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  • Its a city within the city. You have to look over 50,000 people. Youll be so alive when youre down here. What you would see mostly is when you came out for lunch on a beautiful day, when everyone is coming out of the buildings and then of course, youll sometimes look up and see these majestic mountains just staring down actively.那是一个城市中的城市。你得看看这里有超过50000人。当你来到这里,你会感到活力。你会看到大多是当你在美好的一天出来吃午饭,当每个人都走出大楼,然后,有时候你会抬头看见这些峻岭只是盯着下面。Then came 9/11. You know, we can just describe it like a death in the family. A collapse of the World Trade Center south tower obliterated the PATH Station. The station is the lowest point on the trade center site. All the water from fighting the fires poured in. Broken water mains flooded the PATH tunnel all the way to New Jersey. Workers built a temperate plug to sea of the tunnel. It took 40 days to pump all the water out. A crucial link to the subway system was destroyed. Now began the hard work, rebuilding. And Im president defeat of transient engineering. Workers got it one and a half kilometers of tunnels.之后就是9/11。你知道,我们可以把它描述成家庭的死亡。世界贸易中心南塔楼倒塌导致帕斯车站被毁。列车站是世贸中心的最低点。所有的水都在为灭火而战斗。断水淹没了帕斯从纽约到新泽西的隧道。工人们建造了温度插头来控制。而要花40天才能将水抽干。地铁系统的一个关键环节被摧毁。现在开始艰难的重建工作。而我则担任重建工程的总工程师。工人们的工作是1.5公里的隧道。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172709。
  • Business American telecoms A breath of fresh airwavesyou want商业 美国电信 呼吸新鲜的电波The scramble for spectrum could reshape Americas telecoms industry频谱争夺战可能打开美国电信新局面JULIUS GENACHOWSKI, the head of Americas Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has called wireless spectrum ;the oxygen that sustains our mobile devices;.美联邦通讯委员会(FCC)主席JULIUS GENACHOWSKI,将无线通讯频段称为;维持移动通讯设备工作的氧气;,Yet unlike oxygen, the airwaves over which telecoms companies transmit their wireless signals are in ever shorter supply.但与氧气不同的是,如今电信公司用来传输无线讯号的波段比以往更加短缺。According to the FCCs calculations, America needs to make 300 megahertz (MHz) of additional spectrum available by 2014 to avoid a ;crunch; that drives up consumers mobile-phone bills and holds back innovation.据委员会估计,为免移动电话用户账单攀升,创新停滞不前,引发;频谱危机;,到2014年美国需要新增300兆赫兹频段投入使用。Some critics reckon the regulators projections are too pessimistic.有的家认为委员会的预测太过悲观,But telecoms firms say an explosion of wireless data triggered by smartphones and tablet computers is indeed soaking up capacity fast. Hence the scramble for more airwaves.但电信公司指出,由智能机和平板电脑所引发的无线通讯数据的激增,实际上正快速占据频带容量,面向更多频段的争夺进而产生。On December 2nd Verizon Wireless, the countrys largest mobile operator, announced a .6 billion deal to buy spectrum from several cable-television companies.12月2日,美国最大的移动通讯运营商威瑞森无线通讯公司(Verizon Wireless)宣布斥资36亿美金从几家有线电视公司手中收购波段。ATamp;T, another telecoms behemoth, has been telling anyone who will listen that its billion bid for T-Mobile USA, a smaller rival, should be approved in part because it would ease a capacity headache: ATamp;T has plenty of capital but needs more spectrum, while T-Mobile has the airwaves but lacks the capital to exploit them fully.另一家电信巨头ATamp;T也正试图让每一个关心的人相信,它对T-Mobile USA这个小公司的价值390亿的收购企划应得以通过,部分原因是如此可缓和波段紧缺的困难:ATamp;T有足够的资金但需要更大的带宽,然而T-Mobile 有带宽却缺少充分开发利用的资金。The snag is that allowing ATamp;T and T-Mobile to merge would stifle competition in the wireless market—which is why both the Department of Justice and the FCC oppose it.问题在于,若允许ATamp;T 和T-Mobile合并,就会破坏无线市场的竞争公平——这就是为什么司法部和联邦通讯委员会都反对它们合并。ATamp;T and Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobiles German parent, have pledged to fight on, but the mergers chances are slim.ATamp;T 和 T-Mobile 的母公司德国电信(Deutsche Telekom)已承诺会继续争取,但合并的希望渺茫。Verizons deal, by contrast, will probably be cleared by the FCC, which must approve transfers of licensed spectrum.相反,委员会却极有可能会同意Verizon的交易,因为它没有权力阻止已得到使用许可的波段的易主。Could more wireless capacity be liberated from other businesses that do not need it?可以从其他行业释放出更多的无线通讯空间吗?The FCC thinks so.它们并不需要那么多。It has come up with a proposal to persuade TV companies to part with some of their airwaves.