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星沙华夏医院前列腺冶疗长沙/星沙割包皮过长手术费用69 advertising words classifieds personals poster promotion billboard leaflet publicity jingle logo slogan media hype market target special spam phrases place an ad launch a campaign reach consumers tv spots tv commercial offer free gifts brand loyalty mail shot advertising agency create an impression brand name selling point ad campaign beginner a: how could we advertise our celebrations to mark the centenary of the founding of the university? B; I’m sure we could get one or two tv companies to come in. perhaps the president could invite them and do an interview. A: that’s a good idea. We could put up some posters in and around the campus with a list of events. It would be quite cheap to do on the campus. B: it will be expensive to do outside the campus. Perhaps we could arrange for some sponsorship. A: we could contact alumni who work for large, well-know companies. They might be able to arrange cheap advertising in exchange for some free tickets. B; good thinking! We should also print some leaflets for students to distribute. A: we should put some information about it on the home page of our university website. When people visit the website, they’ll see the information. B: we could take out some advertisements to local newspapers. I checked the prices and they are reasonable. A; ok. Let’s get to work on our advertising campaign. Intermediate A: there are advertisements everywhere here in hong kong. The city is so bright at night, with all the neon signs. B: I like it. It makes the city feel alive. I like all the different colors and I like the billboards with eye-catching pictures and slogans. A; I think that there are too many of them. I think that companies spend far too much money on advertising. They should have lower prices instead. Then they would see more. B; I see your point, but if companies didn’t spend money on advertising, no one would hear about their products. I agree that some form of advertising can be annoying. I don’t like it when people try to give you leaflets with information about products you have no intention of buying. A; I really hate receiving spam. I also dislike having to listen to advertisements and jingles when they are broadcast in stores or on the subway. B; yes, that annoys me too. With billboards, you can look away, but with broadcasts, you can’t avoid them. I like the way that advertising agencies use comedy in their campaign. A; I like that too. I don’t like the way that advertising campaign often tell you if you don’t buy a certain product, you’re not cool or modern or efficient or something. B: that kind of advertising seems to be very common with brand name products. They are always trying to maintain brand loyalty. /200705/13738长沙/星沙哪家医院可以治梅毒 Theres an influential taxonomy by the anthropologist Alan Fiske,人类学家Alan Fiske给出了一个关于影响力的分类法in which relationships can be categorized, more or less, into communality, which works on the principle其中人际关系可以被或多或少地归为“公社性”,它的作用原则是;whats mine is thine, whats thine is mine,;“我的就是你的,你的就是我的”the kind of mindset that operates within a family, for example; dominance, whose principle is ;dont mess with me;;家庭内部的一种心态,例如--统治心态,其原则就是“别惹我,”reciprocity, ;you scratch my back, Ill scratch yours;;互惠心态:“你帮我挠背,我帮你挠背,”and sexuality, in the immortal words of Cole Porter, ;Lets do it.;性心理:如Cole Porter的不朽名言所说,“来吧”Now, relationship types can be negotiated.