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The worlds oldest panda living in captivity has died. 世界上最长寿的圈养大熊猫去世了。Jia Jia was born in the wild but rescued as a young cub and taken to a giant panda breeding center in China.佳佳在野外出生,幼崽时被救助,带到中国大熊猫繁育中心。She was given to the Ocean Park zoo in Hong Kong as a gift 17 years ago. She became an animal ambassador and was visited by more than 29 million people. 17年前,她作为礼物送给香港海洋公园。她成为一名动物大使,观看人次超过2,900万人。Veterinarians at Ocean Park noticed Jia Jias failing health about two weeks ago. 两周前,海洋公园的兽医注意到佳佳的健康每况愈下。The team says her condition got worse Sunday morning, and they decided to euthanize her to prevent further suffering. 研究小组称,周日早上她的病情恶化,他们决定对她进行安乐死以防进一步痛苦。Pandas typically live to be about 20 years old, but Jia Jia was 38 years old.大熊猫通常能活到20岁左右,但佳佳活了38岁。译文属。201610/472155The cliffs where they sleep are for expert climbers only.它们睡觉的悬崖只有攀岩高手才能爬得上去And geladas certainly have the right equipment,而狮尾狒则有一套合适的“工具”the strongest fingers of any primate and an utterly fearless disposition.强壮的手指是最主要的,当然也少不了无所畏惧的气概But you need more than a head for heights to survive up here.不过在这样的高度,要想活下去可不太容易A day in the geladas life reveals how theyve risen to the challenge.下面将向你展示狮尾狒全天的生活,看看它们如何面对挑战For all monkeys, morning is grooming time, a chance to catch up with friends.对于所有猴子来说,早晨正是“梳妆打扮”的时候,一个交朋友的绝好机会But unlike other monkeys, geladas chatter constantly while they do it.不过,与其它猴子不同的是,狮尾狒一边这么做,一边还不停地唠叨Its a great way to network while your hands are busy.这样手在忙活的同时也能搞好“人际关系”But these socials cant go on for too long.但是这种社交活动不会很长Geladas have a busy daily schedule and theres work to be done.狮尾狒全天的日程表排得很满,还有很多事情要做Most monkeys couldnt live up here. Theres no fruit and few insects to feed on.大部分猴类都无法在此生存。这里没有食物,可以吃的昆虫也很少But geladas are unique. Theyre the only monkeys in the world to live almost entirely on grass.但是狮尾狒却很特别。它们是世界上唯一完全以草为生的猴子They live in the largest assemblies formed by any monkeys.它们生活的社群是所有猴类中最大的Some groups are 800 strong and they crop the high meadows like herds of wildebeest.有的甚至能达到800只,如同散布在高山草场上的角马群。201703/495816TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470041

原味人文风情:A moment every scientist dreams of—the Nobel Committee in Stockholm announcing the prize winner. ...to Yoshinori Ohsumi.一个每位科学家梦想的时刻--在斯德哥尔的诺贝尔委员会宣布得奖者。...得奖的是大隅良典。The Japanese scientist was recognized for his years of research on autophagy—how cells eat damaged content and provide building blocks for renewal. Speaking in Tokyo, Ohsumi said the award was an honor, but he said the biggest prize was knowing that his experiments had proved so fruitful.这位日本科学家因多年来在细胞自噬作用上的研究获得认可--自噬作用是指细胞如何吞食受损内含物并提供细胞更新的原料。于东京发言,大隅良典表示得到这个奖是项殊荣,但他说最大的收获是知道自己的实验有这么丰硕的成果。There is no greater happiness as a researcher than that this research into yeast, into the fundamentals of living things, has turned into such a big springboard for the recent research into autophagy.作为一名研究者,没有什么比这更快乐了,这项对酵母、对生物基本原理的研究,成为近来自噬作用研究如此重要的一块跳板。Ohsumis experiments helped pave the way for research on drugs to treat diseases like cancer, Parkinsons, and diabetes. Although autophagy was first discovered in the 1960s, it was Ohsumis lab that explained how it worked and why it was significant.大隅良典的实验帮助替一些疾病药物的研发铺路,象是癌症、帕金森氏症以及糖尿病。虽然自噬作用在 1960 年代首次被发现,却是大隅良典的实验室解释了它的运作方式以及它为何重要。