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鹰潭市红十字中西医结合医院做产检价格鹰潭做无痛人流手术医院鹰潭治疗卵巢囊肿多钱 Did last nights dinner make you drool with anticipation?昨天的晚餐有没有让你垂涎三尺、充满期待?Did lunch have you licking your chops?你的午餐是否让你意犹未尽?According to research by teams from Thailand and Sweden, enjoying your food increases thenourishment your body receives from it.一项来自泰国和瑞典的研究小组的研究显示,尽情享用食物会增加机体对营养物质的吸收。Imagine a bowl of Thai vegetables and rice in coconut milk, seasoned with hot chili paste.准备一碗用非常辣的辣椒酱调味的泰式蔬菜米饭椰子汁。Sounds crumptious?听起来很可口吧?Or too spicy for your palate?或者对于你的口味来说太辣了?The researchers served this dish to Thai womenaccustomed to such fare, then measured how much iron they absorbed.研究人员向已经适应了这种口味的泰国女性提供这道菜,然后测试她们吸收了多少铁。Next, the researchers served the same meal to Swedish women accustomed to less spice. Guesswhat happened?然后,研究人员向不太能吃辣的瑞典女性提供了同一道菜。猜猜发生了什么?The Swedish women absorbed significantly less iron than their Thai counterparts.相对泰国女性而言,这些瑞典女性吸收的铁明显少了很多。Going further, the researchers served the Thai women the same ingredients, processed into anunappetizing, goopy puree.更进一步地,研究人员向泰国女性提供了一种相同成分的,但是制作成毫无吸引力的,泥糊状的浓汤。This time, the Thai women absorbed 70% less iron than they hadbefore.这次,泰国女性吸收的铁仅为之前的30%。The researchers believe the answers in the brain.研究人员认为在于大脑。Before you eat a bite, theres a brain phase ofdigestive secretion.当我们吃一口食物时,大脑里有一个消化分泌阶段。Seeing, smelling, or just anticipating a good meal prompts the brain to sendmessages to glands along the digestive tract.视觉,嗅觉,或者仅仅是对美食的期待,会促使大脑传递信号到消化道的腺体。Hey you guys!Yummy morsels coming! These happy thoughts prompt secretion of saliva, gastric juices andenzymes for digestion.嗨,伙计们,美食就要来啦!这些愉悦的思想促进唾液,胃液和消化酶的分泌来帮助消化。In particular, acidic gastric juices are key to iron absorption.特别要说的是,酸性的胃液是铁吸收的关键物质。Without theacid, the body absorbs little iron.没有酸,机体几乎不能吸收铁。When youre relaxed and enjoying your food, your brain primes your gut to absorb the mostnutrients.但当你放松下来并且享用食物时,大脑会促使你的肠道吸收最大化的营养。So theres scientific evidence for something weve suspected all along an appealing,leisurely meal is a lot more nutritious than unappetizing grub!因此,该实验结果也成了持我们猜想的论据,即一餐令人食指大动,逍遥自在的美食,远比毫无吸引力的食物要有营养得多。 201402/275816鹰潭妇科在线咨询

鹰潭人流安全医院America and South Asia美国和南亚Infernal triangle坏到底的三角关系A history of Americas tangled dealings with India and Pakistan美国应付印巴关系—乱如麻的历史A friendly wave from Mr Sharif谢里夫挥舞着手臂以示友好Avoiding Armageddon: America, India and Pakistan to the Brink and Back.By Bruce Riedel.书名:《逃离浩劫:美印巴三国又退到了悬崖边上》THE recent election of a new government in Pakistan led by Nawaz Sharif seems to bode well for an easing of tensions on the subcontinent. When Mr Sharif was last in office, in 1999, he achieved a breakthrough in relations with India. That, however, was soon followed by the most recent of the four wars the two countries have fought. Undaunted, he says again that he wants to make friends with India.目前由纳瓦兹谢里夫领导的巴基斯坦展开了新一轮政府大选,这次大选似乎很好地预示了南亚次大陆紧张局势有缓解的趋势。上一次担任总理一职还是在1999年,谢里夫当时在处理与印度关系上取得突破性进展;虽然成果很快就由印巴四次战争所取代。如今谢里夫毫不气馁的再一次表示要同印度做朋友。Five years ago, the last time a new Pakistani government took over, it too promised a new era in relations. That came to naught when a terrorist onslaught on the city of Mumbai was carried out by Pakistanis with, the evidence suggests, the help of Pakistans spy service.五年前上一届巴基斯坦新政府刚刚掌权时,政府同样承诺开启印巴关系新纪元。随着孟买遭到恐怖分子的猛烈攻击,随着有关据显示袭击是巴基斯坦情报机关提供帮助,巴国人策划实施,一切都化为泡影。