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George Osborne’s gung-ho approach to relations with China — focusing relentlessly on commercial opportunities — has been welcomed by Tory MPs who argue that Britain is in no position to lecture Beijing on human rights.英国财政大臣乔治攠斯本(George Osborne)努力加强英中关系的做法(这种努力完全以商业机会为中心)受到英国保守党(Tory)议员的欢迎。这些议员认为,英国没有资格在人权问题上教训中国政府。The chancellor is coming to the end of a five-day tour to the Asian superpower where he argued that Britain should be “running towards China” rather than steering clear of its volatile stock market.奥斯本即将结束为期五天的访华之旅,其间他表示,英国应该“奔向中国”,而不是避开波动的中国股市。He has kept any talk of human rights behind closed doors, perhaps mindful of the occasion in May 2012 when David Cameron appeared in public with the Dalai Lama — prompting an 18-month diplomatic stand-off.他所有关于人权的谈话都是在私下进行的,或许是考虑到了2012年5月那起事件——当时,戴维愠蕓伦(David Cameron)公开会见了达赖喇嘛(Dalai Lama) ,导致英中外交关系陷入长达一年半的僵局。Crispin Blunt, who chairs the Commons foreign affairs select committee, said Mr Osborne had got the balance right.英国议会下院外交事务特别委员会主席克里斯平布伦特(Crispin Blunt)表示,奥斯本较好地把握了平衡。“I’m not entirely sure what choice we have. China is going to continue to become relatively more important, economically and militarily, and I hope that China uses that power responsibly,” he said. “Therefore a strategy of engagement is really the only sensible policy for the government to follow.”“我不太确定我们有什么选择。中国的相对重要性将变得越来越强,无论经济上还是军事上都是如此,我希望中国能够负责地运用这种力量。所以,保持接触才是英国政府应遵循的唯一明智的策略。”Mr Blunt’s committee is planning to examine Sino-British relations, although an inquiry is not likely until next year.外交事务特别委员会正计划审查中英关系,尽管调查工作多半会拖到明年才会启动。Sir Peter Bottomley, a member of the all-party Tibet group, said the UK ought to t carefully when criticising China’s treatment of Tibet given its own imperial history.英国议会跨党派西藏小组(All-Party Tibet Group)成员彼得娠罓利爵士(Sir Peter Bottomley)表示,鉴于英国自身的帝国史,英国在批评中国对待西藏的方式时应注意分寸。He said that he would like it if Beijing changed its stance on Tibet and on the Uighurs of north-western China. But he cautioned that life was a “balance”.彼得娠罓利爵士表示,他希望北京方面能够改变对待西藏和中国西北维吾尔族的态度,但他警告说生存之道在于“平衡”。“We are happy to have close relations with Saudi Arabia, where women are not able to drive,” he said. “We have tried to keep reasonable ties to Iran even though we have almost been in conflict with them...I think George Osborne had the balance pretty well right.”他说:“我们愿意与沙特阿拉伯保持密切关系,而那里的女性连车都不能开。我们一直努力与伊朗保持适度的关系,尽管我们过去几年几乎跟他们发生冲突……我认为乔治攠斯本很好地把握住了平衡。”Sir Malcolm Rifkind, a former Tory foreign secretary, said it would be “politically stupid” to limit economic relationships to other democracies.前保守党外交大臣马尔科姆里夫金德爵士(Sir Malcolm Rifkind)表示,仅与其他民主国家保持经济关系“在政治上是愚蠢的”。China now “called the shots” because of its economic strength and its huge population, he said.他表示,因为有经济实力和庞大的人口,中国现在能够“说了算”。“If the strategy is to say UK and China can achieve a long-term mutually beneficial relationship of an economic kind, that must make sense,” he said. “Twenty per cent of the world’s population. It is an entirely rational policy.”他说:“如果对华战略是认为英中两国可以达成经济上的长期互惠关系,那么这一策略肯定是合理的。中国人口占全球人口的20%。这个政策完全合理。”An economic relationship could be part of a broader process that led to a political relationship and a “sharing of values”, he suggested.里夫金德爵士认为,经济关系可以是更广泛进程的一部分,这一进程可通向政治关系和“共享的价值观”。Andrew Rosindell, a Tory member of foreign affairs committee said he saw no problem with the Osborne trip, given Britain’s need for foreign investment.外交事务委员会成员、保守党人安德鲁圠魿戴尔(Andrew Rosindell)表示,鉴于英国亟需外国投资,他认为奥斯本此次访华之旅无可指摘。“I think that in terms of human rights, I don’t think we can impose British standards on China,” he said. “I think that’s something that happens over time, gradually.”他说:“我认为在人权方面,我们不应将英国的标准强加给中国。我认为那是要随着时间的推移一步步来的事情。”Sir Malcolm was foreign secretary in the run-up to the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese in 1997.1997年香港主权移交前夕,里夫金德爵士是英国外交大臣。“I said to my counterpart that it was important to maintain the rule of law,” he recalled.他回忆道:“我当时对中国外长说,维护法治是非常重要的。”“His reply with a straight face was, ‘yes, people must obey the law’. He didn’t understand what I meant.”“他一本正经地回答我,‘是的,人们必须遵守法律’。他根本没明白我的意思。”Nearly two decades ago, however, China was still “economically third rate” and was still very far from being a superpower, he said. “Now it is a very different situation and they call the shots in a way they couldn’t then.”里夫金德爵士说,不过那是快20年前的事了,当时的中国“在经济上还是个三流国家”,离成为超级大国还非常遥远。“现在的局面截然不同,现在他们能说了算,过去他们可不行。”Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrat’s foreign affairs spokesperson, said that: “Foreign policy towards China should not only be about business. When the chancellor sits down with senior Chinese officials he must give equal time to human rights.”英国自民党(Liberal Democrats)外交事务发言人汤姆布雷克(Tom Brake)表示:“对华外交政策不应仅围绕商业。当我们的财政大臣与中国高级官员坐到一起时,他必须花同样长的时间谈论人权问题。” /201509/401280Incorrect and missing records and an apparent lack of co-ordination among firefighters are complicating the clean-up after the massive explosions of hazardous chemicals warehouses that destroyed an industrial section of the Chinese port city of Tianjin.一次危险化学品仓库发生的大规模爆炸,毁灭了中国港口城市天津的一片工业区。之后,记录的错误和遗漏,以及消防队员显露出来的缺乏协调,令事故现场的清理工作复杂化。The official death toll rose to 55 on Friday, with hundreds injured. Residents donated blood at hospitals as well as food and clothing to thousands of displaced people taking shelter overnight in schools. Many had fled in their nightclothes.周五,官方公布的死亡人数上升至55人,还有数百人受伤。居民们一方面在医院献血,一方面向在学校连夜避难的、成千上万无家可归的人们捐献食品和衣物。许多人逃出来时,身上只穿着睡衣。