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French President Jacques Chirac ends his final full day in office Tuesday with an evening farewell speech to the nation that he has led for 12 years.Thedebonair74-year-old turns over power Wednesday to tough-talking fellow conservative Nicolas Sarkozy, who won election on pledges of a break with the past.Stepping down from the presidency, Chirac will be closing out some four decades in politics. Chirac founded the neo-Gaullist Rally for the Republic party, today transformed into the Union for a Popular Movement, or UMP, that Sarkozy headed before being elected president on May 6.He still risks paying a price for his ambitious search for funds for his party. Without presidential immunity, Chirac could be subject to corruption investigations into alleged illegal party financing.Chirac said his goodbye to Europe on Sunday in Berlin, insisting on the need for a strong role for Europe in a "multipolar" world -- an issue that was a mainstay of foreign policy under Chirac but which so far remains unfulfilled.The concept of a "multipolar" world to counter the ed States is dear to Chirac, and he made it come alive with the French-led opposition to the invasion of Iraq.Chirac has no intention of retiring to his rural Correze region in central France. He plans to create a foundation devoted to sustainable development and dialogue between cultures, to be launched this fall.The only other president to issue a televised farewell to the nation was Valery Giscard d'Estaing, on May 19, 1981, before turning over power to Socialist President Francois Mitterrand. With a much remembered final "au revoir," Giscard stood, made an exit and left an empty chair in the spotlight. 法国总统希拉克于本周二结束了自己最后一天的工作,并于当晚向自己领导了12年的国家发表了告别演说。这位74岁、温文尔雅的法国总统今天将向新当选的总统尼古拉斯·萨科奇正式移交政权,同为保守人士的萨科奇作风果敢,凭着与过去的法国决裂的诺言赢得了大选。希拉克离任后将告别他四十多年的政治生涯,他所成立的共和党“新戴高乐主义”同盟今日将为萨科奇在5月6日当选总统前所领导的“人民运动联盟”取代。此外,希拉克可能将要因大肆为所属政党集资而付出代价。失去了总统身份的保护,希拉克可能将受到党内非法集资贪污案指控的调查。希拉克于上周日在柏林向欧洲告别,并坚持欧洲应在多极世界中扮演重要角色。这个到目前为止尚未解决的问题是希拉克在任期间外交政策的主题。希拉克十分重视能对美国起到牵制作用的“多极世界”的理念,由法国领导的反“伊战”同盟便是它的一个重要体现。希拉克并没有打算退休后到家乡--法国中部的Correze乡村地区生活,他计划于今年秋天成立一个致力于可持续发展和文化交流的基金会。法国另一位在离任前向全国发表告别电视讲话的总统是瓦勒里·季斯卡·德斯坦,他于1981年5月19日向社会党的佛朗哥·密特朗总统移交政权之前发表了电视讲话。当时,德斯坦说完那句令人难忘的“再见”之后,站起来、退下台去,只留下一把空椅子在聚光灯下。Vocabulary: debonair : affable; genial(温雅的;友善的) /200809/48699。

  • So I promised a closer look at baking soda. It seems to be a huge resource for a lot of things. And you don’t get much cheaper than for a powerful cleaning agent. So here is my list of the top uses for baking soda. Some will seem familiar as we have talked about them before.  所以希望我们再进一步了解小苏打的用处。它似乎是很多东西的主要成分。你不会买到比一美元还便宜的优质的洗涤用品。所以这里我将罗列出小苏打最常见的用法。一些似乎是我们以前提到过的为人所熟知的用法。  In the Kitchen:  厨房里的用处:  1. Make a paste with water to clean up your sink that isn’t very abrasive.  用苏打水清洗洗碗池可使其更加光亮。2. Stick a box in your fridge to keep the smell gone.在冰箱里放一小盒苏打可以清除冰箱异味。  3. Mix 3 tsp with hot water to soak and remove tea and coffee stains from thermos’ and tea cups.热水里加三勺小苏打可以溶解掉咖啡壶和茶杯上附着的顽渍。 4. Use it on your counters to get rid of Kool-Aid stains off.可用它来清洗你的桌台的污垢。  5. Rinse your fruits and veggies with baking sod. Make sure you rinse well.用小苏打来清洗水果和蔬菜,保你洗得很干净。  6. Did you know it will tenderize meats?你知道它能使肉变得更嫩吗?  7. If you like fish but hate the smell, soak your fish in water and baking soda for an hour in the fridge.如果你爱吃鱼但又不喜欢那惺味的话,不妨将鱼浸泡在小苏打水里然后在冰箱里放上一小时。  8. A pinch of baking soda added to tomato recipes can help cut down the acid in the recipe.一撮小苏打加到西红柿菜里可有助于减少菜里的酸味。  9. When you make baked beans, add a pinch of baking soda to the beans to help rid them of their gas producing ability.当你烤豆子时,加一小撮小苏打到豆子上可防止烘烤时气体的产生。  10. 1/2 tsp of baking soda added to 3 eggs makes a light and fluffy omelet.二分之一勺的小苏打加到3个鸡蛋里可以做出既清淡又蓬松的炒鸡蛋。  11. Baking soda is just as good as lemon juice for getting rid of foul smells on your hands.小苏打也可以去除你手上的异味,效果与柠檬汁一样好。  12. I boil my baby bottles with baking soda to get them clean.煮婴儿奶瓶时加点小苏打可以使奶瓶更干净。  13. Just as with your laundry detergent, adding baking soda to your dishwashing detergent is a great idea.与衣物洗涤剂一样,加一些小苏打到洗碗剂里也是个不错的想法。  14. Boil a little water and baking soda to get burned on food off your pots and pans.用小苏打水煮一下盆盆罐罐可以去除上面的食物渍。  15. Use it to clean your oven as well.也可以用它来清洁你的烤箱。  16. Make your own baking powder.你自己可以做发酵粉。  17. Keep an extra box near your stove in case of a fire.靠近火炉旁放一个装有苏打粉的特殊盒子以防火灾。 /201008/112268。
