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2019年05月20日 13:18:09 | 作者:飞度名院 | 来源:新华社
Chinese sports fans have taken to the streets to demand the resignation of the president of China’s football association after the national side crashed to a shock defeat to Syria in a major blow to president Xi Jinping’s football revolution.在中国国家队输给叙利亚队后,中国球迷走上街头要求中国足协主席下课,这对习近平主席的足球改革是一个重大打击。Xi, who Communist party propagandists promote as a dedicated football fan, has vowed to turn China into a footballing superpower.习,作为一个热诚的球迷,发誓要把中国变成一个足球强国。Thousands of football academies are being built across the country in a bid to nurture a new generation of world-beating players. Massive pay packets are being used to lure foreign coaches and players from footballing nations such as Brazil in order to beautify the still dismal Chinese game.成千上万所足球院校正在全国各地兴建,为了培养新一代的世界级球员。高额的薪水被用来吸引来自足球强国,例如巴西等国的外籍教练和球员,为了让依旧很沉闷的中国球赛好看些。But Xi’s ambitious plans to qualify for, host and eventually win a World Cup were dented on Thursday night when China lost 1-0 to Syria.但是习那雄心勃勃的计划——举办并最终赢得世界杯,在周四晚上却被打乱了,当中国1-0输给叙利亚的时候。Forty-thousand fans had packed the Zhuque Stadium in the northern city of Xi’an to see China, ranked 78th in the world by Fifa, take on Syria, a footballing minnow ranked 114th, just ahead of Turkmenistan, Lithuania, Palestine and North Korea.4万球迷挤满了位于北方的城市西安的朱雀体育馆,去看世界足联排名78名的中国队拿下叙利亚队,一个世界排名114名,仅排在土库曼斯坦,立陶宛,巴勒斯坦和朝鲜之前的鱼腩球队。The Global Times, a Communist party-run tabloid, said China’s players dominated possession. But in the second half Team China was “stunned” by a goal from Mahmoud Al-Mawas, meaning China’s chances of qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia were now “slim”.一个共产党的运营的报纸环球时报称中国球员控球占据优势。但在下半场来自马瓦斯的一个进球让中国队被惊的目瞪口呆,这意味着现在中国晋级2018年俄罗斯世界杯的机会变得很小。Xinhua, Beijing’s official news agency, admitted that the result left China on “the edge of elimination” from the qualifying campaign.新华社,北京官方新闻机构,承认此战过后中国队在预选赛中“处于被淘汰的边缘”。“Seriously, the performance of China’s national team was that of an amateur side,” Dong Lu, a television sports commentator, wrote on Weibo, China’s Twitter.“说真的,中国国家队的表现就像是一个业余队伍。”Dong Lu,一个电视体育节目员在微上写道。The Tencent Sports website said large groups of disgruntled fans gathered outside the stadium following the game to demand that the president of the Chinese Football Association, Cai Zhenhua, be axed.腾讯体育网站称大批心怀不满的球迷在比赛结束后聚集在体育场外,要求中国足协主席蔡振华下台。“Cai Zhenhua, resign!” they chanted, according to of the demonstration.根据视频显示,他们高呼:“蔡振华,下课!”Fans also used social media to voice their disgust.球迷也利用社交媒体表达他们的厌恶。“Last night Syria, a country which has been suffering wars for many years, whose manager earns just 2,000 yuan (£240) each month, defeated China whose players earn millions of yuan. It is time for China’s national football team to have a good think,” one critic wrote on Weibo.“昨晚,一个常年饱受战火摧残的国家,一个主教练月薪只有2000元人民币的球队,打败了中国队,一只球员能赚取数百万元的球队。中国国家队是时候该认真想想了。“一位者在微写道。“China’s national team couldn’t even beat the Syrian football team which is suffering from a situation of extreme instability,” another commented. “There is no longer any need for China’s national team to exist. It is a waste of taxpayer’s money.”“中国国家队甚至不能击败叙利亚队,一只处于极度不稳定情况的球队”,另一位者说道。“中国国家队已经没有存在的必要了,它只是在浪费纳税人的钱。”A third critic wrote: “What China’s National Football Team gives its fans is decades of consistent disappointment.”第三位者写道“数十年始终如一的失望就是中国国家队给予球迷的东西。”Some disillusioned fans called for Team China’s manager, Gao Hongbo, to be sacked and replaced with Lang Ping, the revered coach of China’s female volleyball team.一些失望的球迷呼吁解雇中国队主教练高洪波,并让受人尊敬的中国女排教练郎平取代他。Lang cemented her position as a national treasure when she lead her team to gold at this summer’s Rio Olympics. 当郎平带领她的队伍在今年夏季里约奥运会夺金时,她巩固了她的国宝级地位。Following Thursday’s defeat, senior members of China’s sports establishment conceded such glories remained out of reach for the country’s footballers.在周四的失败后,中国体育部门的高级官员承认,对于中国球员来说,这样的荣誉仍然是遥不可及的。Yu Hongchen, the vice dean of China’s football management centre, said Team China players had been left “heartbroken” by the defeat to Syria. 中国足球管理中心副主任于洪臣说,中国队球员已经从被叙利亚队击败的失落的情绪中走出来了。“Our football players played hard,” Yu said, according to the Sina Sports website. “But the result is unacceptable.”“我们的球员踢的非常努力,但结果不能接受。”于洪臣说。据新浪体育网站报道。 /201610/470568

