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Conversation A : In a Recording StudioMARTIN: Wonderful! Very nice.?LUIS: Do you like rock music?MARTIN: Yes, I do. I like all music. What do you likeLAURI: Everything.?LUIS: No, she doesn't. She doesn't like opera.?MARTIN: Let's talk about music. First, let's talk about your music. Lauri, you're a singer.LAURI: That's right. But I'm a musician, too.?MARTIN: Do you play an instrumentLAURI: Yes, I do.?LUIS: She plays several instruments very well.?MARTIN: What do you play, LauriLAURI: I play the guitar. I play the piano, but not very well. I play the flute?LUIS: She plays many flutes.?MARTIN: What do you meanLUIS: She can play wooden flutes, bamboo flutes, classical flutes. EverythingLAURI: I like the flute. I play folk music on the flute. Do you like folk musicMARTIN: Yes, I do. Let's listen to some folk music.?LUIS: That's very nice.?LAURI: I like that.?MARTIN: OK. You like folk music. You like the flute. You play the guitar. You play the piano. You sing. Do you like to singLAURI: Oh, yes!?LUIS: She sings very well. We need a singer.?MARTIN: Of course. But you sing, Luis.?LUIS: Not very well. I like to sing. But I don't sing very well. Lauri sings very well.?LAURI: Thank you. That's nice.?LUIS: My mother is an opera singer. But I can't sing very well.?MARTIN: Does your mother like your musicLUIS: No, she doesn't.?MARTIN: Do you like operaLUIS: Yes, I do.?MARTIN: You play the guitar. Can you play other instrumentsLUIS: Yes, I can. We need a guitar. I play the guitar very well. Lauri plays the guitar, too.?LAURI: We both sing.?MARTIN: Do you like this music? Listen. Do you like that musicLUIS: I like it.?LAURI: I love it!?LUIS: Love itLAURI: Yes.?LUIS: It's OK.?MARTIN: One likes it. One loves it. Luis, do you play the keyboardLUIS: No, I don't.?MARTIN: Lauri, do you play the keyboardLAURI: I don't play it very well.?LUIS: Stacy plays the keyboard.?MARTIN: Stacy plays with your band.?LAURI: He's a wonderful musician.?MARTIN: Where is Stacy todayLUIS: He's visiting his family.?MARTIN: Where is his homeLAURI: He lives in Detroit.?Practice 1:like 喜欢,love 爱,喜欢的程度更深一步。?Examples: LUIS: Yes, I do. I like all music.? LUIS: She doesn't like opera.? MARTIN: Do you like opera LUIS: Yes, I do.? MARTIN: Do you like that music LUIS: I like it.? LAURI: I love it.会话 A 在录音室?马 丁:好极了!很好。?路 易:你喜欢摇滚乐吗马 丁:是的,是音乐我都喜欢,你喜欢什么音乐劳 里:任何音乐。?路 易:不,不是任何音乐,她不喜欢歌剧。?马 丁:让我们谈谈音乐吧,首先,来谈一谈你的音乐。劳里,你是歌手。?劳 里:不错,但我也是乐师。?马 丁:你演奏乐器吗劳 里:是的。?路 易:有好几种乐器她演奏得非常好。?马 丁:你演奏什么乐器,劳里劳 里:我弹吉他,弹钢琴,但弹得不太好。我吹笛子。?路 易:她吹许多种笛子。?马 丁:你是指什么路 易:她能吹奏木笛、竹笛、古典笛子,无所不能。?劳 里:我喜欢笛子,我用笛子吹奏民间音乐。你喜欢民间音乐吗马 丁:喜欢,让我们听听民间音乐吧。?路 易:真好听。?劳 里:我喜欢听。?马 丁:好,你喜欢民间音乐,你喜欢笛子,你弹吉他,你弹钢琴,你唱歌,你喜欢唱歌吗?劳 里:噢,是的!?路 易:她的歌唱得非常动听,我们需要一名歌手。?马 丁:当然了,但你也唱歌,路易。?路 易:唱得不太好,我喜欢唱歌,但我唱得不太好,劳里唱得很好。?劳 里:谢谢,真好听。?路 易:我母亲是名歌剧演员,但我唱得不太好。?马 丁:你母亲喜欢你的音乐吗路 易:不,她不欢喜。?马 丁:你喜欢歌剧吗路 易:是的,我喜欢。?马 丁:你弹吉他,你能演奏别的乐器吗路 易:是的,我能。我们需要吉他,我吉他弹得很好,劳里也弹吉他。?劳 里:我们都唱歌。?马 丁:你喜欢那种音乐吗?听。你喜欢这种音乐吗路 易:我喜欢。?劳 里:我喜爱它。?路 易:喜爱它劳 里:是的。?路 易:好的。?马 丁:一个喜欢它,一个喜爱它。路易,你弹奏电子琴吗路 易:不,我不弹。?马 丁:劳里,你弹奏电子琴吗劳 里:我弹奏得不太好。?路 易:斯特西弹电子琴。?马 丁:斯特西和你的乐队一起演奏。?劳 里:他是个非常好的乐师。?马 丁:今天斯特西在哪儿路 易:他回家探亲了。?马 丁:他家在哪儿劳 里:他家住底特律。 /200602/3389。

