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英语常用口头语 -- :57:6 来源: 英语常用口头语0句:  1.Think nothing of it.(别放在心上)  . She looks blue.(她满面忧伤.)   3. She turns me off.(她使我厌烦)   . How do I address you?(我怎么称呼你)   5. Be my guest.(请便、别客气)   6. That was a close call.(太危险了千钧一发)   7. Far from it.(一点也不)   8. It's a pain in the neck[麻烦的事(人)].(那真是件麻烦事)   9. We're in the same boat.(我们处境相同)   . My mouth is watering.(我在流口水了)   . I ache all over.(我浑身酸痛)   . I have a runny nose.(我流鼻涕)   . Do you have any openings?(你们有空缺吗?)   . I wasn't born yesterday.(我又不是三岁小孩)   . I'm not myself today.(我今天心神不宁)   . I have a sweet tooth.(我喜欢吃甜食)   . the time being.(暂时;暂且;目前)   18. Don't beat around the bush. (别拐弯抹角了)   19. It's up in the air[悬而未决].(尚未确定)   . It slipped my mind.(我忘了)   1. You can't please[使人感到满意和愉快] everyone.(你不可能讨好每一个人)   . I'm working on[着手;从事] it.(我正在努力)   3. You bet!(当然!)   . Drop me a line[短信].(写封信给我)   5. Are you pulling my leg[同某人开玩笑;取笑]?(你在开我玩笑吗?)   6. I'll keep my ears open.(我会留意的)   7. Neck and neck.(不分上下)   . I'm feeling under the weather.(我觉得不舒精神不好情绪低落)   9. Don't get me wrong[误解].(不要误会我)   30. You're the boss.(听你的)   31. If I were in your shoes[处在某人的位置].(如果我是你的话)   3. Over my dead body!(休想)   33. It'll come to me.(我会想起来的)   . I will play it by ear[见机行事;临时现做].(我会见机行事的;到时候再说)   35. Let's talk over coffee.(我们边喝边谈)   36. Take it easy.(轻松一点;别紧张;放松放松;再见)   [这是美国人最喜欢说的话,也可作离别用语}   37. Let's give him a big hand.(让我们热烈鼓掌)   38. As far as I'm concerned.(就我而言)   39. I'm up to my ears[忙得不可开交;深陷于某事物中] in work.(我忙死了)   0. You can't do this to me.(你不能这么对我)   1. Just to be on the safe side. (为了安全起见)   . It's been a long time.(好久不见了)   3. It's about time.(时间差不多了)   . I can't imagine why.(我想不通为什么)   5. That's really something.(真了不起)   6. Excuse me a moment.(失陪一会儿)   7. I'm dying[很想] to see you.(我真想见你)   8. I'm flattered.(过奖了)   9. You can never tell.(不知道谁也没把握)   50. I won't buy[相信;接受] your story.(我不信你那一套)   51. It hurts like hell!(疼死啦!)   5. It can't be helped.(无能为力)   53. Sorry to bother you.(抱歉打扰你[事前])   Sorry to have bothered you.(抱歉打扰你[事后])   5. Stay out of this matter, please.(请别管这事)   55. I'll make it up to you.(我会赔偿的)   56. I'm very really terribly extremely sorry.(十分抱歉)   57. Let's give and get.(让我们摈弃前嫌)58. I've heard so much about you!(久仰大名!)   58. Don't underestimate me.(别小看我)   59. She gives me a headache.(她让我头疼)   60. You're wasting you breath.(你在白费口舌)   61. Don't get on my nerves!(不要搅得我心烦)   6. His argument doesn't hold water.(他的论点站不住脚)   63. You've got to do something.(你一定要想办法)   6. Don't look wise.(别自作聪明)   65. You're going too far!(你太过分了!)   66. Don't bury your head in the sand.(不要逃避现实)   67. Nothing works.(什么都不对劲儿)   68. Money will come and go.(钱乃身外之物)   69. He's been behind bars almost 30 years.(他坐了将近30年牢)   70. You have my word.(我保)   71. He hit the ceiling at the news.(他听到那消息暴跳如雷大发雷霆)   7. You're too outspoken.(你太直率了)   73. Every dog has his day.(凡人皆有得意时)   7. Are you out of your mind?(你疯了吗?)   75. He's been everywhere.(他到处都去过了)   76. Who is to blame?(该怪谁?)   77. There're a lot of rumors going around.(很多流言流传着)   78. I don't feel up to that.(我觉得不能胜任那工作)   79. I'm mad at myself.(我生自己的气)   80. It's raining cats and dogs.(下着倾盆大雨)   81. What the hell are you doing?(你到底在做什么?)   8. I can't seem to get to sleep.(我好象睡不着)   83. You look very serious about something.(你似乎有很严重的事)   8. I hope I'm not in the way.