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A policeman#39;s lot may not be a happy one – but it certainly has its lighter moments.警察的工作也许并不轻松愉快——但是这份工作中肯定也有比较轻松的一面。Officers in the West Country have revealed how some of the most bizarre callouts involve fancy dress, including a brawling traffic cone, a thieving Sherlock Holmes and a drunk Jesus.英国西南部的警察们近日吐槽了一些相当奇葩的报警电话,这些报警电话都与易装相关,有与人发生争执的“交通锥标”,有偷东西的“福尔斯”,还有酗酒的“耶稣”。Officers in Devon and Cornwall have attended 31 crimes committed by people in fancy dress in the last 18 months.在过去的一年半里,德文郡和康沃尔郡的警官们已经查处了31起当事人身穿易装的违法案例。Devon and Cornwall police revealed call-outs involving people wearing fancy dress - including one man dressed as Sherlock Holmes who walked out of a pub without paying.德文郡和康沃尔郡的警官们吐槽那些涉及身穿易装的当事人的报警案件——其中包括这样一起案件,一个装扮成夏洛克·福尔斯的人在小酒馆里吃霸王餐。In March police were called out to a ‘massive disorder’ involving a king, a jockey and abobsleigh team in Torquay when one person was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.在3月份,在英国托基,有人报警称发生“大规模动乱”,当事人是一个国王,一个小丑和一队雪车运动员,其中一人因酗酒和扰乱公共治安被捕。#39;French Spiderman#39; is back out doing what he does best as he scales huge Russian skyscraper (and this time he isn#39;t arrested).一位“法国蜘蛛侠”复出并操起了老本行,爬上了一幢俄式的天大楼(不过这一次他没有被捕)。The same month they visited a drunken Jesus on a stag and dealt with a bumblebee and a Super Mario riding bikes.同在三月,在这个海滨小城里,警察们还拜访过一位骑着牡鹿的,伶仃大醉的耶稣,与一只“大黄蜂”交涉过,还遇到过一个骑自行车的“超级马里奥”。Other incidents included a fighting sheep and Cat Woman going missing in Plymouth.在另外一些案件中,还有跟人打架的山羊,在普利茅斯失踪的猫女等等。 /201410/336227A parrot has been put on anti-depressants to recover from a state of manic trauma after being trapped in a garage for three years.一只名叫罗伊的鹦鹉,因被关在车库三年患上抑郁症,目前它正在接受抗抑郁治疗。Roy was locked in a dog cage with little food or water as he kept screaming the name of his owner#39;s dead wife over and over again - after the widower#39;s new partner had moved in.罗伊被关在一个笼里,没有充足的食物和水。自从它主人的新伴侣住进家中之后,罗伊就不停地念叨主人已故妻子的名字。In captivity, the Congo African Grey was driven to near-insanity, pecking off all his feathers.由于被困牢笼,这只非洲灰鹦鹉几近疯狂,拔光了自己所有的羽毛。The 26-year-old bird is now being treated by Britain#39;s only parrot psychologist Elaine Henley, who has started him on an intensive programme of pills.罗伊已经26岁了,它目前正接受英国唯一一位鹦鹉心理医生伊莱恩·亨利的治疗。它将用大量的药物。Ms Henley saved Roy from imprisonment in the home in southern England.是伊莱恩医生把罗伊从英格兰南部的囚禁生活中解救了出来。In more than 10 years treating birds as far away as Australia and America, Roy is the most disturbed pet she has encountered.伊莱恩拥有超过10年的鹦鹉治疗经验,她甚至照料过来自澳大利亚和美国的鹦鹉,但罗伊是她见过的心理最失常的宠物鹦鹉。Roy had been close to his owner Sarah before she died - and would not stop calling for her when she passed away.罗伊非常依赖自己的主人萨拉,萨拉去世后,它就一直叫萨拉的名字。But Sarah#39;s widower eventually met somebody else, and decided to lock Roy away until they moved house three years later.但是萨拉的丈夫最终和别人在一起了,他决定把罗伊锁起来,这一锁就是三年,直到他决定搬家。In a desperate bid to nurse him back to health, Ms Henley is lacing Roy#39;s food with amitriptyline - a powerful anti-depressant similar to Prozac.为了罗伊能恢复健康,伊莱恩在它的食物中加入了强效抗抑郁的药物阿米替林。 /201404/2892121. I#39;ve heard so much about you.久仰!2. You#39;ve had a long day./ You#39;ve had a long flight.辛苦了!3. Distinguished/Honorable/Respected friends尊敬的朋友们!4. On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, I wish to extend our warm welcome to the friends who have come to visit Beijing.我代表北京市政府欢迎各位朋友访问北京。5. On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, I wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your gracious assistance.我谨代表北京市政府表示衷心的感谢您的大力协助。6. How are you making out in Beijing?在北京过得怎么样?7. I#39;ll surely remember you and your invitation to him.我一定向他转达您的问候和邀请。8. American businessmen are welcome to make investment in Beijing.欢迎美商来北京投资。9. Your valuable advice is most welcome.欢迎多提宝贵意见。10. It#39;s a rewarding trip!不虚此行! /201311/266186

