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今天我们要学的每日一句的内容是:Navy investigators have determined that a civilianlaborer set a fire that caused 0 million damage to anuclear-powered submarine because he had anxiety andwanted to get out of work early.美国海军调查人员称,一名油漆工因患焦虑症,想提早下班,点燃了一艘核潜艇,造成了4亿美元的损失。【Vocabulary】1. civilian:平民的Example: He resigned his commission to take up civilian job.他辞去奎职儿从事平鸟工伧。2. submarine:潜水艇Example: The frigate rammed the submarine.护卫舰撞击了潜艇。3. powered:装有发动机的;有动力装置的;产生动力的Example: A small, portable lamp usually powered by batteries.手电筒一种通常用电池供电的小型便携式电灯。 /201208/195106听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) What does Erina do first in the morning?a) She turns on the heaterb) She takes a drink of water2) Erina#39;s room is _____ .a) coldb) warm3) Erina takes a _____ .a) bathb) shower本期话题Topic:What do you do first thing in the morning?Hi, my name is Erina and this is for elllo.org.Today I#39;m going to talk about first thing in the morning.When I wake up, it#39;s very cold in my room so the first thing I do is turn on the heater and because I am so asleep still, I probably drink the water every day and then maybe take a shower to wake up myself and I get changed and just get out of the house.听力a a b /201312/269338

台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:What do you think increases with knowledge? and he said, You learn how little you know.你如何看待知识的增长?他回答道:“学之甚多,方显知之甚少。” /201409/332491

【Transcript】Gee: So why have you chosen to become an architect, Frank Lloyd rat?Rat: I shall explain through the use of this graphic held aloft by my assistant…You see, this is I, the architect…I soar to the heavens alongside my noble edifices. Gee: Who are those guys pulling you down? Pig: We call them ‘clients’.Rat: Unhand my wings, ye petty little bean counters.【简介】漫画是一种艺术形式,是用简单而夸张的手法来描绘生活或时事的图画。一般运用变形、比拟、象征、暗示、影射的方法,构成幽默诙谐的画面或画面组,以取得讽刺或歌颂的效果。是一种具有强烈的讽刺性或幽默感的绘画。常采用夸张、比喻、象征等手法,讽刺、批评或歌颂某些人和事,具有较强的社会性。也有纯为的作品,性质的作品往往存在搞笑型和人物创造(设计一个作者所虚拟的世界与规则)两种。 /201005/104135大家好!今天我们来看一看怎么用美语聊“音乐”my jam 我喜欢的歌track 歌listen to it non-stop 不停地听sound like fingernails on a chalkboard 听起来像拿指甲划黑板 /201504/371911Garfield: This is fun.Jon: Garfield, how many sardines do you have in your mouth?Garfield: One hundred nineteen.Jon: Why?!Garfield: I'm playing fish hatchery.

国务院新闻办今日上午就2012年国民经济运行情况举行新闻发布会。国家统计局局长马建堂介绍2012年国民经济运行情况时表示,2012年中国劳动年龄人口相当长时期第一次出现了绝对下降,可以通过提高劳动生产率、培训、灵活的就业方式,继续保持人口红利对中国经济增长的推动作用。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道BEIJING - The number of working-age population in China decreased by 3.45 million to 937.27 million in 2012, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Friday.据中国国家统计局周五发布的数据显示,中国劳动年龄人口2012年是9.37亿,减少了345万。【讲解】working-age population就是劳动年龄人口。同时数据表示,中国的城镇化率(urbanization rate)继续上升。国家统计局局长(director)马建堂在新闻发布会(press conference)上表示,“2012年中国劳动年龄人口相当长时期(a considerable period of time)第一次出现了绝对下降(absolute drop),我们确实要高度重视这个事情。”他认为中国劳动人口变化的深层原因与生育率(fertility rate)的变化有关系。劳动年龄人口指15岁~59岁的人群,2012年这部分人群占全国总人口(total population)的69.2%,较2011年下降了0.6个百分点,这也是劳动年龄人口比重首次下降(decline)。马建堂表示,他认为中国劳动年龄人口在比较长的一段时间,至少在2030年以前,应该是稳步地、逐步地(steadily and gradually)有所减少(decrease)。同时,据统计局数据显示,2012年末中国城镇人口(urban inhabitants)占总人口比重达52.57%。较上年末增长了1.3个百分点。去年末,中国的总人口达到(stand at)13.54亿,比上年末增加669万人。 /201301/2213302013年高尔夫球美国大师赛在奥古斯塔落幕,关天朗以总成绩300杆、高于标准杆12杆的成绩排在第58名,结束了梦幻般的4天赛程。关天朗,这位只有14岁的广州男孩,在高尔夫圣殿奥古斯塔创造了历史。【新闻】我们来看一段相关的英文报道At only 14 years old, Chinese golfer Guan Tianlang is set to become the youngest player at the prestigious Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia.Guan qualified for the Masters by winning the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship last November in Thailand.Guan, who is from Guangzhou, stands about 1.75 meters and weighs only 65 kilograms. His favorite golfer is Tiger Woods .14岁的中国高尔夫球选手关天朗在美国乔治亚州奥古斯塔举行的美国高尔夫球大师赛上创下纪录。他成为参加这项著名赛事最年轻的选手。关天朗通过去年11月在亚太业余高尔夫球锦标赛上夺冠的优异表现获得本次大师赛的参赛资格。来自广州的关天朗大约1米75,体重只有65公斤。他的高尔夫偶像是美国高尔夫球选手老虎·伍兹。【讲解】;Masters tournament;解释为大师赛,其中master的意思是“大师,手艺灵巧的人”;tournament指通过不同级别的比赛而夺魁的体育项目,译为“比赛”、“锦标赛”或“联赛”。其他常用词还有:game指常有一定的规则,而且决定胜负的脑力或体力劳动的“竞技”;match多指网球、足球、高尔夫球等运动项目的“比赛”,常用在英国;play泛指无目的或结果的“消遣”或“活动”。 /201304/235596

