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Later that night, Lily classmate callsTom:Hey, Lily! You wont believe what happened in class today!Lily:What?Tom:A man sent Miss Smith flowers, and Bryan got kicked out of class!Lily:Cool! I wish I could have been there!Tom:Me, too. I miss you. Are you any better?Lily:Yes. But if I have any more soup, I think Ill die.参考译文:稍后,当天晚上,莉莉的同学打电话来汤姆:嘿,莉莉!你不会相信今天上课发生什么事!莉莉:什么事?汤姆:一个男的送花给史密斯老师,还有布莱恩被赶出教室!莉莉:酷!真希望我能在现场!汤姆:我也希望我很想念妳耶你有没有好一点?莉莉:好多了但如果再继续喝汤,我大概会死掉重点词汇:get kicked out被赶出去在美国,小孩不乖,被赶去教室,大多是被叫到「校长室」principal office去I got kicked out of university8 cheating9 on an exam.我因为在一场考试作弊,被大学退学Are you any better有没有觉得好一点?Are you any better after resting two weeks?你休息两星期之后,有没有觉得好一点? 3693

Voice 1: San Lorenzo Clinic is part of a Commy Development Project. The project is aimed at people who live in countryside areas. It is difficult them to reach the hospitals in the city. Christian radio station HCJB began this project. The Commy Development Project works to help poor commies in Ecuador. There are nine other clinics like San Lorenzo. The Commy Project also operates a clean water programme. It manages a tropical disease laboratory. It operates a medical vehicle commies in far off areas. And it includes training programmes Ecuadorian key healthcare workers. So, why did a radio station begin healthcare work? Sheila Leech is head of the healthcare work in Latin America. She said,声音1:圣洛伦索诊所隶属于社区发展项目这一项目旨在为那些生活在乡村地区的人提供帮助这些人很难前往城市的医院该计划由基督教广播电台HCJB启动社区发展项目的目的是为厄瓜多尔的贫困社区提供帮助还有9家像圣洛伦索诊所这样的诊所社区发展项目还运行清洁水计划该项目还负责管理一家热带疾病实验室同时为偏远地区的社区提供医疗车辆这个项目还为厄瓜多尔医疗关键工作者提供培训为什么一个广播电台会开始进行医疗工作呢?希拉·利赫是拉丁美洲医疗工作负责人她说:Voice 3: The healthcare work began with a small clinic in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, fifty years ago. It was the workers at the HCJB radio station. And it was the local native people. Then Dr Paul Roberts came from Canada. He had a desire to build a hospital. A radio programme raised the money. Workers built a hospital with fifty beds. This became Vozandes Hospital Quito. A short time later, they built a small hospital on the edge of the Amazon rain est. This was to serve the local native people. Since these early beginnings the healthcare has grown and grown.声音3:50年前,医疗工作开始于厄瓜多尔首都基多市的一家小诊所这家诊所当时只为HCJB的工作人员和当地原住民提供医疗务随后,保罗·罗伯茨医生从加拿大来到这里他想修建一家医院一个广播节目为这家医院的兴建筹集了资金工人们建造了一家有50个床位的医院这家医院就是基多安地斯医院不久之后,他们在亚马逊雨林边缘建造了一家小型医院这家医院专为当地原住民提供医疗务这些早期的行动使医疗项目日益扩大译文属 667

