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大家对名人感兴趣吗?我想大家在提及自己的偶像时一定会滔滔不绝,你们想听听你们的偶像是如何用英语表述自己的吗?那么,还等什么?快快随我一起来倾听他们的声音吧!~The end of organic food market?Organic food has become a popular choice health-conscious Britons. As the credit crunch hits, people may abandon organics a cheaper alternative. some time now, there has been a growing market in Britain organic food. But with the credit crunch cing thrifty shoppers to cut back and with food prices generally rocketing, could our love organics be starting to wilt?During her pregnancy with Amelia, Pen Turnbull made sure every item of food she bought was organic. But recently, like other shoppers we spoke to, that’s changed. “Especially with sort of store cupped-type foods, so cereals and honey and things like that. I’m no longer buying organic and trying to keep the fruit and vegetables mainly organic.” “And anecdotally your all friends, people you know, other moms, is it a similar scenario?”“Yeah, definitely in the playgroups and NCT meetings that everybody’s starting to notice the difference.”Figures compiled Sky News show the organics market has grown steadily over the last decade. This year, April is the first month to show a downturn on the year bee. But what will be really telling is what happens to organic sales in the months to come.The fact is organic food is generally more expensive. Take chicken example. We worked out the average price of two chicken breasts weighing 500 grams from the Big Four supermarkets. The organic option would cost you 8.5 pounds, the next best thing; the premium version would set you back 6. pounds. While the value chicken, one of the meal stuff, would cost 3.68 pounds. So have the super markets noticed any difference of the tilts?“I think the interesting thing to watch over the next year is the rate of that growth compared to previous years, where we are seeing price becoming a much bigger factor than it's been in previous years.”Advocates of the organic movement say retailers have yet to report any falloff in sales. And despite the critics, they believe organic farming can still feed the world. “The main thing that's driving up the price of food in the long run is the price of oil, because most food is produced from oil-based fertilizer. Organic food's produced from the sun’s energy. So actually, organic food is less prone to these price rises than non-organic food.” But with food inflation ecast to rise even higher, the proof in the organic pudding will be what happens at the check-outs over the next few months.Catherine Jacob, Sky News.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. credit crunchA "credit crunch" is a recessionary period in a debt-based monetary system where growth in debt money (or "credit") has slowed and subsequently causes a drying up of liquidity in an economy. 088凭借电影《宿醉(The Hangover)一炮而红的性感男人布莱德利?库珀,没想到一部成本极低的小电影居然成为美国当年的票房巨头和黑马此片上映后,库珀的事业再次腾飞,越来越多的导演、明星与其成为合作伙伴,如和世界十大美女之一的杰西卡阿尔芭合演的;情人节;,还有和罗伯特德尼罗合作的;黑暗领域;等等爆笑开机的《宿醉中有哪些不容错过的精?本期嘉宾布莱德利?库珀为你提前揭晓;;You can do a movie like A-Team, you could do a movie like the Hangover and it assignable.你可以像团队那样制作一部电影,你可以像制作宿醉那样制作电影一样,它可以转让Right.对But youre carrying it.但你身上带着它Right.对So if this opens on the weekend, and this makes two and a half sense. People might say, oh, Bradley Cooper, did we really want him Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby?这将在周末点半播放,人们可能会说,哦,布拉德利?库柏,我们真的以为他是《了不起的盖茨比中的汤姆布坎南吗?That right, but they never did.是的,但是他们从未这么做过Yeah, I know they never did. But Im putting that out.是,我知道他们从来没有但是我要知道这一点Good, okay.不错,好吧You know, why not, Baz Luhrmann, you know, if you are hearing this, you know here he is. But what pressure does it put on you?