Holiday photos only come around once a year, so of course, you want them to be special. But who needs to hire a professional when you can take great card-worthy pictures yourself?圣诞节、跨年夜,一年才拍这么一次假期照,你当然想让它们特别一点。但是如果你自己就能拍出能印上贺卡的照片,你还用得着找专业摄影师吗?Have a , then get snapping; you#39;ll want everyone to see the results.看了这五点之后再拍照,你会忍不住和别人分享你的美照哦!1. Plan Ahead提前计划Before you start snapping, iron out all the details about the kind of picture you want.在你拍照之前,请想好你想拍的照片的所有细节。Will you use props? Will you have a list of poses y to try out?你打算用一些小道具吗?你已经想好了准备尝试的所有拍照姿势?2. Pay Close Attention to the Background密切留心拍照背景Don#39;t let something like a branch sticking out of someone#39;s head or a trash can ruin the perfect photo opportunity.别让一根伸出来的树枝挡住某人的头;别让一个垃圾桶破坏了照片的整体美感。Before you snap, pay attention to all the distractions behind your subjects.拍照之前,请留心拍照对象后面的干扰物。3. Overshoot多按几次快门It#39;s always better to have too many photos to choose from than too little.对于拍照来说,有的选总比没的选要好。Try close-ups or step back for wider shots. Experiment with various angles (get low, climb high) and use different lenses, if you have them.你可以尝试着拍特写或者退后几步试试广角镜头。此外,你还可以多角度拍摄(低下身子或者爬到高处);如果你有不同的镜头的话,你也可以试试多种镜头拍摄。4. Get in It怎么让自己进入镜头If you want to hop in the photo, take time to plan this, too. Invest in a tripod so you can prop up your camera.如果你自己也想加入到镜头中,那你也需要时间来好好计划。你可以买一个三脚架来放照相机。5. Get Technical一些技术性的问题Whether you#39;re using your phone#39;s camera or a DSLR, pay attention to the settings.不管你是用手机拍照还是用单反,你都要对相机的设置留个心。If you have a large group of people in the shot, you#39;ll want to adjust your focus so everyone comes out clear. Plus, remember to steer clear of using flash: it only makes photos look less authentic!如果你拍的是群体照,你得调整焦距让每个人的脸都是清楚的。除此之外,记住不要用闪光灯:那只会让照片失真! /201401/271221

女士们,先生们,同志们,朋友们:Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends: 我们即将迎来充满希望的2014年。一元复始,万象更新。在这里,免费英语学习网站,我向全国各族人民,向香港特别行政区同胞和特别行政区同胞,向台湾同胞和海外侨胞,向世界各国和各地区的朋友们,致以新年的祝福!祝福老人们健康!祝福孩子们快乐!祝福每个家庭幸福安康!We’ll soon usher in the year 2014 with great hopes. As the new year begins, let us also start anew. I’m delighted to extend New Year wishes to Chinese people of all ethnic groups, to compatriots in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan, to overseas Chinese and to friends all over the world! I wish senior people and children, and every family happiness, peace and health in the New Year. 在这辞旧迎新之际,无数工人、农民、知识分子、干部仍然坚守在工作岗位,不少同胞依然奔波在世界各地为祖国辛勤工作,许多人民解放军和武警官兵、公安干警正在履行光荣使命。他们有的远离祖国、远离亲人,有的不能同家人团聚。我代表祖国和人民,向他们致以诚挚的问候,祝他们平安顺利!At a time to ring out the old year and ring in the new, countless workers, farmers, intellectuals and cadres still remain at their posts working hard. Many of our compatriots are on the go, working in various regions of the world for the motherland. Many members of the People’s Liberation Army, armed police and public security are performing their glorious duties. Some of them are far away from the motherland, and their close relatives and some cannot have a reunion with family members. On behalf of the motherland and people, I’d like to offer my sincere greetings to them and wish them a peaceful and smooth new year.2013年,对我们国家和人民来说是很不平凡的一年。我们共同战胜了各种困难和挑战,取得了新的显著成就。成绩来之不易,凝聚了大家的心血和汗水。我向大家表示衷心的感谢!The year 2013 has been an extraordinary year for our nation and people. We have worked together in overcoming a variety of obstacles and challenges, and made new outstanding achievements. The achievements have not come easily as they are the result of blood and sweat from all. I’d like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to you all. 2013年,我们对全面深化改革作出总体部署,共同描绘了未来发展的宏伟蓝图。2014年,我们将在改革的道路上迈出新的步伐。In 2013, we made an overall plan on comprehensively deepening reform and laid out a grand blueprint together for future development. In 2014, we are expected to make new strides on the road of reform. 我们推进改革的根本目的,免费英语学习网站,是要让国家变得更加富强、让社会变得更加公平正义、让人民生活得更加美好。改革是需要我们共同为之奋斗的伟大事业,需要付出艰辛的努力。一分耕耘,一分收获。在改革开放的伟大实践中,我们已经创造了无数辉煌。我坚信,中国人民必将创造出新的辉煌。We have advanced reforms with the fundamental purpose of making our nation stronger and more prosperous. We also aim to achieve a higher degree of impartiality and justice in society so that people can live a better life. Reform is a great cause that calls for common commitments and strenuous efforts from us all. We must sow before we can reap. In the great practice of reform and opening up, we have aly made countless spectacular achievements. I firmly believe that the Chinese people will create new spectacles. 宇宙浩瀚,星汉灿烂。70多亿人共同生活在我们这个星球上,应该守望相助、同舟共济、共同发展。中国人民追寻实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦,也祝愿各国人民能够实现自己的梦想。我真诚希望,世界各国人民在实现各自梦想的过程中相互理解、相互帮助,免费英语学习网站,努力把我们赖以生存的地球建设成为共同的美好家园。