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鹤岗市妇科检查多少钱鸡西第一人民中医院无痛人流收费标准PreviewTheme: Thainess: Sustainable Ways of LifeNational Pavilion Day: September 5Pavilion Mascot: "Tai"Location: Within Zone B of the Expo Site展馆主题:泰国人:可持续的生活方式国家馆日:2010年9月5日吉祥物:小阿泰展馆位置:B片区 /201005/104815哈尔滨解放军93163空军部队医院做彩超多少钱 Asian parents are spending billions of dollars on private tutors for their children, and the practice is growing despite doubts about its effectiveness, according to an Asian Development Bank study published Wednesday, AFP reported.法新社报道,据亚洲发展周三发表的研究显示,亚洲家长为孩子请家教花去亿万美元,虽然人们对家教是否有效存在质疑,但家教却越来越流行。;Shadow education; is an expanding business not only in wealthy countries, but also in some of the region#39;s poorer nations as parents try to give their children the best start in life, the study said. Nearly nine out of 10 South Korean elementary pupils receive private tutoring, while the figure for primary school children in India#39;s West Bengal state stands at six out of 10.该研究表示,家长想给孩子们一个最佳的人生起点,因此“开小灶”的生意不仅在富国,在一些穷国也越做越大。在韩国,9/10的小学生请着家教,而在印度西孟加拉邦,小学生请家教的比例为6/10。The study estimated that the costs of private tutoring in South Korea were equivalent to 80 percent of government spending on public education. Japan spent billion on extra teaching in 2010, while the figure for Singapore stood at US0 million in 2008.研究估计,韩国的请家教花费相当于政府公共教育投入的80%。2010年,日本在课外辅导上花了120亿美元;2008年,新加坡的这项花费为6.8亿美元。Extra academic work aims to help slow learners and support high achievers. Many Asian parents view it as a constructive way for adolescents to spend their spare time. However, it can also reduce the students#39; time for sports and other activities important for their overall development as well as cause social tensions as richer families are able to pay for better-quality tutoring, the study said.课外辅导是为了帮助后进生,也是外了帮优秀生保持好成绩。在许多亚洲父母看来,这也是未成年子女度过课外时间的有益方法。然而,该研究表示,课外辅导也会削减学生全面发展所需的运动时间和其它活动时间,还会引发社会关系紧张,因为家庭越富有,就能请得起越好的家教。The study calls for a review of educational systems to make such extra teaching less attractive.该研究呼吁重新审视教学体系,从而降低课外辅导的吸引力。 /201207/189298As would be expected in a city of more than 20m, traffic in Beijing moves at the pace of a blood clot and feels equally lethal. The best strategy for shoppers is to focus all of their energy on a single district. I went to Opposite House, a new, posh, modern art gallery-cum-hotel flanked by the Sanlitun shopping villages.可想而知,在人口超2000万的北京,行车速度就好比得了血栓,感觉真是急死人。购物者的上上策乃是毕其功于某一区域。于是我去了瑜舍酒店(Opposite House),这是一家附带现代艺术画廊的豪华新式酒店,旁边就是三里屯购物城(Sanlitun shopping villages)。Sanlitun Village North is modelled after traditional siheyuan (housing quadrangles) and features high-end international luxury designer showrooms. The Alexander McQueen unit was in the final stages of construction but most others were open. At Balenciaga, I saw a black crepe asymmetric skirt with khaki accents around the low-slung waistline (Rmb4,350, £440). Balmain hooked me with a heavenly silk blouse with artfully deconstructed edging (Rmb11,200) that was beige enough to minimise see-through action but not so beige that it felt like it was trying to minimise see-through action. 三里屯Village北区(Sanlitun Village North)是仿照传统四合院(siheyuan)而建,以经营国际高端奢侈品而著称。我看到亚历山大?麦奎(Alexander McQueen)的专柜装修已近尾声,但其它多数国际品牌门店都已开张纳客。在巴黎世家(Balenciaga),我看到了一件卡其布装饰低腰的非对称黑色绉布裙(4350RMB,约合440英镑)。巴尔曼(Balmain)一件精致女式拆解式磨边丝质上衣深深打动了我(11200RMB),这件米色衣的颜色恰到好处,穿上它既让人偷窥不得,但又让人贼心不死、想入非非。Most of the other items in the store induced some degree of sticker shock, such as the various red and black safety-pin laden evening gowns priced in the same range as a mid-sized sedan. I was told cash was preferred to credit, which explains why my next stop was a cash machine. 店里卖的多数品牌引发了相当程度的“标价震惊”(sticker shock,指看到标签上的价格而震惊),如缀满平安针的各款红黑晚礼标价都能抵上一辆中型轿车的价格。店员告诉我,在此购物,现金而非信用卡更获欢迎,这就是缘何我下一个停靠点是自动柜员机。