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山东青岛新阳光医院网上挂号青医附院妇科哪个医生好As the smartphone market in China slows, Apple has taken a big step towards expanding its presence in India by applying for official government permission to launch its first flagship retail store in the country.随着中国智能手机市场放缓,苹果(Apple)向拓展印度市场迈出了一大步。苹果已向印度政府提出申请,希望在该国开设首家旗舰零售店。The move underlines a broader search for new growth markets for Apple, at a time when some Wall Street analysts predict iPhone sales might fall this year, for the first time in its history.在部分华尔街分析师预测今年iPhone销量将出现自问世以来的首次下滑之际,此举突显苹果正在广泛地寻找新的增长市场。The world’s most valuable business by market capitalisation has steadily increased its operations in India over recent years but the long-awaited decision to open a shop is likely to be viewed as a clear statement that Apple plans to expand more aggressively in the fast-growing Asian market.以市值计,苹果是全球最有价值的公司。苹果近年来已在稳步扩大在印度的业务,但在印度开店这个迎合外界长久期待的决定,很可能会被视作一个明确表态,表明苹果计划更加积极地在快速增长的亚洲市场上拓展。Apple confirmed it had filed an application to India’s department of industrial policy and promotion, which, if accepted, would allow it to open its first solo branded retail outlet.苹果实已向印度工业政策和促进部提交申请,如果获批,将可以在印度开设首家品牌专卖店。Until recently, Apple’s relatively expensive iPhones have struggled to compete in India’s cost-conscious electronics market, winning a reputation as a prized status symbol among affluent buyers but at prices beyond the reach of ordinary consumers.直到最近,苹果相对较贵的iPhone在印度注重价格的电子产品市场上还难以与其他产品抗衡。它在富裕买家中被视作重要的地位象征,但其价格超出普通消费者的承受能力。In the longer term, however, Apple views India as the most likely replacement for the booming sales in China that have powered its rise over recent years. Analysts say smartphone sales in China are levelling off, as are those in industrial economies.但从较长期来看,苹果将印度视作中国市场最可能的替代者,正是蓬勃发展的中国市场为苹果近几年来的上升提供了动力。分析师表示,与在工业化经济体一样,智能手机在中国的销量也趋于稳定。India’s smartphone sector boomed during 2015, becoming the world’s fastest growing market for the devices. Roughly 250m Indians own smartphones, a level expected to double by 2018, according to industry estimates.2015年印度智能手机行业发展兴旺,成为全球增长最快的智能手机市场。约有2.5亿印度人拥有智能手机,据业内人士估计至2018年这一数字将增加一倍。Apple responded by bolstering its marketing and shaking up its distribution network. It also launched a big advertising campaign for its iPhone 6S, which it sold mostly via online retailers and high-street phone shops.针对印度市场状况,苹果加强了市场营销力度,重组了分销网络,并举办了一场iPhone 6S大型推广活动。目前苹果主要通过在线零售商和手机店销售iPhone 6S。The company has viewed India’s market as too small and complex to sustain its high-end shops but has experimented with “store-in-store” mini-shops, in partnership with retailers.过去苹果认为印度市场规模过小也太复杂,不适合自己开设高端商店,因此一直与零售商合作,采取“店中店”的迷你店铺形式。The application is also likely to raise speculation that Apple may soon begin to manufacture in India. Foxconn, the Taiwanese contract manufacturer that makes most iPhones, announced plans to set up factories in India last year.苹果此番申请开设门店还可能引起猜测,苹果可能很快会开始在印度生产。为苹果制造大部分iPhone的台湾合同制造商富士康(Foxconn)去年宣布计划在印度建厂。 /201602/424105青岛无痛人流哪的最便宜 Alibaba Group announced Monday that it invested 0 million in one of China’s lesser-known smartphone makers, Meizu, a company with small market share but a long history as one of the country’s smartest device makers. In the 2000s it turned out popular Mp3 players and one of China’s first smartphones it called an iPhone-killer.