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I gave this talk at Facebook not so long ago在脸谱不久前我给to about 100 employees,大约100名员工做这个演讲。and a couple hours later, there was a young woman who works there几小时后,在脸谱工作的一个年轻女性sitting outside my little desk,坐到我小桌子旁边,and she wanted to talk to me.她想和我谈谈。I said, okay, and she sat down, and we talked.我说,好,她坐了下来,我们谈了起来。And she said, ;I learned something today.她说,“我今天学了一些东西。I learned that I need to keep my hand up.;我知道我需要举起我的手。”I said, ;What do you mean?;我说,“你指什么啊?”She said, ;Well, youre giving this talk,她说,“你在讲这个话时,and you said you were going to take two more questions.你说你将会回答2个以上问题。And I had my hand up with lots of other people, and you took two more questions.我和其他一些人举起手,你回答了2个以上问题。And I put my hand down, and I noticed all the women put their hand down,我把手放下来,我注意到所有女性都把手放下来,and then you took more questions,然后你又回答了很多问题,only from the men.;仅有男性参与。”And I thought to myself,我自己想了一下,wow, if its me -- who cares about this, obviously --如果换成是我,谁会在乎这个,明显地giving this talk --做这次演讲,and during this talk, I cant even notice在这演讲中,我甚至没注意到that the mens hands are still raised,男人们的手是不是还一直举着,and the womens hands are still raised,女人们的手是不是还一直举着,how good are we我们到底有多出色,as managers of our companies and our organizations当我们作为公司和组织的经理人的时候,at seeing that the men are reaching for opportunities以及当我们作为少数,与男性竞争more than women?争取机会的时候?Weve got to get women to sit at the table.我们得让女性坐到桌子边上。Message number two:第二条:make your partner a real partner.让你的伴侣成为一个真正的合作伙伴。Ive become convinced that weve made more progress in the workforce我已经确信我们在职场than we have in the home.比起我们在家庭中起了更大的作用。The data shows this very clearly.数据也很清楚地表明这点。If a woman and a man work full-time如果一个女性和一个男性同时全职and have a child,并有一个小孩,the woman does twice the amount of housework the man does,女性比起男性要做两倍多家务活儿,and the woman does three times女性比起男性做了三倍多the amount of childcare the man does.照顾婴儿的事。So shes got three jobs or two jobs,所以她有了2份,3份工作,and hes got one.而他只有一份。Who do you think drops out when someone needs to be home more?当有人必须在家多干活时,谁应该留下来?The causes of this are really complicated,这个的理由实在太复杂,and I dont have time to go into them.我没有时间来讲它们。And I dont think Sunday football-watching但我也不认为周日看美式足球and general laziness is the cause.和日常的懒惰是理由。I think the cause is more complicated.我认为理由是更加复杂化的。I think, as a society,我认为,作为一个社会,we put more pressure on our boys to succeed我们总是更希望男孩子们成功,than we do on our girls.对女孩子则压力小些。I know men that stay home我知道有居家男人and work in the home to support wives with careers,呆在家里做内务持职场妻子and its hard.这很难。When I go to the Mommy-and-Me stuff当我去“妈咪和我”的培训课时,and I see the father there,我看到那里的父亲,I notice that the other mommies我留意到其他妈咪dont play with him.不愿和他相处。And thats a problem,这是个问题,because we have to make it as important a job,因为我们得把内务变成一个重要的工作because its the hardest job in the world to work inside the home,因为它是世界上最难的工作-居家工作for people of both genders,无论男人女人,if were going to even things out and let women stay in the workforce.我们只有平分了这些事,女性才可能留在职场。Studies show that households with equal earning研究表明夫妻收入相等、and equal responsibility且夫妻分担责任相当的家庭also have half the divorce rate.也有50%的离婚率。And if that wasnt good enough motivation for everyone out there,如果这数据并不那么鼓舞人,they also have more --还有更多的how shall I say this on this stage? --在这个讲台我该怎么讲呢?they know each other more in the biblical sense as well.