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China not only has the world#39;s largest population, but also the best appetite for instant noodles. The country remained the world#39;s top instant noodles consumer last year, according to Osaka-based World Ramen Association in Japan.中国不仅拥有世界上最多的人口,而且是方便面第一消费大国。总部位于大阪的世界拉面协会称,中国去年依然是最大的方便面消费国。44-billion packets of instant noodles were eaten by people in China in 2012. Indonesia and Japan followed with over 14 billion packets and 5.4 billion. Another way of looking at the numbers in the number one consumer China—that#39;s close to 1,400 packets put away every single second. Among people living fast-paced city-life, the speedy meal has cemented its popularity. And being cheap, easy to carry and cook, its convenience also makes it a top choice to bring on long-distance travel, especially during the spring festival.2012年,中国 “吃掉”440亿块,印尼140亿块,日本54亿块。在方便面第一消费国—中国,每秒钟有将近1400 人在吃方便面。 随着城市生活节奏的加快,快餐站稳了脚跟。方便面廉价、便于携带和食用,成为长途旅行,特别春节假期旅游时的首选食品。It is also the choice hand out to relieve hunger under post-disaster conditions. As the pictures show, it was a staple for victims and rescuers after the Lushan quake during the past week.地震后,灾民也是靠分发的方便面来缓解饥饿。就如图片上看到的,芦山地震后的一周里,方便面成为地震受害者和救援人员的主要食物。 Article/201305/237928

There are places even more hostile than the dust-choked plains.比尘土飞扬的平原更恶劣的生存环境也大有所在These alien landscapes are actually the sun-baked salt crusts眼前奇异的景象是延绵在非洲东部的湖泊of a chain of lakes that run through East Africa.被日晒盐碱化后形成的盐壳The face of these soda lakes changes day by day,那些碱湖的面貌是一天天慢慢变化而来的as the sun evaporates the water, leaving the salts behind.因为太阳会蒸干湖水 留下沉积的盐碱The waters here are toxic, poisoned by volcanic springs.火山泉使这里的水具有毒性But life does exist, even here.但即使如此 此处依然有生命存在The strange colours are created by algae,那奇怪的颜色是水藻产生的specially adapted to live in this corrosive liquid.那些特殊的水藻可以适应这里的腐蚀性液体And it is these algae而正是这些水藻that attract one of the most astonishing animals found in East Africa.吸引了东非最令人惊叹的动物之一Among the steaming geysers of Lake Bogoria,在柏哥利亚湖的天然蒸气喷泉间over a million lesser flamingos超过一百万的小红鹤bathe and feed in the caustic water.栖居在那极具腐蚀性的水中They gather whenever the algae bloom.他们在水藻爆发期大量集结 Article/201312/269529

如果有很多小行星向地球飞来,我们肯定会像电影里演的一样,联合在一起,阻止它们的到来,是吧?但是,通常在面对重大的,有数据根据的,并且是“世界末日”级的问题时,人们通常会退回到各自的党派阵营,并且陷入僵局。Jonathan Haidt 向我们展示了那些正在冲向地球的小行星--有些是左派关注的,有些是右派关心的--他向我们建议如何让两党协同合作,并且更有成效地为全人类务。 Article/201310/259285

  Having zits, pimples and spots isn#39;t easy and even the most confident of people can become self-conscious and upset. Whether you suffer from a lot of spots or just the occasional breakout, follow our advice to help you cover up even the most noticable of acne.面部有痘痘,粉刺和斑点是让人难以轻松的事情,即使最自信的人也会自惭形秽。无论你的面部有许多斑点还是偶尔出现,遵循我们的建议,帮助你遮掩最明显的粉刺。Step 1: Prepare1.准备Before you even contemplate techniques to cover spots it is important to prepare correctly. This means always washing your face thoroughly before going to bed. Also make sure you moisturise any blemishes as it will be easier to cover red skin than to cover dry skin.在你苦思冥想遮掩斑点的技巧之前,正确的准备是非常重要的。上床睡觉之前彻底洁面。确保任何部位充分保湿,因为遮掩红肿的皮肤比遮掩干燥皮肤更加容易。Step 2: Foundation2.粉底霜Depending on what suits your skin, you could use either a foundation or a tinted moisturiser on your face, and for smaller blemishes and spots this can sometimes be enough. This isn#39;t a neccessity but if you normally use these products then they should be applied before any concealer is used.取决于皮肤的类型,你可以选择使用粉底或者浅色保湿霜,对于较小的瑕疵或斑点来说,有时这样就足够了。这并不是必须的,但是如果你平时使用这些护肤品,应该在遮瑕膏之前使用。Step 3: Concealer3.遮瑕膏Warm a small amount of concealer on the back of your hand, and using a small brush or cotton bud apply it directly onto the spot. You can get medicated concealer#39;s which will help to heal blemishes and decrease their redness.在手背上挤上少量遮瑕膏,用小刷子或棉签直接涂在斑点上。药用遮瑕膏可以治愈斑点,减少红肿。Step 4: Blend4.调和Finally, using a small brush, blend the concealer at the edges of the spot onto the rest of the skin to give a more even finish.最后,使用小刷子在斑点周围的皮肤涂抹一点遮瑕膏,使肤色看上去更加均匀。Thanks for watching How To Cover A Spot.感谢收看“怎样遮盖面部斑点”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201306/245574

