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China will put into space five new satellites within about five years as part of the countrys fast-expanding space science program, a national science chief said.近日,一位国家级科学主任表示,我国计划在未来5年左右的时间里发颗新卫星,作为我国迅速壮大的空间科学项目的一部分。The five satellites, including a Sino-European joint mission known as SMILE, will focus on observation of solar activities and their impact on Earths environment and space weather, analysis of water recycling and probing of black holes, according to Wu Ji, director of the National Space Science Center under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). They should make major breakthroughs in these fields.中国科学院国家空间科学中心主任吴季介绍,颗卫星将主要用于观察太阳活动及其对地球环境和空间天气的影响、分析水循环变化和探索黑洞。这些卫星应该会在这些领域取得重大突破。Of the five satellites, SMILE, or ;Solar wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer,; is set to blast off in 2021. The satellite is designed to study the effects of the sun on Earths environment and space weather by creating images of the interactions between solar winds and Earths magnetosphere with X-ray and ultraviolet technology.在这五颗卫星中,被称为SMILE,或是“太阳风—磁层相互作用全景成像卫星计划”,计划将于2021年发射。这颗卫星是通过X射线和紫外线技术,完成太阳风和磁层相互作用全景成像,以此来研究太阳活动对地球环境和空间天气的影响。MIT, the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling Exploration, aims at investigating the origin of upflow ions and their acceleration mechanism and discovering the key mechanism for the magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere coupling.MIT卫星,即磁层-电离层-热层耦合小卫星星座探测计划,目标是对上流式离子的起源和加速机制进行研究,并探索磁层、电离层、热层耦合的关键机制。And WCOM, the Water Cycle Observation Mission, is a bid to better understand Earths water cycle.而WCOM卫星,即全球水循环观测卫星,致力于更好地理解地球水循环。The other two satellites are the Advanced Space-borne Solar Observatory (ASO-S) and the Einstein-Probe. The former will help scientists understand the causality among magnetic fields, flares and coronal mass ejections, while the latter is tasked with discovering quiescent black holes over all astrophysical mass ranges.其他两个卫星是先进天基太阳天文台和爱因斯坦探针。前者将帮助科学家了解太阳耀斑、日冕物质抛射与太阳磁场之间的因果关系。而后者的任务是探索所有天体尺度范围上的静态黑洞。Although the missions sound remote from ordinary people, Wu Ji insisted they are of imperative importance for space science and improving lives.虽然这些任务对普通人来说非常遥远,但吴季坚称它们对空间科学和改善人类生活极其重要。He said aside from the five new satellites, the CAS is also preparing for future space exploration attempts during the 14th Five Year Plan (2021-2025).他表示,除了颗卫星,中科院也在为;十四;规划(2021-2025期间的未来空间探索工作做准备。来 /201606/449836


  China is opposed to the nuclear test and satellite launch by the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) and supports efforts at the UN Security Council to pass a new and forceful resolution as soon as possible, said Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui on Tuesday. He made the remark after talks with ROK First Vice-Foreign Minister Lim Sung-nam in Seoul.外交部副部长张业遂周二表示,中方反对朝鲜进行核试验和发射卫星,持联合国安理会尽快通过一个新的有力决议。张业遂是在首尔与韩国外交部第一次官林圣男举行会谈后作出这番表态的。Zhang said China attaches great importance to relations between China and South Korea. China stands y to work together with South Korea to implement the consensus achieved by the national leaders and push forward the development of bilateral relations while ensuring they remain on the right track, he said.张业遂表示,中国政府非常重视与韩国的外交关系。他说,为确保两国关系在正确的轨道上前进,中方愿与韩方共同努力,落实两国领导人达成的共识,推动两国关系平稳向前发展。The Chinese vice foreign minister said it is in the interests of both countries to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and maintain peace and stability there.这位中国外交部副部长华表示,为了实现朝鲜半岛的无核化,维护朝鲜半岛的和平与稳定,这对双方都是有利的。However, sanctions are not an end in themselves and a fundamental solution still has to be found through dialogue, he added.但是,张业遂还称,制裁本身不是目的,还是要通过对话谈判找到从根本上解决问题的办法。Pyongyang conducted its fourth nuclear test on Jan. 6 and launched a satellite-carrying rocket on Feb. 7, which Seoul sees as a cover for a long-range ballistic missile.平壤方面日进行了第四次核试验,并日发射了一枚载有卫星的火箭,首尔方面将这其视为掩护远程弹道导弹的发射。Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei reiterated on Tuesday that China supports the Security Council in passing new sanctions resolutions against the DPRK.此外,中国外交部发言人洪磊周二重申,中方赞成联合国通过针对朝鲜的制裁新决议。来 /201602/427216。