A boat carrying hundreds of migrants across the Mediterranean Sea capsized on Wednesday, and Italy#39;s navy was able to rescue at least 500.周三,一艘载有数百名移民的船在地中海沉没,意大利海军至少救起500人。According to the navy, there were too many people on board the boat and it became unstable, causing it to capsize. At least seven people died. 据海军消息,船上的人太多了,使其变得不稳从而导致倾覆。至少七人遇难。Photos show the boat tipping over near Libya#39;s coast, forcing some people in the water while others tried to hold on.照片显示,该船在利比亚海岸附近倾覆,迫使一些人掉入水里,而其他人试图抓住不放。It#39;s becoming more common for refugees from the Middle East and Africa to use North African countries — like Libya — as a gateway to Europe. 中东和非洲的难民通过北非国家如利比亚进入欧洲大门变得更为普遍。And some are predicting Italy will become a main entry point for migrants coming to Europe, as other countries like Greece are increasingly harder to get into. 一些人预测意大利将成为移民进入欧洲的主要入口点,因为像希腊这样的国家越加难以进入。The Italian navy saved more than 100 migrants in a separate accident later on Wednesday. 周三晚些时候,意大利海军在一次单独事故中挽救了100多名移民。译文属。 Article/201605/446166。

At the foot of the hill you can hear the whinnying of Norman horses and what sounds like the chanting of psalms.在山脚下 你可以听到诺曼战马的嘶鸣声 仿佛还能听到吟诵圣经的声音You#39;re a Norman foot-soldier and you hope to God the gentlemen on horses know what they#39;re doing.想象你是诺曼步兵 祈祷着骑兵们知道自己在干些什么All around you can hear the scraping of metal,the sharpening of blades, the mounting of horses.身边充斥着金属刮擦的铿锵声 磨刀的嘶嘶声 和马匹的嘶鸣声You look up to the brow of the hill and you see a glittering line of men and you cross yourself.你向山顶望去 看到的是一整排士兵银光闪闪 你默默祈祷You finger the rings on your coat of mail, your hawberg,and wonder how solid they are.用手摸摸身上的锁子铠甲 心想它们到底结不结实You wonder what use they#39;ll be against an axe.You#39;ve never seen axes in battle before.心想它们是否能挡住斧子的攻击 你在曾经的战场上从未见过的斧子Then you catch sight of the Papal banner and take heart.Surely God is on your side.但随后你瞥见的教皇旗帜让你重新振作 显然上帝站在你这边The real beginning must be imagined as the cavalry raced up the hill,可以想象 一开战骑兵率先冲上山坡one by one getting into range, hearing the rhythmic chant of ;Oot, Oot!; Out, Out! from the Saxons,一个接一个向前冲 听到撒克逊人传来的 ;上啊; ;冲啊; 有节奏的叫喊声and then hurling their javelins at the front line.将他们的标掷向前排的士兵Then came the slow advance of the archers,unloosing their first arrows under a hail of enemy spears.紧接着就是步步紧逼的弓箭手 在敌方暴雨般的长矛攻势下 射出第一批箭And finally the foot-soldiers breaking into a run behind them.最后 跑步前进的步兵紧随其后 /201608/459809。