There exists an immense and vast universe with bright stars. More than 7 billion people inhabit the planet Earth. We in the same boat should keep watch and help each other to achieve common development. We Chinese people seek to realize the Chinese dream, a great revitalization of the Chinese nation, and also wish that the dreams of people of all countries will come true. I sincerely hope that people of various countries in the world will understand and help each other in the course of realizing their dreams and build the Earth that we rely on for survival into a common beautiful homeland. 生活总是充满希望的,成功总是属于积极进取、不懈追求的人们。我们在前进的道路上,还会遇到各种风险和挑战。让老百姓过上更加幸福的生活,还有大量工作要做。我们要谦虚谨慎、艰苦奋斗,共同谱写伟大祖国发展的时代新篇章。 Life is always full of hopes. Success always belongs to those who keep forging ahead unswervingly. On our way forward, we will encounter various risks and challenges. We still need to complete a lot of tasks so that common people can live a happier life. We need to be modest and prudent and work hard together in writing a new chapter for the development of our great nation. 谢谢大家。Thank you all. /201403/278014With February well upon us, it seems that those New Year#39;s diets are failing fast.随着二月份到来,不少人新年时制定的合理膳食计划似乎很快被抛之脑后。A new survey has revealed that half of Britons have aly ditched the diet they started last month and it#39;s afternoon snacking that#39;s to blame.一项新的调查表明,一半的英国人没有延续一月份的饮食规律,这都是下午的零食惹的祸。New research has identified 4.12pm as the time of day that people are most likely to wreck their diets by indulging on unhealthy foods with crisps, biscuits, cake and chocolate being named as the biggest downfalls.新研究发现一天中的下午4:12,人们最容易沉溺在薯片、饼干、蛋糕和巧克力等不健康食品中,这些是导致原有饮食习惯遭到破坏的罪魁祸首。But rather than blaming ourselves for the afternoon downfall, we#39;re pointing the finger at others.但饮食失衡除了责怪我们自己,其他人也是重要因素。Over a third of those surveyed blamed their partner while one in ten blame colleagues for #39;forcing#39; unhealthy snacks on them in the workplace.超过三分之一的人将此归咎于自己的伙伴们,其中十分之一的人抱怨同事们在工作场合“强迫”自己吃不健康食品。Over a quarter attributed lack of flavour in their healthy meals as the reason they craved afternoon snacks, and 36 per cent said seeing other people snacking made it harder to curb the cravings.超过四分之一的人将自己下午吃零食归咎于正餐味道不好,36%的人则表示看到其他人吃零食,自己就更难克制(不吃零食)。Men, however, do seem to have more willpower when it comes to diets with over two thirds (69 per cent) sticking to their diet one month in, compared to 63 per cent of women.不过,男性坚持正常饮食的意志力比女性更强,超过三分之二(69%)的男性能在一个月内坚持规律饮食,而同样能做到这样的女性比率为63%。#39;Sticking to a diet, for some people, can be tricky and understanding that 4.12pm is the time people crave sweet and unhealthy snacks, means that you should be prepared for this so you don’t ruin a diet plan,#39; said Nutritionist Dora Walsh of the study by Seasonal Berries.参与《Seasonal Berries》这一研究的营养学家Dora Walsh说道:“对于一些人来说,坚持合理饮食的习惯很难,在下午4:12想吃甜食和不健康零食也是可以理解的,这就是说你得做好准备,以防破坏合理饮食计划。”#39;At this point in the day, blood sugar can be low and cause you to crave sweet treats but doing things like eating little and often throughout the day and having pre-prepared snacks can help.#39;“在一天中的这个时候,体内血糖很低,这会促使你想吃甜食。不过在一天里少食多餐和吃点儿提前准备好的小食会很有帮助。” /201402/275127Taiwan has long been known for its night markets.台湾夜市闻名已久。According to the island#39;s tourism bureau, night markets attract more than 70% of foreign visitors. The popularity of these nightly bazaars even prompted the bureau to come up with an app in which players can be virtual street hawkers in the markets.据台湾观光局透露,夜市吸引了70%以上的外国游客。由于这些夜间市集的人气高涨,台湾观光局还推出了一个应用,让用户可以成为这些市场的虚拟小贩。But as Taiwan becomes more globalized, so too has the selection at the night markets.但随着台湾的进一步全球化,夜市提供的选择也更具国际特色。Visitors to Taipei#39;s famed Raohe Night Market can still get their fill of Taiwanese standbys like stinky tofu, pork intestine soup and pig#39;s blood rice cakes smothered with peanut powder. But those in the mood for something a little different can now also find Italian pizza cones, French crepes and Thai banana roti.在台北有名的饶河街夜市,游客仍然可以吃到臭豆腐、猪肠汤、铺着花生碎的猪血糕等台湾美食。但如果想吃点不同的风味,现在游客还可以找到意大利手握披萨、法式可丽饼和泰式香蕉煎饼。For Kao Tzu-fang, the best way to enjoy India without leaving Taiwan is a visit to her neighborhood night market.对于Kao Tzu-fang来说,能够一尝印度美食又不用离开台湾的最好办法就是逛一逛她家附近的夜市。