人际关系的类型是可以通过磋商决定的Even though there are default situations in which one of these mindsets can be applied,尽管经常有某种默认情况指定了上面心态中的一种they can be stretched and extended.人际关类型可以被拉伸、调整For example, communality applies most naturally within family or friends,比如说“公社性”在家庭和朋友们中最自然but it can be used to try to transfer the mentality of sharing但它可以被用来把分享的心态转移给to groups that ordinarily would not be disposed to exercise it.平时并不习惯于分享的群体--For example, in brotherhoods, fraternal organizations, sororities, locutions like ;the family of man,;例如帮派或者男生联谊会、女生联谊会,像“男人之家”这样的表达法you try to get people who are not related to use the relationship type that would ordinarily be appropriate to close kin.这样就让非亲非故的人们能够采用一般都是近亲之间才有的关系类型Now, mismatches -- when one person assumes one relationship type,可是当一方采用某一种关系类型and another assumes a different one -- can be awkward.而另一方用了另一种--搭配错误的时候就尴尬了If you went over and you helped yourself to a shrimp off your boss plate,假如你走过去随手就从你老板的盘子里弄了一只虾吃for example, that would be an awkward situation.打个比方的话,这就是一个尴尬的情况Or if a dinner guest after the meal或者是餐后有一位客人pulled out his wallet and offered to pay you for the meal, that would be rather awkward as well.掏出钱包说要付钱给你,这也会相当尴尬。201702/492663星沙男人阳痿早泻吃什么

星沙县人民专业妇科医院点击此处下载音频第52期 吃石头的滋味1;biting off more than you can chew;首先 bite,咬,而chew咀爵的意思。咬的东西太多都嚼不了了吗?这只是字面上的意思。实际上这句话指得是想要超过自己的能力范围而作某事。Example: ;I thought I could finish this report within a month, but I bit off more than I could chew。;我以为可以在一个月内完成这个报告呢但是我太高估自己的能力了。期末考要到了,可是我一科还没准备呢,为了不挂只好没日没夜地背,可是我发现每天需要背的东西已经吃不消了。我就像同寝室的抱怨怎么考这么多科目阿,我这次肯定完了。同寝室的居然毫无同情心的说 : you bit off more than you could chew。 you will fail the exam。 2;between a rock and a hard place;在一个石头和一个坚硬的地方之间到底蕴含着什么意思呢?原来这句话是指一个人因为某种原因而不能做他想做的事情。这时他就可以说;between a rock and a hard place。;EXAMPLE:;Id like to help you but I am stuck between a rock and a hard place。;我很想帮你但是我自己是心有余而力不足啊。Andy 因为逃课被学校惩罚而停课一天,他的父母更是恼火的很,不允许他出去玩,我们可以说be grounded。这时他的朋友来找他出去打棒球。Andy 很无奈的说:I really want to go out with you guys,but I am stuck between a rock and a hard place。 /200605/7305长沙/星沙哪有无痛人流医院 英语日常口语 61:A difficult conversation 难以对话本单元是关于难以对话的对话Helen: Hi Michal, what are you doing on the computer? Let's see ... one ticket to Poland! Michal, what's going on? Michal: Helen, we have to talk about everything! We need to talk about love, commitment, family and about dads.Helen: Dad? What did he say to you in the garden? You've been acting all funny since we got back from that visit. Michal: No, Helen not your dad, my dad. He's had a heart attack. Helen: Oh, that's awful. So that's why you are flying over to visit him. How long are you going for?Michal: Helen, it's a one-way ticket I've booked; I'm going back to Poland for good. Vocabulary:(字汇)commitment (n):(承诺)being y to give a lot of your time, attention or love to something or someone because you believe in the person or thing is right or important a one-way ticket:(单程票)a ticket you use to go somewhere but which you can't use to come back for good:(永远)for ever 本单元的语言点是句子重音,口语英语当中,我们使用句子重音来强调句子里面最重要的部分(整个句子的重点所在)。重音经常落在有含义的字上,举例来说,重音可能放在主要的动词、名词和形容词上,而不是放在冠词或附属动词上。说话的时候,重音部分我们说的比较大声并且比较缓慢。Sentence stressIn spoken English, we use sentence stress to show our listeners which parts of our sentences are the most important (the parts that carry the most meaning).We usually stress content words, for example, main verbs, nouns and adjectives rather than articles or auxiliary verbs.We stress words by saying them slightly louder and more slowly than the other words in the sentence.