When it gets cold outside, it#39;s time to bundle up and take good care of yourself.外面天气变凉了,是时候保暖,好好照顾自己了。Because cold-weather time is cold and flu season!因为大冷天是流感盛行的季节。You#39;ve heard of colds—everyone gets them!你肯定听说过感冒吧——人人都感冒过!That#39;s when you get sneezy, and coughy, and maybe you#39;re running a temperature.感冒的时候,你会打喷嚏、咳嗽,还可能会发烧。The flu is just another kind of cold, and it#39;s really no fun—而流感则是另一种感冒,同样让人难受,it makes you feel achy and sore, and hot, and all-around miserable.它让人浑身酸痛、高烧不退,总之很痛苦。But have you ever wondered what causes a cold and the flu?但是,你可知道感冒和流感是由什么引起的吗?Well, they#39;re both caused by something called a virus.实际上,它们都是由一种叫做病毒的东西引起的。Viruses are very small...too small to see even with most microscopes.病毒特别小,小到大多数显微镜都看不见它。They can make a big difference in your body, though, because they can make you sick!可它们却能对身体产生影响,让人生病。Yes, , since viruses can make us sick, we sometimes call them germs.是的,Squeaks。由于病毒可以让我们生病,我们有时也把它们叫做细菌。But, not all germs are viruses... but the ones that can cause the flu and colds definitely are!并非所有的细菌都是病毒,但能引发流感和感冒的一定是病毒。Now, in order to make you sick, the flu virus has to get into your body first.你生病的前提是流感病毒首先入侵你的身体。It usually gets in through our nose...our mouth...or our eyes.它们通常从鼻子、嘴巴、眼睛等部位进入身体。And once it gets in...the virus starts to make copies of itself until there are lots and lots of them in there.病毒一旦进入体内,就会开始自我复制,增殖得越来越多。But don#39;t worry! Your body have ways to fight back!但是别担心!我们的身体也有很多还击的手段。It might seem kind of weird,这可能有点儿奇怪but sometimes it#39;s the things that your body does to fight the virus and other germs that makes you feel kind of yucky.但有时正是你身体里那些和病菌病毒作战的东西才使你感到有些不舒。Take, for example, mucus ...that#39;s the sticky, runny stuff that comes out of your nose.举个例子如黏液吧, 粘液就是那些从鼻子里流出来的黏黏的东西。Your bodies makes mucus to trap the flu virus and other germs that are in your nose and mouth.为了困住鼻子和嘴里的流感病毒和其他病菌,我们的身体会分泌出很多黏液。When mucus runs out your nose, it carries the flu virus with it,黏液从鼻孔中排出时会携带流感病毒,along with other stuff your body has used to knock them out!还有其他一些身体用来和病毒作战的东西。Gross, maybe...but it works!或许听起来很恶心,但效果很好。When mucus runs down the back of your throat, after a while it can make it hurt, too—当黏液下行至喉咙深处时,也会刺痛喉咙,that#39;s why you sometimes get a sore throat when you#39;re sick.这就是我们生病有时喉咙会疼的原因。But washing out the virus isn#39;t the only thing your body can do to fight the flu!然而,我们的身体并非只有用黏液冲走病毒这一招。Can you think of another thing that most of do we#39;re not feeling very well?当我们生病时,我们大多数时候还会怎么做?That#39;s right, Squeaks—we sneeze!Squeaks,说的对。我们会打喷嚏When you sneeze, air comes out of your mouth and throat really quickly.当我们打喷嚏时,体内空气会非常迅速地从嘴巴和喉咙里出来。As the air goes by, it picks up some of the virus pieces and carries them outside of your body!当空气被喷出时,会带上一部分病毒脱离我们的身体!So sneezing is your body#39;s way of sending viruses and other germs on their way!因此,打喷嚏就是我们的身体排出病毒和细菌的好方法。Now, if you#39;ve ever had the flu, you probably know what a fever is!如果你曾患过流感,那你肯定知道发烧吧。A fever is another way that our bodies try to get rid of the virus.所谓发烧,就是我们身体消灭病毒的另一种手段。When germs are inside your body, it can make itself hotter than normal.当病菌侵入人体时,会引起体温异常升高。And guess what? Viruses hate that!你猜怎么着?病毒最怕高温了!Because when it gets hot, it#39;s harder for the viruses to make copies of themselves.因为一旦体温升高,病毒很难自我复制。