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GE’s affection for its old home in Connecticut was no doubt weakened by the state’s decision in 2015 to raise business taxes by 0m.2015年康涅狄克州政府将企业税提高了7.5亿美元,毫无疑问,这让通用集团对老东家的感情受到严重伤害。Boston provided an estimated 5m in incentives to secure the deal.而波士顿为了使企业扎根,提供了约1.45亿美元的激励。Still, something is clearly changing in America’s older cities.但是,美国的一些旧城市正发生显著变化。They are much less crime-ridden than before, thanks to a combination of better policing and demographic change.城市中心区因为治安管理方面的加强,以及人口结构的改变,犯罪率较以前大大减少。The homicide rate fell by16.8% from 2000 to 2010 in big cities.从2000至2010十年间,大城市中的谋杀率也下降了16.8%。Now these urban centres are magnets for millennials fresh from university and with few responsibilities.如今,城市中心区对刚从大学毕业、却鲜有责任感的千禧一代有着较大的吸引力。Young professionals are reconquering former no-go areas and shifting the problem of urban blight into the suburbs.年轻职业人在重征这片之前被称为“禁区”之地时,同时也将城市问题转向了郊区。Hiring such people in Boston, GE reckons, will help it shift its focus from hardware to software and from selling things to offering services over the internet.通用认为,雇佣这些人到波士顿,可以将公司侧重点从硬件转向软件,从网络销售商品转为网上提供务。Yet the new downtown headquarters are very different from the old ones, and not just because they are open-plan and trendy.但是,新城区的公司和旧式的公司不同,并不仅仅是因为这些公司是时髦的开放式办公室。They are far smaller.还在于这些公司的规模小得多。Often, firms are moving their senior managers to the city along with a few hundred digital workers.公司搬进城市时带着他们的高级经理和数百位技术人员。Moving back to Chicago’s centre has usually involved downsizing.迁入芝加哥中心的同时也在缩减规模。Motorola Solutions’ HQ shrank from 2,900 to 1,100, and that of Archer Daniels Midland from 4,400 to 70.托罗拉从2900人减少到1100人,阿彻丹尼尔斯米德兰由4400人减少到70人。Many companies are deconstructing their headquarters and scattering different units and functions across the landscape, leaving most middle managers in the old buildings, or else moving them to cheaper places in the southern states.许多公司在分流他们的总部,将不同部门和职能的人员分散在整个城市中心区,让许多中层经理留在旧办公楼中,或者搬至价格更便宜的南方各州。Aaron Renn of the Manhattan Institute, a think tank, reckons that head offices are splitting into two types: old-fashioned “mass” headquarters in the sunbelt cities, and new-style “executive headquarters” of senior managers and wired workers in elite cities such as San Francisco, Chicago and Boston.曼哈顿研究院是一家智库,其研究员亚伦·雷恩认为现在公司总部分为两总类型:一种是阳光地带城市中旧式“大规模”型的总部;另一类是在旧金山、芝加哥和波士顿这样的精英之城中仅有高级管理阶层以及普通电子技术工人的新式总部。That suggests there will be no return to the broad-based urban prosperity of America’s golden age.这表明美国并不是回到黄金时代中规模宏大的城市繁荣。San Francisco could be the template of the future.旧金山会成为未来城市的模版。Its centre is divided between affluent young people who frequent vegan cafes and homeless people who smoke crack and urinate in the streets.在旧金山中心区,经常去素食餐厅的富家子弟与吸毒、随地大小便的流浪汉各占半壁江山。Long-standing San Franciscans resent the way that the urban professionals have driven up property prices.而旧金山本地人却对都市职场人士抬高了房价而感到愤怒。And those young workers may fall out of love with the city centre when they have children and start worrying about the quality of schools and the safety of streets.当年轻职场人士有了孩子,开始担心市中心学校的质量和街道安全时,他们可能对市中心不再留恋。The best book to if you want to understand corporate America’s migration patterns is not Mr Florida’s, but a more recent study, Bill Bishop’s “The Big Sort”.如果你想要理解美国公司的迁移模式,最好去读最新的研究成果—比尔·毕晓普的《大归类》,而不是佛罗里达先生的《创意阶层的崛起》。It argues that Americans are increasingly clustering in distinct areas on the basis of their jobs and social values.他在书中阐述了许多不同地区的美国人因为工作和社会价值观而日益集中。The headquarters revolution is yet another iteration of the sorting process that the book describes, as companies allocate elite jobs to the cities and routine jobs to the provinces.并将公司将高层管理工作转向城市,把基层工作留在郊区的改革描述成另一种反复分类的过程。Corporate disaggregation is no doubt asensible use of resources.分流公司无疑是一种明智的整合资源的方式。But it will also add to the tensions that are tearing America apart as many bosses choose to work in very different worlds from the vast majority of Americans, including their own employees.但是,由于许多老板选择在与包括他们自己员工在内的大多数美国人不同的地区工作,这也加剧了使美国分裂的紧张局势。译文属译者说外刊 /201701/486099