Hazardous chemicals teams removed sodium cyanide, a toxin, from sewers leading from the bonded warehouse zone that was at the centre of the Wednesday evening blast, Chinese media reported. On Thursday afternoon, authorities shut some of the drains leading into the nearby Bohai Bay.据中国媒体报道,危险化学品处置团队从多条下水道里,移除了有毒的氰化钠,这些下水道源自周三晚间爆炸核心地带的保税仓库区。周四下午,当局关闭了部分通向附近渤海海湾的排水管道。Authorities do not know what was stored in the warehouses operated by Ruihai International Logistics, the city’s second-largest licensed handler of hazardous cargos.目前,当局并不知道这些由瑞海国际物流(Ruihai International Logistics)运营的仓库里储存着什么。瑞海国际物流是天津市持有许可的第二大危险品处理企业。“There are large discrepancies between custom papers and inquiries conducted with the company,” Zhou Tian, head of the Tianjin city fire brigade, said on Friday. His comments were echoed by Gao Huaiyou, vice-director of the safety watchdog, who said: “The information the management of the company provided is not consistent with our investigation.”周五,天津市消防总队总队长周天表示:“海关报单数据和对该公司调查的结果存在很大不同。”周天的说法得到了天津安监局副局长高怀友的印。高怀友说:“该公司管理人员提供的信息与我们的调查结果并不一致。”Some of the chemicals known to have been stored in Ruihai warehouses explode on contact with water. The blasts and subsequent fireball and shockwave that devastated the area occurred more than half an hour after firefighters arrived to fight a fire at the Ruihai warehouses, raising questions over whether the firefighters were trained in combating chemical fires.在瑞海仓库已知存储的化学品中,部分化学品与水接触会发生爆炸。爆炸及随后的巨大火球和冲击波毁灭了整个地段。此次爆炸发生在消防人员抵达瑞海仓库并开始灭火半小时后,这引发了这些消防人员是否曾受过扑灭化学品大火培训的质疑。Firefighters from the Tianjin Port police initially responded to the fire. Then, following calls about burning cars, the first brigade of city firefighters “investigated and assessed the conflagration according to regulations”, Mr Zhou said on Friday morning.周五早上,周天表示,最初回应火灾的是天津市港区公安局消防队。接着,在收到多个关于汽车着火的电话后,天津市到场的第一个消防队“按照规定进行火灾侦查和判断”。The second brigade of city firefighters had just arrived on the scene when a double explosion sent a mushroom cloud over the city, Mr Zhou said. “I am not clear on the details of their firefighting methods,” he added.周天表示,在天津市第二消防队刚刚抵达现场时,现场就发生了爆炸,接连两次爆炸在市区上空产生了蘑菇云。他补充说:“之前是天津市港区公安局在进行处置,具体处置方法不清楚。”Several of those firefighters are among the dead and severely burnt. So are onlookers that had gathered to watch the fire, residents told the Financial Times.此次事故的死者和严重烧伤人员,就包括了上述消防人员中的几人。当地居民告诉英国《金融时报》,那些聚集现场查看火情的围观者中,也有人因此丧生或严重烧伤。Mr Zhou said rescuers were still searching for missing firefighters. “They were caught off-guard so the casualties are grave,” he said.周天表示,救援人员仍在搜寻失踪的消防人员。他说:“他们是在毫无防备的情况下遭遇爆炸的,这导致伤亡情况十分严重。”Photos shared online of charred bodies and the large population of migrant construction workers building high-end property developments next to the chemicals warehouses makes it likely that some of the dead will never be identified.网上分享的烧焦尸体的照片,以及在化学仓库旁修建高端楼盘的外来建筑工人的巨大人口,导致部分死者可能永远无法确认身份。The rapid expansion of the chemicals industry in Tianjin created an opening for companies licensed to handle hazardous goods. Ruihui Logistics has come under scrutiny but its website is down, as is the corporate registry database for the city of Tianjin. Executives who answered phone calls at warehousing businesses registered as “Ruihui Logistics” in two other cities said their companies were unrelated.天津化工产业的急剧扩张,为获批处理危险品的企业提供了机遇。爆炸发生以来,瑞海物流受到了人们的严格审视。不过,该公司网站已经关闭,同样关闭的还有天津市的企业注册数据库。而在其他两个城市,注册名为“瑞海物流”的仓储企业应答电话的主管表示,他们的企业与发生事故的瑞海物流并无关系。Authorities said on Thursday they had detained senior executives at Ruihai Logistics.周四,当局表示瑞海物流的高管已被控制。 /201508/392892


  BUKIT BESI, Malaysia — Giant mining equipment has stripped away the palm trees and other vegetation from a jungle bluff here with a Malay name that translates to “Iron Hill.” Huge power shovels gouge long furrows down cliffs of fuchsia clay, scooping out the shiny black iron ore at their base.马来西亚龙运铁山——这本是一个丛林茂密的悬崖,马来语名字的意思是“铁山”,巨型矿山设备已经清除了这里的棕榈树和其他植物。巨大的挖土机挖开了紫红色粘土构成的悬崖,从底下掏出亮黑色的铁矿石。The mine here operates round the clock, seven days a week. The Chinese-controlled CAA Resources, which reopened the dormant mine early this year, has rapidly ramped up production to an annual rate of 500,000 tons, with plans to double it by next year.这座铁矿每周七天、每天24小时地运转。中资企业CAA资源公司(CAA Resources)今年年初重新启动了这座“休眠”的铁矿,迅速提高产量至每年50万吨,并计划明年再增加一倍。Its ambitions, though, are being undermined by the shifting global terrain: Iron ore sells for less and less these days.不过全球形势的变化,不利于这个雄心勃勃的计划:如今铁矿石的售价正在节节走低。“China still needs a lot of steel for infrastructure, housing projects and rails,” Li Yang, CAA’s chairman and chief executive, yelled as ore-processing machinery clanked noisily nearby. “The only problem is the pricing.”“中国的基础设施、住房和轨道修建仍然需要大量钢材,”CAA公司董事长兼首席执行官李阳大声喊道,矿石加工机械在他附近处轰隆作响。“唯一的问题就是价格。”With seemingly insatiable demand from China, the price of iron ore, along with many other commodities, soared for most of the past decade. China manufactures half the world’s steel, which is made from iron and used for housing construction, rail lines, carmaking and more.中国的需求似乎永无止境,铁矿石以及许多其他大宗商品的价格,也在过去近十年的时间里大幅飙升。中国的钢产量占全球的一半;而钢材由铁制成,用于房屋建筑、铁路、汽车制造业等。The boom helped support the rapid growth of companies like CAA, as well as the economies of developing countries rich with resources. From Indonesia and Australia to Peru and Brazil, multinationals and Chinese companies embarked on large-scale, long-term investments in mines.在这种旺盛需求的推助下,像CAA这样的公司快速发展起来,资源丰富的发展中国家也实现了快速经济增长。从印度尼西亚、澳大利亚到秘鲁、巴西,跨国公司和中资企业对矿场进行了大规模的长期投资。