The condition called "face blindness", but those who have it see perfectly fine. It's just that they can't process what anyone looks like even members of their own family. Dr. Sanjay Gupta has more in the second part of this series Mysteries of the Brain. He joins us from Atlanta. This is so fascinating, Sanjay, tell us about it.Yeah, it really is very interesting. It's called prosopagnosia, most people do not know the face blindness like you said. Look, we've all had times when we get a name, maybe we get a face. But this is truly a medical condition as we learned, it can be very debilitating.Glenn has spent his entire life getting faces. Most people expect that you are going to be able to recognize them in label. I can't really do that very effectively. His condition is called prosopagnosia, or more commonly, face blindness. It can cause problems even identifying close family members or remembering a face just moments after turning away from it. Glenn, whose case is more severe than most, often can’t recognize his own face. One of the reasons that I grew out the beard, and one of the reasons that I walk around with my hats so much is to hopefully prevent me from walking into mirrors. His condition also affects his job at a retail store. He says he won’t get promoted, because he can’t recognize his co-workers. More troubling, his inability to recognize others in social settings drives him into isolation. I feel like, you know, it will be really nice if I could go out do this kind of thing with a bunch of other people and not be so worried about the difficulties.Glenn's face blindness is the result of a head injury he suffered as a toddler. But many others are born with the condition. And it's not that rare. At , Institute of Human Genetics study found as many as one in fifty people have some m of face blindness. Researchers still can't pinpoint the cause, but say it's most likely linked to an area of the brain called the fusim gyrus, which shows activity in response to seeing faces. Now that we know that prosopagnosia is much more common, I think there is gonna be much more eft to figure out how to help these people. Blind to the faces of others, still seeing the face, the eyes…There is no medical treatment face blindness yet. But Glenn has a message.Be consoled, because, though I may not remember your face, I will remember you. This is a remarkable thing, you know. You talk a lot about children as well, who might have this sort of problem, they can't recognize other kids in the playground; they grow up with this condition, sometimes not being able to recognize your spouse either. One woman told us that in fact, she is in a crowded room and looks at a mirror with a bunch of face, she has to make a funny face like raising eyebrows to recognize her own face, so pretty remarkable, Alina(这里应该是女主播的名字).Oh, My Gosh, this is incredible. I'm, I am curious, Sanjay. Is there any way them to recognize other people, I mean, instance, like with blind people, maybe there is voice recognition and, you know, you hear a familiar voice, you might not see their face, but you know who they are, so is there a way them to do that?Yeah, you know, it's, it's pretty remarkable. First of all, you give them an eye test, their vision is perfectly fine. There appears to be something in the way that the face, specifically the face is actually processed the way we've evolved as human beings can't recognize the face, but can recognize the objects, can recognize er, voices as you pointed out also recognize hair colors, specific distinguishing features that act as cues to let them get through the day. It can be debilitating but people seem to cope just by finding these cues. 576

  3  What Is American Dream?  What is the American Dream? Is it the same all Americans? Is it a myth? Is it simply a search a better life? How has the American Dream changed over time? Some see their dreams wither and die while others see their dreams fulfilled. Why? Everyone has dreams abut a personally fulfilled life... and what is your dream?  The term American Dream was first used by James Adams in his book The Epic of America which was written in 1931. He states: The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller everyone, with opporty each according to ability or achievement. It is a difficult dream the European upper classes to interpret adequately, and too many of us ourselves have grown tired and mistrustful of it. It is not a dream of cars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to get to the fullest stature of which they are capable, and be recognized by others what they are, regardless of the tuitous circumstances of birth or position.;  In the ed States Declaration of Independence, our founding fathers state: ;... all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.; Might this view be considered the foundation of the American Dream?  Were homesteaders who left the big cities of the east to find happiness and their piece of land in the unknown wilderness of the west pursuing these Rights? Were the immigrants who came to the ed States looking their bit of life, liberty, happiness and their Dream? And what did the desire of the veteran of World War II -- to settle down, to have a home, a car and a family -- tell us about this Dream? Is the American Dream attainable by all Americans? Would Martin Luther King feel his Dream was attained? Did Malcolm X realize his Dream?  Some say, that the American Dream has become the pursuit of material prosperity -- that people work more hours to get bigger cars, fancier homes, the fruits of prosperity their families -- but have less time to enjoy their prosperity. Others say that the American Dream is beyond the reach of the working poor who must work two jobs their family survival. Yet others look toward a new American Dream with less focus on financial gain and more emphasis on living a simple, fulfilling life. 189

  Bree主动要求用测谎仪来明自己的清白,但是当被问到她是否爱着George,仪器的读数出现了异常波动,George也被要求测谎不过当George得知Bree不合格的原因时,他高兴地参加并通过了测谎仪的考验来看看Bree是怎么说George去参加这个测试的Download MP3 753。

