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As far as stereotypes go, a wandering eye and the urge to jump into bed with multiple partners seems to be built into a man#39;s DNA, but when it comes to cheating, the sexes are created more equally than we think. (Cough, Kristen Stewart, cough.) Renee Lee, a relationship expert with a masters in psychology, dishes out five reasons why women cheat.1. Going Through A Transition;If it is graduating, turning a certain age, losing a parent or advancing the relationship status, women become introspective,; explains Lee. ;Even if it is something she wants, such as just getting engaged or graduating, the transition can stir up an array of emotions about where her life is going or where she is in it. The discomfort of change can trigger an impulsive desire to find someone to take her focus off the change and be a diversion for what she is going through.;2. Not Feeling Adequately CelebratedWe#39;ve all been here: ;May it be getting a promotion, organizing a fundraiser, or making Thanksgiving dinner for a party of 20, men often make the misstep of ;not complimenting their partner#39;s achievements,; Lee says. ;Women seek an emotional connection that their partner notices them, is proud of their achievements, and appreciates what they do, so when they aren#39;t getting this at home the residual effects lead to feelings of frustration, dissatisfaction, depression, and restlessness.;And that#39;s when they could go looking for it elsewhere. ;When you are living in the day to day with someone, it is challenging to step outside a situation and notice the things that do matter to someone,; adds Lee ;As this wears down over time, so as soon as the woman encounters someone who ignites the spark they are lacking at home, they equate it to an emotional connection and seek companionship with someone else.;3. Feeling A Relationship Ending;When a woman feels that uneasy sense that a relationship is on the outs, by either her doing or his, she will often look to fill the void externally to soften the blow,; Lee reasons for a woman#39;s infidelity. ;If she is the one considering the breakup, she may be using this tactic as a challenge to herself both testing the waters, and then gauge if she can go through with it.;4. It#39;s Just Not Fun Anymore...But it#39;s too hard to pull the plug. ;When you don#39;t laugh, you don#39;t love. Laughter is one of the key elements in a relationship that often gets overlooked,; Lee explains, simply. ;When stresses of day to day life become the dominant factor in a relationship, women feel unhappy. When they come across a coworker, or friend that they have a good time with, it suddenly brings to light what is missing in their own relationship and becomes tempting to act upon.;5. It#39;s Boring In The BedroomMen aren#39;t the only ones who need to spice things up. ;Women need to feel desired!; Lee declares. ;If she is not getting any, enough, or nothing to talk about, women start to feel a sexual void. With the popularity of books such as Fifty Shades of Grey, television shows, or listening to friends talk about their fun single trysts, women have that moment when they compare their love life at home to what the rest of the world seems to be experiencing.; And that#39;s when she may start to wonder what she#39;s missing.;Though it is easy to pinpoint the flaws in one#39;s sex life, it is often hard to make the changes needed to correct them,; adds Lee. ;This creates a temptation in women to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere with someone they don#39;t have the baggage with and can be more uninhibited.;Now you know why women cheat. But we say, if you#39;re thinking about cheating, just break up with the guy, before you move on to a new one.说到男性,大多数人都会觉得他们骨子里是欲望动物:眼神游离不定,还想要拥有多位性伴侣。但是,说到出轨,也许男女比我们想象得更加“平等”。(比如克里斯汀斯图尔特)心理学硕士、两性关系专家蕾妮-李给出了以下5个女性出轨的理由。1、正在经历转变“如果正面临毕业,到了某个年纪,失去至亲或感情状态更进一步,女性会开始反思自己。”蕾妮解释道,“即使这些是她想要的,比如订婚或者毕业,但这些转变还是会在内心激起波澜,她们不禁会思考应该何去何从,或者她自身的状态。这些变化带来的不快会使人一时冲动去另寻他人来分散自己的注意力,让自己暂时逃避目前的处境。”2、觉得不够被重视我们都有过这样的情况:“工作上得到晋升,组织了一次募捐活动,又或者给20人聚会准备感恩节晚餐,男性常忽略的一点是:没有好好赞扬妻子的成就。”