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Britain Heads For A Recession For the first time in 16 years, Britain's economy is heading for a recession. All on the day that the FTSE has fallen again, the DOW has plunged and the pound suffered its worst drop against the dollar since Black Wednesday. Sky's Michael Wilson reports. The skilled worker on the Alen brothers... …are busy. But only after 40 of the 250 staff may be redundant when orders for their// windows and doors began to slow. I am very pleased to say that 20 all of those people were able to find alternative employment elsewhere, but nevertheless the world is excessively harder than it is. . Small businesses like this around frontline, is the economy gets hammered. Yes, …been seen concern for the future, and I think moment job is safe for the minute, but who knows for the future. I am a single dad with two kids, so like the think, my job is safe. I have been here for 21 year through like I say who knows … I got a laid off later one from here … but I am gonna laid off. And it was a devastating thing because I wouldn’t be able to … two kids to bring up Today, official configures confirmed were everybody had feared, the economy had shrunk in the last quarter are not only that by an unexpectedly point five of percent more than twice the predicated drop. we are determined to do everything we can and as soon as we can to help people who is to lose their jobs ,so they can get back to work and the businesses getting into difficulty we do our level best to help them The country still is not in officially recession, It will take a second quarter of negative growth for that could be confirmed. After that figure some in the city nothing that economy will continue to slow well into next year, and then remain flat and then maybe just maybe some green shoots of recovery in the spring of 2010, one thing is for certain it will be a long whole Most the economy is in its worst state for eighteen years sparking demands for a serious policy response. I think the bank of England will cut interest rate sharply, I think they will cut interest rate at least two percents but if I was there I would actually argue that rate should be down to one percent by next summer The leader of the Conservative Party says the government should have been better prepared. We’ve ten years been told no more booming- bust, ten years of government no putting aside money for a rainy day, well that rainy day has now come. We will get though this but we need change. There is concerned that output has shrunk so significantly so early on in the downturn. How long the slump will last and how deep it will be is a question for the future. Now the earness is on the bank of England since inflation is yesterday story, today's question/s is how quickly can it get the cost of borrowing down and how quickly will it work.参考中文翻译:16年来,英国经济首次陷入衰退。 在黑色星期三,FTSE 再次下跌,道琼斯指数大幅跳水,英镑相对美元再次疲软。Sky新闻Michael Wilson报道。Alen兄弟公司的技术工人非常……非常忙碌。由于他们接到的门窗订单减少,250名员工中,将有40人被裁。我可以很高兴的说,所有的人都可以找到其他类似的工作。但是现在的形势比表面上还要严峻。位于前沿的这类小公司首当其冲,感受到经济危机的冲击。考虑到对以后的担忧,我认为目前先暂时找份工作比较安全,但是将来的事情谁说的准呢。我是两个孩子的单亲爸爸,这样来考虑,我的工作是安全的。我已经在这里工作了21年了。但是就像我说的,将来的事情谁知道呢。我暂时不会被解雇,但是我以后可能会被解雇,这对我来说是毁灭性的消息,因为我还有两个孩子要抚养。官方数字是所有人都担心的。上个季度,经济意外的缩水5%,比预期高出两倍以上。我们一定竭尽全力尽快帮助那些将要失业的人,以使他们尽快恢复工作。对那些陷入困境的公司,我们也会尽最大努力去帮助他们。现在国家还没有完全陷入衰退。如果下一季度经济仍然负增长,衰退的消息就将被实。官方数据宣布后,有人认为,经济增长减慢会持续到明年,然后保持平稳,到2010年春季可能会恢复。有一点是肯定的,英国经济是18年来最糟糕的状态,需要政府采取政策性的持。我认为英格兰会大幅降低利率,我认为至少会降低2%。但是如果我是英格兰官员的话,我会降的更多 ,到明年夏天会将利率下调到1%。英国保守党领袖说,政府本应准备的更好。十年来我们都被告知今后会繁荣昌盛,是年来政府都没有未雨绸缪,现在灾难来临了。我们一定会挺过这段时间,但是需要一些改变。有人担心,在经济低迷中,出锐减。经济萧条会持续多久,影响会有多深都是未知数。通货膨胀已经成为过去,现在的问题是,怎样迅速降低借贷成本,多久能够起到作用。200812/57971。