夫妻双方对于彼此的了解,不仅是做爱这么简单。201509/397722And I went and then I talked to my boss 我找到我的老板Larry Ellison is the CEO of Oracle and I said Im kind of 甲骨文CEO拉里·埃里森 我说Not feeling that great. I think I need to take some time off 我感觉不大好 我想我需要放空一下He said, go for it, good idea. Very supportive 他说 去吧 好主意 他很持我So there I was, kind of a lost thirtysomething 这就是我了 一个迷失的三十多岁中年人And I did what all lost thirtysomethings to do 和所有迷失的三十多岁中年人一样I went to India 我去了印度And I went India and I took with me one of my really good friends Arjun Gupta 我去印度时带上了一个很好的朋友 阿儿琼·古普塔And we were touring India 我们去印度旅行Arjun was born in New Delhi but hes never been through India 阿儿琼出生于新德里 但从未在印度旅行过And I wanted to go through India 我想到印度去旅行And I had all this time off 我有很多时间But I was going to make good use of it and do something I couldnt normally do 我打算用这些时间做一些平常不能做的事情And we had all these great cities from the north to the south from the east to the west 我们去了很多伟大的城市 从北到南 从东到西And then Ill tell you something amazing happened 之后 很奇妙的事情发生了Arjun and I ended up in a little hut 阿儿琼和我最终落脚到了一个小屋A little hut in a little area of India in the south 这个小屋位于印度南部Called Kerala and a little city called Trivandrum 喀拉拉邦的一座小城市 特里凡得琅And Arjun and I were sitting in a little hut with a guru 我和阿儿琼在小屋下同一位大师一起打坐A guru is an incredible female saint 大师是一位伟大的女性圣人All the saints in the south of India are female 印度南部的圣人都是女性And we were kind of confessing our lives 我们忏悔了自己的人生And our worries and our concerns and our anxieties and our fears 道出自己的担忧 焦虑和恐惧And talking about life and what we had accomplished and 讲我们在生活中取得了什么成就You know that we want to change and were on our quest 说我们希望改变 并正在追寻And were sitting there in that hut 我们坐在小屋下Its kind of fun and amazing at the same time and 这很有趣 很奇妙Incense was kinda wafting over us and candles were flickering 香的气味从我们面前飘过 蜡烛在我们眼前闪烁Monks were chanting 僧侣在我们耳边诵经And Arjun was getting y to start this new venture capital company and 阿儿琼当时准备开一家风险投资公司He decided to take out his business plan 他打算讲出他的经营计划And he took out his business plan, he started ing it to the saint 他把他的经营计划讲给这位圣人听201601/422572You all know about multitasking.你们都知道;多任务处理;(multitasking)。You all have been faulty of multitasking when youre driving and you pick up your cellphone.一边开车一边拿起手机的多任务处理不是明智之举。Bad idea. Very bad idea.非常糟糕。Why? Because as your attention shifts to your cell phone,为什么?因为你的注意力实际上转移到了你的手机上,you are actually losing the capacity to react swiftly to the car braking in front of you于是不能对前面的车况做出敏捷的反应。and so youre much more likely to get engaged into a car accident.所以你出车祸的可能性大大增加了。Now, we can measure that kind of skills in the lab.现在我们可以在实验室中测量这种能力。We obviously dont ask people to drive around and see how many car accidents they have.我们当然不会让人开着车到处跑That would be a little costly proposition.然后看看会出几场车祸。这个方案代价有点高。But we design tasks on the computer where we can measure,但是我们可以通过特殊设计的电脑程序to millisecond accuracy, how good they are at switching from one task to another.精确到以毫秒为单位测量,考察人们能多快地在不同任务间切换。When we do that, we actually find that people当我们做这样的实验的时候,我们发现that play a lot of action games are really, really good.玩很多动作的人完成得真的非常非常好。They switch really fast, very swiftly. They pay a very small cost.他们在任务间的切换非常快速敏捷。他们所付出的代价很小。