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资阳市学习美容培训学校资阳市美甲纹绣半永久培训学校排行榜绵竹市纹绣半永久加盟电话地址和微信qq Soon we will be in a position to go forth in the field with sequencers on our backs to hunt bacteria in tiny crevices of the habitats surface,in the way you go watching for birds with binoculars. 不久的将来,我们还将可以通过便携式的测序机完成这样的操作,直接寻找到那些隐藏在细小的缝隙里的细菌,就像你用双筒望远镜来观鸟一样。What will we find as we map the living world, as, finally, we get this underway seriously?那么,假如我们真的去对现实世界中的生物进行测序,将会带来什么?As we move past the relatively gigantic mammals, birds, frogs and plants to the more elusive insects and other small invertebrates and then beyond,to the countless millions of organisms in the invisible living world,enveloped and living within humanity?从大型哺乳动物到鸟类到青蛙到植物一直到昆虫以及其他非脊椎动物,再到无数的肉眼不可见的生物,它们就在人体内发展、生存?Aly what were thought to be bacteria for generations have been found to compose, instead, two great domains of microorganisms:过去科学家曾认定是细菌的生物现在的发现则显示,它们实际上是由两种微生物组成的:true bacteria and one-celled organisms the archaea,which are closer than other bacteria to the eukaryota, the group that we belong to.即真细菌和单细胞的古细菌,它比其他的细菌更接近真核生物,人也是真核生物。Some serious biologists, and I count myself among them,have begun to wonder that among the enormous and still unknown diversity of microorganisms,one might just might find aliens among them. 一些严肃的科学家,包括我,就开始怀疑,在多元与未知的微生物世界中,也许还能找到外星生物的存在。True aliens, stocks that arrived from outer space.我说的是真正的外星生物,来自外太空的生物。Theyve had billions of years to do it,but especially during the earliest period of biological evolution on this planet.它们有数十亿年时间到达地球,特别是地球上出现生物进化的原始阶段。We do know that some bacterial species that have earthly origin are capable of almost unimaginable extremes of temperature and other harsh changes in environment,including hard radiation strong enough and maintained long enough to crack the Pyrex vessels around the growing population of bacteria. 我们知道,有些发源自地球的细菌竟然可以在极端的温度下生存,也能适应非常恶劣的环境变化,包括经受足以穿透Pyrex玻璃箱的强辐射的作用,这个在细菌的家族里很常见。There may be a temptation to treat the biosphere holistically and the species that compose it as a great flux of entities hardly worth distinguishing one from the other.也许有些人会走捷径,用一种整体的视角来看待整个生物圈,将其中的物种看成是个体的流动,无须区分出它们之间的细微差别。But each of these species, even the tiniest Prochlorococci,are masterpieces of evolution.但是每一个这样的物种,即使是最细小的原绿球菌,都是进化之杰作。Each has persisted for thousands to millions of years.它们都在地球上存活了千百万年。Each is exquisitely adapted to the environment in which it lives,interlocked with other species to form ecosystems upon which our own lives depend in ways we have not begun even to imagine.都能很好的融入到其生活环境当中,并且与其他的物种相互作用,构成我们赖以生存的生态系统,而这些我们十年前还未曾想象得到。We will destroy these ecosystems and the species composing them at the peril of our own existence and unfortunately we are destroying them with ingenuity and ceaseless energy.假如我们破坏这些生态系统以及生活于其间的物种,我们终将自食其果,可悲的是,我们罔若无知,肆无忌惮的继续这样的行为。My own epiphany as a conservationist came in 1953, while a Harvard graduate student,searching for rare ants found in the mountain forests of Cuba,ants that shine in the sunlight metallic green or metallic blue, according to species, and one species, I discovered, metallic gold. 我的灵光一现出现在1953年,那时我是哈佛大学的一位研究生,我去古巴的大山和森林里寻找罕见的蚂蚁种类,这些蚂蚁在阳光照射之下会发光,金属绿、金属蓝,甚至是黄金的颜色。I found my magical ants, but only after a tough climb into the mountains where the last of the native Cuban forests hung on,and were then and still are being cut back.经过一段艰难的山地跋涉,我终于找到了我的神奇蚂蚁,那里也是古巴仅存的一块原始森林地带,但后来,直到现在,那片森林不断遭受砍伐。I realized then that these species and a large part of the other unique, marvelous animals and plants on that island and this is true of practically every part of the world,which took millions of years to evolve, are in the process of disappearing forever.我意识到像这些蚂蚁以及那个岛上生活的其他独特且多姿的动植物,这对于世界任何一个地方都是一样的,经过数百万年的进化,才有今天,但它们一旦消失,就有可能永远不会再次出现了。201504/367398眉山日式法式美甲美睫培训课程多少钱