But the dynamics have changed — and the current downturn may reflect a new reality. China’s economy, once growing in the double digits, has slowed to around 7 percent, with industrial output dropping even more dramatically. Many commodity companies, though, have ramped up production to meet that earlier pace of demand.但形势已经扭转——目前的经济低迷可能体现了一个新的现实。中国经济在经历两位数的增长后,已放缓至7%左右,工业产出下降的幅度甚至更大。但是很多大宗商品公司为了满足早期的旺盛需求,已经提升了产能。The result is a double blow to natural resources companies and emerging markets, with few sectors hurt more than iron ore. Prices are down 48 percent since the start of the year, to a metric ton, a five-year low.因此自然资源公司和新兴市场双双遭到打击,受到冲击最大的当属铁矿石行业。开年以来,铁矿石的价格已经下挫了48%,降至70美元一吨,为五年新低。Even in the face of falling prices, producers show no signs of easing off, with low-cost industry giants leading the charge.即便价格低迷,生产商仍未显示出生产放缓的迹象,低成本运行的行业大鳄正在带头扩产。Vale of Brazil said in August that it wants to double shipments to China in five years. BHP Billiton of Australia announced plans the same month to invest billion in mine expansion projects. Rio Tinto, a company based in London with extensive operations in Australia, is in the process of bolstering production 13 percent by next year and another 8 percent by 2017.巴西淡水河谷(Vale)今年8月份表示,它希望在五年内把对华出货量增加一倍。澳大利亚必和必拓(BHP Billiton)同月也宣布,将投资20亿美元扩建矿山。总部设在伦敦的力拓(Rio Tinto)在澳大利亚开展着大量业务,该公司计划明年扩产13%,2017年再扩产8%。Chinese companies, too, have been relentlessly expanding overseas. In Malaysia, the number of iron ore mines in operation has increased more than sevenfold since 2007, mainly from Chinese investment.中国公司也在不懈地拓展海外市场。自2007年以来,在马来西亚运营的铁矿数量增长了逾七倍,投资方主要来自中国。As iron ore demand has fallen, mines like the one here in Bukit Besi have kept running partly by digging deep into the most iron-rich part of their seams, instead of developing them more evenly, mining the poor-quality ore with the good. That has kept a torrent of iron ore entering the market even as prices have plummeted.由于铁矿石的需求有所下降,龙运铁山等铁矿保持运转的方法之一是深入挖掘含铁量最丰富的部分矿藏,而不是比较均匀地开发它们,劣质矿和优质矿一起挖掘。因此即使价格暴跌,还是有大量铁矿石进入市场。“They exacerbate the problem by everyone doing the most profitable part,” said Bruce Diesen, a commodities specialist at Carnegie ASA, an Oslo-based asset management company.“他们加剧了问题的严重性,导致每家公司都做最赚钱的部分,”布鲁斯·迪森(Bruce Diesen)表示,他是位于奥斯陆的资产管理公司卡内基ASA(Carnegie ASA)的分析师。CAA Resources has been at the center of the push here, reopening Malaysia’s most famous mine. Discovered in the jungles of eastern Peninsular Malaysia in 1916 by a Japanese geologist, Bukit Besi became one of the world’s largest mines as it supplied the Japanese steel industry through World War II.CAA是这种情况的主要推动者,它重新开启了马来西亚最著名的矿山。龙运铁山是一名日本地质学家1916年在马来西亚半岛东部的丛林中发现的,曾经是世界上最大的矿山之一,二战期间曾为日本钢铁业提供原材料。The British seized the mine as war spoils after Japan’s surrender and handed it over to a British company. The British mining company initially struggled with Communist insurgency attacks on its rail lines, including bombings that destroyed three train stations, but nonetheless became a big supplier of ore for Japan’s postwar industrial revival.日本投降后,这座矿山作为战利品,移交给了一家英国公司。最初一段时间,矿山的铁路线遭到共产党武装分子的袭击,3座火车站被炸毁,令英国矿业公司头痛不已,但该矿仍然成为了日本战后工业复兴的重要供应商。Then, in 1971, the mine closed because of what a historic marker here describes as bureaucracy and labor union troubles. The site sat idle for most of the next four decades.该矿于1971年关闭,当地的一处历史纪念碑称,关闭原因是官僚主义和工会问题。过去四十年中,该矿大多数时候都处于闲置状态。Learning from the mistakes of his predecessors, Mr. Li, the 27-year-old CAA chief and scion of a Chinese family that had grown wealthy in the mainland iron ore industry, immediately worked to build ties with local and national political leaders, as well as with Malaysian royalty.CAA的首席执行官李阳现年27岁,出身于富裕的中国铁矿家族。他从前任经营者的错误中吸取教训,加紧与当地和该国政治领导人,以及马来西亚皇室培养关系。“If you’ve got these two to support you, then you can do anything you want, because the natural resources are all controlled by them,” Mr. Li said.“有了这两方面的持,你可以做成任何想做的事情,因为自然资源都在他们的掌控之中,”李阳说。Mr. Li, who owns 56 percent of CAA, said that he had paid for each of the ruling party politicians with indirect stakes in the mine to receive the royally granted title of “dato,” which roughly translates as “the honorable.” It costs about 0,000 to arrange each royal grant, he said.持有CAA公司56%股份的李阳表示,为了获得王室授予的头衔“拿督”(dato)——可大致理解为“地位尊崇者”——他给执政党的每位政治人士都提供了铁矿的间接股份。他说,安排每次王室封衔,都要花费大约10万美元。Although anti-corruption groups have campaigned against such arrangements, particularly indirect stakes, Mr. Li said he was simply following common practices in Malaysia. A government-linked industry group in Beijing announced plans on Oct. 24 to introduce standards for Chinese companies in areas like labor rights, environmental protection and community relations.虽然反腐败组织对此类做法,尤其是提供间接股份的做法表示反对,但是李阳说,这样做只是遵循马来西亚的惯例。10月24日,北京一个与政府有关的行业协会宣布了一套指导原则,就劳工权益、环境保护和社区关系等问题为在海外运营的中国公司设定了规范。To avoid potential labor issues, Mr. Li has largely imported workers, who are not unionized. CAA Resources brought in about 40 mining engineers, accountants and other professionals from China, and filled the rest of its work force with laborers from low-wage countries like Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. The workers are on 12-hour shifts, up to seven days a week, and are paid based mostly on how much iron ore each shift can produce, Mr. Li said.为了避免劳工纠纷,李阳主要从国外招工,而且这些工人并未形成组织。CAA从中国带来了约40名采矿工程师、会计和其他专业人士,其他工作人员则是来自柬埔寨、缅甸和越南等低收入国家的工人。李阳说,这些工人会进行轮替,每个班次12小时,每周工作7天,他们的工资基本按照每班能开采多少铁矿石来决定。Pacing across the jungle mine, Mr. Li described his recruitment pitch to potential hires. “You can save a lot of money, there is nothing to do here,” he said, “I say, ‘Each of you will be a hero, you will take back 100 percent of your savings, your wife will be happier, your children will be happier.