Now Id like you to remember that result,现在,我希望大家记住这个结论,and put it in the context of another group of technology users,把它带入到另外一群科技使用者的背景下。a group which is actually much revered by society, which are people that engage in multimedia-tasking.这些可以“多媒体任务处理”的人相当受社会推崇。What is multimedia-tasking?什么叫“多媒体任务处理”?Its the fact that most of us, most of our children,我们中的很多人,还有很多孩子are engaged with listening to music at the same time as theyre doing search on the web都会一边听着音乐一边上网搜索信息at the same time as theyre chatting on Facebook with their friends.一边和朋友在脸谱网上聊天。Thats a multimedia-tasker.这就是可以“多媒体任务处理”的人。There was a first study done by colleagues at Stanford有一个试验由斯坦福的研究人员们先做,and that we replicated that showed that我们又进行了重复试验过的研究表明those people that identify as being high multimedia-taskers are absolutely abysmal at multitasking.被认为是高效的“多媒体任务处理者”多任务处理的能力非常糟糕。When we measure them in the lab, theyre really bad.他们在实验室里被测量的表现真的很差。Right? So these kinds of results really makes two main points.这样的结果主要说明了两个问题。The first one is that not all media are created equal.第一,不是所有的媒体都生来平等。You cant compare the effect of multimedia-tasking and the effect of playing action games.不能比较多媒体处理对人的影响和玩动作对人的影响进行比较。They have totally different effects on different aspects of cognition, perception and attention.他们对于认知,知觉和注意力的影响都是完全不同的。Even within games,就算是在之中,Im telling you right now about these action-packed games.我指的是动作中,Different games have a different effect on your brains.不同的游戏对你的大脑的影响也是不同的。So we actually need to step into the lab and really measure what is the effect of each game.所以我们需要在实验室中测量每个游戏的影响分别是什么。The other lesson is that general wisdom carries no weight.第二,所谓的常识很多时候是不靠谱的。I showed that to you aly, like we looked at the fact that像我刚才讲到的despite a lot of screen time, those action gamers have a lot of very good vision, etc.虽然动作的玩家长时间看屏幕,但他们的视力依然很好就是例子之一。Here, what was really striking is that these undergraduates现在最让人担忧的是那些that actually report engaging in a lot of high multimedia-tasking are convinced they aced the test.常常多媒体任务处理的大学生们深信他们表现得很好。So you show them their data, you show them they are bad你把他们的数据给他们看,告诉他们其实他们表现得不怎么样,and theyre like, ;Not possible.;但是他们觉得那根本不可能。You know, they have this sort of gut feeling that, really,他们却觉得实际上they are doing really, really good.自己做得非常非常好。Thats another argument for why we need to step into the lab这也是为什么我们需要在实验室里and really measure the impact of technology on the brain.真正地去测量科技对于大脑的影响。201512/416490

Young men,小伙子们have you spoken up in a conversation when a women was casually degraded or dismissed?在一位女性被随意贬低或忽视的谈话之中 你们有没有挺身而出?How did this affect you? How did this affect the women you stepped up for?这对你有怎样的影响?这对你为之挺身而出的女性有怎样的影响?Businessmen, have you mentored, supported or engaged women in leadership positions?企业家们 你们是否曾经指引 持女性或让女性参与至领导职位?Writers, have you challenged the language and imagery you used to portray women in the media?作家们,你们是否曾经质疑过 你们曾经在媒介之中描绘女性所使用的语言和意象?CEOs, have you implemented the womens empowerment principles in your own company?CEO们,你们是否将保护女性权益的基本方针贯彻实施?What change have you seen?你们在这过程中看到了怎样的改变?HeForShe Are you someone persuading men to become HeForShes and collecting their signatures for our website?你是不是试图说男人们成为并收集他们在我们网站上签名的一员?How many have you got?你收集到了多少呢?We want to know. We want to hear from you.