#39;I love the Indian milk tea here. I don#39;t need a visa or a plane ticket, #39; she said, while fixing her eyes on the Taiwanese man showing off his #39;pull tea#39; skill--a common Southeast Asian trick involving pouring a mixture of sweet, condensed milk and black tea back and forth repeatedly between two pitchers from a distance.她说,她喜欢这里的印度奶茶;她都不需要办理签,也不用买飞机票。她目不转睛地看着眼前这个台湾本地人表演他的“拉茶”技术。拉茶是一种在东南亚很普遍的做茶技术,即将糖、炼乳和红茶的混合物在两个距离较远的容器内不断地倒来倒去。Although Ms. Kao, a Taipei resident, has never been to India and admitted she doesn#39;t know what real Indian masala tea tastes like, she is happy with the Taiwanese version. She said she and many of her friends rely on the night markets when craving something exotic and different.作为一个台北本地人,Kao从没去过印度,也承认自己并不知道真正的印度玛莎拉茶到底什么味道,不过她对台湾夜市版的拉茶很满意。她说,自己和许多朋友想要尝试异国风味时都会去夜市。Wearing a sweat-soaked black tank top with a towel around his neck, Tu Ming-hsiu stands in front of a smoldering hot grill each night at the Shilin Night Market, hoping the cumin-infused aroma from his Chinese Xinjiang meat skewers will appeal to passersby, especially those from the mainland, where it#39;s a popular street snack.Tu Ming-hsiu穿着被汗水湿透的黑色背心,脖子上搭着一条毛巾,站在自己位于士林夜市内的烤肉摊前,每天晚上如此。他希望自己新疆烤肉摊的孜然香味能够吸引到来来往往的食客,尤其是来自于中国大陆的游客。新疆烤肉是大陆流行的街边小吃。#39;Taiwan receives lots of Chinese tourists and many of them probably would like to have a taste of home,#39; the Taiwan native said, noting his business is doing #39;better than ever.#39;这个台湾本地人说,来台湾旅游的大陆游客很多,他们中很多人可能很想在台湾尝一尝大陆的食物。他还称,自己的生意从来没有像现在这么好。Some foreign vendors are also seeking to feast upon Taiwan#39;s craze for exotic food. Halit Toprak, has been selling Turkish ice cream, or dondurma, in various night markets for the five years. He said selling a beloved dessert from his home country is his way of sharing his culture with Taiwanese people.一些外国商贩也瞄准了台湾人对于外来美食的痴迷,准备大赚一笔。托普拉克(Halit Toprak)在各色夜市贩卖土耳其冰淇淋(dondurma)已有五年之久,他说,他通过兜售祖国受欢迎的甜品来跟台湾人民分享土耳其文化。#39;I want my Taiwanese customers to experience the original taste, so I even get my salep [a type of flour] from Turkey,#39; he said, but he admits he has to dial down the levels of sugar to cater to Taiwanese taste buds.托普拉克称,他希望台湾客人们品尝到原汁原味,所以他连做甜品用的兰茎粉(一种面粉)都从土耳其运来。不过他也承认,为了迎合台湾人的味蕾,他少放了糖。While the globalization of street snacks is giving night market shoppers more options, not everyone embraces the foreign influence. Some fear the influx of cheesy fries, Japanese moichi and Indian chapati is spoiling the essence of something so quintessential Taiwan.虽然街头小吃的国际化给了夜市游客提供了更多选择,但并非每个人都欢迎这种外来影响。一些人担心,奶酪薯条、日本麻 、印度面饼等小吃破坏了台湾风味的精髓。#39;When I was in America, I missed Taiwan#39;s night market food so much. But now there is all this Western food here, and it isn#39;t even good or authentic,#39; said Michael Shih, a 28-year-old manager at a startup. #39;People who want burgers should just go to McDonald#39;s or a food court, but leave my night market alone.#39;现年28岁的某初创公司经理Michael Shih称,他在美国的时候特别想念台湾夜市的小吃,但现在的夜市充斥着西方食品,既不好吃,也不正宗。他表示,想吃汉堡的人应该去麦当劳(McDonald#39;s)或美食街,而不要来夜市。Mr. Shih said one of his favorite memories growing up in Taipei was grabbing a plate of stinky tofu with a heap of pickled cabbage after an intense basketball game.Shih说,他是在台北长大的,记忆中最美妙的事情之一就是在打完一场激烈的篮球赛后,就着腌白菜吃一盘臭豆腐。#39;It was dirty, cheap, and messy, but that#39;s what made it so good and so Taiwan,#39; he recalled.他回忆道:(这样的吃法)确实不卫生、廉价而又杂乱,但那种感觉特别棒,才是原汁原味的台湾风味。Second-generation street vendor Huang Ying-tong said the invasion of foreign food in Shilin Night Market, where his family has been selling an array of barbecued grub for 30 years, doesn#39;t bother him at all. In fact, he said he feels it#39;s something Taiwan should be proud of.第二代街头小贩Huang Ying-tong称,他家在台北士林夜市上经营烧烤大排档已经有30年了,外来小吃的入侵对他而言一点都不构成困扰。他表示,事实上台湾应该为此而骄傲。#39;Taiwan is small island but it is a giant melting pot,#39; Mr. Huang said. #39;The constant changing selections of night market food proves just that.#39;他说,台湾只是个小小岛屿,但同时又是个巨大的熔炉。他认为,夜市小吃不断推陈出新,恰恰佐了这一点。 /201406/308087