#39; ”李阳一边在丛林密布的矿区漫步,一边讲述了他招人时针对潜在雇员的说辞。“你可以省下很多钱,这里没有别的事可做,”他说,“我告诉他们,‘你们每个人都会成为英雄,你可以把百分之百的积蓄拿回去,你的妻子会更高兴,你的孩子也会更幸福。’”He has avoided filing an environmental-impact statement by erecting an eight-foot-high, blue corrugated-steel fence across the middle of the site with a gate, and calling it two mines, each less than 500 acres. Only mines over 500 acres require environmental approval.他在矿区中间立起了一道高8英尺(约合2.5米)的蓝色瓦楞钢制围墙,还给它安了一扇门,然后说这是两个矿,每个矿的面积都不到500英亩(约合200公顷)。通过这样做,他成功避免了提交一份环境影响声明。只有面积超过500英亩的矿才需要环境方面的许可。Now, CAA’s biggest challenges are from outside forces.如今,CAA最大的挑战来自外部力量。For one, Bukit Besi’s ore is less rich in iron than what rivals produce in Australia or Brazil, although better than most Chinese ore. Less concentrated iron ore needs to go through a costly extra step, known as beneficiation, before it can be sold. That eats into CAA’s profit.首先,尽管龙运铁山矿石的含铁量比大多数中国矿石要高,但它还是比不上竞争对手在澳大利亚或巴西开采的铁矿。含铁量较低的铁矿在出售前,还要经历一个被称为“选矿”的步骤,这个步骤花费很高。CAA的利润也因此受损。Transportation, too, is a costly proposition. Australian and Brazilian iron ore mines are connected by rail lines to deepwater ports that can handle some of the world’s largest bulk freighters. That limits their shipping costs to China at around a ton. By contrast, it costs a ton to ship Malaysian iron ore to China because Malaysian ports are shallower — although a deeper port is scheduled to open by the end of next year.运输也是一个花费高昂的过程。澳大利亚和巴西的铁矿由铁路线和能容纳世界上最大的散装货船的深水港口连接了起来。所以,从这两个国家到中国的运输成本才得以限制在每吨8美元左右。但是,把马来西亚铁矿运送到中国,每吨的成本是16美元,因为马来西亚的港口较浅——尽管一个较深的港口计划在明年年底前开放。But CAA benefits from a home-field advantage of sorts.但是,所谓的主场优势可以给CAA带来好处。The Chinese steel industry — and the Chinese government, which guides purchasing policies — has been reluctant to rely exclusively on Australia and Brazil, given its past difficulties. In the years before the global financial crisis, such players sharply increased ore export prices.由于过去曾面临困境,中国钢铁行业——以及引导采购政策的中国政府——不愿意完全依赖澳大利亚和巴西。在国际金融危机爆发前,两国的供应商曾大幅度抬高矿石的出口价格。“There is a strategic imperative — China does not want to be solely dependent on Australia and Brazil,” said Tim Huxley, chief executive of Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings, a big Hong Kong shipping company active in carrying iron ore to China. “They’ve done that before, and it cost them a lot of money.”“这里有个战略原因——中国不想只去依赖澳大利亚和巴西,”香港大型航运公司华光海运控股有限公司(Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings)的首席执行官蒂莫西·赫胥黎(Timothy Huxley)说,这家公司目前正在积极参与把铁矿运到中国的过程。“他们曾经就是这样做的,为此花了很多钱。”With migrant workers, CAA’s labor costs are tiny compared with those of mines elsewhere. The company has brought in Chinese mining equipment at less than half the cost of American or Japanese equipment — and has the connections with manufacturers to get broken parts fixed quickly.因为使用外来工人,与其他地方的矿区相比,CAA的劳动力成本可谓十分低廉。公司带来了中国的采矿设备,其成本连美国或日本设备的一半都不到——而且公司还与制造商有联系,能够快速修好损坏部件。So Mr. Li insists that his company’s Malaysian mines could still cover their costs and show a modest profit shipping ore back to China at prices close to a ton.所以,李阳坚称,他的公司在马来西亚的矿区能够承担其开销,而且还能通过以将近80美元一吨的价格把矿石运回中国,获取一定利润。“We’re still positive by this time,” he said. “The open pit process has low costs.”“目前,我们仍持乐观态度,”他说。“露天采矿的成本较低。” /201411/345071。

  GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the British pharmaceutical giant, is under investigation by the UK#39;s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) over its commercial practices.英国药业巨头葛兰素史克(GlaxoSmithKline)正在接受英国反严重欺诈办公室(Serious Fraud Office,SFO)对其商业行为的调查。According to the company, it intends to uphold the ;highest ethical standards; and will ;cooperate fully; with the government inquiry. In a statement, the SFO wrote, ;The Director of the SFO has opened a criminal investigation into the commercial practices of GlaxoSmithKline plc and its subsidiaries.; It did not elaborate any further about the nature of any illegal activity by the company.这家公司自称坚持“最高的道德标准”,并将“全力配合”政府调查。反严重欺诈办公室在一份声明中写道:“反严重欺诈办公室主任已经开始对葛兰素史克及其子公司的商业行为展开刑事调查。”但这份声明没有详细说明这家公司非法活动的性质。Earlier this month, Chinese law enforcement accused GlaxoSmithKline of bribing hospital and government officials. At that time, Chinese authorities said GlaxoSmithKline#39;s former China chief Mark Reilly was responsible for starting a ;massive bribery network; in the country.本月早些时候,中国执法部门指控葛兰素史克贿赂医院和政府官员。当时,中国官方指控葛兰素史克前中国区负责人马克锐在中国建立了“庞大的贿赂网络”。In response to those accusations, GlaxoSmithKline said in a statement: ;We take the allegations that have been raised very seriously. They are deeply concerning to us and contrary to the values of GlaxoSmithKline. We will continue to fully co-operate with the authorities in this matter.;针对上述指控,葛兰素史克在声明中回应称:“我们非常认真地对待中方提出的指控。我们对这些指控深表关切,这种行为违反了葛兰素史克的价值。我们将继续全力配合相关部门对该事件进行调查。”In Poland, meanwhile, 11 doctors and a regional manager for the pharmaceutical company were charged with corruption from 2010 to 2012, according to the B in April.B4月份报道称,在波兰,11名医生和这家制药公司的一名区域经理因为2010年至2012年期间的腐败行为而遭到了指控。If the latest allegations prove true, the company may have violated the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, according to the B.据B报道,如果最近的指控属实,那么,这家公司可能已经违反了英国《反贿赂法》(UK Bribery Act)和美国《反海外腐败法》(US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)。No other details were immediately available. A spokeswoman for GlaxoSmithKline declined to comment.目前尚无其他详细信息。葛兰素史克发言人也拒绝就此发表。 /201405/302206