蕾妮说,“女性总是希望她们的丈夫能给予她们更多关注,为她们的成就而自豪,并感谢她们的付出。所以,当她们在家里得不到这些情感需求时,她们会觉得受挫、不满、沮丧、不安。”这时候她们就可能会另寻关心。“当你日复一日地和另一半一起生活后,经常会忽视掉对另一半真正重要的事情。”蕾妮补充道,“随着时间的流逝,一旦女性此时遇到一个可以弥补这些的男性,她们就会视之为感情,进而想和对方进一步发展关系。”3、觉得感情关系走到尽头“当一个女性觉得这段感情快要枯萎,不管是自己还是对方所致,她可能会向外寻求慰藉来填补目前的空虚,使自己不至于受到太严重的打击。”蕾妮在分析女性的背叛时,认为“如果她是那个想要分手的人,那她可能会用这种策略来挑战自己同时探探风头,然后寻思是否能这样做。”4、生活没有欢乐...但却很难停下来。“当你们之间没有了笑声,没有了爱……欢笑是一段关系中很重要的元素,但却经常被忽略。”蕾妮简单地解释道。“当紧张压抑成为每天的主旋律时,女方会觉得不开心。当她们遇到一位可以共度美好时光的同事或朋友时,她们会突然发现这正是目前的感情关系里所没有的,因而会甘愿冒险。”5、床上生活较枯燥。并不是只有男性需要调动情趣。“女性也需要得到满足。”蕾妮声称,“如果她的需求得不到满足,女性会开始感到性空虚。”在女性阅读《五十度灰》等热门书籍、观看电视节目、或听朋友聊单独约会的乐趣时,会将自己的爱情生活和其他人相比较。”蕾妮补充道,“这个时候她会想想自己错过了什么。”“尽管很容易就可以找出性生活方面的不足之处,但想要改正过来却有些难。”蕾妮补充道,“这会诱使一些女性出去另寻无拘无束的性满足。”现在你明白了为什么女性会出轨。但是如果你也正打算出轨,先去和另一半分手吧,然后再去找下一位。

Trouble is brewing for an American retailer after customers noted that one of its tea kettles bears a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler.一个美国零售商在顾客发现自家生产的茶壶酷似阿道夫-希特勒后,陷入了麻烦。Bemused motorists took photographs of the huge JCPenney billboard advertising the kettle as they drove past it on the 405 Interstate highway near Culver City in California, one of America#39;s busiest stretches of roads.茫然的司机们在驶过加利福尼亚卡尔弗城405州际公路时,拍下了JCPenney茶壶的巨幅广告图。405州际公路是美国最繁忙的公路之一。;That Hitler looks like a kettle,; commented one user of Reddit, one of the several websites where the image was posted over the weekend.“希特勒像茶壶,” 红迪网一个用户道,红迪网是在过去的周末发布该图片的网站之一。;He even has his right arm extended,; wrote another, while a third added: ;I#39;m a little Nazi, short and stout;.“他甚至还伸出了右胳膊,”另一个人写到,还有一个用户补充:“我是个小纳粹,矮矮又胖胖。”Things that look Hitler have become a popular web meme - with the genre perhaps defined by the house in Swansea that bears an unsettling resemblance to the Nazi Fuhrer.长得像希特勒的东西已经变成了网络流行潮流——类型可参考威尔斯南部斯温西那幢和这位纳粹元首长得微妙相似的房子。The kettle - officially the Michael Graves Design Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle - retails for #163;35.08 on the JCPenney website, and can be delivered to the UK.这个茶壶的全称叫迈克尔-格雷夫斯设计响声不锈钢茶壶,在JCPenney网上售价为35.08英镑,并可以派送到英国。;This stainless steel tea kettle has all the bells and whistles you#39;ll need - a cool-touch handle, space-saving design and a delightful whistle to let you know when it#39;s y to pour,; the website stated.“这个不锈钢茶壶有你想要的所有装饰——一个触手不烫的把手,节约空间的设计和声音愉悦的响声,让你知道它什么时候水煮开了可以倒出来了,”网站描述道。One reviewer on the website noted that she loved the kettle#39;s ;sleek European design;. ;My kids love when it boils and starts to whistle,; she wrote. ;I can not say enough good things about this!;一位用户在网站反馈表示,她喜欢水壶的“光滑欧洲设计”。“我的孩子喜欢它煮沸并发出响声的时候,” 她写道。“我无法用更美好的话语来形容它!”A second reviewer was less enthralled, however, describing the quality of the kettle as ;extremely poor;. ;Mostly (sic) importantly the kettle#39;s bell does NOT ring and its whistle volume is extremely low!; the consumer wrote.然而另一个用户却没有这么喜欢,表示那个茶壶质量“相当差”。“最重要的是,那个茶壶铃会不响,而且它的声音特别小!” 这位用户这样写道。When listing pros, however, the same user noted that the appliance ;looks beautiful;.不过在列茶壶的优点时,这位用户也写道了它的外形“看起来很美”。 /201305/242240

这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:都说“自己动手,丰衣足食”,但是这话真做起来,很多时候特别不具可操作性!真做出来,就想起另外一句俗语:早知现在,何必当初……!译者:koogle



  Overdid it , and think it might happen again? Before you start feeling guilty, know that taking a too-strict approach after a binge will most certainly backfire. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people beating themselves up and then trying to ;undo the damage; too fast. Here, the habits guilt-trippers get trapped in, and better ways to get on track.吃多了,担心会再吃多?在你有负罪感之前,还是了解一下大吃大喝后哪些过分严格的控制行为可不可取,这些只不过是事后诸葛亮,毫无用处。我发现人们最大的错误就是立即运动起来,试图迅速弥补大吃大喝带来的“伤害”。下面是一些有负罪感的吃货们经常做的事情,我们为此提出了更好地解决方案。1. Mistake: Weighing yourself错误一:称体重You know that your weight can fluctuate a lot from day to day—two pounds from water weight alone is totally normal. So if you ate too much last night, especially salty foods that can cause water retention, your scale will reflect it the next morning. Don’t subject yourself to unnecessary angst! Steer clear of the scale and focus on having a healthy day instead. (If you wait 48 hours to hop on the scale, your temporary water weight may well disappear by then.)