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吉安保仕柏丽整形医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱吉安祛黑痣At its Special Event in San Francisco on Monday, Apple offered more detail—including prices and shipping dates—for its highly anticipated Watch. After the keynote, it made the wearable devices available for attendees to evaluate.周一在旧金山的特别发布会上,千呼万唤的苹果手表终于携各种细节(包括定价和出货日)与广大果粉见面了。在官方演讲结束后,苹果公司向参会者提供了第一时间上手体验的机会。Never one to shy away from tinkering with shiny—and boy, were the display models shiny—new gadgets, I stayed well past my welcome to thoroughly get a feel for Apple’s Watch.在这种能够率先体验高科技产品的场合,我向来都是“勇猛精进”,此次也借机彻底地体验了一番苹果手表的感观。The company will release three different models of the Watch—affordable Sport, mid-tier Watch, and ultra-luxe Edition—the difference among them strictly the material used for the casing.苹果公司将提供三个版本的苹果手表,首先是价格最亲民的运动版Sport,其次是中端的Watch,再次是奢华版的Watch Edition。但实际上三个版本的区别仅仅是表壳的材料不同。When I picked them up, there was a slight, yet noticeable difference in their weight, due to the different materials. The Edition, which is available in 18-karat gold, is the heaviest, or so it felt. (Though it may have been the price tag weighing down my arm.) A quick check of the specifications-sheet confirmed my suspicions—the 42mm Edition weighs in at 69 grams, more than double that of the 30-gram Sport model. (For those interested, the stainless-steel Watch weights in at 50 grams.) The weight differences are not significant enough to push you to another Watch model, but they do exist.把玩这三个版本时,我发现它们的重量略有不同,虽然差别很轻微,但还是能够注意到,这主要是由于这三个版本采用了不同的材料。高端版的Edition使用了18K金材质,也是三个版本中最重的。(或许是因为它咂舌的价格愈发令我手软的缘故。)快速地扫了一眼配置表,我的怀疑也得到了确认。42毫米见方的Edition重约69克,比30克的Sport重了一倍还多。(不锈钢表壳的Watch重约50克。)虽然二三十克的重量差异还不至于让你舍此求彼,但手感上的差异的确是存在的。When Apple first debuted its Watch in September, the demo area it provided was full of watches we couldn’t use. Each one ran a looping demo that showcased basic features. Those of us in attendance were left with more questions than answers.去年9月苹果手表首次亮相时,我们对展示区里的手表还只能看,不能摸,每只手表上都循环播放着它的功能演示片。参加过那次发布会的人,对苹果手表的问题恐怕要多过。This time, the operating system on Apple Watch was fully functional, and I made sure to use all of it when I got my paws on them. It was highly responsive, and looked fantastic on the screen. Animations lacked any stuttering or lag, something I saw on the demo units in September. Siri, the voice-prompted virtual assistant, was quick to come up, though the mic had a hard time picking up commands in my noisy environment. Zooming in and out of the Photos library was fun (and rather hypnotic).这一次,苹果手表上的操作系统对参会者全面放开,上手后我迅速地把几乎所有功能都试了一遍。这款手表的响应性非常好,而且屏幕效果极佳,动画效果没有任何迟滞和卡顿——而这在去年九月的展示环节中还没有完全避免。苹果的语音助手Siri的响应速度也很快,不过由于现场环境比较嘈杂,话筒不太容易领会我的语音指令。在图片库里一张张地看照片的感觉很有意思(而且也相当催眠)。In September, I felt confused by the user interface of the Watch. The collection of round app icons looked small—far too small for what I had come to expect from design-centric Apple. Small screen, small circles, big fingers? It didn’t feel like the usual thinking from Cupertino.去年九月苹果手表刚问世的时候,它的用户界面一度让我感到困惑。一大堆圆圆的APP图标挤在一块儿,每个看起来都非常小——小到看起来不像是“设计为王”的苹果作品。当小屏幕和小圆圈遇上大手指,那是一种怎样的纠结?看起来不像苹果一惯的作风。But the Apple Watch relies heavily on its so-called digital crown as a way to take pressure off the finger as a primary method of input. Now that I’ve been able to actually use it—to zoom in on a section of app icons, for example, consequently enlarging them—the experience suddenly became very Apple-like. The crown was easy to turn, with a little resistance, but not too much.