TOKYO —Something many visitors to Japan notice is the abundance of overhead powerlines. Whether you#39;re in the suburbs, city center, or even rural communities,it#39;s rare to look up at the sky or towards the horizon without the view being criss crossed by thick, black cables.东京——来日本旅游的游客可能会注意到日本天空中有大量的高压电线。不管是在郊区,还是在市中心,甚至在农村地区,当你抬头看天空或者遥望远处时总会看到这些厚黑的电线。So why does Japan have so many above-ground power grids when so many other countries have gone subterranean? The easy answer is cost, but there#39;re also somepurported advantages to stringing cables up on poles, and the country hasn#39;tquite reached a consensus on which is the better option.在其他国家都把电线藏到地底的情况下,为什么日本的地表上面会有这么多的电网呢?简单的就是成本,但据说把电线绑在电线杆上还有其他的好处,而且日本还没达成共识到底那种方式更好。Starting with the budgetary side of things, subterranean systems are a lot more expensive. With the added expenses of digging the ditches and properly installing thelines and conduits, the cost can balloon to ten times that of a comparablysized network of above-ground poles.先从预算角度来说,将电网埋藏在地下成本更高。首先要挖沟,然后将电线和导线埋在里面,所以其成本甚至可以是地表电网成本的十倍。Still, some contend that, economic advantages aside, this isn#39;t the place to cutcorners. Since the mid-1980s, the Japanese government has been enacting initiatives to replace existing poles with underground lines. Not only do suchmoves please those who#39;re tired of power lines marring the scenery, there areeven safety and durability benefits, as below-ground power grids are less exposed to the elements, making them resilient against wind and snow that candamage above-ground equipment.然而有些人认为如果不考虑成本,埋在地底下其实更好。自80年代中期以来,日本政府采取措施用地下线路替代地表的电线杆。这样做不仅满足了某些人的审美需求(美丽的风景不再被这些电线所破坏),还有安全和耐用上的优势,因为地底线缆更少的暴露在恶劣天气中,所以风雪不会对其造成影响。A further safety benefit has been observed during earthquakes, according to the NPONon-Pole Community. The organization says that during the Hanshin Earthquakethat struck Kobe in 1995, neighborhoods with above-ground power lines were muchmore extensively damaged. Non-Pole Community#39;s Secretary Toshikazu Inoue alsoreferred to toppled poles blocking roads and preventing emergency vehicles fromswiftly reaching victims in the disaster#39;s aftermath.根据非营利性组织“不要电线杆社区”的看法,另外一个安全方面的好处是在发生地震时显露出来的。该组织称在1995年袭击神户的阪神大地震中,那些拥有地表电线的社区被破坏的程度更甚。这些倒地的电线杆阻碍了道路,并阻止了紧急车辆在地震后对灾民进行救援。Still,the majority of Japan#39;s power grid remains above ground. One argument against subterranean systems has been put forward by the Tokyo Electric Power Company,or TEPCO. While the company itself has publicized the superior aesthetics anddurability against wind and snow mentioned above, it also acknowledges certainadvantages to the more common above-ground system. “In the events of floodingor landslides, it#39;s harder to isolate damaged areas of a subterranean system,”the company points out. “That can increase the amount of time necessary torestore power to damaged areas.”然而,如今日本大部分的电网还是位于地面上空。日本东京电力公司也反对在地底建电网。该公司也承认说地底线缆不会对风景造成破会,也有利于抵御风雪,但是又称更加普遍的地上电网所具有的某些优势。“在发生洪水或者泥石流时,很难区分地底电缆系统的哪些部分遭到破坏,”该公司称。“这增加了抢救电力所需要的时间。”TEPCO also mentions other, simpler roles performed by power poles, such as providing housing for street lights and posting space for maps or address markers, whichcan be extremely helpful in navigating towns in Japan, where only a minusculefraction of streets have names.该公司还指出了电线杆所扮演的其他简单的角色,比如可以用来布置街灯,为地图和地址标记提供定位空间,这对于日本的村镇导航来说非常有帮助,因为在这些小地方只有一小部分街道有名字。 /201409/332011Japan#39;s creepy sex doll industry #39;reaches next level#39; in creation of perfect artificial #163;1,000 ‘Dutch Wife’ which comes with #39;realistic feeling skin#39;日本恐怖的性玩偶产业再上一层楼:价值1000英镑的竹夫人拥有逼真的皮肤A Japanese company claims to have reached the next level in developing the most genuine looking sex doll which comes complete with realistic feeling skin and authentic looking eyes.一家日本公司声称自己又达到了一个新的高度,制造出了外表看起来最真实的性玩偶,拥有逼真的皮肤和眼睛。Orient Industry say their new range of dolls, made from high quality silicon, are so realistic there is very little to distinguish them from a real girlfriend at first glance.这家叫做东方工业的公司称他们的这种新产品由高质量的硅元素制成,非常逼真,第一眼看过去根本无法分辨真假。The dolls, which are non inflatable, are sold under the name #39;Dutch Wives#39;, a Japanese term for a sex doll, and adverts in the media boast that anyone who buys one will never want a real girlfriend again.这种性玩偶是不可充气的,名字叫做“Dutch Wives” (荷兰妻子,即竹夫人),这是日本人对性玩偶的称谓,该产品的广告中称谁买了这个玩偶后就再也不想交真正的女朋友了。They sell for just over #163;1,000 each and early sales indicate they are proving to be a success.价格只要1000英镑,从现在的销售情况来看,这种产品很受人们喜欢。And the company behind the dolls are putting their success down to their realistic looking skin and eyes.该公司称这款产品的成功之处就在于其异常逼真的皮肤和眼睛。