要知道,人的体重每天变化是十分反复的——光喝水就能增加2磅体重,这是十分正常的情况。所以如果你昨天晚上吃的太多,尤其是吃了太咸的东西导致大量饮水,第二天早上你的体重便会增加。别让自己陷入不必要的焦虑!不要把注意力放在秤的数字上,不如想想如何健康度过每一天。(过48小时后再称称看,你会发现,那些暂时囤积的水的重量已经消失了。)2. Mistake: Skipping breakfast错误二:不吃早餐Still stuffed? Don’t blow off breakfast—if you do, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have a bigger lunch or dinner than you want. Ample research shows that people who eat breakfast weigh less and eat healthier than people who skip it. If the thought of a big morning meal makes you queasy, have a little fruit and cottage cheese, a piece of toast with a light coating of peanut butter, or a small bowl of oatmeal and berries.还不饿?那也不能不吃早饭。如果不吃,我保你在午餐或晚餐时会吃的更多,大量研究表明比起不吃早餐的人来,按时吃早餐的人体重较轻,且饮食更健康。如果早上吃太多会觉得不舒,那就吃点水果,一些白软干酪,一片涂了花生黄油的烤土司,或一小碗浆果燕麦。3. Mistake: Going crazy at the gym错误三:在健身房疯狂运动If your usual workout routine is 20 minutes on the elliptical, don#39;t sign up for back-to-back Spinning, Zumba, and Ultimate Abs in an effort to torch off every last crumb. Jumping into a too-intense workout can raise your risk of getting injured. But don#39;t loaf around either: A brisk walk can help with digestion and soothe that bloated belly feeling.如果你平时只是在椭圆机上运动20分钟,那就千万不要为了燃烧脂肪而去参加诸如动感单、尊巴舞,或终极腹肌训练这种高强度的运动。突然增大运动强度很有可能会让你受伤。但也别偷懒,快走可以帮助消化,还能减小吃胀的大肚子。4. Mistake: Skimping on sleep错误四:少睡觉A new Columbia University study found that people are more likely to crave junky food, like pepperoni pizza, cake, and cheeseburgers, on four hours of sleep than they are on eight hours. Why? Possibly because your brain craves a quick energy boost from these foods to help it fire on all cylinders. Don#39;t cave in. Get a good night’s snooze the night of and after you overeat, to avoid getting in a bad eating cycle.哥伦比亚大学新的研究表明,和那些每天睡眠8小时的人相比,那些只睡4小时的更喜欢吃垃圾食品,比如蜡香肠披萨,蛋糕,芝士汉堡等。为什么呢?有可能是因为你的大脑希望能够快速的摄取能量。千万别上当。如果你吃多了,就好好地睡一觉,补充睡眠,防止陷入恶性的饮食循环。5. Mistake: Saying ;I#39;ll Never Eat ____ Again;错误五:说“我再也不吃____了”One of the worst things after a day of less-than-ideal eating is to make any absolute food promises. Swearing off carbs (or fried food, or sweets) may last for a few days or even a few weeks, but research shows that the best weight-loss plans allow for some indulgence in moderation. Don’t make any quick decisions or resolutions! The best thing you can do is just get back to your usual eating M.O.乱吃一天之后最怕的就是胡乱说出某些保。也许,你可以坚持几天(甚至几个星期)不碰任何淀粉类食物(或油炸食品,甜食等),但研究表明最好的减肥计划是要摄入这些食品的。所以千万别轻易下决定!最好的方法就是回归到你正常饮食规律中来。 /201302/224878


  Alan Kozlowski purchased a strip of untouched, oceanfront land on the southern tip of the Thai island of Koh Samui in 2005 and spent the next couple of years -- and about .5 million -- constructing an eight-bedroom vacation house.2005年,阿兰#8226;科兹洛夫斯基(Alan Kozlowski)在泰国苏梅岛(Koh Samui)的南端购置了一块未经开发的滨海土地。在接下来的几年中,他斥资大约350万美元在这块土地上建成了一栋有八间卧室的度假屋。The 64-year-old filmmaker was drawn to the forested land because of its ocean views, natural setting and the ability to have a feature rarely seen in his home state of California: beachside pavilions, including a fully exposed dining area and a yoga space that opens to the tropical breezes and expansive South China Sea views.这片郁郁葱葱的土地之所以吸引这位现年64岁的电影制片人是因为其壮阔的海景、周边的自然环境以及在其老家美国加州罕见的一种特色建筑:海滨凉亭,其中包括完全暴露在室外的用餐区和一块练习瑜伽的空间。此间,热带海风毫无遮挡地吹着,壮阔的南中国海海景就在眼前。Then the cobra moved in.但没想到的是,眼镜蛇也“住”了进来,成了他的“室友”。Open-air living -- homes with spaces completely or partially exposed to the outdoors -- was part of what drew Mr. Kozlowski to Southeast Asia, but, as he quickly discovered, it also meant new roommates. In addition to the snake, there were bats, foot-long geckos and flying beetles encroaching on the property.露天起居是吸引科兹洛夫斯基来到东南亚居住的部分原因。但他很快就发现,这同时意味着你有了新的“室友”。除了蛇,还有蝙蝠、长脚壁虎和四处飞窜的甲虫与你比邻而居。所谓“露天起居”是指你的家中有一些空间完全或部分暴露在室外。#39;You#39;re in the tropics, on their land. You have to make friends with them, #39; said Mr. Kozlowski, who rents out the home he calls Samudra when not vacationing there. As for the cobra, he had it removed from the property. #39;I have a no-kill policy, #39; he says.科兹洛夫斯基说,“你在热带地区,这里是它们的地盘。你必须学会和他们交朋友。”不在泰国度假的时候,科兹洛夫斯基会将这栋他称之为“萨穆德拉”(Samudra)的屋子租出去。至于前面提到的眼镜蛇,他已将其从房中“请”了出去。他说,我的原则是“不杀生”。