特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: Look! It is not working well. Did you try out the bike when you bought it.看,这两自行车不好用,你买的时候没试用吗?B: No, there’s no need. We can change it within two days if it’s not damaged.是的,没有必要。如果车子有问题,没有损坏的话,可以在两天内更换。A: But it would save a lot of trouble if you had taken it for a test ride.但是如果你试一下的话,会省去很多麻烦。B: I know. I will pay attention to such a thing next time.知道了,下次我会注意的。第二、对话精讲1.地道表达【地道短语】try out【解词释义】这个一个动词性固定短语,意思是“试用,考验以检验期有效性或性能”。【语法用法1】try sb out on sth:考察某人在(某方面)(是否合适,具有某种能力等等)e.g. He has got the right man and wants to try him out on the job.他找到了合适的人,想在实际工作中考察他一番。【语法用法2】try sth. out on somebodye.g. She enjoyed trying her French out on Jean Pierre.她很乐意和 Jean Pierre以前联系自己的法语。2. 词海拾贝save a lot of trouble:省去很多麻烦事情【例句-1】This new type of software will save me a lot of trouble. 这种新软件会让我减少很多麻烦。 【例句-2】It will save her a lot of trouble if she will just listen to reason.如果她愿意听从劝告那她就会省掉许多麻烦。 take something for a test+名词:那某物来进行试验......【例句-1】I will take my new care fro a test rid.我要试开一下我的新车。【例句-2】I will take my teaching method for a test teaching.我想试用一下我的教学方法。

So you end up meeting your now wife when you guys were 14 15 years old in the church group.所以你见到你老婆是在十四五岁,你俩都在教堂You end up dating, starting to date when you were in college, get married when you were 23 years old.然后到了大学才开始约会,23岁结的婚Why get married so young?为什么结婚这么早呢Why waste time, when we found the right one. That was... uh...既然找到了对的人,为什么还要再浪费时间呢?那时候是……I knew, uh… having met my wife in high school, kind of her-story, just我记得高中遇到的她,我们的故事还挺少女的I knew her family, what she was about and very faith-oriented woman, uh,我了解她的家庭背景、她的为人,她非常非常虔诚She was so driven, we didnt date, like you said, until high school, and严格遵守神的教诲,就像你所说的那样,高中我们也没怎么谈恋爱we got to college, we met again, so you always met again.然后上了大学,我们又碰面了,你懂得童话故事男女主角总要再碰面In LA, when I was there for the ESPYS after the tournament run.那是在洛杉矶,我锦标赛打完去参加ESPYS颁奖Cause she was living out there, pursuing her acting career.她当时也住在那,追求演艺生涯And that was kind of just fate right there, we two kids from Charlotte meeting again at LA on a whim.几乎就是命运的安排,两个夏洛特的孩子在洛杉矶不期而遇And you kind of keep it going, and dated for 2-3 years and when I got to Golden State.然后就顺理成章走下去,谈了两三年,我到了金州打球更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201706/514165

引言:1月20日上午吴奇隆又突然在微晒出两张结婚以及一对钻戒,宣告两人结婚。吴奇隆在微写下“珍惜幸福”道出对女方的爱意,而刘诗诗则转发他的微并同样简短地说“我们很幸福”。1. This happy couple have received their marriage certificates recently.最近圈的好消息还真是多,周杰伦和昆凌在英国举行结婚仪式不久,1月20日上午吴奇隆又突然在微晒出两张结婚以及一对钻戒,宣告两人结婚。结婚的表达是:marriage certificate。领取结婚我们可以说receive a marrage certificate. This happy couple have received their marriage certificates recently. 这对幸福的恋人最近领取了他们的结婚。2. This message was forwarded and commented on thousands of times by netizens. 吴奇隆在微写下“珍惜幸福”道出对女方的爱意,而刘诗诗则转发他的微并同样简短地说“我们很幸福”。我们来了解一下微中的词汇。转发叫做forward,是comment。点赞的表达就非常简单了:give a like。那么你喜欢一个明星,并且关注他/她,那就follow-关注。“分享到朋友圈”是share with friends。来听两个句子:This message was forwarded and commented on thousands of times by netizens. 这条消息被网友转发并了上千次。I gave a like to the photo and shared it with friends, then followed the actor.我给这张照片点了个赞,分享到了朋友圈,然后呢关注了这名演员。3.Best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness.看到最近圈婚讯不断,真心想为每对新人送上祝福:Congratulations and best wishes. 致以衷心的祝贺和良好的祝愿。第二句:Best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness.最美好的祝愿祝你们终生相爱、幸福到老。这里是可可茶话会,在新鲜的素材中学习实用的英文表达,希望你喜欢。我们下期再见,拜拜!陈慧琳 - Love Paradise.mp3本节目属 /201501/355446

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