  • Young people in a tent city at the center of Cairo's Tahrir Square chanted a song from the 1950s, with words updated to refer to their revolution, saying they want to return Egypt to what they see as its former glory.Tension rose in Egypt Tuesday with a tough statement from the interim government and a march on a main government building where the prime minister and his Cabinet have their offices.7月12日(星期二),埃及局势因为临时政府的一项强硬谈话而更加紧张。抗议群众在总理和内阁办公的政府大厦四周游行。Young people in a tent city at the center of Cairo's Tahrir Square chanted a song from the 1950s, with words updated to refer to their revolution, saying they want to return Egypt to what they see as its former glory. While they sang, people of all ages flowed through civilian checkpoints into the square in response to a call by activist groups for yet another large protest.埃及首都开罗解放广场露营区里的年青人,高唱着50年代的歌曲,歌词被修改成与他们现在的革命理念有关,他们要恢复埃及往日的荣耀。他们唱歌的同时,人们不分老少,蜂拥穿过了平民检查站,前往解放广场,响应活跃份子举行另一次大型抗议活动的号召。The people complain that the ruling military council and Prime Minister Essam Sharaf are not moving fast enough to implement reforms and to put former regime members and security officers on trial. 人们抱怨说,执政的军事委员会和总理夏拉夫在执行改革和和审判前政府人员以及安全官员方面,动作迟缓。On Monday, the prime minister promised to reshuffle his Cabinet and appoint new regional governors by Sunday. He said he will resign if he does not achieve that.星期一,埃及总理夏拉夫承诺改组内阁,并且在星期日以前,完成指派新的地区首长。他说,如果他做不到,他就辞职。Later, the government announced that the Cabinet reshuffle had begun, with the resignation of the prime minister's deputy, and said meetings were under way to decide on further changes.稍后政府宣布,内阁改组已经从总理的副手辞职开始。并且说,正在开会讨论进一步的行动。Also, an Egyptian court on Tuesday convicted a former prime minister and two Cabinet ministers of corruption and sentenced them to up to 10 years in jail. The three served under ex-President Hosni Mubarak who also faces corruption-related charges and resigned in February.星期二,埃及的一个法院将前总理和两名前部长,以贪污罪判处十年徒刑。这三名前政府官员原先在埃及前总统穆巴拉克手下任职。穆巴拉克本人也面临贪污罪名的指控,他在今年二月间辞职下台。201107/144269。
  • 韩国庆尚南道金海市,前来悼念前总统卢武铉的悼念者在卢武铉的遗像前痛哭不已。据不完全统计,韩国62个自治团体25日设立悼念卢武铉的灵堂等祭奠场所,其中7处设在首都首尔,各政党、宗教团体、市民团体设立的祭所达到180处。3天来,韩国全国弥漫着悲伤的气息,民众以各种方式追悼卢武铉。近两天有超过30万人从各地赶来悼念卢武铉,一些人步行几公里,一些人在灵堂外排队等待的时间超过一小时。Thousands of South Koreans lined up to pay respects to their formalleader Roh Moo-hyun as the nation was reeling from the shock of his apparent suicide. The 62-year-old president out of office for 15 monthsis believed to have jumped to his death from a cliff near his countryhome after being implicated in a corruption scandal. South Korea set up31 altar sites throughout the country for citizens to pay their respects.And Prime Minister Han Seung-soo and cabinet members offered prayers toRoh. The former president’s death was widely mourned in South Korea.It's really sad. I’m really sad. And he is a poor person. He was a very nice man. I am heartbroken. I cannot see any more. North Korea’s official media out a condolence message from leader Kim Yong Il to Roh’s family but noted the scandal investigation. KimYong Il and Roh met in Pyongyang at a historic summit in October 2007, only the second summit of states technically still at war.A public funeral is expected on Friday for Roh, a self-taught lawyer who rose from rural poverty to win the presidency backed by ageneration of students who fought for democracy in the 1980s.词汇:pay respect to 向某人致以敬意cabinet member 内阁成员05/71770。