Though forms of open-air living have long existed in Southeast Asia, more overseas homeowners are showing an interest in houses from Thailand to Vietnam and Indonesia, bringing elaborate designs that integrate nature into daily living. Bedrooms might have retractable doors on an entire wall. Or roofless bathrooms with showerheads protruding from a large boulder or tree branches that cascade over the tub.在东南亚,露天起居的生活方式早已存在,但越来越多的海外房主对泰国、越南和印尼的海滨房产表示出了兴趣。他们带来了种种将自然融入日常生活的精心设计:卧室的伸缩门可能占据了一整面 ;没有屋顶的浴室中,淋浴喷头可能安装在一块突出的大石头上,或悬垂于浴缸上方的树枝上。But the idyllic, natural lifestyle they conjure can be a little too natural, and at odds with the realities of living in tropical climates.但房主们祈求的这种田园诗般的自然生活方式可能有点太过原生,它与在热带气候条件下生活的现实不相一致。Mr. Kozlowski isn#39;t the only one with critter problems.科兹洛夫斯基并非唯一受野生物种“亲近”的屋主之一。Alison Dilallo is the owner of a six-bedroom villa in a jungle setting on the Indonesian resort island of Bali that has an open-sided dining pavilion with a thatched roof next to the pool. It also has an open-sided TV lounge with polished concrete floors.艾莉森#8226;迪拉罗(Alison Dilallo)在印尼度假胜地巴厘岛的丛林中拥有一栋带六间卧室的别墅。别墅的泳池旁有一座用于用餐的开放式凉亭,凉亭的屋顶用茅草覆盖。别墅还有一个开放式的用于看电视的休息室,室内的混凝土地板经过打磨。Ms. Dilallo, who is 51 years old and lives in Perth, Australia, uses the house four or five times a year with her family, renting it out during the rest of the time. She said she and her husband bought the villa about 5 1/2 years ago for .3 million and later added onto it, investing a further .5 million in the property.现年51岁的迪拉罗住在澳大利亚珀斯,她每年会和家人到印尼的别墅度假四到五次,剩下时间则将别墅出租。她说她和丈夫大约在五年半前斥资130万美元买下了这栋别墅,之后又投入150万美元进行扩建。One time, she had to call a gecko catcher to remove the 8-inch creature from one of the five exposed bathrooms. In addition to the lizards, Ms. Dilallo also has had to deal with the occasional wild frog or cat that has wandered into the living room.有一次,她不得不请人将一只长八英寸(约合20厘米)的壁虎从一间开放式浴室捉走。别墅中共有五间这样的浴室。除了蜥蜴,迪拉罗还得不时应对“闲逛”走入客厅的野青蛙或野猫。#39;If there are no doors or windows, insects or rodents know no boundaries, so they come in naturally, #39; says Alistair Wright, owner of EcoPest Samui in Koh Samui, which handles everything from snakes to scorpions to termites. #39;The house becomes part of the environment.#39;苏梅岛害虫防治机构EcoPest Samui的所有人阿利斯泰尔#8226;赖特(Alistair Wright)说,如果家中没安门窗,昆虫或啮齿类动物可不知道所谓的“边界”,所以它们自然会跑到你家里去。他说,你的家已经成为周遭环境的一部分了。EcoPest Samui负责处理闯入住户家中的所有昆虫或啮齿类动物,从毒蛇到蝎子再到白蚁,不一而足。Homeowners gush about the ability to bring the outdoors in, the airflow through the rooms, and the vast sense of space and uninterrupted views.令很多房主滔滔不绝称赞的是,这里的房子除了能和室外风情融为一体,各个房间空气畅通,还能享受巨大的空间感和毫无遮挡的视野。#39;They like to have a different feeling and experience than what they have in their country, #39; says Popo Danes, a Balinese architectural designer who often builds second (and sometimes third and fourth) homes for his clients. #39;I#39;m not expecting a New Yorker to want to live in a multistory apartment in Bali.#39;巴厘岛建筑设计师波波#8226;丹斯(Popo Danes)说,“在这里置业的人喜欢不同于其祖国的一种感受和体验。”丹斯常为客户建造二套房(有时甚至是第三套或第四套房)。“我认为一个纽约人在巴厘岛不会想住在多层公寓里。”Pests and insects can be more than an inconvenience. In Indraneel Datta#39;s case, they were a health threat. Mr. Datta, a political consultant who has been living in Indonesia for the past 15 years, had his first open-air home built in 2002 in a paddy field in Seminyak on the west coast of Bali, where his wife, a fashion designer, and their two children contended with overbearing heat, bugs and poor air flow.有时,害虫和昆虫带来的不仅仅是不便。在英德拉尼尔#8226;达塔(Indraneel Datta)看来,它们对他的健康构成了威胁。达塔是一名政治顾问,过去15年他一直住在印度尼西亚。他的首套开放式住宅建于2002年,地址选在巴厘岛西海岸水明漾(Seminyak)的一块稻田里。在那里,他的妻子(一位时装设计师)和两个孩子不得不和难以忍受的酷热、臭虫以及糟糕的空气流动性抗争。The family packed up their bags and left after Mr. Datta, 45 years old, caught dengue fever, a mosquito-borne virus endemic to tropical and subtropical climates that causes flulike symptoms and can be deadly.在45岁的达塔患上登革热之后,这家人收拾行囊离开了这里。登革热是一种经由蚊子传播的疾病,属热带和亚热带地区特有。它会导致患者产生类似流感的症状,有时还可能致命。Then he found there were other headaches that he hadn#39;t considered.后来他发现,住在这里还有他此前不曾预料到的其它令人头痛的问题。