  With first light, the crocodiles lose the element of surprise,但天一亮 鳄鱼就无法偷袭了and the battle is over, for now.战斗暂时结束了The mother fish has survived, but where are her young?母鱼逃过了一劫 但她的孩子们在哪里All present and correct.全都安然无恙They spent the whole night sheltering in her mouth.他们在妈妈的嘴里平安地度过了一夜The contest will be repeated at sunset.然而这场战役在日落时又将打响There is nowhere else to go.他们无处可逃Oases are always sought by desert travellers,绿洲往往是沙漠旅客们的索求之地but not all are as they seem.但并不是所有绿洲都是安全的 This is the great Ubari Sand Sea,眼前是壮观的奥巴里沙海 in the heart of the Sahara.位于撒哈拉沙漠的中心These swallows have travelled 1,500 miles这些家燕自离开尼日利亚后since they left Nigeria.已飞行了1500英里Their superb powers of navigation他们杰出的导航定向能力will eventually guide them to Europe,将引领它们飞向欧洲but now they, and other thirsty migrants,但现在 它们和其他饥渴的候鸟need to find a speck of blue amidst this ocean of sand.急需在这片沙海中找到一处水源And here it is.就是这里 Article/201405/294292。


  在整个星球的表面,巨大的望远镜和探测器正在寻觅(监听)宇宙运转的线索。在INK会议上,科普作家 Anil Ananthaswamy为我们介绍了这些奇妙的设备,带我们游历了地球最偏远和最宁静的地域。 Article/201406/307060If you wanna a aimless journey, just set off now. You can ignore the next 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Bon voyage.如果您喜欢的是漫无目的的旅行,那就赶紧出发吧。短片剩下的2分20秒内容您全不用看了。一路顺风。I wanna tell the remain how to get a fantastic, ecnomic, and substantial journey with full space.现在我要告诉留下来继续收看短片的朋友,怎样才可以来一次既向往,又划算,还很充实而且非常自由的旅行。The answer is simple. A fine travel guide will be ok. But the complicated part is how to have one. 很简单:有一本靠谱的旅游攻略就O了。但是复杂的地方在于怎样才能得到一本靠谱的旅游攻略呢?You can talk to friends who have such experience, but they could not have been to the place you wanna go. You may type the key words in the search engine and put the pieces together from plenty of travel notes. However, you have to spend time, try your luck, and take some risks. If there is a word to describe all these methods, that would be unprofessional, which is also called no-good. 你可以去询问曾经旅行过的朋友,但是你想去的地方你朋友不一定都去过;你也可以在搜索引擎里面输入关于目的地的关键字,然后在网友们的各种游记中拼凑出蛛丝马迹。但你得花时间,然后还要碰运气,最后还得冒一定的风险。如果用一个词语来形容这些方法的话,那就是“不专业”,而它的近义词是“不靠谱”。The best must be the simplest. It could be much simpler if you just visit the website@mafengwo.cn and click the link of “travel guide”. Then you will see more than 20 thousand travel guides which covers 8362 destinations from 218 regions all over the country as well as 12561 destinations from 7 continents. If your destinations is within the range, you can definitely find your travel guide here.最好的方法必须是最简单的方法,简单到你需要做的只是打开位于“蚂蜂窝.cn”网站里那个叫“旅游攻略”的链接。接下来你会看到:全国218个地区,8362个旅游目的地及全世界七大洲12561个旅游目的地的2万多条旅游攻略。如果您的目的地在这个范围之内,那么您就一定可以在这里找到您需要的那本旅游攻略。Now, you may get a question: for a website with simple structure, is it able to collect large amount of travel information? 这时,你可能有个疑问:对于这样一个结构简单的网站,它是否真的有能力搜集如此海量的旅游信息呢?No, they cann’t do that. Even though all the staff are sent to travel. 没错,这个网站根本不可能自己去搞来这么多准确的信息。即使他们把所有的员工每天都派出去旅行,也是不可能做到的。