And that helps your body get rid of germs more easily!这样一来,我们的身体就能更轻松地消灭病菌。So, your body has lots of cool ways to defend itself.所以,我们的身体有很多自卫的好方法。But what else can you do to make yourself feel better when you get sick?那么,当我们生病时,还有哪些办法可以让自己舒一点呢?Well, getting lots of rest is one of the best things you can do when you#39;re not feeling well.当你感觉身体不舒时,最好的方法就是保充足的休息。When you rest, you save energy—and your body can use that energy to get rid of the virus!休息能让身体积蓄能量,从而有能量去消灭病毒。Another thing you can do is drink a lot.另一件事就是多喝水。Healthy things like water, some juices, and even soup will give your body the things it needs to help you feeling better soon!健康的东西如水、果汁甚至是汤都能让你的身体赶快好起来。Of course, the best thing to do is to not get sick in the first place.当然,最有效的措施是不要生病。And to help with that, the number one thing to do is...wash your hands! A lot!为了避免生病,你首先要做的事就是洗手!勤洗手!Plain old warm water and soap can go a long way in keeping you from getting sick.温水和肥皂就能帮助我们抵御疾病。It#39;s especially important to wash your hands when you get home from school, or the store.尤其是当你从学校或者商店回家时,一定要洗手。And remember how we said the flu virus often gets in through your nose, mouth, or eyes?还记得我们之前说的流感病毒从口、眼、鼻进入身体的吗?The other thing you can do is to keep your hands away from these parts of your body as much as you can...你还要做的另一件事就是,尽量不要用手去接触上述部位。even though it can be hard to remember to do sometimes!虽然我们有时很容易忘记这一点。And you can also keep of germs from sping to other people by covering up your coughs and sneezes!同样的,为了防止病毒传染给他人,咳嗽和打喷嚏时要用手捂住。Remember, germs are leaving your body and going into the air when you cough and sneeze.你需要记住,在咳嗽和打喷嚏时,病菌会离开你的身体传播到空气里去。So, if you can, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, throw the tissue away, and then wash your hands.因此,尽可能用纸巾捂住口鼻,打完喷嚏后扔掉纸巾,然后洗手。If you can#39;t get to a tissue in time, then cough into your elbow instead of your hands.如果没有纸巾,就对着手肘咳嗽,而不是对着手掌。So try to keep clean, and stay healthy, so you can go outside and enjoy the cold weather!只要注意个人卫生,保持健康,你就能出门尽情享受寒冷天气了!Thanks for joining us on SciShow Kids!感谢收看儿童科学秀!Do you have a questions you#39;d like to ask us?你有想要知道的问题吗?Let us know by asking a grownup to help you leave a comment down below,叫大人们帮你在下方留言,or send us an email to Kids@SciShow.com!Thanks, we#39;ll see you next time. Here the fort.或者发邮件至Kids@SciShow.com。感谢您的收看,我们下次见。沃斯堡等你哦。 Article/201707/516468。

栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431418。

Today I#39;m going to talk about one particular word in terms of reduction.今天我要来讲一个在略读方面很特别的单词。Reduction is when a sound is dropped or changed in a word, and this happens quite frequently in unaccented syllables.略读是指单词中的一个音省略或者改变,经常在非重读音节中发生。The word today is the word #39;for#39;.今天的单词是“for”。The word #39;for#39; reduces to fer, fer. Very quick F, and then the schwa R sound. Fer. (loop two times)单词“for”略读成fer,fer。很快的F音然后是弱元音R。“fer”(循环两次)It will then link to the word that follows. Fer, for, fer.它会和后面的单词连读。