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顺德区第二人民医院在哪里顺德区大良男科医院在那儿广告意义:母爱如山,母爱如雨,母爱如雷,母爱如虹。母亲对于子女的爱各式各样,但母爱都是我们成长最好的催化剂,母亲往往辛劳一辈子,无怨无悔,有时忍着病痛也要给我们做丰盛的早餐,每天想着给我们做可口的饭菜,你的母亲,真得很了不起,世上最艰难的工作,而且要面带微笑的去做的工作,做一名母亲确实是最艰难而又伟大的工作!广告双语文本内容:We create a fake job.我们捏造一份假工作。Just give me one second.等我一下。Sure!没问题!Hey, hi.嘿,嗨。Two minutes, thank you.两分钟,谢谢你。Hi, good afternoon. Sorry about that.嗨,午安。真是不好意思。And posted it online and in newspapers.并刊登在网路及报纸上。Then we held real interviews.然后我们举办真正的面试。Hi, nice to meet you.嗨,很高兴认识你。Nice to meet you as well.我也很开心认识你。Have you ever done one of these interviews over the camera before? No!你以前曾在视讯摄影机前进行过任何这种面试吗?没有!Let me tell you a little bit about the job to get started with.让我告诉你一点点关于这份工作的资讯来开始。It#39;s not just a job. It#39;s sort of probably the most important job. The title that we have going right now is Director of Operations, but it#39;s really kind of so much more than that. Responsibilities and requirements are really quite extensive.这不只是一份工作。这有点也许是最重要的工作。我们现在给的职称是「营运总监」,但它其实好像比那职称多出更多。职责和条件是真的非常广泛的。First category for the requirements would be mobility. This job requires that you must be able to work standing up most or really all of the time—constantly on your feet, constantly bending over, constantly exerting yourself a high level of stamina.工作条件的第一类会是机动性。这份工作需要你必须能够在几乎或是实际上所有时间都站著工作--持续站著、一直弯腰、不断运用你自己最高度的精力。Okay.好的。That#39;s a lot.那很多耶。For how many, like, for how many hours?要多少个,像是,要站几个小时?A hundred and thirty five hours to unlimited hours a week, it#39;s basically twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.一周从135小时到无限时不等,基本上是一天24小时,一周七天。I#39;m sure you#39;ll have a chance from time to time to maybe just sit down here and there, yeah?我相信你偶尔会有机会也许四处坐下,对吧?You mean like a break? Yeah.你是说像是休息吗?是的。No, there are no breaks available.没有,没有休息时间。Is that even legal?那究竟合法吗?Of course, yeah.當然合法,是的。Okay.好。So like, no lunch?所以像是,沒有午餐?You can have lunch, but only when the associate is done eating their lunch.你可以吃午餐,但只有当合伙人用完午餐后才能吃。I think that#39;s a little intense.我觉得那有点太辛苦了。No, that#39;s crazy.不,那很疯狂。Now this position requires excellent negotiation and interpersonal skill. We#39;re really looking for someone that might have a degree in medicine, in finance and the culinary arts. You must be able to wear several hats.现在这个职位需要绝佳的协商及人际关系技能。我们非常期待有某位也许有医学、金融、及厨艺学位的人。你必须要能够身兼多职。The associate needs constant attention. Sometimes they have to stay up with an associate throughout the night. You need to be able to work in a chaotic environment. If you had a life, we#39;d ask you to sort of give that life up. No vacations. In fact, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and holidays, the workload is gonna go up. And we demand that with a happy disposition.合伙人需要持续的关注。有时他们必须要和合伙人一起彻夜不休。你需要能够在吵杂的环境下工作。如果你有自己的生活,我们会要求你有点像是要放弃那种生活。没有假期。事实上,感恩节、圣诞节、新年、和假期期间,工作份量会增加。我们要求带着开心的态度做那工作。That#39;s almost cruel. That#39;s almost a very very sick, twisted joke.那也太残忍了。那几乎是一个非常非常病态、疯狂的玩笑。But when is the time to sleep or...但睡觉时间是什麽时候...Oh, no time to sleep.喔,没时间睡觉。Yeah, all encompassing almost.是啊,几乎全都包了。That#39;s exactly right.完全正确。Three hundred and sixty five days a year? Yeah. No! That#39;s inhumane.一年365天?对。不!那很不人道。That#39;s very insane.那非常荒唐。The meaningful connections that you make, and the feeling that you get for helping your associate are immeasurable. Also, let#39;s cover the salary. The position is gonna pay absolutely nothing.