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And the last thing I remember seeing was my friends face,印象里最后一个画面就是我朋友的脸reaching for me and then I came to and he had fallen over,he was laughing so hard.冲我伸过手来 我醒来时 他却摔倒了 他笑的太使劲了Now things have changed.Youve had a very successful career.You are now ant-man,现在的你处境有改观了 你的事业很成功 你现在是蚁人了And you have a terrific ensemble cast here,and your cohorts in the movie, the guys that are helping you out are very funny.而且电影公司很棒 你电影中的配角也很逗Rapper T.I. is in the movie with you.说唱歌手TI 也在影片中Did you know him before? Did you work with him before?你此前认识他吗 你以前跟他共事过吗Id never worked with him,never met him.我没跟他共事过 没见过他I kind of knew who he was but Im so kind of out of it.我算是知道他是谁吧 但我太跟不上潮流了Im not in the cool,the things everybody knows I dont know.我不酷 就是人人都知道的那种事 我却不知道So I knew who he was,but hes a rapper,when I met him Im like我知道他是谁 也知道他是说唱歌手hes so out of my league in the coolness department.我见到他时心想 他酷得我实在高攀不上Hes also from Atlanta,which is where we shot the movie.而且他来自亚特兰大 我们在那里拍的电影He was so nice.I said this is your town.他人很好 我说 这是你的地盘I want to see it.Show me around.Take me out with you and your buds.我想去看看 带我去看看吧 你和你的好哥们带我出去吧Yeah, I dont think you....Yeah. He just didnt want you to...我觉得你还是算了吧 他不想带你……I think he said yeah,anytime you want but I mean... I think he knew I would have been so kind of tired by 10:00 oclock or something.他好像是说 可以 随时 但我觉得他知道 我到10点就会累得不行了But he was great, he was great and it was awesome working with him.但他人很好 跟他合作很棒Your kids must be excited that your ant-man.I think so.yeah.你的孩子对你演蚁人一定很激动吧 差不多吧 是的201607/452588杭州市余杭区妇幼保健院电话萧山医院网上咨询上城区妇幼保健院宫颈囊肿

浙江杭州市第四人民医院是公立的吗萧山那家男科医院最好Its been an amazing ride,Here we go Ellen,His song are very original and elegant这一路太奇妙了 我要进去了 Ellen 他的歌曲很新颖 优雅Hey how are you,Here you go these are for you,No,Im not kidding,Come here,Give me a hug嘿 你好啊 这是给你的 不 我没开玩笑 来 抱抱OMG I love you.Thank you,Im glad I can come up here and surprise you我的天呐 我爱你 谢谢 我很高兴能来这里给你带来惊喜OMG youre in my room,Youre in my neighbourhood我的天啊 你在我的房间里 你就在我身边Oh my gosh,this is amazing,Did you make this?Its for my high school team.Nice天啊 这看起来真棒 这是你自己做的吗 这是我为我们高中的球队做的 很好You Got the Never Say Never,Youre gonna go see the movie?你知道《永不言弃》这部电影 你要去看这部电影吗shes freaking out,Dont freak out,OMG I take a picture with you,Everythings good,All right,Lets take a picture她吓坏了 别这样 我们照个相吧 没事的 好的 我们来照个像This is for you,Paige I love you,are you serious,You know what? also这是送给你的 Paige 我爱你 真的吗 你知道吗 除此之外you and your family are coming to Ellen tomorrow,You excited?你和你的家人明天要去Ellen秀 高兴不You are speechless,Thank you,I love you,I love you too,Thank you.I dont even know what to say你都说不出话了 谢谢 我爱你 我也爱你 谢谢 我现在不知道该说什么了We did it Ellen,We did it.She is coming tomorrow and so well see her and thats how we do it Ellen我们做到了 Ellen 我们做到了 她明天会来 我们会看到她 我的任务完成了 EllenThank you so much for helping me do this peace,Never Say Never谢谢你的帮忙 再见 永不言弃How great is that,I have to say before I bring Paige down here多温馨啊 在Paige上台前 我要说几句话your grandfather was crying watching that,Thats so touching to me that你祖父看这段录像都看哭了 我受到了很大触动you were so moved that what he does for people,I love that,You love him that much你对他为人们所做的事情如此的感动 我很喜欢 你这么的爱他I love that. Thats amazing,What a pride that is,I love it我很喜欢 这很不可思议 真是很大的荣誉 我喜欢I mean I dont blame you,You gotta be so proud of him,All right, Paige come on down here.我不怪你 你一定为他感到非常骄傲 Paige 下来 到台上来 /201606/451915We are back.Im sitting here with the legendary Dick Van Dyke.