阿里巴巴集团周一宣布,对魅族投资5.9亿美元。尽管魅族在中国知名度和市场份额较弱,但在很长一段时间内,魅族是国内最聪敏的电子设备制造商之一。在本世纪的头十年里,魅族推出过热门MP3播放器和中国最早的智能手机之一,当时该公司将其称为“iPhone杀手”。The big investment, which earned Alibaba a minority but undisclosed stake in Meizu, comes eight months after Alibaba bought outright China’s largest mobile browser company, UCWeb. That purchase was the first signal that Alibaba wanted a piece of China’s booming smartphone landscape.这笔巨额投资让阿里巴巴获得了魅族的少数股份,但具体数量尚未披露。8个月前,阿里巴巴整体收购了中国最大的移动浏览器公司优视科技。此举是阿里巴巴意欲分食中国蓬勃发展的智能手机市场的首个信号。China’s more than 550 million smartphone users represent a lucrative market. Apple’s iPhone and products, for instance, were recently named the top luxury gift to give someone in Mainland China. Xiaomi, the most successful of China’s dozens of smartphone startups, raised money at a billion valuation late last year to become the highest-valued private startup in the world—after only selling phones since 2011.在中国,智能手机用户超过5.5亿,是一个利润丰厚的市场。举例来说,苹果公司的iPhone等产品最近被评为中国大陆首选高档礼物。在中国的十几家初创智能手机厂商中,最成功的是小米。在于去年年底完成融资后,小米的估值达到了460亿美元,成为世界上价值最高的私人初创企业,而它从2011年才开始销售智能手机。“The (Meizu) investment like any other is ‘future betting’ on a company which has some promise and could be a dark-horse in the smartphone race,” says Counterpoint Research director Neil Shah. “Alibaba is essentially locking-in cool and bright brands to expand its ecosystem with its investment spree.”市场研究公司Counterpoint Research董事尼尔o沙哈认为:“这次(对魅族的)投资和其他类似行为都是在‘押注未来’,而押注的对象是有一定前途,而且可能在智能手机竞争中成为黑马的公司。实际上,阿里巴巴斥巨资锁定了一些很酷、很抢眼的品牌,以扩张自己的生态系统。”It’s also catching up with the competition. Rival Tencent has a partnership with Xiaomi through their mutual stake in software maker Kingsoft and Qihoo, another Chinese Internet player specializing in security, invested 0 million in Shenzhen-based smartphone maker Coolpad in December. By those standards, Alibaba has been behind the game.同时,阿里巴巴在竞争中正迎头赶上。它的对手腾讯已经通过参股金山软件以及奇虎360和小米成为合作伙伴,并于去年12月向深圳智能手机厂商酷派投资4亿美元。如果以此为标准,阿里巴巴已经处于落后位置。Alibaba said its mobile operating system, YunOS, will be integrated into Meizu’s phones that now run on Google’s free Android operating system. A handful of tiny Chinese smartphone makers use YunOS, but the system is basically unknown in China where 80% of smartphones run on Android. In pushing its own operating system, Alibaba is taking a page from Amazon’s playbook and creating a platform on which consumers are seamlessly plugged into its shopping and entertainment sites through their phone. (Only Alibaba isn’t taking the concept quite as far as Amazon—it will leave building the phones to Meizu.)魅族手机目前使用免费的谷歌安卓操作系统。阿里巴巴表示,它的阿里云OS移动操作系统将集成到魅族手机中。有几家很小的中国手机厂商使用阿里云OS,但该系统在国内基本处于默默无闻状态——中国80%的智能手机都使用安卓系统。推广自己的操作系统是阿里巴巴对亚马逊Kindle Fire业务的借鉴。由此,阿里巴巴可以打造一个平台,让消费者的手机和阿里巴巴的购物和网站实现无缝对接(只不过阿里巴巴在这方面没有亚马逊走的那么远,它把制造手机的工作留给了魅族)。“The investment in Meizu represents a significant expansion of the Alibaba Group ecosystem,” said Jian Wang, Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba, in a statement. An Alibaba spokeswoman declined to comment more on the deal.阿里巴巴首席技术官王坚在一份声明中表示,“投资魅族代表着阿里巴巴集团生态系统的一次大规模扩张。”该公司女发言人拒绝对这次投资发表其他。