口语英语当中,我们使用句子重音来强调巨资里面最重要的部分(整个句子的重点所在)。重音经常落在有含义的字上,举例来说,重音可能放在主要的动词上,名词和形容词上,而不是放在冠词或附属动词上。说话的时候,重音部分我们说的比较大声并且比较缓慢。Helen: Have you SEEN the NEW FILM with TOM CRUISE?The words in capital letters (a main verb, an adjective and two nouns) are the ones Helen stresses. 上句中,粗体字 (主要动词、形容词和两个名词)是重音所在的部分。Shifting stressIf we want to contrast or show disagreement with what someone else has said, we use shifting stress. We do this by changing the usual patterns of sentence stress. So in this next example, John knows the conversation is about films and Tom Cruise so he doesn't have to stress those items. Instead he stresses the new or contrasting information:如果要和其它人所说的形成对比或表达不同意,我们就要使用转移语调。方法是改变平常说话的重音语调,在下一个例句中,John已经知道对话的有关于电影和Tom Cruise,所以他不需要在这些部分放重音,他只需要强调新的或相反的信息即可:Helen: Have you SEEN that NEW FILM with TOM CRUISE?John: NO, but I saw the LAST one he was in. It was TERRIBLE! /200707/16065中南大学湘雅医院做流产多少钱

湖南省中医院男科大夫My fellow Americans, We have taken major steps during the first few weeks of my Administration to remove wasteful regulations and get our people back to work.我的美国同胞们,在我的政府就职前几周里,我们已经采取了主要的措施,取消无意义的规定,让我们的民众回到工作岗位。I have been saying I was going to do that for a long time.我一直说,我要这么做已经很长时间了。This week I signed two pieces of legislation to remove burdens on our economy,本周,我签署了两项法律,取消我们经济上的负担,continue to keep my promises to the American People and so much more.继续信守我对美国人民的承诺以及更多的事情。I signed House Joint Resolution 38, which eliminates an anti-coal regulation put forward by unelected bureaucrats.我签署了众议院38号联合协议,去除了反燃煤监管。这是由未当选的官员推动发起的。Our coal miners have been treated horribly,我们的煤矿工人被不公平地对待着,and we are going to turn that around - and we are going to turn it around quickly.我们将翻转过来--我们将快速地翻转过来。We are going to fight for lower energy prices for all Americans as part of the deal.作为决议的一部分,我们将为更低的能源价格而奋斗,为了所有的美国人。Thats why I also signed a resolution to eliminate a costly regulation Dodd-Frank imposed on American energy companies.因此,我也签署了决议,去除浪费资金的多德·弗兰克法案。这一法案是针对美国能源企业的。201702/493706 点击此处下载音频大家好,笨小孩广播学口语准时与大家相约,Andy 送上最诚挚的问候, good day, everyone !今天我们来学习的两个俚语是He always plays cat and mouse with me. 和Irsquo;m as happy as the day is long.(过渡音乐)我们先来看第一句俚语He always plays cat and mouse with me .Play除了;玩;,还有 ;装扮;的意思,cat,;猫;,mouse,;鼠;。Play cat and mouse, 又装猫, 又装鼠, 总是变换不定,也就是;对(某人)时好时坏,忽冷忽热;的意思。He always play cat and mouse with me,就是;他对我总是忽冷忽热的;。冰冰很喜欢阿磊,可阿磊并没有表示什么,只是时好时坏,让冰冰深陷情网,难以自拔。 冰冰对好友阿丹说:;He always play cat and mouse with me .I really donrsquo;t know what to do.(他对我总是忽冷忽热的。我真不知道该怎么办。);阿丹听了很生气,便去找阿磊说:;Yoursquo;d better not play cat and mouse with her .If you donrsquo;t like her, just tell her directly.(你最好不要对她忽冷忽热的。如果你不喜欢她,就直接告诉她。);确实,被人弄得进退两难的感觉很糟,大家对人对事的态度还是明确一点好,免得耽误了自己,也耽误了别人。(过渡音乐)下面我们来看第二句话Irsquo; m as happy as the day is long. Happy是;开心,快乐;的意思。Happy as the day is long. 快乐得有一天那么长,也就是;非常快乐;的意思。I rsquo; m as happy as the day is long,就是;我非常快乐;。冰冰的生日来临了,阿磊请她去吃饭。饭后,阿磊带着她去海边放焰火。临走时,冰冰看着阿磊说:;Irsquo; m as happy as the day is long.(我非常开心。); 阿磊握起冰冰的手深情地望着她说:;Seeing you are so happy, Irsquo; m also as happy as the day is long.(看到你这么开心,我也很高兴。); Andy也希望大家天天都能开开心心的,Happy be with you,快乐常伴。(过渡音乐)在今天的节目里,我们学了两句俚语He always plays cat and mouse with me 和Irsquo; m as happy as the day is long.大家都会用了吗? 我是笨小孩英语的Andy老师,下次再见! /200605/7293长沙/星沙医院看妇科哪里好星沙乳房炎一般做什么检查



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