For Mr. Datta#39;s next home, which he designed with the help of an architect, more thought was put into the topography of the land, the type of soil, the wind direction #39;and, of course, the bugs in [the] area, #39; he says. This home, which he calls Casaviva Bali, sits on a hillside in Jimbaran in Bali overlooking the Indian Ocean. He spent about 0, 000 on the land and construction costs.因此,在建筑师的帮助下设计第二套房的时候,达塔说他考虑更多的是土地的地形、土壤的类型、风向以及所在区域的臭虫问题。达塔将这套房称作Casaviva Bali,房子位于巴厘岛金巴兰(Jimbaran)的山腰上,可以俯瞰印度洋。购置土地和建筑成本花了他大约50万美元。All was well with the house, which once had a fully exposed living room, dining area and kitchen, until the start of the rainy season. During a bad storm in January 2011, Mr. Datta says, the winds #39;were literally blowing off our heavy wooden blinds in the living room.#39;在雨季开始前,这栋房子看上去一切都很好。房子的客厅、用餐区和厨房此前完全暴露在室外。达塔说,2011年1月发生了一场糟糕的风暴,大风“将客厅厚重的木质百叶窗吹掉了”。After that, the couple added retractable glass doors to the space. They left a second living area, with weather-resistant sofas and chairs, open to the outside.在这之后,夫妻俩给这片原本开放式空间增加了多扇可伸缩的玻璃门,只留下另一块开放式生活区域,而此区域中放有能够抵御各种天气的沙发和椅子。#39;We didn#39;t know how violent it would get, #39; Mr. Datta said of the storm. #39;So we#39;re in learning mode. Ultimately, there#39;s no cookie-cutter approach.#39;达塔说,“一开始我们并不知道情况会变得如此恶劣。所以我们也在学习之中。但总之并没有以不变应万变的应对方法。”This trial-and-error approach is common with homeowners, says German architect Walter Wagner, whose company, Habitat5, has built open-air houses in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.德国建筑师沃尔特#8226;瓦格纳(Walter Wagner)说,这种不断试错的做法在房主中很常见。瓦格纳的事务所Habitat5在印尼、泰国和菲律宾曾建造过多栋开放式房屋。#39;You have to understand the weather, where the sun rises and sets; how to protect your building during rains and winds, #39; he says. #39;It#39;s the responsibility of the architect to get the orientation of the house right to reduce heat load or rains.#39;瓦格纳说,“你必须了解天气,日出和日落的位置,在雨天和大风天如何保护自己的房子。确保房子朝向正确以降低热负荷或不受雨水侵袭是建筑师的责任。”For those who brave it, Mr. Wagner says, adjustments are typically made down the line, whether that means adding roller blinds or sliding glass doors.瓦格纳说,对于那些勇敢的人而言,他们所做出的调整通常很彻底,无论这是否意味着要添加卷帘百叶窗或滑动玻璃门。Homeowners also need to carefully select their furniture, with an eye toward pieces that can withstand everything from monsoons to salty sea breezes. Mr. Datta says his stainless-steel stools rusted and his olive couch faded to a #39;bird-crap green.#39;房主也需要仔细选择他们购买的家具。挑选家具的着眼点在于:家具必须可以承受季风和带有盐分的海风等各种气候条件。达塔说,他买的不锈钢凳子最后生锈了。他的橄榄色沙发则褪色成“像鸟屎一样的绿色”。Some people take extra precautions: Mr. Datta, who has seen snakes lurking around in the garden, says he keeps antivenin in the refrigerator. #39;We#39;ve never had to use it, but it#39;s a sensible thing to do.#39;有些人会采取额外的预防措施:达塔曾见过潜伏在花园里的蛇,因此他总在冰箱里存放抗蛇毒血清。他说,“我们还没有机会用过血清,但这无疑是明智的做法。” /201307/247508If you#39;re middle-aged and miserable, don#39;t despair: Give it a decade or two and you#39;ll be feeling like a carefree young person again.如果你现在身处中年,迷惘痛苦,千万不要绝望:再等一二十年,你就又会像年轻人一样无忧无虑了。Researchers have revealed that life satisfaction peaks at 23 and 69. People in their early twenties overestimate their future life satisfaction by an average of around 10 per cent, before the disappointments of life kick in.研究人员发现,人在23岁和69岁时的生活满意数值达到最高点。在令人失望的生活到来之前,平均大约有10%的人会在二十出头时对未来生活的满意程度过于乐观。They face decades of declining expectation before hitting their lowest point in their mid-fifties, when regrets over unrealised dreams are at their greatest. Satisfaction levels finally start to rise again after 55 and peak once more at 69, according to a study by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics.伦敦政经学院经济表现研究中心的调查表明,此后几十年中,人们对生活的期望会越来越低,直至五十五岁左右时满意度降到最低点。这时,他们会后悔没有在自己状态最好的时候实现曾经的梦想。但过了55岁,满意度曲线又会重新上升,在69岁时重回巅峰状态。Those aged 68 underestimate their future happiness by 4.5 per cent, meaning they no longer face disappointment, the researchers found. The findings suggest that actresses Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart, both 23, should relish this year.研究发现,只有4.5%的人到68岁时会低估他们的幸福程度,这意味着他们不再感到失望。根据这个研究,两位23岁的女演员艾玛·沃森和克里斯汀·斯图尔特都应该好好享受这一年。If the research is borne out they will be optimistic but are likely to face disappointment in the next four decades. Previous studies have found that human contentment follows a U-shaped pattern, with those in their early twenties and the retired ranking highest.