因为帮助你的合伙人所建立的重要连结以及你得到的感受是无法计量的。还有,来谈谈薪水。这个职位将完全不会付任何东西。Excuse me?不好意思?No!不!Nobody will do that for free. It#39;s crazy! Yeah, pro bono. Completely for free. No!沒有人会免费做那工作的。那疯了!是的,免费慈善务。完全免费。不!What if I told you that there#39;s someone that, actually, currently holds this position right now?Billions of people actually. Who? Moms.如果我告诉你有某个人,实际上,目前正在这个职位上呢?事实上有数十亿人。谁?妈妈们。Yeah. Yeah!对。是的!Moms.妈妈们。That#39;s awesome. Yeah!这很棒。是啊!And they meet every requirement, don#39;t they?她们符合每个需求,对吧?Oh, my God! Moms are the best.我的天!妈妈们是最棒的。Yes, no pay, they#39;re 24 hours, they#39;re always there.是的,没有薪水、她们24小时待命、她们总是在那儿。Now I#39;m thinking about my mom.现在我在想我妈妈。Yeah, and what are you thinking about her?你在想妈妈的什么事?I#39;m thinking about all those nights and everything.我在想所有那些夜晚和所有事物。Thank you so much for everything you do. I know it doesn#39;t seem like I appreciate all of it but I definitely do.非常谢谢你所做的一切。我知道我看起来不像有感激所有的事,但我确实很感激。So, mom, I wanna say thank you for everything that you#39;ve done. I love you very much. You#39;ve been there through thick and thin. My mom is just awesome. She is awesome.所以,妈,我想要说谢谢你所做的一切。我非常爱你。在开心难过的时候你一直都在那儿。我的妈妈就是很棒。她很棒。This Mother#39;s Day, you might want to make her a card.今年母亲节,你也许想要做张卡片送她。 Article/201409/324952佛山长更医院 The Ministry of Public Security and several state media outlets have done a survey on the most annoying and dangerous driving habits. Nearly 30,000 people took the survey.公安部和几家国营媒体机构进行了一次问卷调查,关于最令人讨厌和最危险的开车习惯。将近30000人参与了该问卷调查。More than 90% of those surveyed ranked cutting others off or merging suddenly as the most dangerous driving behavior and driving while angry and speeding are also seen as threatening. This year alone, 1,290 people died in traffic accidents with drivers without licenses. More than 750 people were killed by speeding vehicles. And more than 150 died after a car suddenly merged with theirs.其中90%的人认为超车或者突然抢占车道是最令人讨厌的驾驶习惯。而且开斗气车和超速行驶也同样名列其中。仅仅今年,就有1290人因为驾驶员无驾驶而死于车祸事故。超过750人因车辆超速驾驶而致死。而且超过150人因与他人车辆抢占车道而致死。As for the reason people are breaking the traffic rules, more than 50% of those surveyed blamed the bad habits on lack of safety awareness. Others think road facilities are not good enough, or that traffic fines are not high enough.对于人们不遵守交通规则的原因,超过50%人认为是人们缺乏安全意识的坏习惯。其他人认为道路交通设施不够完备,或者交通违规罚款金额不够高。 Article/201312/267004Negotiating the channel is her first challenge.它的第一个挑战是游过水道The water near the mouth of the pool is slightly deeper.水池开口处附近的水深较深Here she sets her ambush,它在这里准备突袭waiting for a seal to stray out of the shallows.等候远离浅水处的象海豹出现For mother and calf, this is an extremely risky ploy.对杀人鲸母子来说 这种作法风险极高She must continuously assess how big the waves are, how deep the water is它必须不断评估浪的大小and what the tide is doing.以及水深和潮汐One bad decision would see both mother and calf stranded.一个错误决定 就可能让它们母子受困浅滩The seals lie in the shallows,躺在浅水池的象海豹距离太远just out of reach and unaware of her presence.也不知道母鲸在这里But she is more than aware of the dropping tide.但母鲸很清楚现在已经退潮A floundering seal catches her attention...一只涉水的象海豹引起它的注意..and with her calf, she slowly moves towards it.它带着幼鲸缓缓逼近The seal is lying right on the edge of a rocky ledge,象海豹躺在一片岩架边缘oblivious to the danger.浑然不觉危险将至 Article/201309/258669佛山龟头炎医院

高明人民医院看男科怎么样伦教医院专家咨询 经济学家能从语言学家那里学到什么?行为经济学家基思·陈(Keith Chen)介绍了他的研究中发现的奇妙关联:没有区分将来时态的语言——“明天下雨”而不是“下明天的雨”——跟储蓄比例有很强的相关性。 Article/201312/268884佛山新世纪医院看男科怎么样

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