联邦通讯委员会觉得可行,它已起草一项提案建议说电视公司出让它们的部分波段。It would solicit spectrum from broadcasters and then repackage it into larger lots to be sold in an auction. The revenue raised would be shared between the government and the broadcasters.委员会将设法从电视台买来波段,然后将之重新包装合并,进行拍卖,筹集的收入由政府和电视台分成。The FCC thinks this could release up to 120MHz of TV broadcast spectrum.委员会认为如此可释放多达120MHz的电视广播频段。TV companies could instead sell their holdings to telecoms companies directly.实际上,电视台也可以直接向电信公司出售频段,但转手的很可能是许多短小细碎的波段。But this would probably mean lots of tiny, fragmented packets of airwaves changing hands. Wireless operators will pay more for large, contiguous parcels of spectrum, which is why the FCC wants to orchestrate the process.为购买大容量连续带宽无线运营公司将需要付出更多金钱,这也正是联邦通讯委员会想要精心策划这项进程的原因。Legislation to give it permission to do so is making its way through Congress. It may be passed by the end of the year.为使委员会具有操作权限,相关法规正在议会进行审核。这项法规大概会在年底之前可以通过。But some broadcasters have given warning that the plan could hurt some stations.但是一些广播公司提出警告,这项计划可能会伤害某些电视台的利益。;Were concerned this will have unintended consequences,; says Alan Frank, the chief executive of Post-Newsweek Stations, which has operations in Detroit, San Antonio and other cities.Alan Frank是Post-Newsweek 电视台的首席执行官,该台在底特律,圣安东尼奥及其他城市均设有业务,他说:;我们担心这项举措会产生意想不到的后果;。TV folk fret that the FCC wants to be able to force stations to swap channels if necessary, even if they do not take part in the auction, so that it can create attractive parcels.电视工作者担心委员会拟定法案是想在必要的时候迫使他们转换频道,以便构成更可观的波段组合,即使这些频道并没有参与拍卖。This will raise their costs and could lead to the disappearance of some stations in cities near the Mexican and Canadian borders, where TV spectrum is aly limited.这种做法会提高电视台的运营成本,同时可能导致临近墨西哥、加拿大的边境城市里的部分电视台消失,因为在那里频带资源本就很有限。Such concerns can be dealt with.这样的担忧是可以解决的。Legislators are likely to create a fund to compensate broadcasters who have to move channels. And they will probably require the FCC to try hard to preserve existing TV coverage when it repackages airwaves.立法者也许会设立一项基金用以补偿那些不得不转换频道的电视广播公司,并且他们很有可能要求联邦通讯委员会在重组波段的时候,尽力保全现存的电视频道覆盖范围。Congresss enthusiasm to get something done is understandable.国会热衷于达成一些成就的心理是可以理解的。For one thing, an auction will raise billions of dollars for the public purse.一方面,一场拍卖会能为国库筹集到数十亿美元的资金;For another, it will create jobs by encouraging firms to invest in their networks.另一方面,通过鼓励公司投资网路可以创造就业机会。Failure to act would send the wrong signal to one of Americas fastest-growing industries.而若举措不当则将会向这一全美都发展迅猛的产业发送错误的讯息。 /201212/211895。
  • Vincent described his first year in London as the happiest of his life.文森特描述了他在伦敦的第一年是最幸福的生活。He went boating on the Thames, he visited the museums, the parks.他去泰晤士河划船,参观物馆,游览公园。But what really cheered him up was moving here, to 87 Hackford Road,但真正让他心驰神往的是去第87海克福特路,Brixton, where Vincent had a room at the top that he loved.布里克斯顿,文森特在顶层有一个他喜欢的房间。I don’t need to tell you what Brixton is today.我不需要告诉你在布里克斯顿今天是哪天。It’s Yardie country. Dangerous.这是雅德雷镇。非常危险。But it wasn’t like that in Vincent’s time.但它不像是文森特的时光。And 1873, this was a prosperous middle-class suburb.而1873年,这是一个繁荣的中产阶级郊区。No one knew where Vincent lived in London until 1971,没有人知晓文森特在伦敦住到1971年,when a postman, a Van Gogh obsessive called Paul Chalcroft tracked him down to this house.当一名邮差,梵高强迫性的称其为保罗·克劳福特,追查到他这所房子时。Chalcroft was on strike at that time, getting y for the three-day week with lots of hours on his hands.克劳福特当时正在闹罢工,为为期三天的罢工准备,所以他有大把的时间。There’s a Mrs Smith living here now.有一位史密斯夫人在这里生活。And I imagine it was a heck of a surprise when the striking postman knocked on her door and told her that Van Gogh lived here.而据我想象,当罢工的邮递员敲她的门并告诉她,梵高住在这里的情境,那一定是一种令人瞠目结舌的惊喜。You must be Mrs Smith.您一定是史密斯夫人。Hello. Good morning. Yes, I am.你好。早上好。是的,我就是。Do you know Brixton?你知道布里克斯顿吗?I’ve so much about you and about this house.我听说过很多关于你和关于这个房子的事情。Really? You’re welcome.真的吗?欢迎。注:听力文本来源于普特201206/188537。
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