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We asked you on Facebook. We went outside the studio (*gasp*) and asked people in the street. You tweeted us on Twitter. You told us 70 experiences every Michigander should have at least once.These are in no particular order...except to note Sleeping Bear Dunes was, hands down, the most popular response.Followed by ;hunting for Petoskey stones.;Social Media Producer Kimberly Springer spoke with Cynthia Canty about the experiences, places and events youre most excited about in our state.And dont get us wrong: there was a lot of grousing about potholes and MiDAS -- maybe rightfully so -- but we figure everyone needs a break. Time to stop and have just a little bit of gratitude for the positive things we see happening in communities around the state as we report the news and cultural happenings in Michigan.So get out your pen/stylus, check off the things youve done, and find some new experiences to have in our state.1.Sleeping Bear Dunes, especially Pierce Stocking Drive #9 stop.2.Red Pop3.Bike along a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan on M-119/ a cruise along M-119, especially north of Harbor Springs.4.Kayaking, boating, hiking at Pictured Rocks5.Camp near the Lake Michigan shore in the Nordhouse Dunes6.Sleeping Bear Dunes climb amp;amp; Petoskey stone hunting7.Sleeping Bear Dunes climb amp; Petoskey stone hunting6.Pasties7.Go on a wine tasting tour in Leelanau County8.Tube down the Platte River until you hit Lake Michigan9.Get lost in a corn maze10.Grand Rapids11.Wild blueberry picking (especially the U.P. during blueberry season)12.Tahquamenon Falls13.The Detroit Institute of Arts14.Hunting Petoskey stones15.Campus Martius Park (ice skating, concerts)16.The Keweenaw Peninsula17.The Headlands International Dark Sky Park18.Detroits Thanksgiving Day Parade (;where every race, ethnicity, gender etc. are all together and enjoying it together!;)19.;Going up North;20.A sunset from Ludington Light21.Jumping off the breakwall in Petoskey22.Isle Royale National Park23.Mackinac Bridge (driving across it, going under it on a ferry)24.A fall color tour by train25.Visiting Whitefish Point Light26.Mackinac Island (a Carriage Tour, biking to Fort Holmes)27.Any activity on the Huron River28.Tip-Up Town (Houghton Lake)29.The Cheeseburger in Caseville Fest30.Lighthouse tours31.Art Prize (Grand Rapids)32.Sunset in Grand Haven (during the spring, summer or fall!)33.A race at Michigan International Speedway34.Brockway Mountain Drive in the U.P.35.;A dune ride around Silver Lake in Mears, MI or take your own vehicle on the dunes. Either way, its beautiful there.;36.Crawling to the top of the Copper Peak ski flying jump (Ironwood, MI)37.Greek Town (Detroit)38.Gwen Frostics studio in Benzonia39.Drive old 31 from Muskegon to Hart40.Tunnel of trees starting at Harbor Springs41.Sailing Tawas Bay42.Michigan beer43.Laughing Whitefish Falls44.M-22 drive (especially in fall)45.Peterson Beach on Lake Michigan46.Whitefish bay and birding47.Jeepin Marblehead on Drummond Island48.Camping along Lake Michigan in the northern part of the state49.Detroit Jazz