  • Clinton 'Accepts Obama Job' Hillary Clinton has decided to take up the offer of joining Barack Obama's cabinet as Secretary of State, according to her associates. So let the conversations begin. I have a feeling. It's going to be very interesting.America's next administration is starting to take shape with daily leaks and drips of speculation. The New York Times claims Hillary Clinton will accept the post of Secretary of State. The 61-year-old Junior Senator for New York and Obama's rival for the nomination would replace Condoleezza Rice as America's global ambassador. A formal announcement is expected after Thanksgiving this Thursday. Shame on you Barack Obama, it’s time to run a campaign consistent with your messages in Public.This is the Clintons, and the Clintons run to their own agenda. And someone is going to have to give in here. Will she work to what he wants her to do? Remember? One was for the war; one was against the war. Bill Clinton, I don't care, you know, how much he's told to keep the lid on it. Sooner or later, Bill is gonna get fidgety. He’s gonna wanna be on the world’s stage. And he's gonna wanna give a speech somewhere. So this is gonna have some problems.So here is rumor to be joining around the cabinet table. This could be the man with the toughest job in the administration. Timothy Geithner, sources told N news he's in line for the job of Treasury Secretary. The young president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank is one of the few involved in the financial crisis to emerge unscathed. Helping him attempt to get America's finances back on track could be this man, Bill Richardson, who appears to be favored for Commerce Secretary. The part-Latino Governor of New Mexico was Energy Secretary in Bill Clinton's Cabinet.The National Security Advisor, General James L. Jones is been considered a Vietnam vet; he was also the Military Head of NATO. Finally, Arizona's Governor Janet Napolitano is in line for another crucial role, Head of Homeland Security. It's a massive department which has immigration and federal disaster management under its umbrella, as well as its core role protecting America from terrorist attack. Obama's transition team is officially staying out of this speculation. But analysts are welcoming many of the picks as young, energetic and bright. Their early performance will be scrutinized. There's an enormous way to the expectations surrounding this new administration.Robert Nisbet, Sky News, Washington. 参考中文翻译:据希拉里助手透漏,希拉里接受邀请,同意加入奥巴马内阁,出任国务卿。现在谈话开始。我有种感觉,事情将会非常有趣。美国的下任内阁随着滴水不漏,有条不紊的审查,逐渐开始成形。纽约时报报道说希拉里将会出任国务卿一职。这位61岁的纽约高级参议员,奥巴马的前对手将会取代赖斯成为美国的全球大使。本周四感恩节过后官方会正式宣布。奥巴马,现在到你实现你对公众许下的诺言的时候了。这是克林顿夫妇,这对夫妇在赴他们自己的日程安排。在这必须有一个人屈。她会按照他希望的去做吗?是不是记得?一个主战,另一个反战。比尔克林顿,不管他现在怎么去遮掩,我都不会在意,迟早,他会不安分的。他还是想登上世界舞台的。他会想在某个地方发表一下讲话。所以,这样会有问题产生的。那么这里有一些关于加入内阁的谣言。这会是内阁最难做的工作。有消息告知N新闻,Timothy Geithner将会出任财务部长。这位年轻的纽约联邦储备的主席是很少受到财政危机伤害的为数不多的其中一个。帮助他使美国经济返回正轨的将是Bill Richardson,此人似乎倍受商务部长青睐。这位有着部分拉美血统的新墨西哥的领导是克林顿内阁时期的能源部长。国家安全顾问Security Advisor,据说是个越南老兵,同时也是北约的军方首脑。最后,亚利桑那州的州长Janet Napolitano 是另一个关键职位的候选人,国家安全部的部长。这个部门全力相当庞大,包括移民和联邦灾难管理都在他的管理范围之内,更重要的任务是保卫美国免于恐怖袭击。奥巴马的过渡期团队目前还没有接受官方的正式审查。但是分析家希望能够选出一些年轻,精力旺盛,聪明的领导人。他们前期的表现将要接受严格的审查。关于这个新的内阁,有这各种各样不同的预期。200811/57020。
