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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201510/404730。

But theres nothing at all. Not at all.居然什么都没有 完全没有But of course these are the two extremes.当然了 这只是两个极端What do you think you would fall between these two?你觉得自己在这两端之间什么位置上I guess I could flip a coin and say in the middle.我想我可以赌一把说是在中间Umm... But I know my history... OK.但是我知道自己的家族史You could because you are right in the middle.你可以的 因为你就是在中间位置Right in the middle see?正中间 看到了吗You have some degree of activation大脑奖励环路中this key relay station in the brain reward circuitry.你有一定的兴奋度So that has activated following the infusion of alcohol?就是说它随着酒精的注入而被激活Absolutely.正是这样And look at this... Weve got all three.看看这 三幅图放在一起So you would place me right in the middle of that continuum?所以你觉得我在这个连续区间的中间In fact its not that I would its that the numbers would事实上 这不是我觉得 是这些数据觉得because this is you.因为这就是你Gosh Im Mr Average!天哪 我是平均值先生You are the Average Joe.你是平均值乔先生If you fall right in the middle in terms of your response to alcohol如果你对酒精的反应刚好落在平均水平the likelihood of you having this variant of the OPRM1 gene那么你拥有Oprm1基因突变that makes people perceive alcohol那个让人对酒精反映更强烈的much more intensely is very low.突变的可能性非常低重点解释:1.at all 完全; 根本例句:Its not at all that bad.这根本没有那么坏。2.in terms of 就 ... 而言;在 ... 方面例句:In term of money, hes quite rich, but not in term of happiness.就钱来说他很富有,但就幸福来说就不然了。3.much more 多得多; 何况例句:I cant take much more of this.我再受不了这个了。 201508/391986。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201504/368489。

His fate now turns on a powerful force of nature beneath the waves.他的命运由波浪之下 一股强大的自然力开启An ocean gyre,A vast circular current caused by prevailing winds海洋环流 盛行风反作用于地球自转产生的working against the rotation of the earth,一股强大的环形洋流Creating a conveyor belt of water four thousand times more powerful than the Mississippi River.形成一条传送带 其威力是 密西西比河流的四千倍If youre sitting becalmed in an ocean gyre,如果你静静坐在海洋环流之中it feels like youre a painted ship on a painted ocean,nothings happening.感觉就像身在画中静止不动 相安无事But whats really going on is youre covering ground,但事实是你搁浅了but the whole sea is moving in this arc.而整个海洋在不停地转动The discovery of ocean gyres will revolutionize seafaring.海洋环流的发现将彻底改变海上航行But Diaz has no idea of the forces that slingshot his ship但迪亚士对这股流向非洲南端from an empty ocean toward the southern tip of Africa.拍打他船只的力量一无所知He really had everything going for him,对他来说简直就是万事俱备he had the prevailing winds and the current with him,盛行风 洋流相伴and he was on a ride that he may not even have fully understood.他自己估计都不知道这会是一场怎样的旅行Diaz claims the land in the name of god and country.迪亚士以上帝和国家的名义宣称对土地的所有It will become known as the Cape of Good Hope.后以好望角著称The key to a new sea route to the east,绕过君士坦丁堡bypassing Constantinople.A direct passage to India.即是通往东方的一条新航道 直达印度201601/424763。

Many of us have become quick to catch illusions that trick your eyes,but how often do you consider illusions of the ear?Are you really able to trust your ears and the things they hear? For example,listen to Greg speaking.what do you hear?If you heard ;Bar,Bar,Bar;,youd be right.But,how about now? Chances are,you heard ;Far,Far,Far;this time,with an F.Except,you didnt.In fact,the audio didnt even change between the two s.Strange as it may seem,what you hear depends on which youre looking at.有很多人都能一眼看穿视错觉,不过你考虑过听觉错觉吗?你真的能相信耳朵,以及,它听到的东西吗?举个例子,听听Greg说话。你听到了什么?如果听到“Bar Bar Bar;就对了。不过 现在呢?有可能 你这次听到的是含有F的“Far Far Far;.不过 你没有。其实, 两段视频中的音频并未改变。这似乎有些奇怪 你听到的声音取决于所看的视频。Go ahead,take turns watching each and see how the sound morphs.This is the perfect example of something called the ;McGurk Effect;,which shows how our visuals can alter what we believe were hearing.Now I want you to count how many time you see a circle flash on screen.Lets do that one more time.Did you see it flash twice?Many people do,Yet,without the sound,it becomes clear that the circle is only flashing once.断续试试 轮流看各个视频,感受下声音的变化,这个例子完美地诠释了“McGurk效应”,它说明 我们的所见可以改变自以为听到的东西,现在我想让你来数一数,屏幕上看到几次闪烁的圆,再来一次,你看到两次,是么?很多人是这样,而去掉声音则能清楚地看到圆只闪过一次。In this case,the sound has altered your perceived vision.The next one works best with other people around.Ill play two tones,and you tell me if they are ascending or desending.In other words,are the notes played from low to high or high to low?Listen to this,Which was it?How about this one?Write down what you heard fro each number and let us know in the comment.在这里 声音改变了你的所见,下一个例子最好与其他人一起做,我会播放两种音调,你来告诉我,音调是上升了还是下降了,换句话说 它们的调子是从低到高还是从高到低,听好了,是哪个呢?这一个呢?写下你对每个例子的,在中留下你的高见。Chances are,if you compare with enough people,youll all have different answers.Surprising?Try some more.And this one.How is it possible that you are hearing something different from others?Its an auditory illusion called the ;Tritone Paradox;.Its created in such a way that the tones contain both a higher and a lower frequency in them but our brains have a preference of which to listen to.Diana Deutsch,the creater of this illusion found that your geography and language from infancy,all play a role in deciding this preference.很可能,如果你同足够多的人比较,你们每个人的都不同,震惊了,再来几发,还有这个,你所听到的怎么会和其他人的不同呢?这是一种错听 即“三全音悖论”,它是通过某种音调中包括,一个高频和一个低频声音产生的,但我们的大脑偏爱于听某一种声音,错觉创作者 Diana Deutsch,发现 人的地理位置和自出生以来的语言,都决定着这种偏好。Finally,listen to this audio clip of a gradually climbing tune.And yet,if I play the exact same clip back to you,if will sound like its only continuing to climb higher and higher.I swear this is the exact same clip I just played.You can rewind that section of this over and over and check for yourself.Try it?Each time you started over,the tune is seemingly climbing even higher.最后,听听这段逐渐升高的旋律,如果我把同一段视频再放一遍,听上去音调只会越爬越高,我发誓,这高是我刚才播放的片段,你可以一遍遍重放那段视频 自己验,试试吧,每次从头开始后,旋律总会听上去越升越高。Its called the ;Shepard Tone Illusion;of which there are many variations.In it,multiple sine waves are played on top of one another,raising in pitch,while one quickly drops down an octave as the others continue rising.But our brain doesnt know this drop,so the clips sound like they are rising forever.These illusions may help to explain how something like music.can have such a profound yet varying effect on our minds.which we discussed in our new AsapTHOUGHT episode.这被称为“Shepard音错觉”它的变体很多,其中,多个正弦波相互叠加,音调逐渐升高,而其中一个迅速下降八度 其他音调仍在上升,但我作的大脑未注意到降调,因此视频(的音调)听上去在不停上升,这些错觉可以帮助解释 音乐等事物是如何对我们的思想产生多种且深远的影响,我们在新一期Asap THOUGHT 中加以讨论。Here,along with the question of ;Whether or not music can save your life;.在这里,连同新问题“音乐是否能拯救生命”。201501/355403。