They also come with a selection of clothing to prevent the new owner from having to suffer the embarrassment of visiting a lingerie store.而且还配有衣,如此一来就免去了买家要去女性内衣店给玩偶买衣的尴尬。Potential buyers can also customise the dolls, meaning they can chose the bust size, look and hair colour of their doll.这款玩偶还可以订做,也就是说潜在的客人可以决定玩偶的胸围、相貌和头发颜色。Company spokesman Osami Seto said:;The two areas we identified as really needing improvement were the skin and the eyes.;该公司发言人说:“当时我们在做这个玩偶时就决定一定要对皮肤和眼睛进行改进。”;We feel we have finally got something that is arguably not distinguishable from the real thing.;“现在我们觉得这款玩偶完全可以和真人媲美。”The dolls are part of a high-tech industry in Japan, which is constantly looking at ways to make sex toys as realistic as possible.玩偶是日本高科技产业的一部分,总是想方设法制造出尽可能逼真的性玩偶。Latest models of the dolls include movable joints so buyers can place them in any position they wish.这款产品的最新版本还包括了活动关节,如此一来,客人们就可以随心所欲的给玩偶摆姿势了。 /201408/322112The designs of modernists like Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright are like the classics of rock #39;n#39; roll: groundbreaking works that inspired legions of followers.有一些现代主义建筑师,如勒·柯布西耶(Le Corbusier)、 路德维希·密斯·范·德·罗(Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)和弗兰克·劳埃德·赖特(Frank Lloyd Wright),他们的设计作品就像摇滚乐中的经典曲目,都是具有开创性的作品,激励了大批跟随者。That#39;s what Alexander Gorlin believes anyway, and as someone who has spent his career practicing and writing about architecture, he has reason to know. Mr. Gorlin#39;s credits include the 2011 book ;Tomorrow#39;s Houses,; about the roots of modernism in New England, as well as a completed addition to a Louis Kahn synagogue in Chappaqua, N.Y., the coming transformation of Eero Saarinen#39;s Bell Labs building into a mixed-use town center for Holmdel, N.J., and the design of Daniel Libeskind#39;s Manhattan apartment.反正,这就是亚历山大·戈林(Alexander Gorlin)相信的事,而且,他所从事的职业始终围绕着建筑领域的实践和写作,因此他对个中情况的了如指掌是有理由的。戈林的成就包括2011年出版的书《明日住宅》(Tomorrow#39;s Houses),该书讲述了新英格兰(New England)地区现代主义的根源;此外,他对纽约查帕瓜(Chappaqua)的一所由路易斯·康(Louis Kahn)设计的犹太教堂,新泽西州霍姆德尔市(Holmdel, N.J)即将动工的、将埃罗·萨莉贝尔实验室(Eero Saarinen#39;s Bell Labs)变为多用途市政中心的改建工程,以及丹尼尔·李斯金(Daniel Libeskind)的曼哈顿公寓设计,也作出了补充与完善。Modern architects, said Mr. Gorlin, 59, have a unique way of looking at the world that is reflected in their design of smaller-scale objects like furniture and accessories. ;There are more spatial and structural aspects to products designed by architects,; he said, in a generalization that furniture and industrial designers might take issue with. ;I know that#39;s a blanket statement, but I actually do believe it.;今年59岁的戈林说,那些现代建筑师们看待这个世界的独特方式,也体现在了他们设计的一些小物件上,比如家具和配饰。“建筑师们设计的产品更加具有空间感,也更加结构化,”他说,这样一种概括,可能会引来家具设计师与工业设计师的争议。“我知道那是一个概括的声明,但我真的对此深信不疑。”To prove his point, he set off to find some examples. At Molteni amp; C in SoHo, he pointed out a reissued chest of drawers by the Italian architect Gio Ponti. ;I like his furniture because it doesn#39;t immediately look like furniture,; Mr. Gorlin said, noting that the handles were made from different types of wood, creating an asymmetrical checkerboard pattern across the front. ;It#39;s decorative functionalism.;为了明他的观点,他开始去寻找一些实例。在苏豪区(SoHo)的Molteni amp; C店内,他挑出一款再版的五斗柜,设计师是意大利建筑师吉奥·庞帝(Gio Ponti)。“我喜欢他设计的这款家具,因为一眼看去它并不像家具,”戈林说,他还提到,这款五斗柜上的那些手柄,都是用不同类型的木料制成的,因而使其正面有一种不对称的棋盘图案。“这就是装饰功能主义。”He was equally impressed by Mr. Ponti#39;s angular hair-on hide rug. ;It#39;s geometric, but every part is a different shape,; he said. ;It#39;s like a mysterious puzzle.;他对庞帝设计的绒面菱形地毯也同样印象深刻。“即便是几何图形,每一部分也都是不同的形状,”他说,“就像一幅神秘的拼图。”At Design Within Reach, he admired the exaggerated sensuality of the Pelican chair by the Danish architect Finn Juhl. ;It almost looks like a caricature of some creature,; he said. ;I love chairs that are animated like this.;在Design Within Reach商店,他对丹麦建筑师芬·居尔(Finn Juhl)设计的一把鹈鹕座椅(Pelican chair)体现出的那种夸张感官享受赞不绝口。“它看上去像是对某种生物的夸张描摹,”他说,“我喜欢像这样设计得生动鲜活的椅子。”On the other end of the aesthetic spectrum, he praised a door handle designed by the German architect Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus, not for its sensuality but for its clarity of form. ;It#39;s a simple intersection of a cylinder and a cube,; he said of the piece, which he found at Katonah Architectural Hardware. ;It#39;s such a classic, and I always return to it.;然后,他的审美观逆转了180度,称赞起由鲍豪斯建筑学派(Bauhau)的创始人、德国建筑师沃尔特·格罗佩斯(Walter Gropius)设计的一款门把手。