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青原区永久性脱毛多少钱安福县无痛隆胸手术价格吉安中心医院祛痣多少钱 World's first camel-milk chocolates going global摘要:阿联酋国家迪拜的Al Nassma是世界上第一个用骆驼奶制作巧克力的品牌,该公司总经理本周二表示计划向阿拉伯、欧洲、日本和美国拓展新市场。Dubai's Al Nassma, the world's first brand of chocolate made with camels' milk, plans to expand into new Arab markets, Europe, Japan and the ed States, its general manager said Tuesday.Martin Van Almsick said the ed Arab Emirates company planned to enter Saudi Arabia first, followed by Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the ed States within the next few months.The company plans to enter the Saudi market in a month through a partnership with a Jeddah-based distributor, said Van Almsick, adding the company plans to deliver the first ton of chocolates to Saudi Arabia soon.Al Nassma is also in talks with British department store Harrods and San Francisco's Chocolate Covered to sell its products.Al Nassma was formally established in October last year and aims to produce 100 tons of premium camels' milk chocolate a year.In partnership with Austrian chocolate maker Manner, Al Nassma manufactures the end product at its Dubai facility.With 3,000 camels on its Dubai farm, the company sells chocolates through its farm-attached store as well as in luxury hotels and private airlines. It plans to launch an online shopping facility within a month, Van Almsick said. The farm is controlled by the Dubai government.The company is set to open its second store in the UAE in one of Dubai's large malls and is in talks with mall operator Majid Al Futtaim and others, he said."We aim to be the Godiva of the Middle East," Van Almsick said in an interview. "It's a luxury product, so we will never be in supermarkets. The plan is to be in one mall in each UAE city."Al Nassma is also looking at the possibility of setting up a store in Japan, where demand for the product is high, he said.All chocolates are produced without preservatives or chemical additives with a range of locally popular spices, nuts and honey, the company says.Camel milk contains five times more vitamin C than cow milk, less fat, less lactose and more insulin, making it a good option for diabetics and the lactose intolerant, Van Almsick said. /200907/78853泰和县妇幼保健人民医院做去眼袋手术多少钱

新干县人民中医院瘦腿针多少钱英国伦敦市中心一家名为Gymbox的健身房日前推出一种“真人沙袋”,平日里供顾客击打的沙袋里面站了一个真人,他可以模仿某些“毒舌明星”用讽刺和侮辱等方式对顾客进行挑衅,以让他们充分发力,消耗更多热量。充当“真人沙袋”的人则可以整天奚落人而无需担心被打伤。率先提出这种健身理念的人名叫安迪#8226;蒙克,他表示这个想法是从“报复观念”中获得灵感的,报复被认为是驱动人类身体动作的十六种动机之一。他所在的Gymbox健身房还通过调查评选出十大“最欠扁的名人”脸孔,被称为选秀节目“毒舌评审”的西蒙#8226;考威尔名列第一。目前,该健身房已招募到首位职业“真人沙袋”,并继续在网上征集与欠扁名人长相相似的人,为顾客充当“真人沙袋”。 Gym-goers take a swipe at Simon Cowell look-a-like Andy Monk to mark the launch of the world's first human punchbag.  He is the music industry's Mr Nasty and isn't afraid to give wannabe pop stars a good dressing down, but imagine if you were faced with the wrath of Simon Cowell in the gym?  Andy Monk, a look-a-like of the famous media mogul, stepped into the first Human Punchbag at Gymbox in central London which 'goads' fitness fans to throw jabs and hooks at someone inside the custom designed bag.  The concept is being piloted by the gym in Holborn and aims to help fitness fans burn more calories by egging them on with a series of taunts and insults.  Mr Monk was on hand to launch the new concept as the pop supremo has been voted the 'most punchable celebrity' according to a poll by Gymbox.  The science behind the idea, dubbed 'Goad-tivation', is inspired by the concept of vengeance, one of the 16 identified motivational desires that drives that human psyche.  