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玉林瑞东不孕专家玉林治前列腺炎多少钱Red packets traditionally contained a small sum of money given to children during the Chinese New Year.红包传统上是在过年期间送给孩子们的一小笔钱。But unlike in southern China, such as Guangdong Province and Hong Kong, where people mostly give several tens of yuan for children during the New Year holiday, red packets in most parts of China, including Shanghai, now see large sums of money exchanging hands.但不像中国南部如广东和香港,那里的人们大多在春节给孩子们几十元,在中国的大部分地区,包括上海,现在能看到大笔的钱在手中流转。;I#39;m always amazed to see how generous people are when giving red packets here. The amount is sometimes 50 times what we are used to giving,; said Mark, a Hong Kong resident visiting relatives in Shanghai. ;I wonder if they really earn that much each month.;“我总是惊奇地看到这里的人们在给红包时是那么慷慨。有时是我们过去给的50倍,”来上海探亲的香港居民马克说。“我想知道他们是否真的每个月赚那么多。”A report by TNS, a market research firm, found people on the Chinese mainland on average allocate 3,668 yuan (US8.8) as red packet money for the Chinese New Year. An average red packet for family members contains 1,323 yuan, and those for relatives average 893 yuan, according to the report.市场研究公司TNS公司的一份报告发现在中国大陆人们过年平均出3668元(588.8美元)作为红包。为家庭成员准备的红包平均1323元,给亲戚的平均893元,根据该报告。Daniel Tao, a Shanghai white collar worker, said his two-year-old daughter had received more than 10,000 yuan so far this year, mostly from relatives and friends.丹尼尔陶,一个上海白领,说他两岁的女儿今年目前为止已经收到超过1万元的红包吗,大部分来自亲戚和朋友。;She really got a good harvest,; Tao said, adding that grandpa, grandma, uncles and aunties had each given the toddler 1,000 yuan.“她真的有一个好收成,”陶说,爷爷、奶奶、叔叔、阿姨每个人给了孩子1000元。;But we also have to give out a lot in return,; he said. ;It#39;s almost a meaningless exchange.;“但我们也给了很多作为回报,”他说。“这几乎是一场毫无意义的交换。”For those who are just starting to work and don#39;t have any children, the problem is that they have little money to give away. Some web users complain that they have to spend all their annual bonus on red packets and taking relatives to nice restaurants.对于那些刚开始工作还没有孩子的人,问题是他们没有钱去发红包。一些网民抱怨他们不得不花费他们所有的年度奖在红包和带亲戚去好餐厅上。;It seems that 500 yuan is the minimum amount of money for children of relatives,; an online post said. ;The tradition of giving red packets will cost all my bonus in a week.;“看来500元是给亲戚孩子最少的钱,”一个网民发帖称。“给红包的传统在一星期将花掉我所有的奖金。There have long been proposing to cut the size of red packets, but reality seems to be against it.长期以来一直有人提议削减红包大小,但现实似乎与此作对。An online poll conducted by Tencent found that 40 percent of web users would allocate three months#39; salary for red packets, and 70 percent expected to spend more every year.一个由腾讯发起的在线民意调查发现,40%的网民会为红包花掉三个月的工资,70%的人预计每年花费更多。 /201302/225158玉林看阳痿早泄的费用是多少 Most regions in China will see clear weather during the upcoming eight-day national holiday, setting the ideal conditions for outings, the country#39;s meteorological authorities said Friday.在即将到来的为期八天的国庆假日里,中国大部分地区会看到晴朗的天气,为户外活动提供了理想条件,国家气象部门周五说。Apart from western parts of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region and some areas in southwest China, which will see light rains, skies in most parts of the country will be clear, allowing the public to see and enjoy the moon on Sunday, the Mid-Autumn Day holiday, according to Chen Zhenlin, an official with the China Meteorological Administration.除了西部地区新疆维吾尔族自治区以及中国西南地区的部分地区将会有小雨,全国大部分地区的天空将是明朗的,大家在中秋节晚上可以赏月,中国国家气象局的官员陈振林说道。The fine weather will extend to the National Day holiday, which runs from Oct 1 to Oct 7, except for some regions in southwest and northwest China.好天气将持续到国庆长假,从10月1至10月7日,除了中国西南、西北的一些地区。The southern province of Hainan will see relatively heavy rainfall around Oct 4, Chen said.