  • American universities inherited a choral tradition from England where, centuries ago, student choruses gathered to sing songs with different vocal parts known as glees. Today, dozens of U.S. colleges have glee clubs - a cappella choruses open to students who pass an audition.美国大学继承了英国一个有几百年历史的合唱传统,那就是,喜欢合唱的学生聚集在一起,组成欢乐合唱团。如今,美国有几十所高校拥有欢乐合唱团俱乐部,只要能通过面试,学生们都可以参加这种无伴奏合唱团。The Yale Glee Club is the nation’s third oldest collegiate chorus. What began as a group of friends serenading passersby, has grown into a powerhouse vocal ensemble. This year marks its 150th anniversary, and this month, decades' worth of Yale Glee Club alumni head to New Haven, Connecticut for a reunion. 耶鲁大学欢乐合唱团是美国大学中第三老资格的合唱团。从最开始一群朋友组团为路人唱小夜曲,直到现在成为声名赫赫的大合唱团。今年,耶鲁大学欢乐合唱团迎来了建团150周年。2月12号,合唱团的新老团员聚集在耶鲁大学校园,展开庆祝活动。Diverse groupSinging has always been a big part of life at Yale, no matter what you’re studying. Art major - later actor - Vincent Price and music major - later minister - William Sloane Coffin sang in the Glee Club. And so did Cole Porter, one of America’s most popular composers, who wrote a football song celebrating Yale’s mascot, "Handsome Dan the Bulldog." 在耶鲁大学,不管学生学什么专业,唱歌都是校园生活的重要部分。耶鲁大学欢乐合唱团的团员包括:著名演员文森特·普莱斯、著名牧师威廉·斯隆·科芬,以及美国最有名的流行音乐作曲家科尔·波特。波特曾经为学校的吉祥物--斗牛犬帅气丹创作过一首歌曲。Another alum is Richard Brookhiser, who’s now senior editor at the conservative magazine National Review. In college, he was aly active in politics and recalls he enjoyed the wide cross section of people he met in the Glee Club. 另外一位老合唱团成员是美国保守杂志《国家》的资深编辑理查德·布鲁克海瑟。在耶鲁读书的时候,布鲁克海瑟就是个政治活跃分子。他非常喜欢在欢乐合唱团碰到的不同背景的人。"These were people who weren’t into politics, or didn’t share my politics necessarily," says Brookhiser. "But when you were singing, that didn’t matter, because you were all focused on the music, and having a good time doing the music." 他回忆说:“那些人不热衷政治,也不一定赞同我的政治观点。但是当大家开始唱歌的时候,其它的一切都不重要了,你会全身心地唱歌,会过得很愉快。”The Glee Club performs a mixture of folk songs, spirituals and classical music.耶鲁大学欢乐合唱团演唱民歌、宗教歌曲以及严肃的古典歌曲。"And that also showed someone who was maybe snobbish like I was, that all these different kinds of music have a value," says Brookhiser. 201102/125521。
  • Analysts: Afghanistan to be Key Challenge for Obama Administration阿富汗是奥巴马重大外交挑战之一  One of the first foreign policy challenges facing the Obama administration will be how to proceed with the war in Afghanistan. Three former senior U.S. government officials talk about the situation in Afghanistan: Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger; former Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger and former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft. 奥巴马政府所要面对的最重大的外交挑战之一,就是如何进行在阿富汗的战争。记者就阿富汗局势问题,访问了3位前美国政府高级官员。The ed States has 32,000 troops in Afghanistan. 18,000 are part of "Operation Enduring Freedom" - the multinational coalition that ousted the Taliban from power in 2001. Those forces are now engaged in counter terrorism operations.  美国目前在阿富汗驻军3万2千人,其中1万8千人是属于“持久自由行动”的一部分。这个由多国部队组成的联盟于2001年将阿富汗塔利班政权赶下台。这些部队目前在阿富汗从事对抗恐怖主义的任务。The rest of the U.S. contingent - 14,000 men and women - is part of the 50,000 strong force led by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO has been operating in Afghanistan since 2003. Its objectives are to assist the Afghan government to rebuild and stabilize the country, train the Afghan army and police and fight insurgents in southern Afghanistan, the traditional home of the Taliban. 其余大约1万4千名美国驻军,则属于北约组织所领导的5万名部队的一部分。北约自2003年起就在阿富汗开展任务。它的主要目标是协助阿富汗政府重建并稳定这个国家,训练阿富汗的军队和警察,并且对抗阿富汗南部的叛乱。阿富汗南部是塔利班传统的根据地。Now U.S. military officials say the ed States may double the number of troops it has in Afghanistan next year. Those troops will join the NATO force in fighting a rising Taliban insurgency.  现在,美国军事官员表示,美国也许会在明年将阿富汗驻军增加一倍。The ultimate decision on deployments to Afghanistan will be taken by President-elect Barack Obama after his inauguration January 20. During the presidential campaign, he said he would redeploy troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. 