While Alibaba gets a new (bigger) host for its operating system, Meizu gets a shot at greater sales across Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms, which can spell life or death for brands. On the biggest online shopping day last year in China, Single’s Day in November, when Alibaba’s platforms become the de facto shopping destinations, Xiaomi sold 0 million worth of phones in 24 hours. A Meizu spokesperson said the investment will help the company get more aggressive in pricing and product lines to reach its sales goal of 20 million phones this year.阿里巴巴为自己的操作系统找到了新的(而且是更大的)使用者,魅族则有机会通过阿里巴巴的一系列电子商务平台提高自己的销售规模,这对一些品牌来说是生死攸关的大事。去年双十一期间,阿里巴巴的电商平台成为网购首选,小米手机则在24小时内实现了2.5亿美元的销售额。魅族发言人称,这次投资将让魅族在定价和产品线方面变得更大胆,从而实现今年2000万美元的手机销售目标。A strong comeback for Meizu, using Alibaba’s operating system, could resurrect an old fight. More than two years ago Google protested that YunOS, also known as Aliyun, was ripping off Android’s source code. When Acer announced a phone based on the operating system, after Acer had agreed not to ship “non-compatible” Android versions, Google cried foul. Alibaba responded that its engineers spent three years developing the operating system. Acer’s phone was never released.借助阿里巴巴的操作系统,魅族强势回归,而这有可能再次点燃熄灭已久的战火。两年多以前,谷歌曾指责阿里云OS使用了安卓源代码。当时宏碁(Acer)宣布将推出基于阿里云OS的手机,谷歌随即表示强烈抗议,理由是宏碁已经同意不采用“非兼容”的安卓版本。阿里巴巴则回应称,阿里云OS由自己的技术人员用了三年时间开发而成。但基于阿里云OS 的宏碁手机并未上市。The arguments haven’t been raised since. But Shah of Counterpoint says for Meizu, the Alibaba tie-up “could significantly improve its product portfolio, retail presence and overall visibility for its products.” That greater visibility could also bring renewed scrutiny from Google.从那以后,这一战事便淡出了人们的视线。但Counterpoint Research董事沙哈指出,阿里巴巴携手魅族“可能极大地改善阿里巴巴的产品结构和零售市场布局,以及产品的整体清晰度”。而更高的产品清晰度有可能再次引起谷歌的关注。For now, Alibaba’s 0 million splurge on Monday earns the e-commerce giant a play in smartphones and makes the China market even more competitive than it was.眼下,这笔5.9亿美元的巨额投资让这家电商巨擘在智能手机领域获得了一席之地,也让中国市场的竞争变得比以前更加激烈。(财富中文网) /201502/359897青岛妇科哪里比较权威

潍坊怀孕检测多少钱The Compass指南针The compass is considered to be one of the four great inventions of anaent China.指南针是中国古代“四大发明”之一。Before the compass was invented, people depended upon the position of the sun and stars to tell them the direction when at sea, which only worked when it wasn’t cloudy. The invention of compass solved the problem.在指南针发明以前,人们在茫茫大海上航行,只能靠太阳和星星的位置辨认方向,如果遇上阴雨天,就会迷失方向。而中国人发明的指南针则帮助人们解决了这个难题。Over 2,000 years ago, inthe Warring States Period, Chi-nese ancestors invented the earli-est compass-Si Nan, also known as the South Pointer. Si Nan was composed of two parts:a spoon and a tray. The spoon was cut from an intact piece of natural loadstone, with its handle as the South Pole and s round,smooth bottom as the center ofgravity. The tray, on the other hand, was made of bronze, and at the center, there was a round, smooth groove, carvedwith checks and words indicating the 24 directions. When the spoon was put into the groove, it would rotate flexibly. When the spoon stopped, its handle would point to the south.This instrument was the predecessor of the magnetic compass.早在2000多年前的战国时期,我们祖先就发明了最早的指南针——司南。司南由一把“勺子”和一个“地盘”两部分组成。司南勺由整块磁石制成。它的磁南极那一头琢成长柄,圆圆的底部是它的重心,琢得非常光滑。地盘是个铜质的方盘,中央有个光滑的圆槽,四周刻着格线和表示24个方位的文字。司南勺放迸了地盘就能灵活地转动,在它静止下来的时候,磁石的指极性使长柄总是指向南方。这种仪器就是指南针的前身。