  You’d think flight rage is a uniquely Chinese problem, but a US flight between Denver and Newark had to be diverted on Aug 24 after one passenger prevented another from reclining her seat.你或许以为“空怒”只是中国特有的问题,但事实并非如此。8月24日,在美国一架从新泽西纽瓦克飞往丹佛的美国航班上,就因为一名乘客不让另一名乘客放下座椅靠背而发生争吵,从而导致飞机改降。The flight, which was being fulfilled by ed Airlines, made an unscheduled stop in Chicago to discharge the two bickering passengers. According to The Associated Press, a man attached a Knee Defender to the seat in front of him. The Knee Defender is a device that locks onto the tray table on the back of a plane seat, making it impossible for the person in front to recline the chair.这架美国联合航空公司的飞机最后不得不临时在芝加哥短暂降落,“卸下”这两位争吵不休的乘客。据美联社报道,起初,机上一名男子将“膝盖捍卫器”(一种价值22美元的链接装置)锁在前座椅背的小桌板(的伸缩臂)上,令前座女子无法调低椅背。When the man refused to remove the device at the directive of a flight attendant, the woman seated in front of him turned around and threw water at him. At this point, the pilot landed the plane and both passengers were removed from the flight.在飞机乘务员要求男子移除器械遭拒后,前座女子转身将一杯水泼向该男子。飞行员因此改降,将两人都“丢”下了飞机。The incident has caused a heated debate in US media about whether it is rude to use the Knee Defender or to recline one’s seat when over the years economy class seats have seen legroom shrink.这场意外引起了美国媒体的热议:在经济舱座椅空间日益狭小时,到底是使用膝盖捍卫器,还是将座位靠背放下更无礼?Josh Barro, writing for The New York Times, says the passenger who used the Knee Defender was not only asking for trouble, but he was actually violating his fellow passenger’s property rights. When you buy an airline ticket, says Barro, one of the things you’re buying is the right to use your seat’s reclining function. If this passenger so badly wanted the passenger in front of him not to recline, he should have paid her to give up that right.《纽约时报》撰稿人乔希·巴罗写道:乘客使用膝盖捍卫器不仅给别人带来麻烦,实际上也侵犯了其他乘客的财产权。调节座椅靠背本是你购买机票所包含的务,如果坐在后面的乘客着实不希望前面的人放下椅背,那他可以出钱买下其放椅背的权利。Space wars空间战But Damon Darlin, another writer for The New York Times, doesn’t agree. In his opinion, the airlines have failed to establish guidelines for how much space each passenger can occupy.但是《纽约时报》的另一位撰稿人达蒙·达林却不同意上面的看法。他认为,航空公司并无明文规定每个人应占有多大空间。In Darlin’s opinion, using a Knee Defender may seem rude, but it just evens the playing field. Instead of having someone in front of you slam the seat back and wait for you to pay him, as Barro suggests, with a Knee Defender you can now negotiate.在达林看来,用膝盖捍卫器也许有些无礼,但至少在“空间战”中是公平的。像巴罗所言,如果想让前面的人调直椅背还需付钱的话,使用膝盖护卫器至少还可以协商。But would things be easier, as Richard Moran suggests in a LinkedIn post, if airliners got rid of the reclining function once and for all? No, says Barro, that would be very unfair to short people. Why? Because complaints about legroom are mostly made by tall people, “a privileged group that aly enjoys many advantages”.但是,事情不能更简单一点么?理查德·莫兰就在其LinkedIn中写道:难道航空公司不能取消调节椅背的功能么?巴罗的是:不能,这么做对个子矮的人太不公平,因为抱怨腿部空间不够的大都是高个子,而“他们已经享有太多优势了。”Barro cites a 2004 paper in the Journal of Applied Psychology and points out that tall people earn more money than short people. “Instead of counting their blessings, or buying extra-legroom seats with some of their extra income, the tall have the gall to demand that the rules of flying be changed to their advantage, just as everything else in life aly has been. Now that’s just wrong,” says Barro.巴罗还援引《应用心理学》杂志2004年的一篇论文,文章指出:高个子比矮个子收入更高。他说,“且不说他们所享受的恩赐,而且他们能用更多的收入购买额外的座位空间,就这样,他们居然还忿忿地要求飞机上的规则为他们而改变。没有这样的好事!” /201409/328597DATONG, China — The colossal Buddhist statues in the cliffside caves outside this northern Chinese city, carved from golden sandstone by Turkic-speaking nomad conquerors in the fifth and sixth centuries, were so covered in coal dust that when visitors blew on them, black clouds rose up.[qh]中国大同——在这个中国北部城市外的崖边洞窟中有多尊巨型佛像,它们是讲突厥语族语言的游牧民族在五、六世纪在金色砂岩上雕刻而成的。佛像上覆盖着厚厚的煤灰,访客一吹,就会飘起黑色的烟尘。[qh]Called the Yungang Grottoes, the relics had survived the rise and fall of dynasties, modern wars and the Cultural Revolution. But the scourge of a more prosperous China — industrial pollution — had been eating away at the sandstone.[qh]这个被称为云冈石窟的遗迹历经朝代兴衰、现代战争,以及文化大革命,而留存下来。但中国的经济繁荣带来的后果——工业污染——却不停地在侵蚀这些砂岩。[qh]Chinese officials and preservationists have embarked on an ambitious effort to protect them that could become a model for saving antiquities at other sites. They have not only cleaned the statues here and created a vast park, but also shut down nearby coal mines and removed or regulated other sources of air pollution.[qh]中国的官员和保护工作者已经开始采取雄心勃勃的举措,保护云冈石窟,使之在古迹保护方面成为其他遗址的典范。他们不仅清洗了雕像,建造了一个大型公园,还关闭了附近的煤矿,并清除或控制其他空气污染源。[qh];You don#39;t know how bad it was before,; said Huang Jizhong, the head engineer at the Shanxi Province Cultural Relics Bureau and former research director at the grottoes. ;The contrast is very dramatic.;[qh]“你不知道以前有多糟,”山西省文物局总工程师、前云冈石窟研究院主任黄继忠说。“对比非常明显。”[qh]Vast parts of China have some of the world#39;s worst outdoor air pollution, and ancient sites across the country are falling prey to its effects, officials and scholars say. Among the antiquities damaged by acid rain are the giant Buddha at Leshan in Sichuan Province and an 800-year-old thousand-armed statue of Guanyin, a revered Buddhist figure, at Dazu, according to Chinese news reports. A professor in Guangzhou, a provincial capital in the south, warns that acid rain is also eroding the red sandstone buildings there from the Ming dynasty.[qh]官员和学者表示,中国广大地区的室外空气污染堪称属于世界最严重的行列,全国各地的古迹都深受其害。根据中国的新闻报道,被酸雨腐蚀的古迹包括四川乐山大佛和已有800年历史的大足千手观音像。中国南部省会城市广州的一名教授警告称,广州的明代红砂岩建筑也遭到酸雨腐蚀。