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Just tucking them up a little bit.Time to get this fire going.先把他们稍微卷起来 是时候生火了Im using my fire steel and some dry kindling to get this damp driftwood lit.利用我的点火棒 还有一些干燥的引火柴来点燃潮湿的浮木In these conditions, its easy to get despondent,but a fire always lifts the spirits,especially when theres a promise of food.在这样的环境下 很容易会悲观失望 而火总能令人精神振奋起来 尤其是已经有了食物保障As they get hot, these should open up.As long as theyre open, theyre good to eat.它们受热后 壳就会张开 只要它们张开了 就表示是可以吃的They stay close which means theyre dead,you really just want to chuck those.如果壳一直闭着 说明是死的 你最好把那种扔了But its very nice to just warm my hands a bit again.不过手稍稍暖和过来了 还是很不错的When the cooked clam dies,its muscles relax, and the shell opens up.当煮着的蛤蜊死了 它的肌肉放松 壳就会张开These are pretty well done.Try and take the actual shell off.这些已经全熟了 试着把硬壳剥掉Youre left with just that.Above all, its warming.Theyre actually good, yeah.剩下的就是这个 最起码 它是温的 尝起来还真不错呢 是吧Not a huge meal, but Im feeling warmer and y to move on,and not a minute too soon.虽然不是顿大餐 但我暖和多了 我准备继续前进 刻不容缓The tides coming in quite fast, actually.Yeah, do you know what?潮水涨得非常快 你知道不Its coming in quite fast we need to get going.Lets get moving, try and work our way around.潮水很快就会涨上来 我们得快走了 我们快走吧 尽快找条出路201604/438879Theyd won a contest.他们刚赢了场选秀Theyd won at the Apollo Theater Amateur Night,在阿波罗业余选秀中胜出and their prize was to open the show for the great James Brown.奖品就是替詹姆斯·布郎开场Well, he broke out into this James BroWn, l Got the Feelin,他开始唱詹姆斯·布郎的l Got the Feelingand doing his little toes and dancing and looking like James,模仿詹姆斯跳舞if James were a wind-up toy.像个詹姆斯发条娃娃似的And it was amazing.太不可思议了He would perform and do the moves and routine that everyone else was doing.他会模仿所有流行的舞步He used to do Fred Astaire and James Cagney.以前还会学佛雷·亚斯坦与詹姆斯·贾克内Then all of a sudden, he would add a little bit of something in there, different.然后突然就会加入一点不一样的创意And that was him feeling what he was doing.那是他对舞步的感受He excited me. I saw all of this in him.他令我满心期待 我在他身上看到了这些天赋l saw things that he could do that l couldnt.看到了我所没有的才能He had the makings of a great singer.他有当歌手的天赋Michael had universal appeal back when he was real young.迈克尔在很小时就很有舞台魅力l mean, we werent really into marketing or anything like that,那时还没有所谓的营销but it was aly there.但他已经具备那条件l think the word for it, the phraseology, would be,我想更贴切的说法是A diamond in the rough, without very many edges to buff off.一块璞玉 而且需要磨掉的棱角不多201508/393913


And in Vietnam, the mosquitoes can be ferocious.在越南 蚊子是相当凶猛的and a story of one USA soldier driven so mad by them,有个故事就是讲 一名美国士兵被它们逼疯了he ended up sleeping in a paddy field underwater,最后他跑到稻田的水里睡觉just his head poking out,and on his head, he wore a gas mask.只把头露在外面 他在头上还带了个氧气面罩Now, this is gonna help keep them away.Most of Vietnam is a malaria zone.这个有助于赶走它们 越南大部分地区都是疟疾高发地带You should never underestimate the danger of malaria.你可不要低估了疟疾的厉害About a million people die of it worldwide every year.每年全世界都有无数人死于疟疾A smoky campfire will keep the worst of the mosquitoes off and possibly save your life.烟熏火燎的营火可以赶走最凶猛的蚊子 说不定也救了你一命There you go.Improvised chopsticks.Grilled scorpion.开饭了 自制简易筷子 烤蝎子Ive eaten loads of scorpions before,but theyve always been raw and disgusting,我之前吃过很多的蝎子 但大多都是生的 很恶心But when you cook them,they are actually quite nice.但如果把它弄熟吃 味道还真不错Oh man. These mosquitoes.Just relentless here.见鬼 这些蚊子 真是没完没了的They often talk about when it gets dark in the jungle,当丛林的夜幕降临 它们开始喋喋不休the whole place just comes alive.They talk about the night shift coming on.万物复苏 它们说该值夜班了And I know what they mean.Just sounds...like the whole place is alive which I guess it kind of is, really.我懂它们的意思 听上去好像在说 这里一片生机勃勃 我猜真的就是这个意思Just makes it hard to sleep, you know?真令人难以入睡201603/431611


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