(我希望没有造成妨碍)   85. A fool never learns.(傻瓜永远学不会)   86. What brings you to Beijing?(什么风把你吹到北京来的?)   87. So far so good.(目前为止,一切都好) 英语口头语泉州输卵管检查有车一族实用表达 -01-7 00:: 来源: 现在有车的人是越来越多,开车也几乎成了很多人的例行公事下面我们就给大家提供一些和车有关的表达,比如"打开行李箱"、"共乘一辆车"等等1. Can you pop the trunk?你能不能打开行李箱?一般"打开行李箱"都是说 open the trunk,但是老美也喜欢说成 pop the trunkPop 是指某样东西突然跳起来的动作,因为开行李箱时行李箱通常都是 "碰" 一下跳起来,所以打开行李箱才会说成 pop the trunk. Do you need a ride? We can car pool.你需不需要我载你啊? 我们可以共乘一辆车啊你要开车去载某人,就是 give someone a ride这是很常用的说法,另外关于 car pool,指的就是二人以上共乘一辆车由于美国的交通阻塞问题也是十分严重,所以有很多鼓励共乘的措施,像Highway 上有所谓的 car pool lane,就是共乘车辆才可以走的专用道我想这一点国内也可以借鉴一下注意一下 car pool 在这里可以当成动词或是名词,比如你说 We can car pool,这是动词的用法, 或是你也可以说 I am in car pool with someone, 这是名词的用法二者都很常见3. I'll pick you up tomorrow.我明天会去接你Pick up 这个词实在是很好用,比如"去拿作业"可以叫 pick up the homework, "去摘水果"也叫 pick up the fruit,"开车去接某人",也叫 pick up接人叫 pick up,那"放某人放下来"要怎么说呢? 就是 drop someone off例如你可以跟被你载的人说:Where do you like me to drop you off. 或是光说 drop 也成,例如:You can drop me around the corner.. Come on, jump in hop in.快点上车一般我们认为上车叫 get on,但是其实 get on 只用在大的巴士,例如"坐公车"是 get on the bus,或是"骑马",可以说 get on the horse但一般小汽车是不能用 get on the car的,只有在有往上爬的动作时才能用 get on,那要用什么才对呢? jump in 就是一个不错的字眼,或是 hop in 也很常用,你可以说:Come on, jump in the car.同样的, 下车也分两种,如果是从大车上下来,如巴士,就像我们以前所学的用 get off但是从小轿车中出来就不叫 get off,要用 get out,例如:Everybody gets out. 就是"大家都下车吧"(改编自:小笨霖英语笔记本 英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 表达 实用 一族 可以泉州处女膜修复多少钱A OF AIDS AIDS is the abbreviation of ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME.It is a complicated illness that may involve several phases.it is caused by a virus that can be passed from person to person.AIDS impairs the human body's immune system,the system responsible keeping off disease,and leaves the victim easily affected by various infection.The virus enters the bloodstream and destroys certain white blood cells,called T lymphocytes,which play a key role in the functioning of the immune system.The virus can also infect other types of cells in the body,including the immune-system cells knows as macrophages.Unlike T lymphocytes,however,macrophages are not killed by the virus.Most people recently infected by the AIDS virus look and feel healthy.In some people the virus may remain inactive,and these people act as carriers,remaining apparently healthy but still able to infect others.After a few years,some people may develop AIDS-related complex,or ARC.Its symptoms may include fever,fatigue,weight loss,skin rashes,a fungal infection of the mouth known as thrush,lack of resistance to infection,and swollen lymph nodes.AIDS is sp by direct infection of the bloodstream with body fluids that contain the AIDS virus,particular blood and semen from an HIV-infected person.The virus is usually sp through various ms of sexual intercourse,the transfusion of virus-infected blood,or the sharing of HIV-contaminated intravenous need les. 18北美鸠清晨的鸣唱或黄昏时天空中沙丘鹤笛鸣般的长吟,是任何赞美诗都无法媲美的柔和的春风中弥漫着田野间矢车菊的芳香,让我的灵魂也更加高尚,这是教堂中任何焚香都无法比拟的 What Makes Me Feel Big J. Frank Dobie “My mind is big when I look at you and talk to you,” Chief Eagle of the Pawnees said to George Bird Grinnell when, after years of absence, that noble writer appeared at his friend’s tepee.It is very difficult in drawing up a credo to be severely honest about one’s self, to avoid all traditional cant. We actually believe