如果该研究正确,那接下来40年里即使她们保持乐观心态,也更有可能遇到令人沮丧的事情。之前有研究显示,人们的幸福程度呈U形曲线状,刚刚二十几岁的年轻人和退休老人的幸福程度最高。The pattern has been observed in more than 50 nations and across class and financial divides. And a study by the National Academy of Sciences in the US found evidence that even great apes can suffer a mid-life crisis.这一曲线在50多个国家都适用,而且不分阶级、不分经济情况。美国国家科学院甚至发现就连高等类人猿也会受到“中年危机”的影响。The CEP paper, to be published this week, is the first to examine how our expectations compare to reality at different life stages. Researcher Hannes Schwandt, 30, analysed happiness levels for 23,161 Germans aged 17 to 85.经济表现研究中心的论文将于本周发表,这是第一份以人类现实年龄和理想生活预期作对比的研究报告。为此,30岁的研究者汉内斯·施瓦德调查了23161名17至85岁的德国人的幸福程度。Dr Schwandt, who is based at Princeton University in the US but is a visiting researcher at the London centre, said: ‘One theory is that the U-shape is driven by unmet aspirations which are painfully felt in midlife but beneficially abandoned later in life.施瓦德士本在美国普林斯顿大学工作,现在在伦敦客座研究员。他说:“有一种理论称,无法满足的欲望催生了U形曲线,这种痛苦在中年时期尤为强烈,但随着人慢慢变老,放弃一些追求,便又重新快乐起来了。”‘People in their fifties could learn from the elderly, who generally feel less regret. They should try not to be frustrated by their unmet expectations because they are probably not feeling much worse than their peers.#39;“五十多岁的人应该向比他们更老的人学习,大部分老人都不会后悔太多事情。不要因为没有达到预期而沮丧不安,因为他们的同龄人大概也处于相同状态。” /201307/249540


  From: 亚瑟的双语客 (Author: Arthur Zhang)Now most of the workers and public servants work from 9 am to 5 pm. Some of them even work from 8 am or 8:30 am to 5 pm. However, according to the global Internet survey done by the UK Sleep Council, the Mediterranean siesta was the right idea all along. The UK Sleep Council called on the country’s bosses to end nine-to-five working in favor of more flexible hours. They believe what would really pump up the pulse of worker productivity is a nice afternoon nap, rather than those bonuses and incentives. Forty-one percent of the 12,000 people who responded to the council’s survey said they were most productive in the morning, while 38 percent said they hit their stride in the evening. “The implication is that the majority are not fully alert in the middle of the day – the traditional time for a siesta in hot countries.” said sleep expert Dr. Chris Idzikowskii. “We must conclude from this survey that the traditional nine-to-five working day does not suit the majority.” He suggested that allowing workers to follow their natural sleeping habits would actually benefit employers by allowing them to expand their working hours and be more productive. Fortunately, being a college lecturer, I don’t have to go to work everyday. I only work three days a week, but during the three days I work really long hours and have no time for a wee little siesta. I’m usually so tired and sleepy in the afternoon, which really affects the vitality of my classes. I used to feel very guilty and sorry for the students of the afternoon classes, but then I excused myself by thinking I’m not a man wearing his shorts outside the long pants (superman does). I strongly support Dr Chris Idzikowskii’s idea for two reasons. One is when people have flexible working hours they could reach their highest productivity. On top of that, flexible working hours means that people don’t have to work all at the same time, in that way we could avoid traffic congestions and jams. Therefore it’s really killing two birds (maybe 7 or 8 birds) with one stone! What do you reckon, guys? 朝九晚五的工作是一种折磨现在大多数的工人和公职人员从上午9:00工作到下午5:00点,一些人甚至从上午8:00或8:30工作到下午5:00,但是根据由英国睡眠(调查)委员会所做的全球外戚农工商调查,地中海国家的午间小憩一直(被认为)是个好主意.英国睡眠(调查)委员会要求老板们结束朝九晚五的工作方式,而选择灵活的时间.他们相信真正能够提高工人生产积极性的是一个很好的午间小睡而不是那些奖金和鼓励. 在12000人回应的调查中,有41%说他们在早上更有效率,38%说他们在晚上才能使出干劲. Chris Idzikowskii士说"调查显示大多数人在中午不完全活跃-这个时间是炎热的国家的午休时间""我们刻意从这个调查中得出结论:大多数人不适合朝九晚五的工作时间"他建议允许工人们按照自己自然的睡眠习惯,从而延长工作时间,这样真正对老板有好处也更有生产力. 作为一个大学讲师我很幸运不用每天去上班,我一周只要工作三天,但是在这三天我工作很长很长时间没有一点时间可以小睡一下.下午我通常感觉又累又困,从而影响了课堂的活力.我常常对下午课上的学生感到很抱歉,但是我想我又不是超人以此原谅了自己. 我有两个理由强烈持士的观点.一个是当人们有灵活的时间的时候他们的效率能达到最高.另一个原因是灵活的时间对意味着人们不必在同样的时间工作,这样可以避免交通拥挤和堵塞.这真是一箭双雕(也许是更多)!你认为呢? /200801/25617。