海南省南部10月4日会有比较强的降雨,陈先生说。Temperatures in most of the country during the eight-day holiday will see only minor changes, but east and northeast China will see temperature drops of 4 to 6 degrees Celsius, while some areas in northwest China will see temperatures plunge 6 to 8 degrees Celsius, according to Chen.全国大部分地区的八天长假期间气温只有轻微变化,但中国东部和东北部地区气温将下降4至6摄氏度,而中国西北部一些地方气温大幅下降6至8摄氏度,据陈说。He also warned travellers on the Jianghan Plain and areas south of the Yangtze River to be on alert for traffic accidents, as fog will reduce visibility in those regions from Oct 4 to Oct 6.他还提醒江汉平原和长江以南的地区的旅客要提高交通意外的警觉性,从10月4至10月6日雾气会减少这些地区的能见度。According to estimates from the Ministry of Transport, more than 660 million people are expected to travel during the eight-day national holiday to celebrate this year#39;s Mid-Autumn Day and National Day.据交通运输部估计,预计超过6.6亿人会在为期八天的法定假日去旅游,以庆祝今年的中秋节和国庆节。 /201209/202316玉林哪里割包皮好费用要多少

博白县男科专家玉林医院割包皮好 Before she tried to kill herself by jumping from her dormitory building a year ago, no one knew Xing Hua (name changed for privacy), a 22-year-old economics postgraduate from Wuhan, was suffering from depression. She narrowly escaped death, but suffered severe internal injuries and multiple broken bones.一年前,星华(为保护隐私,此处使用化名)试图从宿舍楼一跃而下来结束自己的生命,在那之前并没有人知道这位来自武汉的22岁的经济学研究生一直饱受抑郁症的折磨。虽然她逃过了一劫,但仍遭受严重内伤以及多处骨折。“I was in great pain,” said Xing. “Only depression victims could understand the despair – a desperation so great that life itself seems not to matter any more.”“我非常痛苦,”星华说道,“只有抑郁症患者才能理解那份绝望。心如死灰,以致于活着与否无所谓。”This year, the World Mental Health Day on Oct 10 was marked by the theme: “Depression: A Global Crisis”. According to the World Federation for Mental Health and the WHO, depression has moved beyond the medical domain to become a social problem.今年10月10日的心理卫生日主题为:“抑郁症:一个全球性危机”。世界精神卫生联盟以及世界卫生组织表示,抑郁症已经超越医疗领域,成为社会问题。Statistics from the Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center show that of the 287,000 people who commit suicide in China every year, 70 percent are victims of depression.北京心理危机研究与干预中心提供的相关数据显示,每年中国有28.7万名自杀者,其中70%是抑郁症患者。“This equates to one depression victim taking their life every three minutes,” cited CCTV recently.“这相当于每三分钟就有一名抑郁症患者自杀。”中央电视台近日报道称。According to the Beijing-based Capital Medical University, the number of depression patients has been on the rise in the past years and now accounts for 5 to 10 percent of the population, more than the global average of 5 percent.北京首都医科大学方面表示,过去的几年中,中国抑郁症患者人数呈逐年增长趋势,现已占到人口总数的5%-10%,这一数字已经超过世界平均值——5%。Wang Shaoli, vice-president of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, a medical center specializing in mental health, said that what makes depression so widesp is that everybody can get it.北京回龙观医院是精神疾病专科医院。该院副院长王绍礼表示,抑郁症之所以传播如此广泛,是因为每个人都可能患病。“No one is immune to depression,” said Wang. “It has become a social problem because depression kills one’s social capabilities, such as communication, and leads to a negative social mentality.”“抑郁症对任何人来说都防不胜防,”王绍礼说道,“抑郁症能够扼杀一个人的社交能力,比如沟通交流能力,从而导致消极社会心态的产生,因此抑郁症已经成为一种社会问题。”According to Wang, depression can be treated with medicine and early psychological consultation. The real problem is the lack of awareness surrounding the issue.王绍礼表示,抑郁症可以通过药物以及早期心理咨询来进行治疗。真正问题在于,人们缺乏对这一病症的相关意识。“People with mental health illnesses are discriminated against,” said Wang. “So they are reluctant to go to hospital and often keep the pain to themselves, which only makes matters worse.”“精神疾病患者往往遭受歧视,”王绍礼说,“所以,他们不愿意去医院就医,往往独自承受痛苦,而这只会令病情加重。”Only one in 10 depression victims are properly treated in China, according to the Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center.