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Love at first sight is a myth — and lovers need to meet at least four times before Cupid#39;s arrow strikes their hearts, said a study.一份研究表明,第一次见面就相爱只是一个神话--至少需要见面四次之后,丘比特的箭才会射中彼此的心。The findings showed that people often find themselves drawn to individuals after multiple encounters, even when there was no initial attraction.这一发现表明,人们经常发现自己是在多次见过某人之后才被吸引过去的,甚至在开始没有一点吸引力。;Cupid#39;s arrow is often slow to strike. It may be attributable to the gradual change in attractiveness from repetition,; Ravi Thiruchselvam, Psychologist at Hamilton College in New York, was ed as saying by dailystar.co.uk last Sunday.英国《每日星报》上周日引用来自纽约汉密尔顿学院的心理学家Ravi Thiruchselvam的话称:;丘比特的箭经常射的很慢。这是因为经常的见面会导致吸引力不断的变化。;For the study, the team gave snaps of people#39;s faces to a group of young men and women.为了进行此项研究,研究团队给参加测试的一组年轻男女一些人的照片。The researchers then wired the participants brains to monitors as the group ranked the attractiveness of people in the pictures.在根据照片上的人的吸引力进行分级时,研究人员同时监测受测者的大脑反应。The subjects were then shown the snaps for a second time, and rated those they found attractive much more highly.然后给受测者再看一次这些快照,然后将他们认为有较高吸引力的人进行评级。The attraction was even stronger on the third occasion and strongest of all on the fourth.这种吸引力在第三次的时候会更强,而在第四次达到最强。The fourth attempt showed extra activity around the excitement and pleasure centres of the brain of the participants在第四次时,试验会显示,受测者大脑的兴奋和快乐中心的活动会活跃很多。 /201608/463249。

  • 1. He asks about how your friend Becky is doing after her breakup. Him caring about your friends and asking about them later not only shows that he#39;s a caring person, but he#39;s invested in your life and the people in it.1. 你的好朋友贝基分手后,他会表示关心。他对你朋友的关心以及随后询问她们的情况,不仅表明他关心他人,同时也表明他关心你的生活和朋友。2. After he met Becky for the first time, he was like, ;Do you think that went well?; You don#39;t want to end up with a guy who#39;s like, ;I don#39;t care if your friends hate me, they suck anyway.; That#39;s just a logistical nightmare and is surely going to end in some severed ties with people you really care about.2. 第一次见了贝基之后,他会问你“你觉得我和你朋友的见面还顺利吗?”如果这个男生想的是“我根本不在乎你的闺蜜们是否不喜欢我,反正她们也很糟糕,”,那么你是不会想要和他在一起的。这只是件难办之事,最后肯定会与你真正关心的人切断关系。3. When you bring up that your boss is being rude to you at work, he doesn#39;t sigh and roll his eyes because you#39;re ;complaining again.; If he can#39;t sit through a five-minute tirade about a lame work situation, he won#39;t be able to sit down with you when something seriously big goes wrong.3.当你谈到工作时老板对你十分粗鲁,他甚至不会叹气或翻白眼,因为他觉得你“又在抱怨了”。如果他都不能坐下来听你讲关于糟糕工作状况的5分钟长篇大论,那么当真正发生大事时,他也不会坐下来陪你的。4. He#39;s polite to waiters and cashiers, and doesn#39;t do that awful thing where you yell, ;CHECK, PLEASE,; across the restaurant. It might have been cool to date the guy who was sweet to you but an asshole to everyone else when you were 13 and bullies were kind of sexy, but that sort of relationship doesn#39;t hold up in adulthood. Don#39;t date a man-bully who could very well turn around and bully you if you piss him off.4.他对务员和收银员很有礼貌,不会在餐馆大叫“结账了”。在13岁时,与一个对你好却对其他人不好的男生约会是件很酷的事情,你会觉得他的霸道有些性感,但是成人后,你会觉得这种感情关系是不会持久的。5. He doesn#39;t desert you at his friends#39; parties. It#39;s OK for him to encourage you to be friendly with his friends, but it#39;s not OK for him to have an exclusive conversation with Chad while you sit alone awkwardly on the couch.5. 在他朋友的聚会上,他不会弃你不顾。他鼓励你对他的朋友友好这无可厚非,但如果他和他的朋友乍得单独对话,留你一人尴尬地坐在沙发上,那样就不对了。6. He always offers to share the last slice of pizza with you and then doesn#39;t say anything when you ;accidentally; eat way more than half of it. If the last slice is sacred enough for Drake to rap about it in a love song, (;You could have my heart or we could share it like the last slice;) then it must be a real sign of a potentially great romance.6. 他总是愿意与你分享最后一块披萨,而当你“不小心”吃了不止一半时,他也不会说什么。如果最后一块披萨神圣到让德雷克说唱了一段情歌,(“你可以拥有我的心,或者我们可以像分享最后一块披萨一样共享”)那么这真的是浪漫的潜在标志。译文属 /201608/461727。