However, since was easy for natural loadstone ( magnetic iron oxide) tolose its magnetism, Si Nan could not be widely used. During the Northern Song Dy-nashjt, artificial magnetization was discovered, gMng rise to the Pointing-to-the-South Fish, which was made from a piece of thin iron sheet cut into the shape of a fish, magnetized in a geomagnetic field, and put into water, floating and lying norlh-to-south.However, due to its weak magnetic field, Pointing-to-the-South Fish was not of much pradical value. On the basis of the Pointing-to-the-South Fish,people replaced the thin iron sheet with a magnetized steel needle, gMng rise to the earliest artifiaally magnetic compass.由于天然磁石因打击受热容易失磁,磁性较弱,因而司南不能广泛流传。到宋朝时,有人发现了人造磁铁,进而发明了指南鱼。人们把经过磁化的薄片做成鱼的形状,将其放入水中即能浮在水面并指示正南北方向。后来,人们将指南鱼再加以改进,把带磁的薄片改成带磁的钢针,创造了人造磁体指南针。The compass was soon employed in navigation. The earliest record on using the compass in navigation was in Zhu Yu’s Pin,g Zhou, Ke Tan ( written belween 1119~ 1125 ) ,which recorded Zhu Yu’s experiences in Guangzhou ( South China’s Guangdong Province) , where navigation was highly developed.Zhu also wrote a-bout some of the experienced sailors, The sailors know how to pinpoint the ship’s position; they watch the stars a night and the sun in the day, and when is cloudy, they use the compass.This might be the earliest record on the use of the compass in the world’s navigational his.ory.Initiated by the Chinese people, this newigational instrument was a grand innovation in ncrvigation technology.指南针发明后很快就应用于航海。世界上最早记载指南针应用于航海导航的文献是北宋宣和年间(1119~1125)朱或所著《萍洲可谈》。该书记录了他在广州时的见闻,还记载了申国海船上很有经验的水手:“舟师识地理,夜则观星,昼则观日,阴晦则观指南针。”这是全世界航海史上使用指南针的最早记载。我国人民首创的这种仪器导航方法,是航海技术的重大革新。Soon after, Arabian sea boats also employed the navigation device, and went on to introduce it to the European countries. As Friedrich Engels, pointed out in his book Natural Dialectics,“The magnetic needle arrived in Europe via the Arabs in around 1180.”The stcrtemenf shows the Europeans applied the compass in ncrviga-tion 80 years after the Chinese.中国使用指南针导航不久,就被阿拉伯海船采用,并经阿拉伯人把这一伟大发明传到欧洲。恩格斯在《自然辩法》中指出,“磁针从阿拉伯人传至欧洲人手中在1180年左右”。中国人首先将指南针应用于航海比欧洲人至少早80年。The famous saentist Shen Kuo (the author of Dream Creek Notes ) of the Northern Song Dynasty discovered the existence of magnetic declination( the angu-lar devicrtion of a compass needle from true north) , after performing many saentffic expenments.He pointed out correctly that the magnetic poles of the earth were not in uniformity with the geographic poles. The use of marine compass and the theory of magnetic declincrtion combined played a most important role in the tong-distance sea voyages. For the first time in history, humans were able to navigate freely un-der any kind of weather conditions.Hence many new sea routes were opened to traffic, promoting the exchange of culture and trade among the people of the world.Words fail to describe the compass importance to navigcrtion.北宋著名科学家沈括(《梦溪笔谈》著者),在制作和应用指南针的科学实践中发现了磁偏角的存在。他精辟地指出,这是因为地球上的磁极不正好在南北两极的缘故。指南针及磁偏角理论在远洋航行中发挥了巨大的作用,人类第一次得到了在茫茫大海中航行的自由,从此开辟了许多新的航线,促进了各国人民之间的文化交流与贸易往来。指南针对航海事业的重要意义怎么说也不为过。Joseph Needham, a famous historian, once said to Chinese students:“In the realm of navigation, your ancestors were much more advanced than our ances-tors. Far before Europe, the Chinese aly harnessed the wind power, with the coordination of fore (front)and aft ( rear) sails to navigate in any direction of the wind they encountered.Perhaps for this reason, in the history of navigation, China never used the galleys, which were rowed along by slaves as in anaent Greece or Rome.”西方著名历史学家李约瑟曾对其中国学生说:“你们的祖先在航海方面远比我们的祖先来得先进。