn#39;t get anxious?! So to get rid of the anxiety, you convince yourself that ‘there#39;s still plenty of time” and that you will “get it done perfectly tomorrow” and turn to Facebook or cleaning out your closets. This inability to imagine the process is one of the biggest problems faced by those of us who struggle with procrastination.谁不会焦虑?所以为了克焦虑,你就用“仍然还有大量时间”来宽慰自己,觉得“留到明天就可以圆满完成”然后转到脸书上,或者去打扫你的壁橱。构思不到事情的步骤,这就是我们这些拖延症患者所面临的最大问题。So what#39;s the solution? Simple:所以要怎样解决呢?很简单:1. Write down the smaller tasks under each project and select the first small task.1.写下每个项目的步骤,然后从首要的小步骤着手。2. Then, make a pre-decision about what you will do when you feel frustrated or a distraction beckons. A pre-decision has the “If X, then Y formula”.2.接着,在你觉得沮丧或者分心时,预先决定你要去做的事情。做这个预先决定有一个“如果....,那么....”公式。For example, “If I feel anxious or frustrated, then I will remind myself to just focus on this one small piece and not the entire forest” OR “If I begin to doodle or think of calling my friend, then I will call my friend and ask him to help me stay on track” etc;例如,“如果我感到焦虑或沮丧,那么我就要提醒自己专注在一小块事情上,而非整片森林。”或者,“如果我开始涂鸦或者想打电话给朋友,那么我就要请他帮我坚持到底”等等。Only you know what your usual distractions are and so you can make “If X, then Y” pre-decisions that are uniquelydesigned for you.你只有了解了平常影响你的事物,才能够写出“如果...那么...”的公式来预先决定,这可是为你量身订造的公式。I used this technique to lose 20 pounds in the last few months. My main problem is resisting a temptation to eat desserts. I allow myself to eat one yummy dessert a week. When my mind asks for it any other time, I have a pre-decision that goes like this “If my mind makes me crave a dessert during the week, I will imagine that dessert morphing into a pound of fat in front of my eyes”.Trust me, it worked.我用这个方法在过去短短几个月里就减掉了20磅。我主要的挑战是要抵抗甜点的诱惑。那我只允许自己每周吃一次美味的甜品。其余时间想吃的时候,我就会做个“预先决策”,像这样“如果我内心在工作日里渴望甜点,那么我就会幻想糖分在我眼前转化为脂肪的景象。”相信我,这个方法起作用了。The trick here is to have made this pre-decision ahead of time (writing it down is even better) so that you can do it automatically without having to thinkwhen you are hit by distraction or temptation.有个技巧就是提前做出“预先决策”(写下来会更好),所以当你扰或者克制不住时,你就会不由自主地做出决定。Every decision point in your life is like a road diverging in the woods. By learning to imagine the process and having a plan to deal with obstacles, you can beat procrastination and choose the road that unleashes your full potential.每一个决策点就像通往森林的岔路。一旦你学会了构思每件事情的步骤,懂得有计划性地处理问题,你就能够彻底摆脱拖延症,最终走向释放自身所有潜力的道路。 /201307/246556


  7 ㎡ box housing, it can be a home: bedroom, bathroom, balcony, desk, cafe, wardrobe, storage space for everything. The picture is a 7-square-meter home on exhibition in Chongqing4月11日,重庆大学12名学生设计建构的1∶1实体住宅模型在学校展览。7㎡箱子式的房屋,就可以是一个家:卧室、卫浴、阳台、书桌、茶座、衣柜、储藏等空间应有尽有。图为一学生正在展示书柜。 /201304/234563。