Fer,for,fer.Example: I got it for you. (loop two times) fer (loop two times) fer you. I got it for you.例如,I got it for you. (循环两次) fer (循环两次)fer you. I got it for you.More examples: Can I have this cake? No, it#39;s for tonight. Fer, (loop two times), it#39;s for tonight.再例如,Can I have this cake?No,it#39;s for tonight. Fer,(循环两次) it#39;s for tonight.I bike for transportation, not for fitness. Fer. (loop two times) One more time: I bike for transportation, not for fitness.我骑车是为了通勤,而不是为了健身。Fer,(循环两次)再听一遍:我骑车是为了通勤,而不是为了健身。Let#39;s eat out, just for fun. For fun (loop two times), let#39;s eat out just for fun.This medicine is for headaches. For headaches. This medicine is for headaches.我们去外面吃饭吧,只是为了好玩。 为了好玩(循环两次),我们去外面吃饭吧,只是为了好玩。这是治头痛的药。 这是治头痛的药。These flowers are for the wedding. Notice here the word #39;are#39;, before #39;for#39;, is also reduced. Rr fer (loop two times), these flowers are for the wedding.These flowers are for the wedding. 注意这里单词“for”前面的“are”也进行了略读。Rr fer (循环两次),these flowers are for the wedding.You can use these folders for organizing. For organizing. You can use these folders for organizing.你可以用这些文件夹来整理文件。整理文件。你可以用这些文件夹来整理文件。This is for my parents#39; anniversary. For my (loop two times). This is for my parents#39; anniversary.这是为了我父母的周年纪念日准备的。For my (循环两次). 这是为了我父母的周年纪念日准备的。That cabinet is for linens. For linens, fer (loop two times), that cabinet is for linens.那是放亚麻织物的柜子。For linens,fer(循环两次),那是放亚麻织物的柜子.The software is for accounting. (loop two times) fer accounting.这是会计软件。(循环两次) fer accounting.Thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English. Fer (loop two times), fer using, (loop two times).非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Fer (循环两次),fer using,(循环两次)That#39;s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Article/201706/515376。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/470002。

【视频讲解】The camel trade is increasingly lucrative.骆驼贸易越来越获益。Increasing 逐渐增加的-He was finding it increasingly difficult to make decisions. 他发现决策越来越困难了。Promise 承诺 》Promising 前景很好的-the most promising former students最有前途的学生Strike 击打 》 Striking 显著的-a strikingly handsome man一个异乎寻常地英俊的男人lucrative 获利丰厚的-Thousands of ex-army officers have found lucrative jobs in private security firms.成千上万的退役军官在私人保安公司找到了薪水丰厚的工作。“Allahu akbar!” the boys shout gleefully from atop their camels, the reins of others held in their raised fists, their backs to the setting sun.“真主至大!”一群男孩坐在骆驼背上开心地喊着,高举的拳头里攥着其它骆驼的缰绳,背向夕阳而行。Gleefully 高兴地; 幸灾乐祸地-He took an almost gleeful delight in showing how wrong they can be.他感到高兴,几乎是幸灾乐祸看他们出大错。Atop 在...上-Under the newspaper, atop a sheet of paper, lay an envelope.报纸下面的一张纸上,放着一个信封。Rein 缰绳(通常作复数)the setting sun 落日;夕阳西下Beside them a metal-fenced racing track cuts through the pancake-flat desert.不远处,金属栅栏围起的赛道穿过薄饼般平坦的沙漠。Beside 在…旁边 (不是 besides !!!)-On the table beside an empty plate was a pile of books.桌上的空碟子旁摆着一摞书。Fence1. 障碍物, 栅栏-The horse fell at the last fence.这匹马在最后一道障碍那里跌倒了。2. 