Unemployed Londoner Adam Bant, 30, from Harrow, has become the world's first professional human punchbag by taking on the role.  The gym hopes to recruit more fearless members of the public via Facebook to be its human punchbags.  Mr Bant said he had been looking for work for about eight months before taking the job at the gym.  He said: 'I couldn't find anything. But when I saw the Facebook ad looking for people to work as a human punchbag I thought 'Why not?'.  'Not only am I the world's first human bit of exercise equipment but now I get to spend the day winding people up without getting a scratch on me.  'The suits are really padded so I don't feel a thing when they hit me'.  Richard Hilton, of Gymbox, said: 'Our members expect us to bring them the latest in extreme workouts but they also have to work from an exercise point-of-view.  'We took inspiration from the likes of Muhammad Ali and Chris Eubank on how they goaded their opponents and added our unique piece of human equipment to provide the motivation.  'It's not every day you get the opportunity to punch someone without ending up in hot water so we think this will be a big hit with members.'  X-Factor mogul Cowell pipped former newspaper editor Piers Morgan into first place on this list of 'most punchable' stars.  Model and reality star Katie Price was voted third most punchable celebrity, whilst one in twelve want to take a swipe at her cross-dressing former boyfriend Alex Reid.  Mr Hilton added: 'It's no surprise Simon Cowell was ranked most punchable celebrity after his unceremonious dumping of national sweetheart Cheryl Cole from American X Factor earlier this year.' /201110/157877吉安韩式漂唇哪家医院好 吉安注射玻尿酸价格

吉安市中医医院激光去胎记多少钱When this small city in northeastern China launched a plan to build a satellite city six miles down the road, it got off to a promising start. 当铁岭这个位于中国东北部的小城市计划在距离该市6英里(9.65公里)的地方兴建一座卫星城时,这个城市翻开了前景光明的一页。 Urban planners spent millions of yuan to clean up surrounding marshland that had become a dumping ground for the city#39;s untreated sewage. A pristine environment, they hoped, would help attract the businesses that would raise incomes and swell the population. 城市规划者耗资人民币数百上千万元来清理周边已经成为未处理污水排放地的沼泽区。他们希望一个崭新的环境能够吸引企业在这里安营扎寨,从而提高居民收入和增加这里的人口数量。 Four years later, Tieling New City is virtually a ghost town. 然而四年后,铁岭新城实际上已经变成一个鬼城。 Clean waterways weave among deserted residential and government buildings. Housing blocks that won recognition from the ed Nations for providing good affordable homes are almost empty. The businesses that were supposed to create local employment haven#39;t materialized. Without jobs, there is little incentive for anybody to move here. 清洁的水道蜿蜒于空旷的住宅和政府建筑之间。在曾经因提供质优价廉住房而获得联合国(ed Nations)认可的住宅区,几乎无人居住。引进企业创造就业的计划也未能落实。没有工作机会,人们就没有迁居至此的动力。 Tieling symbolizes the enormous challenges Chinese Premier Li Keqiang faces as he touts urbanization─a process analysts expect will see 250 million people move from rural areas to cities over 20 years─as the force that will ensure his country#39;s economy keeps growing well into the future. 铁岭的情况彰显出中国总理李克强面临的巨大挑战。他认为城市化是确保未来中国经济持续增长的推动力。分析师们预计,未来20年,在城市化进程中将有2.5亿人口从农村地区迁移至城市。 #39;Urbanization will not only drive tremendous consumption and investment demand, and create employment opportunities, but directly affect the well-being of the people,#39; Mr. Li said in March during his first news conference as Chinese premier. 