in what we value most. Outside of the realms of carnality and property, which men appearing in public generally pretend not to notice, I believe in and draw nourishment from whatever makes me feel big.I believe in a Supreme Power, unknowable and impersonal, whose handiwork the soul-enlarging firmament declares. However, I believe in questionings, doubtings, searchings, skepticism, and I discredit credulity or blind faith. The progress of man is based on disbelief of the commonly accepted. The noblest minds and natures of human history have thought and sung, lived and died, trying to budge the status quo towards a larger and fuller status. I am sustained by a belief in evolution—the increasing purpose of life in which the rational is, with geological slowness, evolving out of the irrational. To believe that goodness and wisdom and righteousness, in Garden of Eden perfection, lie somewhere far ahead instead of farther and farther behind, gives me hope and somewhat explains existence. This is a long view. I do not pretend that it is a view always present in me. It does raise me when I have it, however.I feel no resentment so strongly as that against ces which make men and women afraid to speak out thrightly. The noblest satisfaction I have is in witnessing the up movement of suppressed individuals and people. I make no pretense to having rid myself of all prejudices, but at times when I have discovered myself freed from certain prejudices, I have felt rare exhilaration. me, the beautiful resides in the physical, but it is spiritual. I have never heard a sermon as spiritual in either phrase or fact as, “Waters on a starry night are beautiful and free.” No hymn lifts my heart higher than the morning call of the bobwhite or the long fluting cry of sandhill cranes out of the sky at dusk. I have never smelled incense in a church as refining to the spirit as a spring breeze laden with aroma from a field of bluebonnets. Not all hard truths are beautiful, but beauty is truth. It incorporates love and is incorporated by love. It is the goal of all great art. Its presence everywhere makes it free to all. It is not so abstract as justice, but beauty and intellectual freedom and justice, all incorporating truth and goodness, are constant sustainers to my mind and spirit. 90泉州无痛人流哪种比较好

泉州治疗子宫肌瘤的医院泉州市哪家医院人流手术好英语中不感兴趣时的日常用法 -- :: 来源: I dont care. *向对方表示“不要再嗦”的心情What do you want dinner? (晚饭你想吃什么?)I dont care. (什么都行)Anything fine.-----管它呢!Who cares?I dont think it a good idea. (我认为那不是个好主意)Who cares? (管它呢!)So what? (那又怎么样?)So? (后来呢?)Well?Does it matter?Big deal.What difference does it make?-----随便你!Whatever you want.As you wish.谁知道呢Nobody knows.Do you think the economy will improve? (你认为经济可以恢复吗?)Nobody knows. (谁知道呢)Who knows?No one knows.-----这跟我没关系It has nothing to do with me. *have nothing to do with... “完全没有关系”、“没关系”,表明坏事或不好的事与自己无关Why dont you help him? (你怎么不帮他呢?)It has nothing to do with me. (这跟我有什么关系)It not my concern.It not my business.It not my problem.-----我才不在乎呢I couldnt care less. *“我没关系”、“没事”的口语说法,有些俚语味道Im going to report you to our boss. (我要向老板告你)Go ahead. I couldnt care less. (随便!我才不在乎呢)I dont give a damn.-----没人注意你Nobody cares.But Im not a good dancer. (可我跳舞跳得不好)Nobody cares. (没人注意你)Nobody gives a damn. *语气较强,在有些场合下,听起来会有点下流的感觉-----随他们去呢!Let it be.Tom and Mary are fighting a lot these days. We should do something about it. (最近汤姆和玛丽老打架,我们是不是得做点什么)Let it be. (甭管他们!)