在阿富汗部署更多军队的最后决定,将由总统当选人奥巴马在1月20号就任后做出。在竞选总统时,奥巴马曾经表示,他将重新把军队从伊拉克部署到阿富汗。Lawrence Eagleburger Former Secretary of State [1992] Lawrence Eagleburger said that is a bad idea. 曾经在1992年短暂担任国务卿的伊格尔伯格表示,这是一个坏主意。"I find it difficult to conceive of a policy that withdraws from Iraq and increases our troops in Afghanistan. I agree with the second half of this proposal. But it doesn't seem to me to make a great deal of sense to be pulling them out of an area in which we are now on the path to success, at the same time that we are putting troops in Afghanistan. Frankly, I think the answer is continue what we are doing in Iraq and yes, increase our troop levels in Afghanistan and try to get other countries to contribute," said Eagleburger. 他说:“我无法想象从伊拉克撤军去增加阿富汗驻军这样一种政策。我同意这个政策的第二部分。但是我认为不合理的是,把我们的军队从正在迈向成功的地区撤出,与此同时把他们送进阿富汗。显然,我认为应该是继续我们目前在伊拉克所做的,同时增加我们在阿富汗的驻军水平,并且要求其他国家也做出贡献。”Mr. Obama has consistently said he would press other NATO countries - especially Germany - to contribute more troops to the war in Afghanistan.  奥巴马曾一再表示,他将向其他北约国家,特别是德国施压,要它们为阿富汗战争提供更多军队。James SchlesingerBut Eagleburger and others - including former Secretary of Defense [1973-75] James Schlesinger - believe that will not happen.  但是伊格尔伯格和其他人,包括于1973年到1975年期间担任国防部长的施莱辛格都认为,这不可能实现。"The expectation that NATO will actually do its part, which to the Americans means send more forces, is likely to be disappointed and is likely, over time, to add to ill feelings," said Schlesinger. 施莱辛格说:“这项对北约的期待,实际上对美国人而言,就是派出更多的部队,其结果可能会令人失望,而且随着时间的推移,会加大不愉快的感觉 。”Many experts, including Schlesinger, said ultimately, there is no military solution in Afghanistan. 许多专家,包括施莱辛格都表示,最终来说,阿富汗问题没有军事解决的办法。"The situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate. It is not clear that simply sending in more forces is going to reverse that," he said. 他说:“阿富汗的局势在持续恶化。目前不清楚的是,仅仅增派军队会不会扭转这个趋势。”Brent ScowcroftFormer White House National Security Adviser [1974-77; 1989-93] Brent Scowcroft agreed. 曾经在1989年到1993年期间担任白宫国家安全顾问的斯考克罗夫特同意这个观点。"We need to realize that Afghanistan is not Iraq and my own sense is that there is no military solution for Afghanistan. The Russians had well over 150,000 troops there as I remember - and they were unsuccessful," he said. 他说:“我们需要认识的是,阿富汗不是伊拉克,我个人的感觉是,阿富汗没有军事解决的办法。我记得前苏联曾经派了超过15万大军到那里,结果并没有成功。”The three former senior U.S. government officials believe the international community must increase its efforts in helping the Afghan government set up stable government institutions.  这3位前美国政府高级官员相信,国际社会必须加强努力,协助阿富汗政府建立稳定的政府机构。Brent Scowcroft said that's where the Europeans can help. 斯考克罗夫特表示,这是欧洲人可以帮忙的地方。"What the Europeans can contribute, and what's badly needed in Afghanistan, is help on the civil side. The European Union is very skilled in - like the new members of the European Union - helping governments modernize, helping them put in judicial systems, administrative systems. That's what Afghanistan badly needs. And the Europeans can make a disproportionate contribution there to make up for their less than wholehearted military contribution," he said. 他说:“欧洲人能够贡献的地方,阿富汗最需要的地方,就是在非军事方面协助他们。欧洲联盟非常擅长,就好像对待欧洲联盟新的成员国一样,协助政府的现代化,协助建立司法体系,协助建立行政体系。这些都是阿富汗亟需的。而欧洲人可以在这方面做出更大的贡献,以弥补他们在军事贡献上的不热心。”Scowcroft, Eagleburger and Schlesinger agreed that the path to a stable and secure Afghanistan lies through economic development, good governance and the rule of law. But all of that can only be achieved with considerable help from the international community. 斯考克罗夫特、伊格尔伯格和施莱辛格都同意,阿富汗通往稳定和安全的道路依赖经济发展,良好的管理,以及法治。而所有这些只有得到国际社会的巨大援助,才能够实现。200812/59630。
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