李克强3月份在当选中国总理后的首个新闻发布会上说,城市化不仅会推动巨大的消费和投资需求并增加就业机会,还会直接影响到人民的生活质量。 Mr. Li has yet to present a detailed vision of how to achieve his economic goals. 李克强尚未公布一份有关如何实现他经济目标的详细计划。 In theory, urbanization stimulates growth because city dwellers typically earn more than their rural counterparts, allowing them to spend more on consumer goods and services. 理论上说,城市化之所以能刺激经济增长,是因为城市居民的收入通常高于农村居民,他们在消费品和务方面的出也就更多。 For the government to realize that payoff, though, it must create jobs that will draw people into the cities. Tieling underscores the difficulty. 但政府要想实现这样的结果,则必须能够创造出就业机会,将人们吸引到城市。铁岭的情况凸显了这种难度。 Among the few business owners lured to a development park in Tieling New City is Bo Yuquan, the middle-aged owner of a flooring store. 薄玉全是铁岭新城一个开发区吸引到的为数不多的几个企业主之一。这位中年企业主经营着一家地板材料商店。 #39;Where are the people? There#39;s no one here,#39; said Mr. Bo. #39;I#39;ll be out of business soon. My staff and I are discussing moving to Beijing to find work.#39; 薄玉全说,人都在哪儿?这里根本没有人。他说,他不久就会关闭店铺,他和员工正在商量去北京找工作。 Said Hu Jie, the designer of the new city#39;s landscape: #39;In 10 to 20 years, Tieling could be a good development, but only if you can manage to bring businesses in.#39; 铁岭新城景观设计者胡洁说,未来10到20年,铁岭可能会有不错的发展,但前提是你能设法把企业吸引来。 The Chinese export sector drove earlier waves of urbanization but is thought unlikely to do so again, what with demand still weak in developed economies and rising costs making Chinese goods less competitive globally. Massive overcapacity in many industries, including steel, solar and shipbuilding, will further constrain job creation. 中国出口行业推动了此前的城市化浪潮,但考虑到发达经济体需求依旧疲软,并且成本上升令中国制造的产品在全球失去竞争力,出口行业已被认为不大可能再度发挥这样的作用。包括钢铁、太阳能和造船在内的许多工业领域产能严重过剩,这会进一步抑制就业增长。 In recent years, cities have filled the gap with construction jobs created by a nationwide investment boom. While that has kept China#39;s economy buoyant, it also has thrown up empty suburbs and ghost cities like Tieling New City across the country. 近年来,很多城市利用全国投资热潮创造的建筑就业填补了这个缺口。此举维持中国经济呈现出欣欣向荣的景象,但同时也在全国各地造就了没有人烟的郊区和铁岭新城这样的鬼城。 The investment boom has threatened to fuel inflation and bog down the financial sector with bad loans, particularly if people don#39;t move in and bring the promised economic dividend. 这股投资热潮可能会令通胀加剧,并带来坏账,使金融业陷入困境,特别是如果人们不乔迁新城、无法带来承诺中的经济红利的话。 China has a record of building first and creating demand later, notably in Shanghai, where a decade ago the towering new Pudong business district initially failed to attract tenants but later became a symbol of China#39;s success. 中国有先盖楼后创造需求的做法,最明显的就是在上海。10年前,高楼林立的浦东新商业区最初无法吸引到租户,但后来却成为了中国成功的象征。 Many smaller cities lack the pulling power of Shanghai. 很多小城市缺乏上海那样的拉动力。 #39;With more and better job opportunities in higher-tier cities, many lower-tier cities have actually been experiencing a net outflow of population, while land sales [to home builders] there increased rapidly, exacerbating the housing oversupply,#39; wrote Credit Suisse property analyst Du Jinsong in a recent note. 瑞信(Credit Suisse)房地产分析师杜劲松不久前在一份报告中写道:由于一、二线城市有更多更好的就业机会,很多三、四线城市的人口实际上一直在净流出,同时那些地方出售给开发商的土地快速增加,令房屋供过于求的情况雪上加霜。 According to population data collected by Mr. Du on 287 Chinese cities, about two-thirds, mostly smaller urban centers, had fewer residents than people who were registered to live there, suggesting people have been leaving their home cities. 据杜劲松收集的有关中国287个城市的人口数据显示,大约三分之二的城市(多半是规模较小的中心城市)常住人口少于户籍人口,这表明人们一直在离开家乡城市。 Tieling, a city of about 340,000, launched its plan to build a new city in 2005, part of a broader strategy by the Liaoning provincial leadership to revive a local rust-belt economy. 