  • 我正在节食,你能不能给我弄一个铃声,响起来就象在有人在告诉我“你(身材)看起来真棒。”。
  • Forget the romantic novel. Most women are bored with, and cynical about, the well-trodden path of romantic fiction. They do not like happy endings and would rather a thriller or crime novel.But their literary idol is still Mr Darcy, the haughty hero of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.A survey of 1,500 predominantly married, working women aged 35 to 59 found that the majority would rather a good book than have sex, shop, or sleep.Nearly half finished a book in less than a week, 48 per cent more than one book at a time and, in the last year, one in five had spent pound;100 or more on novels.The women surveyed said their favourite types of fiction were thrillers (47 per cent), contemporary fiction (46 per cent) and crime (45 per cent) with science fiction and romance their least favourite.The findings correspond with public library statistics, published recently, which showed that in only 10 years the nation had ended its love affair with family sagas and books about romance and was devouring thrillers--the more ghoulish the better.Comparative figures for 10 years ago showed that the late Catherine Cookson and Barbara Taylor Bradford, queens of raw family romances, were the authors most borrowed by adults from libraries.The top 10 borrowed titles have a startlingly different feel now. Romance still made a showing, but the list was dominated by crime novels.However, today's survey by Woman amp; Home magazine found that if women could pick one book it would be the romantic classic Pride and Prejudice.Mr Darcy was also regarded as the sexiest fictional man, beating Heathcliffe (Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights), Rhett Butler (Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell) and Mr Rochester (Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte).The only modern hero to get a vote was Ian Fleming's James Bond. If they were to be a character in a book, most women would be Elizabeth Bennett. Gone with the Wind's Scarlett O'Hara was voted the most glamorous female character. /200812/59293。
  • At one of the most anticipated shows of Milan fashion week, Prada showed designs that were reminiscent of a 1960s beach scene. Here are some runway looks from Prada's spring 2010 collection.作为米兰时装周最令人期待的时装秀之一,普拉达(Prada)时装秀所展示的设计体现了对上世纪60年代海滩时尚的怀旧情结。以下的图片取自2010普拉达春季时装展的T台集锦。A model wears a creation from Prada's spring 2010 fashion collection, which included a variety of beach looks.一名模特身穿普拉达2010春季系列时装,这个新系列充满了强烈的沙滩气息。 /200910/87006。
  • Britain's Got Talent star Janey Cutler has captured the attention of US television bosses, according to reports。  据报道,《英国达人》热门人物珍妮·卡特勒已经吸引了美国电视台老板们的注意。  The 81-year-old grandmother was seen stunning the judges with a rendition of Edith Piaf's 'Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien' in Saturday's auditions episode。  这位81岁高龄的珍妮奶奶在周六海选中以一曲伊蒂丝·琵雅芙的《无悔》英文版把评委们惊呆了。  It is thought that N and CBS have since requested clips of her performance to show on their news bulletins, and are also hoping to secure interviews with the budding star。  据说N电视台和CBS电视台因而已经求取珍妮奶奶的表演片段以展示在他们的新闻简讯中,并希望预约与这位崭露头角的明星的访问节目。  A show source told The Mirror: "The US networks are clamouring for a slice of Janey - they all want to be the first to sign her up. We are being besieged with requests from America offering to fly her first class if she'll come on their show." /201005/103684。
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