-你知道,为什么不可以,鲁曼尼巴兹,你知道,如果你听到这个,你知道他在这里你身上会感到压力吗?If the movie doesnt perm, you know what, it gonna, it gonna put, it a marathon. You know, it still a marathon. That the great thing about it. But it does change things. It just gonna be harder to try to convince somebody to rest a narrative on my shoulders.如果没有电影上映,你知道,是什么,这会是一场马拉松你知道,这仍然是一场马拉松这是了不起的事情但它确实改变一些事情确认别人的重担非常难Well I wanna ask you a question, like you ask Sean Penn. You know, but I can only in terms of sequels deal with the Hangover.-好的,我想问你一个问题,就像你问西恩?潘的那样,你知道的,但我只能问些关于宿醉续篇的事OK.好的So what was it? , the first one, now youve finished the Hangover II?那是什么?年第一部,现在你已完成了续集的拍摄?Crazy. And it out in two months.太疯狂了已经有两个月了It out in two months. So what was that like?两个月了有什么动静没?It was the hardest film Ive ever done.这是我所拍摄的最艰难的一部电影词语解释:1. Hangover n. 宿醉. Marathon n. 马拉松Who Is a Hero?谁是英雄?Soldiers go to war. They fight the enemy. That is their job. Firemen go to fires. They rescue people in burning buildings. That is their job. Policemen go after dangerous criminals. They arrest dangerous criminals. That is their job. Phil was driving home. The car in front of him ran off the road. Phil pulled over behind the car. He ran to the car. He smelled gasoline. He saw an old woman inside the car. He pulled and pulled on the driver door. It finally opened. He pulled her out of the car. He carried her toward his car. Suddenly, her car exploded. Metal flew through the air. Metal went into Phil back. Phil fell to the ground. Ambulances took Phil and the old woman to the hospital. Doctors operated on both of them. They both survived. Phil said, ;Im not a hero. I did what anyone would do.;士兵上战场他们抵御敌人这是他们的天职消防员救火他们要从着火的房屋中营救遇难群众这是他们的责任警察追捕犯罪分子他们逮捕危险的罪犯这是他们的工作菲尔开车回家前面的汽车开出了公路菲尔在这辆车后面停了车他跑向这辆车他闻到了汽油的味道他看见车里有一名老妇人他拉了拉驾驶门门终于开了他把她拉出了车外他带她朝自己的汽车走去突然,她的汽车爆炸了金属零件飞上了天金属零件撞到了菲尔的后背菲尔倒在了地上救护车将菲尔和老妇人送到了医院医生对他们实施了手术他们都幸存了下来菲尔说:“我不是英雄我只是做了所有人都会做的事情”译文属原创,,不得转载 3997018 Lionel Hampton18 莱昂内尔·汉普顿Lionel Hampton is a frenetic jazz vibraphonist, gifted bandleader and storied showman who was one of the most celebrated musicians of the swing era and went on to a six-decade career on the American stage.莱昂内尔·汉普顿是一位极富的爵士乐电颤琴演奏家、极具天赋的乐队领队,爵士乐史上著名的表演家他是强节奏爵士乐时代最富盛名的音乐人之一,在美国舞台上有60年的演艺生涯Hampton has cut hundreds of records. He was known tremendous energy and directing bands that were among the most long lived and consistently popular large ensembles in jazz. His work has been hailed by everyone from presidents to jazz critics and endorsed by the public through enthusiastic attendance of his permances and unending sales of his records.汉普顿录制了数百张唱片他以精力充沛,组建了爵士乐坛上长盛不衰的大型乐队而闻名遐迩他的作品受到了从总统到爵士乐家的赞赏和公众的持他们疯狂地观看他的演出,不断地购买他的唱片Hampton was born on April ,19,in Louisville, Kentucky. He began working as a drummer when he was a teenager. He spent many of his mative musical years in Los Angeles, playing with top local bands and some great national figures as they came through town. Among them were Louis Armstrong -- who first encouraged him to play the vibraphone and, later, Benny Goodman. He was one of the first musicians to bridge the racial gap between blacks and whites in jazz. He joined drummer Gene Krupa and pianist Teddy Wilson to m the multiracial Benny Goodman quartet in the 1930s. Hampton later recalled, “I didn’t recognize that it was a social advancement, but it was the first time blacks and whites ever played together out in public.”19年月日汉普顿出生在肯塔基州的路易斯维尔十几岁时他当了一名鼓手在洛杉矶度过的数年是他的音乐风格形成期他同当地顶尖的乐队和一些来小镇演出的杰出音乐人同台演出这里面有路易斯·阿姆斯特朗,是他第一个鼓励汉普顿演奏颤音琴后来他又遇到了本尼·古德曼汉普顿是第一个打破爵士乐中 种族隔阂的音乐人之一世纪30年代,他与鼓手吉恩·克鲁帕和钢琴演奏家特迪·威尔逊组建了多种族的本尼·古德曼四重奏乐团汉普顿后来回忆说:“我并没有意识到这是一种社会进步,但这确实是黑人和白人第一次在公众场合同台演出”By 1930, he was touring extensively on the West Coast with his own groups, making records and enjoying billing as the “fastest drummer in the world”,when he struck his first note on a vibraphone. He played with Armstrong’s group a year, establishing the vibraphone as a jazz instrument and himself as its top interpreter.