中国远在欧洲之前懂得用前、后帆的系统御风而行,或许就是这个原因,在中国航海史上从未用过多桨奴隶船。”The invention of the compass had epochal influence on navigation, opening up a new chapter in the history of world navigation. With its help, Admiral Zheng He made seven voyages across seas to Southeast Asia and around Indian Ocean in the early Ming Dynasty (1368 ~ 1644) , Christopher Columbus discovered the New Word, and Ferdinand Magellan sailed round the world.指南针的发明,给航海事业带来了划时代的影响,世界航运史也由此翻开了新的一页。明朝初期郑和率领船队七下西洋,15世纪哥伦布发现新大陆和麦哲伦环绕地球航行等壮举,都是指南针用于航海事业的结果。 /201512/410738枣庄流产价格 青岛无痛人流手术

崂山区做产前检查哪家医院最好的Apple’s car is either the worst-kept secret since its watch or a cracker of an inside joke. “Project Titan” has generated massive hype for a product that is five to 10 years off. The iCar may be electric and drive itself or not. Few know. But if it does arrive, it will be stylish, tech savvy, integrate with the iPhone and be in demand. Who will build them? Not Apple: it does not build its phones or computers, and building cars is much more complicated — just ask Tesla.苹果(Apple)汽车要么是继苹果手表之后最没能保守好的秘密,要么是个只有内行人才听得懂的高明笑话。Project Titan使一款5到10年后才有望问世的产品受到大肆炒作。iCar可能是无人驾驶的电动汽车,也可能不是。没几个人知道。但如果这款产品真正推出,它应该是一款时尚、高科技、能和iPhone整合的抢手产品。谁将是这款产品的制造者?不是苹果:苹果的手机、电脑都不是苹果制造的,而制造汽车要复杂得多——问问特斯拉(Tesla)就知道了。An existing carmaker might build it. Plenty of carmakers taught Chinese joint venture partners how to make cars as the price of admission to the growing Chinese market, even at the risk of increasing low-cost competition. The iCar market would be large and lucrative. A big global carmaker might be tempted to help with the build, even if Apple monopolised the branding, customer relationship and profitability. The benefits of scale and the brand halo might encourage them to overlook the risk of cannibalised sales.制造者可能会由一家现有的汽车制造商担当。作为获准进入不断增长的中国市场的代价,许多汽车制造商教中国合资伙伴如何制造汽车,甚至不惜冒着加剧低成本竞争的风险。iCar将拥有巨大而利润丰厚的市场。即使苹果在品牌、客户关系和盈利能力方面独占好处,或许依然会有一家大型全球汽车制造商禁不住诱惑,帮助苹果制造汽车。规模效应和品牌光环带来的好处可能会鼓励它们忽视类似产品上市的风险。More likely that a Chinese carmaker would step in. The manufacturer would be cost efficient for Apple and gain needed scale for itself. And premium-priced Apple cars are unlikely to cannibalise sales of low-priced models for the Chinese market.更有可能的是,会有一家中国汽车制造商参与进来。与这家制造商合作对苹果来说将具有成本效益,制造商自身则能获得所需的规模。定价高端的苹果汽车不大可能影响中国市场上低端车型的销售。Another likely option is Magna Steyr, the world’s largest white-label carmaker. It builds cars in European and Chinese plants to meet overflow demand or specialised, low-volume models for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and Aston Martin. Building cars is a side business for parent company Magna International, but the group has bn in enterprise value, supplies all the big carmakers and has been serious about growth since its founder left in late 2012 (shares are up 166 per cent since). Like the phones, most of the iCar’s profit will be Apple’s, but there is a slice of pie there for the partner.另一个可能的选项是世界最大的代工汽车制造商麦格纳斯太尔(Magna Steyr)。该公司在欧洲和中国的工厂为宝马(BMW)、梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)、克莱斯勒(Chrysler)和阿斯顿马丁(Aston Martin)制造汽车,以满足超过产能的需求,或者制造特别版的小批量车型。对于其母公司麦格纳国际(Magna International)而言,汽车制造是一项副业,但麦格纳斯太尔的企业价值达到180亿美元,是所有大型汽车制造商的供应商。该集团在其创始人2012年末离开后十分重视增长(那之后股价上涨了166%)。就像iPhone一样,iCar的大多数利润将归苹果,但合作伙伴总能从中分得一杯羹。 /201601/421002 青岛查输卵管是否堵塞要多少钱崂山那些微创医院妇科好



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