In his book, “Deadly Embrace”, Bruce Riedel, a former CIA analyst long at the centre of American decision-making about South Asia, told the unhappy story of Americas relations with Pakistan. From the Pakistani side, it was a tale of repeated betrayal by a fickle ally. For the Americans it was one of constant double-dealing from a partner that later could not be trusted with an advance warning of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011.布鲁斯里德尔之前一直在美国决策中心南亚分部任中央情报局分析员。年,里德尔出版《致命的拥抱》,书中讲述了关于美巴不尽如人意的关系。从巴国角度看,其实就是一个善变的盟友反复无常上演背叛的故事。从美国的角度看,则是一个伙伴不断的做一些背信弃义的事情;之后,2011年美国连刺杀本拉登的消息都没有提前向巴方通告。“Avoiding Armageddon”, his new book, adds the other two sides of the triangle: the India-Pakistan saga of wars, near- wars and uncertain peaces, and Americas scratchy relations with India. Of course, the main obstacle for India has been Americas close ties with Pakistan. These present American diplomacy with one of its trickiest balancing acts. Pakistan will remain an important ally as American troops pull out of Afghanistan in large numbers before 2015. Yet, in Mr Riedels blunt summary: “America and Pakistan are on opposite sides in the Afghan civil war.”里德尔的新书《逃离浩劫》将三角关系的另两边加了进来:印巴长期以来繁冗的战事、几次接近战争的边缘和不确定的和平;美印之间棘手的关系。诚然,印度眼里的“沙子”正是美巴之间密切的关系。这些恰恰展示了美国人技术含量颇高的外交平衡手段。2015年美军从阿富汗撤军之前,巴基斯坦人仍旧是美国重要的盟友。不过,里德尔毫不掩饰的指出:“美巴双方之于阿富汗内战的态度是完全对立的。”America has also invested heavily in building close ties with India, as a kindred democratic spirit and a counterweight to a rising China. As Mr Riedel points out, Barack Obama is not the first president to try to “have it both ways” in pursuing good relations with both India and Pakistan. Mr Riedel also recalls that American presidential efforts have “consistently failed”.因为印度与美国有相同的民主理念,可以作为制衡飞速发展中国的棋子,美国同样花了大力气建立密切的美印关系。里德尔指出,对于美印和美巴关系,奥巴马并不是美国历史上第一位试图“同时拉拢”的总统。同时他还回忆说美国总统的这些努力总是在“一如既往的失败”。So America is in a weak position to influence one of the worlds most dangerous potential conflicts. If nuclear war is ever to be fought, India and Pakistan are the most likely battlefields. India showed remarkable restraint after the 2008 Mumbai attack. It would find it hard to do so again. Pakistan would lose a conventional war with India, so it might be tempted to use its nuclear arsenal, which it is expanding fast.这样说来,美国即是在以一个弱势的角色,想去影响世界上最危险的潜在冲突。如果世界爆发核战争,印巴绝对是第一战场。印度在2008年孟买遭袭后显出了异乎寻常的自制力。但是,如果我们希望印度继续克己,当真难上加难。巴基斯坦和印度开战,绝对不会拥有打常规战争的机会,所以巴国也会动用自己的核武器储备,动用本国扩充迅猛的核武储备。Mr Riedel, like most analysts, is better at describing why it is so difficult to repair India-Pakistan relations, and why it would be so desirable to do so, than at charting how. But he has presented a cogent argument that America—and other outside powers—should be trying harder.与大多数分析家一样,里德尔也更擅长去形容一番为什么印巴关系难以修复,为什么两国冲突不可避免,而不是仔细观察,寻找解决之道。好在里德尔展示了一个令人信的论,即美国和其他外部势力应该再加把劲。 /201404/293868鹰潭做人流一般要多少钱 Business商业报道The future of the Firm麦肯锡的未来McKinsey looks set to stay top of the heap in management consulting麦肯锡看起来打算一直居于管理咨询的顶端IT IS one of the engines of global capitalism.麦肯锡是全球资本主义的引擎之一。Not only does McKinsey provide advice to most of the worlds leading companies.他们不仅为大多数世界领先的公司提供建议,而且还开创了这样的想法,It also pioneered the idea that business is a profession rather than a mere trade—and a profession that thrives on raw brainpower more than specialist industry knowledge or plain old common sense.商业并不是单纯的贸易,而是一种职业,是依靠脑力劳动而不是专业的行业知识或是浅显易懂的旧常识。Yet McKinseys name has suffered a succession of blows in the past 15 years.然而,麦肯锡的名字在过去的15年却遭受了一连串的打击。