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吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院祛疤手术多少钱吉安市第三人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱1.惯用口语句子:There are gains and losses in the stock market.股市有赢有输。Investing in stocks is risky.投资股票有风险。risky a. 有风险的,冒险的In general, investments in the stock market produce good returns.总体来说,股票投资的回报率很高。investment n. 投资,投入(其动词形式为invest)produce v. 产出,生产return n. 回报,利润in general“总体来讲,总体上说”The price of stocks is skyrocketing.股票价格正在狂涨。This stock is going up/down.这股票在涨/跌。The stock market is crazy now.现在的股市都疯了。skyrocket v. 猛涨,突然高升The share price keeps going down.股票价格持续走跌。Many private investors are dumping their shares.评多小股民都在抛售股票。share n. 股票private a. 个人的,私人的,民间的investor n. 投资者dump v. 抛售,倾倒I dont know if its appropriate to enter the stock market right now.我不知道现在进入股市合不合适。appropriate a. 合适的,适当的I decide on which share you should buy is quite hard sometimes.要决定买哪一股票有时相当困难。Youd have to consider market tendencies. the companys growth potential, and youd better know something about technical analysis.你要考虑市场走势、公司的发展潜力,而且最好还要懂点儿技术分析。consider v. 考虑tendency n. 趋势,倾向,潮流potential n. 潜能,潜力analysis n. 分析,Diversification is very important in todays market. In general, invest some of your money in bonds or funds, and about one-third in stocks.在如今的市场中分散投资很重要。一般来说,将一部分钱投资到债券和基金,大约三分之一的钱投资股票。diversification n. 多样化,多元化,变化bond n. 债券fund n. 基金(常用复数),资金one-third表示“三分之一”,前半部分用基数词,后丰部分用序数词。A bull is a stock market in which the price of shares is going up and people are buying them.牛市就是股价上涨、人们买进的股市。A bear market is a situation in which the value of stocks is decreasing and people are selling them.熊市就是股价下跌、人们卖出的股市。decrease v. 下降,减少(其反义词为increase)bull和bear在这里都是股票术语:bull指“牛市”,相当于“bull market”;bear指“熊市”,相当于“bear market”。shares指“股票”,相当于stocks。Which stock do you plan to buy?你打算买哪股票?The stock market is surely a good place to put your spare cash, but its risky. Be sure that you wont overextend yourself.股票市场确实是安置闲散资金的好地方,但是有风险,注意要量力而行。overextend v. 使承受过多,过分扩展 /201506/377226吉安市衡力瘦脸针果酸换肤果酸去痘坑多少钱 6.Extramarital Affair Dialogue6.婚外恋 对话Stevens friend Jim has an affair with his secretary. His wife has found it, and is going to divorce him.史蒂文的朋友吉姆同他的秘书有婚外情,被他妻子发现了,他妻子要同他离婚。Jim: Steven, I need badly your help.吉姆:史蒂文,我真的很需要你的帮助。Steven: Whats the matter?史蒂文:发生什么事了?Jim: My wife has found that I have an affair with my secretary, and now she is going to divorce me.吉姆:我妻子发现我跟秘书有婚外情,现在她要和我离婚。Steven: How could you cheat on your wife? You have been married for ten years.史蒂文:你怎么对你的妻子不忠呢?你们已经结婚十年了。Jim: Yes, I know Im wrong. But I swear that the affair lasts only for two months. And I still love my wife. I couldnt live without her.吉姆:是的,我知道我错了。但是我发誓这段婚外情只持续了两个月,而且我还很爱我的妻子。没有她我活不下去。Steven: I will try my best to persuade her to reconsider the divorce. But are you sure that from now on you will be faithful to her forever?史蒂文:我会尽力说她重新考虑离婚的事。但你肯定从今以后会永远忠于她吗?Jim: Yes, I swear.吉姆:当然,我发誓。 /201507/389348吉安第一人民医院激光去痘多少钱

井冈山市人民医院开双眼皮手术多少钱Exercise 8-3: Bit or Beat? Weve discussed intonation in terms of new information, contrast, opinion, and negatives. As you heard on p. 3, Americans tend to stretch out certain one-syllable words but which ones? The answer is simple when a single syllable word ends in an unvoiced consonant, the vowel is on a single stairstep short and sharp. When the word ends in a voiced consonant, or a vowel, the vowel is on a double stairstep. (For an explanation of voiced and unvoiced consonants, see page 62.You can also think of this in terms of musical notes. Here you are going to compare the four words bit, bid, beat, and bead. Once you can distinguish these four, all of the rest are easy. Repeat. bit, bid, beat, bead. /201511/410651吉州区脸部去痣价格 吉安去疤比较好的医院

吉安青原区人民中医院去除狐臭多少钱1.惯用口语句子:What are you doing for this weekend? Whats your plan at the weekend?你周末打算干什么?at the weekend on the weekend “在周末”“be doing”除了表示正在进行的动作外,还可以表示即将要做的事情,例如:Im leaving.(我要走了。)What have you planned?你的打算是怎样的?Arent you going to do anything?你打算什么也不干吗?I have made all the arrangements for the summer vacation.我已为暑假做好了一切安排。arrangement n. 安排vacation n. 假期,休假make arrangement for sth.“为…做出安排”What are you going to do?你打算做什么?Whats your plan?你的计划是什么?Whats your intention?你如何打算?Do you have any intention of going to Paris to leam painting?你有去巴黎学习给画的打算吗?intention n. 意图,目的painting n. 绘画Intend to have a part-time job.我打算找份兼职工作。I have an intention of getting a full-time job.我打算找份全职工作。intend v. 打算,意欲(其名词为intention)Im thinking of buying a red carpet.我打算买块红地毯。Im planning to go for a swim.我正打算去游泳。carpet n. 地毯I plan to go abroad.我计划出国。Ive been planning to go abroad for a long time.我计划出国这事已经有很长时间了。Ive aly had other plans.我已经有其他计划了。I havent got any plans.我还没有什么计划。I want to have a complete relaxation this weekend.这个周末我要好好休息。complete a. 彻底的,完全的relaxation n. 放松,缓和 /201502/360889 讲解文本:fuss 大惊小怪,瞎忙乱,小题大做Stop fussing and do your work!别大惊小怪,干你的工作吧!I dont want to make a fuss, so I will let it go.我不想小题大做,我就让它算了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201611/479284新干县治疗狐臭多少钱吉安隆鼻



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