Why did the chichen cross the road?We may never know,since she probably never got to the other side,In the US alone,about a million animals are flattened by passing motorists each day-and that doesnt count all the bugs!Animals are constantly confronted with barriers,some of them completely natural,and others that we build that are barely barriers at all.鸡为何要横穿马路?我们大概无从得知,因为牠很可能根本到不了路对面,仅美国,每天大概就有100万只动物被压扁在马路上,这还没算上虫子们,动物活在各种屏障之间,有些障碍物是天然的,有些则是人造的----大多是栅栏。As we build our own infrastructure,were also adding to this obstacle course without meaning to,and these unintentional fences are some of the most effective animal barriers out there.Roads are just the beginning.Take high-tension power lines,for example.They may look harmless to us,but many other creatures steer clear.在我们进行基础建设时,我们也无意中增加了障碍场所,这些无意建成的栅栏,成了最有效的动物屏障,道路仅仅是开始,以高压电线为例,它们于我们似乎是无害的,但是许多其他动物避开它们。We cant say why for sure,but these animals ultraviolet vision may mean that the UV flashes discharging from the cables make for a very scary sight.And even weirder stuff can get in animals way.Many hoofed mammals are hesitant to cross linear features ,like clear-cut corridors,pipelines-even rows of rocks or painted lines on the ground-leaving them psychologically stranded on one side or the other.我们无潮法准确说出个中缘由,但是这些动物的紫外视觉大概说明了,电缆释放的紫外光波在视觉上是超级可怕的,动物眼里的世界与我们有所不同,许多有蹄类动物会对穿过线性特征的东西产生迟疑,例如轮廓清晰的廊道,管道,甚至成排的岩石或是道路上的划线,它们会因为心理作用卡的两侧。While one stranded cow might not be a huge problem,if enough animals become isolated from food,mates,and protection,entire populations can dwindle and even disappear.One solution would be to get rid of all these obstacles,but we arent likely to give up roads,power,or pipelines any time soon.如果只是一只牛被困住,问题还不大,如果足够多的动物因此而与食物,伴侣和防护相隔离,那么整个种群就会减不甚至消失,解决办法之一就是去掉所有的障碍,但是短时间内我们不可能会放弃道路,电力或是管道。And even when we remove physical barriers,their stopping power can stick around.The ;Iron Curtain;between the Czech Republic and Germany was torn down more than 20 years ago,but red deer still wont corss that divide.Generations of fawns learned to avoid the barbed wire fence,and even with it gone,the lessons live on.而且即使我们移除了物理障碍,阻滞力依然存在,捷克共和国和德国之间的;铁幕;,撤除已有20多年了,但是赤鹿(马鹿)依然不会穿过这条分水岭,一代代的小鹿学会了避开那道倒刺铁丝围栏,即使现在它消失了,经验教训依然还在。Luckily,a little ingenuity goes a long way in guiding animals over,under,or around the obstacies we put in their way.Just as a footbridge helps us cross dangerous roads,we can build overpasses that help deer,monkeys,and crabs do the same.Elephants go underneath,and weve even engineered salmon cannons to help fish sail past dams on their way upriver.好在,有个小妙思在引导动物,越过,爬过和绕过我们所设的障碍方面会大有帮助,就如人行天桥有助于我们穿行道路,我们可以建立天桥帮助鹿,猴子和螃蟹过马路,大象就走地下通道,另外再建立鲑鱼炮帮助鱼儿顺利通过上游的水坝。We can bridge mental barriers too,encouraging animals to cross obstacles that could otherwise psych them out.In the end,even if we dont know why the chicken crossed the road,at least we can help her get there safely.我们还可以进行精神建设,鼓励动物穿过那些吓坏它们的障碍物,最后,虽然我们不知道鸡为何要过马路,但至少我们可以帮牠安全到达对面。201504/371203。