欢迎回来 我身边这位是传奇人物迪克·范·戴克You had a bit of a scare,a while ago.你一段时间之前受了点惊吓Not too long ago you were driving your jaguar right here in Los Angeles on the highway and it burst into flames.在不就前 你在洛杉矶的高速公路上 开着你的捷豹 结果它着火了I love the reaction.Isnt funny when your car burst into flames?我喜欢你的反应 你的车突然着火难道不搞笑吗Your car burst into flames and this is kind of a scary,this is a scary thing.车突然着火 这事很吓人I mean,first of all,you werent injured in anyway,were you?首先 你毫发未伤 对吧No,a guy stopped.A real hero.But is caught on fire and I saw flames对 有个人停下了车 他是个真英雄 但车着火了 我看到了火苗Youre driving the car,right?You saw smoke first?what happened?你当时在开车 对吧 你先看到了烟吗 发生了什么No,it started bumping like I have a flat tire.车刚开始就像爆胎一样颠簸 I pull over then I saw smoke coming out of the thing and then flames,so I started to pick up my stuff.我靠边停车 看到有烟从车里冒出 然后开始着火 我开始收拾我的东西I had some CD and things.All the guy saw.What are you talking about?我车里放了CD什么的 他们只看到 你扯什么呢You could have replaced the CDs.Ill get you another josh Groban.You dont need,CD可以重新买啊 我再送你张乔诗·葛洛班的唱片 你不必But the guy,all the guy saw was an old guy bent over.He thought hes out.他只看到一个老头俯下身去 他以为我晕倒了And they got to the car before I could get my stuff.他在我收拾完之前赶到了车边201610/472263萧山做无痛引产You look fantastic.Thank you,so do you.I just said that back stage,thats sweet.thank you你看起来好极了 多谢 你也是 我刚在后台还说了呢 你真好So have you ever done one of those,I didnt even know those classes existed,have you ever taken a seductive class你有参加过那种传说中的教你怎么诱惑别人的课程吗No,I havent,but all the girls in my work do a weekly class every saturday我没有 但是我的其他女同事 每周六都去上这种课And now theyve put a pole in the make up room然后他们居然在化妆间里放了一根钢管舞的钢管Really?yes,theyre really into it and I love it because you know,theyve all come out of their shell and they feel great and confident真的吗 真的 她们练得很投入 我觉得这样挺好的 因为她们都从自己的小世界里走了出来 并感觉很好很健康Its supposed t be a great workout,like not just a seduction thing,but its hard to do这应该是种很好的锻炼 不仅仅是诱惑人这么简单 其实是很难Because Ive done it as a joke on the show,and its really hard to do因为我在节目里开玩笑地试过一次 然后发现真的好难啊yeah,they are all sore when they come in Monday morning,theyre complaining about how sore they are是啊 当她们周一早上上班的时候 各个腰酸背痛的 她们都抱怨浑身都疼死了The one downside I will say is that they all have bruised kness,yeah,They say from the pole对了 我要说这项运动有一个不好的地方 所有练的人膝盖都有擦伤 是的 她们都说是钢管弄的And there are these portable poles apparently that you can buy,theyve all bought them and put them up in their houses你可以买到那种自由装卸的钢管 她们都买了一根装在家里Right,Okay,well Im not going to go there,there are lot of places to go with that,the husands and wives are all very happy about it好吧 反正我不要遭这罪 虽然有很多地方都有类似的东西 老公老婆的都很喜欢这个And hows the little girl doing,she is delicious,how old is she你女儿最近怎样 她很可爱 她多大了Everyone asks me everyday hows Stella,shes ugly and stupid,yeah,Shes so ridiculously cute,I get it每一天我遇到的人都要问我我女儿怎么样了 她又丑又蠢 好吧 她实在是可爱至极 明白I have to say every minute I love her more and every day is more fun我要说每一分钟我都更加爱她 每一天都变得更加有趣You know something strange happened to me Because I didnt want to be a mother生活在我身上施了一个神奇的魔法 因为我本意并不想做一个母亲You know I never thought I was going to have children,it was never something sort of that I thought i wanted to do,because我从来没有生孩子的念头 那从来不曾是我所追求过的I sort of had a rough childhood,and didnt really associate childhood with necessarily happy time因为我的童年并不幸福 所以我也并不认为童年一定是幸福的时光 /201608/462774江干区妇女儿童医院检查白带多少钱

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