The Firm, as it calls itself, was deeply involved in the Enron debacle:就公司本身而言,如他们自己所说,深深的陷入了安然事件:the energy companys boss, Jeff Skilling, was a McKinsey veteran who praised the consultancy for doing Gods work, and the McKinsey Quarterly published articles on Enron as enthusiastically as Hello! runs pieces about the Beckhams.安然能源公司的老板,也曾是麦肯锡的一名老将,杰夫·斯基林,赞扬咨询工作是上帝的使命,并在《麦肯锡季刊》上发表有关安然文章,热情满腔的好像在于贝嫂打招呼一样。In 2010 Anil Kumar, a McKinsey consultant, admitted passing inside information to Raj Rajaratnam of Galleon, a hedge fund. Last year Rajat Gupta, a former McKinsey managing partner, was also convicted of passing inside information to Mr Rajaratnam.在2010年,麦肯锡的顾问,阿尔尼·库马尔承认向帆船的拉贾拉特南透露了对冲基金的内部消息。去年前麦肯锡经理合伙人,拉雅·古普塔,也被怀疑向拉贾拉特南先生传递内部信息。Life is getting tougher for professional-services firms.如今专业务型公司面临着越来越多的困难,Midsized consultancies are aly suffering: Monitor Group went bankrupt last year—Deloitte later bought it for 120m—and Booz amp; Co and Roland Berger are agonising about their futures.去年中型咨询公司立特集团的破产印了这个事实—德勤后来用了1.2亿美元买下了它—斯公司和罗兰贝格也在烦恼自己的期货。If the legal profession is anything to go by, worse is to come:如果不是法律界的存在,还会有更糟糕的事发生:Dewey amp; LeBoeuf collapsed last year after borrowing heavily in a dash for growth, and other elite law firms are struggling to win business.杜威和勒伯夫为了增长而借了大量的贷款,在他们破产后,会有大量的精英律师事务所努力赢得业务。So, are McKinseys best days behind it?所以,麦肯锡的黄金时光会接踵而来吗?Two new publications offer some interesting answers.两个新的出版刊物提供了一些有趣的。The Firm, by Duff McDonald, is a generally admiring book that nevertheless asks hard questions about the organisations future.达夫·麦当劳的公司,普遍让人羡慕,却也仍然会考虑一些有关组织未来的难题。Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption, by Clayton Christensen and two colleagues, is a penetrating article in the October Harvard Business Review, arguing that the comfortable world of the strategy consultancies is about to be turned upside down.克里斯坦森和他的两位同事10月份在《哈佛商业》上发表了精辟的文章中提到咨询行业正处于风口浪尖,他们认为处于舒适世界的战略咨询公司即将天翻地覆。McKinseys success depends above all on an unimpeachable reputation for integrity.麦肯锡的成功全部依赖于他们无可指摘的诚信声誉。It cannot continue to serve most of the worlds leading companies if its consultants are willing to spill secrets.如果他们的顾问把内部秘密泄露了出去,他们就不能继续务于世界领先公司。Mr McDonald argues that the firms size makes it impossible to avoid repeats of the Kumar problem.麦当劳先生认为,该公司的体系使他们不可能避免库马尔问题的再次发生,It is now a giant factory with 1,200 consultants rather than the cosy club of old.它现在是一个拥有1200名顾问的巨大工厂,而不是一个温馨舒适的老年俱乐部。The firm has to keep growing, not least to provide its partners with the 1.5mor so a year that they earn.该公司将保持继续增长,但其合作伙伴必须保每年至少为他们提供150万美元左右供他们赚取。But every time it grows it puts its most important asset at risk.但是每一次增长,都是一次巨大的资产风险。McKinseys success also depends on its ability to remain at the cutting edge of business.麦肯锡的成功还取决于其是否有能力保持在最前沿的业务。But in recent years it has seemed to be on the wrong cutting edge.但是在近些年来,它似乎也是错误的尖端。Mr McDonald points out that whereas McKinsey has led the financialisation of basic industries such as oil and gas, it has had little if any role in shaping the giants of the internet economy,麦当劳先生指出,以麦肯锡为首的金融化产业,如石油和天然气等,如果在塑造互联网经济的巨人,such as Apple and Google.像苹果和谷歌一样的任何角色。The new lords of business are engineers in hoodies, not MBAs in pinstripes.商业化的新主人变成了穿着帽衫的工程师,而不是穿细条纹衣的MBA硕士。Mr Christensen focuses on a bigger subject:克里斯滕森先生专注于一个更大的主题:how the forces that have disrupted so many other businesses, from steel to publishing, are disrupting consulting.这种力量是怎样毁坏了其他的商业形式,从钢铁工业到出版商,全部都需要咨询。The big three strategy consultants—the other two are the Boston Consulting Group and Bain—are masters of opacity.