  • Don#39;t even think about a brainstorm头脑风暴?想都别想Where: China, Malaysia, Singapore国家:中国,马来西亚,新加坡Backtracking or debating a topic can go against the traditional Chinese concept of ;saving face;, which is meant to avoid any mistakes or actions that could bring embarrassment. Laughing at even an obviously amusing answer, pointing out a potential mistake or even being too straightforward in an answer can derail the entire meeting.试图改变或争论议题不符合中国传统的“留面子”理念,“留面子”就是指他们会避免任何错误或可能引起尴尬的行为。听到一个明显可笑的回答而发笑、指出潜在的错误,甚至回答得太直接,都会打乱整个会议。Meetings in a number of Asian countries typically have a desired outcome, without much room for taking a new direction. Knowing the meeting#39;s outcome saves participants from any confrontation or debates, but can be an odd experience for westerners.很多亚洲国家的会议一般都有一个预期的结果,没有太多改变方向的空间。与会者已经知道了会议结果,就不会再争论或起冲突,但西方人会觉得这样非常奇怪。;Some people will fly to attend a meeting that they hope to be a brainstorming session, but [in China] brainstorming doesn#39;t take place in meetings,; Friedman explained.弗里德曼解释说:“一些人本以为他们飞去参加的是一个头脑风暴会议,但是(在中国)会议中并没有头脑风暴。”Savour the interruptions应对干扰Where: Italy, France, Spain国家:意大利,法国,西班牙When Pascal Soboll meets with clients in Italy or Spain, he#39;s no longer offended if they duck out early or arrive late. Rather than attend the entire three-hour meeting, the managing director at innovation and design firm Daylight Design, has learned that his counterparts there — and in some parts of France — attend based on their own timetable.如果创新设计公司“日光设计”总经理斯卡尔∠伯尔会见意大利或西班牙的客户,他就不会再因为他们迟到或早退而生气了。因为他已经认识到,他在意大利、西班牙和法国一些地方的生意伙伴们是遵照自己的时间表参加会议的,而不是开完整整三个小时的会。;People change their schedules very spontaneously,; said Soboll. ;They tend to come and go.;索伯尔说:“他们会随意更改行程,他们一般都是想来就来想走就走。”For Soboll that means tweaking his own German-based expectations of client behaviour. Rather than expecting the same group to sit through his entire presentation (often analysing the company#39;s existing strategy) he makes it easier for people to turn up as needed. Those who have missed a portion of the presentation can then review and ask questions to avoid information lapses, he adds.对索伯尔来说,这意味着要扭转他对客户行为的德国式看法。他允许人们视情况需要来开会,而不再期待同样的一群人听完他整个陈述(通常是分析公司当前的战略)。他补充道,那些错过了一部分陈述的人可以在之后回顾会议内容、问问题,避免信息遗漏。 /201605/443460。
  • Train Like an Olympian With Lindsey Vonn#39;s Lower-Body Workout用林赛·沃恩的下肢锻炼法像奥运会选手一样锻炼Tone your legs and thighs增强腿和大腿Why not train like an Olympian? Lindsey is sharing her secrets. These moves tone and trim everything from your core to the floor. Do this series three or four times a week, and a better bottom half awaits.为什么不像奥运会选手一样训练呢?林赛在分享她的秘诀。这些动作能增强和修整你身体中心到地板的所有部位。每周这一系列做三到四次,更好的下半身指日可待。Single-Leg Box Squat单腿箱式深蹲Stand on right leg in front of a plyo box (or bench), with toes of left foot resting on box and arms at sides, an 8-pound dumbbell in each hand (A). Lower body down until right leg forms a 90-degree angle (B). Return to ;A.; Do 10 to 12 reps, then switch legs and repeat.右腿站在练习跳箱前,左脚脚趾放在箱子上,手臂放在身体两侧,双手各握8英镑的哑铃(如图A)。身体下弯直到右腿形成90度(如图B)。继续做A姿势,重复10到12次,然后换腿重复。Single-Leg Lift单腿抬高Start on hands and knees, with abs tight (A). Squeeze butt as you lift left leg up to form a 90-degree angle (B). Return to start. Do 10 to 12 reps, then switch legs and repeat.从双手和膝盖开始,腹肌缩紧(A)。当你将左腿向上抬起形成90度时缩紧臀部(B)。重新开始再做。重复10到12次,然后换腿重复Single-Leg Hamstring Curl单腿弯举运动Lie faceup with arms at sides, left heel on a Swiss ball and right leg straight up, foot flexed (A). Press hips up as you bend left knee to pull ball in toward you (B). Keeping hips up, straighten leg to roll ball back out. Work up to 12 reps. Switch legs; repeat.脸朝上躺着,手臂放在身体两侧,将左脚后跟放在瑞士球上,右腿伸直,脚弯曲(A)。当你弯曲左膝将球靠近自己时,抬升臀部(B)。臀部保持抬起,腿伸直将球滚出去。做12次。然后换腿重复。Squats下蹲Stand with feet hip-width apart and hands clasped in front of you at chin level (A). Push hips back as you lower down (B). Push through heels to return to start. Repeat 10 to 12 times.站立时脚张开到与臀部宽度差不多的位置,双手在下巴距离处握紧(A)。身体下弯时臀部向后(B)。推挤脚后跟重新开始。重复10到12次。Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift罗马尼亚式单腿硬拉Stand with right foot in front of left, an 8-pound dumbbell in each hand. Shift weight forward onto right leg so that only toes of left foot are on the floor (A). Hinge forward, lowering torso until parallel to the floor (B). Reverse motion to return to ;A.; Do 10 to 12 reps; switch legs and repeat.右脚位于左脚前站立,双手各握8英镑的哑铃。将重量转移到右腿上,这样左脚就只有脚趾放在地板上(A)。身体前移,身躯下弯直到与地板平行。重新做A动作。重复10到12次,换腿重复。译文属 /201606/450007。
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