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A provincial Japanese politician has landed himself in hot water after suggesting that deliberately punctured condoms be distributed to married couples to counter the country#39;s dwindling birth rate, local media reported on Friday.一位日本地方政治家建议给新婚夫妇发放故意刺穿的避套以应对日本不断下降的出生率,该建议令他陷入麻烦,当地媒体周五报道。Municipal assembly member Tomonaga Osada received a stern warning and was forced to apologise after making the bizarre proposal, which triggered a flurry of phone calls from enraged locals.在提出这个奇怪的建议后,地方议员Tomonaga Osada被严厉警告,并被要求做出道歉,好多当市民都非常愤怒,并打电话投诉。;I cannot deny my comments were disgraceful,; a contrite Osada told the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper. ;I#39;m sorry.;“我的这个建议确实是可耻的,”后悔的他对《每日新闻》说。“我感到抱歉。”Osada#39;s controversial remarks were made at a regular assembly meeting last month, when he also reportedly suggested handing out locally grown Japanese yams -- said to boost sexual stamina.他的这番有争议的言论作于上个月的地方议会定期会议上,据报道,他还提议发放当地产的日本山药——据说可以提高性耐力。;I suggested the idea because I thought it would make people feel this city hall was a nice and friendly place,; added Osada, talking to Japanese broadcaster NTV.“我之所以提出这个建议,是因为我以为这会让人们觉得这个市政厅是个美好和友好的地方,”他对日本电视台说。;I had no intention to criticise or disrespect people who cannot have a baby.;“我并不是为了要批评或者羞辱那些无法生孩子的人。”The incident comes after sexist heckling by governing party members aimed at a Tokyo assemblywoman during a debate about raising children made headline news last month and provoked widesp condemnation.而就在上个月,执政党的官员在有关孩子抚养的辩论上对东京的一名女议员展开了性别歧视性的责问,成了新闻头条,引发了人们广泛的谴责。Ayaka Shiomura was reduced to tears after being repeatedly taunted by city administration members, who jeered at her: ;Aren#39;t you able to have a baby?;在市政官员的不断奚落下,这名叫做Ayaka Shiomura的女议员禁不住哭了起来,他们嘲笑她说;“你不是不能生孩子吗?”Osada, 49, is currently serving his third term as a member of the assembly in Shinshiro, a city with a population of around 49,000.今年49岁的Osada已经连续当了三年新城市的议员,新城市拥有大约49000人。Assembly chairman Shogo Natsume told reporters the comments ;lacked dignity; in issuing his reprimand, adding that the remarks would be deleted from the record of the June 18 meeting.该市的议长对记者说他的建议“缺乏尊严”并称他的发言将从6月18号的会议记录中删除。Japan has one of the world#39;s lowest birth rates and Tokyo is struggling to contain the spiralling social welfare costs of a rapidly ageing society.日本拥有世界上最低的生育率之一,而老龄化社会的到来,令日本不堪社会福利成本的重负。 /201407/313191FANS of the China model frequently say that, for all the disadvantages of a one-party state, there are also benefits. Enforcing basic health care is one—and by no means a small one. Last year China’s mortality rate for children under five years old was just one-fifth the rate it was in 1991, down from 61 deaths per 1, 000 live births to 12. The maternal mortality rate has also dropped substantially—by 71%—since 1991. In 1992, one in ten Chinese children under five contracted hepatitis B. Today fewer than one in 100 of them carry the disease.欣赏中国模式的人认为这种模式是有不少可取之处的,其中重要的一点就是推行了基础医疗保健系统。去年,中国5岁以下儿童死亡率仅为1991年的五分之一,从每1000名活产儿中死亡61例下降到了12例。产妇死亡率相比1991年则下降了71%之多。1992年,每10个5岁以下的中国儿童中就有一个感染乙肝。如今,5岁以下儿童的乙肝发病率则下降到了1%以下。China’s advances have not gone unnoticed. Last month a group of four international bodies, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Bank, said China was one of ten countries to have made exceptional progress in reducing infant and maternal mortality (see chart).中国的进步并非无人发觉。上个月,包括世界卫生组织和世界在内的四大国际组织称,世界有十个国家在降低婴儿死亡率和产妇死亡率方面成就卓越,中国即其中之一。China’s improvement lies in two basic, connected areas: better care at birth and countrywide immunisation. Since 2000 the government has offered subsidies to mothers who give birth in hospitals, thereby reducing health dangers from complications—especially the risk of neonatal tetanus.