Festival50.The Corktown Detroit celebration held the Sunday before St. Patricks Day51.Presque Isle Lighthouse52.;The thrill of the catch! Fishing is or should be an equal mix of relaxation and exhilaration. Catch and release, if you please.;53.Touring the Sault Ste. Marie locks54.Silver Beach (St. Joseph, MI)55.See Big Mac lit up at night!56.Kitch-iti-kipi Spring at Palms Book State Park57.AuSable River Canoe Marathon (Grayling, Michigan)58.Higgins Lake59.Saugatuck60.Jumping off the Black Rocks in Marquette61.Tecumsehs River Raisin Run62.Great Lakes when theyre frozen63.McCourtie Parks beautiful cement bridges (Jerome, MI)64.Boating anywhere along Michigan shores and islands65.Yacht dreaming in Saugatuck66.Sunsets on Lake Michigan67.Hiking in the U.P.68.Ann Arbor Art Fairs69.Flint Institute of Art70....and by popular demand: Holland and the Tulip Festival!201508/394898安庆远大男科医院不孕不育科Europe Dual citizenship in Germany德国 双重国籍在德国Jus sanguinis revisited血统主义死灰复燃?How not to treat people with more than one passport怎样不来对待拥有多重国籍的人Backing Turkey and Germany together期望土耳其能与德国“联姻”The case of a woman from Hanau, in Hesse, shows why Kenan Kolat, leader of Germany’s Turks, calls the German citizenship law “absurdity cubed.” Born in Germany to Turkish parents, she was a dual citizen. According to the law, she had to relinquish one passport between her 18th and 23rd birthday. She chose to forgo the Turkish one. But the Turkish bureaucracy was slow, her birthday came—and her German citizenship went instead.一位来自哈瑙的女士在海赛的亲身经历,向我们解释了德国土耳其社区组织的领袖Kenan Kolat认为德国《国籍法》“荒谬至极”的原因。作为出生在德国的土耳其人,她具有双重国籍。但依据国籍法规定,她必须在18岁到23岁期间选择放弃一个国籍。德国国籍是她最终的选择,但是由于土耳其相关机构办事缓慢,直到她生日那天,她的德国国籍也没有生效。International law has never fully embraced multiple citizenship. Many countries frown on it, though others take a more relaxed attitude. Germany, however, manages to make it especially complicated for citizens of foreign origin. Its traditional approach goes back to a law passed before the first world war. Based on jus sanguinis (“right of blood”), it gave citizenship to anybody of German descent, but not to foreigners born in Germany, as countries such as America and France that practise jus soli (“right of soil”) do. Then, in 1999, a centre-left government added the two notions together. This would have let a woman born in Germany to Turkish parents be simultaneously German and Turkish. But that law coincided with a regional election in Hesse, where the centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) seized on the issue to mobilise its conservative base in opposition. The CDU won the state and took control of the upper house, where it blocked the new law.国际法从来没有真正包容过多重国籍。尽管有一些国家允许自己国家的人拥有多重国籍,但还是有很多国家不承认多重国籍。而德国对外籍人申请申请加入德国国籍的条件十分严苛,最传统的办法还要追溯到一战前通过的法条。依据 jus sanguinis(“血统主义),拥有德国国籍公民的后代自动拥有德国国籍,但是出生在德国的外籍子女并不能获得德国国籍。而像美国、法国等国家则实行 jus soli (“出生地主义”)。随后,1999年,德国左翼党将这两种方法都采纳了进来。这样,出生在德国的土耳其后裔就能同时获得德国和土耳其国籍。但是这新法条的颁布正好与在海赛举行的地区大选的时间不谋而合。在海赛,右派保守党基民党(CDU)抓住了这个问题不放,利用其来动员保守方反对法条的通过。最终CDU赢得了大选,控制了高层,并且封锁了新法条的颁布。