  Kathryn:Are you still watching that movie?凯瑟琳:你还在跟那部电影较劲吗?It been over three hours!都3个多小时了!Martin:Yeah, it a little long a feature film.马丁:是啊,对于故事片而言是有点长了Kathryn:A little long?! It interminable.凯瑟琳:有点长?这简直是没完没了How can you continue to watch it?你是怎么能一直看下去的?Martin:Well, the first half was interesting and moved at a clip.马丁:嗯,开头很有趣而且有个桥段让人很感动The middle section did drag a little, but it picked up again.中间部分有点小拖沓,但后来再次回归正途It nearly over.马上迎来大结局Kathryn:I wouldve turned it off long bee this.凯瑟琳:我会在此之前关了它I like movies that are short and sweet.我喜欢简单明了的电影After about 90 minutes, my mind starts to wander, and after two hours, I check out.让我看个90分钟后就会开始走神,浪费个小时在电影身上,我就完全迷失Martin:It depends on the movie.马丁:这取决于电影本身Sometimes I watch a movie and it so engrossing that time zips by.有时候我看电影,引人入胜的剧情让时间一晃而过With other movies, though, time moves at a snail pace.而其他观影体验则感觉时间慢的跟蜗牛爬似的This movie is somewhere in between.这部电影是介于两者之间Kathryn:Hey, the credits are rolling. You missed the ending.凯瑟琳:嘿,出演职人员表了你错过了结局Martin:No big loss. I knew how it was going to end after the first hour.马丁:没有大的损失从开始的第1个小时我就知晓结局了Kathryn:Then why did you stick it out and watch the rest of the movie?凯瑟琳:那你为什么坚持到底还看这电影剩下的部分?Martin:One word:procrastination.马丁:一个词:拖延Kathryn:Ah, enough said.凯瑟琳:啊,真是言简意赅 391