北京心理危机研究与干预中心称,中国仅有十分之一的抑郁症患者在接受有效治疗。Social cost社会代价While depression brings great tragedy to individuals and their families, the social cost are considerable too.抑郁症在为患者本人及其家庭酿造悲剧的同时,社会代价也非常高。According to a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2008, depression is one of the most costly mental disorders because of the large number of persons affected and the significant impact it has on the labor force.经济合作与发展组织在2008年的一份报告指出,抑郁症是代价最高的精神疾病之一,因为患者人数众多,严重影响劳动力。“The associated cost of depression is more than 118 billion euros (958 billion yuan) in the European Union,” the report. “Equivalent to 1 percent of regional GDP.”该报告称:“在欧盟,抑郁症产生的相关费用超过1180亿欧元(合9580亿元人民币)。这相当于整个欧盟地区生产总值的1%。”Wang Gang, director of the Depression Treatment Center at the Beijing-based Anding Hospital, said that depression is triggered by multiple factors, from genetic heritage to cognitive experience.北京安定医院抑郁症治疗中心主任王刚表示,抑郁症的诱发原因有很多,比如基因遗传、认知经验等。“When people get depressed, it becomes part of their thoughts, making them negative, even desperate,” said Wang. “And embedded ideas are difficult to change.”王刚说:“当人们患上抑郁症时,抑郁情绪会潜入他们的大脑,令他们变得消极,甚至绝望。这种嵌入式思维很难改变。”That’s why Wang suggests early intervention.这正是王刚建议对抑郁症采取早期干预的原因。“Normally it takes about nine months to treat depression,” said Wang. “But in most cases, patients drop treatment half way when they feel some progress.”王刚说:“一般来说,抑郁症需要九个月的治疗期。但很多时候,病人感到病情有好转,就会半途中止治疗。”After a year of treatment, Xing is getting better. Although she is sometimes easily distracted from conversation, she is confident.通过一年的治疗,星华的病情正在好转。虽然谈话中她还是会时不时地无法集中精神,但却十分自信。“It is a relief that people know I had depression,” said Xing. “The more I talk and interact with people, the less I feel the stress.”星华说:“人们知道我曾患过抑郁症,这让我释然。我与人们交谈互动得越多,感到的压力也就越少。” /201210/206258玉林人民医院割包皮费用是多少

玉林哪家医院治疗泌尿感染比较好 Roughly a month after passing a law requiring adults to regularly visit their elderly parents, Chinese policy makers are considering legislation to encourage another activity the country’s people have neglected: ing. 在出台成年子女须定期探望年迈父母这一法律大约一个月后,中国决策者开始考虑通过立法鼓励另一项被国人忽视的活动:阅读。 The General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television announced that it had drawn up the first draft of a new Regulation on Public Reading Promotion, which it planned to submit to the country’s cabinet, the State Council, for approval by the end of the year. 中国国家新闻出版广电总局宣布,草拟了《全民阅读促进条例》初稿,打算在年底前将其提交给国务院审批。 The regulation, which has been in development since the country’s annual legislative conclave in March, is motivated by new research showing Chinese people ing books at a relatively low rate despite the country being one of the world’s most prolific book producers. 自从今年3月中国召开年度立法会议以来,该条例便一直在酝酿中,而这么做的动力来自一份新研究调查。调查显示,尽管中国是世界上最多产的图书生产国之一,但中国人的阅读率偏低。 Chinese people between the ages of 18 and 70 6.7 books on average last year, including paper books and e-books, an increase of roughly one book per year compared with 2011, according to a national public ing survey conducted by the state-affiliated Chinese Academy of Press and Publication. 国有机构中国新闻出版研究院对全国公众阅读情况的调查结果显示,去年年龄在18岁至70岁的中国人平均读了6.7本书(包括纸书和电子书),比2011年增加了一本左右。 American ers consumed an average of 15 books per year in 2012, according to a survey by Pew. Three-quarters of Americans at least one book last year, Pew found, which means that Americans 10.5 books on average in 2012 when noners are factored in. 皮尤(Pew)调查显示,2012年美国读者平均一年阅读15本书。调查发现,四分之三的美国人去年至少读了一本书,这意味着如考虑那些不读书的人,2012年美国人平均读了10.5本书。 China publishes more than 400,000 different book titles last year ─ a 14.4% increase from 2011 ─ according to official statistics. 