  French police say there has been an escalation of violence in protests against labour reforms over the past two months. As officers protested in Paris, they were targeted by counter-demonstrators.据法国警方表示,在过去的两个月里,在反对劳工改革的抗议活动中,暴力冲突大幅升级。当这些警察们在巴黎维持秩序时,他们被反示威者当做了目标。As hundreds of police gathered for a rally at the Place de la Republique in Paris last Wednesday, hundreds of the counter-demonstrators defied a ban on marching.上周三,数百名巴黎警察因和平广场的一场集会而聚集在一起,数百名反示威者公然无视法国的游行禁令。While some chanted ;Everybody hates the police; and ;Police everywhere, justice nowhere,; French media said up to 15 youths attacked a police car with iron bars before throwing a petrol bomb at the vehicle.当时有人高喊“每个人都恨警察”、“有警察的地方就没有正义”。据法国媒体报道,有15名年轻人用铁棒攻击了一辆警车,后来又向其扔了一枚汽油弹。Two police officers who were inside the car fled before it was attacked, media said.据媒体报道,在遭袭前,车内的两名警察已经先一步逃离了。Paris prosecutors say they have opened an investigation into attempted manslaughter.巴黎的检察官表示,他们将就此事以谋杀未遂来展开调查。French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said 350 police officers had been injured over the past two months. The violence has been blamed on small groups of ;casseurs;, or troublemakers.法国内政部长伯纳德表示,在过去的两个月里,法国共50名警察受伤。政府指责那些发动暴力袭击的小团体是“暴徒”;Anti-cop hatred comes from a small portion of the population,; Jean-Marc Falcone, general director of the police, told Europe 1 radio. ;But these 10% are very violent.;法国警察局长马克·法尔科内接受《欧洲一台》采访时表示:“法国只有一小部分人怀有反警察仇恨情绪,但是这10%的人非常暴力。;Since the first demonstration on 9 March, we notice that the police generate the violence,; one labour reform protester, Vanina Giudicelli, told the Associated Press. ;We have been sprayed by gas, hit with batons, arrested.;然而一名名叫瓦里纳·朱迪切利的劳动改革抗议者则告诉美联社:“自日第一次示威活动以来,我们注意到是警方在引起暴力。他们用气体喷我们,用警棍打我们,逮捕我们。”She called the police demonstration ;a real provocation;.她认为警察的行为才是“真正的挑衅”。Frances Socialist government pushed through the labour reforms last week, saying they are essential to help cut high levels of unemployment. The changes to the labour laws make it easier for employers to hire and fire, but opponents fear they will also enable employers to bypass workers rights on pay, overtime and breaks.法国社会党政府上周通过了劳工改革,声称此举对于帮助降低失业率是很有必要的。对劳动法案的这些修改使得雇主可以更加方便地聘用和解雇员工。但反对者担心,此举也将使得雇主得以侵犯工人工资、加班和休息的权利。来 /201605/446473The ed States and three key European allies -- Britain, France, and Germany -- say they want to eliminate any confusion about what investment and business deals with Iran are permitted after the nuclear deal.美国及其3个主要欧洲盟国英囀?法国和德国表示,他们希望澄清,按照伊朗核协议,在伊朗的哪些投资和经贸往来是被允许的。The U.S. and European Union lifted most sanctions on Iran in January after Teheran agreed to curb its nuclear program.德黑兰同意对其核项目加以限制后,美国和欧盟于今年1月取消了对伊朗的大部分制裁。But some sanctions remain, including those related to human rights and terrorism issues.但一些制裁措施依然有效,包括与人权和恐怖主义有关的制裁措施。Some businesses are still confused over what is and is not permitted and are withholding investment and trade with Iran.一些企业仍不清楚制裁措施的限制范围,因此没有在伊朗投资,也未同伊朗做生意。The State Department says it is y to provide guidance and speedy clarification.美国国务院说,准备提供相应的指导和及时的说明。