  Sun smile阳光般的微笑The sun shone brightly on the ground in front of her feet as she pondered the reality of light.太阳光芒四射地照耀这她脚前这片大地她在沉思,思考着阳光是怎么一回事:How did light get here? Who made it and why?它是怎么来到这儿的?谁让它来的?来做什么?She instinctively stepped into the sun spot and instantly felt warmer, brighter, and fuller of life and energy.她下意识地踏进阳光里,整个人立刻觉得暖和,清醒起来,浑身充满了生机和活力The sun wrapped her in comt and stability , if nothing else,she could always count on the sun waking her up most mornings.阳光笼罩着她,她感到很舒很踏实,如果没有其他事情,大多数早晨,她都会让阳光叫她起床Its predictable radiance felt like the mother she never had as her childhood was characterized more so by pain and heartache than comt and love.太阳那如期而至的光芒就像妈妈一样,虽然她从来就没有感受过母爱,她的童年记忆里满是痛苦和伤心,而不是关怀和爱She stepped out of the sunlight and felt that all-too-familiar anxious pang in the pit of her stomach as she remembered how horrible it was to live in her childhood home.她从阳光里走出来,一阵再熟悉不过的恼人的悲痛袭击了她的胸口,让她回忆起童年时的可怕生活Memories flooded her mind as she unsuccessfully tried to block them out by thinking good thoughts.她努力朝好的方面想,希望能抵挡住如洪水般泛滥的痛苦回忆,但是无济于事Oh how she wished she could curl up in the middle of the sun and allow its love to encase her all eternity.她是多么希望可以蜷缩在温暖的阳光里,让太阳的爱包裹着她直到永远But, no, she was stuck here on earth with those who didnt feel the sun rays the same way she did,who didnt feel deeply connected to this amazing source of life.然而,这是不可能的她只能在这儿,和其他人一起其他人不像她一样渴望阳光,也不曾觉得自己与这神奇的生命之源有什么紧密联系All she could do was stand in the sun on occasion and shut out the rest of the world a little while.她唯一能做的就是偶尔站在阳光里,和阳光以外的世界短暂地隔离Maybe if she stood here long enough they would cease to exist.她想也许只要一直站在阳光里,外面的世界也就不复存在了The sound of her cell phone playing its predictable tune brought her out of her thoughts and the warmth of the sun as she went inside to take the call.手机响起熟悉的铃声,把她带回到现实,她从温暖的阳光里走出来,进屋接电话Another client, another sales pitch, another moment of feeling disconnected from people.又是一个客户,又是一通兜揽生意的套话,又是一阵脱离人群的空虚Tonight would be no difference as she would go home and try to make small talk with her husband over the dinner table,all the while wishing she was communing with the sun instead.今晚又会是老样子:回家,尽量在晚餐时和丈夫聊几句,她倒希望这时候和自己交流的是太阳Just as she was feeling really sorry herself, she was met with a smile from a perfect stranger, passing through the office.正当她为自己难过的时候,她看到一个完全陌生的人在对着她微笑,微笑穿透了整个房间The feeling created by the smile reminded her of something very familiar.这个微笑带给她一种似曾相识的感觉She paused, reflecting on the sensation deep inside of her and realized that she just felt the sun shining on her, only this time it was in the m of another human being.她愣了一会儿,回想起刚才内心深处的感受,顿时明白了那是阳光的温暖,只不过这次带给她这种感觉的是一个活生生的人Funny how she had been smiled at a million times bee, but this was the first time she felt the actual essence of it.然而有趣的是,千千万万的人都对她微笑过,这次却是她第一次感受到微笑的真谛At that moment she saw that humans have as much of the sun in them as the sun itself;theyre just not used to letting themselves shine.就在那一刻,她发觉在人身上也有像太阳一样的热情,只是人们不习惯表达这种热情而已“Why bother when very few of us embody this? Why does it matter since were all just out ourselves?”既然大家都不太愿意表达,我们又何必自找麻烦呢?反正我们只代表着自己,都只为自己而活?She now knew that all it took was one smile—one ray of light to change the world, in that smile shines the entire ce that is the giver of all that is.现在她明白了,仅仅一个微笑,一道光芒,就可以改变整个世界,这个微笑闪耀着微笑者的整个光辉One smile passed from stranger to stranger will lighten the whole world.人人都以微笑示人,那么这一道光芒就能照亮全世界 370Peacock invade residential neighborhood Two escaped from a nearby yard and started to reproduce.He may be the long holdout, or may be one of the last two peacocks roaming this neighborhood. Nobody's bothered him I've seen, and they are pretty to look at, they don't cause any problems. That depends who you talk to. Rimen Prody has lived in this neighborhood on Vancouver city years. They're kind of nuisance,I mean, can you imagine somebody get on top of the hood of your car? And they got claws like this. And sometimes sitting on cars like this. There were more than half a dozen peacocks roaming this neighborhood back in May. The first two somehow got free from Cory Pennington's property and started to reproduce. Eventually we got the original two that they had and they had some babies. We didn't get all babies. That’s what you see now. The large bird can be unpredictable. The Organ Zoo stopped letting peacocks roaming its ground last May after one attacked a child in the zoo. Protect county Animal Control says wildlife contractor has captured and relocated all but one maybe two of the peacocks during the past few months. It’s also fined Pennington letting the first birds get loose. We will continue to try to locate this animal and continue to try to encourage the wildlife trappers to get relocation. But it’s never been the priority, because it hasn't really harmed anybody. 7Whitney Houston was sick so she had to postpone her Paris concert last night. Well we found somebody who could kind of fill in Whitney if need be, Lin Yuqun. He is a contestant on the Taiwanese version of American Idol, has a better voice than Whitney. Check it out.惠特尼bull;休斯顿生病了,所以她不得不推迟昨晚巴黎的演唱会我们发现有人能顶替惠特尼那就是林,他是一位台湾版的;美国偶像;, 比惠特尼的声音更动听去看看吧I will always love you. I will always love you.我将永远爱你我将永远爱你OK, well, maybe not a better voice. But certainly could compete. I mean, that not bad, uh?好的,嗯,也许不是最好的声音但一定可以竞争我是说,这是不坏,是吧?There something very bizarre about him belting that song out in there.关于他的那首歌有一个非常奇怪的的地方Yes, something is not right there.是的,好像有些不对Yeah, something like that haircut that I had when I was a young girl also. I just cant get behind it. Yeah, I wouldnt say better but I would definitely say comparable.是的,类似这样的发型,当我还是个小女孩的时候我已经是了我就是没办法让在它后面是的,我不认为更好,但是我一定会说具有可比性OK, take that back.好的,收回那句话注:听力文本来源于普特 8189