If you look into the records of publications, its really been very few papers at the time that Yoshinori Ohsumi started his work—mostly his papers. And then as it became clear that this path was of fundamental importance, many researchers became interested, with thousands of publications each year on autophagy nowadays. So this is really a great example of how basic science, initiated by a single person or a single laboratory, at least, can actually define a new field.如果你查发表记录,在大隅良典开始他的研究那时其实只有很少篇论文--大部分都是他的论文。接着当这条研究之路的重要性变得显而易见时,许多研究者开始感兴趣了,现在每年有数千篇关于自噬作用的论文发表。所以这真的是一个很好的例子,有关基础科学如何,至少由一个人或一个实验室发起的研究,可以真正划出一个新领域。Seventy-one-year-old Ohsumi said he never thought studying yeast would lead to the Nobel. But decades after beginning his research, hell collect the prize in person at the award ceremony in Stockholm in December.七十一岁的大隅良典说他从未想到研究酵母会带给他诺贝尔奖。不过在他着手研究的数十年后,他将在十二月于斯德哥尔举办的颁奖仪式上亲自领奖。201701/487563

Depression is the leading cause of disability in the world.抑郁症在世界上是造成失能的主要原因。In the ed States, close to 10% of adults struggle with depression.在美国,近10%的成人为抑郁所苦。But because its a mental illness, it can be a lot harder to understand than, say, high cholesterol.但由于它是心理上的疾病,所以它比像高胆固醇之类的疾病还要让人难以理解。One major source of confusion is the difference between having depression and just feeling depressed.一个主要令人困惑的是“抑郁症”和“只是感觉沮丧”的差别。Almost everyone feels down from time to time.每个人都有失落的时候。Getting a bad grade, losing a job, having an argument, even a rainy day can bring on feelings of sadness.成绩考差了、被炒魷鱼、发生争执,甚至是下雨天都可能使人忧伤。Sometimes theres no trigger at all. It just pops up out of the blue.有时根本没有什么诱因。沮丧就会凭空出现。Then circumstances change, and those sad feelings disappear. Clinical depression is different.接着情境改变,而沮丧的心情也随之消散。临床上的抑郁症是不同的。Its a medical disorder, and it wont go away just because you want it to.它是一种疾病,而它不会因为你想让它滚蛋就滚蛋。It lingers for at least two consecutive weeks, and significantly interferes with ones ability to work, play, or love.它至少会持续两个星期,并严重地干扰一个人的工作能力、游玩意愿或情感生活。Depression can have a lot of different symptoms.抑郁症可以有很多不同的症狀。a low mood, loss of interest in things youd normally enjoy, changes in appetite,心情低落、对平常喜爱的事物兴趣缺缺、胃口改变、feeling worthless or excessively guilty, sleeping either too much or too little,觉得无用或过度的罪恶感、睡太多或太少、poor concentration, restlessness or slowness, loss of energy, or recurrent thoughts of suicide.难以专注、躁动或迟钝、没有活力、或反覆兴起自杀念头。If you have at least five of those symptoms, according to psychiatric guidelines, you qualify for a diagnosis of depression.如果你有至少5项症状,根据精神科的准则你会被诊断为抑郁症。And its not just behavioral symptoms.它不只是行为上的症状而已。Depression has physical manifestations inside the brain.抑郁症在脑部还会有实质的表征。First of all, there are changes that could be seen with the naked eye and X-ray vision.首先有些改变可透过肉眼或 X 光观察发现。These include smaller frontal lobes and hippocampal volumes.包括额叶和海马体的容量变小。On a more microscale, depression is associated with a few things:从更细微的来说,抑郁症和有些事物有所关连:the abnormal transmission or depletion of certain neurotransmitters,某些神经传导物质不正常地传递或耗损,especially serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, blunted circadian rhythms,特别是血清素、去甲肾上腺素和多巴胺使得生理节奏失调,or specific changes in the REM and slow-wave parts of your sleep cycle,或睡眠周期中的快速动眼期及慢波睡眠的特定改变,and hormone abnormalities, such as high cortisol and deregulation of thyroid hormones.以及荷尔蒙异常,例如皮质醇过高和甲状腺荷尔蒙失常。