铁岭是个有约34万人口的城市,2005年启动了修建新城的计划。这也是辽宁省领导层振兴当地老工业经济战略的一部分。 The plan was to stimulate growth around Tieling and six other nearby cities by building highways and high-speed rail lines connecting them with Shenyang, a metropolis that is about a 90-minute drive south of Tieling. 该计划原是要通过修建高速公路和铁路将铁岭和附近其它六个城市与辽宁省会沈阳相连,从而刺激周边经济增长。沈阳位于铁岭以南,驱车大约90分钟。 The idea was that companies would be drawn to the satellite cities by cheaper land and lower labor costs, while still enjoying proximity to the region#39;s largest city. Tieling#39;s new city was expected to house 60,000 residents in 2010 and later triple that number. 当时的想法是,企业会因地价便宜和劳动成本低廉而被吸引到那些卫星城,同时还能毗邻东北最大城市沈阳。原先曾预计铁岭新城到2010年有常住人口6万人,之后再增加两倍。 In 2009 the wetlands#39; rejuvenation was complete, along with the new city#39;s infrastructure, canals, government offices and some apartment buildings. The new city won a special mention from the U.N. Human Settlements Program for #39;providing a well-developed and modern living space.#39; 2009年,湿地恢复工程竣工,同时新城的基建、水渠、政府大楼和一些公寓楼也相继建成。铁岭新城因为提供了成熟完善的现代化生活空间还得到了联合国人居署(U.N. Human Settlements Program)的特别表扬。 But come dusk, the lights in row after row of apartment buildings remain off. Salespeople, security guards and the small smattering of residents say almost all of the accommodation is empty. 但每到傍晚,一排排的公寓楼都没有灯光亮起。销售人员、保安和极少数住在这里的居民说,几乎所有房屋都没有人住。 A development park set up to attract providers of back-office services to financial firms, such as data storage, was supposed to employ 15,000 to 20,000 people by the end of the this year, according to the park#39;s website. 某开发区网站显示,该开发区到今年底本应雇用1.5万至2万人。其建立初衷是想吸引为金融企业提供后台务的公司,如数据存储等。 Situated on the outskirts of the new city, the park is easy to miss. It is home to only two companies, one of which, a bank office, employs fewer than 20, said its security guard. 这个坐落于铁岭新城郊区的开发区很不起眼。保安说,现在只有两个公司在这里落户,其中一个是办事处,雇用了不到20人。 Another park filled with warehouses outside the new city fares little better. Marketed as a trading hub for China#39;s northeast region, it was supposed to foster a logistics industry by taking advantage of Tieling#39;s location near two major highways and a port, with rail links to Shenyang and the rest of the northeast. 另一个位于铁岭新城以外、到处建有仓库的开发区也好不到哪去。该开发区曾以东北贸易枢纽的口号被推向市场,原以为可利用铁岭的地理优势培育出一个物流产业。铁岭靠近两大主要高速公路和一个港口,且与沈阳和东北其它地方有铁路相连。 Although most of the shop space has been sold, the park lies largely empty except for a handful of wholesalers. Meanwhile, there are plans for the park to double in size, an expansion that would include more apartment buildings. 虽然大多数店面都已售出,但园区基本上还是空荡荡的,只有少数几家批发商。与此同时,有关方面还有将园区规模扩大一倍的计划,包括兴建更多的公寓楼。 #39;The park doesn#39;t have any advantages over Shenyang#39;s wholesale markets,#39; said Liu Wei, a researcher at the government-backed Institute of Comprehensive Transportation, who worked on Tieling#39;s plans for a logistics center. 政府持的综合运输研究所研究人员刘伟,这个园区相对于沈阳的批发市场没有任何优势。刘伟参与了铁岭的物流中心规划。 So far, the new city#39;s greatest success has been a zone dedicated to building special-purpose vehicles such as snowplows. 迄今为止,这座新城最为成功的是一个专门用于生产扫雪机等特殊用途车辆的区域。 According to a statement on the Tieling government website in April 2012, the park created 5,000 jobs for rural workers. But it also said the workers had bought apartments in a residential compound across the road from the park, far from the city centers of both old and new Tieling. 据铁岭市政府网站2012年4月的一份声明,该园区为农民工创造了5,000个工作岗位。但声明还说,工人们在园区马路对面的一个居民区买了房,远离铁岭老城和新城的市中心。 