  A deadly new strain of bird flu claimed its sixth life in eastern China on Friday as agricultural authorities in Shanghai began slaughtering birds in a local market in an effort to stem the sp of the disease.周五,中国东部地区出现第六例H7N9禽流感死亡病例。与此同时,上海农业部门开始扑杀当地一个市场中的禽鸟,以遏制禽流感的扩散。A 64-year-old farmer died in Hangzhou, capital of eastern China#39;s Zhejiang province. The man, from the nearby city of Huzhou, was later confirmed to have been infected with the H7N9 virus, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Friday, citing the local health bureau.浙江杭州一名64岁农民死亡。新华社周五援引当地卫生部门的话报道说,此人来自杭州附近的湖州,后被确认感染了H7N9病毒。His death brings the number of identified H7N9 infections in Hangzhou to three. China has confirmed a total 14 H7N9 cases nationwide, with patients ranging in age from 4 to 87. So far the virus has appeared only in parts of eastern China surrounding Shanghai, where the first human infection was publicly identified on Sunday.至此,杭州H7N9确诊病例上升至三例。中国全国各地已确诊14例H7N9禽流感病例,患者年龄从4到87岁不等。目前为止,H7N9病毒似乎仅限于中国东部的上海和周边部分地区。在上海,首例人感染H7N9禽流感病例于周日公布。With fears mounting around the country, Shanghai issued a temporary ban on all wholesale live poultry trading and ordered markets closed. The ban came a day after the city#39;s agricultural authorities cordoned off the live poultry trading zone in the city#39;s Huhuai market and ordered a cull following the discovery of the H7N9 virus in samples taken from pigeons being sold there.随着中国各地担忧情绪加剧,上海发布了临时禁令,禁止一切活禽批发活动,并下令关闭市场。这一禁令发布之前一天,上海沪淮农副产品批发市场销售的鸽子样本检测出H7N9病毒,随后上海农业部门封锁了该市场的活禽交易区,并下令扑杀交易区内所有禽鸟。Shanghai TV broadcast footage of sanitation workers in yellow boots, white hazardous-material suits and face masks dragging bags of dead pigeons out of the market. A local official told the station that the sanitation team expected to cull between 8,000 and 10,000 birds.上海的电视台报道的画面显示穿着黄色靴子、白色防护、戴着口罩的防疫人员将一袋袋的死禽拖出市场。当地一位官员对电视台说,防疫队预计将扑杀8,000至10,000只禽鸟。At a large market in the city#39;s former French Concession area, the live poultry business was quiet on Friday afternoon. Two of the salesmen were snoozing behind full cages of yellow chickens. A third seller said authorities were still allowing sales of chickens. #39;We can#39;t sell pigeons or ducks,#39; he said.在上海前法国租借地的一个大型市场,周五下午活禽交易很安静。两个商贩在装满黄色活鸡的笼子后打盹。另有一个商贩说,有关部门仍允许卖活鸡。他说,不允许卖鸽子或鸭子。While the number of infected people remains small, the appearance of the new virus has shaken China, where memories of the crippling 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome epidemic remain fresh. Unlike with SARS, the government has vowed to be transparent and promised to release information about H7N9 as quickly as possible, though many in China remain skeptical.虽然感染人数仍然不多,但新出现的这种病毒还是令中国感到恐慌。中国人仍然清晰地记得2003年爆发的严重影响人类健康的SARS病毒。和上次处理SARS疫情不同的是,中国政府誓言做到透明,并承诺尽快公布有关H7N9禽流感的信息。但许多中国人仍持怀疑态度。Adding to the fear on Thursday, Shanghai#39;s Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission said that it had placed under quarantine a resident who had developed a fever and itchy throat after coming into close contact with one of the patients who had died.上海市卫生和计划生育委员会周四表示,该机构此前已经将一位居民隔离。在与一位已经死亡的病人有过密切接触之后,这位居民曾出现发烧和喉咙发痒的症状。这一消息加大了民众的恐惧。Up until now, no cases of human-to-human transmission of the virus have been discovered. Among those infected so far, several are believed to have been in close contact with birds, including a 48-year-old who transported poultry, a 45-year-old poultry butcher and a 38-year-old chef.到目前为止尚未发现人际间传播禽流感的病例。迄今为止在所有感染者中,据信有多位曾同禽类有过密切接触,其中包括一个48岁的运送家禽的人、一名45岁的禽类屠宰员以及一名38岁的厨师。Aside from the person placed in quarantine, health authorities have found no symptoms in any of the people known to be in close contact with identified H7N9 patients, according to state media.据官方媒体报道,除了那些已经被隔离的人,卫生部门在那些同已经确诊的H7N9患者有过密切接触的人身上没有发现病症。The U.S. consulate in Shanghai issued a statement Friday urging people to remain calm.美国驻上海总领事馆周五发表声明,呼吁人们保持冷静。#39;At this point the risk for international disease sp is considered low,#39; the consulate said. #39;The latest advisory from the World Health Organization as of April 4 is that no travel or trade restrictions with China should be applied based on the current information.#39;领事馆说,眼下疾病进行跨国传播的可能性被认为很低。截至4月4日世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)给出的最新建议是,从当前信息看,无需限制外国人进入中国,也无需施加对华贸易限制。 /201304/233549

