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福州哪家医院看男科福州妇幼保健院泌尿系统在线咨询福州中心医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱 Never before in the history of our country have most of the advanced degrees been awarded to women but now they are. Since the dawn of men, its hardly more than 100 years since we were even allowed into these buildings except to clean them, but soon most of law and medical degrees will probably also go to women. Around the world, poor women now own property, who used to be property and according to Economist magazine, for the last two decades, the increase in female employment in the rich world has been the main driving force of growth. Those women have contributed more to global GDP growth than have either new technology or the new giants India or China. Cracks in the ceiling, cracks in the door, cracks in the Court and on the Senate floor.历史上从没有一个国家像今天这样给女性颁发高等学位,但是今天他们颁发了。自男性主宰以来,长达100多年,除了做清洁之外甚至不准女性进入这样的建筑。但不久的将来,也许更多的医学和法律的学位将被授予女性。纵观世界,很多曾是他人财物的女性现在有了自己的财产。据《经济学家》杂志报道,在过去20年中,发达地区女性雇员的增加已成为世界发达国家的主要动力。这些女性为全球生产总值的增长所做出的贡献比新科学技术或新兴大国印度和中国还要多。“缝隙”无处不在,在天花板上、在门板上、在法庭中甚至是在参议院的地板上。You know, I gave a speech at Vassar 27 years ago. It was a really big hit. Everyone loved it, really. Tom Brokaw said it was the very best commencement speech he had ever heard and of course I believed this. And it was much easier to construct than this one. It came out pretty easily because back then I knew so much. I was a new mother, and I had two academy awards, and it was all, coming together so nicely. I was smart and I understood boiler plate and what sounded good.你们知道,27年前 我在瓦萨学院做了一次演讲。那是一场轰动的演讲,每个人都非常喜欢,真的!汤姆·布罗克说那是他曾听过的最棒的毕业典礼演讲,当然我也相信这个说法。那次演讲主旨的确立和构思比这次简单得多,演讲稿也很轻松的搞定,因为我当时有很多感触。那时我刚刚做了母亲,拥有两个奥斯卡奖,这一切恰巧又同时发生了。我以前很聪明,比如我知道发出什么样响声的热水壶才是好的热水壶。201403/280383闽清县医院有泌尿科吗

福州市中医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱Theres only one little entrance to the entire building,整座大楼只有一个小小的入口,and the 3,000 residents come in and out through that single door.3000居民从这里通过这一个门进出。Together, the inhabitants created public spaces and designed them to feel more like a home and less like an unfinished tower.居住者合力建立了公共空间 并设计德使这里多一点家的感觉少一点烂尾楼的感觉。In the lobby, they painted the walls and planted trees.在大堂,他们粉刷了墙面,种植了树。They also made a basketball court.他们还建了一个篮球场。But when you look up closely,但是当你近距离观察时,you see massive holes where elevators and services would have run through.可以看到很多的洞,这是当初设计给电梯和其它的务设施。Within the tower, people have come up with all sorts of solutions in response to the various needs which arise from living in an unfinished tower.在大楼里,人们想出了各种解决方案以应对不同的需求,由于居住在这个烂尾楼里。With no elevators,由于没有电梯,the tower is like a 45-story walkup.大楼像个45层的步行高楼。Designed in very specific ways by this group of people who havent had any education in architecture or design.这群没有受过任何建筑和设计培训的居民以一种独特的方式设计了大楼的使用。And with each inhabitant finding their own unique way of coming by,而当每个居住者发现他们自己独特的生活居住方式时,this tower becomes like a living city,这座大楼好像变成了一座居住的城市,a place which is alive with micro-economies and small businesses.一个伴随着微观的经济和小商户的地方。The inventive inhabitants, for instance,比如,这些有创造力的居住者,find opportunities in the most unexpected cases,在最不可思议的情况下发现机遇,like the adjacent parking garage,比如毗邻的停车场,which has been reclaimed as a taxi route to shuttle the inhabitants up through the ramps in order to shorten the hike up to the apartments.被重新规划为一条出租车的路线搭载居民通过坡道以缩短到公寓的爬坡的距离。A walk through the tower reveals how residents have figured out how to create walls, how to make an air flow,穿过大楼的一路上展现了居民是如何想出怎么搭建墙体,怎么让空气流通,how to create transparency,怎么让大楼更加透亮,circulation throughout the tower,大楼的循环系统,essentially creating a home thats completely adapted to the conditions of the site.尤其是创造一个完全适应于周围环境的家园。201601/422584福州泌尿专科男科医院治疗阳痿多少钱 亚马逊CEO Jeff Bezos在普林斯顿大学的演讲(中英双语视频)201305/242148福州治疗前列腺肥大男性医院