不过苹果手表其实高度依赖它所谓的“数字表冠”旋钮(digital crown),以此减轻手指作为主要输入方式的压力。现在我已经会用它了,比如用来放大APP的图标,然后你就突然有了非常“苹果范儿”的感觉。虽然初次上手有点不适应,但熟悉起来其实也很简单。Force Touch, Apple’s new method of pressing harder on the screen to activate what equates to a right-click of sorts, will take some getting used to. Figuring out when to use it, and for what, wasn’t always clear to me. When I pressed hard on the watch face, I activated the customization —neat, but there’s nothing to on the device to indicate (other than tutorials provided by Apple) that there is extra functionality hidden under your fingertip.苹果手表的另一项新功能叫做“Force Touch”,需要你的手指施加一点力度按压在屏幕上,效果相当于在电脑上点击鼠标右键,这个功能则需要用户花一点时间来适应。我也经常搞不清楚什么时候该使用这个功能,以及这个功能究竟能做什么。我用力按了一下表盘,结果激活了定制菜单——虽然很巧妙,但是这款设备上没有任何一处暗示你,手指用力一按还能激活它的隐藏功能(除了苹果提供的使用指南)。I also struggled with the idea that pushing in on the Digital Crown acts as a back button. There’s a near-flush button positioned just adjacent to the Digital Crown, but it offers little in the form of functionality, as far as I could tell, outside of the home screen or watch face on the Watch. (A single- or double-press triggers Apple Pay or displays your favorite contacts for Apple’s cute Watch messaging app. Which, by the way, looks like a gimmick on stage but in practice comes across as a practical means of quickly communicating.) My fingertip seemed to want “back” to come in a more conventional form.另外一个令我挠头的理念,则是把“数字表冠”旋钮当成后退键使用,我的手指还是想通过更传统的方式实现“后退”功能。此外,就在表冠旁边,还有一个与外壳近乎齐平的按钮,但它除了可以充当Home键之外,只有很少几项其它功能。(比如单击或双击可以触发苹果付功能,或显示消息应用的常用联系人。顺便说一句,后者在台上看起来很花哨,但实际上我发现对于快速沟通很实用。)The Watch comes with 8 gigabytes of storage, Apple representatives told me. I took a sneak peak in the Settings section of the Watch and discovered that, after accounting for space requirements of the operating system, you’re left with 5.9 gigabytes of space. This leftover space is where you can store your music, photos, and Watch apps. It’s not a lot, but then again, how much music do you really need to have on your wrist? It’s more than enough for a playlist or two to power you through a workout, though persnickety long-distance runners may object.苹果公司的代表告诉我,苹果手表自带8G内存。我忙里偷闲地看了一眼设备的设置,发现除去操作系统占用的空间以外,你只剩下了5.9G的内存空间可以用来储存音乐、照片和应用。虽然听起来不多,但话说回来,作为一款手表,你打算往里面存多少音乐呢?这么大的空间能够储存的音乐足够你健身的时候听了,不过有些长跑爱好者估计还是觉得稍嫌不足。A bit of good news for those who follow Apple rumors: Any Watch band can be used with any Watch. (So long as it’s built for the size of watch you own: A 42mm band won’t fit on a 38mm Watch, and vice-versa.) Before the event, rumors swirled that select bands would only be available for select models—a sort of economic segregation. That’s not actually the case.对果粉来说,另一个好消息是:任何一个版本的苹果手表都可以搭配任意一款你心仪的表链。(只要表链/表带符合你所购买版本的尺寸——42mm的表链不适合38mm的手表,反之亦然。)在发布会前,有传言称高档表链只会出现在高档版本中——听起来似乎给果粉也划分了阶级,好在这种说法并不是真的。So how do I feel about Apple’s next great gadget? My somewhat brief time with the Watch left me feeling excited and hopeful. It’s clear that Apple thought through every aspect of the first new product released under Tim Cook; there are small, thoughtful features throughout (such as the ability to receive alerts on your Watch when outside of Bluetooth range when both your iPhone and Watch are on the same Wi-Fi network) that demonstrate this.