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Next time you feel stressed and reach for your favorite comfort foods, do yourself a favor and consider a healthy choice with the power to reduce tension.You Will NeedComplex carbohydrate foods Magnesium-rich foods Turkey Oranges Warm milk Small meals (optional) Step 1: Reach for complex carbs(多吃杂粮)Reach for complex carbs to reduce your stress. Whole grain bs, cereals, and pastas help your body produce serotonin, the feel-good chemical.Step 2: Load up on magnesium(多吃含镁的食物)Load up on magnesium-rich foods such as spinach, soy, and apricots to help your system control cortisol. These foods serve as a natural muscle relaxant.Eat several small meals throughout the day to maintain stable blood sugar levels. This helps you better manage stress.Step 3: Make a turkey sandwich(自制火鸡三明治)Make yourself a turkey sandwich, even if it’s not Thanksgiving. Turkey is high in L-tryptophan, which releases serotonin.Step 4: Grab and orange(多吃含维生素C的橘子)Grab an orange for a dose of Vitamin C, another stress-buster.Step 5: Avoid sweets and sodas(少吃糖果和苏打水)Avoid sweets, sodas, and simple carbs. They give you a quick serotonin boost, but also cause an unpleasant crash.Maintaining a healthy diet will help your body deal with stress and keep your immune system strong.Step 6: Pour a glass of milk(喝牛奶)Pour yourself a glass of warm milk at bedtime. The serotonin-inducing drink will provide a calm trip to dreamland, so you’ll be y for a bright new day.Serotonin influences moods, and experts link an imbalance of serotonin levels in a person to depression.201003/99703据美国媒体1月16日报道,美国总统奥巴马当天在白宫与美国前总统布什和克林顿举行会晤,邀请他们领导为海地地震救灾筹款的工作。 US President Barack Obama tapped two of his predecessors - former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton - to coordinate efforts to get more Americans more involved in helping Haiti recover and rebuild. Obama appeared with Bush and Clinton to make a joint announcement at the White House Rose Garden following an Oval Office meeting on Saturday morning.Barack Obama said, "Here at home, Presidents Bush and Clinton will help the American people to do their part, because responding to a disaster must be the work of all of us. Indeed, those wrenching scenes of devastation remind us not only of our common humanity, but also of our common responsibilities. This time of suffering can and must be a time of compassion."Bush and Clinton have created a website to begin collecting donations. They both say every person making a donation should know their money will be spent wisely. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has arrived in Port-au-Prince for a firsthand look at the devastation. She'll confer with President Rene Preval. She'll also meet with UN officials, US civilians and military personnel working on the relief effort.201001/94793从源头抓起解决人民最关注问题 201301/222331UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Whats the word?这个单词是什么?Is the study of objects and materials that are outside of Earths atmosphere?这是研究在地球大气层之外的物体和材料。Astronomy, thats the word.天文学,就是那个单词。AZUZ: There is a lot of sky, a lot of universe out there for astronomers to study, sometimes those astronomers at NASA crowd source, and what that means, is they give wide groups of people access to the same information to see if they can come up with anything.那里有许多片天和许多宇宙等待着天文学家去研究,有时候这些美国国家航空和宇宙航行局的天文学家把消息聚在一起,那意味着他们给了大范围人群接触相同的信息的途径来看看他们是否能得出点儿什么。For example, the Kepler telescope, thats what this is, its mission is to search the galaxy and collect data about stars and planets.举个例子,开普勒望远镜,这就是它,它的任务是搜索太空并且收集有关恒星和行星的数据。And NASA made this data available to the public, and thats how two amateur astronomers discovered something like this: its called a circum binary planet, which means it orbits two suns, only the one that was just discovered is believed to be orbited by two more distant stars, so you are looking at one planet, four suns.美国国家航空和宇宙航行局把这些数据面向公众开放,这就是那两个业余的天文学家怎么发现像这么一件事:它被称为环双行星,这表示这他围绕着两个“太阳”旋转,其中只有一个才被发现的太阳被认为是被多于两个距离遥远的恒星所环绕的,因此你看到了一个行星,四个太阳。The citizen scientists compared their findings with professional astronomers to confirm the finding of the four star planet.平民科学家把他们的发现与专业天文学家的相比来确定对于四星行星的发现。 /201210/204803

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