保持中立-They are sitting on the fence and refusing to commit themselves.他们保持中立,拒绝明确表态。Every dawn and dusk the camels are trained to run on this plain outside Kassala, a city in eastern Sudan.这块大平地位于苏丹东部城市卡萨拉的城外,那些骆驼每天早晚都在这儿接受赛跑训练。dawn and dusk 》 一天Dawn1. 黎明2. 开始-A new century was dawning.一个新的世纪开始了。Dusk黄昏-The dusk is gathering.暮色渐浓。Their owners hope they will catch the eye of the wealthy Emiratis who visit several times a year to buy the fastest mounts for multi-million-dollar prize races in Dubai.养骆人都希望自家的骆驼能够吸引一些富有的阿联酋人的注意,那些有钱人一年会来这好几次,购买跑得最快的骆驼去参加迪拜的百万美元骆驼赛。catch the eye of 引起注意,吸引眼球 (经济学人,杂志常用的语言)-This means that only the biggest firms catch the eye of big institutional investors.这意味着只有大公司才会引起机构投资人的兴趣Mount1. 骑2. 增加-The uncollected rubbish mounts in city streets.城市街道中未被收集的垃圾增多。3. 组织; 发动-The ANC announced it was mounting a major campaign of mass political protests.非国大宣布正在发动一场大型群众性政治抗议运动。The Rashaida, a tribe that migrated to Sudan and Eritrea from Saudi Arabia in the mid-19th century, are renowned for breeding some of the world’s speediest racing camels.拉舍达是19世纪中叶从沙特阿拉伯移居到苏丹和厄立特里亚的一个部落,以培育世界上跑得最快的比赛骆驼而闻名。Renown名望; 声誉-She used to be a singer of some renown.她过去是个小有名气的歌手。Speedy迅速的-We wish Bill a speedy recovery.我们祝比尔早日康复。They are also in famous for trafficking Eritreans who cross the border, around 30km (20 miles) from Kassala, in the hope of eventually reaching Europe.他们也因贩卖厄立特里亚人而臭名昭著,那些被拐的人原本是想穿越卡萨拉30千米(20英里)外的边界并最终抵达欧洲。Trafficking 非法交易-drug trafficking 毒品贩卖in the hope of 怀着...的希望-He was studying in the hope of being admitted to an engineering college他努力学习,希望能被一所工程学院录取。Emiratis buy between 100 and 300 young camels a year from the village of Abu Talha, some for as much as ,000, says Hamed Hamid, a mustachioed patriarch.大胡子族长Hamed Hamid称,阿联酋人每年从Abu Talha村中购买100到300匹小骆驼,有些卖到8万美元一匹。Mustachioed大胡须的Patriarch(男性)家长; 族长; 酋长-The patriarch of the house, Mr. Jawad, rules it with a ferocity renowned throughout the neighbourhood.那户人家的家长贾瓦德先生治家严苛,名闻乡里。There are around 800 racing beasts in a settlement of 1,200 people, he estimates, and many more are being raised for slaughter.据他估算,1200户人口的村子里约有800匹比赛骆驼,供宰杀的骆驼数量更多。Settlement1. 居住地2. 协议-Our objective must be to secure a peace settlement.我们的目标必须是确保达成一个和平协议。3. 清偿-ways to delay the settlement of debts拖延债务清偿的办法。Slaughter 屠宰,屠杀-“I could not give my name to aid the slaughter in this war, fought on both sides for grossly material ends”(Sylvia Pankhurst)“我不能用自己的名义去帮助这场双方为谋取巨额物质利益的战争中的大屠杀”(西尔维亚#8226;潘克赫斯特) “The camels are everything. They give us milk, meat and trade,” Mr Hamid says, as his wife brews tea and coffee over hot coals under a starry sky.Hamid说:“骆驼就是一切。它们为我们提供骆驼奶、骆驼肉,并带来贸易机会”,他说这话时,他的妻子正在热炭上煮着茶和咖啡,头上是满天的繁星。Everything1. 一切-She says everything is going smoothly. 她说一切进展顺利。2. 至关重要的事物-I love him. He is everything to me. 我爱他。他对我来说比什么都重要。Brew1. 酿酒2. 酝酿;行将发生(impede)-“storms brewing on every frontier”(John Dos Passos)“在每一个边境地区都酝酿着的风暴”(约翰#8226;道斯#8226;帕索斯) Article/201706/510410。