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江西中医院附属医院激光去斑手术多少钱江西省人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱What Men Really Think About Our Clothes?男人到底觉得什么样的穿着最性感时尚?When it comes to fashion, most men could care less. Shopping? Same thing. Makeup? Not interested. But when it comes to how sexy a woman looks when she#39;s all done up or just chilling in her sweatpants, men are all ears, or eyes we should say-they#39;re visual creatures, what do you expect? They don#39;t care about the hottest new fashion trends or how much a tank top costs (well, sort of), as long as it looks good on a woman and hugs her curves in all the right places, it#39;s good enough for them. Common though, where#39;s the fun in that? Men have to have a look they love on a gal, right? Here#39;s what we concluded after careful consideration:一说到时尚,大部分男性都比较不会关心。逛街?都一样。化装?没兴趣。可是要说怎么样的女人看起来才性感,是盛装打扮还是只清爽地穿着运动裤,男人们可都要竖起耳朵目不转睛了。你还能指望什么?谁让男人都是视觉动物呀。他们不关心最潮的流行时尚趋势,也不在乎你身上这件背心花了多少钱(其实稍微还是有些在乎的),只要这件衣穿在女人身上看起来很漂亮,各处曲线尽现,那就够啦!虽然听起来很平常,可是到底乐趣在哪里呢?男人也总是希望女人能穿他们喜欢的衣的。看看下面我们经过深思熟虑总结出来的几条:1.Men Love Women in a T-Shirt and Tight Jeans1.男人喜欢女人穿T恤衫搭配紧身牛仔裤的样子Turns out the casual, au natural look isn#39;t so bad after all. ;It#39;s sexy and shows off the curves, but still leaves things to the imagination,; says Rafael, an LA based designer. Emma from UK would also have to agree, noting that her husband prefers her most when she#39;s wearing jeans, a t-shirt and no makeup.事实明,随意自然的穿着其实也不坏。一位洛杉矶的设计师拉斐尔表示,T恤衫和紧身牛仔裤的搭配看起来很性感,展现了女性身体的曲线,同时还留下了想象的空间。来自英国的艾玛也同意这个观点,她提到自己的丈夫就喜欢她穿牛仔裤和T恤衫不化妆时的样子。2.Men Don#39;t Love Women in Clothes That Look Like They Cost More than Their Car2.男人可不喜欢女人的衣看起来比他的车还要贵What!? Guys don#39;t love Chanel?!?! ;Although it may look good,; says Dan, a Manhattan based comedian, ;it will make most heterosexual, down to earth men run the other way。; Hmm, we guess high maintenance isn#39;t really their thing?神马?男人不爱香奈儿?一位来自曼哈顿喜剧演员丹表示:;虽然这些奢侈品牌看起来很漂亮,但是大部分实际的男人看着这些肯定是会掉头就跑的。; 嗯,我猜高消费真的不是他们的菜。3.Different Is Good3.与众不同很不错;A different or unique outfit reflects a confident woman who is sure of herself,; says Andrew Schrage, Editor of the Money Crashers personal finance blog. ;Even if it#39;s not the most physically attractive outfit, the thought behind it can be mentally stimulating,; Awesome, we love this! Is this outfit too different?;一套特别或者与众不同的衣会表现出女人对自己的笃定自信。;个人理财客《金钱傲客》的编辑安德鲁这样表示。;即使这件衣没有展现出女性最强大的身体吸引力,男人也会从心理上认可并认为很不错。; 女人应该都喜欢特别的尝试,不过这件衣该不会太过了吧?4.Body-Con Dresses Are Great4.贴身的长裙很漂亮No surprise here—guys love anything that#39;s form fitting!这一点大家应该都不意外吧:男人喜欢所有能展现身材的衣。5.Yoga Pants Are Probably the Best5.瑜伽裤子可能是最好的We kind of have to agree…they do make our tushes look good! ;I don#39;t know when they became an acceptable thing to wear out, but I#39;m just glad they did,; says Mike of NC.不得不承认,瑜伽裤子让女性的翘臀看起来很迷人。来自纽约的迈克也很欣赏这个穿法:;不知道从什么时候开始人们也会穿着瑜伽裤子出门,不过我表示很喜欢看她们这么穿。;6.Oh, and High Heels Are Super Sexy as Well6.高跟鞋也超级性感This one goes without saying. Every guy loves a woman in high heels!这个不用多说,每个男人都爱穿高跟鞋的女人。 /201208/193583南昌去除腋毛多少钱 白羊座白羊座 ARIES amp; ARIES: Temper tantrums are quite likely to erupt into major wars with this combination. Remember only one party can win and neither one will accept defeat. Passionate but a lot of problems.   