They write the travel guides.This guy wrote the diving part in Maldives travel guide.The kawaii girl wrote the trafic part in Taiwan travel guide.He updated the exit procedure in Eygpt travel guide.She wrote the accommdation part in Gulangyu travel guide.And this young man wrote the leech part in Motuo footing travel guide. 是他们写的那些旅游攻略。他写了马尔代夫攻略,关于潜水的部分;她写了台湾自由行攻略里关于交通的部分;他更新了埃及攻略里关于新的出关手续的内容;她写了厦门鼓浪屿攻略里关于住宿的部分;他写了墨脱徒步攻略里关于蚂蝗的部分;…… Although the staff don’t go out, there must be travellers going out among 2 million users everyday. The website just need to combine the travellers and make fine and cute travel guides. 虽然员工不旅行,但是他们网站200万的用户却天天有人在旅行。而网站需要做的,就是把旅行者的力量结合起来,打造一本又一本靠谱又有爱的旅游攻略。On the other hand, users gather in this community and have fun. They share experience at the speed of 1200 notes per day. They participate others’ journey at the speed of 15 thousand replies per day. So how powerful is the journey, the travel guide will be so. 而另一方面,用户们也快乐的扎堆在这个社区里。他们以每天1200篇游记的速度分享着自己的旅行;以每天15000条的回复参与他人的旅行。所以用户们玩的多给力,我们的旅游攻略就有多给力。Yeap, visit mafengwo.cn, get your travel guide. 对了,找旅游攻略,就上蚂蜂窝。 Article/201402/275637

  Justin Bieber Sets Record Straight About Tabloid Rumors and Mistakes Justin bieber is speaking out now. In a rare interview, he opens up to ;the hollywood reporter. ; Trying to set the record straight with all of the recent run-ins with the tabloids.Justin Bieber is speaking out now, in a rare interview, he opens up to the Hollywood reporter, trying to set the record straight about all those recent runnings with the tablets. A’s Diana Pérez has the details. All around the world, Justin Bieber is no stranger to trouble, spraying a picture of Bill Clinton in New York, to speeding tickets in Dubai. But in an interview with the Hollywood reporter to promote his new movie, Believe, the 19-year-old phenom tells the magazine he knows who he is even if the media doesn’t. I don’t give a [expletive] what they say, I know who I am and what I’m doing in my life, and what I’ve accomplished. I’m happy with the man I’m becoming. You see a lot of lies being put out there. As long as you lo….In his first interview in 9 months, Justin Bieber says he’s determined to remain his own man, I want to be me, to show everybody who I am as an individual, I don#39;t wanna just be a puppet.He’s not going to listen what you think he should be, he’s not going to listen to the label, he’s not going to listen necessarily to Scooter Braun, his manager. The pop star has a gang of support from Oprah to Eminem. His manger even told the magazine Bieber and Will Smith have weekly phone calls. You gotta hide your emotions sometimes, especially for me going on stage. I’m upset and I don’t wanna have to smile and put on a happy and but sometimes, you just gotta, just suck it up. For Good Morning America, Diana Perez, A News, New York. /201312/266772