But President Barack Obama said last month that Iran still has to do more to prove to global firms that it is a safe place in which to do business.但奥巴马总统上个月指出,伊朗必须采取更多行动,向外国企业明在伊朗做生意是安全的。来 /201605/444902ISIS extremists have threatened to destroy the Egyptian pyramids - after releasing a purporting to show fighters blowing up a 2,500-year-old temple in Iraq.ISIS激进分子发誓要摧毁埃及金字塔--在他们发布视频显示其炸毁了伊拉克一座有2500年历史的古神庙后。Footage shows a militant vowing to demolish the temple of Nabu in the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud - before a massive explosion reduces a building to rubble.视频画面显示:武装分子炸毁了古亚述城市尼姆鲁兹的神庙——巨大的爆炸之后,神庙被夷为平地。(炸药清真吗?)The final scene in the ten-minute shows the Great Pyramid of Giza near Egypts capital, Cairo and a fanatic pledging to blow up ancient sites built by the infidels.在十分钟的视频的最后一幕,显示他们的下一个目标是位于埃及首都开罗的“由异教徒建造的古代遗址”吉萨大金字塔。Destruction: Footage shows a fanatic dressed in black pledging to blow up Egypts ancient pyramids毁灭:视频显示一个穿着黑袍的狂热分子准备炸毁埃及的古代金字塔It is not known when ISIS targeted the Nabu temple - which was dedicated to the Babylonian god of wisdom, reports Vocativ, which sourced the from online forums. Video shows information signs on the temple wall before the explosion is shown from a number of different angles.视频显示,摄像机从多个不同的角度拍摄了在爆炸前的庙墙标志。ISIS also claim to show bulldozers destroying the Adad and Mashki gates at Nineveh, near Mosul.ISIS还声称,在尼尼微,他们用推土机摧毁了阿达德和mashki门,位于苏尔附近。Earlier this year, shocking pictures showed how ISIS militants had destroyed ancient monuments in the Syrian city of Palmyra.而在今年的早些时一组令人震惊的照片表明,ISIS武装分子摧毁了叙利亚古代遗迹巴尔米拉城。The militants sparked a global outcry when they started destroying Palmyras treasured monuments, which they consider idolatrous, after taking the city in May 2015.2015月,武装分子开始摧毁巴尔米拉的珍贵遗迹,因为他们认为它是“邪恶的偶像崇拜”,引发全球舆论一片哗然。Video shows information signs on the temple wall before the explosion is shown from a number of different angles视频显示,摄像机从多个不同的角度拍摄了在爆炸前的庙墙标志。They ransacked UNESCO World Heritage sites before finally being ousted after three weeks of fighting earlier this year.在今年早些时候的战斗从他们被赶走的最后三周中,他们洗劫了联合国教科文组织认定的世界文化遗产。Heads were sledgehammered off sculptures while priceless carvings were ripped off walls of museums during the terror groups devastating occupation of the city.在ISIS组织破坏性的占领期间,位于城市中的物馆内无数无价雕塑的头被铁锤砸碎了。Extremists wrecked a number of important structures on the site, including the Temple of Baal, leaving experts with a difficult task of re-constructing the ancient landmarks.极端分子破坏了许多重要的建筑,包括巴尔的庙,留给重建的专家们一个艰巨的任务。来 /201606/448737


  The oil market “could drown in oversupplyas a rise in Iranian output offsets production cuts elsewhere, threatening a further price collapse, the world’s leading energy forecaster has said.全球顶尖能源预测机构国际能源IEA)表示,石油市场“可能会被供应过剩淹没”,伊朗石油产量的增加将抵消掉其他国家减产的影响,这可能导致油价进一步下挫。In a stark assessment of the challenges facing the global oil industry, the International Energy Agency warned on Tuesday of an overhang of at least 1m barrels a day for a third consecutive year in 2016.周二,IEA在这份对全球石油业面临的挑战进行的严峻评估中警告称,今年供应过剩的规模将连续第三年达到每日至00万桶。Production outside the Opec cartel would decline this year, the IEA said. But that would be offset by slower demand growth and higher production from Iran now that sanctions linked to its nuclear programme had been lifted.IEA表示,石油输出国组织(Opec,简称:欧佩克)以外国家的石油产量今年将下滑。但石油需求放缓以及伊朗产量增加将抵消掉这一下滑。伊朗受到的与核计划有关的制裁现在已被解除。“Unless something changes, the oil market could drown in oversupply,the wealthy nationsenergy watchdog said in its closely watched monthly oil market report.IEA在其受到密切关注的月度石油市场报告中表示:“除非情况发生变化,否则石油市场可能会被供应过剩淹没。”