China’s state grains reserves body will auction about 2m tonnes of old corn stocks and 200,000 tonnes of rice on Friday to clear space before the harvest season starts, helping to chip away space in its grossly overstocked grains warehouses.中国国家粮食储备机构将在周五拍卖约200万吨陈玉米库存及20万吨大米,以便在收获季节开始前清理仓储空间,帮助从其存货过多的粮仓中腾出空间。China’s state reserves of corn, wheat, rice and other agricultural commodities have climbed to high levels thanks to a policy that set state purchasing prices well above market prices in China or overseas. The huge size of the reserves, estimated at 250m tonnes for corn alone, now threatens to swamp markets if sold or run the risk of spoiling from prolonged storage.由于一项令政府收购价格大大高于中国或海外市场价的政策,中国的玉米、小麦、大米及其他农业大宗商品的国家储备已攀升至极高水平。据估计,仅玉米库存就高达2.5亿吨。如今,巨大的粮食储备规模,一旦销售很可能会淹没整个市场,或者面临因长期存储而损坏的风险。The state grains trading centre said it would sell corn grown in northern China in 2012, plus imported corn from 2011 and 2012, to designated buyers, understood to be feed companies and other industrial processors. The choice of buyers indicates that the grain quality has deteriorated so that it is unsuitable for human food.国家粮食交易中心表示,该中心将向指定买家销售2012年在中国北方种植的玉米以及2011年到2012年期间进口的玉米。按照人们的理解,这些指定买家是一些饲料企业和其他工业加工企业。对买家的选择,表明这批玉米的品质已经恶化,不适合作为食品出售。“We have too much old grains. They have to be sold off for cheap,” said Ma Wenfeng of Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant, a critic of China’s grains stockpiling policy.中国粮食库存政策的批评者、北京东方艾格农业咨询有限公司(Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultants)马文峰表示:“我们的陈粮太多了,必须廉价抛售。”China’s state reserves normally keep grains for up to three years then rotate the old grains out to make room for the new harvest. The system is designed to keep grains to stabilise prices or for use in case of a natural disaster.通常,中国的国家粮食储备会把粮食存储最多三年,再把陈粮轮换出去,以便为新收获粮食腾出空间。整个系统的设计目的是通过粮食存储确保价格稳定,或在发生自然灾害时使用。However, the poor quality of the stored grains and the high prices sought by the reserves body to avoid too great a loss on stocks purchased at above-market prices meant that much of the grain put up for auction went unsold in recent years. Regular weekly grains auctions will kick off after the stock-clearing sale on Friday.不过,仓储粮品质低劣,而对于以高于市场价收购的库存,储藏机构为避免亏损过大而开出了很高的价格。这些因素导致最近几年这些被拍卖的粮食许多都没有卖出去。在周五的清理库存销售之后,中国将启动每周的定期粮食拍卖。China’s mounting grain inventories are expected to further boost total global stocks to a new record of 474m tonnes for the crop year 2016-17, according to latest figures from the International Grains Council. At almost 200m tonnes, inventories in China may be the largest since 1999-2000, nominally accounting for more than 40 per cent of the world total, said the IGC.根据国际谷物理事会(International Grains Council,IGC)发布的最新数据,中国不断增高的粮食库存预计会进一步推升全球总库存,在2016-2017农事年将其推升至4.74亿吨的新纪录。IGC表示,中国近2亿吨库存也许是1999至2000农事年以来的最高水平,这一数字从表面上说占了全球总库存的40%以上。China said this year it would scrap the minimum purchase price policy. The expectation of lower prices has aly impacted plantings this year. Acreage planted with corn in the north-east bbasket fell this year for the first time in 13 years, the vice minister of agriculture said this month.今年,中国曾表示会取消最低收购价政策。对价格降低的预期已经对今年的粮食种植产生了影响。这个月,中国农业部副部长曾表示,今年东北产粮区的玉米种植面积出现13年来首次减少。After Beijing’s announcement, corn prices in China have fallen sharply. The price of the commodity traded in Dalian is now at Rmb1,691 (8) a tonne, down almost a fifth since the start of the year.在中国政府公布上述消息之后,中国玉米价格已急剧下跌。目前,大连交易的玉米大宗商品交易价格为每吨1691元人民币(合258美元),自今年初以来下跌了近五分之一。