[qh]Even the terra-cotta warriors of Xi#39;an, a symbol of Chinese civilization, may be under threat. Lee Shun-cheng, an engineering professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, has called for glass walls to be built around the warriors, now protected only by a roof.[qh]中华文明的象征——西安兵马俑——可能也面临威胁。香港理工大学工程学教授李顺诚(Lee Shun-cheng)曾呼吁在兵马俑周围建造玻璃墙,现在保护兵马俑的只有顶棚而已。[qh]Experts working on the Yungang Grottoes, in the heart of China#39;s coal country, are now advising officials seeking to preserve sites elsewhere. Mr. Huang visited the mountainside relics at Xiangtangshan and Yaowangshan, both in heavily polluted areas of northern China, and told officials there to shut down or move cement factories. In some cases, officials complied, and where they could not they built glass enclosures around the statues, Mr. Huang said.[qh]云冈石窟的专家正在为那些寻求保护遗址的官员提供建议。云冈石窟位于中国煤炭之乡的中心地带。黄继忠参观过位于响堂山和药王山山腰上的这片遗迹,这两座山都位于中国北部污染严重的地区。黄继忠建议当地官员关闭或搬迁水泥厂。他表示,官员们有时会遵从建议,而无法关闭工厂时,就在雕像周围建造玻璃围墙。[qh]At the Dazu rock carvings in Chongqing and the Longmen Grottoes in Henan Province, in central China, preservationists are using moisture-monitoring devices that were invented at Yungang.[qh]在重庆的大足石刻和中原河南省的龙门石窟,保护工作者均在使用云冈石窟首创的湿度监控设备。[qh];All these things share something in common: they suffer from the air and the water,; Mr. Huang said. ;So these places can draw directly from the Yungang experience.;[qh]“这些东西有共同之处:它们都受空气和水的影响,”黄继忠说。“因此,这些地方可以直接借鉴云冈的经验。”[qh]A large part of the problem is coal. Burning coal emits sulfur dioxide, which further oxidizes in the atmosphere and then combines with water to produce sulfuric acid.[qh]问题的很大部分在于煤。燃煤过程释放二氧化硫,而二氧化硫在大气中进一步氧化,然后与水汽结合产生酸雨。[qh]In the 1980s and 1990s, as the coal industry here in Shanxi Province powered growth throughout China, the impact of acid rain and air pollution on the statues in the Yungang Grottoes was ;severe,; said Liu Xiaoquan, a senior manager at the Yungang Grottoes Research Institute. A national highway ran in front of the grottoes, where 51,000 statues stand in 254 niches and caves. Up to 20,000 coal trucks passed each day. Villagers burned coal for cooking and heating.[qh]云冈石窟研究院高级管理人员刘晓权表示,20世纪八九十年代,随着山西省的煤炭工业为全国各地的发展提供动力,酸雨及空气污染对云冈石窟雕像的影响“非常严重”。一条国道从云冈石窟前穿过。云冈石窟的254个洞窟中有5.1万尊雕像,而每天经过的运煤卡车最多达两万辆,村民们也要烧煤,来做饭、取暖。[qh]Restoration efforts, prompted by a bid for Unesco World Heritage List status, started in the late 1990s. Officials moved the highway in 1998 and barred coal trucks from using it. About 10 small coal mines were ordered shut, Mr. Huang said. Officials also moved six villages from the area, a total of 4,750 households, over the reported objections of some villagers, who said the compensation was too low.[qh]为了使这里的雕像进入联合国教科文组织世界文化遗产名录(Unesco World Heritage List),相关部门从20世纪90年代晚期开始努力展开修复工作。1998年,官员们迁移了高速公路,并禁止运煤卡车经过云冈石窟。黄继忠表示,大约有10家小型煤矿被要求关闭。官员们还将六个村庄迁出该地区,其中涉及4750户家庭,有报道称,一些村民拒绝搬迁,他们称赔偿金太少。[qh]Workers used soft brushes to remove the coal dust that coated the statues. Many of the Buddhas now appear in the golden glory envisioned by their creators. On some statues, vivid paint added during later dynasties is visible again. The biggest Buddha, a seated statue 56 feet tall, has a thin layer of gold paint on its face.[qh]工人们利用软毛刷清扫雕像上覆盖的煤灰,很多佛像如今金光闪闪,就像其创建者想象的那样。后来的朝代在一些雕像上添加的鲜艳涂料又变得清晰可见了。最大的佛像——56英尺(约合17米)高的坐像——面部有一层薄薄的金色涂料。[qh]The grottoes were designated a World Heritage site in 2001, and further work began in 2008, including the banning of tour buses from the nearby national highway, expanding the park that includes the grottoes to six times its original size and planting trees. In a courtyard is a shiny copper statue of Tan Yao, a monk from the Northern Wei dynasty who oversaw the building of the first grottoes for the imperial rulers.[qh]2001年,云冈石窟列入世界遗产名录。进一步的保护工作于2008年开始施行,包括附近的国道禁止旅游巴士通行,将石窟群所属的景观区扩建至原规模的六倍,以及植树种草。一座庭院里坐落着昙曜的铜像,熠熠发光。这位北魏时期的高僧负责为帝王们督建了首批石窟。[qh]The numbers of Buddhist pilgrims and other tourists have grown. On a recent afternoon, dozens of nuns in gray robes arrived on tour buses. The park has 1.5 million to 2 million annual visitors, up from half a million a year less than a decade ago, Mr. Liu said.[qh]慕名前来朝拜的佛教徒与游客人数逐年增长。不久前的一个下午,数十名身着灰袍的尼姑乘坐旅游大巴到达。刘小泉表示,景观区每年接待150万到200万游客,而不到10年前,每年仅为50万。[qh]The most intense preservation and restoration work is underway at four of the most stunning caves. Workers are building wooden roofs to shield the statues from rain. After that, experts from the Mogao Caves of Dunhuang, another sanctuary of Buddhist art, are expected to restore some of the paint. The last time the cave was painted was in the Qing dynasty, which ruled China from the 17th century to the early 20th century.[qh]有四座蔚为壮观的石窟正在进行力度最大的保护与重建工作。工人们在修建木质顶棚,以防止雨水侵袭石像。完成后,从另一处佛教艺术圣地——敦煌莫高窟——请来的专家将重新画上部分绘。上次石窟着色还是清朝的时候,而清朝统治中国的时间为17世纪到20世纪初。[qh]Workers are also trying to make digital recordings of all the artwork. Those would help with construction of three-dimensional renderings of the caves that visitors and scholars can view.[qh]修复工作者还在努力对这里全部的艺术作品进行数字备份。这将有助于构建石窟的三维渲染图,供游客与学者查看。[qh]A mine run by the Datong Coal Mining Group, a state-owned enterprise, is still operating within sight of the grottoes. But the company has closed some shafts, and ;they do well with dust and pollution control,; Mr. Liu said.[qh]在云冈石窟的可见范围内,仍有国有企业大同煤矿集团公司旗下的一座煤矿在运行。不过,刘小泉表示,公司已经关闭了一些矿井,而且“他们在煤粉灰和控制污染上做得不错”。