但他赞许的方面并不是这款产品的舒适性,而是款式设计的清晰简洁。“这仅仅是一个圆柱体与一个立方体的结合,”谈及在Katonah建筑五金店找到的这件物品时,他说,“这款门把手设计得太经典了,所以我总是一再回来购买。”A pair of minimalist objects from Suite New York, designed by John Pawson, the contemporary British architect, appealed for similar reasons. A bronze bowl with a rounded bottom was ;a perfect object, but slightly off,; he said, and a crystal carafe with a thick base made the liquid inside look ;suspended in air.;出于类似的原因,Suite New York店里的一对极简主义风格的物品也很吸引他,其设计师是当代英国建筑师约翰·波森(John Pawson)。另外,那只圆底铜碗也“是一件非常完美的物品,只是有点不同寻常,”他说,还有一只水晶玻璃瓶,其底部做得非常厚,让里面的液体看起来就像“悬浮在空中一样。”;They#39;re both twists on familiar objects,; he said. ;That raises them from the ordinary to the sublime.;“这些东西都是从普通物品变形而来的,”他说,“使得这些东西由寻常之物变得卓尔不凡。” /201410/338777

You’ve done the big dress (or the very small one), the shoes, the jewels – all the stuff that goes on top. Which makes now, the time between the hoo of Christmas and the ha of new year, the best time to consider what goes underneath. Lingerie is once again having a moment.诸位女士已把宽式女裙(或是迷你款)、鞋履、首饰等置办到位——全是上档次的品牌货,如今考虑穿啥内衣来搭配可谓正逢其时。女式贴身内衣再次成为时尚弄潮儿。Fashion is in the throes of revisiting all things 1990s, from grunge (see Dries Van Noten’s jewelled flannel shirts, Junya Watanabe’s denims and Vivienne Westwood’s artfully frayed knits) to the ubiquitous platform trainers (Giuseppe Zanotti, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin). So perhaps it’s no surprise that the underwear-as-outerwear trend is back. This time, however, it is less about what you see, and more about what you don’t.从格郎基时尚(grunge,一种邋遢、不分性别的反时尚时尚,诸位只要看一下德赖斯#8226;范诺顿(Dries Van Noten)饰宝石的法兰绒衬衣、渡边淳弥(Junya Watanabe)的工装裤以及薇薇恩#8226;韦斯特伍德(Vivienne Westwood)巧妙磨损处理的针织毛衣)到随处可见的厚底运动鞋(朱塞佩#8226;萨诺第(Giuseppe Zanotti)、马克#8226;雅可布(Marc Jacobs)、克里斯蒂安#8226;娄伯丁(Christian Louboutin)等款式鞋),时尚界正努力复古上世纪90年代的各种时尚风。因此内衣外穿潮卷土重来或许也就不足为怪了。但这一回,不是展示一目了然的外衣,更多的是介绍无法轻易看见的内衣。Maria Williams, head of lingerie buying at Net-a-Porter, says: “What we’re seeing is a breaking down of boundaries between y-to-wear and intimates. Ultimately, it’s a trend that is about bringing the focus back to the woman’s body.”Net-a-Porter网店女士内衣采购部负责人玛丽亚#8226;威廉姆斯(Maria Williams)说:“如今众目睽睽的是突破成衣与贴身内衣的界限。这种流行趋势最终是重新把关注的目光投向女士的身体。”It’s an attitude echoed by design duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. “Lingerie is the maximum expression of a woman’s femininity,” says Gabbana. “Instead of covering a woman’s body, we prefer to accentuate its qualities.”这种时尚做法得到二人设计组合斯特凡诺#8226;加巴纳(Stefano Gabbana)与多梅尼科#8226;多尔切(Domenico Dolce)的附和。“贴身内衣最能展示女性的柔美与气质,” 加巴纳说。“我们更希望突显女性身躯的柔美,而不是遮蔽。”Sarah Shotton, creative director at lingerie retailer Agent Provocateur, says: “People increasingly want to subtly show off their lingerie and we are designing pieces to let them do that. But it’s not showing up for work in a pencil skirt and a bra; it’s about giving a hint of something.”英国女士内衣公司Agent Provocateur创意总监萨拉#8226;尚顿(Sarah Schotton)说:“消费者越来越希望巧妙地展露自己的内衣,我们的设计于是迎合其需求。但这并非招摇紧身窄裙与文胸的做工技艺,而是给人以某种遐想。”See, for example the bestselling bras at Agent Provocateur: Annoushka (#163;160), a halter-neck-style in delicate lace; the Jet (#163;110), which criss-crosses the décolletage; and the tulle and silk Demelza (#163;125). Prim and proper they are not, but each bra is designed to give just a hint of what lies beneath when fully clothed.比方说,诸位看一下Agent Provocateur那几款最为畅销的文胸:Annoushka绕颈系带露背奢华蕾丝款(售价160英镑)、十字交叉形Jet低胸露背款(售价110英镑)以及Demelza薄纱丝绸文胸(售价125英镑)。它们并不循规蹈矩,但每款文胸设计得让人臆想联翩。At the spring/summer 2014 collections shown in Paris in October, Stella McCartney mixed her crisp suiting with sensuous lace-trimmed slip dresses and camisoles. She wasn’t the only one to mix innerwear and outerwear. There were bra-tops at Prada, Isabel Marant and Dolce amp; Gabbana, an endless parade of see-through lace at Burberry; fishnet bodystockings worn by melancholy Vegas showgirls at Louis Vuitton; big underwear-revealing skirts at Giambattista Valli; and layers upon layers of sheer everywhere from Balenciaga to Calvin Klein Collection.去年10月在巴黎举行的2014年春夏季时装秀上,斯特拉#8226;麦卡特尼(Stella McCartney)用蕾丝边性感吊带裙与贴身女背心与挺括西巧妙混搭。