A compromise was reached in 2000. Children born in Germany to foreign parents after 1990 can get two passports but have to choose one citizenship before they are 23. This year, the first cohort of such children, about 3,300, reach that age. From 2018 the number will reach 40,000 a year or more. There are about half a million such cases all told, more than two-thirds of them of Turkish descent.然而,在2000年,德国《国籍法》却做出了让步。在1990年之后出生在德国的外籍子女能够获得双重国籍,但是必须在他们23岁之前做出选择哪个国籍的决定。这一年,符合年龄标准的第一批试点孩子大约有3300人。预计到2018年,人数会增加到每年40000人甚至更多。已经知晓的大约有50万这样的案例,其中超过三分之二的人是土耳其后裔。Yet not all young dual citizens must choose. A child born to a German parent in America, say, retains both passports for life. So does a child born to a Greek or Spanish parent in Germany, because dual citizenship is allowed for members of the European Union and Switzerland. This seems unfair to the Turks. This week Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, said as much to Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, during her visit to Turkey. (Mrs Merkel also explained that, though happy for Turkey’s EU accession talks to continue, she retained her “scepticism” about its ever becoming a member.)而今,不是所有拥有双重国籍的年轻人都必须做出选择国籍的抉择。据一位出生在美国的德国小孩所称,他可以终生保留双重国籍。出生在德国的希腊或西班牙小孩同样也能获得这样的待遇,因为双重国籍已经被允许发放给欧盟成员国以及瑞士的公民。这样似乎对土耳其人并不公平。本周,在德国总理Angela Merkel访土期间,土耳其总理Recep Tayyip Erdogan传递了上述意图。(默克尔女士也表示,虽然很高兴看到土耳其加入欧盟谈判得以继续进行,但是她对土耳其加入欧盟仍保持“怀疑”态度。)Besides being unjust and creating two classes of citizens, the law is a nightmare to administer, says Ulrich Kober at Bertelsmann Stiftung, a think-tank. Because countries like Iran do not let citizens renounce their citizenship and others make it costly or difficult, German law in theory grants exceptions. But the rules are not clear, reckons Kay Hailbronner, a lawyer. To make the decisions even more arbitrary, the 16 German states process the paperwork, and each uses different forms.新法条的颁布不仅仅是一种不公平的表现形式,并且在市民中划分出了2种阶级,而且还是管理者的噩梦,Bertelsmann Stiftung的一位智囊团成员 Ulrich Kober这样说道。由于像伊朗这样的国家不允许其居民放弃伊朗国籍,而其他人要想取消伊朗国籍也是件困难的事且费用昂贵,所以德国国籍法按理应该允许例外情况,但事实上,法条中规定地十分模糊,Kay Hailbronner律师这样认为。德国的16个州甚至独立处理法条的相关文件,并且各自使用不同形式的文件,结果决策变得更加随意。What better way to irritate those citizens whom Germany’s politicians say they want to integrate? Mr Kober thinks Germany should simply allow dual citizenship. So do the centre-left parties hoping to replace Mrs Merkel’s government in September’s election, as well as the CDU’s coalition partner, the Free Democratic Party. It may yet happen.如德国的政治家所言,有什么更好的办法能够安抚那些想要融入德国的居民呢?Kober先生认为德国要做的不过是简简单单地允许双重国籍。就像希望能在9月份的大选中击败默克尔政府、基督教民主联盟和自由民主党的左党一样。它总有一天会实现的。翻译:朱大素译文属译生译世201610/471995宿松县男性专科You just took a selfie with the real First Lady,你刚刚和真的第一夫人拍了张自拍how cool was that!Surreal, how crazy is the show, how great is the show today!那太酷了 太梦幻了 这个节目太疯狂了 今天真是太棒了Our next guest is not The First Lady of the ed States.我们下一位嘉宾并不是美国第一夫人She just plays one on TV.Take a look.她只是在电视上演了第一夫人而已 我们来看一看Why did you meet with the governor of New Mexico?为什么你要和新墨西哥州的州长见面Because governor Martinez has been outspoken on this Clarence Parker mess.因为马迪尼斯州长 对于克拉伦斯·帕克的事公开发表了看法I wanted to hear her thoughts.I know a vetting when I see one.我想知道她的想法 我知道副总统审查是什么样You and Cyrus were giving her the once-over for V.P.你和塞勒斯在评估她是否能当副总统Cyrus thought it would be a good idea.