我们想要了解 我们想要听到你们的声音。One of the biggest pieces of feedback Ive had since my speech in that men and women want to help but they arent sure how best to do it.我在演讲之后听到得最多的回应之一,是人们想要做出贡献,却不知怎样做才是最好的。Men say theyve signed the petition. What now?男性朋友们在请愿下签了名,然后呢?The truth is, the ;what now; is down to you.事实上,“然后”如何完全取决于你。What your HeForShe commitment will be is personal, and there is no best way.你对HeForShe事业的贡献具有你的个性 并且没有最好的方法一说。Everything is valid.一切皆可成事。Decide what your commitment is, make it public, and then please report back to us on your progress, so that we can share your story.决定你所要做的贡献,将其公开,然后请你反馈给我们你的进展,这样,我们便能与你分享你的故事。We want to support, guide, and reinforce your efforts.我们希望持和引领大家的努力 并使之更加有效Impact 10x10x10 is about concrete commitments to change, the visibility of these commitments and the measurability of them, too.影响力10x10x10为的是那些对做出改变脚踏实地的贡献,这些贡献能否眼见为实,以及能否被量化。How has the campaign impacted me so far?这项行动至今对我产生了怎样的影响?Ive had my breath taken away when a fan told me that since watching my speech, she has stopped herself being beaten up by her father. Ive been stunned by the amount of men in my life that have contacted me since my speech.令我瞠目结舌的是 一个粉丝告诉我 在看完我的演讲之后,她阻止了其父对她的毒打,我惊异于如此之多的男性朋友在我演讲之后联系我。201601/420953

But no matter what challenges or setbacks or disappointments you may encounter along the way, you will find true success and happiness if you have only one goal, there really is only one and that is this: to fulfill the highest most truthful expression of yourself as a human being.但是无论你一路上经历到怎样的挑战、挫折、险衅、绝望,如果你自始至终都只有一个目标,真的只有一个目标,你就会找到真正的成功和幸福。这个目标就是:作为一个人,你要实现你最真挚、最坦诚的自我表达。You want to max out your humanity by using your energy to lift yourself up, your family and the people around you.你想奋力拓展自己的人生领域,去追逐生命的最大化,去改变你的亲友以及周围的人。Theologian Howard Thurman said it best. He said ;Dont ask yourself what the world needs.神学家Howard Thurman将这件事儿阐释的淋漓尽致,他说:“不要追问这世界需要什么样的人。Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive.;扪心自问是什么持着你活到现在,然后你奔赴你的信仰、因为这世界需要的就是人们充满活力地活在世上。”The world needs people like Michael Stolzenberg from Fort Lauderdale.这是世界需要的——正如来自劳德代尔堡的迈克尔·斯托尔岑贝格。When Michael was just 8 years old Michael nearly died from a bacterial infection that cost him both of his hands and both of his feet.迈克尔年仅8岁时险些丧命于细菌感染,虽然他活了下来,但却永远失去了四肢。And in an instant this vibrant little boy became a quadruple amputee and his life was changed forever.须臾之间,原本一个完整的,充满活力的男孩儿失去四肢,成为一个残疾人,他的命运轨迹在这一劫难之后被硬生生地扭转。But in losing who he once was Michael discovered who he wanted to be.但在失去一切之后,他听懂了他的心,他明白了自己真正想成为谁。He refused to sit in that wheelchair all day and feel sorry for himself so with prosthetics he learned to walk and run and play again.他拒绝整日坐在轮椅中上沮丧、难过,而是选择了在假肢的扶持下继续行走、奔跑、玩耍。He joined his middle school lacrosse team and last month when he learned that so many victims of the Boston Marathon bombing would become new amputees Michael decided to banish that darkness with light.他甚至加入了他高中的曲棍球队。上个月当他得知在波士顿马拉松的轰炸中,有一些不幸的人同样被截肢时,他决心用同样的“灯光”帮助他们驱逐黑暗。Michael and his brother Harris created Mikeysrun. com to raise 1,000,000 dollars for other amputees.于是迈克尔和他的兄弟哈里斯创办了mikeysrun.com为其他被截肢的人募捐100 万美元。By the time Harris runs the 2014 Boston Marathon.这是在2014年哈里斯波士顿马立松之前。201508/392596

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