三大战略咨询—其他两个是波士顿咨询集团和贝恩—全部不透明,But Mr Christensen argues that light is being let in on the magic.但克里斯滕森先生认为,光芒是神奇的照射进来的,Companies are getting better at measuring results and demanding value for money.经过统计,参与过咨询的公司取得了更好地效果,确实物有所值。They also have access to more business expertise than ever before: the big three have more than 50,000 living alumni.而且他们比以前更有机会接触更多的业务专家:三巨头有超过50,000的生活校友。The big three have been masters at bundling lots of different services into a single, high-priced package.三巨头已经作为主人将许多不同的务高价的绑定到一起,But clients no longer want to pay fat fees for a bit of strategic advice from a senior partner and a lot of humdrum work from neophytes.但是委托人应经不再想为从一个高级合作伙伴那得到一点战略建议和从一个初学者那得到许多单点无聊的工作而付出巨额费用。Mr Christensen says low-priced competitors are beginning to dismember the consultants business.克里斯滕森先生说,低价位的竞争者已经开始要瓜分管理咨询的商业任务。Eden McCallum cuts costs by deploying freelancers, most of whom once worked for the big three.伊甸园麦卡勒姆为削减开而雇佣的自由职业者,其中大多数曾是三巨头的成员。BeyondCore replaces overpriced junior analysts with Big Data, crunching vast amounts of information to identify trends.超越核心用巨大的数据库和大量的信息取代价格过高的初级分析师,来确定趋势。McKinsey clearly faces a more difficult market than it is used to.显然麦肯锡现在面对着一个比过去更加困难的市场。But it has overcome serious challenges before—such as in the 1980s, when it lost the intellectual high ground to G and then Bain before regaining it.但在20世纪80年代,在它落后于G和贝恩,失去了智力方面的制高点时,它克了严峻的挑战。The firm is fixing some of the problems from the Gupta era.它从笈多时代开始就一直在修复这些问题。It has elected two successive managing directors, Ian Davis and Dominic Barton, who have worked hard to restore its professional ethos.它曾经有两位成功的董事总经理,伊恩·戴维斯和鲍达民,他们一直在努力恢复公司的专业精神气质。Mr Barton urges companies to embrace long-term capitalism rather than quarterly capitalism and corporate responsibility rather than financial engineering: the very opposite of the Enron-era McKinseys gospel.巴顿先生敦促企业去拥抱长期的资本主义而不是季度的资本主义,去承担企业的责任而不是金融工程:与安然时代的麦肯锡福音刚好相反。Old boys everywhere老男孩无处不在McKinsey also has two huge assets: talent and knowledge.麦肯锡也有两个巨大的资产:人才和知识。It retains an unrivalled ability to recruit hundreds of clever young people and turn them into an army of problem-solving worker ants.它保留了无以伦比的能力,超募了数百个聪明异禀的年轻人,然后把它们变成一队解决麻烦的工蚁。It also has an enviable network of alumni, many of whom are happy to hire their old employer: in 2011 more than 150 ex-McKinseyites were running companies with more than 1 billion in annual sales.它也有一个令人羡慕的校友网络,其中许多人都乐意聘请他们的老雇主:在2011年,有超过150个前麦肯锡员工经营了自己公司,总年销售额超过了100亿美元。The firm has also invested heavily in knowledge for decades:该公司还在几十年里对知识投入巨资:perhaps no other organisation has as much interesting data on global capitalism.大概没有其他组织对于全球资本主义有这么多有趣的数据了。Though lesser firms may be facing disruption, McKinsey dispenses a special sort of consultorial fairy-dust that is hard to replicate, and as much in demand as ever.即使较小的企业可能会面临破产,麦肯锡却省却了一些特殊的,难以描述的,却与以往一样有尽可能多追求的咨询童话。The global ruling class is seized with a toxic combination of status-obsession and status-insecurity.全球统治阶级正在被一种混合的痴迷状态和不安全状态困扰,Decision-makers also fear being swept away by one of Mr Christensens disruptive forces.决策者也担心被克里斯滕森先生所说的破坏性力量一扫而空,They seek constant reassurance and reaffirmation from prestigious institutions.他们寻求那些颇负盛名的机构来求得安慰和重申。McKinsey knows better than almost anyone how to exploit this peculiar mindset.麦肯锡比任何其他人都懂得如何利用这种奇特的心态,That will guarantee the Firm a solid future, even if no one can prove that its advice actually does any good.这将保坚实的未来,即使没有人能明这些咨询建议确实有什么好处。 /201309/258576鹰潭做人流需要多少费用

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