据官方统计,以不同的书名来看,中国去年出版的书籍数量超过40万种,较2011年增加了14.4%。 Such a low ing rate is disturbing to leaders in a country that once chose its officials according to how well- they were. Yet social-media users haven’t taken kindly to the announcement of the law, details of which have yet to be released. 对于曾经根据学程度来选拔官员的中国来说,如此低的阅读率令中国领导人不安。但社交媒体用户并未对有关“阅读法”消息持欢迎态度。相关法律细节尚未公布。 “I totally agree with promoting ing, but doing it by law is totally crap and useless,” wrote one user of Sina Corp.’s popular Weibo microblogging service. 一位网友在新浪公司(Sina Corp.)旗下人气颇高的微上写道:我极度赞同全民读书,但是用立法推动阅读,纯属扯淡!净整没用的! “Will people get sentenced for not ing enough?” asked another. 另一位网友问道:看不够书要判刑吗? Even the Communist Party’s mouthpiece newspaper was skeptical about legislating better ing habits, though it defended the spirit of the proposed regulation. 就连作为中共喉舌的报纸也质疑是否能通过立法培养更好的阅读习惯,尽管该报为这一条例的用意进行了辩护。 “No matter whether (the law) can really improve the ing rate, it is true that more and more Chinese don’t ,” People’s Daily said in on its verified Weibo feed. 《人民日报》在新浪微的认账户发帖说,姑且不论能否提高阅读率,但“不阅读的中国人”的确越来越多。 Given China’s long history of valuing scholarly pursuits, it isn’t clear why Chinese people have such a weak appetite for the written word, though some say it is precisely the country’s obsession with education and stiff competition on the college entrance exams ─ that’s too blame. 考虑到中国人长久以来就有重视求学的传统,当下的中国人为什么对读书如此提不起兴趣还没有明确的解释,不过有些人说,正是中国人对教育的投入以及考大学竞争激烈造成了这种现状。 “To score high in exams, we are forced to something outdated and valueless,” said Kang Kai, editor of CS-BOOKY, a Beijing-based publishing company. “The painful experience leaves a negative impression on people’s mind and later leads to the popular idea that ‘ing is useless.’” 位于北京的出版企业中南集天卷文化传媒公司(CS-Booky)的编辑康慨说,为了高分,我们被强迫读一些没有价值的,过时的内容,这种痛苦的经历给人们留下消极的影响,之后导致了读书无用论的盛行。 Others point to censorship. The publishing regulator maintains strict control over the issuance of book numbers, which are required for a book to be published or sold legally, denying them to books it deems inappropriate. Topics that allude to violence, religion, sex and politics are strictly controlled. Some publishers say this year, novels about Chinese officialdom an immensely popular genre widely embraced by Chinese ers in recent years have been unable to get book numbers. 还有一些人把矛头指向了审查机制。出版监管机构严格控制书号的发放,不给其认为不适合出版的书发放书号,而一本书要合法出版、合法销售就必须要有书号。与暴力、宗教、性和政治有关的主题更是受到了严格的控制。一些出版商说,今年,官场小说也拿不到书号了。近些年来,官场小说在中国读者中大受欢迎。 “It’s not that Chinese don’t like to ,” said Wang Xiaodong, president of China Pioneer Culture amp; Media Co., whose company has many published books that later were adapted into films and dramas, including “The Flowers of War.” “It’s that Chinese don’t like to what the government publishes.” 新华先锋文化传媒有限公司总裁王笑东说,并不是中国人不喜欢读书,而是中国人不喜欢读官方出版的书。新华先锋文化传媒有限公司出版的很多书后来被改编成了电影和电视剧,包括《金陵十三钗》(The Flowers of War)。 The wide availability of pirated books online is another problem, according Mr. Wang. “It will be more meaningful for the government to try harder to curb online piracy and protect writer’s rights,” he said. 在王笑东看来,盗版书在网上泛滥是另一个问题。王笑东说,政府应该做打击互联网盗版以及保护作者的权利这样更有意义的事情。 Finally, there are the bad memories many Chinese have of the last time Beijing tried to force its citizens to . 而且,对于上一次中国政府强迫人们阅读的事,很多人还有着不好的记忆。 “It is fine to recommend good books to the public, but compelling people to may lead to mental oppression,” said Mr. Kang, referring to the Cultural Revolution when the public was commanded to works by Mao Zedong. 康慨说,向公众推荐好书是好的,但是强迫阅读会导致打压思想。他指的是文革中,人们曾被命令读毛泽东的文章。 /201308/252070博白县治疗阳痿哪家医院最好玉林最好前列腺囊肿医院



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