In the same courtyard as the cash machine sits the IT Beijing Market, a multi-storey style-fest proudly modelled on Comme des Gar?ons’ Dover Street Market concept store in central London. Even though at least half the merchandise is for women, it felt overwhelmingly male, thanks to the industrial feel of the building: wide-open spaces and exposed staircases. 与自动柜员机位于同一院子的是IT Beijing Market时尚店,这是一家多层潮店,风格完全比照伦敦市中心Comme des Garcons的多佛街市场(Dover Street Market)概念店。虽说一多半的商品都为女品,但整体感觉阳刚味十足,这主要归因于整幢大楼的商业气息:宽敞的内部空间以及隐约显现的各层楼梯。The clothing, shoes and accessories are more curated than displayed. I was told by the staff that there were 15 different lines from Comme des Gar?ons in the store, as well as designers such as Maison Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy. 装、鞋以及配饰更多的是策展,而非单纯展出。店员对我说店里除了展出马丁?马吉拉(Maison Martin Margiela)、安?穆拉米斯特(Ann Demeulemeester)、朗万(Lanvin)、伊夫?圣洛朗(Yves Saint Laurent)以及纪梵希(Givenchy)等名品外,还展出了Comme des Gar?ons15大系列的品牌饰。Four sales staff tracked my every move, and while I know some people appreciate that level of attention, it made me feel like I was an exhibit rather than a customer. 四个员工亦步亦趋,虽说有些顾客喜欢这种贴心务,但本人却感觉自己成了展品而不是消费者。About a block away sits 3.3 Fashion Plaza where stores are all numbered (not named) and the layout is designed more like a logic puzzle than a mall. None of the boutiques takes credit cards, so come prepared or the “conveniently located ATMs” will add about 5 per cent to your tab. 3.3时尚广场(3.3 Fashion Plaza)就隔了一个街区,此处的各个门店都是按数字而非名字排列,整个布局与其说卖场,倒不如说更似逻辑拼图。所有的精品店都不接受信用卡付款,所以来时就带上现金,否则在“精心设置的自动取款机”上取款,就会多收约5%的手续费。At the first store I saw, 1100, I walked out with a fluttery long-sleeved black silk shirt that had multiple tangles of attached pearl necklaces around the neckline, two chunky plastic necklaces with black and white muslin skulls, and a softly looped chain-link belt made of black and silver grosgrain ribbon. After some negotiation, I managed to bring the total price down to Rmb1,560. 在3.3时尚广场一楼,我看到了1100号店面,在此买了一件领口缀了好几串珍珠项链的黑色长袖丝质衬衣、两条挂着女性骷颅头坠子的粗塑料项链、以及一条由黑色及银色罗缎丝带(grosgrain ribbon)所做的、休闲圈状的链节皮带,经过一番讨价还价后,我最终成功把这些东西的总价压至1560元人民币。I then discovered store 1099 was nowhere near 1100; 1098 was nowhere I could find at all; the display case at 1091 was filled with crystal-encrusted cell phone cases priced upwards of Rmb3,000 that didn’t fit my phone or that of any of the other half dozen customers. 随后,我发现编号1100号的店面旁边根本没有1099号店,1098号店也是子虚乌有;1091号店卖的则全是水晶镶嵌的手机套,有的价格竞高达3000元人民币,但那些套与我的手机不配,也与旁边好几位顾客的手机不匹配。Somewhere in the 1080 range I was surprised to find a store with no number but an actual name, Made in Korea, which only offered items made in China. 在1080号店面旁边,我惊讶地发现一家没门牌号、却有实名的店面——韩国精品屋(Made in Korea),却只卖中国生产的东西。At that addled point, I fully intended to find my way to the exit when I noticed stretchy black velvet dresses in the window of 1017. (Who doesn’t stop immediately for stretchy black velvet?) 此时我感觉有点晕菜,满脑子想的是找大楼的出口处,这时却突然看到1017号店里挂着的那件弹性款黑色天鹅绒衣。(看到弹性款的黑色天鹅绒裙子,谁还能不马上停下匆忙的脚步?)I tried on a Rmb2,800 cheongsam (or qipao) mini with fuchsia piping along the edges that fit like an anti-gravity body glove. But, as I was walking back into the dressing room, I noticed three male stylists at the 1027 hair salon giggling and pointing at me. 我试穿了那件标价2800元人民币、紫红色滚边的超短旗袍,衣再合适不过了,就像无重量的身体手套一般。但就在我走回更衣室的时候,我看到1027号美发店里的三位美发师正对我咯咯地笑,并朝我指指点点。Out of curiosity I approached and asked what they thought. “You look like a super-hot hooker,” said the immaculately coiffed, bespectacled, and overly belt-buckled hipster. 出于好奇,我走到他们跟前,征询他们的看法。“你的模样就像红得发紫的三陪,”那位戴着眼镜、头发梳得蹦棒、皮带系得过紧的潮人这样对我说。Slightly taken aback, the only thing I could think to reply was, “Oh, thank you”. I moved on to Sanlitun Village South. 听到这,我心头略微感到有点吃惊,唯一能答复对方的是,“哦,谢谢”。我随后又逛到了三里屯Village南区。The space is vast but a little easier to navigate than IT Beijing Market, since it was designed like a traditional hutong. 这儿的空间很宽敞,但比IT Beijing Market更容易逛,因为它是按照传统胡同布局设计的。