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Skydiver Breaks The Speed Of Sound极限运动员超越声速Felix Baumgartner, a skydiver from Austria, jumped out of a capsule from 39 kilometres over the New Mexico desert and broke the speed of sound. The pressurized capsule was carried up to the edge of space by a massive helium balloon. Baumgartner’s free fall lasted four minutes and seconds bee he deployed his parachute and descended five more minutes. In addition to reaching an estimated speed of 1, kilometres per hour, Baumgartner also broke the record the highest sky jump and the highest flight in a helium balloon. The pressurized suit Baumgartner wore kept him alive during the free fall, and will help scientists design future high-tech spacesuits.在新墨西哥沙漠,奥地利跳伞运动员菲利克斯·鲍姆加特纳从3.9万米太空舱跳伞,下落速度超过风速太空舱通过氦气气球升至太空边缘在打开降落伞进行减速下降之前,鲍姆加特纳的自由落体耗时分秒,减速下降时间超过5分钟除了预计的每小时公里外,鲍姆加特纳还打破了最高海拔跳伞,以及载人氦气球最高飞行记录在自由落体时,鲍姆加特纳的压力至关重要,它将帮助科学家研制高科技太空译文属原创,,不得转载 56

  Cash Compliments  What does it cost to feel good about yourself in Japan, now that this once-proud nation is in economic recession and social gloom? About 95 cents. Two young Japanese men are turning compliments into cash with a professional flattery service. And in this traditionally reserved society, it seems to be getting on very well. The two flattery officers report a steady increase in business and recognition since the company opened a year ago.  In Tokyo trendy Shibuya neighborhood, -year-old Yuzo and 3-year-old Keiya take out the tools of their trade: a sign board ;House of Flattery, 0 yen a minute; and bright red T-shirt which ;Professional Sweet Talkers.;  ;Have you ever been flattered recently?; Yuzo calls out to the stream of people rushing by. ;Feel good about your hidden beauty...; Taeko, a -year-old student decides to try it out. Yuzo and Keiya compares her to a rock star, admires her great fashion sense and tell her she is stunning. ;How many carats in those diamond eyes of yours?; one of them asks. Combining quick wit, excellent timing, and a ton of praises, the two soon attract a crowd.  Sociologists say the Japanese are far less generous about compliments than people in many other cultures, in part because the society stresses mality. Compliments can be embarrassing in a Japanese society. A boss who praises his employee in public, instance, is setting that worker apart from hisher colleagues in a county where group identity is very important. In extreme cases, being singled out can result in bullying and becoming known as the boss pet. Yuzo believes these traditions no longer serve Japan well. He said, ;Japanese hold back their feelings too much. It areal shame. They should express themselves more.;  Many Japanese dont feel very good about themselves these days as they face job cutbacks, rising crime, weak political leadership and a loss of national confidence. With all of the problems in Japan, guys like Yuzo and Keiya can help brighten the atmosphere and lift the mood a bit. 181

The U.S. Supreme Court; microloansmicrocredit; less than (X) days versus up to (X) days; mainstream ; words ending in-ic versus-icalWords:to appealSupreme CourtSupreme Court Justicesto take (one) placeto appointto borkcreditborrowercollateralto pioneerentrepreneurto alleviateless than 30 daysup to 30 daysmainstream 136370

Arthur:You know that youve taken on an impossible task, right?亚瑟:你知道自己已经接手了一个不可能完成的任务吗?Martha:Teaching you to dance?玛莎:你指的是教你跳舞?Im sure youre selling yourself short.我肯定你低估了自己Arthur:No, really, I have two left feet.亚瑟:不,是真的,因为我笨手笨脚Im completely uncoordinated and have no sense of rhythm. Im just not cut out dancing.我完全不协调,而且没有节奏感我就是不适合跳舞Martha:Let not get ahead of ourselves.玛莎:咱们先别走路都不会就想着一步登天Well just start by loosening up and swaying to the music.我们刚开始只是放松,跟着音乐摇摆You dont even need to swing your hips yet.你甚至臀部都不需要动Arthur:That good, because I dont think I can learn even the simplest dance steps.亚瑟:这倒不错,因为我想自己甚至连最简单的舞步都学不会Martha:Not only will I teach you some useful dance steps, well put together a dance routine down the line.玛莎:我不但会教你一些有用的舞步,而且我们还会一起舞蹈Arthur:That seems like a pipe dream to me.亚瑟:对我来说,这似乎只在梦中才能实现Martha:Nonsense. Bee long, dancing to you will be as eftless as breathing.玛莎:少说多干不久,你舞跳的就会像呼吸一样轻松Arthur:But until then, Ill look and feel like a dancing hippo!亚瑟:但在那之前,我看起来感觉就像一只跳舞的河马! 57

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