成都化妆造型个人生活妆造型学校机构My Dad was valedictorian of Flint Mandeville High School class of 1956 for about 90 kids.我的父亲1956年从弗林特曼德维尔高中毕业,这届大约有90 个学生,他发表了毕业演讲。I happened across his graduating speech recently, and it blew me away.最近我有幸读到了这段演讲,并被其折。53 years ago my Dad said: “···we are entering a changing world,父亲在他53年前的毕业典礼上这样说:“……我们进入了一个日新月异的新时代,one of automation and employment change where education is an economic necessity.机器自动化和就业方式的改变使得教育成为经济发展的动力。We will have increased periods of time to do as we wish,我们有足够的时间去实现我们的梦想,as our work week and retirement age continue to decline and we wish that were true.正如缩短一周工作时间及提前退休年龄已经实现一样。We shall take part in, or witness, developments in science, medicine, and industry that we can not dream of today ...我们将参与或者见我们做梦也想不到的当今的科技、医药和工业的快速发展……It is said that the future of any nation can be determined by the care and preparation given to its youth.有人说,民族的未来都决定于对其年轻人的关心和培育。If all the youths of America were as fortunate in securing an education as we have been,如果所有的美国青年都能像我们这代一样有幸受到教育,then the future of the ed States would be even more bright than it is today.”那么美国的明天将更加辉煌。”If my Dad was alive today,如果我爸爸能活到今天,the thing I think he would be most happy about is that Lucy and I have a baby in the hopper.我想他最开心的莫过于看到露西和我即将拥有自己的孩子。I think he would have been annoyed that I hadn’t gotten my Ph.D. yet (Thanks, Michigan!).我想他会因为我还未拿到士学位而恼怒(谢谢你,密大!)。Dad was so full of insights, of excitement about new things,我的父亲是一个对新事物充满洞悉力和的人,that to this day, I often wonder what he would think about some new development.直到今天,我还经常想他会如何思考一些新发展。If he were here today—well, it would be one of the best days of his life.如果他今天也能来到这里,噢,那将会是他人生中最美好的日子之一。Hed be like a kid in a candy store.他会像一个在糖果店的儿童般高兴。For a day, hed be young again.在这一天,他又年轻了一把。Many of us are fortunate enough to be here with family.我们中很多人都很幸运,能够在这里和家人们一起。Some of us have dear friends and family to go home to.我们中的一些还可以和亲友家人一起回家。And who knows, perhaps some of you,like Lucy and I, are dreaming of future families of your own .还有一些人也许像我和露西一样,正梦想着自己未来的小家。Just like me,your families brought you here, and you brought them here.总之,和我一样,家人将你带到了密大。Please keep them close and remember: they are what really matters in life.请和他们保持亲密,并且记住:他们才是生命中真正至关重要的。Thanks, Mom; Thanks, Lucy.感谢妈妈,感谢露西。And thank you, all, very much.感谢大家。201308/252975都江堰纹绣半永久加盟培训学校哪个好些 My third story is about death.我的第三个故事是关于死亡。When I was 17 I a e that went something like,我17岁那年读到过一句话,大意是这样,;If you live each day as if it was your last, someday youll most certainly be right.;“倘若你把每一天都当成你的最后一天,总有一天你会发现你是对的。”It made an impression on me, and since then, for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself,这话给我留下了印象。在那之后的33年里,每个早晨我都对着镜子自问,;If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?;“假如今天是我人生的最后一天,我还会做我今天要做的这些事吗?”And whenever the answer has been ;no; for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.