象她这样把内衣与外套混搭的设计师大有人在:普拉达(Prada)、伊莎贝尔#8226;玛兰(Isabel Marant)、杜嘉班纳(Dolce amp; Gabbana)均推出了自己的文胸式上衣,柏利(Burberry)源源不断推出透明蕾丝文胸,路易威登(Louis Vuitton)时装秀忧郁的歌舞女郎大秀网眼布紧身连体衣裤,詹巴蒂斯塔#8226;瓦莉(Giambattista Valli)推出宽式露内衣裤的短裙以及从巴黎世家(Balenciaga)到卡尔文#8226;克莱恩(Calvin Klein)推出的各种透明薄纱文胸。The trend has even crossed over to the high street. “Outerwear and lingerie will intertwine further next season,” says Soozie Jenkinson, head of lingerie design at Marks and Spencer. “Clothing trends on the catwalks for spring will demand a variety of lingerie solutions.” This, she says, ranges from “look at me” items such as longline bralets and camisoles to skin-tone pieces designed to do a disappearing act under sheer fabric.这种时尚风甚至影响到了高端时装界。“外套与内衣之间的混搭将延续至下个装季,”玛莎百货(Marks and Spencer)内衣设计总监詹金森(Soozie Jenkinson)说。“今年春夏季T型台上的流行时装需要各种款式的内衣来装点。”她说,它们从多钩长线文胸与女式背心等传统养眼款内衣到穿在透明薄纱外衣里隐而不现的肉色内衣,应有尽有。Of course, sex and fashion have never been strangers. But it would seem that these old bedfellows are in the process of renegotiating their relationship – perhaps as a result of the debate about hyper-sexualisation in popular culture, from Kate Moss’s Playboy shoot to Miley Cyrus’s twerking, Lily Allen’s flesh-baring music parody, Terry Richardson’s sexualised brand of fashion photography, or the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. Even worthy artistic types have discovered a newfound reverence for, or at least fascination with, pornography. The work of Italian erotic film director Tinto Brass was celebrated in a documentary at the 2013 Venice Film Festival. Lars von Trier’s latest film, Nymphomaniac , is touted as an art house film with graphic unsimulated sex scenes, and boasts an all-star cast including Charlotte Gainsbourg, Shia LaBeouf, and Uma Thurman.当然,性感与时尚从来都是形影不离。但这对“老闺蜜”似乎正在重新调整处理彼此之间的关系——从《》上凯特#8226;莫斯(Kate Moss)的性感照片到麦莉#8226;赛勒斯(Miley Cyrus)的电臀舞,从莉莉#8226;艾伦(Lily Allen)裸露肉体的模仿秀音乐视频、泰利#8226;理查森(Terry Richardson)情色风格的时尚摄影到性爱小说《五十层灰》(Fifty Shades of Grey),大概这是对过度性化的通俗文化辩论的结果吧。2013年电影节(Venice Film Festival)上,意大利情色电影导演丁度#8226;巴拉斯(Tinto Brass)的作品以纪录片的形式试映;丹麦导演拉斯#8226;冯#8226;提尔(Lars Von Trier)的最新影片《女性瘾者》(Nymphomaniac)因展示大量活春宫图片而被誉为艺术影片,其演员阵容超豪华——夏洛特#8226;甘斯布(Charlotte Gainsbourg)、希安#8226;拉夫(Shia LaBeouf)以及乌玛#8226;瑟曼(Uma Thurman)等明星云集。Shotton says: “I think, with the likes of Miley Cyrus, things have got very extreme and that’s not necessarily sexy. I prefer to leave a little to the imagination”.尚顿说:“我觉得,有了麦莉#8226;赛勒斯(Miley Cyrus)这等明星,一切往往走极端,但不一定非得走情色路线,我更喜欢留一点点想象空间。” /201401/274279It#39;s settled: Llamas are the ultimate party animals.事实明,羊驼才是顶级的派对达人。A particularly adventurous llama named Serge proved as much when the animal -- assisted by a group of five intoxicated young men -- fled a circus in Bordeaux early Thursday morning to tour the town.上周四上午一只马戏团在波尔多的一个小镇上巡演的时候,一只羊驼在五个喝醉酒的青年的帮助之下趁机逃窜。这只极赋冒险精神的羊驼名叫赛尔日,它的行动明了羊驼才是顶级的派对达人。According to Sud Ouest, Serge roamed the streets with his new friends and even rode the city#39;s tram. Revelers documented the night of debauchery in photos that quickly sp throughout the social media world.据法国《西南日报》报道,塞尔日和它的新朋友们当街狂欢,甚至还乘坐了城里的电车。这只狂欢的队伍当晚还拍摄了许多照片,这些照片很快在社交网络上走红。It all started when the five friends wandered out of a nightclub before dawn Thursday and decided to visit a nearby circus to play with the animals, according to local reports. The group initially tried to coax a zebra out of its enclosure, but the animal reportedly refused. Instead, the young men settled for 8-year-old Serge, who happily followed the group around Bordeaux.据当地报道称,周四凌晨时分,这伙青年通宵熬吧后醉熏熏的晃荡到街上,决定拜访一下附近的马戏团,和动物们玩玩。据称这伙人一开始想要将一只斑马哄骗出笼,但被斑马拒绝了。然后这伙人成功地“勾搭”上了8岁的塞尔日,这只羊驼快乐地跟着这伙人全程巡游。The adventure finally came to an end after the tram conductor noticed there was a llama aboard and asked the passengers to depart the train. The group left the llama in the care of tram worker#39;s care until it was returned to the circus.直到电车售票员发现车上有一只羊驼,要求这些乘客离开,这场冒险才告以尾声。这伙青年将羊驼留交给电车工作人员看管后离开,随后羊驼被归还给了马戏团。The director of the traveling circus initially filed a complaint against the five men, prompting French police to detain them Thursday afternoon. Ultimately, however, the director withdrew his complaint, as Serge the llama was returned unharmed.这只巡游马戏团的经理起初起草了一份起诉书,打算于周四下午向法国警方报案,希望将这伙青年拘留。但考虑到塞尔日已经被完好归还,最终这位经理撤销了他的诉状。 /201311/263952

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