这个组合很容易勃然大怒从而爆发战争。记住,只有一个人会取胜,但没有人会认输。充满但也存在很多问题。   白羊座金牛座 ARIES amp; TAURUS: The Bull has trouble with your free spirited attitude. With compromise it can work. A little bit dull for you at times however it can be a stabilizing experience for you.  金牛座有点难以接受你自由奔放的态度。做些让步或许还能维持。对你来说有时有点儿沉闷,不过倒是可以让你稳定一点儿。  白羊座双子座ARIES amp; GEMINI: Wonderful alliance. This is an exciting encounter that can in fact last. Both you and Gemini are so spontaneous and full of life[3] that there is no time for either of you to become bored.  极妙的一对儿。这是一场令人兴奋的组合,确实可以持久。你和双子都自发性强,充满活力,因此你俩在一起谁也不会感到厌倦。 /201104/133276Poor sleep habits are often the cause of daytime sleepiness. Before you go through any more groggy and crabby days, try these 12 ways to improve nighttime sleep and avoid daytime sleepiness.不好的睡眠习惯通常是日间奢睡的根源。再你经历更多的没有生机和易暴躁的日子之前,试一下下面的十二中方法来改善你的夜晚睡眠质量并避免日间困倦。1. Get adequate nighttime sleep.That may sound obvious, but many of us succumb to shaving an hour or two off our sleep time in the morning or at night to do other things. Most adults need seven to nine hours a night, and teenagers usually need a full nine hours. Block out eight or nine hours for sleep every night.充足的夜晚睡眠这听起来是不足为奇的,但是我们中的许多人都会从我们的睡眠时间里剔除一到两个小时去做其他的事情。不管这是发生在清晨还是夜里。大多数成年人需要7到9个小时的夜间睡眠,青年人通常需要足足9个小时的睡眠。每晚为你的睡眠规划好8到9个小时。 /201105/137065南昌同济整形美容医院去除川字纹手术怎么样

鹰潭祛痘多少钱南昌女子整形医院 New Year In US New Year in ed States is celebrated on January 1, the first day of Gregorian Calendar. This is a Federal holiday in US. On this day, many people make resolutions to give away bad deeds and renew life with good ones. It's the time to remember the achievements and make merry for the New Year. New Year is expected to bring good luck and charm for people and this is the reason why Americans love to celebrate it with fun and enjoyment. 美国新年美国新年是阳历1月1日,这是美国一个法定假日。这也是美国人辞旧迎新的日子,人们会在这一天祈福。 /201001/94007宜春市人民医院双眼皮多少钱

南昌修眉哪里好A dog could be a baby#39;s best friend, according to a study in the medical journal Pediatrics. 医学杂志《儿科学》(Pediatrics)上发布的一项研究报告显示,可能是婴儿最好的朋友。 Infants living in households with dogs were healthier and had fewer ear infections than those without a dog, the study found. Researchers also found that cats appeared to offer some protection, but the link wasn#39;t as strong. 该研究发现,养家庭的婴儿比无家庭的婴儿更健康,并且也较少患耳部炎症。研究人员还发现,猫似乎能提供一些保护,但两者的关联没那么强。 The study, posted online Monday and based on 397 children who lived in rural and suburban parts of Finland, examined whether contact with dogs and cats during a baby#39;s first year offers any protection from respiratory tract infections, such as colds and resulting common ear infections. #39;The children having dogs at home were healthier, they had less ear infections and they needed less antibiotics,#39; said Eija Bergroth, the study#39;s lead author and a pediatrician affiliated with Kuopio University Hospital in Kuopio, Finland. 这份7月9日上线的研究报告追踪了生活在芬兰乡村和郊区的397名儿童,考查了婴儿一岁以内与猫的接触是否能保护其免遭呼吸道感染的侵害,例如感冒和常见的并发耳部感染。报告首席作者、芬兰库奥皮奥大学医院(Kuopio University Hospital)的儿科大夫艾嘉#8226;伯格罗斯(Eija Bergroth)说,养家庭的小孩更健康,他们患耳炎的情况较少,需要的抗生素也比较少。 