The US Department of Agriculture officials last month warned that the Chinese government could face paper losses of more than bn on its state-owned corn reserves as it shakes up its agricultural support policy.上个月,美国农业部官员曾警告称,在整顿其农业持政策之际,中国政府在国有玉米储备上可能会面临逾100亿美元的账面亏损。Administrative efforts to trim the reserves, for instance by issuing import as only to companies that agree to buy at the auctions, have backfired. Feed mills and food processors prefer to buy or import fresh, cheaper grain and simply resell the unwanted old stocks back to the warehouses, where it is entered in ledgers as new stocks.中国降库存的行政努力,比如只向同意在拍卖会上买入的企业发放进口配额,已产生了不良后果。饲料厂和食品加工企业宁可买入或进口更廉价的新鲜粮食,而把不想要的陈粮库存转手卖回存储仓库,而这些陈粮库存在这类仓库会以新库存入账。The distortions of the grains reserve policy is amplified by lack of information about what exactly the warehouses hold. Chinese media occasionally expose corruption in the grains reserves system, including tales of cotton warehouses stuffed with mattresses and granaries that mysteriously burn down shortly before inspectors are due to arrive.而这些仓库具体存储内容信息的缺乏,则放大了粮食储备政策的扭曲状况。中国媒体曾偶然曝光粮食储备系统中的腐败现象,其中的传闻包括棉花仓库充斥旧床垫、以及检查人员到来前不久粮仓神秘起火等。 /201605/446639

NEW DELHI: India’s “increasing efforts to exploit the Brahmaputra river+ through various forms,” may have harmed Bangladesh’s interests, China’s state-run media said today. 环球时报表示,印度通过各种形式,不断加大开发雅鲁藏布江的努力,也许会损害孟加拉国的利益。And Bangladesh, Global Times wrote, can’t do anything about it because it is economically dependent on India, which takes away its “bargaining power.”对此,孟加拉国束手无策,因为其经济上依赖印度,这一点夺走了其讨价还价的筹码。These statements from the government-run media come in the wake of reports that China is blocking a tributary of the Brahmaputra+ river, for what it says is its most expensive hydroelectric project ever. 中国官方媒体的这些言论,适逢中国截流雅鲁藏布江流,为的是修建其所谓的最贵水电站。There has been concern in India that this would block Arunachal Pradesh’s and Assam’s access to this water that comes to it downstream from Tibet.印度有人担心,此举会让“阿邦”和阿萨姆邦用不上从xz往下游流的河水。There was no need for India to “overreact”+ to news about China’s decision, Global Times wrote. It’s “easy to understand the anger of Indian people as they recent news reports saying China had blocked a tributary of the Brahmaputra River,” but Indians are ignoring the fact that the capacity of the dam’s reservoir is lower than 0.02 per cent of the Brahmaputra’s annual run-off, the state-run news service said.环球时报写道,印度没有必要对中国的决定过度反应。印度人看到最近有报道称中国截流雅鲁藏布江流,他们会感到愤怒也是容易理解的。然而印度人忽视了这么一个事实,即该大坝的储水能力,不到雅鲁藏布江年流量的0.02%。 /201610/471226

A Chinese woman died after being trapped in an elevator for a month because maintenance workers shut off the power supply after failing to properly check if anyone was inside, state media reported last Sunday.上周日有媒体报道,由于电梯维修工人没有正确检查电梯里是否有人就关掉了电梯电源,导致一名中国女性在被困电梯达一月之久后死亡。Workers came to repair a malfunctioning elevator in the northern city of Xi#39;an on January 30, Beijing Youth Daily cited local authorities as saying. The crew found the elevator stuck between the 10th and 11th floors, shouted to ask if anyone was there, and cut the power, it said.北京青年报援引当地管理部门的说法称,在1月30日的北部城市西安市,电梯维修工人前往某小区维修电梯。当时该电梯停在10层到11层之间,维修人员向电梯内喊话询问是否有人,未听到应答,便以为电梯没无人,所以切断了电源。The workers left for the week-long Lunar New Year holiday and did not return until March 1.随后,工人们回家过春节。直到3月1日才回来工作。The government said the investigation found the death was due to a grave error by the maintenance company for not opening the car before cutting the power, and not verifying after the power was off whether there was anyone inside.当地政府表示,经调查,造成当事人死亡的原因是维修公司的严重失误,即没有打开电梯检查就切断了电源,停电后也没有确认电梯里是否有人被困。The deceased woman, 43, reportedly lived alone in building. Police investigating the incident found no evidence of trauma and have ruled out homicide, Beijing Youth Daily said.死亡的女性43岁,独自一人住在该楼里。北京青年报称,警方认为现场未发现有明显外伤痕迹,所以排除了他杀可能性。 /201603/430916

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