到1930年,汉普顿同他的乐队沿西海岸巡演,录制音乐,荣登排行榜上“世界上最快的鼓手”这时他开始演奏颤音琴汉普顿同阿姆斯特朗的乐队演出了一年他把颤音琴确定为爵士乐的演奏乐器,而他自己也 成为该乐器最出色的阐释者Hampton played the vibes with lightning swiftness and harmonic and melodic simplicity and the drums with a fierce, driving rhythm. He became a household name after recording such hits as Moonglow and Dinah with Goodman in the 1930s and continued to make the charts in the 190s and 1950s.汉普顿演奏颜音琴时轻灵、和谐、旋律简洁优美,而击鼓时则活力四射,节奏强劲世纪30年代他与古德曼共同录制了热门金曲Moonglow和Dinah,成为家喻户晓的人物0年代和50年代他的唱片一直畅销不衰In 190,he left Goodman and started his own big band, featuring a big sound, swinging arrangements and such soloists as Washington. Hampton’s newly recorded big-band version of Flyin ’Home became a huge success. The band specialized in boogie-woogie, jump and later bop, and by the early 1950s it had become as much a rhythm and blues as a jazz attraction. But it nevertheless remained the medium the introduction of many jazz talents.190年汉普顿离开古德曼,组建了自己的大乐队该乐队演奏嘹亮,节奏强劲,并收罗了如华盛顿这样的独奏演员汉普顿重新录制的大乐队版的Hyin’Home取得了巨大的成功大乐队撞长演奏布基伍基乐曲、强节奏爵士乐和普爵士乐到世纪50年代早期,它以爵士乐和节奏布鲁斯闻名但它一直是许多爵士乐天才的摇篮Through all of it, Hampton once said, he had just one goal, “I want to be remembered sping happiness and goodwill.” He did just that.在经历了这一切后,汉普顿曾经说,他只有一个目标:“我想让世人记住我是在传播幸福和友善”他确实做到了 8019

HighLight是一个鲜活的时装时尚摄影平台,以photography Studio的形式驻扎在伦敦北京两地HighLight的外延是更加丰富开放的fashion commyHighLight鼓励发扬独立自由的时尚观以及艺术感的生活方式On August th, the eye-catching fashion photography exhibition "HighLight London" was launched in Beijing."HighLight London" is a conceptual "Street Snap" activity initiated by Joy Island and Media Designer Kars Li. The collection comes from their shootings at the London Fashion Week, East London antique market and artistic area and Lady Gaga's concert.Let's follow our reporter to find more.[Opening + Show]Ten hot models including the Top Model Ge Huijie, and Shi Shi, the most popular model born-in-the-1990's, showed up bee the cameras to light up the power of the stylish young generation in China. As a visual symbol, HighLight London is featured by a pink dot on the corner of the models' mouths. They believe "Everyone is a super star. The city is our T Stage" The organizer of the event, Chinese Fashion Photographer Joy Island spoke to our reporter about where her inspirations came from:[Video]A raffle was drawn at the event and we spoke to the lucky winner of the limited edition of Ray-Ban glasses, Kevin, about his view of fashion and the event:[Video, Kevin interview]How do other viewers think about fashion and this fashion event in particular? We spoke with Sylvia, a free-lance art writer who was also at the event:[Video, Sylvia interview]Vivian Zhang, one of the models at the show, also shared with us her understanding of "fashion":[Video]In fact, the iconic hot pink dot that symbolizes today's event has been placed on fashion pioneers such as Vivienne Westwood, British Top-model Kate Moss, Japanese Top-model Tao Okamoto and Editor-in-Chief of Vogue China Angelica Cheung.[Ending]"You need not to swear, you are what you wear," is a true description of the phenomenon 1958

Famous Americans: Amy Tan; Americans with Disabilities Act; to take convincing, full-fledged, dudeWords:descentto fightto give (someone) the silent treatmentpromiselife-changing eventexpectationactdisabilityto enactdiscriminationaccessibilitywheelchairelevatorrampexception to the rulebarsto take convincingfull-fledgeddude 351

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