One measure showed children with dogs were reported as being healthy for about 73% of the time, based on weekly questionnaires, compared with about 65% of children with no dog contact at home. While the study tracked just under 400 babies, the researchers said the results were statistically significant because it relied on weekly questionnaires filled out by parents. 该研究中基于每周问卷调查的统计显示,养家庭小孩约73%的时间都是健康状态,而无家庭小孩的这一比例约为65%。尽管研究只追踪了不到400名小孩,但研究者称这些结果在统计学上具有显著意义,因为它依靠的是家长们填写的每周问卷。 Dr. Bergroth explained that children who lived in households where dogs spent 18 or more hours a day outside, showed the most healthy days, fewer fevers and the least use of antibiotics compared with babies with no dog at home. One theory is dogs that spend a lot of time outside likely bring more dirt and bacteria inside the home compared with dogs and cats that spend more time indoors, she said. Researchers believe that exposure to dirt and bacteria builds up babies#39; immune systems. 伯格罗斯士解释说,与无家庭的小孩相比,那些每日在户外时间18小时以上的所属家庭的小孩健康的天数最多,更少发烧,抗生素的使用也最少。她说,一种理论是,长时间在户外活动的可能比常在室内的和猫带回更多尘土和细菌。研究人员认为接触尘土和细菌会增强宝宝的免疫系统。 Researchers found that 97% of babies-whose mothers were enrolled in the study during pregnancy-had a runny nose at some point during the study, most had a cough and about 40% had an ear infection. Nearly half of the children needed antibiotics. 研究人员发现,97%的宝宝──他们的母亲在怀期间就加入了这项研究──在研究期间出现过流鼻涕的症状,大部分宝宝患过咳嗽,约40%患过耳炎。将近一半的宝宝需要使用抗生素治疗。 Earlier studies using smaller samples of children have shown conflicting results on the impact of animal exposure on infections and allergies, though a study funded by the National Institutes of Health showed children exposed to two or more dogs or cats in their first year had lower chances of later developing all kinds of allergies than children exposed to one or no pets. 早前以较少儿童做样本的研究得出过相反的结论,认为接触动物对炎症和过敏有不良影响,不过一项由美国国立卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)资助的研究显示,一岁以前接触两只或更多的或猫的小孩日后罹患各类过敏症的几率比只接触一只或不接触宠物的小孩要低得多。 Dr. Bergroth#39;s study involved children who were born at Kuopio University Hospital in Finland between September 2002 and May 2005. The children#39;s parents were given weekly questionnaires from the time their babies were nine weeks old until they were 1 year old. The questionnaires asked if the children had been #39;hale and hearty#39; in the past seven days. If the child wasn#39;t healthy parents were asked to document ailments like fever, cough, runny nose, ear infection, diarrhea, urinary tract infection or rash. Families were also asked each week if they had a dog or a cat at home and how much time the animals spent outside. 伯格罗斯士研究中的小孩是2002年9月至2005年5月之间在芬兰库奥皮奥大学医院出生的。从孩子九周至一岁,他们的父母每周会收到问卷,调查小孩在过去七天里是否“生龙活虎”。如果孩子不健康,父母被需要记录下他们的病情,比如发烧、咳嗽、流鼻涕、耳部炎症、腹泻、尿路感染或皮疹。问卷同时还问及这些家庭是否养或养猫,以及宠物在户外的活动时长。 The study results were tabulated looking at responses on the weekly questionnaires rather than individual children. Researchers analyzed the data in different ways to rule out other factors that could influence infection rates like breastfeeding, low-birth weight, the number of siblings and whether moms smoked during pregnancy. 研究人员将结果制成表格,研究每周的问卷反馈,而不是单个小孩。研究人员以不同方式分析了数据,从而排除了其他可能影响炎症发生率的因素,比如母乳、低出生体重、兄弟数量,以及妈妈怀期间是否抽烟。 /201207/191653 南昌减肥门诊南昌永久脱毛的价格是多少钱



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