This collection of stores is probably the most diverse in all Beijing: it’s home to both Apple and the world’s largest Adidas. I browsed through neutral blazers at Reiss and cashmere knits and flannel plaid shirts at Uniqlo. 全北京城,这儿的店面或许门类最为齐全:此处设有苹果(Apple)的门店以及全球最大的阿迪达斯(Adidas)门店。我随便看了看Reiss店的中性色夹克上衣,以及优衣库(Uniqlo)门店里的羊绒针织衫与法兰绒格子衬衣。Nearing the end of the day and short on cash, I cruised into a pharmacy to pick up some essentials and noticed a quirky little store called Devil Nut next door. 大逛了快整整一天,口袋里的钱也花得所剩无几,我转而来到一家药店买些常备药,此时,却看到了紧隔壁一家名叫Devil Nut的古怪小店。Here, the fabrics were a little stiff, and the sizing and cut were more appropriate for a teenage boy than, say, a “super-hot hooker” – but I saw the humour in their zip hoodies, T-shirts and skater shorts featuring dragons, Lucha libre wrestlers and aliens. 店里的装使用稍硬的面料,尺码与剪裁风格更适合青少年,而不是本人这样的“超级三陪女”——但店里的拉链帽衫、T恤以及溜冰短裤(绘有龙、墨西哥摔跤手(lucha libre)以及外星人图案)则显得诙谐气十足。I learnt two serious, and probably universal, lessons: cash is always better than credit cards and no stretchy black velvet. 本人得到了或许是全世界通行的两大教训:现金永远比信用卡更获青睐,以及千万别买弹性款黑色天鹅绒衣,虽然让人欲罢不能。 /201205/182794哈尔滨211医院电话

拜泉县治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱The child had just finished playing ;Grand Theft Auto IV; before he fatally shot Marie Smothers, 90, inside a Louisiana mobile home, police said. But state law prevents children under 10 from being charged with a crime.根据警方消息,美国路易斯安那州的一名8岁男孩在玩了“侠盗猎车手”以后,将同在移动房屋里看护自己的90岁老太太玛丽.马特尔斯开打死。根据州立法案,对10岁以下的未成年人不被指控为犯罪,所以这名8岁小孩将免于法律制裁。Police believe an 8-year-old boy intentionally killed his 90-year-old caregiver when he shot her in the back of the head while she watched television inside the mobile home.警方认为,这名字8岁的孩子是故意杀人。作为看护的玛丽当时正在移动屋里面看电视,被孩子从后脑处击致死。But the child won’t be charged with a crime.然而孩子并不会被指控为犯罪。The boy fatally shot his elderly caregiver, Marie Smothers, after playing “Grand Theft Auto IV” — a game critics often blame for promoting violence根据警方描述,孩子是在玩了“侠盗猎车手”以后开打死玛丽的。而“侠盗猎车手”一直被人们认为是个很暴力的游戏。Smothers was sitting in a chair and watching television when the unidentified boy fired one round into the back of her head.玛丽当时坐在椅子上看电视,男孩从她脑后开了。The boy was taken into custody at the scene, but later released to his parents, because Louisiana state law prevents children under 10 from being charged with a crime.事情发生以后,男孩被监护起来,但不久就被他的父母领走,因为根据美国路易斯安那州的立法,不到10岁的未成年人不能指控犯罪。“You have a child that does not know the impact or the consequences of the act that he has committed,” Sclynski Legier, an attorney, said. “He truly doesn’t understand that.”本案代理律师Sclynski Legier讲“孩子其实不知道自己的行为会有怎样的结果和影响,因为他根本不理解发生了什么。”The child initially told investigators that he accidentally shot Smothers while playing with the loaded pistol. But police later determined the elderly woman was targeted.孩子最开始告诉调查人员他当时在玩手,击老太太是个意外。然而警方之后认为这不是个意外,他当时开的目标就是老太太。Cops didn’t reveal a motive for the killing, but said that the boy was close to the woman he allegedly shot.“By accounts of relatives of the victim, as well as friends of the family, the victim and the juvenile had a normal, loving relationship,” police officials said.至于当时男孩开的动机,警方还没有明确。但是根据相关调查,男孩和老太太的关系是很亲密的。“根据许多老太太的亲属以朋友提供的线索,老太太身前和男孩的关系正常,也很亲密。”警放透露。Investigators found that the boy had just finished playing the game that police called “a realistic game that has been associated with encouraging violence and awards points to players for killing people.”警方的调查显示,在案发前,男孩玩过游戏。警方认为这个暴力游戏很逼真,游戏中的奖惩规则是鼓励玩家在游戏中杀人的。The boy’s father told WAFB-TV that his son used the elderly woman’s .38-caliber pistol to commit the murder. Although the child dodged criminal charges, he still faces penalties under the juvenile system, officials said.男孩的父亲告诉电视台,男孩当时用的手式老太太自己携带的38口径手。官方透露,尽管男孩没有被指控为犯罪,他任然要接受青少年犯罪的惩罚。本译文属 /201308/254378哈尔滨市第八医院网上预约咨询 哈尔滨妇科医院及地址

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