中国的进步体现在两个戚戚相关的基本方面:生产医护和全国免疫工作。自2000年起,中国政府开始向在医院生产的妇发放补贴,降低了并发症风险,特别是新生儿破伤风的患病风险。Margaret Chan, the WHO’s director-general, this month said that China’s regulatory system for vaccines had passed the WHO’s evaluation with outstanding results. Dr Chan says she has “full confidence” in the safety of vaccines made in China. Last year the WHO approved one for the first time for use by UNICEF.世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍本月表示,中国疫苗国家监管体系通过了世卫组织评估。陈冯富珍还说道,她对中国生产疫苗的安全性“充满了信心”。去年,中国疫苗首次通过了世卫组织的认,并列入了联合国儿童基金会的疫苗采购清单。That China is now at a stage where it needs a more sophisticated and targeted immunisation programme is testimony to its success, however. It is a sign that 1.4 billion people have taken another step up the ladder of good health.目前中国需要制定更精细、更明确的免疫计划,但这也从一方面说明了中国的成功,显示出14亿中国民众的健康水平有了质的提升。 /201408/321591Is your desktop or laptop computer starting to feel a little poky? Even after just a few months of use, your PC or Mac may start to lose steam thanks to a fragmented hard drive, too many programs running in the background, or even a rogue piece of malware.开始察觉到你的台式机或笔记本电脑变的有那么点儿不好用了?只用了几个月,你的PC或MAC就失去了它的锐气,“感谢”硬盘驱动器中的某块碎片吧,这可能是因为太多程序同时在后台运行,或者是一个恶意软件在“淘气”。This week on Upgrade Your Life, Yahoo! News#39; Becky Worley serves up some quick and easy tricks for speeding up your PC or Mac, starting with …在这周的“提高你的生活质量”栏目中,来自雅虎新闻的贝奇·沃利给大家提供了一些快速又简单的小把戏,让你的电脑健步如飞,现在让我们开始吧。 /201403/280682Addressing People称呼1.Use last names with people you do not know:Address people using their title(Mr,Ms,Dr)and their last names。对不认识的人要称呼他们的姓:用他们的头衔(先生、女士、士等)加上他们的姓。2.Always use;Ms;when addressing women:It is important to use;Ms;when addressing a woman.Only use;Mrs;when the woman has asked you to do so!称呼女性的时候通常用“Ms”:称呼女性的时候用“Ms”,这很重要。如果对方要求你称呼“Mrs”那再照办好了。3.Many Americans prefer first names:Americans often prefer using first names,even when dealing with people in very different positions.Americans will generally say,;Call me Tom.;and then expect you to remain on a first name basis。很多人喜欢被叫名字:美国人通常喜欢用他们的名字,即使是和身份非常不同的人打交道。他们通常会说,“叫我Tom”,然后真的希望你用他们的名字来称呼他们(不是客气的哦)。4.Americans prefer informal:In general,Americans prefer informal greetings and using first names or nicknames when speaking with colleagues and acquaintances。美国人不拘小节:通常情况下,美国人喜欢非正式的问候,提到他们的同事或者使用名字或者熟人的时候喜欢用昵称。Public Behavior注意公共场合的行为1.Always shake hands:Americans shake hands when greeting each other.This is true for both men and women.Other forms of greeting such as kissing on the cheeks,etc.,is generally not appreciated。常握手:美国人相互致意的时候喜欢握手,这是男女通用的。其他的比如亲吻脸颊之类的方式是非常不推荐的。2.Look your partner in the eye:Americans look each other in the eyes when they are speaking as a way of showing that they are sincere。看对方的眼睛:美国人想要表达关注的时候会在说话的时候看着对方的眼睛。Introduction:Standard American English Tips标准英语小贴士Speaking English is not only about using proper grammar.To use English effectively,you need to understand the culture in which it is spoken.Here are a number of important tips to remember when speaking English in the ed States。说英语不仅仅要语法正确。想要有效的使用英语,你需要了解语言使用国的文化。如果你在美国说英语,那么下面这些注意事项是你应该了解的。General Points to Remember你需要记住的是:1.Most Americans only speak English:While it is true that more and more Americans speak Spanish,most Americans only speak English.Don#39;t expect them to understand your native language。大部分美国人只说英语:现在越来越多的美国人能说西班牙语是事实,但是大部分的美国人只说英语,所以别指望他们能听懂你的母语。2.Americans have difficulties understanding foreign accents:Many Americans are not used to foreign accents.This requires patience from both of you!美国人理解外国口音有困难:很多美国人不习惯外国口音,所以你们交谈双方都需要有耐心。