-----我才不在乎他们说什么呢I dont care what they say.Everyone says youre a liar. (大家都说你是个骗子)I dont care what they say. (我才不在乎他们说什么呢)I dont care what they might say.What they say doesnt matter to me. (他们说什么都跟我没关系)I dont care what anyone says.Other people opinions dont matter to me. (别人说什么对我来说不重要)Im not concerned about what they may say.-----哪个都行Anyone will do.Which one? (哪个?)Anyone will do. (哪个都行)It doesnt matter.Anyone okay.Anything will do.-----没他我们也可以We can do without him.We dont need him. (我们不需要他)His help isnt necessary. (我们不需要他的帮助)-----我没什么特别要说的Ive got nothing special to talk about.Ive got nothing special to talk about. (我没什么特别要说的)That okay. (那好吧)I have nothing particular to talk about.I dont have anything special to discuss. (我没有什么特别要商量的)-----无所谓It doesnt matter. *当被对方问“是A还是B”,回答哪个都行时Do you want red or white? (你想要红的还是白的?)It doesnt matter. (无所谓)I dont care.It doesnt make any difference.It all the same to me. (对我来说都一样)I dont feel strongly about it one way or the other. (我不那么在乎是哪一个)Either will do.Either one will be fine.-----这又不是什么新鲜事It the same old story.She only married him his money. (她只是冲他的钱才跟他结婚的呀)It the same old story. (这又不是什么新鲜事) 日常英语 英语口语Spring SongSpring is coming, spring is coming,Birdies, build your nest;Weave together straw and feather,Doing each your best.Spring is coming, spring is coming,Flowers are coming tooPansies, lilies, daffodillies,Now are coming thoughtSpring is coming, spring is coming,All around is fair,Shimmer and quiver on the river,Joy is everywhere.By William Blake 899福建医科大学附属第二医院 网上咨询热线电影:“首映”怎么说 -01-7 00:: 来源: 这两天柏林电影节正进行的如火如荼,很快在月5号,第79届奥斯卡奖也将拉开帷幕,最近关于电影的谈资还真不少小编特为大家准备了一些谈论电影的常用表达,供大家在闲暇时使用1. I've seen every good movie that came out this summer.我把在这个暑假里上档的每一部好电影都看过了Come out 这个片语常用来指电影、音乐、书本或是其它一般商品的发行或是推出上市例如,"I saw Spiderman the night it came out in theaters." (我在《蜘蛛侠这部电影首次上映时就跑去看了) 或是比方当别人问你知不知道某部经典名片 Casablanca,你可以回答他,"Yes. It came out when I was six-years-old." (知道,这部电影是在我六岁时上演的)另外有一个法语词 debut 老美也常用,意思就是"首次出现或是首映 (premiere) "的意思debut 是名词,所以我们可以这样用,"Did you see the debut of Spiderman?" (你有去看《蜘蛛侠的首映吗?) 另外它也常以 make one's debut 的形式出现,例如 "Spiderman made its debut on the Internet a day bee its official premiere." (《蜘蛛侠在电影院正式上演的前一天,就先在网络上首映了). I'd say it's worth renting (on ) but don't see it at the movie theater.租回来看看还可以,若是去电影院看那就不必了每次和老美聊到某一部电影时,通常最后不外乎会得出三种结论一是 awesome,太棒了,这部电影你非看不可,不然你就枉费此生了二是 terrible,大烂片,你还不如把钱省下捐给慈善机构吧第三种结论就是:It's OK. 还可以,但在家里看好像就可以了吧!这时你就可以接着说:"I'd say it's worth renting, but don't see it at the movie theater." 或是狠一点的讲法,"You don't want to pay money to see a movie version of a TV show, do you?" (你不会想花钱去看一些看起来像是电视节目档次的电影吧?)3. That movie was very touching.那部电影非常地感人我们要形容一部电影非常感人,可以说:"This movie was very touching." 或是说:"I was touched by this movie." 和 "The movie touched me." 等等都可以如果这部电影令人觉得很难过,会让人不自觉地掉下眼泪来,我们可以这样形容 "That movie was so sad." 或是 "I felt so sad when I saw this movie." 当然你要说 "I cried several times in the movie theater." 也可以啦,只是男生们可能会觉得这样会显得自己很没用如果你真的是哭得稀里哗啦,但又不想显出自己的没用,那就把责任推到电影头上吧!比方我们可以说一部电影是 tear-jerker,意味着它是观众眼泪催化器例如,"Titanic is definitely a tear-jerker." (《泰坦尼克号绝对是一部会让人看了掉眼泪的电影) 任何人看了 tear-jerker 而不哭,其人必不忠,不然就是泪腺无法分泌(改编自:小笨霖英语笔记本 英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 怎么 首映 电影 可以泉州宫外孕手术大概多少钱

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