每当连续很多天都是“不会”的时候,我知道有什么东西需要改变了。Remembering that Ill be dead soon is the most important thing Ive ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.记住自己将不久于人世,这是我在作出人生重大选择时的一个最重要的参考工具。Because almost everything all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.因为几乎所有的一切一切外界对你的期待、一切荣耀、一切对丢脸和失败的恐惧 -这些东西在面对死亡的时候都黯然失色,剩下的只有真正重要的东西。Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.在我看来,时刻谨记你将离去是避开“我会失去什么”这种思维陷阱最好的方式。You are aly naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.你已经是裸的了,没有理由不追随自己的心灵。About a year ago, I was diagnosed with cancer.大约一年前,我被查出患有癌症。I had a scan at 7:30 in the morning and it clearly showed a tumor on my pancreas.早上7点半,我做了一次扫描,结果很清楚地显示出我的胰腺里有一个肿瘤。I didnt even know what a pancreas was.当时我连胰腺是什么都不知道。The doctors told me this was almost certainly a type of cancer that is incurable, and that I should expect to live no longer than three to six months.大夫们告诉我,差不多可以肯定这是一种无法治愈的癌,并且我可能还能活三到六个月。My doctor advised me to go home and get my affairs in order which is doctors code for ;prepare to die;.我的医生建议我回家去,把事情都做个了结。这是医生的行话,它意味着料理后事。It means to try and tell your kids everything you thought youd have the next ten years to tell them in just a few months.这意味着你要把未来10年要对孩子们说的话在几个月内提前说完。It means to make sure that everything is buttoned up so that it will be as easy as possible for your family.这意味着为了让你的家人日后过好,把每一件事都作好安排。It means to say your goodbyes.这意味着对这个世界说再见。I lived with that diagnosis all day.一整天我的脑子里只有这个判决。Later that evening I had a biopsy where they stuck an endoscope down my throat, through my stomach into my intestines, put a needle into my pancreas and got a few cells from the tumor.当天晚上,我做了一次组织切片检查:他们把一个内窥镜伸进我的喉咙,穿过我的胃一直进到肠子里,用一枚探针伸进胰脏取得了一些组织细胞。I was sedated but my wife who was there, told me that when they viewed the cells under a microscope, the doctor started crying, because it turned out to be a very rare form of pancreatic cancer that is curable with surgery.我被麻醉了,但是当时在场的妻子告诉我,医生们把这些细胞放到显微镜下观察之后都惊叫起来了。因为他们发现这是一种非常罕见的、通过手术可以治愈的胰腺癌。I had the surgery and, thankfully, I am fine now.我做了手术,非常幸运,我现在已经痊愈了。This was the closest Ive been to facing death, and I hope its the closest I get for a few more decades.迄今为止,这是我距离死亡最近的一次,希望这也是未来几十年里我离死亡最近的一次。Having lived through it, I can now say this to you with a bit more certainty than when death was a useful but purely intellectual concept.经历了这件事,死亡对我而言已经不再只是一个有用而仅限纯粹想象的概念,因此我可以更加确信地跟你们谈起我对死亡的看法。No one wants to die, even people who want to go to Heaven dont want to die to get there.没有人想要死,就算那些想进天堂的人也不想为此去死。And yet, death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it.然而,死亡是我们共同的终点。从未有人逃离过死亡。And that is as it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life.而这是合理的,因为死亡很可能是生命最好的发明。Its lifes change agent, it clears out the old to make way for the new, right now, the new is you.它是生命的代谢催化剂,去除老朽,迎接新生,而现在,新生的是你们。But someday, not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away.但是用不了太久,某天你们会发现自己已经渐渐变得老朽,将被取代。Sorry to be so dramatic, but its quite true.抱歉说得这么夸张,但是这是真理。Your time is limited so dont waste it living someone elses life.你的生命是有限的,所以不要浪费时间去过你不想要的生活。Dont be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other peoples thinking.不要被教条所迷惑,它诱使你按照他人的思维定式生活。Dont let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.不要让别人发出的声音遮盖住你自己的心声。And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.最重要的是,要有勇气追随你的心灵和直觉。They somehow aly know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.它们会知道你真正想要做一个什么样的人,其他的一切都是次要的。201412/347186眉山纹绣美甲美睫批发商城市场化妆纹绣培训学校