It said if Iran a powerful member of the producersgroup moved quickly to offer its oil under attractive terms and its Opec peers such as Saudi Arabia refused to “stay on the sidelines prices could lurch lower.IEA表示,如果伊朗(欧佩克的强大成员国之一)迅速采取行动、以有吸引力的条件供应石油,而沙特等其他欧佩克成员国拒绝“离场观望”,油价可能会继续下跌。Oil prices have tumbled almost 75 per cent in 18 months as the largest producer countries have refused to give ground, with supplies and inventories ballooning to near-record levels.油价已在18个月内下跌了5%,原因是大型产油国拒绝让出市场份额,石油供应和库存急剧增加、逼近历史高点。Global oil stocks rose by 1bn barrels in 2015 from the year before and the IEA has forecast a further increase of 285m barrels over the course of 2016.2015年的全球石油库存较上一年的水平增加0亿桶。IEA预测016年全年,石油库存还会再增.85亿桶。Overall the IEA expects demand growth to moderate from almost 1.7m b/d in 2015 to 1.2m b/d this year.IEA预测,总体而言,石油需求增幅将015年的每日70万桶降至今年的每20万桶。来 /201601/424075

  It was a touching moment at the National Zoo in Washington, US: tens of thousands of people from all over the country, and even the world, came to bid farewell to one of the area’s most popular residents. They weren’t saying goodbye to a person, but to a panda.这是发生在美国华盛顿国家动物园中的动人一幕:全美乃至全世界成千上万的人前来和这里最受欢迎的居民告别。他们不是在和一个人道别,而是和一只熊猫。BaoBao, the zoo’s beloved (受宠爱的) giant panda, left for her new home in Chengdu, China on Feb 22. She’s the first female giant panda born in the US National Zoo and has won the hearts of many Americans since her birth three and a half years ago.22日,动物园内备受宠爱的大熊猫宝宝启程前往她位于中国成都的新家。她是在美国国家动物园内诞生的第一只雌性大熊猫,从三年半前她出生开始,便俘获了不少美国人的心。A series of goodbye events were held, including a dumpling party and cake feedings (喂食). Information about her flight was even made available online so that people could keep track of her journey.动物园举办了如饺子派对、喂食蛋糕等一系列欢送活动,甚至还在网上公布了宝宝的飞机航班信息。这样,人们就能时刻了解她的旅途动态了。“It’s something that, especially with the giant pandas, you know exactly when this is coming,keeper Stacey Tabellario told the Washington Post. She had helped take care of BaoBao since the panda was born at the zoo.“尤其是对于大熊猫而言,我们很确切地知道这一时刻什么时候会来临,”饲养员Stacey Tabellario在接受《华盛顿邮报》采访时表示。从宝宝在动物园出生那天起,她一直在帮忙照顾她。“We know that they’re going by the age of four. So we can prepare for it. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t get attached,she added.“我们知道到了四岁……它们就得离开。所以我们可以有所准备,但这并不意味着我们没有建立起感情,”她补充道。BaoBao was destined (命中注定 to return to her ancestral home due to an agreement between China and the US. In fact, most giant pandas around the world are on loan (租 from China and cubs (幼崽) born abroad will be sent back before they turn four.由于中美之间的协议,宝宝注定要回到她的故乡。事实上,全球大部分的大熊猫都是从中国租借的,出生在海外的幼崽将会在四岁时被送回国内。Native to China and adored (喜爱) around the world, the furry black-and-white animals have played an important role in the country’s diplomacy (外交). This is known as “Panda Diplomacy这种毛茸茸、黑白相间的动物是中国的本土物种,受到了全世界的喜爱。它在我国外交中扮演着重要的角色,被称为“熊猫外交”。The practice dates back to the Tang Dynasty, when Empress Wu Zetian sent a pair of pandas to the Japanese emperor.这一做法可追溯到唐朝,当时,武则天将一对熊猫送给了日本天皇。China revived (重启) panda diplomacy in the 1950s when China sent two pandas to the Moscow Zoo. By 1982, China had given 23 pandas to nine different countries. The most famous one was China’s gift of two pandas, Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing, to the ed States in 1972 after former President Richard Nixon’s visit to China.上世0年代,我国重新开始了熊猫外交,将两只大熊猫送往莫斯科动物园。到982年,中国已经3只大熊猫送往9个不同的国家。其中最著名的,是我国在美国前总统理查尼克972年访华后送给美国的两只大熊猫 —玲玲和兴兴。However, since the early 1980s, China has stopped giving away pandas for free because of their decreasing numbers. Instead, the animals are loaned to other countries.然而,自上世纪80年代初开始,由于大熊猫数量不断减少,中国已经停止向外免费赠送熊猫,而是改为租借形式。For example, zoos in the US, UK and France “rentpandas from China. The money they pay for the pandas, which ranges from tens of thousands to millions of US dollars, was used to fund conservation (保护) and breeding programs of the endangered (濒危 species.