塞勒斯觉得这是个好主意That does not mean shes the right person for the job.但那不意味着她是最适合这个工作的人You told me you were gonna pick someone boring and unelectable.你告诉我 你要选不可能当选的无名小卒I prostituted myself so that you would get your mistress back,我出卖了我肉体 让你赢回了你的情妇and now youre gonna take someone young and charismatic,现在你却要任命一个年轻有魅力的And female and Latina,And make her the vice president of the ed States?拉丁裔的女人 让她当美国的副总统How dare you?What happened to my turn?We had a deal, Fitz.你怎么能这样 我的机会哪去了 我们有过约定 费兹From ;Scandal; Please welcome Bellamy Young.欢迎《丑闻》剧组的贝拉米·杨 /201602/427172安庆市割包皮哪家医院最好

安庆尿路感染和尿道炎安庆岳西县妇幼儿童人民中医院割包皮多少钱望江县看男科医院Journalism in America美国新闻业Digital resurrection数字复兴Some moderately good news in the news industry新闻业的好消息IN FEBRUARY Vice, a media firm that caters to youngsters who like their news with a dollop of sass and hip-hop, toured the opulent residence of the ousted president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, and posted the online. “It looks like a weird dictatorship theme park,” the sardonic reporter told the camera. A new report by the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank, finds that a third of Americans now watch news s online, about as many as say they watch news on cable television. Among those aged 18-29, around half do.传媒公司Vice迎合年轻人的口味播报充满狂言妄语的新闻及嘻哈音乐。今年二月,该传媒公司的记者参观了已被罢黜的乌克兰总统亚努科维奇豪宅并将视频传到了网上。“这个地方就像一个怪异的独裁主题公园”记者颇具讽刺性地对着摄像机说道。智库皮尤研究中心最近发表了一个新的报告,该报道显示近三分之一的美国人在网上看视频新闻,约近乎三分之一的人称他们在有线电视上看新闻。在那些18-29岁的年轻人中,近一半的人在网上看新闻。In years past Pews “State of the News Media” reports have been sombre, chronicling the evisceration of jobs and the gutting of news budgets. This year, however, Pew sounded more optimistic, pointing to the slew of digital-news services, such as Vices online news channel, that have sprung up recently. Around 5,000 full-time jobs have been created at 468 digital-news firms, according to Pew. Many online-news firms have hired high-profile journalists away from big publications, such as the New York Times and Washington Post, and are launching bureaus around the world (although not nearly as many as have been shuttered by newspapers).在过去的几年,皮尤中心有关“新闻媒体的状况”的报告都是阴郁的,长久以来都是老生常谈的就业问题和新预算。但是今年,皮尤似乎更为乐观,指出数字新闻务局势的回转,比如说Vice在线新闻频道,最近如雨后春笋一般冒出来。根据皮尤的数据,468家数字新闻公司已经创造了近5000个全职岗位。许多在线新闻公司从大型出版社挖墙脚,雇了许多高知名度的记者,如纽约时报级华盛顿邮报,并在全球广设分局(尽管并非很多由于纸质新闻业而惨遭关闭)。Digital news firms used to do little besides rehashing traditional newspapersstories. Now they are starting to feature more original articles. Last year Business Insider, a business-news site, ran a profile of Marissa Mayer, the boss of Yahoo. At 23,000 words, it was as long as a novella. “Online you can afford to do that. In a magazine youd go broke,” says Henry Blodget, the boss of Business Insider. Buzz Feed, which used to be known for casting out “click bait” online, now claims around 170 full-time staff, including a Pulitzer-prize winner, Mark Schoofs, who has been hired to run a new investigative team.数字新闻公司过去除了重复传统新闻报纸的故事之外很少写自己的东西。而现在他们正开始创作更多原创的文章。去年,商业新闻网站“财经内幕”就写了一篇文章概述雅虎的老板玛丽莎·梅耶尔,该文章字数达到2.3万,已然是一部中篇小说了。“你可以在网上这么做,若是在杂志上你就直接破产了”,该杂志的老板亨利·布洛杰特声称。Buzz Feed,曾经因网上清楚“点击诱惑”而闻名,现拥有约170名全职员工,其中包括普利策奖获奖者Mark Schoofs,他目前负责一个新闻调查组。