The few rural migrants who live in the new city used to farm the land it was built on. Some now work for the new city shoveling snow and sweeping streets. 居住在新城的极少数农民工曾经在园区所在的土地上耕作。一些人如今在新城从事铲雪和街道清扫的工作。 Local authorities have tried to boost the population by pushing people from the old city into the new. That effort has involved moving government offices into the new city. But so far, most government workers still commute from their existing homes. 地方当局试图增加这里的人口,促使人们从老城搬到新城。该举措包括将政府办公室迁至新城。但到目前为止,大多数政府职员仍然从原先的家通勤上下班。 The effort also has involved closing schools in the old city and the greater Tieling county and corralling the students into newly built schools in the new city. 增加人口的举措还包括关闭老城和范围更大的铁岭县的学校,将学生们集中到新城的新建学校里。 According to Sun Baocai, the office director of the Tieling Bureau of Education, 50,000 students are enrolled in classes in the new city, ranging from elementary classes to vocational courses. 据铁岭教育局办公室主任孙宝财说,新城的学校有5万名学生入学,包括从小学到职业教育课程在内的各类班级。 The hope is that parents will move to be closer to the schools. But many residents of the old city say that despite the new city#39;s pleasant environment, its lack of services and absence of a community deter them from moving. 有关方面寄希望于家长会搬到离学校更近的地方。但许多老城居民说,虽然新城环境不错,但务匮乏,也没有社区,因此他们不想搬过去。 Against all this, Tieling is choosing to keep building. The municipal government has rolled out plans to spend a further .3 billion on projects in the new city this year, including an art gallery, gymnasium and indoor swimming pool. 尽管有以上种种情况,铁岭仍然选择继续建设。市政府推出了今年在新城项目上继续开13亿美元的计划,建设项目包括美术馆、体育馆和室内游泳池。 That is despite municipal finances coming under increasing stress. 而这是在该市财政面临持续压力的情况下作出的决定。 #39;Financing costs are rising all the time, and raising capital has become even more difficult,#39; the Tieling city government said in its budget forecast for 2013. #39;Some long-term problems and imbalances have accumulated in the management of the city#39;s finances.#39; It didn#39;t say how it planned to fund the new buildings. 铁岭市政府在2013年预算预测中说,融资成本不断上升,筹集资金愈加困难。市财政管理过程中积累了一些长期问题和不平衡现象。市政府没有说计划如何为新建项目融资。 Cui Xinzi runs a stall selling leather jackets at the only shopping center in the new city. Despite having bought an apartment there three years ago, she still lives in the old city and commutes. 催信子在新城唯一的购物中心经营着一个销售皮夹克的摊位。虽然她三年前在那里买了一套公寓,但仍然住在老城,每天往返。 Ms. Cui likes the idea of retiring to the new city but isn#39;t optimistic its population will increase. #39;It still needs more time, but it#39;s really hard to say,#39; she said with a sigh. #39;They#39;re building a new shopping center, so I hope so.#39; 催信子喜欢退休后去新城的想法,但对于新城人口将会增长并不乐观。她叹息说,还需要更多时间,但真的很难说。他们在修建一个新的购物中心,因此我希望如此。 /201308/251833 A six-year-old girl has been hailed a hero after she delivered her own sister when her mum went into labour in the bathroom – thanks to watching TV#39;s Casualty.一个小女孩成了一位小英雄:年仅6岁的她在家中的浴室里成功帮助突然分娩的母亲接生,这一切要多亏了B电视剧《急诊室》。Cool-headed Francesca Goodby calmly talked her mum Kay, 28, through the sudden birth after her waters broke in the family#39;s bathroom.一向沉着的小弗朗西斯·哥德非常平静地谈起当时的场景:28岁的母亲凯在家中的浴室里突然破了羊水要分娩。The youngster helped her panicking mum with her breathing, encouraging her to push, fetched her clean towels and even made sure the umbilical cord was not wrapped round the baby#39;s head.这个小家伙帮惊慌失措的母亲调整呼吸,鼓励她用力推,还去拿了干净的毛巾,甚至检查了婴儿的脑袋有没有被脐带绕颈。Incredibly, Francesca leapt into action after remembering an episode of Casualty when a woman suddenly went into labour.令人难以置信的是,弗朗西斯是在回忆起电视剧《急诊室》某集里一个女人突然分娩的剧情之后开始行动的。