比如,美囀?英国以及法国的动物园都从中国“租借”了熊猫。他们的租借费从上万到上百万美元不等。这些钱会被用于资助该濒危物种的保护繁育项目。The panda is by no means the only animal serving as an “ambassador of friendship Elephants and dogs have also been given as diplomatic gifts. In 1953, Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh sent Chairman Mao Zedong two Asian elephants as gifts as a symbol of the friendship between the two countries.大熊猫绝不是作为“友谊大使”的唯一一种动物。大象和也会被作为外交礼物进行赠送953年,越南领导人胡志明送给了毛泽东主席两头亚洲象,作为礼物和两国友谊的象征。来 /201703/497282。

  China to invest 92bn in renewable power by 2020中国020年前投资2920亿英镑在可再生能源上China will plough 2.5tn yuan (92bn) into renewable power generation by 2020, the country’s energy agency has said, as the world’s largest energy market continues to shift away from dirty coal power towards cleaner fuels.2020年前中国将投.5万亿元在可再生能源发电上,中国的能源机构如是说,这个世界上最大的能源市场开始从肮脏的煤炭发电转向更清洁的燃料。The investment will create more than 13m jobs in the sector, the National Energy Administration said in a blueprint document that lays out its plan to develop the nation’s energy sector during the five-year 2016 to 2020 period.这个投资将在该行业产300万个就业岗位,国家能源局在其蓝图文件中说道,这份文件列出016020年五年计划期间该国能源领域的发展计划。The NEA said installed renewable power capacity including wind, hydro, solar and nuclear power would contribute to about half of new electricity generation by 2020.国家能源局称安装的可再生能源容量包括风能,太阳能,水电以及核能,到2020年将贡献大约一半的新发电量。The agency did not disclose more details on where the funds, which equate to about 8bn each year, would be spent.该机构就这些资金将投资在哪里没有披露更多的细节,相当于每80亿英镑。来 /201701/488626

  China successfully launched the Fengyun-4 satellite last Sunday from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan, marking an upgrade for Chinas meteorological satellites in geostationary orbit. The satellite was taken into orbit by the Long March-3B carrier rocket.上周日,我国在四川西昌卫星发射中心用长征三号乙运载火箭成功将风云四号卫星送入轨道,这标志着我国静止轨道气象卫星的升级换代。The Fengyun-4 satellite, the first of Chinas second-generation weather satellites in geostationary orbit to be launched, is also the countrys first quantitative remote-sensing satellite in high orbit.风云四号卫星是我国第二代静止轨道气象卫星的首发星,也是我国首颗高轨道定量遥感卫星。The satellite will make high time, spatial and spectral resolution observations of the atmosphere, clouds and space environment of China and surrounding regions, significantly improving capabilities of weather and climate forecasts, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.据国家国防科技工业局介绍,风云四号卫星将对我国及周边地区的大气、云层和空间环境进行高时间分辨率、高空间分辨率、高光谱分辨率的观测,大幅提高天气预报和气候预测能力。The China Meteorological Administration is the primary user of the satellite.风云四号卫星的主用户为中国气象局。Fengyun-4 innovatively achieves integrated payload configuration. Such elaborated designation can multiply the function of Fengyun-4 while substantially cutting down on the research and development costs.风云4号卫星创新性地实现了集成的有效载荷配置。这样精心的设计可以成倍的提升风云4号的功能,同时还可以大幅削减研发成本。Traditionally the imager and sounder are carried by different satellites to prevent mutual interference. However, Fengyun-4 successfully overcame this tough problem in the world and various instruments onboard can peacefully work on the same platform without upsetting each other.传统的图像和声音信号都是由不同的卫星来运载的,以此来防止相互干扰。不过,风云4号卫星成功地克了这个世界性的棘手问题,各种仪表板可以在同一平台上正常运行,而且不会互相干扰;Whats more, it realizes comprehensive observations of atmosphere with various means for the first time in the world.; Yu Xinwen, Deputy Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and commander-in-chief of FY-4 satellite program said.中国气象局副局长、风号卫星项目的总负责人于新文表示:“更重要的是,该卫星在世界上首次实现了对大气的多手段综合观测。”来 /201612/484175


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