  Sometimes, more than the skirt or the blazer, it’s the accessories that make dressing up so much fun. They are like the sprinkles on the ice-cream scoop of your outfit, the little touches of joy that you can dabble with to spice up an old favorite or that boring but useful blouse.很多时候,穿衣打扮之所以乐趣十足,并非只是因为一条短裙或是一件运动夹克那么简单,而更多的在于配饰。配饰之于装,就好比糖屑之于冰淇淋球一样,这样俏皮的小点缀让你有机会重拾衣橱旧爱或是那些单调却实用的上衣。But before you invest any money in interesting pieces, meet the accessories that are defining this season.在花钱购买一些有趣的配饰之前,先来领略一下本季潮流配饰的风采吧!Luxe cuff华丽手镯Nothing injects a more opulent vibe into your look than a bold piece of luxe cuff. Strong and sophisticated, the arm candy is heavily inspired by the fashion statements of Egypt’s last pharaoh Cleopatra, also known as “Queen of the Nile”.没什么能比一只抓人眼球的华丽手镯更能提升你整体着装的奢华感了。个性鲜明却不失精致,这种首饰的设计灵感很大程度上来自于最后一个埃及法老——“埃及艳后”克丽奥佩托拉的时尚主张。This season’s luxe cuffs ― featured on the runways of designer brands like Lanvin, Hermes, Chloe and Celine ― range from sleek, oversized bangles in bronze, silver and gold, to leather pieces that blend studs, rivets and rhinestones.本季的华丽手镯登上了浪凡、爱马仕、克洛伊和赛琳等设计品牌的T台,样式从奢华且夸张的青铜、银质或金质手镯到装饰了铆钉、水钻的皮质手镯不一而足。But if it’s the luxe cuff that you wish to sport, make sure you keep the rest of your getup down.但如果想要突出的是华丽手镯,记得让着装的其他部分低调起来。Bib necklace围嘴项链Just when you thought your bib-wearing days were over, one of the hottest trends in accessories comes in the form of bib necklaces.正当你以为戴围嘴的日子一去不复返时,围嘴项链竟然成为时下最炙手可热的配饰潮流之一。The origin of this big, dramatic necklace ― generally made of multiple layers of stepped pearls, stones or metals ― is believed to date back to the days of ancient Egypt. Elizabeth Taylor, who played the famous Egyptian queen in Cleopatra, sports such a necklace in the 1963 movie.这种外形夸张却光夺目的项链据说起源于古埃及,通常由珍珠、宝石和金属材料层叠而成。在1963年的电影《埃及艳后》中,饰演克丽奥佩托拉的伊丽莎白?泰勒就曾展示过这款项链。The trend has been growing over the last few years, but it quickly gained popularity after Dior and Lanvin used these bold, statement-making pieces in their 2013 spring/summer collections.这一潮流在过去几年间日益风行起来,而在迪奥和浪凡分别在各自的2013年春夏系列中使用了这种个性鲜明且吸人眼球的配饰后,它的人气一路飙升。Dudette cap男朋友帽It looks like we’re driving our boyfriends crazy ―after stealing their jeans and blazers, we’re now taking their caps, too.似乎我们快要把男朋友们逼疯了——在偷走他们的牛仔裤和西装外套之后,我们要对他们的帽子下手了。Some people call it the baseball cap, while the punk crowd call it the dudette cap. Regardless of its name, the cap is leaving a mark on this season’s accessory trends with its effortless sense of cool. The spring runways made use of caps to style everything from leather ensembles to flirty dresses.有人称之为棒球帽,玩朋克的人称它为鸭舌帽。不管叫什么,这种帽子凭借其轻松扮酷的特点而在本季配饰潮流中占得一席之地。在今年春季T台上,从皮装到长裙,这种帽子堪称百搭。For lazy days, the dudette cap is a nifty way to up the style factor of even the plainest white tee and denim shorts combo.慵懒的日子里,一顶男朋友帽便可以把简单的白T配牛仔短裤变得更具时尚风格。Oversized earrings超大耳环One of the biggest accessory trends of this season is oversized earrings. Supersized gold and silver hoops reminiscent of the 1980s, feathered and fringed earrings with old Hollywood glamour, and vibrant ones crafted with multicolored beads ― these are among the best choices for this season.本季配饰的另一大流行趋势便是超大耳环。超大号的黄金或银质耳环让人想起上世纪八十年代,带有好莱坞复古风格的羽毛、流苏耳环,还有活力四射的珠耳环——这些都是本季的上上之选。So don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your earrings. But do remember to choose lighter ones that don’t stretch your earlobes to avoid harming your ears.别担心耳环太大、太夸张。但记得选轻盈一些的耳环,以免过度拉扯耳垂伤到耳朵。 /201305/240216

  When 9-year-old Alayna Adams threw the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays game on Thursday night, she had no idea her father, deployed in the army, was the one catching the ball.当九岁的阿莱恩-亚当斯周四晚在坦帕湾光芒队球场投出第一掷时,她没有想到她在部队役的父亲会是接住球的人。Earlier in the day, Alayna thought she was in trouble when she and her mother had to meet with the principal of her school, Westlake Christian School, according to the Tampa Bay Times. They were then told they had been chosen from a group of military families to throw the ceremonial first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Socks game at Tropicana Fieldon Thursday night.据《坦帕湾时报》称,当天早些时间,阿莱恩和她的母亲被通知要去会见她的学校西湖基督学校校长,当时小姑娘认为自己肯定是有麻烦了。随后,她们被告知从军人家属中被选中,将在纯品康纳室内球场举行的坦帕湾光芒队对波士顿红袜队比赛中掷出比赛的第一个球。Neither mother nor daughter knew that the man behind the catcher#39;s mask was Army Lieutenant Colonel Will Adams, who has been stationed in Afghanistan for most of the past two years. They thought he was getting home next Monday, but Will actually arrived home Wednesday and stayed at a hotel to keep the secret devised by the ed Service Organizations and the Rays, the Tampa Bay Times reports.而母亲和孩子都不知道,在接球手面具后的人是陆军中校威尔-亚当斯,他在过去两年的大部分时间驻扎在阿富汗。据《坦帕湾时报》称,她们以为他会在下周一回家,但实际上威尔在周三抵达家中,并在由全美务组织和光芒队提供的秘密酒店居住。Before Alayna threw the ball, a prerecorded of Will offering good luck played on the Jumbotron. ;Stay focused, throw the ball and I love you,; the army dad told his daughter, notes Tampa#39;s WTSP.根据坦帕的WTSP电视台报道,在阿莱恩投球前,在电视大屏幕上放映了威尔录好的视频,来祝她们好运。“集中注意力,投球,我爱你,” 这个军人父亲告诉他女儿。After the pitch, the man dressed in Rays gear at home plate lifted up his mask. That is when Alayna saw he wasn#39;t an MLB player but her dad, and she ran into his arms.阿莱恩投出球之后,在本垒身着光芒队队的男人摘掉面具。这时,阿莱恩发现他不是全美职棒大联盟的队员,而是她爸爸,她投进他的怀抱中。The surprise made for a super sweet reunion between father and daughter, and footage of the touching moment later went viral online.这个惊喜造就了父女重逢的超级甜蜜,而那些触动人心的镜头随后在网上疯传。When asked what she first thought when she saw her dad, Alayna told WTSP, ;I don#39;t really know. I thought I was dreaming.;当被问及见到父亲的首先想到什么时,阿莱恩告诉WSTP电视台:“我不知道。我觉得像做梦一样。” /201305/240930

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