如果你问我,对苹果这款新品的感觉如何?应该说,这次我与苹果手表的接触时间虽短,但我依然觉得很兴奋并充满期待。作为库克时代发布的第一款真正意义上的新品,苹果显然考虑到了这款产品的方方面面。比如它自始至终都贯穿着一些非常体贴的小功能。(比如如果你戴着手表超出了iPhone的蓝牙距离,只要手表和iPhone还处在同一个Wi-Fi网络中,它仍然可以收到提醒信息。)Pebble and, to a lesser extent, Google’s Android Wear clearly laid the groundwork for the smart watch industry as we know it today. Apple’s offering is a big step toward its maturation, and the company is positioned to propel a budding category into another iPhone-like gold rush. Competitors know how high the bar has been set. Now, they just need to figure out how to compete.Pebble以及谷歌的Android Wear显然为今天的智能手表行业奠定了基石,而苹果手表的上市则意味着智能手表产业向成熟迈进了一大步。与此同时,苹果公司也准备将这个初露头角的产品类别发展成为另一棵堪比iPhone的摇钱树。竞争对手深深感受到了苹果为智能手表领域设定的高门槛。现在,他们最需要搞清的是如何与苹果进行竞争。 /201503/364332吉安医院美容科 At first glance, the new car unveiled at a motor show appeared to be an updated model of the Range Rover Evoque.乍看之下,这款在汽车展览会上出现的新车似乎是路虎揽胜极光的最新款。With its signature body shape, lights and radiator grill and silver logo across the front edge of its bonnet, it was the spitting image of the British bestseller.其标志性的车型、车灯、散热器护栅和发动机罩前沿的银色logo,几乎和英国的那款畅销车一模一样。But in fact, it was a brazen copy of the hugely popular UK-designed ‘baby’ off-roader – and a fraction of the price.但是实际上,它是英国设计的迷你人气爆款越野车厚颜无耻的山寨版本——而价格才是越野车的一小部分。Little-known Chinese carmaker LandWind launched its #163;14,000 X7 at the Guangzhou motor show in China last week.上周,鲜为人知的中国汽车制造商“陆风”在广州车展上发布了这款价值1万4000英镑的新车。Its uncanny similarity to the #163;40,000-plus Evoque’s distinctive design provoked an angry response from Jaguar Land Rover, which may take legal action to protect its brand.新车和价值4万多英镑的,拥有独一无二设计的揽胜极光有着惊人的相似度,这激起了路虎捷豹的愤怒,他们称可能会动用法律手段来保护他们的品牌。The British manufacturer has just opened its first car factory in China in a venture with local firm Chery.这家英国制造商伙同中国的奇瑞公司刚在中国开办了他们第一家车厂。Jaguar Land Rover chief executive Dr Ralf Speth told Autocar magazine: ‘The fact that this kind of copying is ongoing in China is very disappointing. The intellectual property (IP) is owned by Jaguar Land Rover and if you break that IP then you are in breach of international regulations.’路虎捷豹首席执行官拉尔夫·施佩特士告诉《汽车之家》杂志:“事实上这类仿冒在中国不断出现十分令人失望。其知识产权归路虎捷豹所有,而且如果你侵犯了别人的知识产权你就违反了国际法规。”But drivers looking for a fashionable car at a bargain price might want to wait for safety inspection results.不过想要以低价购得一部潮车的司机们也许想要等待安检结果出来。LandWind’s earlier CV9 people-carrier scored just two stars out of five in European crash tests in 2010.2010年,陆风早先的CV9载人型车在欧洲碰撞测试中才得了二星(全五星)。 /201412/347521吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院打瘦脸针怎么样

吉安市中心医院切眼袋手术多少钱吉安提升脸颊面部提升整形提拉面部多少钱 BEIJING — Since China opened to the West three-and-a-half decades ago, foreigners, foreign companies, and foreign technology have oftentimes been suspect in the eyes of some government factions. Chinese reformers have had an uphill battle in overcoming these deeply rooted cultural fears.北京——自从30多年前中国向西方开放以来,外国人、外国公司和外国技术常常受到一些政府派系的猜疑。为了战胜这些根深蒂固的文化恐惧,中国的改革派付出了艰辛的努力。The authorities’ paranoia is at the heart of the 1985 Chinese film “The Black Cannon Incident.” In the picture, the lead character, Zhao Shuxin, is a capable and competent German-speaking engineer in a state-owned mining company that seeks to obtain West German technology. Mr. Zhao is an avid player of Chinese chess and when he finds one of his chess pieces missing — the black cannon — he sends a telegram to a hotel that he previously stayed at requesting the hotel’s help in finding it: “Missing black cannon. 