遂宁纹绣美甲美睫批发商城市场加盟批发市场培训It is such an honor and pleasure for me to be back at Yale, especially on the occasion of the 300th anniversary. I have had so many memories of my time here, and as Nick was speaking I thought about how I ended up at Yale Law School. And it tells a little bit about how much progress weve made.再回耶鲁,特别是在耶鲁大学300周年纪念日再回到这里,我感到非常高兴非常荣幸!耶鲁大学给我留下了许多美好的回忆,尼克发言时,我想起了当年从耶鲁法学院毕业时的情景。这让我感受到了耶鲁大学所取得的巨大进步。What I think most about when I think of Yale is not just the politically charged atmosphere and not even just the superb legal education that I received. It was at Yale that I began work that has been at the core of what I have cared about ever since. I began working with New Haven legal services representing children. And I studied child development, abuse and neglect at the Yale New Haven Hospital and the Child Study Center. I was lucky enough to receive a civil rights internship with Marian Wright Edelman at the Childrens Defense Fund, where I went to work after I graduated. Those experiences fueled in me a passion to work for the benefit of children, particularly the most vulnerable.每当想起耶鲁时,我感触最深的不是这里浓郁的政治氛围,也不是我所接受的顶级的法律教育。正是在耶鲁,我开始做一些事情,这些事情从那时到现在都是我关心的核心。正是在耶鲁,我开始在纽黑文儿童法律机构工作。我还在耶鲁纽黑文医院和儿童研究中心研究儿童身心发展以及辱骂和忽视儿童的行为。之后,我很幸运地与玛丽安·莱特·埃德尔一起获得了在儿童保护基金委员会的民权实习机会,并在毕业后去了那里工作。所有这些经历激发了我为保护儿童权益而努力的,特别是保护那些最脆弱的儿童。Now, looking back, there is no way that I could have predicted what path my life would have taken. I didnt sit around the law school, saying, well, you know, I think Ill graduate and then Ill go to work at the Childrens Defense Fund, and then the impeachment inquiry, and Nixon retired or resigns, Ill go to Arkansas. I didnt think like that. I was taking each day at a time.现在回想起来,当时我并不知道自己会走上什么样的人生道路。我没有坐在法学院里说:“嗯,你知道,我想我毕业后要去儿童保护基金委员会工作,然后会遭到弹劾并接受调查,当尼克松退休或辞职后我会去阿肯色州。”事实上,我从未这样想过,只是顺其自然地过着每一天。 /201301/218718 We fought for the young man in the Marine Corps T-shirt who waited months for medical care and said, ;Take care of my buddies over there, and then will you please take care of me?;我们曾奋斗,为了那位身穿海军T恤苦等了数月医院治疗的小伙子,他说:“照顾照顾那边我的朋友吧!能不能然后也照顾一下我?”We fought for all those whove lost jobs and health care, who cant afford gas or groceries or college, who have felt invisible to their president these last seven years.我们曾奋斗,为了所有失去工作、无法付医药费、加不起油、买不起日常用品、上不起大学却在过去的7年里不曾见到过总统做过些什么的人。I entered this race because I have an old-fashioned conviction that public service is about helping people solve their problems and live their dreams. Ive had every opportunity and blessing in my own life, and I want the same for all Americans.我参加此次选举因为我始终怀着一个不入时的信念,那就是公共务是用来解决人们的困难以及实现人们的梦想的。我已经尽可能抓住了我生命中的一切机会和赐福,我同时希望所有的美国人都能如此。And until that day comes, youll always find me on the front lines of democracy, fighting for the future.并且直到那一天到来,你将永远看见我站在民主的最前线,为了未来而奋斗!The way-the way to continue our fight now, to accomplish the goals for which we stand is to take our energy, our passion, our strength, and do all we can to help elect Barack Obama, the next president of the ed States.现在,能够继续我们的奋斗、实现我们坚持的目标的方法,就是竭尽我们的能量、、力气以及其他所能来帮助选举巴拉克·奥巴马,我们的下一任美国总统。 /201307/249462德阳市美甲着装礼仪色彩顾问睫毛嫁接学费课程需要多少钱阿坝州学习高级形象设计彩妆化妆学习



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