  We'll offer some informations about the Christmas Traditions, Significance of Christmas, Christmas Family Traditions in other coutries of the world.   瑞士   Beautifully dressed small kids visit homes with beautiful gifts a week before Christmas day. Ringing of bell is become a custom. Villagers of distinct villages compete while calling people for midnight mass by ringing the bell. After midnight mass, homemade doughnuts are shared among family members.  On 6th December, Chlausjagen festival or feast of St. Nichohlas is celebrated. A Swiss person eagerly awaits the arrival of Christkindli. He distributes Christmas gifts among people. There is one special fairy tale tram in Zurich. Santa visits on this tram along with little children.  澳大利亚  The traditional meal in Australia during Christmas celebrations is the turkey dinner, pork and ham. Christmas plum pudding is one of the famous Christmas desserts. Sometimes gold nuggets are also present in Christmas puddings during Christmas gold rushes.  Bondi Beach in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is one of the famous hang out for thousands of visitors during Christmas celebrations.  Christmas Eve in Australia is known for celebrating Carols by Candlelight. During Christmas celebrations, thousands of people surround them with Christmas Bush. Christmas Bush is a native Christmas native plant with red flowered leaves.  日本  Although, a few percentage of Japanese population believe in Christ, still people love to decorate their home and stores with Christmas trees. Exchanging of Christmas gifts is an important Christmas tradition in Japan. Hotei-osho acts as Santa Claus during Christmas celebrations. He is a Buddhist monk.  In Japan, Christmas is celebrated by doing nice things, such as helping needy or sick people in hospitals. Christian missionaries mark the arrival of Christmas celebrations. Turkey is one of the famous Christmas recipes in Japan.  智利  Little clayed figures are placed near the Christmas tree in Chile. This is referred as pesebre. Father of Christmas in Chile is Viejito Pascuero. He wishes everyone Feliz Navidad y un Prospero Anc Nuevo or Happy Christmas.  His arrival is quite similar to Santa Claus. The reindeer draws his cab. Famous Christmas meal of Chile areb azuele de ave, chicken soup wijt stuffed potatoes, corn on cob and onions. Pan de pasqua is another mouth-watering Christmas recipes. it is usually Christmas b comprised of candies and fruits.  奥地利  Christmas celebrations start with the feast of St. Nicholas. Saint is accompanied with a devil. He asks small children about their good and bad actions. Toys, sweets and nuts are gifted to good children. Brass instruments are used for playing chorale music. Carol singers visit house to house with blazing torches and manger. They assemble on the steps of church.  In the year 1818, song Silent Night was sung first time. It was sung in the village church located in Oberndorf. Traditional Christmas dinner of Austria is baked carp. Good children are rewarded with nuts, apples and sweets by St. Nicholas on 6th December. St. Nicholas is also known as Heiliger Nikolaus.   丹麦  On Christmas Eve, dinner starts with rice pudding. This rice pudding is comprised of a magical almond.  Christmas recipe in Denmark also comprised of goose, red cabbage and browned potatoes, along with pastries and cakes.  Christmas plate is one of the world famous Danish traditions. During earlier times, rich Dans used to gift plates biscuits and fruits to their servants.  Christmas decoration plays significant role during Christmas celebrations. People decorate their houses with bright paper, wooden bits and straw.   Parents usually decorate Christmas trees in a secret manner. Children are not allowed to see Christmas tree.  Christmas tree is beautifully lit up and family members assemble around it on Christmas Eve. All of them sing Christmas carols and dance. /200803/29064


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