  If it wasn#39;t a slower metabolism那么如果不是低新陈代谢率causing obesity, then what was it?导致了肥胖 那究竟是什么呢Could it be that obese people were simply greedy是不是肥胖的人只是因为太馋嘴and only had themselves to blame?而只能归咎于自身原因呢While scientists were busy searching for the causes of obesity,在科学家忙着寻找肥胖成因的时候people who were overweight体重超重的人们still needed to find ways of shedding the pounds.仍需寻找方法甩掉身上的重量The search was on for a magic bullet,人们在寻找一种灵丹妙药a short cut that would allow让人们想吃多少吃多少people to eat as much as they liked while still losing weight.同时还能减轻体重We now know that the best way to lose weight,我们现在知道减轻体重的最佳方式other than a healthy diet, is to exercise.除了控制饮食外 就是健身了But back in the #39;60s even但在60年代this apparently obvious idea was so novel这个显而易见的观点那时都如此的新颖that it was deemed worthy of a scientific experiment被认为是有必要实施的一项科学实验that drew the attention of an early Horizon.吸引了早期地平线栏目的注意But only some were deemed worthy of study.但被认为仅是部分有研究价值At this gymnasium in London, an experiment is being在伦敦这个健身房里conducted in exercising正在进行一项实验business executives who#39;ve had heart attacks.参加者是一些得过心脏病的企业经理Business executives have been之所以选择企业经理chosen because the success of the experiment是因为要想实验取得成功requires intelligent co-operation需要理解力强的聪明人来配合as well as the motivation and resources同时他们也有足够的积极性和财力to continue with the treatment for a number of years.可将这种理疗持续几年 Article/201306/244990


  Also in the audience was a 24-year-old assistant director who was yet to make his first feature film.在观众中 有一个24岁就作为导演助理,完成自己第一部重要电影的人。John Woo would go on to become one of the most influential action movie directors of his generation,responsible for films such as Broken Arrow, Face Off, and Mission: Impossible II.他就是吴宇森,由于指导拍摄了如;断箭; ;夺面双雄; ;碟中谍2; 等一系列卖座电影,而使自己成为了那个时代最具影响力的动作电影导演之一。When the people watched the movie,they didn#39;t know how to react,because, you know, it#39;s so new.当人们观看电影时,他们不知所措,因为对于他们来说 一切都太新颖了。It#39;s so different.It#39;s so different from other martial arts movie.You know Bruce performance too powerful.如此的与众不同,和其他的功夫电影截然不同,李小龙的表演太有震撼力了。And then after the final reel fade,and then they#39;re all very happy,and they all cheer and clapping, you know.直到电影最后,人们都心满意足,他们欢呼雀跃。I think, at that moment... I mean,at that night, we find our true hero.And from that night, Bruce Lee became a legend.我认为 在那个时刻... 我的意思是,那天晚上 我们找到了自己心中的真英雄,从那晚开始 李小龙就成了一个传奇。Despite costing less than 0,000,the Big Boss smashed all local box office records.尽管成本不足10万美元,;唐山大兄;依然一举打破了当地的票房纪录。But even before the premiere,Bruce Lee had aly started working on his next film, Fist of Fury,a film that would help create a sense of patriotism in Hong Kong.只是在首映之前,李小龙已经开始在为他的下一部电影;精武门;作起了准备,这是一部弘扬民族精神的电影。 Article/201402/276372

  Hashtagging the hottest trends CNN#39;s Atika Shubert takes a look at the explosion of social media during London Fashion Week.From New York to London, Milan to Paris, the Tweeters, Instagramers and Facebookers are strutting the latest trends. Designers in London broadcasted live cat-walks presenting digital schedules and even held a live Qamp;A session on Tweeter.Hi, I#39;m Daisy and I#39;m here to answer all of your London Fashion Week questions.According to the Britain Fashion Council, the hashtag LFW has had almost 300,000 mentions with more than 80,000 Instagram posts.It#39;s a lot to do with the changes within the cat-walk show. So previously, it was a very exclusive experience, you know. You have to get a ticket. You have to be invited to TV shows. Now with social media, it#39;s very inclusive, you know. You can watch a show live stream straight through your computer. You can still see behind the scene-shots. You can see the cat-walk show happening as it airs through things like Instagram, or even through tweeterfeeds as well.At Paris Fashion Week, Chanel#39;s Karl Lagerfeld turned his cat-walk into a supermarket. The brand#39;s Youtube post wrapped up 73000 hits in 48 hours. What do the numbers really mean?I think people can be quite careful by who they are following, you know. You can have maybe additional 50 followers one week. And then suddenly that number was also depleted. So it#39;s about the quality of the content, not what speaks out the loudest. I think all with these show technologies, it makes things a lot more inclusive. Everyone gets a voice. But it#39;s the quality of the voice which will then soon to stand the test of time.So whether you#39;re a blogger, an Instagramer or just a fashion forward, staying connected to your favorite and most popular voices and fashion will keep you ahead of the trends.Atika Shubert, CNN, London. /201403/279719


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