But neuroscientists still dont have a complete picture of what causes depression.但神经学家还尚未全面了解掌握造成抑郁症的原因。It seems to have to do with a complex interaction between genes and environment,似乎与基因和环境间复杂的交互作用有关,but we dont have a diagnostic tool that can accurately predict where or when it will show up.但目前没有诊断的工具可以精确地预测在何地或何时会发病。And because depression symptoms are intangible, its hard to know who might look fine but is actually struggling.也因为抑郁症的症状是变化莫测的,我们很难知道看起来好端端的人其实正处于挣扎中。According to the National Institute of Mental Health,根据美国国家心理健康研究院所说,it takes the average person suffering with a mental illness over ten years to ask for help.通常罹患心理疾病的病患都拖了超过10年才寻求协助。But there are very effective treatments.但现在有非常有效的治疗方法。Medications and therapy complement each other to boost brain chemicals.药物和治疗相辅相成来强化大脑化学物质。In extreme cases, electroconvulsive therapy, which is like a controlled seizure in the patients brain, is also very helpful.在一些极端的个案,“电痉挛疗法”它是一种在患者脑部以可控制的电击来诱发痉挛的疗法也非常有帮助。Other promising treatments, like transcranial magnetic stimulation, are being investigated, too.其他有前景的疗法像是“经颅磁刺激法”也都在研究中。So, if you know someone struggling with depression, encourage them, gently, to seek out some of these options.所以,如果你认识为抑郁症所苦的人温和地鼓励他,去寻求其中几项的帮助。You might even offer to help with specific tasks, like looking up therapists in the area, or making a list of questions to ask a doctor.你甚至也可提供特别的协助,像帮他找附近的治疗师或是列出一张要问医师问题的清单。To someone with depression, these first steps can seem insurmountable.对抑郁症患者来说踏出寻求治疗的最初几步都可谓举步难难。If they feel guilty or ashamed, point out that depression is a medical condition, just like asthma or diabetes.如果他们会觉得罪恶或羞耻的话,要点醒他们:抑郁是一种疾病,就像气喘或糖尿病。Its not a weakness or a personality trait,它不是弱点或人格特质,and they shouldnt expect themselves to just get over it anymore than they could will themselves to get over a broken arm.也不应该认为自己有办法熬过去,这正如不能光靠自己的意志力就治好手骨折一样。If you havent experienced depression yourself, avoid comparing it to times youve felt down.如果你没有得过抑郁症,要避免拿它来和自己失意时比较。Comparing what theyre experiencing to normal, temporary feelings of sadness can make them feel guilty for struggling.将他们的抑郁症和自己平常短暂的沮丧相比会让他们对挣扎有罪恶感。Even just talking about depression openly can help.就算只是公开谈论抑郁症也会有帮助。For example, research shows that asking someone about suicidal thoughts actually reduces their suicide risk.举例来说,研究显示问某人对自杀的看法真的可降低他们的自杀风险。Open conversations about mental illness help erode stigma and make it easier for people to ask for help.公开谈论心理疾病可以削弱它的坏名声,让人们能更无拘束地去寻求协助。And the more patients seek treatment, the more scientists will learn about depression, and the better the treatments will get.而就诊的病患越多,科学家对抑郁症的了解就越多,治疗方式就会越来越好。201706/513913

Just being this close to the water,it is something that freaks me out.单是这样的距离 就足以把我吓倒And Im looking forward to try to face that fear of water.我希望我能够试着消除对水的恐惧感Now at 10,000 feet,a third the height of Everest,我们现在距地面10000英尺 这座山的高度相当于珠峰的三分之一our pilot is looking for just anywhere he can get us down.飞行员在寻找合适的索降地点Okay, Bear, were gonna turn final here for that ridge and see if we can get in there.贝尔 我们最后再在那边的山脊盘旋一次 看能否着陆Take it steady there.This will require pinpoint accuracy from our pilot.在这里稳住 这需要飞行员十分精确的定位Bear on the rope.Bear going down.贝尔抓住绳子 正在索降Getting onto the ground is always a high-risk moment.索降着地的瞬间分外危险Okay, Bear is on the floor.But how will the guys cope with it?