晋安区治疗尿道炎多少钱Later this year, Brisbane will host the leaders of the world’s biggest economies at the G20 summit. This year’s summit will focus on boosting economic growth – because stronger economic growth is the key to addressing almost every global problem. The outcome should be more jobs, better infrastructure, freer trade and greater co-operation -- because these are the foundations of stronger economies. As President, Australia is aly leading by example. The Government’s Economic Action Strategy is delivering results. Since the end of last year, 110,000 new jobs have been created. We’ve also held a red tape repeal day to cut 50,000 pages of unnecessary red tape – as part of our plan to save Australians billion in red tape costs every year. We’re also scrapping bad taxes like the carbon tax and the mining tax – and the Government will keep talking to the new Senate so that this can happen as soon as possible. And the Government has signed free trade agreements with Korea and Japan. The agreement with Japan will benefit our farmers and our businesses – 97 per cent of Australia’s exports to Japan will receive preferential access or enter duty-free once the Agreement is fully implemented. And consumers here will benefit from less expensive Japanese cars and parts, and from lower prices on household items like white goods and electronics. This coming week, business leaders from around the world will meet in Sydney. My message to them is that Australia is open for business. Together, we can foster growth and we can and will create more jobs.201503/364768 We begin to understand that life is ours to live, but not to waste, and that the greatest rewards are found in the commitments we make with our whole hearts—to the people we love and to the causes that earn our sacrifice. I hope that each of you will know these rewards. I hope you will find them in your own way and your own time.我们开始明白,生活需要用心经营而不是日日虚度。人生最大是意义在于对所爱的人的付出,以及对值得为之牺牲的事业的无私奉献。我希望你们能了解这些回报,并以自己的方式、自己的时间、自己的奋斗来实现这种意义。For some, that might mean some time in public service. And if you hear that calling, I hope you answer. Each of you has unique gifts and you were given them for a reason. Use them and share them. Public service is one way—an honorable way—to mark your life with meaning.对于有些人来说,这也许意味着在公共务领域倾注心血,如果你们听到了这样的召唤,我希望你们能给予回应。你们每个人都有独特的天赋,上天赋予你们这些天赋是有其原因的。好好利用它们,与人分享它们。参与公共务只是利用天赋的一种方式,一种值得人们尊敬的方式,这种方式赋予你更有意义的人生。Today I visit not only my alma mater, but the city of my birth. My life began just a few blocks from here, but I was raised in West Texas. From there, Yale always seemed a world away, maybe a part of my future. Now its part of my past, and Yale for me is a source of great pride.这次我不仅回到母校,也是回到我的出生地,我就是在离这里几条街之外的地方出生的,但我是在西德克萨斯长大的。在那里耶鲁与我仿佛相隔了一个世界之遥,可能只是未来的一个梦想。而现在,她是我过去的一部分。对我而言,耶鲁是令我极度骄傲的源泉。I hope that there will come a time for you to return to Yale to say that, and feel as I do today. And I hope you wont wait as long. Congratulations and God bless.我希望,将来你们回到耶鲁时,能有与我一样的感受并说出相同的话。我希望你们不会等太久。祝贺你们!上帝保佑你们。 /201303/230439福州泌尿专科治疗早泄预约福州泌尿专科男科专科医院男科



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