Lower costs explain why so many digital news firms, like Silicon Valley start-ups, are launching today. Ken Doctor, a newspaper analyst, reckons it costs as little as m to start a “credible” digital news offering. Financiers and philanthropists are investing in news: eBay founder Pierre Omidyar put 0m into a new non-profit, First Look Media. All this has injected hope into a beleaguered industry. Last month Marc Andreessen, a venture capitalist, predicted that journalism may “be entering into a new golden age” and that the news industry would grow ten- or a hundredfold.低成本运行解释了为什么现在如此之多的新闻公司就像硅谷的暴发户一般地崛起。新闻分析人肯·多科特回想当时打造可靠的数字新闻产品仅需500万美元。现在金融家和慈善家都在投资新闻:易趣网创始人皮尔斯·奥米戴尔投资了2,5亿元运营一个新的非盈利网站First Look Media。所有的这些为这个四面楚歌的行业注入了一缕希望。上个月,风险资本家Andreessen预测新闻业将“进入一个新的黄金期”并且新闻业的利润将增长十倍甚至百倍。Journalism is at least becoming more participatory. Pew finds that around half of social-media users share news articles or s, and comment on them. Around 7% of American adults have posted their own news to a social network, or submitted one to an established news site. Interactive features are doing particularly well. Last year the New York Timess most popular “article” was a quiz in which people could test whether they spoke more like a Los Angeleno or a Louisianan.至少现在新闻业变得越来越具参与度了。皮尤研究中心发现近乎一半的社交媒介用户分享新闻视频和文章并且在上面发表。约7%的美国成年人将他们自己的新闻视频传到社交网站,或转交至已存在的新闻网站。交互式的特写做的尤其出色。去年,纽约时报最受欢迎的文章是一个小测试,通过该测试人们可以知道他们的口音是更像洛杉矶人还是更像路易斯安娜人。Some positive news is welcome, but newsrooms continue to bleed jobs (see chart). The rise of digital-media firms has done little to restore local news coverage, which has suffered with the closure of many local papers. Digital-news firmslong-form narratives and investigative journalism may grab attention, but they are unlikely to compensate for projects that will never take place again in old newsrooms because of budgetary woes.积极的新闻总是受欢迎的,但是新闻编辑室持续削减全职编辑(见图)。数字媒体公司的崛起为重建本地新闻报道做的事少之又少,当地许多报刊倒闭。数字新闻公司长篇的叙事手法以及调查性新闻或许能吸引读者的眼球,但是他们依然不能弥补那些由于预算困难而不再恢复其在新闻编辑室的位置。Facebook users may be ing news, but they spend on average only a minute and a half on a news site each month if they come from Facebook, about a third of the time that visitors spend if they go to a newspapers site directly. And digital may be growing, but its advertising only accounts for around 10% of all digital ad revenues, and viewing growth has slowed. Even television news is not having an easy time. In 2013 the three big cable news channels—CNN, Fox and MSN—lost around 11% of their combined audience during prime-time. The news industry today resembles Newtons third law of motion, says Amy Mitchell, Pews director of journalism research: for every action, there is an equally strong reaction. The momentum might have shifted online, but gravity is still pulling everyone down to earth.脸谱网的用户或许在读新闻,但是如果消息来自脸谱网,他们平均一个月花一分半钟看新闻,若他们直接进入新闻网网页,访客花费的时间约占三分之一。数字视频或有增长,但是其广告收入仅占所有数字广告收入的10%,并且据观察增长已放缓。即便是电视新闻日子也不好过。2013年,三大新闻频道,美国有线新闻网、福克斯和微软全国有线广播电视新闻公司黄金时间流失了约11%的共同观众。今天的新闻业与牛顿的第三运动定律很像,皮尤新闻调查中心的主任Amy Mitchell如是道,每一步都会有同等强烈的反应。新闻业的发展势头或许已经转向了网络,但是重力作用依然在将人们往地上拽。译者:占文英 译文属译生译世 /201601/424176潜山县医院割包皮手术价格

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