好的 贝尔成功落地 但他们两个能够应付索降吗I mean, that was a pure Bear Grylls moment right there.我想 只有在贝尔的节目里我才会这么做It was a rocky ride coming in, very windy.绳索很不稳 风很大We werent even sure we were gonna land.我们都有点担心能不能顺利落地But when we, you know, climbed down the rope onto that peak,100% adrenaline running through my body.但是当我沿着绳索降落到地面时 所有的肾上腺素贯通全身Seans never even been in a helicopter before.肖恩从来没坐过直升机The nerves were going. It was exciting.我的神经全部绷紧了 感到很兴奋You look down and you look around, and you feel very small.四下望去 我感到自己非常渺小I just knew that we needed to get down.Okay, fan on the floor.我只知道我们必须着陆 好极了 粉丝成功着陆Weve cut a piece from our fast rope.我们剪下了一截空降索With only one climbing rope to get us out of here,我们将只带一根登山索were gonna need all the help we can get.利用一切可用援助离开这里Thumbs up. We are clear.安全着陆 一切顺利201705/509359

How to Connect with Anyone爱,就是要这样看着你Studies say four minutes of uninterrupted eye contact increases intimacy.研究显示四分钟不间断的眼神接触会增加亲密感。Ok, Im Jane.我是简。Im David. Nice to meet you.我是大卫,很高兴见到你。Nice to meet you, too.我也是。I like your...我喜欢你的……Oh, thank you.噢,谢谢你。Whatever it is, its like infinity.不管我们在干嘛,感觉无穷无尽。I feel nervous. Do you feel nervous? I dont know what were doing.我觉得好紧张。你紧张吗?我不知道我们在做什么。Its all right.没关系的。I should have peed first.我应该先去尿尿的。So we invited 12 people to test this theory out.我们邀请十二个人来测试这个理论。What? You mean staring at each others...looking into each others eyes?什么?你是说盯着对方的...看着对方的眼睛吗?Yeah.对。Doesnt seem natural.不太自然。Four minutes is a long time.四分钟很长。No other instructions?没别的指示吗?No, I have to look in your eyes.没有,我必须看着你的眼睛。Yeah, thats it.对,就是这样。Thats it.就是这样。I just gotta rub my eyes.我只是要揉我的眼睛。I can blink, right?我可以眨眼睛,对吧?Shh! Youre not supposed to talk.嘘!你不应该讲话。Im gonna hypnotize you...shh.我要催眠你……嘘。This is intense.这感觉太强烈了。It is intense.真的很强烈。Ive never done anything like that.我从来没做过这种事情。I can keep going.我可以继续看着。How did you feel?你感觉怎么样?Weird.很奇怪。In 55 years of marriage, weve never really looked into each others eyes like that. But I do look at your eyes sometimes because Im checking your blood sugar.在我们五十五年的婚姻里,我们从来没有像那样好好看着对方的眼睛。但我有时的确会看你的眼睛,因为我在检查你的血糖。You check on me all the time.你无时无刻都在检查我。Yeah.对呀。I wondered what you were thinking.我想知道你在想什么。How wonderful it was to just sit here and look at my wife for a change, without discussing work, business, and situations.这是多么美好,只是为了做点改变坐在这里看着我的老婆,不谈工作、事业和生活遇到的问题。When I look at you really closely, I realize how much I need you and what you mean to me, and because thats the truth. And I couldnt imagine being with anybody else.当我很仔细地看着你时,我才了解到我多么需要你以及你对我的意义,因为那是事实。我没办法想像和别人在一起。Its pretty interesting to be able to sit in front of someone that you dont know.能坐在你不认识的人面前还蛮有趣的。That you just met, like, what, 10 minutes ago?而且是你差不多十分钟前遇到的人?Yeah.对啊。And just...而且是……I feel like you cant not see each other.我觉得好像不能不看着对方。Yeah, sorry, were gonna walk that way and yeah, lets go have a drink.嗯,不好意思,我们要走那边,对,一起去喝一杯吧。Yeah, nice to meet you.好啊,很高兴认识你。I feel like we can get right to the dance floor after something like this.我觉得在做了这种事之后我们好像可以直接去跳舞了。Come on.来吧。One more time.再来一次。Okay, I didnt feel that one.嗯,刚刚那个我没感觉到。You didnt feel that one?你没感觉到?I didnt feel it.我没感觉到。All right. Nice, nice.好。真好,真好。Just like old times.就像以前那些时光。Just like old times?就像以前那些时光?Say bye-bye. Bye-bye.说拜拜。拜拜。201606/447451

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