After 12 minutes pushing, Francesca successfully delivered 6lbs 8oz bouncing baby Roisin on July 17 this year. Dad Michael, 33, missed the drama because he was downstairs on the phone to the emergency services when Kay went into labour.在12分钟的助推过程后,弗朗西斯成功接生了6磅8盎司的胖宝宝罗辛,这一事件发生在今年的7月17号。33岁的父亲迈克尔错过了这戏剧性的一幕,因为在凯分娩的时候他正在楼下打急救电话。But when two ambulances arrived, paramedics were stunned to find little Francesca holding her newborn sister after she had carefully wrapped her in a towel.但当两辆救护车赶到时,医护人员惊讶地发现小弗朗西斯正抱着她刚出生的,她已经用毛巾小心翼翼地裹好她了。]Proud mum Kay said: ;I was so impressed with Francesca. She was remarkably cool and collected for a six-year-old. She had gone to bed but woke up when I started screaming.凯为自己的女儿感到骄傲:“弗朗西斯真的很了不起,作为一个年仅6岁的孩子,她表现得太冷静沉着了。她本来已经睡了,但听到我的尖叫后醒过来了。”;She came in and was like #39;mummy are you okay?#39; and said #39;I can see the head#39; She was keeping me calm and telling me where to put my hands and telling me to keep breathing. .“她走进来,好像说了句‘妈妈你还好吗’,然后告诉我说‘我可以看到脑袋了’。她让我冷静下来,还告诉我手应该放在哪里,并且不断让我呼吸。”;And as soon as she was born she got a towel and it was like she knew what to do, I didn#39;t say anything to her. Francesca had her wrapped up and made sure the cord wasn#39;t wrapped around her neck.“婴儿刚一出生她就找来了毛巾,就像她完全了解应该做什么一样,整个过程我什么都没跟她说。弗朗西斯把她包好,并且检查了脐带有没有把她的脖子缠住。”;My husband was downstairs on the phone for 12 minutes and a few minutes after she was born two ambulances turned up. They were shocked that Francesca was holding her in towels.“我丈夫在楼下打了12分钟电话,在她出生后几分钟内两辆救护车就赶到了。他们看到弗朗西斯用毛巾包裹着婴儿的时候,都 吓呆了。”;We watched Casualty last week where a lady gave birth with no help and she was like #39;that#39;s your story mummy#39;.;“我们上周看的《急诊室》里有一个女人在没有帮助的情况下产下孩子,她表现出来的就像是在告诉我 ‘那就是妈妈你的故事’。”Shop assistant Kay, who lives with Michael and their two daughters in Bearwood, Birmingham, started having contractions every 20 minutes on July 16 this year.凯是一名店员,她和迈克尔以及两个女儿一起住在伯明翰的拜尔沃得。7月16日开始她每隔20分钟就会产生一次宫缩。The following day she went into the birthing centre she had chosen but she was discharged because she was only in the early stages of labour.于是第二天她去了分娩中心,但由于她还只是在分娩的早期阶段,分娩中心不接收她住院。Finally, just before 10pm on July 17, Kay’s waters broke after she went to the toilet. Her screaming woke up six-year-old Francesca - who came to her mum#39;s aide as dad Michael went downstairs to call 999.最终,就在17号晚上10点前,在凯去了洗手间后羊水就破了。她的尖叫吵醒了6岁的女儿弗朗西斯,她在父亲下楼打999急救电话的时候陪在母亲的身边。The delivery took just ten minutes after Kay’s waters broke and after an overnight stay in hospital, the mum and baby Roisin were discharged.在凯羊水破了之后接生仅仅花了10分钟。在医院呆了一夜之后,这位母亲和她的宝宝罗辛就出院了。Francesca, who wants to be a doctor when she grows up, said: ;I had to keep mummy calm. I didn#39;t want the cord to be wrapped around her neck because she might have died and I held her when she was born to keep her safe.弗朗西斯长大以后想成为一名医生,她说:“我必须让妈妈冷静下来。我不想让脐带缠住的脖子,因为如果这样她可能会死,她出生后我抱着她是想要保她安全。”;I don#39;t know how I knew about it but I do watch Casualty and like it a lot. She (Roisin) is nearly four months now so will be eating some proper food soon.;“我不清楚我是怎么知道的,但我确实看《急诊室》而且很喜欢。她(罗辛)现在已经4个月大了,马上就能吃很多正常的食物了。”Mum Kay added: ;The next day Francesca went to school and proudly told everyone how she helped deliver her baby sister.母亲凯补充说:“第二天弗朗西斯去上学的时候,她非常自豪地告诉所有人她是怎么帮忙接生她的的。”;Michael and I are so proud of her and we can’t wait to tell Roisin, when she’s older, how her sister helped bring her into the world.;“我和迈克尔都为她感到骄傲,我们迫不及待地想等罗辛大一点的时候告诉她,她的是怎样帮助她来到这个世界的。” /201210/206152吉安市中心人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱吉安治蒙古斑大约需要哪家医院好



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