A: I, Luke Thompson, residing in California, being of sound mind, do hereby declare this instrument to be my last will and testament. A: I hereby revoke all previous wills and codicils. A: I direct that the disposition of my remains be as follows: I am to be cremated and taken to the summit of Mount Everest where my ashes will forever remain at the ceiling of the Earth. A: I give all the rest and residue of my estate to my spouse, Betty Thompson, should she survive me for days. If my spouse, Betty Thompson, does not survive me, I give all the rest and residue of my estate to EnglishPod. A:If neither Betty Thompson nor EnglishPod survives me, I give all the rest and residue of my estate to my heirs as determined by the laws of the State of California, relating to descent and distribution. A: I appoint Robert Porter, to act as the executor of this will, to serve without bond. Should Robert Porter be unable or unwilling to serve, then I appoint Jason Smalls to act as the executor of this will. A: I here with affix my signature to this will on this the twenty third of May two thousand ten in the presence of the following witnesses, who witnessed and subscribed this will at my request, and in my presence. /201106/139789Sammy: Alright, let’s run through this one more time from the top. I will be positioned here, across from the bank on this park bench. Now, according to the intel we got from Jimmy...Ralph: Ah, who’s Jimmy?Sammy: Jeez Ralph! Pay attention, will ya? Jimmy’s our mole, you know... the guy on the inside... He’s been snooping and passing on the info to us so we can pull this heist off! Frankie: Yea, Ralph, clean the moth balls outta your ears and listen up. This here is important , you don’t wanna end up back in the slammer, do ya? Your role is pretty important here, we’re depending on you, man. Ralph: Ok, ok! I’m listening! moth balls, hrumph. . . Sammy: Alright then...was I? Oh yeah, ok, so I’ll be the lookout... here on the bench across from the bank. Nobody moves until I give the go-ahead, Alright? And what’s the goahead? ...Ralph? Ralph: You, umm... ah...yeah, you’ll take off your hat and scratch your head! Sammy: Right. When I take my hat off and scratch my head, you do what? Ralph: I get in the box.Frankie: Right, you get in the box. I’ll make sure it’s all sealed and then, posing as a delivery guy, I’ll drop off a ‘special package’ for the manager. Now, according to Jimmy, the bank manager is leaving early on Tuesday ’cause it’s his wedding anniversary. He and the wife are having a romantic rendezvous in the country, so any packages delivered will be left unopened in his office until he gets back late on Wednesday. . . Sammy:...Which gives us access to his office for at least Come hours. . .. Ralph, this is whereyou come in... where are you?Ralph: I’m standing right next to you Sammy, Sorry Sam, I’m in the box. Right there. . . in that box.Frankie: What do you do once I deliver you to the manager’s office? Ralph: I stay in the box until the bank has closed, . I get out of the box. Sammy: ... then? What next, Ralph? Oh for Pete’s sake! This is never going to work. Ralph: Hey, give me a chance here, fellas! I, um, I crack the safe then, then I take the money... then I. . . ummmmm, I get back in the box.Frankie: Atta boy Ralph! In the morning I come back to the bank, say there’s been a mix-up with the delivery I made and take the ‘special package’ back here. Sammy: Alright, let’s get some sleep...it’s a big day tomorrow fellas! Frankie: A perfect plan, Sammy! It went off without a hitch! Sammy: Let’s open this up and get Ralph out here so we can start counting the money! Ralph: Phew! I sure am glad to see you guys! I was sure getting lonely with no one to talk. Frankie: That’s nice, ok how much?Ralph: Huh?Uh,, really, really, really glad? Sammy: Money, Ralph! Money! Ralph: Oh man, I knew I forgot something... /201106/142129第一步:原句放送There is nothing like a hug when everything sucks. ;It sucks;在英文中是个感叹句,表示;真烂;。第二步:译海拾贝一切都很糟糕时,没有什么比给个拥抱更好的了。第三步:天衣无缝There is nothing like a when everything .第四步:举一反三There is nothing like a ... when everything ... 第五步:背诵达人可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园 Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201208/193551

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