301. Search for Zhao.”官方的这种过度猜疑正是1985年的中国电影《黑炮事件》所反映的主题。影片的主角赵书信是一家国有矿业公司的工程师,会说德语,工作能力出色,他所在的这家公司希望得到西德的技术。赵书信十分喜欢中国象棋,有一天,他发现少了一颗棋子——黑炮——于是就给之前待过的旅馆发了一封电报,要求帮忙寻找,电报的内容是:“丢失黑炮301找赵”。The ambiguously worded telegram arouses the interest of security authorities and the police detain Mr. Zhao, believing he is spying for foreigners and involved in an illicit arms deal. The chess piece is finally found and Mr. Zhao is cleared, but the factory Communist Party chief chastises him for sending the telegram anyway.这封措词模糊的电报引起了安全机关的注意,警方把赵书信抓了起来,认为他替外国人从事间谍工作,参与非法武器交易。这枚棋子最终被找到,赵书信也洗脱了罪名,但工厂的党委书记还是批评他发了这封电报。“The Black Cannon Incident” reflects how innocuous communications can be misinterpreted as something sinister and as a threat to national security — and it’s also a not-so-subtle attack on the overreaching and paranoia of the authorities. The reformers in the government in 1985 allowed this political satire to be shown in limited release to send the nation a message that people should be more trusting of foreigners to encourage foreign direct investment and the introduction of new technology.《黑炮事件》反映出,无关紧要的沟通也可能被解读成带有恶意的内容,并被视作国家安全威胁。这部电影也以不那么含蓄的口吻,批评了当局的过度监管和无端猜疑。1985年,政府中的改革派允许这种政治讽刺电影在有限的范围内放映,从而向全国发出这样的信息:为了鼓励外国直接投资和新技术的引进,人们应该更加信任外国人。Fast forward to 2015 and there is a worrying trend involving a series of policy initiatives that could restrict the flow of foreign goods and services in the information communications technology sector.然而时间到了2015年,一系列政策措施却呈现出了一种令人担忧的趋势,因为在信息通信技术领域,这些措施可能会限制外国商品和务的流动。Such restrictive policies could put the country and its companies at a significant disadvantage in the global marketplace. Indeed, one unfortunate consequence of overbroad antiterrorism and national security policies would be to isolate China technologically from the rest of the world, and the end result of that could be to limit the country’s access to cutting-edge technology and innovation.这类限制性政策可能会导致中国和中国企业在全球市场处于十分不利的地位。实际上,过于宽泛的反恐和国家安全政策带来的不利后果之一,就是在技术上把中国和世界其他地区隔离开,这种情况导致的最终结果可能就是限制了中国接触尖端技术和创新的途径。For example, the proposed antiterrorism law — which is under consideration at the National People’s Congress currently meeting in Beijing — contains requirements for any information communications technology suppliers in the China market to provide in-country data storage and to alter or modify their products or services to assist in the “counterterrorism” work of the authorities. Under the law, telecom and Internet operators will be required to install intercept support and decryption capabilities in their systems prior to the use or sale in the Chinese market.比如,目前在北京召开的全国人民代表大会,正在审议反恐法草案。该草案的相关条款要求,中国市场上的所有信息通信技术供应商,应在中国境内提供数据存储,并对产品或务进行变更和调整,以协助当局的“反恐”工作。根据这项法律,电信和互联网运营商将被要求在各自的系统中设置监听持和解密功能,才能在中国市场上使用或销售。China also adopted new banking guidelines in December that outline security criteria for technology products to be considered “secure and controllable” for use in the financial sector. To attain such certification, source codes in operating systems and database software produced abroad or domestically must be registered with the government. The submission of source codes and other information creates significant intellectual property risks for information-tech companies. The China Banking Regulatory Commission provided notice to banks to submit compliance plans by March 15.