Conversation Tips交流沟通秘籍1.Speak about location:Americans love to talk about location.When speaking to a stranger,ask them where they are from and then make a connection with that place.For example:;Oh,I have a friend who studied in Los Angeles.He says it#39;s a beautiful place to live.;Most Americans will then willingly talk about their experiences living or visiting that particular city or area。谈论地点:美国人喜欢谈论地点。和陌生人说话的时候,可以问问他们从哪里来然后找到自己跟那个地方的联系。比如可以说:“啊,我有个朋友在洛杉矶学习,他说那地方很漂亮。”这时大部分美国人就会很愿意谈起他们居住或者到过那个特殊的地方或地区的经历。2.Talk about work:Americans commonly ask;What do you do-;.It#39;s not considered impolite(as in some countries)and is a popular topic of discussion between strangers。谈论工作:美国人通常会问“What do you do-”在某些国家会被认为这是不礼貌的,但美国不是的,这只是陌生人之间聊天的一个流行话题。3.Talk about sports:Americans love sports!However,they love American sports.When speaking about football,most Americans understand;American Football;,not soccer。谈论运动:美国人超爱运动!不过,他们喜欢美国的运动。如果说到football,大部分美国人会理解成橄榄球而不是足球。4.Be careful when expressing ideas about race,religion or other sensitive topics:The ed States is a multi-cultural society.Especially in the last few years,Americans are trying very hard to be sensitive to other cultures and ideas.Talking about sensitive topics like religion or beliefs,is often avoided in order to be sure not to offend someone of a different belief system.This is often referred to as being;politically correct;。说到种族、宗教或者其他敏感话题要小心:美国是一个多文化的社会。特别是近几年,美国人对其他文化和观点非常特别的敏感。像宗教或者信仰之类的敏感话题通常都不会在谈话中提及,以免冒犯别人。这就是经常被提到的“政治正确”。5.Don#39;t hold hands:Same sex friends do not usually hold hands or put their arms around each other in public in the ed States。别拉手:在美国,同性朋友们在公共场合不太会手拉手或者挽住对方的胳膊。6.Smoking is Out!!Smoking,even in public places,is strongly disapproved of by most Americans in the modern ed States。吸烟很老土!!在当代的美国,吸烟,尤其是在公共场合吸烟,是非常不被大众接受的行为。 /201310/259539

Next time you treat yourself to a sizeable slab of chocolate cake, make sure you enjoy every crumb.下次你要是想吃一大块巧克力蛋糕,那要记住每一口都好好享用哦。Psychologists have discovered those of us who see it as something to celebrate are much more likely to stay slim. But if you are racked with guilt afterwards, the chances are you will pile on the pounds.心理学家发现,能高兴地享用美食的人更能保持苗条的身材。倒是那些吃东西还有负罪感的人,反而更容易长胖。The latest research, by experts at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, suggests the effect on human behaviour is also crucial.由新西兰坎特布里大学的专家主持的最新研究发现,人类行为对于体重有很大的影响。Researchers wanted to test whether guilt from scoffing chocolate cake acted as an incentive to improve weight control, or undermined dieters’ determination to succeed.研究者想测试,大快朵颐享用巧克力蛋糕是会作为控制体重的激励呢,还是被当做了减肥成功的拦路虎呢。They recruited almost 300 volunteers, aged from 18 to 86, and quizzed them on their eating habits and whether they were trying to lose weight.研究者招募了约300名志愿者,年龄从18到86岁不等,并研究了她们的饮食习惯,以及她们是否正在减肥。They also asked them if eating chocolate cake made them feel happy or guilty.研究者还询问了志愿者,吃巧克力蛋糕会让她们感到快乐还是内疚。The results showed 27 per cent associated it with guilt and 73 per cent with celebration.When the researchers looked at weight control 18 months later, they found those riddled with guilt had gained significantly more.结果发现,27%的人觉得吃了巧克力蛋糕会内疚,另外73%的人则是以愉悦的心情享用美味。研究者再看18个月后志愿者的体重控制情况,发现那些会觉得内疚的人体重增加得尤其明显。The study found guilt made people feel they had lost control of their eating because they indulged in cake. As a result, they were more inclined to abandon weight loss plans.研究发现,内疚感会让人觉得自己暴饮暴食是缺乏对体重的控制。结果就是她们会更容易放弃减肥计划。The researchers added: ‘Enjoyment of food is essential to people’s well-being. This study shows those who consume a ‘forbidden food’ with celebration and view it as a treat do better in terms of weight management.研究者还表示,;享受食物对身体有益;。研究显示,把吃“禁吃食物”当做是一种奖励的人在体重控制方面做得更好。 /201312/266880

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