[qh]On a recent morning, two photographers were setting up lighting equipment inside the first cave to take photos for the research institute. The cave has a stone pagoda in the center, typical of a sculpture in the middle period, said Ma Yexia, an official guide. A nearby twin cave also has a pagoda, though its base has been eroded by water that once filled the bottom of the cave. The water was pumped out sometime after 1949, when the Communists took over, Ms. Ma said.[qh]不久前的一天上午,两名摄影师在第1窟里调试灯光设备,以便为研究院拍摄图片。这座窟里的正中雕有一尊方塔,官方导游马叶霞(音)称,这是典型的中期雕刻作品。附近的双窟也有一座塔,不过它的基座因为洞穴底部以前充盈的流水而遭侵蚀。马导游称,共产党1949执政后,抽干了其中的水。[qh]Running water, which can damage sandstone carvings, has been a danger for centuries. During the Jurchen Jin dynasty, in the 12th and 13th centuries, a river that ran in front of the caves threatened the statues, and a great warrior ordered the river to be redirected, she said.[qh]流水能侵蚀砂石雕像,多个世纪以来一直是个威胁。马导游说,在十二三世纪的金朝,流经石窟前方的一条河直逼这些石像,于是一位伟大的将军下令河水改道。[qh]Cave numbers 16 through 20 have the oldest statues, built by the monk Tang Yao. The simple Buddhas here were carved from rock at the rear of the caves. Ms. Ma said one enemy was the rainwater, which makes the sandstone brittle and more vulnerable to the wind. The wall surrounding the entrance of cave number 20 has collapsed, leaving the sitting Buddha there exposed.[qh]第16到20窟拥有最古老的雕像,为高僧昙曜督建。这几座窟里的佛像颇为简朴,从后方的岩石中开凿而出。马导游表示,雨水构成了一大威胁,会让岩石疏松,更易于被风化。本应环绕第20窟入口的前壁已经坍塌,让端坐其中的佛像暴露在外。[qh]The oldest caves were used by the early Tuoba rulers of the Northern Wei to help sp the idea they had the divine right to rule over the conquered locals, Ms. Ma said. The Tuoba eventually moved the seat of their dynasty south to Luoyang, in present-day Henan Province. There, they built more grand Buddhist statues at the Longmen Grottoes. Officials at Longmen, which is also a Unesco site, have been carrying out preservation efforts similar to those at Yungang, following what is becoming standard practice for local governments that have sought international recognition.[qh]马导游说,最古老的石窟被北魏前期的拓跋氏帝王用来宣扬,他们拥有天赋神权来统治被征的当地人。拓跋氏最终将都城南迁至位于今天的河南省境内的洛阳。在那里,他们开凿了龙门石窟,建起更多宏伟的佛像。龙门石窟同属世界遗产,那里的管理者也在进行与云冈类似的保护工作。这种做法正在成为惯例,为那些寻求国际认可的地方政府所遵循。[qh]What Chinese officials have been unable or unwilling to control are the stratospheric levels of air pollution. Xinhua, the state news agency, reported that acid rain hit 135 cities in early 2013. Of those, 23 were severely affected. Mr. Huang said, ;The current air pollution still poses a threat.;[qh]不过,严重的空气污染,官方还没能控制,或者说不愿控制。官方媒体新华网曾报道,2013年上半年,有135座城市属酸雨城市,其中23座属重酸雨城市。黄继忠说,“当前的空气污染仍然构成了威胁。”[qh] /201409/327059

  Billionaire casino tycoon Lui Che-woosays Macau’s gaming industry was heading into a “new era”, following a sharp drop in revenue caused by Beijing’s crackdown on corruption and ostentatious spending.亿万富翁、大亨吕志和(Lui Che-woo)表示,在中国政府打击腐败及奢靡之风的运动导致营收急剧下滑之后,业正进入“新时代”。Mr Lui’s Galaxy Entertainment yesterday reported a 9 per cent rise in full-year revenue to HK.8bn (US.3bn), making it one of the sector’s better performing operators in 2014. Melco Crown, for example, suffered a 6 per cent drop in income over the same period. However, Galaxy admitted 2014 was a year of two contrasting halves, with group revenue falling 15 per cent in the quarter ending December 31. Mr Lui called last year “one of the most challenging periods in the history of Macau”.昨天,吕志和旗下(Galaxy Entertainment)报告全年营收增长9%,达到718亿港元(合93亿美元),从而使该公司成为2014年业内表现较好的运营商之一。相比之下,新濠亚(Melco Crown)在同一时期的利润遭遇了6%的下滑。不过,承认2014年前后两个半年的对比十分鲜明。在截至12月31日的一个季度内,集团营收下滑了15%。吕志和称,去年是“史上挑战最大的时期之一”。Robert Drake, Galaxy’s chief financial officer, acknowledged that China’s high-profile campaign to root out corruption, along with the slowdown in the economy, had taken its toll on the sector in the second half of the year. Turnover in Galaxy’s VIP gaming rooms dropped 16 per cent in the fourth quarter, in keeping with broader trends in the sector.首席财务官罗伯特#8226;德雷克(Robert Drake)承认,中国高调的反腐运动和经济放缓,在2014年下半年令业付出了代价。该年第四季度,贵宾室的营业额下滑了16%,与业内整体趋势相符。Analysts expect overall gaming revenue in Macau to start growing again in the second half of this year, though largely thanks to the favourable base- effect of last year’s contraction.分析师预计,业总体营收会在今年下半年再次开始增长,不过这在很大程度上要归功于去年缩水导致的较低基数。Like high-rolling gamblers, investors have shunned Macau’s casinos over the past year. Bloomberg’s index of Macau gaming companies has fallen 55 per cent since January 2014. Galaxy’s shares have fallen 56 per cent.和出手阔绰的赌客一样,去年投资者也回避了。自2014年1月以来,彭(Bloomberg)企业指数已下跌55%。的股价也已下跌56%。Galaxy announced a special dividend of HKThese days it seems that giving your baby some ridiculously weird name has become the norm.  现在,似乎给孩子起个稀奇古怪的名字是司空见惯了。  Names like John, James and Emma are out, and monikers inspired by celebrities and their offspring are in。  约翰、詹姆斯和爱玛这样的名字太过老套了,而明星和星二代的名字却让人们脑洞大开。  Actress Gwyneth Paltrow named her children Apple and Moses, singer Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy and Kim Kardashian has a daughter called North。  女星格温·帕特洛给她的宝宝们起名为“苹果”和“西”,歌星碧昂斯给孩子起名蓝色常春藤(Blue Ivy),而金·卡戴珊给她女儿起名叫“北方”(North)。  But what if these names aren#39;t crazy enough for your child? What if you want something really unique?  如果你觉得这些名字还不够标新立异,还想要真正独一无二的名字,那该怎么办?  Luckily for you, a Swiss company will now come up with a truly individual name for your baby - at a cost of #163;21,000.  这里有个好消息,一家瑞士公司可以为您的孩子起一个实实在在的好名字,但要花费2.1万英镑!  Erfolgswelle has been creating names for brands and products since 2003, but branched out into naming babies after director Marc Hauser noticed a friend of his arguing with his partner。  从2003年起,这家名为Erfolgswelle的公司就一直在为一些品牌和产品提供起名务。但有一次,公司高管马克·豪泽(Marc Hauser)发现他的朋友因为给孩子起名与伴侣而产生争执,此后该公司的业务领域逐渐延伸到了给婴儿起名这个新领域。  ;The choice was causing tension between the couple, so he thought I could help,” he told Le Matin。  在接受《晨报》(Le Matin)采访时,马克·豪泽说:“选用什么名字让他们关系紧张,他认为我可以帮点儿忙。”  After helping his friend, Mr Hauser, who has worked with companies such as Nestle and Alstom, saw the business opportunity in extending the service to parents across the world。  在帮助了朋友以后,豪泽凭借多年在雀巢以及阿尔斯通等大企业的工作经验,他看到了商机,意识到可以将起名务拓展至全球的父母。  He created a team of 13 naming specialists and historians, who check numerous databases to ensure the names they come up with do not exist anywhere else. They take into account the culture and nationality of the parents and also make sure the name doesn#39;t have a double-meaning or negative connotations in the 12 most popular languages。  他组建的13人团队里既有起名专家也有历史学家,为了确保所起的名字从未有人使用过,他们需要检查海量的数据。在起名的时候,他们也会综合考虑父母的国籍和文化因素,确保名字在12种最流行的语言里没有歧义或负面涵义。 “We rely on culture, the origin and the desires of our customers,” Mr Hauser said. “The pronunciation and spelling need to be intuitive. If a person has to repeat his name four times on the phone and no one understands it, it is a failure。”  豪泽先生说道:“文化、国籍和客户的希望都是我们要考虑的因素。名字的发音和拼写都要直观明了,如果一个人在与人通话时要把自己的名字重复四遍还无法让人理解,那这个名字就是个失败”。  The whole process takes four to five weeks, hence the large fee。  收费高昂是有原因的,因为起名的全过程耗时四到五周。  ;It#39;s the same work, so the same rate, as for the development of a brand name internationally.;  “给人起名和给国际品牌起名的工作内容并无二致,所以收费也要保持一致”。 /201502/359589.28 per share while noting that it is “virtually debt free” with a net cash position of HK.2bn. Last year it paid two special dividends totalling HK.9bn.公布了一项每股0.28港元的特别股息计划,并指出该公司“几乎毫无负债”,净现金头寸达82亿港元。去年,该公司曾付总计49亿港元的两次特别股息。Shares in Galaxy finished 3.2 per cent higher yesterday, in a broader market that was up 1.5 per cent.昨天,股价收盘时上涨3.2%,相比之下大盘上涨了1.5%。 /201503/365929


  Europeans are more pessimistic about how equal their societies actually are, while in the US people are wedded to the American dream and believe society is fairer than it really is.欧洲人对本国社会的实际平等程度更加悲观,而美国人则紧抱美国梦、他们眼中的美国社会比实际上更加平等。German research sheds new light on the political challenges involved in tax, income distribution and social fairness and raises questions in the equality debate revived by French economist Thomas Piketty.德国的一项研究为涉及税收、收入分配和社会公平的各项政治挑战带来了新的启发,在由法国经济学家托马斯#8226;皮凯蒂(Thomas Piketty)重新点燃的不公平辩论中提出了问题。The study, to be presented at Germany’s Lindau conference this week, “suggests that in the political debate on income distribution, it is often not the facts that count but [perceptions]”, said Professor Michael Hüther, director of the Cologne-based IW economic institute.德国科隆经济研究所(IW)负责人迈克尔#8226;许特(Michael Hüther)教授表示,本周将在德国林道(Lindau)会议上发表的这份研究报告“似乎表明在这场有关收入分配的政治辩论中,重要的往往不是事实,而是(印象)”。Author Judith Niehues compared actual and perceived income levels in the US and 23 EU countries, using economic data and polling of about 1,000 people in each country.研究报告的作者朱迪丝#8226;尼许斯(Judith Niehues)利用经济数据,并在每个国家对大约1000人进行调查,比较了美国和23个欧盟(EU)国家的实际收入水平和本国人认为的收入水平。She found that Europeans underestimate the proportion of middle-income earners and overestimate the proportion of the poor, commonly defined as people on incomes of 60 per cent or less of the median.她发现,欧洲人低估了中等收入者的比例,高估了穷人的比例,后者通常定义为收入达到或低于中值收入60%的人士。Only the US has a more unequal income distribution than its citizens imagined, with many more poor people.只有美国的实际收入分配情况比其国民想象的更为不平等,穷人的数量也大大超过他们认为的。In Europe, people on middle incomes are far more numerous than those at the bottom or the top of the pay ladder. So a European income-distribution chart resembles a barrel, with a bulge in the middle. But many see it as a tower standing on a broad plinth, with a small elite, a modest middle-class and a big base of low earners.在欧洲,中等收入者的数量远远超过位于收入阶梯最底端或最顶端者。因此,欧洲的收入分配呈桶形,中间部分比两头更鼓。但在许多人眼中,欧洲的收入分配为塔形,基座宽,塔尖小,中产阶层不多不少,底部有庞大的低收入人群。This is particularly true in Germany and France, where people see income distribution as far more unequal than it is. In the UK and Spain, where distribution is less equal, perceptions are more accurate.德国和法国尤其如此,这两国人眼中的本国收入分配不平等程度远远超过实际情况。在收入分配更不平等的英国和西班牙,人们的印象更为准确。More than 30 per cent of Americans have incomes of 60 per cent or less of the median. But most people think that only 24 per cent of their fellow citizens are at this level. “The middle class is truly smaller in the USA and the lower income group considerably more numerous than its citizens suppose,” says a summary of the study, which suggests this might be partly linked to social mobility in the US. People may be less focused on inequality if they think they are climbing the income ladder, explaining why pressure for redistributive taxation is lower in the US.逾30%美国人的收入刚刚达到或低于中值收入60%。但大多数美国人认为这个比例仅为24%。研究摘要称,“在美国,实际的中产阶层人数比其国民想象的更少,较低收入人群则庞大得多”。报告提出,部分原因可能是美国的社会流动性较大。如果人们认为自己在收入阶梯上的位置正在攀升,那么他们或许不会那么关注不平等,这解释了为何在美国通过征税对财富进行再分配的民意压力较低。In Europe, the gap between perception and reality is particularly wide in former communist states, with citizens convinced their countries are far less equal than they really are.在欧洲,国民的印象和实际情况差异格外大的是那些前共产党统治国家,这些国家的国民认为的不平等程度远远超过实际情况。The report adds that levels of concern about inequality tend to be greater in countries with higher levels of perceived inequality. More than half of Germans and 79 per cent of French think income differentials are too great, against about 30 per cent of Britons and Spaniards.报告补充称,在国民认为的不平等程度超过实际情况的国家,有关不平等的担忧往往更强烈。逾一半德国人、以及79%的法国人认为,本国的收入差距太大,而在英国和西班牙,持这种看法者的比例约为30%。 /201408/321905。




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