中国还在去年12月通过了新的业指导意见,提出了用于金融行业的技术产品应被认为“安全可控”的安全标准。为了取得认,国内外生产的操作系统和数据库软件的源代码,都必须在政府注册。提交源代码和其他信息,给信息技术企业造成了重大的知识产权风险。中国业监督管理委员会向各发出了通知,要求在3月15日之前提交合规计划。Similarly, in recent months, as the government tries to get control over the dissemination of information, there has been an uptick in the blocking of foreign websites, a noticeable slowdown in Internet speed and a denial of virtual private network services. A recent business climate survey conducted by the American Chamber of Commerce China found that 83 percent of its member companies were negatively affected by Internet censorship by the Chinese government.同样,最近几个月,随着政府试图控制信息传播,封锁外国网站的行动力度加大,网速明显变慢,虚拟专用网络(virtual private network)务受到了屏蔽。中国美国商会(American Chamber of Commerce China)前不久开展的一项商务环境调查发现,83%的成员企业受到了中国政府审查互联网的不利影响。At a minimum, the proposed antiterrorism law and the banking rules will create additional intrusive regulatory challenges for information-tech providers and their customers. The unfortunate result of excessive control over email and Internet traffic is the slowing down of commerce.反恐法草案和业新规,至少会给信息技术供应商及其消费者,带来更多侵扰性的监管挑战。过度控制电子邮件和网络流量的不幸后果就是,商业活动放缓。Rather than creating restrictive security policies, the Chinese government should take a more rational approach to security issues and give equal attention to the healthy development and global integration of China’s information-tech sector. This is especially important as Beijing struggles to maintain economic growth levels and rebalance the economy.中国政府不应该颁布限制性的安全政策,而是应该采取更理性的方式应对安全问题,并对中国信息技术产业的健康发展,以及与全球的融合,给予同等的关注。随着北京竭力维持经济增长水平、实现经济再平衡,这一点显得尤为重要。Yet 30 years after the release of “The Black Cannon Incident” we are still living in a time in which trust appears to be in question, foreign technology is deemed to be suspect, and paranoia over security interests prevails.然而,《黑炮事件》上映30年后,在我们生活的这个时代,信任仍然受到猜忌、外国技术仍然受到怀疑,对安全利益的偏执还是占了上风。 /201503/364998井冈山打溶脂针价格

吉安那个医院割双眼皮效果好Volkswagen stepped up its attempts to claw back consumer trust in the US by offering customers involved in the emissions scandal ,000 in gift cards, as further details emerged of the remedy required to fix affected cars.大众汽车(Volkswagen)加大了在美国挽回消费者信任的努力,向尾气造假丑闻波及的顾客发放价值1000美元的礼品卡。大众为修复受影响汽车而需进行的补救工作的更多细节正在浮出水面。The company’s American unit on Monday said owners of 2L diesel models made by VW and Audi would qualify for two 0 gift cards — one a pre-paid Visa card for use in any store and another for VW vehicles, parts or services. Drivers will also be eligible for free breakdown cover for three years.周一,大众美国分部表示,大众(VW)和奥迪(Audi)所产2升排量柴油车的车主,将有资格得到两张面值500美元的礼品卡,其中一张是可在任何商家使用的预付Visa卡,另一张可购买大众的汽车、零部件或务。车主还可免费享受三年的车辆故障保险。VW described the move — which is expected to cost about 0m — as a “first step” towards shoring up consumer confidence almost two months after it emerged that it had cheated on US emissions tests for diesel vehicles.大众把此举——预计耗资约5亿美元——描述为增强消费者信心的“第一步”。大约两个月前,大众柴油车在美国尾气检测上造假一事被曝光。The scandal sp last week to include some upmarket VW group models, such as 3L engine Porsches, as well as other diesel and petrol models affected by a separate revelation over “irregularities” in carbon dioxide tests.上周,大众尾气造假丑闻进一步蔓延,该集团的部分豪车(比如3升排量的保时捷(Porsche))以及其他柴油车和汽油车也被牵涉进去。这些柴油车和汽油车是在一项针对二氧化碳排放检测“违规行为”的调查中被曝光的。 /201511/409332 永丰县切双眼皮多少钱吉安激光去疤价格



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