  American Authors-Ayn Rand; Adirondack Park; to get versus to gain versus to obtain; to have (someone) do (something) versus to get (someone) to do (something); giving an apple to a teacher Words:screenplayfountainhead triumph collectivismmagnum opus to be set in dystopia objectivism pursuit of happinessto merit logging to erode to get to gain to obtain to get (someone) to do (something)to have (someone) do (something) 3990


  Rodney King Trial and the 199 Riots; Dick Tracy detective stories; third world; from versus out of; to pull (oneself) together versus to get a hold of (oneself)Words:to beatbystanderexcessive cebatonoutragedto acquitriotmobcurfewdetectivevillaincartoonthird worldfromout ofto pull (oneself) togetherto get a hold of (oneself) 375。

  smuggle走私,sentry哨兵,instruct命令,reluctantly不情愿地,bartender酒保What Were You SmugglingThe suspicious-looking man drove up to the border, where he was greeted by a sentry. When the guard looked in the truck, he found six big sacks. ;What inside?; he asked. ;Dirt,; the driver replied. ;Take them out,; the guard instructed. ;I want to check them.; Each one of them contained nothing but dirt. Reluctantly, the guard let him go.A week later the man came back, and once again, the sentry looked in the truck. ;What in the bags this time?; he asked. ;Dirt, more dirt.; said the man. Not believing him, the guard checked the sacks and, once again, he found nothing but soil.The same thing happened every week six months, and it finally became so frustrating to the guard that he quitted and became a bartender. Then one night, the suspicious-looking fellow happened to stop by a drink. Hurrying over to him, the mer guard said, ;Listen, pal, drinks are on the house tonight if youll do me a favor: Just tell me what the hell you were smuggling all that time.; Grinning broadly, the man leaned close to the bartender ear and whispered, ;Cars.; 意想不到的走私物品 一个形迹可疑的人开车来到边境,哨兵迎了上去哨兵发现了几个大口袋 ;里面装的是什么?;他问道 ;土;司机回答 ;把袋子拿出来;,哨兵命令道:;我要检查; 确实,口袋里除了土以外,别无他物哨兵很不情愿地让他通过了 一周后,那人又来了,哨兵再次检查汽车上的行李箱 ;这次袋子里装的是什么?;他问道 ;土,又运了一些土;那人回答 哨兵不相信,对那些袋子又进行了检查,结果发现,除了土以外,仍旧一无所获 同样的事情每隔一周发生一次,一共持续了六个月最后,哨兵被弄得灰心丧气,干脆辞职去当了酒吧侍者 有天夜里,那个形迹可疑的人碰巧途经酒吧,下车喝酒那位从前的哨兵急忙迎上前去对他说,;老兄,你要是能帮我一个忙,今晚的酒就归我请客你能不能告诉我,那段时间你到底在走私什么东西?; 那人俯身过来,凑近侍者的耳朵,裂开嘴笑嘻嘻地说:;汽车; 1.instruct命令也有;教学;的意思:She instructs music once a week at a middle school.她在中学每周教一次音乐课. reluctantly不情愿地 He thought a moment, then reluctantly agreed.他思量了一下,才勉强同意了3.on the house免费 750

  Listen to the episode and answer the questions. Which characters are the questions referring to? Tony, Olivia, Bindyu, Sarah, Magda or Carlos? Who ...... 1 ...... tells Tony to be optimistic? ...... is going to work the company which is building the flats? 3 ...... shares a flat with Magda? ...... wants to be a chef? 5 ...... is writing an the local newspaper? 6 ...... has a friend working at the museum? 7 ...... is pessimistic? 8 ...... has a roof problem? 注:节目材料来自于http:www.englishonline.org.cn,转载请注明出处 566


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